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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:09 hears our voice, we live here nd around the world
00:13 we spread love and joy like clouds start the
00:17 rainbow we're shining like the rainbow, we are
00:21 Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:24 hears our voice.
00:28 What are you kids doing? Making Eleanor queen
00:30 of dog. I am making her very
00:33 good, either. You're patting her,
00:36 well, you know I know somebody, who's a king?
00:38 Jesus. That's right Jesus is
00:41 our king, oh! Look the boys and girls are here.
00:45 Hi. Hi, boys and girls.
00:47 Hi. We're glad that you're
00:48 here and so with Jesus.
00:53 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:59 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
01:04 Welcome, welcome you are welcome Jesus
01:08 knows your name. You made Jesus happy
01:12 just because you came.
01:17 I think Eleanor is tired isn't she?
01:19 I want her. Yeah, why don't take
01:20 her leash of and she can play or sleep whatever
01:23 she wants to do. I am going to get the mail,
01:24 come on kids. We're gonna have fun inside
01:26 today, come on Caleb and Noah.
01:30 Got it. Oh! Hi belly boy.
01:33 Hi belly boy. Well, thank you Noah.
01:36 Hi belly boy. Hi belly boy.
01:39 He is happy. He is happy.
01:41 Yes, are you happy today?
01:43 I am glad that I am still happy.
01:45 Well, it's time well let you bring the worship bell.
01:48 Let say hi to Mr. wiggles. Hi, Mr. wiggles.
01:52 Hi, Mr. wiggles, he is kind of sleeping today
01:55 isn't he? Yes.
01:56 We do what, we go sit down and Silvia you can
01:59 run to the kitchen and get Miss. Cinda and we
02:01 will get ready for worship okay.
02:03 Miss Cinda is time for worship.
02:05 Oh! Silvia thanks for coming and get me.
02:09 I love worship time. Me too.
02:12 I knew it that you're favorite time is worship.
02:18 Yes. It is Silvia, that's right.
02:21 Okay belly boy, you can ring the worship bell.
02:30 Worship bell so sweet, calling us to meet,
02:35 with our best friend Jesus.
02:40 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near,
02:45 smiling when he sees us.
02:51 Noah would you hand Aunty Linda my Bible
02:53 please. I love my Bible,
02:57 it's my favorite letters and there all from Jesus.
03:01 I know, I know, what's the Bible is, kind of
03:04 that book is. What is it?
03:05 A Bible. That's right,
03:07 it's God's word. Last word me enter this
03:10 with daddy. That's right,
03:11 can you saw Luke 19:38. Luke 19:38.
03:19 Blessed is the king. Blessed is the king,
03:24 will you know boys and girls someday Jesus is
03:27 going to come on a big cloud with all the angles.
03:33 And with all the angles to which angle.
03:37 That's right. A million angles.
03:40 I don't think we can have too much angles.
03:42 And you know Jesus is going to have a crown
03:45 on his head. And the clouds gonna
03:50 get bigger. That's right.
03:52 Bigger and Bigger and he's gonna take us all
03:54 with him to heaven, isn't that exciting.
03:56 Yeah. I can't wait to see Jesus.
04:00 I can't wait to see all the angles.
04:04 I can't either, I love Jesus. Don't you?
04:07 Yes. Well, we have some
04:09 letters. Miss. Cinda get our, Silvia can you hand
04:12 them to me. Thank you alright, oh! Can you
04:19 hold that up Miss Cinda? Let see what this says,
04:23 dear Aunty Linda. My name is Christy,
04:26 I'm 5 years-old and I love Jesus.
04:30 Do you love Jesus? Yeah.
04:32 I love Jesus. I love Jesus.
04:35 Let's bow our heads and we'll close our
04:37 eyes and fold our hands and will tell
04:39 Jesus that we love him.
04:42 Dear Jesus, we love you so much thank you for
04:46 loving us. Amen. Amen.
04:50 Well, boys and girls. We've to hurry grandpa
04:53 chuck is waiting for us, come on let's go.
05:02 Grandpa Chuck, grandpa chuck will you hear.
05:05 Hi, how are you? I was so glad you came
05:07 today. Can you guess what I have?
05:10 Mallard ducks. Mallard ducks.
05:12 Mallard ducks. Yes, and they grow in
05:14 the wild and they love water.
05:17 One time I was at the park and I think ducks
05:23 some bread. Will they eat that,
05:26 how fun have you ever seen ducks tip their
05:29 head down in the water. No.
05:30 Were they tails sticking straighter.
05:32 No. They're getting mud
05:33 in their beak and out of the mud they filter food
05:38 and they also get gravel to put in their cross
05:41 and they need to gravelling there to
05:43 help grind up the crown. A crown is right
05:46 here, it's right in there.
05:49 Oh! Its right there, I was mentoring
05:50 watch this. Sometimes you pick
05:51 him up and you can even feel with if they
05:54 graveling in there. Well, that one only
05:56 has one way grandpa chuck.
05:58 They're physically challenged, you know
06:00 what that means. What grandpa chuck?
06:03 That means with this one got stepped on and
06:06 lost the leg and this one broke a leg.
06:10 Oh! But they're getting
06:13 a long just fine the way they're and
06:17 that's a good object lesson for us.
06:19 Can they still swim? They can swim.
06:21 This one is happy. And.
06:23 Can they fly? If they're wings are not
06:26 clips, yes they can fly. They sure can.
06:28 Grandpa this one can fly and this one is happy.
06:32 Can we hold one? Sure, you want to try.
06:36 Alright, okay what is this one's name?
06:43 That ones name is. Can you paddy Kelly?
06:46 Yeah. Ducky.
06:48 Ducky, I like that. If its, doesn't it?
06:54 Yes, hi ducky how are you. Can you say hi ducky?
06:58 Can you see the color on their heads?
06:59 Say hi Ducky Christen, can you say hi ducky.
07:01 Whose that name? Can you say hi ducky Kelly?
07:05 Can you see the colors starting right there?
07:07 You want to pet him Kelly.
07:09 Little bit of green. Yeah. Who's the name?
07:11 This one haven't name yet, you want to name it.
07:14 Pat him on his head. Yeah, I will name it.
07:15 What do you want to name it?
07:18 A cute duck. A cute duck,
07:20 ducky and cute duck that will work.
07:22 You want to pet him. No.
07:24 He dying, he nick name will be Vicky.
07:31 You got to give what a name.
07:32 Yeah, mallard duck. A mallard duck.
07:38 Yes. Okay, a mallard duck and ducky.
07:40 What do they eat grandpa chuck?
07:41 They eat corn and they eat grass.
07:44 Well I eat corn, do you kids eat corn.
07:47 Yes. Do you like corn?
07:49 Yeah. But butter on it.
07:50 But I don't eat grass, do you eat grass.
07:53 No. No. No.
07:59 Is that feed enough for the duck's that
08:01 were in the bucket there? Yes, it is and I'm not
08:04 sure they will ear or not but you can try.
08:07 You kids can gets some feed out and hold it
08:11 to their beak and see if they want to eat.
08:13 I have some for you. If they may just want to
08:16 smell it, thank you Noah, Jesus likes it,
08:18 when we share. That's here some for you.
08:20 That makes Jesus happy. And here some for you.
08:22 And I don't need to. Will you know grandpa
08:25 chuck, I so sorry for this little one?
08:28 It does only has one leg, but you know when Jesus
08:30 comes. I can feed this.
08:31 Here. He will make everything.
08:34 That's right. All better,
08:35 and nobody will be sick and everybody will be
08:37 well. Hey come on, and who is it to help us,
08:41 hey, feed him. Can you feed him?
08:42 Yeah. Do you want something to eat?
08:46 Who's it that helps us get well here.
08:47 God. That's right, it is.
08:50 I could see a feed out in there bucket.
08:52 Try and put in the other hand maybe.
08:53 Oh! Yeah. You wanna see feed
08:55 out of the bucket. You can try that,
08:58 you can try that. Maybe think I want to
09:00 slow, maybe he was. Eat very carefully,
09:02 just smelling. He's trying to reach.
09:04 Just smelling, just smelling.
09:05 He wants to reach and smell.
09:06 He wants to reach and smell.
09:08 Okay, here is some from you.
09:09 That's fun. It's here eating,
09:13 did you wanted something to eat.
09:16 Ducky is, ducky is looking at it's food.
09:19 It's kind a got it's beak their.
09:21 Okay, can I use it, please.
09:23 Kelly, I think ducky likes you, do you think
09:26 ducky likes you? Yeah, hold it.
09:28 You want some? You know what;
09:32 I think ducky would like it if we sing in
09:34 the song. Can we sing a song to
09:36 ducky? Yes.
09:39 I like to go to the farm, where the cows
09:42 mow, mow. I like to go to the farm,
09:45 where ducks quack, quack.
09:47 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
09:51 I like to go to the farm, and learn of Jesus.
09:56 Can I set him down, sure her,
10:00 okay let see if what he will do?
10:01 This one is really happy, this is one is very happy.
10:02 Okay, oh! Look at there he's, hi ducky, hi ducky.
10:07 You want up this one down, you be careful.
10:08 Oh! They are going down the corn field.
10:10 Oh, right on my hand. Yes he did.
10:13 Say, bye duckies. Bye.
10:14 Bye, bye. And now we have to
10:17 say to good bye to you grandpa.
10:19 Thanks for coming. Thank you for having us.
10:21 Bye. Good bye.
10:22 I love everyone, who come to see me.
10:23 Me too.Oh! That was nice of you
10:25 Kelly, good bye grandpa. Good bye.
10:28 Bye. Come and see me tomorrow.
10:31 Okay, thank you.
10:39 We're going for walk boys and girls
10:40 come and join us.
10:44 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
10:50 a walk today, Shall we go for a
10:54 walk today, and see what God has given.
11:02 Okay come on, Oh, Miss Jeannie you're
11:04 here already. Hi, Miss Jeannie,
11:07 Guys, hi, how are you doing?
11:09 I'm good, Jeannie right here.
11:11 What are you doing? What are you doing?
11:12 I've a surprise. She has a surprise.
11:15 I was just getting ready to put this on the
11:19 to put this on the flowers,
11:20 so it could have drink. What do you thing it is?
11:22 It's a butterfly, because he has.
11:24 You don't want to scare it.
11:26 He has powdery stuff on his wings, so he can fly.
11:30 So, we don't want to mesh it up.
11:31 He's beautiful Miss Jeannie.
11:34 Is it looking pretty?, I thought I was sitting
11:35 here on the flower and maybe he could get a
11:37 little bit to eat. His wings are very
11:40 delicate and they break really easy,
11:42 what honey? Can you put him.
11:45 We're going to put him on the flower.
11:49 Does he like, does he like to see like the
11:51 flowers Miss Jeannie. He eats and drinks nectar
11:54 from the flowers. He eats and drinks
11:57 the nectars. Yeah, that's where he
11:59 get his food. Isn't looks pretty.
12:03 He's so beautiful, have you ever seen a
12:07 pretty butterfly before playing around.
12:09 I can't. Yes.
12:10 Do you know where he comes?
12:11 I saw a blue. I saw a black one
12:15 with green and he's were big, you know like
12:18 this big. Wow.
12:21 I saw a butterfly that was blue.
12:23 You have seen a blue one.
12:25 I saw a black one. She's scare.
12:27 You saw a black one. Was not looking smart,
12:30 Not that kind. God made a lot of
12:32 different colors. Yes, he made this.
12:34 Light blues, but I saw one that have blues
12:38 sparks. Cool, do you know where
12:39 they come from? They come from a cocoon,
12:41 caterpillar or a warm makes a cocoon and
12:45 and they come out of the cocoon.
12:47 And then our butterfly comes out.
12:49 That you're very right, that's right.
12:52 Can I get closer to you? Sure you can get closer
12:55 to me. That what's happened to
12:56 that butterfly? Yeah, he gets that extra.
12:59 He wants get a better look at,
13:00 don't you Silvia. Yeah.
13:01 Will you know I'm so glad Miss Jeannie that
13:05 Jesus made the beautiful butterflies aren't
13:08 you kids? Yeah.
13:09 I'm very glad. Because, because he
13:13 really, really, love us. Yes, he does.
13:16 That's right because he really, really loves us.
13:25 It's story time boys and girls.
13:27 Yeaaaaaaah. And today we've
13:33 Mrs. Bultock with us. Jonathan thanks you
13:36 for bringing your mommy today. We have a
13:41 story about a baby, just like Jonathan only
13:45 this baby is in the Bible and his name is
13:47 KS Joash and he becomes a king. You listen and
13:51 you'll see how it happened, see baby Joash.
13:57 He lives in the king's places, his daddy is
13:59 the king. Can you find his daddy?
14:01 That's right. I can't read.
14:04 You can't read and his mommy is the
14:06 the queen, yes and his nurse helps him walk
14:12 yes and his aunty is there too. That's right.
14:16 And with mom, maybe the Joash.
14:19 Joash has the birthday, he's one year old.
14:24 How old are you? I'm five.
14:26 Five. I'm four.
14:27 I'm five too. And four and how
14:29 old is Jonathan 10 months. He's a big boy,
14:35 see Joash aunty and his grandma and his uncle.
14:40 Lot's of people love king Joash and they have
14:43 happy birthday. Can you say happy birthday
14:46 baby Joash? Happy birthday
14:53 baby Joash. That's right,
14:55 take care little Joash, take care
14:57 aunty. Bad man hurt the king, don't
15:00 be afraid little Joash.
15:01 Joash
15:02 Aunty is here, aunty and Priest Jehoiada
15:05 will work together. Theywill hide
15:07 do in God's temple, little Joash.
15:15 He has to be quite. Or just to avoid that,
15:18 the survival game, right.
15:21 Priest Jehoiada takes good care of Joash.
15:25 Joash is safe. What is that called?
15:27 That's the scrolling, that's the bible.
15:30 That's they're Bible, only it's written on the scroll.
15:34 Bad people don't come into God's house,
15:38 priest teaches Joash. Joash learns Bible words.
15:42 Do you learn memory verses?
15:44 Yes. I do? You do? I do? You do? I do?
15:50 Well, we can learn memory verses too,
15:52 because can get out mommies to read the Bible to us.
15:56 Growing, growing little Joash is growing
16:00 count with me, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
16:11 See the crown on Joash head,
16:14 yeah. Can you say yeah and clap for the boy king,
16:18 yeah. Yeah.
16:22 See the crown on Joash head
16:25 long live king Joash.
16:28 Can you say long live king Joash,
16:30 long live king Joash. Long live king Joash
16:36 all the people shout Joash in the prayed.
16:40 He's with the soldiers; all the people shout and
16:43 clap long live king Joash. Can you clap?
16:48 Yes we're clapping for the king,
16:50 Joash goes to the palace a beautiful
16:54 house is for the king and the people work together
16:57 to crown, Joash king. It's a palace.
17:00 It's a palace, look at God's house,
17:04 oh! It looks so bad, we must fix God's
17:08 house said the king. Joash grows up.
17:10 He grow up, he got older, that's right we can get.
17:14 We grow don't we? What's her name?
17:18 That's I don't know that little girls name,
17:21 but you know what she's doing.
17:22 She's bringing money, because king Joash
17:25 put a box there and he said I want all the people
17:27 to put money in the box for God's house
17:30 and then they filled it up and they filled it up again
17:35 and they had a lot money to fix God's house.
17:38 Oh! We want to take our money Church too,
17:42 so that we can help take care of
17:44 God's house don't we? Do you take money
17:46 to church Jasmine? I do.
17:48 You do? I do. I do. I always do? Okay,
17:49 Caleb and Ashley and Noah you always take money too?
17:54 Not, I don't know, always take money.
17:57 But you try too right. Yes.
18:04 Well, we all take money to God's house
18:06 and boys and girls you can take your money to
18:08 help fix Jesus house too. You know,
18:12 I love Jesus don't you? Yes.
18:18 And you know boys and girls;
18:20 Jesus really, really loves you too.
18:31 Miss. Cinda is helping us makes something fun today.
18:37 Well, what has Aunty Linda been talking about today?
18:40 Crown. Well, that's close. Jesus is coming.
18:43 Yeah, that's right Taylor. And Jesus Crown king.
18:48 That's right Olivia. That's right,
18:51 can you help see your memory verse boys and girls.
18:55 Can you have me see our memory verse,
18:57 can you say Luke 19:38. Luke 19:38. Luke 19:38.
19:05 Blessed is the king. Blessed is the king.
19:10 Very good, can you say blessed is the king?
19:13 Oh! Very good. I was think, he inside of us.
19:17 Well, you know what I thought,
19:18 it would be really nice if we made for 10 crowns,
19:21 yeah, so we could pretend just like
19:23 and we've, and we have to fill this stuff off.
19:25 Yes, we do this will remind us that Jesus is our king
19:29 and you can, when you get all them decorate
19:31 then you can put them on and boys and girls
19:34 you can get your mommies and daddies to help
19:35 you make a crown. Okay,
19:38 I will help you Daniel here.
19:39 Here we go, you wanna blue one.
19:41 He does. Oh! Taylor is already got his,
19:44 you help me. That one can you get it.
19:46 Well, let see boys and girls,
19:48 you can put all kinds of stuff on your crown.
19:51 We have lots of pretty color stars,
19:54 there are Daniel. I got this one.
19:57 That good, oh! Beware
20:06 He's had pretty stars, here is one Daniel, like
20:08 you see at night Miss Cinda,
20:09 that's right. How many like to look up at night
20:13 in the sky and see the stars? I know you all win.
20:15 Why? I lost the chewing gums.
20:18 Lost the chewing gum, here Taylor let's
20:20 do this side. Let's put them on the shiny side,
20:23 it's done, wants to get another star.
20:26 I want to have some around of it.
20:27 How about if I fix that and you take this one,
20:29 okay you can just put the papers down.
20:32 So, who else, who else has seen this stars up in the sky.
20:35 Me. You have. I do. My mom let me.
20:40 She let you. Me too. Oh! I think, who,
20:44 I you know what there is something else up
20:45 in the sky at night. Here is another one,
20:47 do you wanna little red one.
20:48 Moon. That's right. And there is morning,
20:53 And there is morning, there was the sun coming of it.
20:54 That's right and then you know,
20:56 it's time to wakeup ha.
20:58 That's isn't Jesus wonderful to make this,
21:01 the sun and the moon and the stars
21:05 and you know. At someday Miss. Cinda
21:06 Jesus is gonna come in the clouds of heaven
21:09 and it gonna shining like the sun
21:11 and moon and stars all put together.
21:14 You think that's gonna be bright. Oh! I can't wait.
21:18 That is lots of light. You can't wait either.
21:20 Don't you? Are you excited to go to heaven?
21:23 Yeah. I'll so excited. You're excited,
21:25 do you Taylor, Olivia Are you excited?
21:29 You're, Olivia are you excited to meet Jesus.
21:32 Oh! There I. Where you think you gonna meet Jesus?
21:36 Up. That's right. Up in heaven.
21:39 In the clouds, on the clouds,
21:42 there we go Olivia, in the clouds boys and girls
21:44 are you excited to meet Jesus?
21:46 Right after out of space I know what it this,
21:51 I'm having this right after out of space,
21:53 heavens you look up in the sky
21:55 and where up there is heaven ha! And we're.
21:59 I loved to look up in the sky. And I saw heaven,
22:02 when I look up in the sky at night time.
22:06 That's right. But we don't wanna go outside,
22:09 when by ourselves do we. We wanna take our mommies
22:12 and daddies with us. I have green, passing green one.
22:16 Yes. Yeah last night, the very last morning then
22:19 I gets me outside and he was out there with me.
22:24 Have you ever try to count the stars?
22:26 Yeah. Can I count it wonderful
22:29 and there was hundreds? There was a hundred stars,
22:33 boys and girls have you try to count the stars.
22:36 There is too many for me to count Miss Cinda.
22:39 Oh! There is too many for me to count to.
22:42 I counted them all the way to where the dog was.
22:49 Oh! My. Oh! Am I sticky gum on there?
22:53 Well then you know what, just get another star
22:56 Daniel I think you're about ready to put your crown on.
22:59 Is Olivia about ready to put her crown on?
23:01 Yeah. Look at me. I don't have big one right here.
23:04 Oh! Well we've to get one for you,
23:06 let's go like this and you wanna take your chef hat off
23:10 and you can put your crown on.
23:12 But this one. I think, oh! Okay
23:15 you could put that one on. This one is mine.
23:19 Let me to help you. This is fun Miss Cinda.
23:22 Oh! Is in this fun, who's waited to try their crown on.
23:25 Noah would you like to try your crown on.
23:27 I'm not ready yet. You not ready yet.
23:29 In the world tiny star.
23:33 Here is one for you. Well, I think Daniel,
23:34 I was just about ready
23:36 doesn't this look like fun boys and girls.
23:38 You can make a crown and then it will remind you
23:41 that Jesus is our King. Here we go Daniel,
23:44 let's take your chef hat of and let's try your crown on.
23:50 Oh! This crown is beautiful Daniel,
23:53 are you want take you hat off.
23:54 Okay, put its together. I take your hat off
23:56 and lets try your. Over on my.
23:59 Okay, you're can put your crowns on,
24:02 oh! That's beautiful, Taylor you want to put
24:07 your crown on, alright. Okay,
24:10 I'll put all that chef of. Now, take your hat of Taylor,
24:14 oh! Let's kneel down Taylor so you don't fall,
24:16 there you go. Oh! Good job, oh!
24:19 Look and now you know what were you always remember
24:23 when you see this crown. Jesus.
24:25 Jesus is our king isn't he? Yeah. Yes.
24:29 That Jesus our king. Yes. Well,
24:33 I'm glad that you were here in the kitchen with me
24:35 and boys and girls remember Jesus is your king too.
24:45 Yeah, Sing Time. I love worship time.
24:50 We love worship too.
24:53 Do you know what our memory verses found?
24:56 I know, Is that Luke That's right.
24:58 Luke 19:38 Luke 19:38 Blessed is the king.
25:04 Blessed is the king.
25:07 Will you know Jesus is our King,
25:09 but boys and girls, if you don't know who Jesus is?
25:12 We have a song that will help us
25:14 learning who Jesus is.
25:17 Who is Jesus, who is Jesus?
25:21 He is our king, he is our king
25:25 He gave his live to save us. He gave his live to save us.
25:29 Worship him, worship him.
25:33 You know, someday our king is gonna come in
25:36 the clouds of heaven with all the angles
25:39 and there is gonna be trumpet sounding.
25:42 So, boys and girls pretend you have a trumpet
25:45 and we're gonna sing a lift up the trumpet
25:47 and loud let it ring,
25:49 keep pretend like you ever trumpet.
25:51 Lift up the trumpet, and loud let it ring:
25:55 Jesus is coming again! Cheer up, ye pilgrims,
26:02 be joyful and sing Jesus is coming again!
26:09 Coming again, coming again, Jesus is coming again!
26:19 Well, our God is so great, he can do anything
26:23 and Miss Cinda, this is one of her favorite song
26:26 and she's gonna help us with us.
26:27 My too. As it your favorite song too Noah,
26:29 oh! I love this song kids get ready,
26:32 get ready jump up Steven.
26:34 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty,
26:40 there's nothing my God cannot do, for you!
26:44 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty,
26:49 there's nothing my God cannot do, for you!
26:54 The mountains are his, the rivers are his,
26:59 the stars are His handiwork, too.
27:04 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty,
27:09 there's nothing my God cannot do, for you!
27:14 And you know Our God is the wonderful
27:16 God boys and girls, What ever you're boys and girls,
27:20 fold your hands and close your eyes
27:22 and Aunty Linda is gonna talk to Jesus.
27:24 Dear Jesus, you're so good and kind,
27:27 we love you. We can't wait to go home with you. Amen.
27:31 Amen. Mr. Roster says that, that's all the time
27:35 we have for today. Our time together is over,
27:39 so we will have to go. Good bye, goodbye.
27:46 Remember God loves you Goodbye, goodbye.
27:54 Remember God loves you. Good bye.
28:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:08 where God hears our voice,
28:10 we live here and around the world
28:13 we spread love and joy
28:15 like clouds start the rainbow
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow, we are
28:20 Tiny Tots around the world where God hears our voice.


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