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Trees In Heaven

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00:28 Oh Hi! boys and girls! We're pretending to be trees.
00:34 You can pretend to be a tee too.
00:36 We've been talking about heaven and everything
00:40 that Jesus made for us.
00:41 Oh, but we'll tell you more about that later.
00:44 Right now sing our song with us.
00:49 You made Jesus happy, just because you came.
00:55 Jesus loves the children everyone's the same.
01:01 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
01:03 Jesus knows your name.
01:06 You made Jesus happy, just because you came.
01:14 Well Eleanor, Jesus is happy that your here too but
01:18 Eleanor wants to play! Give her a little pet.
01:23 We love our pets, don't we?
01:24 Okay, Auntie Linda is going to get the mail.
01:27 You boys and girls come on in a join us.
01:29 We're going to have lots of fun today.
01:32 We're going to talk about heaven.
01:34 Billy boy, the boys and girls are here.
01:39 Miss Cinda!
01:41 The kids are here.
01:43 Oh Hi kids!
01:45 Hi Miss Cinda! Hi!
01:47 Hello! Oh look, Billy boy's glad to see us.
01:54 Come here Billy boy.
01:55 Here I'll hold you up so you can see.
01:57 Can you say Hi?
01:59 You guys he's singing.
02:01 Say Hi Billy boy!
02:03 Can you say hello? Hello!
02:05 Let's go say hello to Mr. Wiggles,
02:09 you can do that while I put
02:10 Billy boy back in his cage.
02:13 Come here kids let's see Mr. Wiggles.
02:15 Very, very gently pet him.
02:17 Oh look at Mr. Wiggles, real gentle.
02:21 We've got to take care of our pets, don't we?
02:24 That's right!
02:25 We don't want to hurt him. Do we?
02:31 Let me get Mr. Wiggles, Look!
02:35 I want to hold him.
02:37 Just pet Mr. Wiggles.
02:39 Can you pet him?
02:40 Is it a boy or girl?
02:42 Well Mr. Wiggles is a boy.
02:45 While don't all of you go sit down its time for worship
02:48 and I'm going to put Mr. Wiggles back in his little home
02:52 so he can eat.
02:53 Oh I love worship.
02:55 There you go Mr. Wiggles.
02:57 And you know what? I bet you Billie's going to
03:02 ring the bell for us.
03:03 Okay let's ask Billy boy, Billie boy ring the worship bell.
03:10 Sing with us boys and girls.
03:12 Worships bells so sweet, calling us to meet.
03:17 With our best friend Jesus.
03:21 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
03:27 smiling when He sees us.
03:32 What is this?
03:35 Do you know Noah?
03:36 It's the Bible.
03:39 This is our Bible.
03:40 A letter from Jesus, let's see where it is.
03:42 Can you say Genesis?
03:45 Genesis! Genesis!
03:46 Some Bible are different colors Kaley.
03:50 Some are black, some are red, and some are blue aren't they
03:54 and some are white.
03:55 My Daddy's Bible is a black one.
03:59 My mommies is brown.
04:02 There are all different colors of Bibles.
04:04 My Mommies Bible is big.
04:07 Big, well this is Auntie Linda's Bible.
04:11 Can you say Genesis 2:9?
04:14 Genesis 2:9!
04:17 "God made all kinds of trees. "
04:20 God made all kinds of trees.
04:24 Do you like trees?
04:26 I do and I like flowers and butterflies.
04:32 That's right and do you know in heaven there's going to be
04:35 great big trees and they are going to be like gold mixed
04:38 with silver and they are going to be beautiful trees.
04:41 I like fruit trees cause then we get apples
04:44 and pears and oranges.
04:46 And when we get at the garden, we get ah, some food.
04:52 That's right Silvia!
04:54 And I'm excited, boys and girls, because when we get to heaven,
04:58 We are going to be able to climb those big trees
05:02 and eat the food off of the trees, won't that be fun?
05:06 That will be fun.
05:07 And we get UM, we get apples from the tree.
05:13 That's right and Linda look what I found.
05:17 Oh, we have some mail.
05:19 Let me see who we have.
05:22 Oh we have a letter.
05:23 Auntie Linda will read it.
05:25 Dear Auntie Linda, My name is Tiara Lee.
05:30 And I am 2 and 1/2 years old.
05:33 Mommy is writing this for me.
05:35 She can't write can she?
05:37 I just want everyone to know
05:40 I love Jesus.
05:41 Ahhhh, that's so sweet.
05:44 I love Jesus too, let's fold our hands and close our eyes
05:48 and Auntie Linda will pray today, Okay?
05:50 Dear Jesus, we love you too.
05:56 Thank you that little Tiara Lee love you and all the boys
05:59 and girls love you and we just can't wait to go to heaven
06:02 with you, in Jesus name, AMEN!
06:06 Amen!
06:09 Well Miss Cinda it is time for us to go to the barn to see
06:13 Grandpa Chuck, Come on let's go boys and girls.
06:23 Grandpa, were you out in the corn field this morning?
06:28 Yea, I was hoping nobody would see me,
06:31 my cow got loose and ran through the corn field.
06:34 I had a terrible time catching him and getting him back.
06:37 Hi... Miss Jeannie,
06:40 Hi how are you? You mean you were in the field this morning?
06:42 Yes, I had lots of fun.
06:45 There's always fun on the farm.
06:47 You guys I have a surprise, and I bet you can't guess
06:51 what these are?
06:52 Can anybody tell what these... Those are horns,
06:57 You think that's what they are?
06:59 Are they shells?
07:01 No they are not shells!
07:02 Horse's tooth,... You think they they are horse teeth?
07:05 You are right, that's what they are.
07:07 Do you know what kind of horse teeth?
07:09 Horses! Horses!
07:11 Ya, but do you know what Kind?
07:14 I didn't know horses lost their teeth?
07:17 Yes, they are horsie baby teeth.
07:19 Because baby horses lose their teeth just like you do.
07:25 When you get bigger and you lose your teeth,
07:27 do you guys have brothers or sisters losing their teeth?
07:29 I want to take it to my mommy so I can show it to her.
07:33 I want to bring it to my mommy so I can show it to her.
07:38 Well let's just look at this, this is baby teeth and when
07:43 they get so big their teeth fall out and here are
07:46 old horse's teeth.
07:48 You know how sometimes when people get older
07:50 their teeth fall out?
07:51 Sometimes when their teeth fall out, when your older,
07:56 horses have that problem too.
07:57 My brother has a tooth and he lay it out and goes
08:06 to sleep with it.
08:08 Oh really?
08:09 Well does your brothers teeth, these teeth have roots on them.
08:12 Does your brothers teeth have the roots still on them?
08:15 NO! No it kind of fell off.
08:18 Do horses have to go see the dentist?
08:20 Yes, sometimes horses..., you have a brother?
08:25 And my brother lost two teeth.
08:27 He did! See horses and kitties and puppies all lose teeth
08:31 like that too.
08:32 He lost it in the front, one right here.
08:35 Miss Jeannie I have heard that there are people that can tell
08:39 the age of a horse by their teeth.
08:40 Yes there are, but I am not one of them.
08:42 The horse's teeth have rings in them.
08:45 And they are different colors and depending upon
08:48 see these little rings in here?
08:51 Depending upon the type of ring, and how many
08:54 there are and stuff.
08:55 Some people who are much more, study, to study
08:59 horses much more than I do
09:00 and know more, they can tell by the teeth how old they are.
09:04 So they really can do that?
09:05 Yes they can really do that.
09:06 And you asked about Dentist, Yes horsie's do have special
09:12 Dentist that come and clean their teeth, and sometimes...
09:15 And can horses brush their teeth?
09:16 No! Horsies don't brush their teeth.
09:18 Do you brush your teeth?
09:20 Ha Ha Ha, I brush my teeth.
09:22 Who brushes their teeth, raise your hand.
09:25 Do you brush your teeth?
09:28 Do you, do you brush your teeth? That's good.
09:30 But horsies can't brush their teeth can they?
09:32 No but they do have special Dentists who come and look for
09:36 cavities, you know some times people get cavities,
09:39 in their teeth and they have to be fixed, well horsie's have
09:42 cavities that sometimes have to be fixed.
09:44 And sometimes when horsie's chew their teeth rub together
09:47 and sometimes one will get a bit bump, kind of like, let me see,
09:52 Yeah, kind of like this bump right here.
09:54 It should be flat instead of have a bump.
09:57 So the Dentist has a very special tool that he goes
10:01 in and files that down with.
10:02 So the horsie's mouth will close right and teeth will
10:05 fit together and it can chew good.
10:06 My brother dogs and cats lose out their tooth.
10:16 That's right dogs and kitties do lose their teeth.
10:18 Just like horses and like we do.
10:20 When they are babies, their baby teeth fall out.
10:23 Then new big adult teeth grow in.
10:25 His baby tooth fall out.
10:27 Yes, you are right, and those are baby tooth.
10:28 That just like God lets horses eat apples because apples
10:33 are good for us.
10:34 Yes, they are very good for us.
10:35 Why are those rings,
10:39 Those rings kind of, somehow but Miss Jeannie doesn't know how
10:45 they can tell how old they are.
10:46 How did they put on the rings?
10:50 They are just made like that in their teeth, God put
10:52 them in there like that when they were born.
10:54 Miss Jeannie, we can use our teeth to smile while
10:58 we sing our song.
10:59 That's a good idea!
11:01 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo moo.
11:08 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack quack.
11:12 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
11:16 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
11:22 And we did learn a lot today.
11:24 Well come on kids, we've got to hurry, we have a lot to do.
11:27 Come on, Good Bye!
11:28 Thanks for coming! Good Bye!
11:31 Bye Bye! Good Bye! Come on Kaley!
11:43 We're going for a walk boys and girls,
11:46 come and sing our song with us.
11:47 Come on!
11:49 Shall we go for a walk today?
11:54 A walk today, A walk today,
11:59 Shall we go for a walk today?
12:03 To see what God has given.
12:09 Well today boys and girls, we have something special.
12:13 We're going to let this pretty little creature that God has
12:16 made, we're going to let him go.
12:19 WHY!
12:20 Is this is a fly, NO!
12:22 What do you think he is?
12:24 Come over here because we are going to let him go right here.
12:28 Can you come back by me Noah, so we won't...
12:30 we're going to let him go.
12:32 See the colors on him?
12:33 Isn't he pretty?
12:36 Yellow, black and orange.
12:38 Yes, he beautiful, God made so many wonderful things
12:42 for us to enjoy.
12:43 Oh he's slippery!
12:45 Yes he is having a hard time.
12:47 But you know, He likes to be outside and we want to let
12:52 him go don't we?
12:53 We don't want him in the house.
12:54 I didn't need him in the farm house.
12:58 We're going to let him go and see if he'll fly away.
13:01 Fly, He might go in there.
13:04 Okay, We're going to see if he craws out and he'll fly away
13:09 because we have this covering on him.
13:10 Alright, come on Mr. Moth.
13:13 You can come out now.
13:14 Come on!
13:17 Let me do this!
13:19 Okay, let's see if we can get him out.
13:21 Come on Mr. Moth.
13:23 Come on! Come on!
13:26 There you are.
13:27 He's not ready to fly away yet, is he?
13:31 He wants to feel safe.
13:33 Yes, oh you like the jar.
13:36 Ha Ha Ha Ha Isn't he beautiful?
13:40 See the orange on him?
13:42 Isn't it wonderful the way God made things?
13:45 Oh sit back over here so you won't scare him.
13:48 Can I feel it?
13:49 Well if he'll let you.
13:51 Oh he will, won't he?
13:54 Can I touch it?
13:55 Me too!
13:56 As long as he is here until he flies away.
13:57 Where did he go?
13:59 He went down there.
14:01 Let's watch him.
14:03 Come back here and let's watch him.
14:05 Oh! there he goes.
14:06 Oh I am so glad boys and girls, that God made the beautiful
14:12 things for us to enjoy.
14:13 And the moth, He's such a wonderful God.
14:16 Oh, come on Caleb, we'll let him go.
14:20 Why, there he is.
14:24 He's flying away!
14:31 It's story time girls and boys.
14:34 Yeahhhhhhhh!
14:36 And we have a special story today.
14:39 And we also have Amanda's mommy Mrs. Blake.
14:43 Thank you for coming to story time.
14:46 Our story is about a man with a very long name.
14:51 Can you say Elisha Jeremiah Phillips?
14:55 Elisha Jeremiah Phillips.
14:59 Early one bright and sunny morning the back door opened
15:05 at the big house on the corner.
15:07 And who do you think came out?
15:11 Why it was none other than Elisha Jeremiah Phillips himself
15:18 Some people call him Eli.
15:20 This was the start of a big adventure.
15:23 He was going on a journey that would take him all
15:26 around the house by himself.
15:29 He was three years old.
15:32 Where are you going Eli?
15:36 Asked Elisha Jeremiah Phillips mother when he
15:40 passed by the kitchen window.
15:42 I'm going around the house he answered.
15:45 Have a nice time, she called.
15:47 As he came close to the pink rose bush at the
15:51 very back of the house.
15:52 See the mommy? it's right there, and yes here's the frog.
15:56 Elisha Jeremiah Phillips said I will.
16:00 Elisha Jeremiah Phillips continued at his great journey.
16:04 Where are you going Eli, called the lady next door?
16:09 Who was busy looking over her fence.
16:11 I'm going on a long journey, I'm going all around the
16:16 house by myself.
16:18 What's that, he saw a frog.
16:20 Be careful she waved.
16:22 Can you wave to Elisha Jeremiah Phillips?
16:25 I will he said. I will.
16:29 But just as Elisha Jeremiah Phillips came close to
16:34 front door, he saw something move in the bushes.
16:37 Oh it was big and furry.
16:40 Eli tried to see what it was.
16:44 But it watched every single move that Elisha made.
16:48 With eyes looking at him, I wonder what it was.
16:52 Come out he called, I know you're there.
16:54 I'm not afraid.
16:56 And out jumped Skipper.
16:58 Eli's very own dog.
17:00 It's a doggy, see he's licking him.
17:05 Come on Skipper he called.
17:07 Go around with me on my great journey.
17:10 Skipper ran beside little Eli.
17:13 Then as Elisa and Skipper reached the other side
17:18 side of the house, they saw leaves moving in
17:20 the great oak tree.
17:22 There he is, he's with the frog.
17:25 Ah he's playing with a little cat.
17:28 He saw something watching him.
17:30 and Elisha stopped again.
17:32 And so did Skipper his dog.
17:34 He sat down, "I know you're up there", called Eli.
17:39 "Come down. "
17:41 And down jumped Miss Boots, Elisha's cat.
17:44 "Join us," he said, "Skipper and I are on a journey
17:47 around the house. "
17:49 And off they marched, straight for the back door.
17:53 Elisha Jeremiah Phillips, his dog Skipper, and Miss Boots
17:58 all in a line.
18:00 But wait, Elisha stopped again.
18:04 And this time he stopped so fast that Miss Boots
18:08 ran into Skipper, and Skipper jumped into Elisha
18:12 and Elisha almost stepped on a buzzing bee that he stopped
18:17 to look at.
18:18 Can you make the bee buzz?
18:19 Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
18:22 AH! Buzz went the bee.
18:26 Meowwwww!
18:27 went Miss Boots, can you meow?
18:29 Meowwwwwwww!
18:31 Woof Woof went Skipper.
18:33 Skipper was scared too.
18:35 Run yelled Elisha,
18:37 and they all ran for the back screen door as fast
18:40 as they could go.
18:41 Eli, Skipper and Miss Boots.
18:43 The door opened wide.
18:45 What is it? What do you think it is?
18:47 That the door opened wide and there stood mother
18:49 and in they jumped.
18:51 Bang went the door as it closed.
18:54 They looked back, there it was in the middle of the screen.
18:57 That buzzing, buzzing bee.
19:00 That great journey around the outside of the house
19:03 was over.
19:04 What a big adventure we had said Elisha Jeremiah Phillips.
19:09 But we made it and we are all safe.
19:12 We're home again.
19:13 "Tell me", asked Elisha's mother,
19:15 "were you ever afraid on your journey around the house?"
19:18 "Oh most", he said, "But then I remembered,
19:22 and I wasn't afraid anymore. "
19:23 "Tell me", asked Elisha Jeremiah Phillip's mother, "What did
19:27 you remember that you were not afraid. "
19:29 "Why mother, don't you remember I talked with Jesus today. "
19:34 "So nothing can hurt me when I do that. "
19:37 Yes we do.
19:42 Then Elisha Jeremiah Phillip's stood as tall as he could.
19:46 Can you sit up tall?
19:47 He stood as tall as he could.
19:49 He looked up into mother's face and he said, "God takes
19:54 care of me, you told me that. "
19:56 Can you say that?
19:57 God takes care of me.
19:59 "And He always will", said Eli.
20:02 Mama, the bee buzzed on the other side of the screen again.
20:06 Skipper barked, he was hungry and so was Miss boots.
20:10 "You know", said Mom, said Eli. no said mama, what did you want?
20:16 "Tell me. " I'm hungry said Elisha Jeremiah Phillips
20:20 that was a long journey around the house. "
20:23 You know what? Someday we are going to take a journey.
20:27 Only not around our house.
20:28 We're going to ride on a cloud with Jesus to heaven,
20:31 And when we get to heaven there is going to be so
20:34 many wonderful things to do in heaven.
20:35 How big do you think the trees will be in heaven?
20:38 It's going to be...
20:39 Oh can you raise your arms real tall?
20:42 They're going to be big!
20:44 Really really, really big!
20:46 Do you want to go home with Jesus to heaven?
20:49 I do too.
20:50 And boys and girls I know you want to go with Jesus too.
20:53 Because you know what?
20:55 Jesus really, really loves you.
21:06 We are in the kitchen with Miss Cinda and we are having fun.
21:10 Yeahhhhhhhh!
21:11 I love cooking.
21:14 I'm so glad because I love cooking too.
21:19 I love cooking too!
21:20 And you know what?
21:22 Grandpa Chuck brought me all kinds of things from the garden
21:26 So I decided to make you guys garden rice.
21:30 I hope you boys and girls will like garden rice.
21:34 Miss Cinda has seasoned some rice and I cooked it.
21:38 You can put some on your plate,
21:39 and I brought some vegetables.
21:41 You can put some vegetables on your rice
21:44 and you can eat it.
21:45 Ahhhh! Olivia, What's this?
21:47 What is this called?
21:50 Broccoli!
21:51 That's right!
21:53 I know what this is called!
21:54 What's this called?
21:55 Broccoli!
21:56 That's right!
21:58 Put it on your plate, then you can eat it.
22:01 What? Okay we'll share.
22:05 Let's share.
22:07 And what do we have here?
22:08 I can help you.
22:09 What is this Olivia?
22:12 That's okay, what did Miss Cinda say about messes in the kitchen?
22:17 It's alright isn't it?
22:20 Cause we can have fun cleaning it up.
22:22 It's alright.
22:24 I want some more rice.
22:29 Do you guys like working in the garden?
22:32 Yeah!
22:33 Yesssss!
22:35 I do too like it!
22:37 You do, I love gardening.
22:39 I do too Miss Cinda!
22:42 Okay, let's let Caleb have some.
22:44 And here's your spoon, you can eat it.
22:46 I need this.
22:48 Broccoli!
22:50 You kids like to work in the garden?
22:52 Yeah!
22:53 Or do you just like to eat stuff that comes out of the garden?
22:56 I like to eat stuff when it comes from the garden.
23:01 Do you help your daddy grow it? Yeah!
23:06 Do you help your daddy Olivia?
23:10 You do?
23:12 Do you Help Olivia, do you help your daddy
23:14 and mommy in the garden?
23:15 Yeap! What do you do?
23:16 I poke... and then I plant.
23:22 You do?
23:24 You help water?
23:25 Oh we better not use that spoon in here anymore.
23:27 We have water in the garden?
23:30 Okay, now you can taste it.
23:33 How's it taste kids?
23:35 Did you taste your's Noah?
23:37 Nope! How is yours Silvia?
23:38 Uhmmmm! He He
23:40 Is that good?
23:41 Niña did you try yours?
23:42 Yeah, well let's try it and see how it is.
23:46 Ohhhhhh!
23:49 That's yummy isn't it?
23:51 Um hum!
23:52 Boys and girls, I hope that you like to help your mommy's
23:56 and daddies not only in the garden, but I hope you like
24:00 to help them in the kitchen.
24:01 because remember, cooking is fun.
24:11 Yeahhhhhhhh, Sing time!
24:15 And I love sing time boys and girls
24:17 because that means it is worship time.
24:19 I love worship, you love worship Noah?
24:23 Well you know worship time is the time we can spend with Jesus
24:27 She says that she likes worship.
24:30 Ahhhh, Olivia likes worship.
24:32 I love worship too.
24:34 Do you know where our memory verse is found?
24:36 In John? NOOOOOO!
24:41 In Genesis? That's right Caleb!
24:43 Genesis 2:9 Genesis 2:9
24:47 Genesis 2:9 It says, "God made all kinds of trees. "
24:52 God made all kinds of trees.
24:55 That's right, and you know what?
24:57 God did make all kinds of trees.
24:59 He made big trees and He made little trees.
25:02 And He made red trees, and He made purple trees,
25:06 with purple flowers on them.
25:08 And in heaven there will be trees like we
25:11 have never seen before.
25:13 And some leaves are different colors,
25:16 and um... and um, red leaves.
25:26 Well I like trees, what can we do with trees?
25:29 What are trees good for?
25:30 What if you are hot?
25:32 Do you like to sit under a tree?
25:34 No trees need water.
25:36 Shade! Shade that's right.
25:38 Shade, if we didn't have shade.
25:40 And when the trees sway they make wind don't they?
25:43 And they cool us off.
25:44 And there's fruit that grow on trees.
25:46 And do you like to climb trees?
25:48 Yeah and Hum, and my brother climbs up like this big.
25:55 Whooooo, and I climb up like this big.
25:58 You see these trees, some of them have brown leaves on them,
26:01 but in heaven the leaves on the tree will be like gold
26:04 mixed with silver.
26:06 It will be so beautiful.
26:07 We are going to sing the Trees Are Gently Swaying.
26:10 I like this song. Ohhhhh you like this song, Noah!
26:15 And there'll be lots of branches,
26:17 there won't be just a little bit will there?
26:19 Here's one for you Olivia.
26:20 And I want one too!
26:22 And you can have one Becka
26:24 And we have one for Silvia.
26:26 And we have one for Noah.
26:28 And we have one for Miss Cinda.
26:32 And we have one for Caleb.
26:34 And one for Grandpa Chuck.
26:37 Boys and girls, you can pretend that you have a tree,
26:39 and we are going to sing The Trees Are Gently Swaying.
26:41 The trees are gently swaying.
26:46 swaying, swaying.
26:50 The trees are gently swaying,
26:53 showing God's great love.
26:57 Boys and girls, you sing it now with us and we'll
27:00 sing it again.
27:01 The trees are gently swaying,
27:05 swaying, swaying,
27:09 The trees are gently swaying,
27:12 showing God's great love.
27:15 Who can make a tree?
27:18 Jesus!
27:19 I can't make a tree.
27:20 We're going to sing, Who Can Make A Tree.
27:23 I'm sure I can't, can you?
27:26 Oh who can make a tree, No One but God tis true.
27:30 Oh who can make a tree, I'm sure I can't, can you?
27:37 Oh who can make a tree? No one but God tis true.
27:46 And only Jesus can make the trees.
27:48 Can we sing, Thank Him, Thank Him?
27:50 All Ye little Children.
27:52 And we can say thank you for the trees.
27:53 Thank Him, thank Him all ye little children,
27:58 God is love, God is love.
28:02 Thank Him, thank Him all ye little children.
28:07 God is love, God is love.
28:13 Well boys and girls, where ever you are if you can fold
28:16 your hands, close your eyes, and we will ask Miss Cinda
28:19 to pray for us.
28:20 Dear Jesus, Thank you for all the beautiful trees.
28:25 We love you dear Jesus, In Jesus name, Amen!
28:30 AMEN!
28:32 That's Mr. Rooster and that's all the time we have.
28:35 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
28:41 Good bye, Good bye, remember God loves you.
28:49 Good bye, Good bye remember God loves you.
28:58 GOOD BYE!


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