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00:28 What are you kids doing?
00:30 We're making a house for ourselves.
00:33 You're making a house?
00:34 Well you know Jesus is building a special home for you
00:38 up in heaven.
00:39 Oh look, the boys and girls are here.
00:41 Hi boys and girls.
00:43 We're glad that you're here and so is Jesus.
00:51 You made Jesus happy Just because you came.
00:55 Jesus loves the children Everyone the same.
01:01 Welcome Welcome you are welcome Jesus knows your name.
01:06 You made Jesus happy Just because you came.
01:12 I think Eleanor was singing with us.
01:15 Eleanor, do you want to go, Oh I think Eleanor wants to play
01:20 Alright, let's get the mail.
01:22 We have a lot of things to do today boys and girls.
01:25 Thank you Caleb, we're going to have fun aren't we?
01:28 Come on, let's go have some fun.
01:30 Oh, we are going to have fun today, OHHHH!
01:33 Yes Billy boy.
01:35 Hi Billy boy!
01:39 Time for you to come out Billy boy.
01:42 Come out and say hi to the boys and girls.
01:49 Come on Billy boy, he likes to ring the bell.
01:50 Later you can ring it.
01:52 See he wants to ring it.
01:53 Can you say hi to Billy boy?
01:55 Hi, Billy boy.
01:57 You know Miss Brenda is going to be coming today.
01:59 Come here Noah can you see...
02:01 Oh I'll get the door.
02:02 Oh Hi Auntie Linda, Hi Kids.
02:04 Hi!
02:06 Hi Miss Cinda!
02:07 How are you?
02:09 Yes Miss Brenda!
02:15 What does Auntie Linda have over there?
02:17 It's Billy boy.
02:19 Billy boy!
02:21 Oh what a beautiful bird!
02:24 Take Miss Brenda over and have her sit in our living room
02:28 and I'll show her Mr. Wiggles.
02:30 Mr. Wiggles!
02:31 Go tell Miss Brenda about Mr. Wiggles.
02:34 Okay, you can sit with me and who is Mr. Wiggles kids?
02:38 Can you kids show Miss Brenda what does Mr. Wiggles
02:43 do with his nose?
02:45 Can you do it?
02:47 Let me see, let me see, can we wiggle our nose?
02:52 Go like this?
02:53 This is Mr. Wiggles, there is Mr. Wiggles.
03:02 We'll take turns, Okay?
03:04 We'll take turns.
03:06 Oh you know what time it is?
03:11 Billy boy you can ring the bell now.
03:14 It's time for worship boys and girls, sing with us.
03:18 Worship time with me,
03:20 Calling us to be
03:22 With our best friend, Jesus.
03:27 Come and worship me
03:29 Jesus will be near
03:32 Smiling when He sees us.
03:39 Well, Miss Brenda, this is the time we read a
03:41 special letter from Jesus.
03:43 Oh, I love letters from Jesus.
03:45 We do too!
03:46 Don't you Noah?
03:48 Our letter, can you say Psalms 23:6?
03:51 Psalms 23:6!
03:54 "I will live in the house of the Lord. "
03:57 I will live in the house of the Lord.
04:00 Do you know what that means Miss Brenda, can you tell us?
04:04 Yes, that means in heaven, the house of the Lord is in heaven.
04:07 You know Auntie Linda, I am a nurse and I take care of lots
04:10 of sick people.
04:11 You know I am so excited, I can't wait to go to heaven.
04:14 There will be no more sick people, and every one will feel
04:18 well and happy and strong, I can't wait to go to heaven.
04:23 I can't wait that Jesus will come back and
04:28 put me up in heaven.
04:31 That's right!
04:33 I can't wait for that too.
04:37 I love Jesus.
04:38 I like Jesus too!
04:40 Well you know I have letters that boys and girls have been
04:43 sending me telling me how much they love Jesus.
04:46 We're going to see, Hmmm we have something from a Michael Coffin.
04:51 Michael Coffin, Noah, that's my grandson!
04:56 Well Miss Brenda do you want to hold his picture up
04:58 for everyone to see?
04:59 This is my grandson Michael.
05:02 He is 4 years old.
05:04 Do you know what he says?
05:06 What did he say?
05:07 Dear Auntie Linda, My mommy is writing this letter
05:10 for me. I like Mr. Wiggles. He is a cute bunny.
05:14 I use to have a bunny too, his name was Oreo Cookie.
05:17 I love all the animals Jesus made.
05:20 And I love Jesus too.
05:23 Ah! How sweet!
05:25 Well Michael we love Jesus too.
05:28 Caleb, would you have a prayer for us right now?
05:32 And just tell Jesus that we love Him.
05:33 Okay! Dear Jesus, Thank you for this day,
05:37 Thank you for everything that God made, in Jesus name, AMEN!
05:42 AMEN!
05:43 Well you know what, I'd better get back to the kitchen.
05:47 And you know what, I need to get running too.
05:50 It was so nice to come and have worship with you and I
05:51 love all you kids.
05:53 It was good to see you Miss Brenda.
05:55 I'd better be getting back to Kid's Time.
05:58 Well you know what boys and girls, we have something
06:00 to do too, come on let's go to the barn.
06:10 Grandpa Chuck, grandpa Chuck, I have something to show you.
06:12 Miss Jeannie how are you?
06:14 Fine how are you?
06:15 Oh look what you have!
06:16 I have baby doves that hatched out.
06:18 Can you stay so my kids can see those?
06:20 Oh Yeah!
06:21 Let me get the crate real quick.
06:22 Because I know they are coming, they told me they
06:27 were coming today for sure.
06:29 They are going to love to learn about these birds.
06:32 Good!
06:34 Grandpa Chuck Hi!
06:37 Hi everybody!
06:39 How are ya?
06:40 It's so good to see you.
06:42 Hi Miss Jeannie, how are you?
06:44 What do you have?
06:46 Well, baby doves.
06:47 We'll put you on this side of Miss Jeannie.
06:52 Come over here Levi.
06:54 See the doves.
06:56 That will be great, and I can just kneel right here.
06:59 You could sit here.
07:01 Let's look!
07:04 Look you guys.
07:06 Here grandpa could hold one.
07:07 And I will hold the other one.
07:12 Oh, it is so cute.
07:17 How old are they Miss Jeannie?
07:18 The one that is in my hand, this one, hatched out
07:23 a week ago today.
07:24 So this one is one week old, and this one is one week
07:27 and one day old.
07:28 And that's the mommy and the daddy, will sit them
07:30 right down there.
07:31 That's the mommy and the daddy?
07:33 The white one is the daddy.
07:34 The peachy colored one is the mommy.
07:37 The mommy lays two eggs, and only two eggs.
07:41 Once she lays two eggs then she starts sitting on them.
07:44 It takes only 14 days
07:47 for the little baby get made inside that egg.
07:50 Then it hatches out.
07:51 When they come out they have, these guys are starting to get
07:55 some little feathers.
07:56 But when they first come out, they don't have
07:58 any features at all.
08:00 How big are the eggs?
08:02 They are about the size of a jelly bean.
08:04 They are not very big.
08:05 Oh, they are tiny.
08:06 They are very tiny.
08:08 So when these chicks are born, they are very tiny.
08:11 It's funny, because they don't look very pretty right now.
08:16 They were less pretty when they hatched out of the eggs.
08:20 How often do they have babies?
08:22 They have babies, these guys have a little bump on their nose
08:25 On their beck, and when the little bump,
08:28 can you see the little bumps?
08:30 When the little bumps, the mommy and daddy will take care
08:32 care of them and feed them, until those little bumps go away
08:36 I never have timed how long that is.
08:38 But when the little bumps start going away they are big
08:41 enough to eat on their own and take care of themselves.
08:44 then the mommy lays two more eggs and start setting again.
08:46 These guys, the mommy and daddy feed them, both of them do.
08:52 They are good parents and take care of them.
08:54 The mommy and daddy will eat food and get it in their mouth.
08:56 Then they will go to the baby birds and open their mouths
09:00 and the baby birds will stick their beak inside the mommy and
09:04 daddy's beak and eat the food out of the their mouths.
09:06 If you, the other boys and girls probably can't see, but you
09:10 guys can, if you look right here on both sides of their neck,
09:13 is a little pouch.
09:16 Can you see that black right there?
09:17 That's the food the mommy and daddy just feed them
09:22 not very long ago.
09:23 That little black in there is a see that the mommy and daddy
09:28 ate and then they gave it to the baby.
09:30 They are so cute.
09:32 Can we pet them?
09:35 Very, very easy, would you like to pet them?
09:37 Very carefully.
09:39 Can you say Hi, birdie?
09:40 Hi birdie!
09:42 Say I love you birdie!
09:44 Now what is that?
09:46 Do you want to pet it Levi?
09:48 Maybe that's his ear.
09:51 Hi birdie, do you like birdie?
09:52 This one has red eyes because it's Albino, it's going to be
09:58 all white like the daddy.
09:59 When these guys hatched out of their egg.
10:01 Their eyes are closed.
10:04 Kind of like a puppy and a kitten are born,
10:08 these guys hatch out their eyes are closed, and then in a little
10:13 less than a week, then their eyes open.
10:15 And this guy, when he's hatched out, cause his eyes are red,
10:18 you can't really see them.
10:20 Kind of look like he doesn't have eyes.
10:21 But when this guy hatched out he has black eyes so you can see
10:25 just like a big black circle for his eyes.
10:28 Jesus made them special.
10:29 Yes He did.
10:31 You know what I think of Doves?
10:32 In the Bible, remember the story in the Bible, what did Noah
10:37 release from the ark?
10:38 What did he let go out of the ark?
10:40 Birds.
10:41 What kind was it?
10:43 A dove?
10:45 That's right it was a Dove wasn't it.
10:48 Well you know what, in heaven we will be able to see the doves
10:53 and play with them and hold them.
10:55 They won't be afraid of us.
10:57 They won't be in cages either will they?
11:00 Do think these little birdies would like us to sing
11:04 our song to them?
11:06 I like to go to the farm were the cows moo moo!
11:12 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack quack!
11:16 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
11:20 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
11:26 Well thank you Miss Jeannie for showing us the birds.
11:32 It's always fun to come and see you Grandpa Chuck.
11:34 But we have so much to do kids, we better go!
11:37 Say bye, can you tell the birdies bye?
11:40 Bye Miss Jeannie, Bye Grandpa Chuck.
11:44 Okay come on kids!
11:47 That was fun!
11:56 Hi boys and girls, we're going for a walk.
11:59 Come and sing our song with us.
12:01 Come on! Come on!
12:03 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today
12:09 a walk today, shall we go for a walk today,
12:16 To see what God has given.
12:20 I wonder what we will see today?
12:24 Let's go for a walk!
12:28 Oh, let's get on the side of him we don't want to scare him.
12:32 Noah get on the side so you don't scare him.
12:37 Get back over here.
12:39 Oh a walking stick!
12:43 Well here's a stick and it doesn't walk does it?
12:47 This doesn't walk does it?
12:51 But that walks.
12:54 Do you think God made it this way so it could hide?
12:59 Cause if it was in a bunch of sticks you wouldn't even
13:01 be able to see it, would you?
13:03 Kaley, did you see it?
13:06 What do you think of it?
13:08 I can't see, I only can stand up.
13:11 Look a walking stick!
13:13 It is a walking stick, let's see if we can get him on the stick.
13:15 I can get him!
13:18 We don't want to hurt him.
13:19 He's a walking stick!
13:23 But he's a bug!
13:24 He is a bug!
13:25 He's a funny stick, isn't he?
13:27 I want to see the stick!
13:29 You want a stick to see it, well, let's see!
13:32 Can I hold him?
13:37 Let's sit back!
13:38 Come here Kaley.
13:39 We will see if we can find him.
13:42 Oh there he is, he is going up the apple cart for us.
13:45 Oh look at him!
13:47 Oh, he's on Caleb!
13:51 Does he tickle?
13:56 Oh, he's on me!
13:59 I'm so glad that God gave all the wonderful creatures
14:03 for us to enjoy.
14:04 Aren't you?
14:16 It's Story Time boys and girls.
14:18 Yeaaaaaaaaaah!
14:22 We have a good story for you today.
14:25 Our story is about angels singing to the shepherds.
14:29 The littlest shepherd sits on the grass.
14:34 All day he had followed the sheep.
14:37 Now he's tired, do you get tired sometimes?
14:40 I get very tired!
14:42 You get very tired?
14:43 Sometimes you like to stay up.
14:47 Sometimes I like to play sometimes I don't!
14:51 You know the shepherds had to stay up.
14:53 You know why they had to stay up?
14:55 To watch the sheep, What Silvia?
14:58 I had to get up and sometimes I don't want to get up
15:09 stay up, but sometimes I do.
15:14 Sometimes you do.
15:16 I woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning so I going back to bed.
15:22 Well the shepherds get tired too.
15:24 Shhhhhhhhh! the big shepherds talked softly,
15:28 they talk about God.
15:30 See the bright angel!
15:33 The angel speaks to the shepherd, he says,
15:36 "Do not be afraid, I bring good news. "
15:39 "Today in Bethlehem city, a baby is born. "
15:44 Do you know what baby was born in Bethlehem?
15:46 Jesus! Jesus!
15:48 That's right, that's right!
15:51 "Jesus the Lord, look for Him lying in a manger. "
15:54 There's baby Jesus!
15:57 That's right!
15:58 Singing, singing, shinning angels are singing.
16:01 Angels are singing in the skies.
16:03 Glory to God they sing.
16:05 Glory and peace to all men.
16:08 What are the angels names?
16:11 One of them was named Gabriel.
16:13 Five, six, seven eight!
16:17 There were lots and lots of angels.
16:18 I want to count them.
16:20 One, two, three, four-four... One, two, three, four,
16:29 five, six, seven!
16:32 You know that is how many are in the picture,
16:35 but really there were so many that you couldn't count them.
16:38 Six, seven angels. That's right!
16:44 Running running, the shepherds are running to Bethlehem.
16:47 They want to see the baby Jesus.
16:50 The littlest shepherd wants to see the baby Jesus too.
16:54 What's that building?
16:56 That's were they are telling them where baby Jesus is.
17:00 Knocking, knocking, can you go like this?
17:03 Knock, knock knock!
17:05 Have you seen the baby?
17:07 Yes they say.
17:09 Why does that cave have light in it? I thought inside caves
17:15 was dark!
17:16 Well this is a barn and they have a candle in there.
17:19 Let's see what's in there.
17:22 Look, look into the manger, do you see baby Jesus?
17:26 Yes, oooooww!
17:28 Kneel, kneel all the shepherds are kneeling.
17:31 God sent baby Jesus because God loves us.
17:34 Oh, now what do you see?
17:36 He's big!
17:38 Jesus is in heaven and some day he's coming to take us home.
17:41 Because He loves you and He loves me and
17:43 wants to be with everyone.
17:46 Three, four, five Yes, lots of angels.
17:49 Do you want to go home with Jesus?
17:52 Yeahhhhhhhh!
17:54 One two three four five six seven eight nine
17:59 Lots of angels but really, we can't count angels because there
18:03 so many!
18:04 Let's tell the boys and girls that we love Jesus. Okay?
18:09 Say, I love you Jesus!
18:11 I love you Jesus!
18:15 Jesus is coming soon because He really really loves you too.
18:27 We're in the kitchen helping Miss Cinda today.
18:30 We are going to have a lot of fun.
18:33 Yeahhhhhhhh!
18:37 Well I know how you all like sandwiches.
18:40 You know we are going to do something different Noah.
18:46 You know what we are going to do?
18:47 We're going to make roll-up sandwiches.
18:50 Have you ever had a roll-up sandwich?
18:52 Have you boys and girls ever rolled up your sandwich?
18:56 Well you can watch and you will learn how we do it.
18:59 Okay, boys and girls put some peanut butter and
19:02 jelly on your bread.
19:03 I like peanut butter.
19:05 Here's peanut butter, do you want jelly?
19:06 Jelly first.
19:08 You guys one take one, and one take the other
19:10 then you switch.
19:12 Good job Olivia!
19:14 I want to wait for her.
19:17 Miss Cinda we been talking about the special homes
19:20 that Jesus is building us in heaven today.
19:22 That is so exciting.
19:25 Look at that, I'm taking all that.
19:27 You know what, boys and girls, I can't wait to have
19:31 a home in heaven.
19:32 Danielle, what kind of a house would you like in heaven?
19:36 Um, a blue house.
19:39 Oh, you'd like a blue house!
19:44 Noah, what kind of house would you like in heaven?
19:46 A barn! You want a barn?
19:49 You must like lots of animals.
19:51 Yes, Olivia, what kind of house would you like in heaven?
19:55 A pink one!
19:57 A pink one, but would you like a tent or a big mansion?
20:02 What would you like?
20:04 Maybe a house, a pink house! A pink house?
20:08 Niña, what kind of house would you like in heaven?
20:11 Ah a red.
20:13 A red house but would you like a tent or a big sparkling mansion?
20:18 I want a big sparkling house.
20:20 You would!
20:22 Caleb, what kind of house would you like in heaven?
20:24 I wanta bigggg house!
20:28 You do!
20:30 Boys and girls what kind of house would you like
20:32 when you get to heaven?
20:34 Kind of fun thinking about stuff like that isn't it?
20:36 Okay who's got their sandwich ready to roll?
20:40 Mine, mine!
20:41 I want a small house, you want a small house?
20:46 I bet it will be a pretty house.
20:48 Yeah, with sparklies.
20:50 It will!
20:52 Oh look, Olivia's rolled hers, very good.
20:56 You want to cut it?
20:58 Hold it with one hand.
21:00 I'm done with mine.
21:02 Roll it up then.
21:03 Okay, you want me to help you with spreading?
21:05 Just take this and hold your bread with this hand,
21:09 and spread it all around like this.
21:11 See, and then you can spread it on this end if you want.
21:15 Now roll it.
21:17 Like Caleb's? Yes just like Caleb's.
21:20 Can you roll it up and then you can have a bite.
21:22 Like this?
21:24 You've got a lot of jelly in there.
21:28 There, keep rolling. Keep rolling one more time.
21:31 Okay you can roll yours up.
21:33 You could roll it this way, Noah, if you want.
21:36 You could roll it like this.
21:39 Olivia is all finished and she's eating hers.
21:41 Oh is that good?
21:42 Do you like yours?
21:46 I got mine in four pieces.
21:50 Oh wow!
21:51 Miss Cinda will get a towel for you Olivia.
21:54 Here we go.
21:55 Is this a fun way to eat a sandwich?
21:59 It is isn't it?
22:00 I wanta cut it in half!
22:03 Danielle did you cut yours?
22:04 Would you like to cut yours?
22:07 Boys and girls, when you make these, you can roll them up
22:12 and eat them just like that if you want.
22:13 Or you can cut them and make little pin wheels.
22:16 That's what Caleb's doing.
22:18 Here Auntie Linda, you want wipe Caleb's hands for him.
22:21 Why sure.
22:22 Olivia you could eat your sandwich, oh you are eating it.
22:25 How is it Noah?
22:27 Good.
22:29 Pin wheel sandwiches fun?
22:30 I want mine cut.
22:32 You may cut yours, take your knife and cut it.
22:35 Can you show the boys and girls how you cut it?
22:37 Hold it with one hand, hold your sandwich with
22:39 the other hand, there you go.
22:43 Thank you Miss Cinda for showing us how to make these.
22:45 These are fun.
22:48 Well boys and girls, you can help.
22:51 When your mommies and daddies want to make you a sandwich,
22:52 say I know a really fun way to make a sandwich
22:56 and you can help them, because remember cooking is fun.
23:09 Yeahhhhhhhh! Sing Time.
23:12 That means it's worship time and I love worship time.
23:16 We love worship too, don't we?
23:18 Worship time is special because that's were we learn
23:21 more about Jesus and we can actually talk with Him,
23:25 by singing and having prayers.
23:27 That's right!
23:28 You know what? Jesus loves it when we come and have worship.
23:31 And reading out of His Bible, his letter to us.
23:34 What do you think our memory verse...
23:36 Psalms! Oh that's right!
23:38 Psalms 23:6! That's right Silvia.
23:42 It says, "I will live," I will live.
23:46 "In the house," in the house,
23:50 "of the Lord," of the Lord,
23:52 And Jesus is preparing a home for us boys and girls
23:56 and we are going to sing a song about that.
23:58 We'll have a home. In My Father's House.
24:01 I will have a home In my Father's house
24:07 In my Father's house In my Father's house.
24:14 I will have a home, In my Father's house,
24:20 There'll be joy, joy, joy!
24:26 We're going to have something else in our Father's house
24:28 We're going to have a crown.
24:31 Oh look! We have a crown for each one of us.
24:35 You get a pink one!
24:38 You're going to have one too boys and girls.
24:40 Your going to have a pretty crown, we are all going
24:44 to wear a crown in our Father's house.
24:47 I will wear a crown, In my Father's house,
24:54 In my Father's house, In my Father's house,
25:01 I will wear a crown, In my Father's house.
25:07 There'll be joy, joy, joy.
25:14 Boys and girls we are going to sing it through one more time.
25:16 And you clap with us because Jesus has a special crown
25:19 for you too!
25:20 I will wear the crown In my Father's house,
25:27 In my Father's house, In my Father's house.
25:34 I will wear a crown, in my Father's house.
25:40 There'll be joy, joy, joy!
25:47 They are not going to be crowns like this.
25:51 They are going to be crowns, what do you think the crowns
25:53 will be like Miss Cinda?
25:54 Ah I think the crowns are going to be beautiful and they will be
25:58 made of gold, and they'll have real jewels in them and not
26:02 just pretend jewels.
26:03 They are going to be beautiful.
26:06 Let's sing My Homes In Heaven, Just awaiting for me.
26:10 I love this song.
26:12 My home's in heaven, Just a waiting for me.
26:22 And when I get there. Oh how happy I'll be,
26:29 My home's in heaven, the rent is free.
26:37 For Jesus paid it,
26:43 On Calvary,
26:47 We want to invite you boys and girls to get to know Jesus
26:51 because He has a home for you too, and He wants
26:53 you to live with Him.
26:55 Right now, wherever you are, if you will just fold your hands
26:58 and close your eyes, we are going to ask Caleb to have
27:00 a prayer for us.
27:01 Dear Jesus, thank you for this day, and thank you for all the
27:07 kids, and everybody. And thank you for everybody
27:14 and the whole world. In Jesus name, AMEN!
27:17 Amen! Amen!
27:21 Jesus is preparing a special place for us and we will never
27:26 get tired, we'll never get sleepy, and we'll never run
27:30 our of time, that's Mr. Rooster and that's all the time we
27:34 have for today.
27:35 Our time together is over, so we will have to go,
27:41 Good bye, good bye, remember God loves you.
27:49 Good bye! Good bye! remember God loves you!
27:57 Good bye!


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