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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:08 hears our voice, we live for him
00:12 around the world, we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world where
00:24 God hears our voice.
00:30 Do you know that you have somebody special that
00:32 watches over you? Jesus. Jesus. And what does
00:36 Jesus give us? Every single one
00:38 to watch over us. Aunty Linda the boys
00:40 and girls are here. But, what does
00:43 Jesus give us? Fruit. Angels. Yeah.
00:48 And I am glad you are here boys and girls
00:50 because we've been talking about angels
00:53 and God is giving you a special angel too.
00:57 I'm so glad that you are here and Jesus
00:59 is glad that you are here too.
01:05 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:10 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
01:15 Welcome, welcome, You are welcome Jesus
01:18 knows your name. You made Jesus happy
01:23 just because you came. And I forgot to mention
01:29 that angels watches over little Eleanor too.
01:33 Aren't you glad that we have the angels?
01:35 Oh Jesus and Jesus too. Yes we're going to let
01:38 Eleanor play for a little bit, but we're going
01:41 to go inside because we have lots of things
01:43 to do so I'm going to get the mail and then
01:47 we're going to have fun. Oh, can't wait
01:50 to get started. Oh! Ms. Cinda the kids are here.
01:56 Oh, hi kids. Oh, I'm glad, okay, hi,
02:01 I have a phone call. Come here kids.
02:04 Let's open the door, Hello this is aunty Linda.
02:07 Hi, aunty Linda this is Carson.
02:10 Well, hi Carson Jackson. Did you know there are
02:14 angels, who stay in the sky? That's right angels are
02:20 in the sky and they are right with us
02:22 too but do you know why? They watch going over us
02:26 and they keep us safe. I'm so glad that Jesus sent
02:31 the angels to watch over us. Well, I have to go now
02:34 Carson. Bye, bye. Bye, bye.
02:38 That was Carson Jackson. She was talking about the angels.
02:42 We all have angels and you know what, we're
02:45 feeding Billy Boy some cheerios.
02:47 Oh, Belly Boy. Well, let's shut the door
02:50 and you kids want to go say hi to Mr. Wiggles
02:52 before worship. Yes we'll say Hi to Mr. Wiggles.
02:54 Go say hi to Mr. Wiggles before worship.
02:56 I'll get it. Hi, Mr. Wiggles.
02:59 Can you say hi to Mr. Wiggles?
03:03 Yes. I like Mr. Wiggles. Look at it.
03:05 I like Mr. Wiggles too. You want to say hi to
03:08 Mr. Wiggles? Yeah, Sentira and let's go sit down.
03:13 Okay Mr. Wiggles. You can finish eating your food.
03:17 talk about angels and worship?
03:18 Oh you think so. Oh yes. You can sit down.
03:25 Yes. We have to on your eyes aunty Linda?
03:27 Oh, you're my big girl and you're
03:29 going to sit right here. I'm going to leave the house,
03:30 at letter from Jesus. Let's tell Billy Boy it's
03:33 time to ring the bell for us, okay.
03:35 Billy Boy, it's time to ring the bell.
03:39 Yes. He heard you. Sing with us boys and girls.
03:43 Worship as thus we calling us to meet
03:47 with our best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
03:55 Jesus will be here, finally when he sees us.
04:04 And Jesus all these smiles when he sees us.
04:07 What book is this? The Bible.
04:10 This is Jesus special letter.
04:12 Can you say Psalms 91? Say Psalms 91.
04:17 11, 11, for he shall give. For he shall give.
04:25 His angels charge over you. His angels charge over you.
04:32 Jesus gives everyone of us an angel
04:36 and when we get to heaven we'll get to see our angel.
04:40 Oh, I would love to see my angel because
04:43 I want to thank my angel for taking care of me.
04:47 I do too. Do you want to see your angels
04:49 when you get to heaven? Yes. Well I want to see, I want
04:54 to see angel and Jesus. Oh that's we want
04:59 to see most of all. And I want to hug those two.
05:03 That's right. Noah, would you have
05:06 a special prayer for us? Let's close
05:08 our eyes and fold our hands, boys and girls.
05:14 Thank you to Jesus, thank you for
05:18 my Mom and Dad, and Heather and
05:21 Jessie and Justin, aunty Linda and
05:24 Miss Cinda and Jesus. Amen. Amen.
05:31 Well I better go back to the kitchen.
05:34 At which side at this side can we pray?
05:36 You think that bring did too. Alright now boys and girls
05:40 we need to go to the Barn and see
05:42 Grandpa Chuck. So come on. Let's get ready and go.
05:53 Grandpa Chuck those birds are beautiful.
05:56 I know I got Ms. Gene to bring them over and share
05:59 them with this I knew the kids
06:00 would want to see them. Oh, thank you.
06:03 Oh, you're welcome they belong to a friend
06:05 of mine he raises them and I wanted to learn
06:08 more about the beautiful gifts that God has given us.
06:11 So, he let me his birds and a book to read so
06:14 I can learn a little bit more about them.
06:16 And these guys are a type of bird that
06:18 are in the love bird family. Love what family?
06:22 The love bird family. The love bird family.
06:25 Yes. They look the little bit like parakeets.
06:27 Yes they look a lot like parakeets,
06:29 but they are smaller than parakeets
06:31 and they are smaller than love birds.
06:32 Do they kind from different country?
06:34 Yes but I'm not sure which one I haven't
06:36 read that part of the book yet.
06:37 Okay, when you do. Let us know because we
06:40 will be interested. Can you guys tell us
06:42 what color they are? What color are they?
06:44 Green and blue. That's right that birds.
06:47 And white and black and peach color.
06:51 You see peach color Maybe the feet.
06:53 Oh yeah the peach. Peach in the feet.
06:55 In the feet yeah that's true they are
06:57 find a peach color there. And dark green too.
07:00 Yes, do they sing? Oh I don't think so.
07:03 I think they are just do some tripping
07:04 but not a whole lot of singing like a song
07:07 birds will sing. They lay just six eggs
07:12 at a time and then the mommy will sit on
07:14 them and while the mommy is sitting
07:17 on them trying to keep them warm that
07:19 daddy bring her food. He goes out that's right
07:23 you have a Mommy and Daddy that's right.
07:26 And those birds are mommies and daddies
07:28 and the daddy while the mommy is sitting
07:30 on the nest he goes and he gets food and
07:32 he brings it to her and he feeds her.
07:34 Oh! And she has to sit on the nest for 24 days
07:38 that's a long time. Noah can count to 24.
07:42 Can't you, Noah?
07:43 Can you count till 24? Let's hear.
07:45 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,
07:51 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26.
07:59 Very good you did that great.
08:02 I can count till half. Yes, you can count
08:03 the latest there. I can count to one million.
08:08 A million. That would take a long time.
08:10 That would take a lot longer than it does
08:12 the mommy to hatch out the babies.
08:14 But she sits on them for 24 days and then the babies
08:18 hatch out and when the babies hatch out
08:20 then the daddy brings the mommy food
08:23 and then the mommy takes the food
08:25 and gives it to the baby. Oh!
08:27 So they work together and they make good parents
08:30 to take care of the birds. What do you think they eat?
08:34 I know. Flowers or seeds.
08:36 Yeah they have also needs sunflowers.
08:39 That's right. Sunflower seeds.
08:41 They eat sunflower seeds and they eat
08:43 little round seeds and the way their beak
08:46 is made they can hold the sunflower seed in their mouth
08:48 and they can turn it around and crack it open and get
08:51 to the goody inside. Do you guys like sunflowers?
08:55 Sunflower seeds. You don't like sun flower seeds.
08:57 Do you, Levy? Do you like sunflower seeds? Yeah.
09:00 Yeah, because my diet is probably open and I eat them.
09:04 Oh, me, Will they bite? I don't know.
09:07 He didn't tell me if they would bite or not
09:09 but you should always be careful
09:11 because they could bite. And they wouldn't hurt you
09:15 really bad but it would smart.
09:17 So it's better that we shouldn't touch them.
09:18 Yes. The cage because of we put our fingers
09:20 there they might bite. So it's better
09:22 to keep them away, right. That's right, yes.
09:24 I'm keeping mine away. That's a good idea.
09:27 That's a good idea Levy. Yeah it's always a good idea
09:30 to keep your fingers away from animals
09:32 that you don't know just in case they might bite
09:34 and if they are in a new place they might be kind
09:37 of scared. These guys don't act like
09:38 they are scared though.
09:39 They don't seem like their scared.
09:41 No when they are scared they fly around the cage
09:43 really fast. I loved how Jesus
09:45 made them so special and you know I can't wait
09:49 till you we get to heaven because Jesus has so many
09:52 special things for us. He does and these birds,
09:55 he makes all different colors there is not just
09:58 green ones, but the man that I got these from has appear
10:01 that are blue and they come in all different colors.
10:04 There are really pretty light blue.
10:07 Do you like blue? So they are just,
10:09 they just come in all different colors.
10:11 Do you think they would like it if we sing to them?
10:13 Oh I'm sure they would. Maybe they are tweet
10:14 along with us. Okay let's sing to the birds okay.
10:19 I like to go to the farm, where the cows mow, mow
10:22 I like to go to the farm, where ducks quack, quack.
10:27 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:31 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
10:37 Well they didn't sing with us but I think they liked it.
10:40 Oh good bye birdies. Well we have to go.
10:45 Bye guys. Thank you so much for a fun time.
10:49 Bye guys. Bye, bye. Bye.
11:04 We're going for a walk
11:06 boys and girls come and join us.
11:10 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today, a walk today
11:18 Shall we go for a walk today to see what God has given.
11:27 We're going to have fun today.
11:28 I think we're going to find some things.
11:33 Rocks. Coal. What are these Aunty Linda?
11:37 This is coal. Do you know where coal is found?
11:43 No. Come over and sit by Aunty Linda and I'll tell
11:46 you all about it. Well you know coal is away down in
11:51 the ground and my grandpa worked in a coal mine
11:55 and he got in this made a betty box and they put it
12:00 down, down, down to the ground cover your eyes
12:03 tight, real tight what you see is it dark?
12:07 Yes. You can open them that's what it was like
12:10 where the coal was found it was dark and my grandpa
12:14 worked down in the coal mine and he worked really
12:17 hard all day long and then they would have them
12:20 when he came up it was night time.
12:23 He worked really hard. Do you know what we
12:25 do with coal? No. What is coal good for?
12:28 Nothing. Yes. It keeps our houses warm.
12:34 You can put it, some people have furnaces where you
12:36 put these in and it makes heat and then that's how
12:40 you can be warm. And then and then if you
12:45 get hot at the you get some cold air.
12:49 If you get hot then you like cold air.
12:51 Aren't you glad that Jesus made the coal?
12:55 I'm hot. You get hot too. Well I'm glad.
12:58 I make too. That's right. I'm glad boys and girls that
13:02 Jesus made the coal to keep us warm.
13:12 It's story time boys and girls.
13:15 Yeah. And today we have Mr. Burdick with us
13:22 and that's Jonathan's daddy. We're so glad you came
13:26 today Jonathan and you brought your daddy.
13:29 And boys and girls we have a wonderful
13:31 story for you today. Our story is about Daniel and
13:34 the lions den. Did you ever see a lion?
13:38 No. Did you go to the zoo and see one?
13:41 Yeah, I have. I have too. I saw a tiger.
13:47 And the lion with woo. I seen a big lion.
13:52 I saw some tigers. Oh! Let's listen and see
13:57 what happens to Daniel. See Daniel, Daniel is a
14:01 great man. Daniel is God's friend.
14:04 Daniel is the king's friends. See Daniel's house.
14:08 What kind of bird is there? See his window.
14:10 What kind of bird is that? That is a pigeon.
14:13 Do you know how many times a day Daniel prays?
14:18 Three times a day he has special prayer and then
14:22 he talks God all day long. At noon Daniel kneels by
14:27 his window and talks to God.
14:29 Do you talk to God at noontime?
14:31 I do. I do. What do you thank him for at noontime?
14:37 I pray, I pray for a wonderful day ahead and
14:40 I thank him for all the stars.
14:44 I thank him for our food. Yes.
14:48 I thank of, I thank him for the sun. I thank him for,
14:52 and I thank him for the, he made us, houses and
14:57 flowers and the grass, and right, we want to thank him
15:01 for everything and I thank him for the trees,
15:05 I thank him I, I, I want to thank him.
15:11 I didn't prick in kindergarten.
15:13 I know, I don't prick in kindergarten, and it's like a
15:16 prayer and I say it like a poem and I see the poem
15:21 for a prayer like and that is supper.
15:24 Okay now that was good. I'm in Kindergarten.
15:28 Yes. I'm in Kindergarten. Well as Daniel prays he is
15:32 not afraid to pray. He prays one, two, three times a day.
15:36 How many is this? Three. Count one, two, three.
15:44 Daniel prays to the God in heaven three times a day,
15:46 but the bad man says he must be put in a lion's den,
15:52 because he is praying. Daniel is my friend said the
15:56 king I don't want to hurt him but I must do what the
15:59 law says. Daniel's God will have to take care of him.
16:04 The bad man take Daniel to the lion's den
16:07 can you grrrr like a lion. Grrrr. Its Grrr do you think
16:17 Daniel is afraid? No. No. Daniel is not afraid
16:22 why is Daniel not afraid? Because Jesus with him.
16:26 The angel. The angel shut the lion's mouth so he is not
16:31 afraid. The lions look at he is praying. Get up Daniel
16:38 it is morning time to kneel Daniel kneels beside the
16:42 lions. The lions are quiet Daniel prays and folds his
16:47 hands. Dear God thank you for sending your angel,
16:52 thank you for taking good care of me too amen.
16:57 Daniel's God took really good care of him didn't he?
17:01 The good king calls down Daniel did your
17:05 God take care of you. Aunty Linda look.
17:09 Daniel is looking at him isn't he and Daniel said no
17:13 the lions didn't hurt me. Can you shake your head
17:16 and say no the lions didn't hurt me.
17:22 Oh King my, And he says ha.
17:39 That's right the king is calling down because
17:41 Daniel didn't get hurt. The king he said my God
17:45 sent his angel and shut the lion's mouth. God sends his
17:49 angels to watch over us too. Let's thank him for the
17:52 Let's thank him for the angels. Isn't Jesus
17:54 wonderful to take care of us? Can we say
17:57 I love you Jesus? I love you Jesus?
18:03 You know boys and girls Jesus
18:05 really really loves you too.
18:15 We are helping Miss Cinda in the kitchen today
18:17 and we are having fun. Yeah.
18:23 Oh I'm so glad I love having you guys come in
18:26 the kitchen with me and today I thought instead of
18:29 helping me make a big pasta salad.
18:32 I would let you each make your own pasta salad
18:36 and boys and girls maybe you can help your
18:38 mommies and daddies help you make on little pasta salad
18:41 all your own because you know what this way get to
18:45 put in just what you like. So, I'm going to put some
18:49 pasta on each of your plates and then you can put the
18:52 toppings on that you like okay. Okay.
18:54 And there is plenty to go so we'll share.
18:57 Let's start with Miss. Jasmine we'll put some
19:00 pasta on your plate there we go and then we'll start work
19:05 by still you can just eat that one.
19:07 I love pasta Miss. Cinda. I want to taste one,
19:10 you want to taste one Tyler. Do you guys like pasta?
19:14 Do you like to eat it? You like pasta? Yes.
19:17 Aunty Linda is been talking to you all today about some
19:21 thing very special do you know what that is?
19:26 Jesus. Yes. Angels and Jesus gives us
19:30 the angels doesn't he? Oh no I like this pasta.
19:34 Would some body give me that.
19:36 Alright, let's. I love pasta. You love pasta too
19:40 but you know what Miss. Cinda has cooked a lot of
19:42 pasta so we can give some more.
19:45 I'll give you as much as you want.
19:47 I want to over here. Okay and here some toppings.
19:52 I want that. This is zucchini and tomatoes.
19:56 Tomato. Oh you want tomatoes what would like to have as.
20:00 And this is already took that you happening today
20:03 and do like some beans. That is you like some
20:06 already chosen some kidney beans boys and girls
20:10 you can pick all kinds of things on your salad and
20:13 make really healthy for you. Mmmm yum yum yummy.
20:19 I eat that's made us. Do you know Tyler?
20:21 That when you get to heaven you're going
20:23 to get the see your angel. Did you know that?
20:27 And maybe you can make your angel
20:29 some good food to eat. What do you think you
20:32 will say to your angel when you see him?
20:36 Do you know what I'm going to say that my angel?
20:38 I'm going to thank want some tomatoes.
20:40 I'm going to thank my angels from all the times
20:44 because my angels is taking care of me.
20:45 I need some tomatoes. Do you know that?
20:47 Let's have knife. Noah, what do you think
20:49 you'll say to your angel?
20:52 I would say, I'll tell, I love him.
20:56 What, what you, Miss. Cinda will get you another fork.
20:59 I need that tomatoes aunty Linda. You need tomatoes.
21:03 Noah what would you think you'll say to you angel?
21:05 I don't know. You don't know well
21:07 thank you angel for protecting you.
21:11 Yes. Yes, how about you Ashley.
21:14 Yes. Yes, boys and girls what do you
21:16 think you'll say your angel?
21:19 That's for some fun to think about it isn't it.
21:22 Oh I can't wait to see my angel. What else would
21:25 you like to Miss. Jasmine?
21:30 Would you like some beans, okay would you guys like
21:33 some tomatoes down here. Jasmine what do you think
21:36 you'll say to your angel? I'll say thanks.
21:39 Do you think you'll thank your angel?
21:42 Yeah. Your angel probably go swimming with you.
21:45 Do you like to go swimming? I want some pepper,
21:48 you want some pepper. And you can go in the
21:49 deep water too. This is called artichokes
21:54 as soon as what would you like I mean would you like.
21:56 This is what this way. Okay as then you guys
21:59 can try your pasta salad as soon as you get it made.
22:03 Oh, want tomatoes okay. You want some.
22:07 Oh you like this orange peppers
22:09 that are good aren't they.
22:10 Okay here is this you want to use a spoon.
22:17 You can use this spoon to taste it. Is it good Ashley?
22:21 Do you want olives would you like
22:23 olives there keep going. How is that taste Tyler
22:27 A little good. A little good. Let's taste a lot good.
22:31 Miss. Cinda there is no so nice at you to let us to come
22:34 and help you in the kitchen. I love it when you kids
22:38 come in the kitchen. How is yours Ashley? Good.
22:42 How is yours Noah? Great. Hmm. My one is good too.
22:48 Oh yours is good too. What do you like the best
22:52 then yours? Tomatoes. Oh, you like the
22:57 Oh you like in all. Well boys and girls.
23:01 I like all mine. Oh you like all yours.
23:05 You are hungry ha. Did you, you want to try
23:08 yours Jasmine? You made.
23:13 Oh you're going to That's fine.
23:15 Well boys and girls remember when your
23:17 mommies and daddies in the kitchen to go help
23:19 them because being in the kitchen is so much fun.
23:29 Yeah, sing time that means it's worship time.
23:35 Oh I love worship. I love worship too.
23:38 I do too because that's the time that
23:39 we spend with Jesus. Do you know where our
23:43 memory verse found Psalms. Psalms.
23:46 That's right Kelly. I know, Psalms 91.
23:49 Psalms 91:11, 11 Can you say that Tiara
23:56 Psalms 91:11. She knows that,
24:00 okay it says for he shall give his angels.
24:03 For he shall give his angels.
24:07 Charge over you. Charge over you.
24:10 Can you say that? Tierra. For he shall give
24:13 his angels charge over you?
24:17 Well you know boys and girls that means that Jesus has a
24:21 special angel that he has just for each one of you
24:25 boys and girls and for all the moms and dads.
24:28 Oh! I can't wait to go to heaven
24:30 because we get to meet our angels.
24:31 Yes and in heaven we will get to see our angels
24:34 and we're going to sing a song about that.
24:36 Let's get seek about the angels.
24:38 Can you point your eyes?
24:45 I will see my angels, angels, angels.
24:46 I will see my angels, when I go home to heaven.
24:52 And we will even get the do things with our angels
24:55 that will be so much fun sing a one more
24:57 time boys and girls. I will see my angels,
25:01 angels, angels. I will see my angels,
25:06 when I go home to heaven.
25:11 And you know right now our angels see everything
25:13 we are doing. When we're in the kitchen and were
25:16 helping mommy cook our angels see it and we're
25:19 going to say my angels sees me working.
25:21 Can you help mommy by working?
25:23 Can you help too. Angel sees me working,
25:28 working, working. My angel sees me working, working.
25:36 And our angels sees us playing too.
25:40 Our angels sees us playing so we can go like this
25:44 with out hands. Our angels sees us playing.
25:47 Our angels sees us playing, playing, playing.
25:53 Our angels sees us playing, playing.
25:58 And when we're sleeping our angels sees us sleeping.
26:01 Can you put tend you sleeping?
26:05 Okay let's singing. My angels sees us sleeping,
26:10 sleeping, sleeping. My angels sees
26:15 us sleeping, sleeping. Okay wake up and our
26:21 angels sees us when we wake up too doesn't our angels?
26:26 And our angels sees us when we brush our teeth.
26:29 Whatever we do but you know boys and girls when
26:33 we get to heaven we will get to see our angels
26:37 doing all these things. That will be fun. So be happy,
26:41 be kind, be loving, be true. I'll meet you in heaven
26:44 and live next door to you. Be happy, be kind,
26:50 be loving, be true. I'll meet you in heaven
26:56 and live next door to you. We're going to have Sylvia
27:02 pray for us right now talked to Jesus so just
27:05 fold your hands and close your eyes.
27:07 Great Jesus, the angels I like does and you
27:12 are kind and we love you and we are, we, you
27:22 see us sleeping and stuff and amen.
27:26 Amen! That's Mr. Rooster and that's all the time
27:32 we have for today. Time together is over,
27:37 so we will have to go. Good bye, good bye,
27:44 remember God loves you. Good bye, good bye,
27:52 remember God loves you. Good bye. Good bye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:06 where God hears our voice,
28:08 we live here and around the world
28:11 we spread love and joy
28:14 like clouds start the rainbow
28:16 we're shining like the rainbow, we are
28:19 Tiny Tots around the world where God hears our voice.


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