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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around world where God
00:08 hears our voice, we live for him
00:11 around the world, we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds starts the rainbow, we're shining like
00:19 the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots around
00:23 the world, where God hears our voice.
00:29 Hi, Boys and girls. Hi.
00:32 We have been talking about all the good food
00:35 that we are gonna enjoy in heaven and I'm so
00:38 glad you're here. Eleanor Jesus has good
00:41 food for you too. You made Jesus happy
00:48 just because you came. Jesus loves the children
00:53 everyone the same. Welcome, welcome you are
00:58 welcome Jesus knows your name. You made Jesus
01:02 happy just because you came.
01:08 Oh! Eleanor. I know Eleanor is gonna wanna have
01:12 some fun and play. Well you go play because
01:14 we've got a lot of things to do today Eleanor.
01:17 You be a good girl. Okay, I'm gonna get the mail
01:20 and boys and girls you come on inside with us
01:23 and yes you could finish eating your apples.
01:28 Okay, let's go. Oh! Phone is ringing;
01:34 you can talk to Belly boy okay, Miss Cinda the
01:36 kids are here. Oh! Hi kids.
01:40 Hi Miss Cinda. You like. Hello this is Aunty Linda.
01:43 Hi Aunty Linda, this is Randy.
01:48 Hi Randy can you tell me something that Jesus made.
01:53 Jesus made good food. Umm! Jesus did make lots
01:57 of good food. What is something that
01:59 you like to eat? I like to eat rice and wheat
02:04 and a sandwich too. That sounds really yummy.
02:09 I'm glad Jesus made good food. I have to go now,
02:13 bye Randy. Bye Aunty Linda.
02:17 Good bye. That was Randy and she just loves because
02:23 Jesus made so much good food for us.
02:26 Oh! Well the kinds are enjoying their good food.
02:28 They are why don't you kids go sit in the living room
02:32 with Miss Cinda and I'll get Mr.
02:34 Wiggles and bring him in.
02:36 And you know what I'm gonna bring a bowl in,
02:38 so that you can put your apples in the bowl
02:40 when you finished eating them.
02:44 Okay, okay Mr. Wiggles.
02:45 Oh! I love worship. Now you can come out,
02:47 come on Mr. Wiggles. I'm gonna put the bowl,
02:50 come here Kelly, you can sit with me,
02:51 Caleb you want to sit here, okay.
02:54 Alright and Aunty Linda will sit right in the middle okay.
02:57 Oh! That's where I go. Okay, Noah do you wanna
03:02 tell Belly boy. Belly boy you can ring
03:06 the worship bell now. You can sing with us
03:12 boys and girls. Worship bells are sweet,
03:16 calling us to meet, with our best friend Jesus.
03:24 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near,
03:27 smiling when he sees us.
03:34 And Jesus does smile when he sees us doesn't he?
03:37 Yes, he does. He loves us so much.
03:41 We have a special letter from Jesus
03:44 and you wanna put your apples in your laps
03:48 or something. You now what let's
03:49 Miss Cinda will put all your apples in the bowl.
03:52 Alright, And we'll get you new apples
03:53 later okay. So, that we can have worship,
03:56 you know Rachel wipe your hands.
03:58 Alright, there you go, good job kids.
04:02 I didn't even know, which one is mine.
04:04 Okay, I'll give you, I'll give you another
04:07 apple later, okay. Jesus made lots of good food
04:09 and we can always enjoy it can't we.
04:12 There you go Noah. I love to.
04:18 Yes, Umm! That was good wasn't it? Did you eat this.
04:19 Okay. I didn't eat mine yet. Can you say James 1:17?
04:25 James 1:17. Every good and perfect gift
04:32 Every good and perfect gift is from above. is from above.
04:39 Well, Jesus gave us lots of good food.
04:42 Can you think of some good food that Jesus gave us.
04:45 Macaroni. You want macaroni.
04:47 Bananas, that's right, and they are good for us.
04:51 Good things, probably apples, that's right,
04:54 and oranges, oranges are good for us, that's right.
04:59 And pineapple, you like pineapple.
05:03 And watermelon. And, and almonds.
05:09 Oh! I like almonds too. Oh! That's right.
05:13 I love almonds, you do. I like pecans.
05:20 You like pecans. Well you know in heaven.
05:22 I like, I like Sharon oat, you do in heaven
05:25 Jesus has good food for us waiting for us in heaven.
05:29 Isn't that wonderful, I love Jesus can you say
05:32 I love Jesus, I love Jesus. Now Miss Cinda
05:37 would you hand me my mail.
05:40 I will, Oh! You got a lot of mail today.
05:43 Yes let me see, we'll share some with you,
05:47 let's see wonder where it's from.
05:49 Can I hold that picture?
05:51 Oh! That's a pretty letter, Oh! Yes. We'll let Miss Cinda
05:57 hold it this time okay there we go, Oh! Look.
06:00 Isn't she pretty. It says Dear Aunty Linda
06:04 grandma is writing for me, I like dolphins,
06:09 I like T-Papas pair apples, Papa has two trees,
06:13 I like his plums and blueberries too.
06:16 Do you like blueberries?
06:17 Yes, I like blueberries. Jesus makes them for all,
06:23 but Papa waters them I like your garden it's funny.
06:29 Joey is my brother and Rachel is my sister.
06:32 Bye I love Jesus, Yvonne Lake. Oh! She is adorable.
06:38 Let's just bow our heads and close our eyes
06:40 and thank Jesus. Can I pray?
06:42 Aunty will pray this time okay. Dear Jesus,
06:46 we love you so much, thank you for all the good food
06:49 in Jesus name Amen, Amen!
06:52 Speaking of good food, I better get back
06:54 to the kitchen. And it's time
06:56 now for us to go to the Barn so come on kids let's go.
07:09 Grandpa Chuck, Grandpa Chuck.
07:11 Hi! How are you? I'm so glad you came today.
07:14 Oh! You can help me plant corn.
07:16 Well Dalmous is ready to help.
07:18 Here all give each of you and your corn.
07:24 Levy you can go right over by Grandpa Chuck okay.
07:27 This is field corn or cal corn. And when it gets real
07:32 old like this we can't eat it unless you grind it
07:36 in the flour and make cornmeal.
07:39 Oh! I love to make cornbread out of cornmeal.
07:42 Do you like cornbread? Yeah.
07:44 It's one of my favorites too. If you shake it,
07:47 if you shake it and hold this off then you see
07:50 the kernels. See the kernels.
07:53 But, you can't eat it like that.
07:54 No. You can't but you can plant it.
07:58 And that's what we're gonna do today.
08:00 Isn't that look like fun? Can you get some off
08:02 or you want some of mine? You want some of mine.
08:08 You want to get your own okay, that's just fine.
08:12 And then we have to make holes in the dirt,
08:14 can you put that? I can't get it off.
08:16 You can't. Well, you can take some of mine,
08:21 very good. I can get some off. Well,
08:23 here I'll help you. Oh! Look at Dalmous,
08:26 see Dalmous what this is, I'll help you here,
08:29 this is can you see it. Alright Oh! Yes.
08:34 Can you pull that off? Okay we're gonna have corn
08:36 all over grandpa's garden. We sure are.
08:37 Now look you would make a hole like that
08:40 with your finger and you drop two kernels in and you
08:44 cover it up. Can you do that? Make a hole
08:47 and drop two kernels in, can you count to two,
08:50 one, another one, one more.
08:54 Noah can count to a 100. No we don't wanna 100
08:57 kernels in one hole. That will really,
09:00 you know there is a story about that a little boy
09:03 he didn't wanna work real bad and he put all the corn
09:05 in one place and he went swimming.
09:08 Do you think they ever found out.
09:09 No you don't eat this Dalmous.
09:13 We got to plant it. Hey you know what my mom
09:16 and dad just put one kernel and.
09:18 Do they yeah and they grows two.
09:21 Okay they put one in and it grows two.
09:25 That's really good, that's a special kind of corn.
09:27 It is, do you know what Levy, we are gonna plant
09:32 gardens in heaven and we are gonna be able
09:34 to eat all the good food. Noah, where is the water
09:38 I have here. We got to water these
09:40 or they won't grow. I will, okay.
09:42 Can you stand up in water, just lean over there
09:45 and water for us. Okay Dalmous will.
09:51 Where is corn? Right here, right there
09:53 is a corn perfect. Okay, there is another
09:56 one right there. And there is another one
10:00 there all in a nice straight row.
10:01 Okay, now is there anymore.
10:06 Does somebody else wanna water? You know what.
10:08 Would you like to have? Alight.
10:09 I know that I go one here and here.
10:13 Let's see the cherries Dalmous.
10:15 Yeah Noah. Sure you can do that, you gonna dig
10:18 up my corn. Then you can plant it again.
10:22 Then you can plant it again. I'm making this tree grow.
10:26 Do you know who makes these seeds?
10:29 Yes. Who? God. That's right and you know
10:34 who makes the rain that falls on the dirt.
10:37 No leave it there. I want some more corn.
10:40 Do you know who makes the rain.
10:41 I know Grandpa Chuck. Who makes the rain?
10:44 Jesus does. That's right. Isn't that right Levy?
10:47 Yeah. And who makes things grow?
10:51 Jesus. That's right. That's right.
10:55 I love coming to the farm Grandpa Chuck.
10:58 I know I love having you come too.
11:00 It's so much fun. I like to go to the farm,
11:06 where the cows mow, mow. I like to go to the farm,
11:10 where ducks quack, quack. I like to go to the farm,
11:14 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm
11:18 and learn up Jesus.
11:23 Well, thank you for letting us help you.
11:26 That was such a fun time. Well kids come on,
11:29 give Grandpa Chuck a goodbye hug
11:32 and we have to go. We see you kids.
11:35 Okay Dalmous can we leave this here. Alright.
11:38 Will see you. Bye, bye. Bye, bye.
11:49 We are going for a walk today boys and girls
11:51 come and sing our song with us.
11:57 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:00 a walk today, a walk today,
12:04 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:09 to see what God has given.
12:14 I wonder what we will see today. Oh!
12:17 Hi Miss. Jennie. Hi Guys.
12:20 What do have Miss. Jennie. Oh! I have a spider,
12:22 well how about looking for special things today.
12:24 This is very special. How about we all sit down?
12:27 Oh! You are telling Lady hi that's nice.
12:29 How about we all sit down?
12:31 Does Lady sit? And then we will look.
12:32 Yes, Lady does sit. Let's see if Lady sits?
12:35 Lady sit, good girl. Oh! Lady does sit.
12:39 See she did sit. Okay can everybody see?
12:43 I can't see. Well let me show off here.
12:46 Okay, wait she will show us.
12:47 Lady sit, okay it's a spider. Look at it,
12:54 isn't he pretty what color is he?
12:57 What kind of spider is it? He is a garden spider
13:00 and I'm gonna take him home, I'm gonna put
13:02 him in my garden. And we're gonna let him
13:05 eat the bugs and stuff that might eat my
13:07 food in the garden. Wow! He protects God's
13:11 good food then. Yes he does.
13:13 Guys what color is he? Yellow and black and white.
13:17 Right, here he is yellow, he is black and he is white.
13:21 You are right. And yellow.
13:24 He is very colorful isn't he? You are holding the dog.
13:29 Would he bite us? Well you know,
13:31 when you see a spider right here, he could bite.
13:34 So, you never ever wanna touch a spider
13:37 or any kind of bug like that you wanna leave him
13:39 alone, a spider could bite you and hurt you.
13:42 So, you just wanna look at him, but you don't
13:45 wanna touch him. You see him, is he scary,
13:48 he is not scary is he. No he does. Look at his long legs.
13:55 does he bite? he could bite.
13:56 he might bite you. He might bite you
13:58 thinking that you were gonna hurt him,
14:00 so you never wanna touch him when you see one out.
14:03 You just wanna watch spiders, but you don't
14:05 wanna touch him because he eats bugs.
14:08 She smells yell. You think so,
14:12 well she smells worse if she swims in the pond,
14:14 but she hasn't been swimming in the pond.
14:15 Are you glad God make so many wonderful things
14:18 for us to enjoy? Aren't you glad? I'm glad
14:22 boys and girls that God made all the wonderful
14:24 things for us to enjoy. And even the spiders
14:27 that help protect our food.
14:29 Yes isn't he neat? He is, where does he live in.
14:33 Do you know where he lives in? Oh! Yeah.
14:35 What. Spider web.
14:37 It's story time boys and girls.
14:47 Yeah. And today boys and girls
14:52 we have Mrs. Botuck with us. Oh!
14:54 Jonathan you brought your mommy.
14:56 We are so glad you came, I can see that
14:59 he loves his mommy a lot. Well little sister
15:02 loved her mommy and her daddy.
15:04 And they were waking in the desert. Oh!
15:07 They got so hot, do you ever get hot?
15:10 I do. I do too. Yes they were so hot...
15:15 Not me actually. I don't feel hot.
15:18 And they were so hungry and they said,
15:21 little sister said mommy, mommy I want some food
15:26 So all her mommy and all the daddy's
15:29 they went and they told Moses they said,
15:32 Moses we're hungry. So, you know
15:35 what Moses did? What did he do? Pray.
15:38 He prayed and he asked Jesus to send some
15:42 food and so the next morning do you know
15:45 what happened? What happened?
15:47 Oh! All over the ground there was the
15:49 white stuff; it was every where.
15:51 It was by the bushes and it was all over the sand
15:54 and it was just covered every where
15:56 and everybody said. Oh! Moses, Moses what is that?
16:00 And little sister said mommy, mommy what is that?
16:04 And Moses said Oh! That's special
16:07 food from Jesus; you go out and eat it.
16:11 And little sister said, can I eat some,
16:13 can I eat some of the special food and Moses said,
16:16 yes, so little sister went outside
16:19 and she reached on the ground
16:20 and she picked up this white thing and she went,
16:23 she put it her mouth, Oh! It's so good,
16:30 it tastes like honey and everybody said,
16:32 yeah and they went down.
16:36 The baby is smiling, the baby is smiling
16:38 you like it too. Hey, hey guess what?
16:41 You start to like honey, honey more like,
16:45 I liked it once when it's more, it was afternoon
16:46 and me and Cissy got banged, got banged.
16:50 We got some honey and, is there a story,
16:54 you had honey crackers, is there a good story
16:56 about Moses? Yes, that's right they
17:00 picked it right off the ground.
17:02 And then he put in his mouth.
17:04 That's right. I had a lesson about it.
17:07 That's right, well then you know what happened,
17:10 then everybody started and getting Mannah
17:13 and they went out and they picked up all the
17:16 Mannah and they picked up just enough for them
17:19 for that day because you know what Moses said?
17:23 If you get too much, something really bad
17:26 will happen to them. And it will make you
17:28 you sick. You know what happened?
17:30 No. Some people took more than what they
17:33 need and the next morning there was worms
17:36 scrolling in their food and Moses said see
17:40 you have to obey God and do just what he says.
17:43 Well you know what everyday there was Mannah
17:47 and on Sabbath they had to pick up enough on Friday,
17:51 so that they could have extra on Sabbath.
17:53 And they were no little worms because God
17:56 took care of them. You know what some day
17:59 Jesus is going to come or gonna look up and there
18:02 is gonna be a big cloud and we gonna get to ride
18:04 on the cloud to heaven with Jesus and
18:06 when we get there, there is gonna be a long table
18:09 in heaven full of all kinds of food.
18:12 And then they are going to the. How long?
18:14 Very long. And these gonna have
18:16 spaghetti too. Long is this.
18:18 And then, very long, spaghetti
18:22 Aunty Linda long as this?
18:27 As long as that? Let's see what Sylvia is saying
18:29 okay, Caleb listen to Sylvia let's see what
18:31 she is gonna say. Okay, and then there was
18:34 a whole bunch of angels. There will be angels in
18:38 heaven and you know boys and girls
18:40 on that very long table Jesus is preparing
18:42 lots of good food. Because he is excited
18:45 to take you home because Jesus really,
18:48 really loves you.
18:57 We are in the kitchen in Miss Cinda
18:59 and we are having fun. Yeah.
19:03 What are we doing today Miss Cinda?
19:05 I know that you have been talking to all the
19:07 boys and girls about good food.
19:09 So, we have some good food.
19:11 Oh! Good, here is my favorite food.
19:15 Yes, and we're gonna make carrot salad.
19:20 Oh! So, let me start with Ashley you and Jasmine
19:23 share those carrots and Daniel and Noah and Tyler.
19:26 You put some carrots on your plate.
19:28 And boys and girls you can get your mommies
19:30 and daddies to help you make this at home too.
19:33 You have raisins. Okay that looks good Noah.
19:39 Let's save some for someone else.
19:42 This goes in here, put this spoon in here. Oh!
19:43 Woh! And this is for your spoon to eat.
19:44 And then you have raisins and pineapple.
19:46 Here are some pineapples and some raisins
19:49 and then we got some yummy dressing.
19:53 You know what's in this dressing?
19:55 What? It's really good for you.
19:56 Who likes tofu? Me, Noah likes tofu.
19:59 I do. This has got tofu and pineapple juice
20:04 and cashews and we blended up in the blender.
20:06 Oh! It's yummy. You put some dressing on it.
20:10 Okay and you can put a little bit on your plate
20:12 and taste it. Here is some pineapple
20:14 for you, let me get a spoon for you.
20:18 You know I think there is gonna be a lots of good
20:20 food in heaven too. How big do you think a watermelon
20:23 is gonna be in heaven?
20:25 Big. So big about this big. That's right how big
20:30 do you think the apples will be?
20:32 Super big. Oh! They better not
20:34 be too big I can't take a bite. I could.
20:38 You could, yeah, what kind of food do you hope
20:42 there is gonna be in heaven? Apples.
20:43 Apples, what kind of food you want in heaven?
20:48 Bananas. Bananas, Jasmine likes
20:50 bananas. What kind of food do you want in heaven?
20:53 All the food. Oh! Tyler just likes food
20:56 I think. How about you Noah, what kind of food you want?
21:02 Watermelon. Watermelon, Okay what kind
21:07 of food would you like in heaven?
21:09 Bananas. Bananas, I like blueberries. Oh!
21:12 That sounds good well. I hope there is potatoes
21:16 because I love potatoes. Potatoes yummy.
21:20 You do too. And you know what heaven
21:23 is gonna, there is gonna be all kinds of good food
21:26 in heaven. I think, I think,
21:30 there will be horse in the heaven. I think you are right.
21:34 I think so too. Why do you think there will be
21:36 good food in heaven? And I think there will be
21:39 a spot one. A spotted horse. Because
21:43 I guess I like spots. And Jesus will give us
21:47 the things we like in heaven.
21:48 And I think there will be bears in heaven.
21:52 Oh! Let me ask you kids a question,
21:55 why do you think there is gonna be good food
21:57 in heaven. Noah why do you think
22:01 Jesus will have good food in heaven?
22:02 Do you know Noah? What?
22:06 Why do you think there will be good food in heaven?
22:08 He loves us. That's right Ashley.
22:10 That's right. But you know why also?
22:12 Because Jesus wants us to take care of our bodies
22:16 and if eat good food and put good food in our bodies
22:19 then we can grow up to be healthy and strong.
22:22 If we bad, we won't be strong.
22:24 That's right. Well we won't be healthy will be
22:27 and we want us to, Jesus wants us to be healthy.
22:30 Oh! That's okay. Okay, Aunty Linda will get
22:31 another spoon. Oh! Miss Cinda says
22:33 it's okay to make a mess in the kitchen, ha.
22:35 Because what do I say. There you go.
22:37 We will just have fun cleaning it up.
22:40 And we can all work together doing it.
22:43 That's right, boys and girls. It's so much fun
22:47 to be in the kitchen. I hope that when your
22:49 mommies and daddies were in the kitchen
22:50 that you go in the kitchen and help them make
22:53 the food and you can get to talk to them
22:56 and you can just have lots of fun because
22:58 cooking is fun. Yeah.
23:10 It's sing time. And that means its worship time
23:14 and I love worship time.
23:16 I love worship too. I love worship.
23:18 I love worship too. Because that means
23:19 we come together to talk to Jesus and think
23:23 about Jesus and sing to Jesus so that's why worship
23:26 is fun boys and girls and you can get your mommies
23:28 and daddies to have worship with you too.
23:30 And my mommy and daddy
23:35 Do they have worship with you Sylvia?
23:38 Oh! That's special. In my family,
23:41 they have worship with us. That's really good.
23:45 And my mommy and daddy pray, prays with me
23:53 and teaches me. That's really nice.
23:56 But, do you know where our memory verse is found.
24:00 I know. James. That's right James 1:17.
24:04 James 1:17. Every good and perfect gift.
24:07 Every good and perfect gift is from above,
24:12 is from above, and who lives up there?
24:15 Jesus. Jesus and is he coming
24:19 soon to take us home? Yes.
24:21 Yes, because our really home is in heaven.
24:23 Well, Jesus has lots of good food waiting for us
24:26 in heaven. And he has good food for us here too.
24:29 Oh! Look. What is that? Banana.
24:36 I want an apple? You want an apple.
24:39 No. Well you can see boys and girls
24:41 that there is lots of food, alright. Amen, oh! God.
24:47 I like grapes. I like grapes too.
24:49 You like grapes, Oh! You want grapes.
24:50 Oh! I drop my banana. Well boys and girls,
24:53 who has the apple? I have the apple.
24:57 We're gonna sing about, I like to eat an apple
25:00 picked from the apple tree. I like to eat an apple
25:07 picked from the apple tree,
25:11 Dear Jesus made the tree of life with fruit
25:14 for you and me. What do you have
25:18 Miss Cinda? I have a banana.
25:21 Let's sing about the bananas.
25:23 I like to eat banana picked from the
25:27 banana tree, Dear Jesus made the
25:31 tree of life with fruit for you and me.
25:35 And what you have Caleb? Cherries.
25:38 Let's sing about the cherries.
25:41 I like to eat the cherries picked from the
25:45 cherry tree, Dear Jesus made the tree
25:49 of life with fruit for you and me.
25:55 And Jesus did make all these good fruits for us.
25:59 Let's sing thank him all you little children.
26:02 You forgot the bananas. Well we'll say thank you
26:05 right now for all the food okay good idea Noah.
26:10 Thank Him, Thank Him, all ye little children,
26:14 God is good, God is good;
26:20 Thank Him, Thank Him, all ye little children,
26:24 God is good, God is good. And we were singing God
26:29 is love and God and good. And he gives
26:32 all those things. That's right he is.
26:33 Lets sing be happy, be kind, be loving, be true,
26:37 I meet you in heaven and live next door to you
26:40 because that's where we are really wanting
26:41 to do is to live next door to you in heaven.
26:43 You can live next door to me.
26:44 Be happy, be kind, be loving, be true.
26:51 I'll meet you in heaven and live next door to you.
26:58 Yeh! Boys and girls if you can fold your hands
27:01 and close your eyes and you can just put your
27:03 foot down, yes and we are going to ask Noah
27:07 to have a little prayer for us. Close your eyes.
27:10 Thank you Noah. Dear Jesus thank you
27:16 for mom and dad and here in Justine and Grandpa Chuck
27:20 and Dear Jesus, Amen, Amen!
27:26 We are thankful for Grandpa Chuck too.
27:28 And we are thankful for Jesus.
27:30 Yes, that's Mr. Rooster and that's all the time
27:34 we have for today. Our time together is over,
27:38 so we will have to go. Good bye, goodbye.
27:46 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:53 Remember God loves you. Good bye.
28:05 We are Tiny Tots around world where God
28:08 hears our voice, we live for him around the world,
28:13 we spread love and joy, like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world where
28:23 God hears our voice.


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