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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 where God hears our voice, we live here and
00:11 around the world we spread love and joy
00:15 like how He start the rainbow we're shining like the rainbow
00:20 we are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:37 Oh! Hi, boys and girls. Did you guess what
00:40 kind of animals they were? We've been talking about
00:43 heaven and all the wonderful things that Jesus is making
00:46 for us. I'm glad you're here, because you'll hear more
00:48 about that and Jesus is glad you're here too.
00:53 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:58 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
01:04 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
01:06 Jesus knows your name. You made Jesus happy
01:12 just because you came.
01:16 I'll unhook her. Oh! And Eleanor you get a treat,
01:20 because you're such a good doggy.
01:22 I think Eleanor is gonna go play and it's time for us
01:25 to get started. Aunty Linda is going to get the mail
01:28 while we can give her another treat later.
01:31 Okay, let's go come on kids, we're gonna have fun.
01:35 Belly boy we're here, Miss Cinda the boys and girls
01:39 are here. Oh! Hi kids, how are you guys?
01:44 How are you Tierra? Good.
01:48 Oh! They came to say hi to belly boy.
01:52 Oh! Look Sylvia, let's say hi. Say hi. Hi.
01:57 Yes, have you ever been seen him over here.
02:00 Come here Tierra. Hi to belly boy.
02:04 Belly boy. Miss Cinda listen be real quiet.
02:09 Oh! He's singing. And let's say hi to Belly boy.
02:13 I will tell you what if you go sit down with Miss Cinda,
02:16 now looking there I will bring Mr. wiggles.
02:18 Oh! Okay, you kids left the door open didn't you?
02:21 Okay there we go. Okay, come here Tierra,
02:24 let's go sit down, we let Aunty Linda get it Kelly, okay.
02:28 I try to go on star. It is fun isn't it?
02:33 Come here Mr. Wiggles, look Mr. Wiggles,
02:37 is wiggling. Just get over Silvia?
02:39 I had him. You didn't have him, okay.
02:43 Can you put him right here?
02:45 You want to carry to him. Oh! Look at him, wiggles nose.
02:47 Look at how he sees. Tierra you wanna pet him.
02:50 Pet him. Well, we would take turns, okay
02:57 let's let Mr. Wiggles right here for a minute.
02:59 Let's tell belly boy it's time to
03:02 ring our worship bell, okay.
03:03 Okay, get them with worshiping.
03:04 Belly boy its time to ring our worship bell now.
03:09 Time to ring the worship bell, he ringed too.
03:11 Boys and girls sing along.
03:13 Worship bell so sweet, calling us to meet,
03:18 with our best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
03:26 Jesus will be near, smiling when he sees us.
03:33 Well, we have a special letter,
03:37 do you know where our letter is from?
03:40 Jesus. Jesus, can you say Isaiah 11:6.
03:49 Isaiah 11:6. The wolf and the lamb.
03:55 The wolf and the lamb. Will live together.
03:59 Will live together. You know,
04:02 where they're going to live together.
04:04 Because they're having a family.
04:07 No. I know, where they gonna live together.
04:10 They're gonna live together in heaven.
04:12 That's right, there is gonna be all kinds of wonderful
04:16 animals. Mr. Wiggles he will be safe Miss Cinda.
04:21 That's right. He won't get hurt,
04:22 he can be with a lion or the Giraffe or the elephants.
04:27 I want; my favorite part is going in the lion.
04:31 Is it? Oh! Do you wanna see lion in heaven? Well,
04:35 we've some more letters. Let's see.
04:38 Can I hold that. You do. Oh! We have a letter here,
04:42 let aunty Linda see. We're gonna let Miss Cinda
04:45 hold this one up for us. Oh! No, you wanna help me
04:47 hold this picture. Here we go.
04:49 Okay, let's hold it, let's hold it seconds.
04:51 You just help me hold it, okay.
04:53 Dear Aunty Linda, my name is Jane.
04:57 That's Jane, can you say hi Jane.
05:00 Hi Jane. I'm four years old
05:03 and I love Jesus, mommy says that if we love Jesus
05:07 then he lives in our hearts and that makes me smile.
05:10 Love Jane Kateland Webber. Oh! I love Jesus too.
05:17 Just pretty isn't she? Yes, let's tell;
05:20 let's tell Jesus that we love him.
05:22 Can you close your eyes and fold your hands real tight.
05:27 Dear Jesus, we just wanna tell you how much we love you
05:33 and we can't wait to play with all the animals in heaven
05:37 in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. Oh! I love worship.
05:42 I do too. My favorite part is going to island.
05:48 To the Barn and that's where we're gonna go right now
05:51 boys and girls. So, let's get ready and go.
06:02 Grandpa chuck these birds are beautiful.
06:05 I know, I love parakeets and I asked Miss Jeannie
06:08 if she would bring them over and tell us about them.
06:10 Oh! Thank you Miss Jeannie. Thank you.
06:13 You're very welcome. Thank you.
06:15 You are welcome. Thank you.
06:16 These are special parakeets; they didn't come
06:19 from around here. They came from Australia.
06:21 That's a long way away. Yeah, it's very far away
06:26 and what do you think they are?
06:29 Are they boy and a girl or they two boys
06:32 or are they two girls? Two boys.
06:36 There is one boy and one girl.
06:38 There is one boy and there is one girl.
06:42 That's right and which one do you think the boy is?
06:45 One that is on the bar and that is the girl.
06:48 That's right. One that is on the bar.
06:51 Yes the one that is on the bar.
06:52 do you know why? Why?
06:56 Because the boy has more colors and they're brighter
07:00 colors than the girl does. She's pretty, but she's
07:03 not as pretty as the boy. What color do you think
07:07 are on them. There is blue and green
07:09 and red and yellow. There is red and blue and green and
07:23 black and yellow. Kinda like the rainbows,
07:26 kinda like all different birds like the rainbow.
07:29 That's right. Yellow and green.
07:33 Yeah, when you pick out a cage for these guys,
07:36 you need one that's big enough for them to fly around,
07:38 because they like to fly. But you should not
07:40 buy a wooden one, do you know why.
07:42 Why? Because they'll chew upper wooden one.
07:45 Oh! That one just talked, did you hear him.
07:48 They will take peaks and they will chew on the wood
07:51 and they'll eat their cage. So, you can't have the wooden one.
07:55 I think he peaked again. Did he peak again?
07:57 Yeah. Cool, he's talking to us.
08:00 Can you imagine what a whole tree full of those
08:02 would look like? It would look like the rainbow.
08:05 He's saying hi. Yeah, he probably is.
08:10 Yes. He is probably telling us hello.
08:12 What do they eat, they eat seeds and they eat sunflowers.
08:19 sunflower seeds. And they eat little
08:21 little betel nuts, they can't even
08:25 and they like granola bars. Do you guys like
08:27 granola bars? Yeah.
08:30 They like it when you give them little pieces
08:33 of a granola bar, isn't that neat.
08:36 Do they like apples? Yeah, they all like some fruits
08:40 but it has to be small stuff and do you know
08:43 what else they like. What?
08:44 They like to take baths. Oh! I like to take baths too.
08:49 Me too. I do too.
08:50 I like to put two soaps and then water in.
08:55 Oh! Then there is lots of bubbles.
08:58 Ashley do you like to take bath too and get all clean.
09:01 Yeah. I like that one is the bubbles.
09:05 Oh! Yes, you do? Yeah. I do too a bubble bath.
09:09 You like a bubble bath, well they don't like bubble baths.
09:11 They don't like bubble baths. I got a big bubble bath.
09:14 That's nice, but they don't like, you like bubble baths.
09:17 But they don't like bubble baths; they can't have
09:19 so they just get water. So, what you do as you
09:22 can open it and they have special birdie baths that you
09:25 put by the door and its like bowl and they can get in,
09:28 we don't have one here. Where is the water?
09:30 The water is right here. They have their water
09:32 to drink, don't they?
09:33 Yeah, probably so they can make us strong.
09:39 That's right, that's right. I drink water too.
09:41 Me too. Yes. Everything likes to have water.
09:44 That lives cannot face and cannot be real stuff.
09:48 Yeah, things that aren't real don't have to have water but,
09:51 sometimes, sometimes, they drink some juice.
09:54 I like juice. I like juice too. I like juice.
09:56 Juice is very good, but these guys only need water.
09:59 But they can take a bath by a bird bath being by the door
10:03 like a little bowl water and get in there splashing around
10:06 or you can take hose and put it on mist and mist them
10:10 and they really like that. That's sound like fun.
10:14 Yeah. These birds need some soap.
10:17 Nope, no soap just water.
10:19 Do you think, they would like us to sing to them?
10:21 I bet they would, maybe they sing too.
10:23 Okay, let sing a loud to them.
10:26 I like to go to the farm, where the cows mow, mow.
10:30 I like to go to the farm, where ducks quack, quack.
10:34 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:38 I like to go to the farm and learn up Jesus.
10:45 Well, thank you so much. Oh! You're very welcome.
10:48 Well, kids we have some other things to do.
10:50 Bye. So, we have to go. Bye, bye. Bye birdies.
10:53 Bye, bye. Bye, bye thank you for coming.
10:56 Bye, Miss Jeannie, bye grandpa. Bye bye. Bye bye.
11:07 We're going for a walk today boys and girls
11:09 come and join us. Come on.
11:11 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today, a walk today,
11:19 Shall we go for a walk today, to see what God has given.
11:28 I wonder what we will find today on our walk.
11:32 Look Aunty Linda. Caterpillar. Caterpillar fell.
11:37 Oh! Where do you see there was a caterpillar?
11:41 Are you sure you saw? Attach by a tree.
11:43 Oh! Can you put him up on the basket?
11:47 Then we can look at him. Oh! He is aside down.
11:52 Can you put him right here. Yeah. Cherub, Noah.
11:55 Look he got thorns. Sit down, okay.
11:59 Maybe you will... Look at him
12:02 Silvia can you pet him. Yeah. Maybe it get like a gumball.
12:05 What do you think, oh! He's from the gumball trees,
12:08 he does like gumballs. Can I pet him?
12:11 I'll pet him, please. Don't pick him up though?
12:13 Can I please pet him? I don't think it'll bite.
12:17 We will take care petting him.
12:19 You know they don't bite. You can walk over there and pet him
12:21 Okay. Alright. He does like gumballs.
12:29 do you think that he will turn into something.
12:32 A butterfly. A big butterfly or big moth.
12:37 Big butterfly, did you notice that he has little horns.
12:43 Justin stick him right up here where we all can see him
12:46 and then let's not. Yeah, let just leave him
12:49 there, so he will be happy. Now, caterpillar.
12:52 Just touch him like that, but don't take him up.
12:55 Look what I made. These feel like celligens.
12:59 Have you ever found a caterpillar before,
13:01 is this your first time to find one.
13:03 No, I found and I found, I found in the rain.
13:07 I am finding some worms. And you know what I did
13:13 saw one on back my jack cows on the fire walk.
13:16 You did, wow. This is fun. Do you know what this
13:19 What kind of warm this? And do not squeeze him.
13:22 This is called a green caterpillar, can you say that?
13:25 A green caterpillar. I was about to say that.
13:30 You were. Who made the caterpillar? Jesus.
13:34 That's right, you know boys and girls I'm so glad
13:39 that God made all the beautiful, wonderful things
13:43 in nature and the green caterpillars.
13:46 I found some more here.
13:54 Its story time boys and girls. Yeah.
13:59 And today we've Mrs. Bulldog with us,
14:03 Jonathan you brought your mommy.
14:06 Welcome to Story Time, well, today we've a
14:09 wonderful story for you. My story is about a boy
14:12 named Jimmy, do you know what jimmy's favorite
14:16 thing to do was? Go to zoo.
14:19 That's right Jimmy loved to go to the zoo,
14:21 daddy said okay ]everybody in the car.
14:24 Can you help daddy drive, he drove to the Zoo,
14:30 parked the car. Okay, they got out of the car
14:36 and jimmy was so excited and daddy went in and he paid
14:40 the money and they went in and there they went in
14:42 and you know what he saw at the first place? What?
14:45 They saw the bears, do you know what sounds
14:47 the bear make and he just had so much fun
14:52 and he went over by the glass and where the bear was,
14:55 the little cage and he stuck his finger there
14:57 and the bear went and he holded back and even though
15:02 the bear was far away and it wouldn't, couldn't get to him.
15:04 It scared him and he said I wish bears didn't growl
15:09 and daddy says. But when we get to heaven the bears
15:13 won't growl and Jimmy said I can't wait.
15:17 I wanna go to heaven and play with the bears,
15:19 when they went to the next building
15:21 you know what they saw? What?
15:23 They saw, guess what this is, they saw somebody doing.
15:28 Monkey. Monkey. Can you do that and they were
15:33 swinging from the bars and they were swinging in trees.
15:37 And aunty and they will like they were
15:42 swinging from their tails on the tree.
15:45 They were swinging from their tails on the tree,
15:48 thank you Noah that was good helper.
15:50 Oh! Well then he decided daddy, daddy I wanna see,
15:54 I wanna see the lions and so they went into the zoo
15:59 where the lions were and the lions were walking around
16:03 and they didn't look that happy to Jimmy
16:05 and all of a sudden. Can you roar like the lions
16:08 were roaring? And jimmy said I wish the lions
16:15 wouldn't roar and daddy said. We get to heaven the lions
16:20 won't roar, the lions you can go up and you will be able
16:24 to pet the lions. Can you pretend you're petting
16:27 a lion in heaven, won't it be fun?
16:31 Yes. But you know what they went to see next?
16:35 What? Something that has a big trunk like this and.
16:38 Elephant. Yes and at that zoo,
16:43 they could throw peanuts in and the elephant would take
16:46 his trunk and he would pick up a peanut and he put it in
16:49 his mouth and he did and Jimmy said I wish the
16:53 elephants didn't have to be behind bars.
16:55 I wish I could play with elephants.
16:58 You know, I thought elephants are supposed to eat
17:04 peanuts with their trunk. They do and they eat
17:08 peanuts too. This is good. That's right.
17:12 That's right. Well, what else can we see at the zoo?
17:17 Snakes. And a baby goat, sheep, camels.
17:26 Camels but you know what boys and girls.
17:31 There two snakes. Jimmy after he had saw
17:34 all the animals and they were driving home.
17:38 You know, what he said? What? He said daddy,
17:42 can I really play with all the animals in heaven
17:47 and daddy said yes and won't bite and they won't
17:51 growl at you and you can be with them.
17:54 You know, because Jesus will be there and all
17:57 the angles and never will the animals bite in heaven.
18:00 Won't that be exciting? Yeah.
18:02 Can you clap your hands and say thank you Jesus.
18:05 Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.
18:08 I love Jesus and you know what boys and girls
18:11 Jesus really, really loves you too and he can't wait
18:16 to take you to heaven and he has lot's of animals
18:19 they're for you to play with.
18:21 Isn't Jesus wonderful? Yes.
18:32 We're in the kitchen today with Miss Cinda
18:34 and we're having fun. Yeah.
18:39 Oh! I love being in the kitchen, now Aunty
18:43 Linda, I know you're talking about animals
18:46 today, but I been singing this song all day.
18:50 Who's heard to this song Peter James and John had
18:55 a little sailboat, Peter James and John.
18:58 Oh! I know it.
18:59 Do you all know that, guess what why you have boat,
19:02 guess what I did, what is that?
19:06 A boat. A boat. It made me think of my
19:09 song and so I decided, I would made.
19:12 Let you guys help make potato boat.
19:14 Will you make potato boats?
19:16 What you guys think, you wanna a make the
19:18 potato boat, oh! Yeah, wow. Okay, I gave you
19:23 each of you potato cane. We wanna make some.
19:26 Put some potatoes in Sylvia.
19:28 I can do it, I can do it?
19:29 Let aunty help you and then you smooth
19:31 it around with your fork. Yes.
19:33 Yeah smooth around there, hey smooth it
19:35 around. There is anyone know what Miss Cinda's
19:37 favorite food is. I can do it.
19:38 Me. What? I can do it
19:40 Potato. Alright.
19:41 Yes, how did you know that, what your
19:46 favorite food? I may get smooth.
19:48 Potatoes too. Oh! Well good,
19:51 you're just like me. Miss Cinda I had a
19:54 horsy that like potatoes and he would eat those
20:00 potatoes and when he get in his mouth. He got.
20:05 I want to eat some more. He wanted more,
20:07 he even like chilly. Noah, Noah what
20:10 Let me help you. you're favorite food?
20:11 Potatoes. And Nyah what's your favorite food?
20:16 Aha! I usually get some carrot.
20:19 Hey, so it's full. And peanut butter and jelly.
20:23 Oh! Kayla What's your favorite food?
20:27 Spaghetti beads. Well, I like spaghetti too.
20:31 Silvia what's your favorite food?
20:33 Potatoes. Oh! You all gonna love eat this then.
20:39 Well, Naiah is got some more.
20:40 You can put some more and if you want.
20:41 Yeah. Naiah see if we put some on it that.
20:43 So, you would job with there. And am I put this
20:44 out here, so you can make your boat just like
20:46 that look Noah. I need lime fruit.
20:49 Caleb what's your favorite animal.
20:52 Here is the salad for you Olivia and there is.
20:55 That's dog's puppies, horses, can I have some
20:58 puppies. One of my red pepper sails.
21:02 Miss Cinda what's your favorite animal?
21:04 Is this enough. What's my favorite animal.
21:07 I have to think about that a minute.
21:09 I'm over. We're getting too much.
21:12 I have to think about that, what your favorite animal?
21:15 Look I make boat. A giraffe.
21:18 I'm ready for pepper A monkey and giraffe.
21:22 What does a giraffe say? He goes, what does he say
21:26 What does a giraffe say? Wah! I love carrot.
21:29 I don't know what a giraffe says,
21:32 Does anyone know what giraffe says.
21:35 Yes. Noah do you know what a giraffe says.
21:37 Yeah. I don't know what he says, but I saw him eat
21:38 leaves of a tree one time at the zoo.
21:41 Oh! He was as tall as the tree and he ate leaf up.
21:44 This is not staying. How about if I help you?
21:49 You know what. I want peeper.
21:51 I'm done. You put it like this,
21:53 actually you got the wrong end.
21:56 Do you want to taste it now?
21:57 We will just have a little bit of potatoes on our
21:59 sailboat; I don't like pepper.
22:00 There we go just like that. Can you eat it,
22:02 you see what it's good.
22:03 Ah! You got it would like some piece Olivia.
22:04 Umm! Umm!. You can eat this,
22:06 you can eat it Silvia. Oh!
22:10 Doesn't this look good and now when you guys
22:14 make, when you are singing that song
22:16 You can say, mom will help me a make potato
22:19 boat. Boys and girls you can do that too.
22:24 Oh! You know what Miss Cinda
22:25 my friend's dog got really sick and they had to have
22:30 all it's teeth taken out and the only things that could
22:32 eat were things like mash potatoes.
22:35 You're doggy ate mash potatoes.
22:37 My friends dog, name was Sam.
22:38 His name was Sam Ross and he ate mash potatoes.
22:42 I wondered if Eleanor, our tiny tot dog eats
22:47 mash potatoes. I don't know that.
22:49 You have to try that. But Sam liked him,
22:50 but I was thinking that in heaven dogs won't
22:53 get sick anymore. That's right;
22:55 in fact in heaven none of us will get sick.
22:59 Will that be wonderful?
23:01 Umm! Umm!
23:03 Well boy and girls, we will be going to heaven.
23:05 I hope that when your mummies and daddies
23:07 are in the kitchen you go and join them and help out.
23:10 It's fun to talk in, it's fun to work together
23:13 and it's fun to be in the kitchen. It is.
23:24 Yeah, it's singing time, I love sing time because
23:29 that is worship time and I love worship too,
23:32 I love worship, and we love worship too.
23:34 Because worship time is a time when we sing
23:37 for Jesus. I love it, I love worship time too
23:40 with my daddy. Oh! Yes boys and girls
23:46 you can get your mummies and daddies
23:47 to have worship with you too at home just like we
23:50 are. But do you know where our memory verse is
23:53 found. Hosea, Hosea. Yeah. That's right, 11
23:58 verse 6. Eleven verse 6. its says the, the wolf
24:02 and the lamb, the wolf and the lamb will live
24:06 together, will live together.
24:08 Do you know why that's so special kids.
24:11 It tell us the wolf can't kill lamb up in heaven
24:17 that can't. That's right.
24:19 That's right. That's right.
24:22 In heaven the animals will all be kind to each
24:24 other won't they, do you know boys and girls
24:26 in heaven Mr. Wiggles who is on, who is on
24:30 Tierra's lap and grandpa Chuck is with Mr. Wiggles.
24:33 Mr. Wiggles will be saved their won't be any animals
24:36 in heaven that will hurt Mr. Wiggles isn't that
24:39 wonderful you know we will have a real little
24:43 bunny to play within heaven everyone will
24:46 have real little animals to play with in.
24:47 We are gonna see a real little bunny to play with.
24:50 I am a lion.
24:53 A real little bunny to play with.
24:56 A real little bunny they'll be,
25:00 I'll play with the bunnies in heaven
25:03 And the bunnies won't bite, bite me
25:07 And the bunnies won't bite us in heaven
25:09 Oh! Let's see if we can can find some more animals.
25:12 Oh! I got one here. And I got a tiger
25:18 I got a monkey I got a bear
25:21 I got a bear Well you know what
25:22 in heaven the little bears won't bite us either.
25:26 So, we are going to sing a real little bear
25:28 to play with. Okay.
25:30 I got a bear
25:31 A real little bear to play with
25:35 A real little bear they'll be
25:38 I play with the bears in heaven
25:42 And the little bears won't bite me.
25:46 What do you have? I have a monkey
25:50 I have We can play
25:51 with the monkeys. I have a bear.
25:52 You have bear a little bear.
25:55 I have a sheep. You have a little sheep.
25:58 I have a tiger. Boys and girls
25:59 down here the bears will bite us
26:01 but in heaven they won't bite us,
26:03 let's sing that our little monkey like Caleb has
26:07 A real little monkey to play with
26:11 A real little monkey they'll be
26:14 I play with the monkeys in heaven
26:19 And the little monkeys won't bite me.
26:22 Well there be a real little lion;
26:25 yeah Becky has a lion, let's sing the lion one.
26:28 It's, it's It's clapping
26:30 Hey boys and girls sing with us.
26:32 A real little lion to play with
26:36 A real little lion they'll be
26:39 I play with the lion in heaven
26:43 And the little lions won't bite me.
26:49 Okay we can sing one more let's sing
26:51 Ms. Cinda's tiger. I got a tiger.
26:53 A real little tiger to play with
26:57 A real little tiger they'll be
27:00 I play with the tigers in heaven
27:04 And the little tiger won't bite me
27:08 Well boys and girls we are gonna thank
27:11 Jesus for all the animals that he has for us in
27:14 heaven and we are gonna ask Ms. Cinda to pray for
27:16 us. So, fold your hands and close your eyes.
27:18 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for the animals
27:23 we love you dear Jesus. Amen. Amen.
27:29 We do love you Jesus.
27:31 That's Mr. Roster and that's all
27:33 the time we've for today.
27:34 Our time together is over, so we will
27:39 have to go. Good bye, goodbye.
27:45 Remember God loves you.
27:48 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember
27:54 God loves you. Bye Bye. Good bye.
28:02 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 where God hears our voice,
28:09 we live here and around the world
28:12 we spread love and joy like how He start the
28:16 rainbow, we're shining like the rainbow,
28:20 we are Tiny Tots around the world,
28:22 where God hears our voice.


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