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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:08 hears our voice, we live for him
00:11 around the world, we spread love and joy,
00:15 like how he started the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:19 We are Tiny Tots around the world where
00:24 God hears our voice.
00:29 Hi, Boys and girls. Hi, Boys and girls.
00:33 We are so glad you are here. We are
00:35 pretending to be flowers, you can join us.
00:37 Let's pretend to be flowers, sleeping beneath
00:41 the ground. Let's raise our hands and growing,
00:45 growing, growing, growing, growing
00:46 and grow. Let's nod our heads and say God
00:50 loves you, God loves you.
00:54 Well, he does there is going to be lots of
00:56 flowers of course in heaven. Join us
00:58 in our song today, okay.
01:00 You made Jesus happy just because you came
01:10 Jesus loves the children everyone the same
01:15 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
01:18 Jesus knows your name, you made
01:21 Jesus happy just because you came.
01:28 We are gonna be talking about lot of
01:30 things about heaven. We will let him go. Oh!
01:32 Yes, Eleanor it's time for you to have a little run,
01:35 yes. Yes you are such a good girl.
01:38 Can you get it Sylvia, go away, okay.
01:42 Well, Aunty Linda is gonna get the mail.
01:44 You boys and girls come on in and join us,
01:47 yeah and we are gonna have lot's of
01:50 fun today on the farm aren't we.
01:54 Hi, Miss. Cinda the kids are here.
01:59 Hi! Kids, Oh! Caleb. Hello this is Aunty Linda.
02:04 Hi, Aunty Linda, this is Tierra.
02:09 It's good to hear from you Tierra.
02:11 Can you think of something that God made.
02:14 God made the flower and they are so beautiful.
02:18 They are beautiful. I like flowers.
02:24 Do you like flowers? Yes I like flowers.
02:27 They come in all shapes and colors and God
02:31 made them so good, and they smell so good.
02:34 I have to go now Tierra.
02:37 I love you, bye, bye. I love you too.
02:41 That was Tierra Walker and she was talking to me.
02:47 Yes, she loves flowers. Well, Hi, Belly Boy.
02:51 I tell you what if you all go sit down
02:53 I'll get Mr. Wiggles. Oh! Yes you can all
02:57 go sit down and I'll get Mr. Wiggle.
03:00 Come here Kelly let's go sit down
03:01 and Aunty Linda bring Mr. Wiggles for us.
03:04 Come here Mr. Wiggles. Come here Kelly.
03:07 Mr. Wiggles is happy today. See Mr. Wiggles.
03:12 Oh! Do you wanna hold Mr. Wiggles?
03:16 I wanna hold Mr. Wiggles.
03:17 Okay, well, let him hold it today.
03:19 Okay Belly Boy, it's time to ring the worship bell.
03:25 Sing along girls and boys. Worship bell so sweet,
03:31 calling us to meet, with our best friend Jesus.
03:39 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near,
03:44 smiling when he sees us.
03:49 And he is smiling when he sees us.
03:52 Well, thank you Sylvia. I love
03:55 to read from God's word. Oh! I do too.
03:57 I got a letter from Jesus.
04:00 Here it is, his letter to us, and it's Bible.
04:03 It's the Bible. Can you boys and girls say Ecclesiastes,
04:07 Ecclesiastes, 3:11, 3:11. He has made everything
04:16 beautiful, he has made everything beautiful,
04:21 in his time, in his time. And Jesus does make things
04:27 beautiful. Can you think of something beautiful
04:30 that Jesus has made. I know,
04:34 what, birds in the sky. That's beautiful.
04:40 Can you think of something else.
04:42 Miss Linda. I can think, I can think of something,
04:44 it's beautiful and it smells good,
04:47 what do you think that is.
04:48 Flowers, yes, and butterfly. That's right.
04:53 What's your favorite kind of flower.
04:54 Oh! I like honey flowers. You like roses.
04:59 I like roses. You like roses. You too.
05:03 I like orange. You like orange.
05:06 You like orange flowers. I like,
05:09 I like all the flowers. Who likes tulips? Me.
05:15 I like all the flowers. Me too. In heaven,
05:17 there are going to have so many beautiful flowers
05:20 and colors that we have seen before.
05:23 I can't wait till we get to heaven and
05:26 see the flowers Jesus has for us. I know
05:28 what else is beautiful. What. A rainbow.
05:31 Yes, I have seen one of those. And
05:35 there will be flowers probably right by the rainbows.
05:38 I never saw one this fall,
05:39 you haven't, I've seen one time
05:42 and two times, I've seen four,
05:45 I mean ten times. You have.
05:48 Well let's close our eyes boys and girls and
05:51 fold your hands and Aunty Linda will say
05:53 a short poem. Dear Jesus thank you so much
05:58 for all the things you are making for us in heaven.
06:01 Thank you for the flowers and everything in
06:04 Jesus name. Amen. Amen.
06:08 Boys and girls we got to hurry because
06:11 it's time for us to go to the barn.
06:13 Come on let's go.
06:22 I am so glad you came over today
06:27 to help me in the garden. Oh! I'm
06:29 glad I could. I'm glad I was able to.
06:31 Grandpa Chuck. Hi, Hi, Miss Jeannie,
06:35 look who is here, what are you guys doing?
06:38 Look who is here, we are working in the garden.
06:40 We can help you. Yes please help us.
06:42 Alright. We like help. She came to teach
06:46 us about Milo today. She did, well Kristen,
06:49 I've Kristen, Amanda and Sylvia, Noah today,
06:52 but we hope to plant first.
06:55 After all we have to plant first.
06:56 Hey do you guys know what Milo is?
06:59 Milo is this stuff. We always telling you
07:02 is that's what birds eat, birds will eat this stuff,
07:05 this is Milo. They go out in the field when it
07:09 is out there and they pick it off the thing and they
07:11 eat it and then the farmers go in and harvest it
07:15 with big tractors and pick all these little seeds up
07:19 and then they sell it,
07:20 and they make bird seed out of it,
07:23 and they make cattle feed,
07:25 and this is what it looks like when
07:27 the little seeds are on it.
07:28 Oh! And this is what it looks like when
07:31 it dries out and some of the seeds
07:35 have already fallen off. So the farmers
07:37 have to get it before the seeds are fall off.
07:39 See there is a little seed and you can kind a see,
07:42 where the little pods open and if you take this
07:46 the birds eat it and the cows and stuff eat it,
07:49 but if you take that little buddy seed
07:52 and you plant it then you are gonna plant like
07:54 this and you have more Milo.
07:57 Okay, can we plant some today. Yes
07:59 let's plant some. Can you guys make holes
08:02 in the dirt and I will give you these little seeds,
08:04 so that you can plant up.
08:05 You want to make some holes in the dirt
08:06 Kristen. I'm making some holes.
08:12 You are making some holes, okay.
08:14 I am making some holes. Yes. I need some
08:17 holes Ms. Jeannie in my dirt, but I
08:19 plant it flowers. Flowers are very nice to
08:22 plant, they have, and purple. Oh! Yes.
08:26 You like purple flowers, yeah. So do I,
08:29 I like purple tulip. Do you like flowers Kristen.
08:31 You do. Flowers make the world beautiful,
08:34 don't they? Can you put that dirt back in there?
08:36 And they grow what. Yes they do.
08:42 Again the seeds come out. Umm! Umm! You are
08:46 right and seeds come out of there like seeds come
08:47 off of these then seeds come out of the flowers.
08:50 You guys ready for some seeds.
08:52 Yes. Oh! You know Ms. Jeannie, I bet there
08:56 is also some other things in that dirt
08:58 maybe there is worms. Yes. Oh! We can cheer.
09:02 And the worms help Tierra. There is some seeds.
09:06 And there is must be some worms in Apples.
09:12 Well I don't know about apples. Apples grow on
09:14 trees don't they. I saw little ant in here
09:16 few minutes ago. Do you want some seeds to
09:18 put in there honey. Here let me have your hand.
09:21 Do you want some? Grandpa Chuck what else
09:23 are you growing in your garden.
09:24 Well, we have watermelon, we have cabbage,
09:28 and we have cantaloupe. Do you like cantaloupe.
09:32 Yeah and I like carrots. Do you,
09:34 well there is carrots and there is asparagus.
09:37 Do you like as asparagus, oh! yeah
09:41 and there is Savory and there is onions.
09:44 And now there is going to be Milo.
09:46 Noah, would you like some seeds?
09:49 You want some seeds, there you go. Oh!
09:51 Well, Ms. Jeannie do you think that even
09:53 when we get ready to go you can give us
09:55 some Milo seeds, so that we can feed our birds.
09:57 Sure I can. See these little buddy Milo
10:01 seeds turn into great big plants.
10:04 Oh! Yes, just like kids. Yeah. That's true.
10:09 Little babies growing to great big people.
10:12 It's all part of God's plan, isn't it. Yes it is.
10:14 Yeah. I think we are gonna have lots of fun in
10:19 heaven planting gardens. Yes, yes, yes.
10:23 And we got to play with the animal.
10:25 That's right. Are you watering it Noah.
10:28 Noah is gonna water it because the seeds have
10:30 to have water to grow.
10:32 They have to have dirt. Good job Noah.
10:35 Can you share with Sylvia. Noah, do you help,
10:39 do you help your grandpa plant gardens?
10:41 You do. Do you plant vegetable garden
10:44 or flower garden or both? Oh! Share with me.
10:46 Oh! Sure. Noah, do you plant vegetable
10:50 or do you plant flowers or do you plant both
10:52 gardens. Flowers. Flowers. Well, I am so glad
10:59 that we got to come and help today.
11:01 I love coming to the farm.
11:03 I like to go to the farm,
11:07 where the cows mow, mow,
11:10 I like to go to the farm,
11:11 where the ducks quack, quack,
11:13 I like to go to the farm,
11:15 I like to go to the farm,
11:17 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
11:23 Well that has been fun. Can we take some?
11:27 I will give you some. Thank you so much.
11:30 I will take these and share with you kids
11:33 and we will go feed the birds, okay.
11:35 It's time for us to go, come on kids let's go
11:38 and find some birds. Thank you Ms. Jeannie.
11:40 Oh! You are welcome. Thank you Grandpa
11:42 Chuck, bye, bye, bye.
11:52 We are going for a walk, come and sing the
11:55 song with us.
11:57 come on, come on, come on.
12:00 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
12:05 a walk today, Shall we go for a walk today,
12:12 to see what God has given.
12:17 Let's see if we can find some pretty flowers today.
12:20 Oh! There is a pretty flower. Oh! There is
12:25 something behind it. Daniel come over here and
12:29 don't get close to it, I know,
12:31 I know where it is in nature we want to leave
12:33 things alone. It's the pray mantis.
12:37 A pray mantis, that's right don't go too close.
12:40 A pray mantis. It's a pray mantis.
12:42 It's looking at me. Oh! Yes, his eyes
12:45 looking at me. His eyes are looking at you.
12:47 Yes. Well do you like to pray to Jesus.
12:51 Yes. I pray when I eat. God made that thing.
12:55 He did. And I pray when I eat
12:59 and I pray when I go to sleep. You pray.
13:02 Me too. Can we talk to Jesus during the day too?
13:06 Yeah. Several times I do, I do it, I do it. I do too,
13:10 I talk at morning. You do. I pray at the morning.
13:16 Well, Mr. every time we see
13:19 Mr. Pray Mantis and he is going like this.
13:22 Is it gonna remind you to talk to Jesus.
13:25 Yeah. Yes. And we can see all
13:29 the animals at the heaven and there you know,
13:31 even by all those grabs us or anything
13:37 they won't run and away from us or do anything.
13:41 That's right because heaven is gonna
13:43 be a wonderful place. We're
13:44 gonna see beautiful flowers in heaven.
13:47 And, and beautiful angels. That's right.
13:55 And Jesus. Yes, we will get to see Jesus.
13:58 And we can play with all the animals.
14:03 That's right. And we can play
14:05 with all the animals. That's right
14:09 and you know when Jesus sees us.
14:11 He's gonna take us out his lap
14:13 and he's gonna give us some big hugs
14:15 because he loves us so much.
14:17 And we obey his hand. That's right
14:19 and you know boys and girls,
14:21 that's why Jesus made all these
14:24 wonderful things for us to enjoy
14:25 because he loves us so much.
14:34 It's Story Time, boys and girls. Yeah.
14:39 And today, we have Maculas and Sissy with us.
14:44 I'm so glad you came today, that's nice to
14:48 have everyone here. We also have
14:51 Jonathans Daddy here. Mr. Bulldock, welcome.
14:56 We're excited because today we have a
15:00 very special story. Our story is about
15:03 my very best friend, Sylvia do you have a best friend?
15:08 Yeah. I've best friend, he is Noah.
15:12 I have best friends. Noah is your best friend.
15:13 Oh! My best friend is Jonathan.
15:20 My best friend is Jesus, let's see.
15:23 And my best friend is Caleb. Caleb.
15:26 Let's see who this little girl has.
15:28 Hi, do you have a minute or two
15:31 or maybe three. We can talk together;
15:35 I want to tell you about my best friend.
15:37 My very best friend, but I can't
15:41 even tell you if my friend is old or young,
15:43 I've never seen the color of his eyes.
15:46 I don't even know if my friend is short
15:49 or tall. But there is one thing that I
15:52 do know about him. He is not an animal like
15:55 a rabbit or a frog, his hair might be long
15:59 or it could be short, I don't even know
16:01 what color it is. But I don't care
16:03 because he still is my very best friend.
16:06 Wherever I go outdoors, I know that my best
16:10 friend was there first because he loves
16:13 flowers and he left them there for me to smell.
16:16 I like some flowers; I like some flowers
16:19 and purple flowers. I like, my Sissy likes
16:24 sunset in Georgia. Oh! I like sunset.
16:27 You like them too. And I like them,
16:29 butterflies, I like those, I like. That's right;
16:33 he has surprises for me too.
16:36 One day, I close my eyes and when I opened
16:39 again I saw a strange butterfly.
16:42 My sissy likes butterfly. It was orange sitting on a
16:45 flower. My sissy likes butterfly.
16:48 There is green ones and a bird saying a
16:50 song to me. Everyone that is ever lived,
16:54 who was, oh! Aunty Linda my Sissy likes butterfly,
16:57 she likes butterflies. Everyone that is ever lived
17:02 was once a boy or girl even my friend
17:04 he likes all boys and girls. There is Jesus.
17:08 What do you think her friends name is?
17:09 Jesus. Yes, my friends name is Jesus.
17:13 Grown up people call him God, they worship him
17:17 and they teach him how to, they teach me
17:19 how to obey Jesus? They say that my friend
17:22 made the world and everything in it even me.
17:25 Well he, if he can be God. He wants me
17:30 to be his best friend because we are friends.
17:34 We talked together in secret; I can tell him
17:36 anything I do. Do you tell Jesus your secrets?
17:40 Yeah. He makes me laugh sometimes,
17:44 when he shows me things like sleeping my cat.
17:48 Who plays with her tail? Aunty look.
17:51 That's right, we've lots of fun my best
17:55 friend and I. But here is a secret,
17:57 just between you and me. Yes, there is a kitty cat.
18:02 What do you think the secrets gonna be?
18:05 The time I like my best friend, is Jesus,
18:09 the very best this Jesus is when I get sleepy
18:12 and tired at night. Because when my eyes
18:14 are almost closed, my mommy and my daddy
18:18 tip-toes into my room and quietly kisses me
18:22 good night. It's then that I smile to myself in
18:26 the dark and I feel good allover and
18:29 sometimes I whisper, if I not sleep to my very
18:32 best friend Jesus and I say thank you for
18:35 my mommy and daddy. Can you say
18:37 thank you for my mommy and daddy.
18:39 Thank you for my mommy and daddy.
18:44 I love my best friend Jesus and I
18:47 want you to love him too. Okay. He made
18:50 us the pretty world to live in and filled it
18:52 with so many good things to have fun.
18:54 That we should thank him for that,
18:56 really and truly he is my very best friend
19:00 and honest I have never ever seen him once.
19:04 But some day, he's gonna come in the
19:08 great big cloud and the cloud is gonna be a
19:11 big cloud and we're gonna go up
19:13 and we're gonna be on that cloud and
19:15 we're gonna right to heaven and he's gonna
19:17 take us there and then we will get to see our
19:20 best friend, we will be able to look in his face.
19:22 I can't wait because you know what boys and girls.
19:26 Jesus really, really loves you.
19:37 We're having fun in the kitchen with
19:39 Miss Cinda today. Yeah.
19:43 What are we making today Miss Cinda?
19:45 We're making. Pocket. Pita pocket, can you
19:48 say pita pocket? Pita pocket. That's right.
19:52 Pita pocket. That's right. Pita pocket. Pita pocket.
19:56 And yes, who knows what a pita pocket is?
19:58 Me. Do you boys and girls? Me.
20:01 Yes, this is a pita pocket because it looks flat.
20:05 But it opens up like this, can you real gently
20:07 open yours up and look it makes a little pocket.
20:11 So, let's take and we're gonna put in.
20:13 I can't do it. Oh! I'll help you Noah.
20:16 And this is broke. Oh! I will help you,
20:18 Oh! This is fun. What's happened.
20:21 Very good, would you help it for me,
20:22 here let's put a little bit of lettuce in first.
20:25 Here Noah can you put a little lettuce in yours.
20:27 Oh! Yes. Boys and girls you could
20:29 get your mommies and daddies to get some pita
20:30 pockets for you. Put some in Noah, good job.
20:36 Olivia can you get some, some of the lettuce in yours.
20:40 I think Grandpa Chuck grows this in his garden.
20:43 Take this fork you. Oh! That's nice of you
20:45 to share Noah, yes he does Aunty Linda.
20:49 He has got such a good garden and speaking
20:53 of a garden, you want to put some pees.
20:55 I felt dining Linda. Aunty Linda's okay,
20:57 let's put a little bit we've vegetarian chicken salad.
21:01 You know, what Aunty Linda has been talking
21:05 about flowers today. Did you all look
21:07 at your plates, what your plates look like?
21:10 Flowers. That's right, I thought you would like
21:13 that. They look flowers. Okay, then you can put
21:15 a little peas in yours Noah. Peas.
21:18 Did you get lettuce in yours Olivia?
21:19 Okay, boys and girls, we're putting in lettuce
21:22 and vegetarian chicken salad with peas
21:27 and but you could put anything in a pita pocket.
21:30 That's a fun way to eat a sandwich.
21:32 Alright. Here Olivia. I've done.
21:35 Oh! You can eat it Noah, Noah is all done Olivia.
21:38 There you go Olivia and I put peas in yours.
21:42 I will put my peas in. Umm! Umm! I like the peas
21:48 that's why. You do, oh! Aren't these
21:53 yummy and if you don't want to eat them
21:56 now you could save them, we could have Miss Cinda
21:58 wrap them up letter and after we all done
22:01 on this fun stuff today. You wanna eat it.
22:03 You could take it home, couldn't they Miss Cinda,
22:05 they sure, they could give it to their daddies.
22:06 They sure could. Because you know what
22:10 and their mommies and grandmas.
22:12 I don't wanna to eat that. Okay, we will save it,
22:15 we will save it for you, okay and you can eat it later
22:18 after you get through with your day,
22:21 you have been, you can have.
22:23 You know what, you can do with these pita pockets.
22:24 They make a nice picnic and you can take them
22:27 on the picnic. I love picnic.
22:30 Me too. Me too. I like the picnic.
22:34 You like the picnic. What do you like to take
22:36 on a picnic? Do you like to take sandwiches?
22:42 And strawberries. Oh! I want to take this.
22:46 Oh! You wanna take this, this is good isn't?
22:50 I'll take this food. Did you take,
22:55 did you try it now to see, if you wanna take it
22:58 and I like to take carrots and I like to take apples
23:03 on my picnic. What do you boys and girls
23:04 like to take on your picnic?
23:06 I like to take cheeses on my picnic.
23:09 You do, that's sounds yummy.
23:12 What does she said. She likes to take cheese.
23:15 That's a treat isn't it, I think she likes peas.
23:21 Do you like peas Olivia? No, not very much.
23:25 Well, why do you put all those peas in there for then?
23:27 It's for your dad or is it for your mommy
23:29 and your daddy. No, it's for me.
23:31 Oh! You are making those ready. Well,
23:35 they are pretty. That's right, oh!
23:37 Boys and girls, remember to help your mommies
23:40 and daddies in the kitchen because
23:41 cooking is fun. Yes.
23:50 Yeah, it's Sing Time. And that means
23:54 it's worship time and I love worship time.
23:57 We love worship too. Oh! I love worship too.
24:00 And my daddy and all my family have worship
24:06 with me. And that's wonderful
24:07 and boys and girls you can have worship too.
24:08 Just to have your family come together
24:10 and just spend time with Jesus. That's fun.
24:13 That's right. But do you know,
24:14 where our memory verse is found.
24:15 I know, it's Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes. Three.
24:26 Verse is three. That's pretty good 3:11.
24:28 3:11. He has made everything beautiful.
24:31 He has made everything beautiful. In his time.
24:35 In his time. And you know what
24:38 boys and girls Grandpa Chuck has got a special
24:42 song for us that talks about all the wonderful things
24:45 that Jesus has made for us. I like this flower.
24:47 Me too. You Noah, you could sing with him.
24:56 Lions cubs and willing lambs and big fat fuzzy bears
25:00 Lolly polly elephants heaping with the hairs.
25:06 Monkeys climbing, tall giraffes and tickling their ribs
25:12 Heaven is the happy place and heaven is for kids.
25:17 Leopards chasing big baboons, simply for the fun,
25:22 And chimps are grabbing tiger's tail's just to watch
25:26 them run Sheep and wolves are playing the games
25:30 like the Bible said Heaven is a happy place
25:35 and heaven is for kids Little girl's pet polar bears,
25:41 just to feel the fur and little boys lead lions
25:46 round just to hear them for.
25:49 Sheep and wolves are playing the games
25:52 like the Bible said Heaven is a happy place
25:57 and heaven is for kids Listen close,
26:02 Just in case you are getting old
26:05 And think you cannot go. I hear they don't
26:10 check wrinkles there Or hair that's white
26:13 like snow. In fact the way I hear it,
26:18 the welcome you ride in and Just before you know it,
26:25 you're be a kid again. Singing songs with angels
26:31 quires or eating angel food.
26:33 Running round the countryside or see the streets
26:38 of gold. Your imagination can't be
26:42 dent you comprehend
26:45 Heaven is a happy place and heaven is for kids
26:50 Heaven is a happy place and heaven is for kids
27:02 You know, boys and girls heaven is a special place
27:05 for us and Jesus has made so many wonderful
27:08 things for us. That's right Aunty Linda.
27:11 That's right. Boys and girls right now,
27:13 let's just thank Jesus for all the things he has made,
27:16 so wherever you are just fold your hands
27:19 and close your eyes. Dear Jesus,
27:21 thank you for being so wonderful and for all the
27:24 things you do for us. Thank you for heaven
27:27 in Jesus name. Amen. Amen.
27:31 That's Mr. Roster and that's all the time
27:33 we've for today. Our time together is over,
27:38 so we will have to go. Good bye, goodbye.
27:45 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:53 Remember God loves you. Good bye. Good bye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world where
28:07 God hears our voice, we live for him around
28:11 the world we spread love and joy like clouds starts
28:15 the rainbow we're shining like the rainbow,
28:20 we are Tiny Tots around the world,
28:22 where God hears our voice.


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