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Heaven Is A Special Place

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds start the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:29 Ha, I wonder heaven outside. Hey, look, Aunty Linda.
00:33 I wonder what heaven looks like. It's going to be
00:37 beautiful because everything Jesus makes is beautiful.
00:40 Look at the clouds in the sky.
00:42 There is a lot's of clouds in the sky.
00:44 There they are, Aunty Linda, the boys and girls are here
00:48 Oh! The boys and girls are here. Hi, boys and girls.
00:52 We're glad you are here today. And so is Jesus.
00:58 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:04 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
01:09 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:11 Jesus knows your name,
01:15 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:20 And we are going to have a lot's of fun today.
01:24 You wanna unhook Eleanor. Okay, we'll lay this right
01:28 down here. Eleanor can have all the fun she wants,
01:33 Okay. We are going to have fun today, aren't we?
01:36 Well, Aunty Linda will take it.
01:39 Oh! We are getting a phone call.
01:40 You kids can talk to billy boy. While I get the phone.
01:43 Hi, how are you belly boy.
01:47 Hello, this is Aunty Linda. Hi, Aunty Linda.
01:50 This is Romaine Lee, South Jamaica.
01:55 Well, hi, Romaine I am so excited that you are calling
01:58 me all the way from Jamaica. What's something
02:02 that you are excited about?
02:05 Yes, I am. I can't wait to see Jesus and the angels.
02:11 I can't wait to see wait to see Jesus
02:13 and the angels too. What did you think
02:15 heaven will be like?
02:17 Heaven it is a happy feeling.
02:21 I think you are right. I think heaven will be
02:24 a happy place. Well, I have to go now Romaine.
02:28 Bye Aunty Linda. Take care. You take care too, bye.
02:37 Romaine said it was going to be a happy place in heaven.
02:39 He is happy. Would you run and get Miss Cinda
02:41 from the kitchen. We will get.
02:47 Alright, he is happy, he is so,
02:49 Billy Boy your cheerio yet. No. No.
02:52 Hi, Belly boy. That has one.
02:54 Why don't you give him one Miss Cinda?
02:56 Alright, watch, watch billy boy kids. Watch him,
02:58 watch him. Hello, billy boy, hold your hands
03:01 as you may drop it. Oh! he did, got it.
03:05 Let me try give him another one. Hey, billy boy.
03:09 See if you, Oh! That's a good boy. Okay, if we all go
03:14 sit in the, in the living room.
03:17 Aunty Linda will. Put in your pocket we will give
03:20 it to it later. Dear, Mr. Wiggles. Come on Noah.
03:23 Oh! That's coming let's go have worship.
03:26 Oh! I love worship. Okay, Mr. Wiggles,
03:29 you get to come to worship today.
03:31 I want to hold the wiggles. You want to hold Mr. Wiggles.
03:34 You want to hold Mr. Wiggles.
03:36 Well, I will tell you what I'll put him right here
03:39 and you both can pet him. Can you call billy boy?
03:42 Billy boy can you ring the worship bell now.
03:47 He did. Sing along boys and girls.
03:50 Worship bell so sweet, calling us to meet,
03:55 with our best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
04:03 Jesus will be near, smiling when he sees us.
04:10 Now Jesus gets so happy when we come
04:13 for worship because he loves us.
04:16 Yes, he does. And he is preparing a special
04:18 place for us just so we can be there all the time
04:20 with him. Let's see what he says today.
04:23 Oh! Noah. Alright that letter from Jesus.
04:26 Matthew 5 Matthew 5
04:29 12 12
04:31 Be glad Be glad
04:34 for great is your reward in heaven.
04:37 for great is your reward in heaven.
04:42 Jesus is preparing us a special place.
04:46 Can you wait? Can you wait? I can't wait.
04:49 I just can't wait till Jesus comes. I can't wait too.
04:54 i can't wait either. What do you think Jesus
04:56 has in heaven for us. A house. That's right.
05:00 And I will bet you he has good food.
05:04 Lots of things Jesus is right now preparing
05:07 a special home for all of us. I love Jesus. Don't you?
05:11 Oh! I do. Well, Miss Cinda, can you get me my mail?
05:16 And I will see this sometimes,
05:17 boys and girls write to me and they tell me
05:19 how much they love Jesus. Let's see we have today.
05:24 Now Mr. Wiggles, don't you be eating my mail.
05:27 I think he is tired. I think he is too.
05:32 Alright, let's see what this letter says?
05:35 Dear Aunty Linda. My name is Ralph Robinson Jr.
05:39 and I am 2 years old and I love Jesus.
05:44 Well, Ralph Robinson Jr. we love Jesus too.
05:49 Caleb, would you just have a special prayer
05:51 just telling Jesus we love him. Yes.
05:54 Boys and girls forward your hands and close your eyes.
05:57 "Dear Jesus, Thank you for this day.
06:00 Thank you for Jesus, and thank you for everybody
06:06 in the whole world in Jesus name, Amen. Amen.
06:13 Woh! We have got to hurry Miss Cinda
06:15 because it's time for us to go the barn.
06:17 And I need to get back to work in the kitchen.
06:20 Come on kids, let's go.
06:29 Aunty Linda, I'm so glad you are here today
06:31 with the kids because look what we have.
06:35 Oh! Grandpa Chuck, they're beautiful.
06:39 What are their names?
06:40 This one is Angel and that one is Sugar.
06:43 Sugar, can you say, hi, sugar.
06:46 Hi, sugar, hi, angel, hi sugar
06:49 And Angel would love to get away.
06:51 Do you kids have pets at home?
06:53 Yes. Do you have kitties? I have two.
06:55 You have two kitties. I have Zero.
06:57 I have one. You have one kitty.
07:00 I have zero kitties. Zero kitties, you have a dog?
07:06 You have a dog? What do you feed?
07:07 What do you feed your pets?
07:08 I feed my dog food, water and dog food.
07:12 Okay, and Kitty foods for the kittens.
07:15 Can you pet the kitty? Kitty foods.
07:21 Kitty foods. And my kitty's name is, one is Felix
07:24 and one is Pussy cat and one small kitty.
07:29 Small kitty, and one is Felix and one is small kitty.
07:33 Those are good names for kitten.
07:35 And my dog's name is Tina.
07:36 Tina, that's a nice name, my dog's name is Nita?
07:41 No, no, no, no, Tino, Tino.
07:44 So what you, what do you feed your kitties.
07:48 I feed my dog rather and dog foods
07:51 You want to see if Kittens will eat. Yeah.
07:54 I have some kitten treats right here in my pocket
07:57 and you will need to be very careful.
08:00 See you are going to have treats.
08:02 Take one for the kitty, Kelly,
08:03 do you wanna hold the kitty.
08:06 Yeah. And see if they will eat.
08:08 Can you hold the kitty? You got it.
08:11 Oh! Do you like it? You like the kitty.
08:15 You like the kitty. Oh! You have a treat?
08:21 So kitty like the treats.
08:25 Oh! The kitty likes the treats.
08:27 Angel laid down and it's eating.
08:32 he was, he's going for wilking instead.
08:35 Yes, I know. Grandpa I heard
08:37 that we shouldn't give kitties milk, is that true?
08:40 That's true. That's what the Vet says.
08:43 So, they are better without milk.
08:46 When they start to grow
08:47 But we can give them water, right.
08:49 Yes, they need water. He won't eat my food.
08:53 He won't eat your food. Well, right now he is probably
08:57 more interested in getting away than eating.
09:00 You know, grandpa, I am so glad
09:03 that we came to the farm today.
09:05 So am I. I knew, you would enjoy the kittens.
09:08 I love come into the farm.
09:10 I like to go to the farm where the cows mow, mow,
09:14 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack,
09:18 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
09:22 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
09:29 Well, thank you so much.
09:32 Let's give them back to grandpa Chuck.
09:34 Good bye Sugar. We will give grandpa Chuck the treat
09:39 because we've got lots of things
09:41 to do today so we got it all.
09:42 Thanks kids. There we go.
09:44 Thanks for coming. Thank you.
09:46 You remember to take that care of your pets.
09:49 Come on Kelly, come on Nyla, come on Ashley,
09:53 Caleb, Noah come on. Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye,
09:56 bye, bye. I want to take this
09:58 Come on Caleb we've got lots of things to do today.
10:07 We are going for a walk today boys and girls.
10:10 Come and sing a song with us.
10:15 Shall we go for a walk today,
10:18 a walk today, a walk today,
10:22 Shall we go for a walk today,
10:27 to see what God has given.
10:31 I think we are going to see something special.
10:33 Oh! a Bunny. Oh be very quiet.
10:36 Be very quiet, very, very, come over this way.
10:41 Oh! Miss Jennie, we see a bunny.
10:43 Oh! I see a bunny. Come over this way.
10:45 Oh! Mr. Bunny. I got him.
10:50 Oh! he is naughty. There he go,
10:53 look that little rabbit. Let's get back here Daniel,
10:54 and let's see if he will come back
10:55 and be very quiet. Come back.
10:58 Oh! There is some food there may be
11:00 he will come and eat his food.
11:02 Look at that. What kind of bunny rabbit
11:05 you guys think he is? I think
11:06 he is a wild rabbit. What do you think?
11:08 A brown one, you're right.
11:10 I wonder what lady thinks of him.
11:12 Lady would like to chase him because he is running.
11:15 He moves and waiting Lady like to chase it up that run.
11:18 She knows it needs to not do that.
11:20 Look ear. Yeah. Look at his ears.
11:22 Look how big his ears are? Oh! Look at his tail.
11:27 What colors are on his tail?
11:28 Black and white. Right.
11:31 Did you guys ever seen in these in your yards?
11:33 No. You don't see any in your yard? Me.
11:36 You did. I see some in my yard.
11:38 Do you too, cool I see some dogs.
11:41 And some dogs too I saw one.
11:42 I saw one when I am on the street
11:47 and he was roaming before we came.
11:51 Oh! That was a bad place for him to be wasn't it?
11:54 Yeah. And Miss Jeannie, Macy had a pet bunny.
11:57 What is your pet bunny's name?
12:00 Jasper. Jasper, that's a nice name
12:02 for a bunny rabbit. I wonder what that
12:05 rabbit's name is. My rabbit name is Kildy.
12:09 What is your rabbit's name Daniel?
12:11 Kildy, Kildy, Kildy, Umh! That's different.
12:18 That's a nice name. Did you name this?
12:20 Did you name your rabbit that?
12:22 That's a good name. I named my cat.
12:24 You named your cat.
12:26 You guys see his little nose is wiggling.
12:30 Oh! He is so cute. He is out looking for
12:33 something to eat. I am so glad that
12:36 God made all the bunnies for us to enjoy,
12:39 aren't you? Yes, I am. That's wonderful.
12:42 And you know boys and girls I am glad that God made
12:44 all the wonderful things for us to enjoy
12:47 and then we get to heaven we will be able to play
12:49 with the brown bunnies and all the animals.
12:59 It's story time, boys and girls.
13:01 Yeah. And we have a good story for you today.
13:08 Mark loved Vacation Bible School.
13:10 Do you kids like Vacation Bible School.
13:13 Yeah. I do, I do. Did you do fun things?
13:17 Yeah. Mark loved it most of all because
13:19 he learned about his best friend Jesus,
13:21 and he just loved Jesus.
13:24 He was so glad mama let him go with Miss. Mona
13:27 to Vacation Bible School. Do you know what Jasmine?
13:33 Did you, has your mamma ever taken the trip?
13:36 Did you ever go on a trip? Yes. I have,
13:41 we went to excursion You went to excursion.
13:45 And I do. You like trips too.
13:48 I went to Tennessee too.
13:51 Oh yes I did. You did too.
13:53 What you know Mark like trips too?
13:56 I and Mark go to trips in the cast
13:59 you did. Well, you know,
14:00 what Mark's mamma said to him.
14:03 She said, you can not go on this trip with me,
14:08 and Mark said, why mama
14:10 I am going to have a birthday.
14:12 And mama said, I am sorry I have to go to California,
14:16 but you can stay with Miss. Mona.
14:20 Well, Miss Mona, Oh! Thought he could
14:23 learn more about Jesus? He was so happy
14:25 that he could learn more about Jesus.
14:27 She would teach him songs and he said,
14:30 that's okay, mama. Staying with Miss Mona
14:32 is better than a birthday cake.
14:34 And so they went and Miss Mona read him stories
14:37 and she taught him all kind of songs.
14:39 Does your mummy teach you songs, Jasmine?
14:42 Yes. Yes. My mummy does too.
14:52 Does she? Well, I love songs too.
14:54 But one day Miss Mona went into her kitchen
14:57 and she shut the door. Can you go like
15:00 this shut the door? She shut the door.
15:04 And Mark knocked on the door and his little brother
15:07 knocked on the door, and they said,
15:09 let me in, let me in. And she said no,
15:12 I am doing a surprise. You can't know
15:16 and she was in there for a long time
15:19 and at last it was supper time,
15:21 and she came out and everybody
15:23 sat up the table and they had,
15:25 all they had good food. And you know,
15:29 what was Mark's favorite food.
15:32 No. He likes spaghetti. Oh! I love spaghetti.
15:35 Do you like spaghetti. Yam. I do. You do.
15:38 Why do you love it? I, me too. You too.
15:41 I think, I think they are speak.
15:43 You don't like spaghetti. Well, Mark loved it.
15:46 He ate his spaghetti and when all done.
15:49 Miss Mona said, excuse me,
15:51 please and she ran into the kitchen
15:54 and she came out, oh! With the most
15:57 beautiful birthday cake and all the candles
16:01 were lit and she held out the cake,
16:04 and Mark went to blow out the candles,
16:06 and then he said, wait I want to make a wish first.
16:11 And he said, Umh! And then he said,
16:14 I wish that Jesus would hurry up
16:17 and take us all to heaven. And Miss Mona said,
16:22 do you know what Miss. Mona said?
16:24 She said, that's the most beautiful wish.
16:29 Don't you love things like that?
16:31 Yes. Oh! Yes. Oh! Happy birthday to you.
16:35 Let's sing. Happy birthday to you,
16:40 Happy birthday to you, dear Noah.
16:45 Happy birthday to you. Wait,
16:50 wait we gonna make a wish. I wish Noah to heaven.
16:54 Oh! Can you blow them out? Oh! Let's clap for Noah.
17:03 Miss Cinda baked this special for you Noah.
17:07 You can have a birthday cake just like
17:09 for your birthday just like the boy in the story.
17:12 And you know what Miss Cinda,
17:14 and boys and girls. Jesus really does want to hurry up
17:18 and come and get us, and he is coming soon
17:22 because Jesus really, really loves us.
17:32 We are in the kitchen with Miss Cinda
17:33 and we are having fun. Yeah.
17:38 You don't, Aunty Linda has been talking to
17:41 you all about house special Heaven is,
17:44 so I thought it would be really nice
17:46 if we had a special treat today in the kitchen.
17:50 Yes. So we are going to.. Ice cream cookies.
17:56 That's right. We had soy ice cream
18:00 and we have oatmeal cookies
18:02 and we are going to make some ice cream cookies.
18:05 These are sound good. Yeah. It does good.
18:08 Is that sound Sylvia? Oh! Wait you can eat
18:12 the cookies not me. Let's get start Miss Cinda.
18:15 Okay. Okay, Tyler, I going to put some soy.
18:19 Here's what I am going to do.
18:20 I am going to put the soy ice cream in between
18:23 your cookies and then you roll the edges
18:25 in the ground peanuts and then in the ground carob,
18:29 okay. Okay. Let's girls first
18:32 how about that, Noah. Nice Yeah, you should do
18:35 girls first because we are polite.
18:37 Don't you think? Yes.
18:38 Are you a chef, Noah?
18:40 Tell me what kind of chef you are?
18:44 A cooking chef. You are a cooking chef.
18:47 Are you been chief or the chef.
18:49 Yes. Yes. Okay, you want little bit more.
18:54 Yes. Alright, okay, put your cookie together.
18:58 What have you love in learning about heaven
19:02 and house specialties? Because God loves us.
19:06 God does love us. Doesn't he Tyler?
19:09 Sylvia what have you been learning about heaven?
19:12 I'll doing chocolate and milk
19:14 Sylvia what have you been learning about heaven?
19:19 I was learning as I can sit on Jesus lap
19:25 Oh! Can there you go Noah. You get me too much.
19:28 Oh! I will scrap some of, how was that? Olivia,
19:32 What about that? What do you,
19:33 what have you learned about heaven?
19:35 Miss Cinda you can open that.
19:37 Is heaven is special place.
19:40 No, yeah it's too much.
19:42 That's too much, okay.
19:44 Olivia is going to take a bite
19:45 I'll say, put your cookie on, how about.
19:48 Miss. Cinda look at Olivia has finished hers.
19:51 Oh! Olivia is that yummy, I think we have
19:54 Tyler's plate. Too much, quiet too much. No it's not.
19:58 Just don't press it together now.
19:59 Roll it in the peanuts. Now look that.
20:02 Okay, you want to, yes, you can,
20:04 I'll put it like this, and you both can do it, okay.
20:06 Tyler loves it, Miss. Cinda, you know that
20:09 you just go like this, go like this.
20:11 Oh! Roll the edges. Night bowls, can I put it here.
20:15 You like it Sylvia? Doesn't this look good
20:17 boys and girls? And look how much sequel is this,
20:20 See and get that edge too. Good job. Well, you know,
20:24 in heaven Jesus is making a special treat
20:27 for all of us. He is going to have a big supper for us,
20:30 and we all going to sit down and he is preparing
20:33 a surprise meal for us. Oh! That's sounds good.
20:36 I can't wait for heaven.
20:39 Are you kids excited about heaven?
20:41 Yes. Yes. I have rolled in Peanuts.
20:44 You have rolled it in peanuts.
20:48 You want to roll it in peanuts too.
20:50 You want to roll yourself peanuts Sylvia.
20:52 Oh! I am sorry. Here we go, Olivia.
20:56 Let's put this on right now here.
20:59 Oh! That looks so good.
21:01 Does that look good boys and girls?
21:02 Well, I think that. You can get your mummies
21:05 and daddies to help you make this.
21:08 Oh! There we go. The guys surprise
21:13 you guys with a nice treat.
21:14 Yeah, yeah, thank you Miss Cinda,
21:18 and Oh! Tyler, you like it,
21:22 don't you? Well, you know, what you always know
21:26 you're gonna have fun when you are in the kitchen,
21:30 don't you? You always know you are going to have fun
21:34 when you are in the kitchen.
21:35 Yeah. Yes. Who likes to help in the kitchen?
21:38 Me You do.
21:40 Do you help your mummy, actually
21:42 Yes. Do you help your mummy in the kitchen Olivia?
21:46 What do you like to help her with?
21:48 Cookie. Oh! You like to help her with cookies.
21:53 Sylvia, do you help in the kitchen?
21:56 Yeah. What do you like to help with?
22:01 Make some tomato or onion cheese, oh!
22:06 Tyler, do you help your mummy in the kitchen.
22:07 Do you help your mummy in the kitchen?
22:09 Uhh! What do you help make?
22:12 Blueberries, berries, blueberries.
22:16 Well, blueberries are good for you.
22:18 Well, boys and girls, remember to help your
22:20 mums and dads in the kitchen because
22:22 cooking is fun.
22:30 Yeah. It's Sing Time.
22:33 And I love sing time because it worship time.
22:36 We love worship, don't we kids.
22:39 I love worship. We love worship.
22:41 And Levy loves worship. Worship boys and girls
22:44 is a special time that we just
22:46 come together just you can sing about Jesus
22:49 and talk about him and learn more about him,
22:51 but you know, where our memory verse is found.
22:55 I know. In Luke. No.
22:57 Oh! Matthew. Oh! Yes, Matthew.
23:01 Matthew 5:12 Matthew 5:12
23:05 And it says, Be glad Be glad For great
23:08 For great is your reward in heaven.
23:12 is your reward in heaven.
23:15 Be glad and your reward in heaven.
23:19 Yes, because Jesus tied on the cloth to save us
23:22 from our sins. Yeah, and he died.
23:24 We get to go to heaven And that's our reward.
23:27 That is our reward. And you know what,
23:30 heaven is going to be a special place.
23:32 It is Miss Cinda, and boys and girls
23:35 if you want to go to heaven,
23:36 clap your hands, okay.
23:40 If you want to go to heaven,
23:42 clap your hands,
23:44 If you want to go to heaven,
23:46 clap your hands
23:49 If you want to go to heaven,
23:51 then your life will surely show it.
23:53 If you want to go to heaven,
23:55 clap your hands.
23:57 If you want to go to heaven, stump your feet.
24:00 Oh! Get ready. Here we go.
24:01 If you want to go to heaven, stump your feet.
24:06 If you want to go to heaven, stump your feet.
24:11 If you want to go to heaven, then your life
24:14 surely shown, if you want to go to
24:17 heaven, stump your feet.
24:20 Okay, if you want to go to heaven say, Amen
24:26 If you want to go to heaven say, Amen, Amen
24:36 If you want to go to heaven, then your life
24:39 surely shown, if you want to go to
24:42 heaven say, Amen, Amen.
24:46 Well, you know, when we think about
24:48 Jesus and when I think about Jesus,
24:51 it just makes me in right, up right,
24:53 down right, happy all the time and we
24:55 are going to sing that song boys and girls.
24:57 You want to stand up and sing with us, go ahead.
25:02 I'm in right up right, out right, down right,
25:05 and happy all the time I'm in right out right,
25:09 up right, down right, and happy all the time
25:13 Since Jesus Christ came in I gave my heart to him.
25:20 I'm in right out right, up right, down right,
25:23 and happy all the time. Shall we try it a
25:26 little faster? Yes. Oh!
25:31 I'm in right out right, up right, down right,
25:34 and happy all the time I'm in right out right,
25:37 up right, down right and happy all the time
25:39 Since Jesus Christ came in I gave my heart to him.
25:46 I'm in right out right, up right, down right,
25:49 and happy all the time.
25:54 You know, we are happy when we
25:56 have Jesus and you know boys and girls,
25:58 heaven is a special place. Can you think of something
26:02 that are going to be in heaven waiting for you.
26:05 Jesus. That's the most special thing, isn't it?
26:08 House. What's going to be in heaven?
26:09 And animals and angels. We are going to sing
26:14 And some good Lions. That's right.
26:18 And some good Tigers. Oh! They will be good
26:22 because they won't bite us, right.
26:24 Yeah, because they are up in heaven.
26:26 You know what? I can't wait to see my angel.
26:29 Well, you know, what if we're loving
26:31 and we're kind we will get to meet
26:33 each other in heaven. Let's sing that song
26:35 "Be happy, Be Kind" be loving be true.
26:39 Be happy, be kind be loving the true,
26:46 I'll meet you in heaven And live next door to you.
26:53 You are missing, sing it one more time.
26:56 Be happy, be kind be loving the true,
27:02 I'll meet you in heaven And live next door to you.
27:10 Well, boys and girls, wherever you are
27:12 fold your hands and close your eyes,
27:14 we are going to talk to Jesus, okay.
27:17 Dear Jesus, Thank you so much for all
27:20 the boys and girls in the world and
27:22 thank you that you are preparing a
27:23 special home with you for each one.
27:26 We love you in Jesus name, Amen, Amen.
27:31 That's Mr. Rooster and he says that all
27:32 the time we have for today. A time together is over,
27:37 so we will have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:45 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:51 Remember God loves you. Good bye. Good bye.
28:03 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:06 where God hears our voice,
28:08 we live here and around the world
28:11 we spread love and joy
28:14 like clouds start the rainbow
28:16 we're shining like the rainbow, we are
28:19 Tiny Tots around the world where God hears our voice.


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