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Birds In Heaven

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00:29 There's a blue one!
00:30 You see a blue one?
00:32 Oh, there's another one.
00:33 Oh Aunt Linda, the boys and girls are here.
00:36 Oh Hi boys and girls.
00:39 We're glad you're here, we been thinking about all the birds
00:42 that Jesus made here and also in heaven for us to enjoy.
00:46 But we're glad you are here and Jesus is really glad
00:50 that you are here.
00:55 You made Jesus happy Just because you came
01:00 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
01:05 Welcome! Welcome! You are welcome
01:08 Jesus knows your name, You made Jesus happy
01:13 Just because you came
01:18 But now boys and girls, It's time to go indoors
01:21 because we are going to have lots of fun.
01:22 Ooh! Eleanor gets to go play now.
01:25 Good bye Eleanor, Come on in Auntie's going to get the mail.
01:30 And then we are going to have some fun.
01:33 Oh you need some help Kaylee?
01:36 Alright, come on let's go.
01:40 Billy Boy, the kids are here.
01:43 Oh yes and look, Oh look, Can you call Miss Cinda?
01:51 Miss Cinda! She loves to see the bird.
01:53 Oh I heard that.
01:55 Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
01:56 I heard that all the way in the kitchen.
02:00 Oh look, Billy Boy is singing for us Noah.
02:04 Come here Billy Boy!
02:06 Come on honey.
02:08 Come on to Auntie Linda.
02:09 Come on!
02:10 Ah! Look at Billy Boy.
02:13 Look at Billy, you gave him a Cheerio?
02:16 Oh Look, Can I give him a Cheerio?
02:20 Oh let me see, I got some.
02:21 Here's one!
02:22 On that's so sweet Noah, Tiara can you see?
02:26 I hear you.
02:28 You do, Oh look Noah, that's so nice.
02:35 Oh look he's eating it.
02:37 Do you see how he grabbed it with his foot too?
02:41 Here have two.
02:43 Let's have two.
02:45 Kaley has one for you.
02:49 Good boy.
02:52 Well let's go say Hi to Mr. Wiggles and I'll
02:54 put Billy Boy back on his post.
02:56 Okay Billy Boy you can give some time to Mr. Wiggles okay?
03:04 Oh is Mr. Wiggles sleeping?
03:05 By Billy Boy, we're going to see Mr. Wiggles.
03:08 Oh Look, come here Mr. Wiggles.
03:16 Come here! Look Noah!
03:19 See Mr. Wiggles?
03:20 I want to pet him. He's so sweet!
03:23 Well let's go sit down, it's time for worship.
03:26 Can you say bye Mr. Wiggles?
03:28 Bye, Mr. Wiggles Bye!
03:29 Good bye Mr. Wiggles.
03:31 He was wiggling, wasn't he?
03:33 Alright.
03:41 Is everybody ready?
03:43 Yes, Yes, Yes.
03:45 Billy Boy you can ring the worship bell.
03:50 You can sing along boys and girls.
03:53 Worship is so sweet calling us to meet
03:58 with our best friend Jesus.
04:03 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near,
04:08 Smiling when He sees us.
04:13 Jesus always smiles when we come for worship.
04:16 He does, and I smile when I come for worship too.
04:20 I do too.
04:21 Oh can you say our memory verse?
04:24 Psalms 106! Psalms 106.
04:29 One! One.
04:31 "Oh give thanks," Oh give thanks.
04:35 "to the Lord," to the Lord.
04:37 "for He is good. " for He is good.
04:43 Jesus is good to us.
04:45 And you know, Jesus gives us lots of things to look at
04:50 and things to enjoy.
04:51 I think of something that is in the sky and it flies.
04:55 Angels!
04:57 I'm thinking of something else.
04:59 Birdies.
05:01 That's right! Birdies!
05:02 And butterflies!
05:03 Well butterflies do that to.
05:05 Jesus gave us so many wonderful things.
05:08 And ducks too, that's right and ducks too.
05:11 Well let's just bow our heads and let's thank Jesus
05:15 for being so good.
05:17 We'll let Caleb pray this time okay?
05:20 Okay, let's bow our heads and close our eyes.
05:23 Dear Jesus, Thank you for this day.
05:27 Thank you for all the kids, and everybody, in Jesus name Amen.
05:32 Amen.
05:34 Oh that was such a nice worship.
05:38 I just love having worship, and we can think about our
05:42 memory verse all day long boys and girls.
05:44 Remember, Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good.
05:48 Well it's time now for us to go to the barn
05:51 and see Grandpa Chuck.
05:53 So come on let's go!
06:02 Grandpa Chuck, Grandpa Chuck.
06:04 Yes, I'm here.
06:06 I was waiting for you to come because I have
06:09 a special friend today.
06:11 Oh, there is a birdie!
06:12 I wanted to share him with you.
06:14 Isn't he pretty?
06:15 He's beautiful!
06:17 He is a Dusty Conure.
06:21 And they know he is a male because of his colors.
06:25 Aren't his colors pretty?
06:27 Very very pretty, different shades of green.
06:31 And he can talk, but probably not today.
06:36 Because he is in a new place.
06:41 And he whistles loud sometimes.
06:43 He whistles?
06:45 Can you sissy whistle?
06:49 Can you whistle?
06:51 I try to whistle.
06:52 Let's hear you, see if you can whistle.
06:55 You can't do it, can you whistle Noah?
06:58 That's a good try, try it one more time, Noah.
07:02 See if you can whistle.
07:07 Can you guess what he to likes to eat?
07:10 Can you guess? Corn!
07:12 You think he might like corn, he might Huh!
07:17 But he likes nuts, and he likes cheese.
07:21 Do you like nuts Katlin?
07:24 Yeah! You do!
07:25 I like nuts and cheese.
07:30 Miss Jean says he can do tricks, but not probably not today.
07:34 Wouldn't that be fun, to see him do tricks, that would be so fun.
07:38 What did you say his name was?
07:40 Mickey, Mickey! That's Mickey Mouse.
07:45 Oh yeah, like Mickey Mouse.
07:52 Where does he sleep at night?
07:56 He sleeps in a cage, and if he lives in the wild,
07:59 he sleeps in the tree.
08:03 Does he sing?
08:05 Yes, he sings like a bird.
08:06 Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
08:09 And he whistles.
08:12 Do you kids like to sing to?
08:14 You like to sing too?
08:19 Do you like to sing too?
08:21 Yeah! You do!
08:22 What color is the birdie?
08:26 Green and gray and blue.
08:30 Where's the blue Noah?
08:33 Right there!
08:35 That made him turn around.
08:37 Hoe, he does have blue doesn't he?
08:39 He's got very pretty gray on his head.
08:42 what color are his eyes, can you tell?
08:44 Black.
08:46 The center is black, but it looks like
08:48 a little blue around, doesn't it?
08:51 The other part is white.
08:57 Maybe the birdie would like to hear us sing Grandpa Chuck.
08:59 I bet he would.
09:01 Let sing to the birdie.
09:03 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo.
09:07 I like to go the farm where the ducks quack quack.
09:12 I like to go to the farm. I like to go to the farm.
09:16 I like to go the farm and learn of Jesus.
09:22 Can you tell the birdie goodbye?
09:25 Can you say bye-bye Birdie?
09:26 Bye-bye Birdie good bye Grandpa Chuck.
09:29 Bye Bye, we'll see ya.
09:31 Bye Bye, thanks for coming.
09:32 Thank you so much, Bye-bye Birdie, bye-bye.
09:38 Oh yes that was fun, wasn't it?
09:49 We're going for a walk boys and girls come and join us!
09:52 Come on!
09:54 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk to day, a walk today,
10:03 shall we go for a walk to day, to see what God has given.
10:12 I wonder what we will see today, come on let's go.
10:16 Oh, There's a turkey!
10:17 Come back here let's be really quiet,
10:19 so we don't scare him.
10:20 Oh Hi Miss Jeannie we see a turkey.
10:23 Oh, look at him.
10:25 Oh look we'll have to be real quiet and not scare him.
10:29 Come back and look at him.
10:31 He must have found some food, what is he eating Miss Jeannie.
10:35 He eats sunflowers and corn and some Milo seeds that
10:42 came out from a field some where.
10:43 Well he looks pretty hungry.
10:45 He is a young bird, he kinda still a baby.
10:48 I say he hatched out this spring.
10:50 What's that thing on his foot?
10:53 It's just a band.
10:54 Now he's looking around, does Lady like him?
10:58 Well, she probably like to chase him if she could.
11:01 See how he's putting his feathers out.
11:03 He kind of showing off for you.
11:04 He puts his feathers out to try and show off for you.
11:08 He's trying to make you like him.
11:10 That pink thing on him.
11:12 That pink thing is his head, his head is pink.
11:15 And what color is his body?
11:17 Black, right and what color is the tip, can you see his tail?
11:22 Black, see his tail feathers, what color are a they?
11:25 They are brown and white.
11:28 You are right.
11:30 He has lots of colors in him, doesn't he?
11:33 I don't know if he's a boy or girl.
11:35 He's still too little for me to see and tell.
11:37 He's looking at us.
11:39 He is trying to figure out who we are.
11:41 I figure it's a boy.
11:44 It might be a boy.
11:46 His feathers comes out.
11:49 Yes, some of them did.
11:52 Ha ha ha ha Ha!
11:54 Some of them did come out.
11:57 Listen, he's talking.
12:00 He made a little bit of noise.
12:08 Now he's done talking.
12:09 You know Miss Jeannie, in heaven we will be able
12:12 to understand what the birds are saying.
12:14 That will be wonderful.
12:17 Hey, he did it again,
12:23 When we see those thingies, they don't even bite.
12:27 This one wouldn't bite you, this one will run away from you
12:31 because they'd be scared.
12:33 He did it again! He did it.
12:35 When you see these things out in the wild, it's nice to sit
12:39 and watch them, but we don't want to bother them.
12:42 we just want to watch them.
12:43 If we go to the zoo and we see one of those,
12:48 they can make some noise.
12:53 That's right and that's how they talk to their families.
12:58 When they live out in the wild they live in big families.
13:02 And their families are big.
13:06 Yep, sometimes they have big families.
13:08 That's right, and they all stay together in a big family.
13:10 The mommies and daddies and the grandmas and grandpa's.
13:13 and the babies, they all stay together.
13:14 You know Miss Jeannie, and you know boys and girls,
13:17 I am so glad that God made so many birds
13:22 for us to enjoy.
13:23 And I'm glad he made the turkeys aren't you?
13:26 Yeahhhhhhhh!
13:34 It's story Time boys and girls, Yeahhhhhhhh!
13:39 And we have a good story today, but we have McKayla with us
13:44 and she brought her Aunt Sissy.
13:47 I'm glad you brought your Aunt Sissy.
13:50 And we also have Amanda's mommy,
13:53 Mrs. Blake here.
13:55 And we're glad that you're here.
13:57 We have Noah and Sylvia and Jasmine,
14:00 and Tiara here, and we have a good story.
14:06 How many of you like to go to the beach?
14:08 I do! I do! I do!
14:10 Do you like to go to the beach?
14:12 Tamra was so excited to...
14:14 Sissy don't like to because of sharks!
14:17 She's afraid of sharks.
14:19 Well, Tamra was excited and daddy said,
14:23 Is there waves?
14:24 Yes, they'll be waves.
14:26 Daddy said, as soon as you eat your oatmeal
14:29 and we have our worship,
14:31 we're going to go to the beach.
14:33 Oh, can you eat your oatmeal, real fast?
14:34 Eat your oatmeal, Yum Yum Yum Yum.
14:37 Drink your juice.
14:39 Ummm! Yum Yum Yum!
14:41 Now eat your peanut butter toast.
14:42 Yum Yum Yum!
14:44 Now she was full.
14:46 Mommy packed a lunch.
14:48 Then they sat on the couch, and they read from the Bible,
14:51 and they prayed.
14:52 Then daddy said okay, get in the car.
14:55 They got in the car and then daddy drove.
14:58 Can you drive like daddy?
14:59 Gurrr!
15:02 They went to the beach, and they got out and Tamra went running.
15:06 She was so excited, the sand squished between her toes.
15:10 She got her bucket and got some water from the lake.
15:14 She put it on the sand, and she built a castle.
15:18 Do you like to build castles?
15:19 Yes!
15:21 Isn't it fun.
15:22 She built a great big castle, and she had so much fun
15:25 when all of a sudden she heard something.
15:28 Listen, put your ears like this and listen.
15:30 What do you hear?
15:34 Oh, what is that?
15:38 What is it?
15:41 No!
15:42 seagulls.
15:44 And she said, oh, mommy there some seagulls,
15:47 I hear them down there.
15:48 She came and mommy gave her a piece of bread.
15:50 As soon as she took the bread and went like this,
15:53 the seagulls came.
15:55 Lots and lots of seagulls.
15:57 She couldn't even count them all.
15:59 They came swarming all around her.
16:02 She fed them her bread, and then when her bread was done.
16:06 They flew away.
16:08 She said, mommy, daddy, the seagulls flew away when they
16:14 ate all the bread, and I wanted to play with them.
16:17 And mommy and daddy said that's the way it is with birds
16:21 down here on this earth.
16:23 But you know what?
16:24 Someday soon, Jesus is coming in a cloud.
16:29 A great big cloud.
16:31 We are going to get to ride on it to heaven.
16:34 When we get to heaven, the seagulls will come
16:36 right up to you, and they won't bite you.
16:39 You will be able to pet them, and have lots of fun with them.
16:42 And Jesus made all kinds of birds.
16:45 What kind of birds do you think Jesus will have in heaven?
16:47 Red birds, and black birds.
16:53 Black birds.
16:54 What Jasmine?
16:56 She stuck her tongue out at me.
16:58 She did! You know what, the seagulls will be able to stick
17:02 their tongues out too.
17:03 They can eat the bread, and they can do all kinds of things.
17:07 Will they bite?
17:08 Will they bite!
17:10 Not in heaven.
17:11 What will they play?
17:13 They will play with us, and they won't run away.
17:16 Because you know girls and boys, Jesus is preparing a beautiful
17:20 home for each one of us.
17:21 And you know what why he's preparing a home for us?
17:24 Why?
17:25 Because Jesus really really loves us.
17:36 Miss Cinda has a special treat for us today.
17:39 Yeahhhhhhhh!
17:43 Oh I'm so glad you boys and girls have come.
17:46 I'm glad you boys and girls have come too.
17:48 Who likes snow?
17:51 Meeeeeeeee!
17:53 What do you like to do in the snow?
17:54 I like to go snowboarding.
17:56 Me too!
17:58 I like to make a snowman.
17:59 Oh!
18:01 I make a snowman too.
18:03 I like to make a snow angel.
18:06 Oh, you like to lay down a make snow angels?
18:09 Show me how you do that, just with your hands.
18:11 I just lay down and go...
18:17 and with your feet.
18:18 In heaven, there's going to be big birds.
18:22 You're right and Aunt Linda's been talking about birds today,
18:26 hasn't she girls and boys?
18:28 Well guess what?
18:29 And there's going to be Lions there.
18:31 That's right!
18:33 Guess what Miss Cinda has for you today?
18:35 This isn't real snow, but you know what it's called?
18:38 Snow cones!
18:41 Oh, Yum!
18:44 I've got two different kinds, this is fresh orange juice,
18:48 and this is grape juice.
18:50 And this is the good kind because it doesn't
18:52 have sugar in it.
18:53 So this will be a nice healthy treat huh.
18:57 Thank you, Miss Cinda.
18:59 I'm going to make mine up!
19:00 You are! Ha ha ha ha.
19:03 You know what we're going to take turns okay?
19:07 So we'll let Sylvia and Noah turn my handle for me.
19:10 I'll turn it like this so we can see the snow in there.
19:14 Turn it Noah, or Sylvia you turn at first.
19:17 You might want to, there you go.
19:20 Keep turning, keep turning.
19:21 Turn, see the snow coming?
19:23 Oh, look, can you boys and girls see that?
19:27 I'm done turning, okay go, Noah.
19:30 All you have big muscles.
19:32 Big muscles.
19:33 Let me do it.
19:35 Oh, look, you made some snow.
19:37 Okay, let's let Nina have a turn.
19:39 Okay, Nina, can you turn it and make some snow?
19:43 Oh, wow!
19:46 This is so fun isn't it?
19:49 You've got my special snow making machine.
19:52 Okay, let's have let Ashley have a turn, Aunt Linda,
19:55 if you hold on, you have to hold on tight.
19:57 Look Ashley's making snow.
20:01 Ha ha Ha ha ha.
20:03 Oh, that's going to be yummy.
20:06 Okay, let's let Caleb have a turn.
20:10 Hold it down.
20:11 Oh Caleb, you have muscles.
20:14 Lots of muscles.
20:16 Oh, wow!
20:19 Caleb can you take the bowl out now and show us what you made?
20:22 Show the boys and girls what you made.
20:25 Look wow!
20:28 Well, who would like to have a snow cone?
20:31 Me me me.
20:33 Well boys and girls, you can get your mommies and
20:35 daddies to help you make this.
20:36 Auntie Linda, here's a cup that you can put that snow in.
20:40 Okay, want to put some in a cup Noah?
20:42 And what flavor would you like?
20:45 Do you want grape or orange?
20:47 Grape!
20:48 Ooh! Yummy grape.
20:50 I like grape too.
20:51 Now boys and girls, you can put any kind of a fresh
20:55 fruit juice on your snow cone.
20:58 It makes a really nice icy treat.
21:01 Okay Noah can you hold this for me?
21:04 So I can open my bottle.
21:06 Ready, we're going to put some grape juice,
21:11 doesn't that look good?
21:15 Oh dear, there you go.
21:17 It's good Miss Cinda.
21:20 I need a cone!
21:21 I'll get you one Sylvia.
21:23 Yes, you may eat it.
21:25 There you go Sylvia.
21:26 Let me get Nina, Nina, what, you want grape?
21:29 Okay.
21:30 Thank you.
21:32 Please works, doesn't it?
21:33 You want grape too?
21:35 You know what, Miss Cinda has some little spoons for you.
21:37 Nina, what flavor do you want grape or orange?
21:40 Grape.
21:42 Oh, there you go.
21:44 Sylvia do you want me to put some snow in yours?
21:48 Yeah!
21:49 Fill yours up.
21:50 Is that good enough Noah?
21:52 Now you can eat it.
21:54 And here's your little spoon.
21:56 I want some!
21:57 Ashley, we won't forget you.
22:00 Right Miss Cinda?
22:01 We won't forget to Ashley here.
22:03 Here there's your cup sweetheart.
22:05 How are you doing Sylvia?
22:07 Doesn't this look good boys and girls?
22:09 Oh it's so is yummy.
22:11 That was so nice of you Miss Cinda to make us this treat.
22:14 Well, I thought this would be something a little different
22:18 and would be really good for us.
22:20 It's a healthy treat too.
22:22 Oh, you want grape too.
22:24 Okay!
22:27 So you guys, Aunt Linda's been talking to you about birds.
22:30 So what's your favorite bird?
22:32 Sylivia, what's your favorite bird?
22:34 A black one!
22:38 I like the white one.
22:41 Oh, a white bird.
22:43 Well boys and girls... I like the red one
22:46 A red one Oh, I like the red one too!
22:49 Well boys and girls, I hope that you help
22:52 your mommies and daddies in the kitchen,
22:54 because remember, cooking is fun.
23:04 Yeahhhhhh! Sing Time.
23:07 And that means it's worship time and I love worship time.
23:12 I love worship too!
23:13 I like worship too!
23:15 I like worship too, you do?
23:18 I like my teacher, my grandma and grandpa and my parents.
23:22 They have worship with me.
23:24 My grandma, I mean, my grandpa and my dad and my mom.
23:31 You love worship don't you?
23:36 Well boys and girls, you can have your
23:38 mommies and daddies and grandma and grandpa's
23:41 have worship with you to, because that is the time we come
23:43 together to spend time with Jesus.
23:45 That's right, and the teachers too, and they can have their
23:51 own worship now.
23:53 And you know what Jesus likes us to worship Him, doesn't He?
23:57 And he likes us to read a Bible.
24:00 He does and that's what were going to do right now.
24:02 Do you remember where our memory text is found?
24:04 Psalms, that's right, Psalms, 106.
24:08 Psalms 106:1.
24:12 "Oh give thanks" Oh give thanks
24:15 "To the Lord" to the Lord
24:17 "For He is good" for He is good.
24:20 Do you know what Jesus is doing?
24:23 He is making so many wonderful things for us in heaven.
24:28 There's birdies waiting for us up in heaven.
24:31 Did you see we have Billy boy here?
24:34 Hi Billy boy!
24:37 And there'll be all kinds of birdies in heaven,
24:40 lots and lots of birdies.
24:41 Do you ever see birdies high up in the sky?
24:44 I saw a lot of them, well we're going to sing a song
24:47 boys and girls about that and you can sing along.
24:51 And I saw big, big birdie!
24:54 Really big!
24:56 In heaven.
24:57 You did?
25:00 Ha ha Ha.
25:02 Let's sing.
25:03 Up up in the sky, the little birds fly.
25:10 Down down in their nest, the little birds rest.
25:16 With a wing on the left, and a wing on the right.
25:22 We'll watch the dear birdies with colors so bright.
25:28 Speaking of bright colors, look what I found?
25:33 Oh, and look what I have?
25:35 And look Noah.
25:37 And let me see, do I have one more Tiara?
25:41 Oh look Tiara.
25:42 You know what boys and girls, all these birdies have colors,
25:48 just like you'll see birdies have when you go to a zoo
25:51 or go on a walk with your parents.
25:53 Oh they have pretty colors don't they?
25:55 I see one all-black!
25:58 And in heaven there's going to be so many more birds
26:02 with lots and lots of pretty colors.
26:04 We're going to sing The Birds Are Swiftly Flying.
26:11 The birds are swiftly flying, flying, flying.
26:17 The birds are swiftly flying, showing God's great love.
26:24 Let's sing it again.
26:26 The birds are swiftly flying, flying, flying.
26:33 The birds are swiftly flying showing God's great love.
26:41 And they do show God's great love.
26:43 Well you know, boys and girls, when we are happy and kind
26:47 and loving we will live next door to you in heaven.
26:50 We're going to sing a song about that.
26:54 Be happy, be kind, be Loving be true.
26:57 I'll meet you in heaven, and live next door to you.
27:03 Well, Miss Cinda, would you just thank Jesus for making
27:08 all the pretty birds for us?
27:10 Can you fold your hands, boys and girls, and close your eyes.
27:14 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for all the beautiful birds.
27:18 We love you dear Jesus.
27:20 AMEN! AMEN!
27:23 Well would you like to sing some more?
27:28 You love it don't you?
27:29 Oh, that's Mr. Rooster, he says we're done for today.
27:34 Our time together is over, but we will have to go.
27:39 Goodbye, goodbye, remember, God loves you!
27:47 Goodbye, goodbye remember God loves you!
27:54 Bye bye!


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