Tiny Tots for Jesus

Water In Heaven

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Participants: Linda Johnson


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00:06 We're tiny tots around the world we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for Him around the world.
00:13 We spread love and joy.
00:16 Like colors of the rainbow we're shining bright where we go.
00:21 We're tiny tots around the world we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Hmm! Didn't Jesus make good water for us?
00:33 Yes!
00:34 Oh Eleanor, here some water for you!
00:36 Here we go, Eleanor!
00:38 Yes! You can have water to!
00:40 Jesus have special water that he has for us in heaven too.
00:44 Oh! Hi boys and girls!
00:46 Hi!
00:47 We were just talking about the water has for us in heaven!
00:50 Oh Eleanor! Here you go!
00:54 And we're so glad that you and
00:57 Jesus is glad that your here too!
00:59 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:06 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same.
01:12 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
01:15 Jesus knows your name.
01:17 You make Jesus happy just because you came.
01:24 We're gonna hear more things about the special water
01:27 that Jesus has for us!
01:29 Your's is the green cup? Ha?
01:32 Well Eleanor, you can go play now
01:34 because all of you can come inside.
01:37 Yours is blue?
01:38 I have red!
01:39 All right! Auntie is gonna get the mail!
01:41 The mine is yellow!
01:42 You can just live your cups right there!
01:45 I have red!
01:46 I like yellow!
01:48 OK! Come on!
01:49 Oh, you are bringing it them in!
01:50 OK! Let's go!
01:52 Oh, how fun!
01:55 Oh Miss Cinda! The kids are here!
01:57 Hi kids!
01:59 I've got to get the phone.
02:01 Hello! This is Auntie Linda.
02:05 Hi Auntie Linda! This is Justin!
02:07 Hi Justin!
02:12 Yes! He made the water.
02:15 He did make the water and it's so useful!
02:19 What do you like to do with water?
02:21 I like to drink water!
02:23 It's good for me!
02:25 Water is very good for us to drink!
02:29 I have to go now, Justin!
02:31 By Auntie Linda!
02:32 By Justin!
02:34 He's so sweet!
02:35 Justin likes water!
02:37 I love water!
02:39 This kids loved water!
02:40 Their cups were empty!
02:42 Oh yes!
02:43 All of you go sit in the living room.
02:45 and I will get Mr. Wiggles for worship! OK?
02:48 Oh! Come on Tiara!
02:52 OK Mr. Wiggles! It's time for you to come to worship!
02:55 Do you want to sit right here?
02:56 Here we go!
02:58 OK!
02:59 Mr. Wiggles wants to be here for worship, doesn't he?
03:02 OK!
03:03 Can Auntie Linda sit by you Noah?
03:04 Can I bring water?
03:06 We'll put him right here!
03:08 You can pet him!
03:10 Can I hold him?
03:11 He's gonna sit right here in Auntie Linda's lap!
03:15 Let's tell Billy boy!
03:17 Billy boy! It's time to ring the worship bell!
03:24 You can sing aloud boys and girls!
03:27 Worship bell so sweet,
03:29 calling us to meet!
03:31 With our best friend, Jesus!
03:36 Come and worship here
03:39 Jesus will be near
03:41 smiling when he sees us!
03:47 And Jesus does smile!
03:49 Thank you Sylvia!
03:50 You're welcome!
03:51 OK! Let's see!
03:54 Psalms
03:57 nine
03:58 nine
03:59 one
04:00 one
04:02 I will tell of all your wonders
04:04 I will tell of all your wonders
04:08 You know, one of Jesus wonders is water!
04:13 What are some things that we can do with water!
04:15 Drink
04:16 Drink it.
04:17 Drinking water!
04:18 That's right!
04:19 What you do with water?
04:21 Drink it!
04:22 Do we take a bath?
04:23 Yes!
04:25 So we can smell good!
04:26 That's important!
04:28 I know something I like to do with water!
04:30 What is Cinda?
04:31 I like to swim in water!
04:33 Oh, yes!
04:35 It's so much fun!
04:38 I can just... Ellen we got water?
04:43 I can swim without the life-jacket on!
04:48 You know in heaven we are gonna get to go swimming and
04:51 Jesus beautiful river of life.
04:55 And it's gonna be sparkling and clean and nobody will drown!
04:59 It's gonna be wonderful water!
05:01 Let's just bow our heads and thank Jesus
05:04 for loving us and for giving us water!
05:07 Sylvia, can you thank Jesus?
05:09 Yes!
05:10 Dear Heavenly Father Thank you for this day!
05:13 Thank You for my mommy, my daddy and my cat, and my brother!
05:18 And my cousin in Jesus name Amen!
05:22 Amen
05:24 Well I better go to the kitchen, kids!
05:27 And it's time now for us to go to the barn!
05:29 So, come on kids! Let's go!
05:38 Miss Jeanie, I'm so glad you can come today
05:41 and bring the pea-cocks!
05:43 I am too!
05:45 And I think there're happy to be here too!
05:46 Grandpa Chuck!
05:47 Hi guys!
05:49 Hello! How are you!
05:50 I knew you were going to enjoy having
05:54 Miss Jeanie bring us today with the peacocks!
05:56 You sit over by Miss Jeanie? OK!
06:00 Do you guys... Do you know what they are?
06:01 Peacocks!
06:03 That's right! They are baby peacocks!
06:06 Look! They have food!
06:07 Yes! They have food in there!
06:08 And they have water in there!
06:10 And they drank it all!
06:12 Yea! They probably need more water, don't they?
06:14 Why are they little ones in there?
06:16 Because they are different sizes!
06:18 The little one isn't as old as the bigger one!
06:20 Let's get them out so you can look at them!
06:23 Have you see big peacocks?
06:24 Yes!
06:26 In the park, in different places?
06:27 See the big peacock has the all beautiful rainbow colors.
06:30 But these guys, when they are babies they don't have!
06:33 They have more camouflage color, don't they?
06:35 Yes, they do!
06:37 They have camouflage...
06:38 Oh, they gonna fly around!
06:40 They have camouflage colors, so that they can hide better!
06:44 Oh, give it a smile!
06:46 Ups! All right!
06:49 All right!
06:50 See they have big wings and they fly really good!
06:54 It's looking at you!
07:00 Levi look it's looking at you!
07:01 Oh, listen! They are talking!
07:03 All right!
07:04 Oh, look! You can see their wings!
07:06 Aren't their wings beautiful?
07:07 Yea!
07:08 I see blue one!
07:09 Yes!
07:10 Are they starting to get color?
07:11 Yes! They are starting to get their colors!
07:14 This one is starting to get some...
07:19 I think some green and blue, a little of both.
07:22 Can you see green and blue both?
07:23 This one doesn't have much color, Miss Jeannie!
07:25 That one is to little to get it's color!
07:27 They have to be older before they get their colors!
07:30 And that one does not have a topknot and this one
07:32 is starting.
07:33 Yes and the one is...
07:34 This one is bigger!
07:35 They all... He got white guys.
07:39 Let's let Auntie Linda in case he gets away.
07:40 We don't want to get away!
07:42 Does this one like to drink lots of water too?
07:44 Yes, they love to drink water!
07:46 Even the baby?
07:47 Yes!
07:48 Oh! I wonder if they taste good.
07:51 I bet it does!
07:52 You know in heaven the water gonna taste better then
07:54 anything we can imagine!
07:56 Yes, it will!
07:57 It will be wonderful!
07:59 It's better then juice!
08:00 He's looking at you Kaylie!
08:03 It's better then juice!
08:04 How old did they get before they get their colors?
08:07 They have to be several months old
08:09 before they get their colors.
08:10 And you know, the big peacocks,
08:12 who has the feather that is so pretty.
08:14 The boy ones had the ones that look like an eye.
08:16 They have to be two years old before they get any of those.
08:20 Yea! Before they get those eye feathers.
08:23 Is anybody here two?
08:24 I have one.
08:26 And I have two.
08:28 You have two?
08:30 How old are you Kaylie?
08:31 How old are you?
08:32 Are you two?
08:33 Yea!
08:34 How old are you?
08:35 Are you three?
08:37 Two?
08:38 Yes!
08:39 Are you two? You're two?
08:40 Kaylie said she's two.
08:42 That how old the peacocks has to be!
08:45 I am five!
08:46 You are, you are five!
08:47 So am I!
08:48 Wonderful!
08:49 I was four before!
08:50 When this guys get to five they have a lot of tail feathers
08:53 that are pretty with those eyes on.
08:55 And they will be really long!
08:56 Do the hens get pretty feathers?
08:59 No, the hens don't have the long pretty feathers.
09:02 They keep short little feathers.
09:04 But they don't have the big pretty tail.
09:07 That one is cute!
09:09 And the boys, their necks and their heads are blue.
09:12 But the girls...
09:13 This are Indian blues!
09:15 So! Their heads are blue
09:16 and girls heads are kind of green color.
09:19 And this guys are so little I can't tell you
09:21 whether they're boys or girls!
09:23 Miss Jeannie look, this one looks at Kaylie!
09:24 Oh, yea!
09:26 Now he's talking to you!
09:28 He's talking to you Kaylie!
09:29 Yea!
09:31 How soon did they making their loud screeching sounds?
09:35 They have to be bigger before they making do that!
09:37 My big ones are pretty quiet.
09:39 They don't make aloud!
09:40 Usually when an ambulance goes by do they make
09:42 a whole lot of noise.
09:43 When something's scares them?
09:45 Yea-yea!
09:46 And my neighbors think that they sounds like
09:48 they are screaming: "Help me! Help me!"
09:51 That's pretty close!
09:53 Yea!
09:54 And sometimes they don't say danger sometimes they did.
09:58 Right! That's right!
09:59 Look! The cage is open!
10:02 That's OK! It can be open!
10:04 This guys were hatched out by a peacock.
10:07 By a mommy peacock.
10:08 They were hatched out by a mommy chicken.
10:11 Maybe they are hungry!
10:13 No, I don't think so!
10:14 I don't think they are hungry!
10:15 I wonder if this birdies would like us to sing to them?
10:17 Can you sing to it?
10:18 Can you sing to it?
10:20 Sing to it Caleb!
10:21 I like to go the farm where the cows moo moo.
10:26 I like to go the farm where the ducks quack-quack.
10:30 I like to go the farm, I like to go the farm
10:34 I like to go the farm and learn of Jesus!
10:41 This is been fun! Thank you!
10:43 We better put them back!
10:45 OK! You go back little guy!
10:48 OK!
10:49 Say by!
10:50 Oh, this is been so much fun!
10:53 I can't wait to we get to heaven and we can hold and play with
10:55 the animals all we want to.
10:57 With the animals all we want too!
10:58 That will be so wonderful!
10:59 OK! Let's go kids!
11:01 Thanks for coming!
11:02 Come on everybody!
11:05 By guys! By-by!
11:07 Thanks you coming Miss Jeannie!
11:08 It was so fun!
11:09 Oh, you're so welcome!
11:10 I know the kids just loved it!
11:19 We're going for a walk today boys and girls!
11:21 Come and sing our song with us!
11:23 Come on! Come on!
11:26 Shell we go for a walk today, a walk today, a walk today?
11:33 Shell we go for a walk today to see what God has given?
11:43 I wonder what we'll do today?
11:46 I know! I know!
11:48 What?
11:49 We play games!
11:51 A game?
11:52 What kind of a game?
11:54 Close your eye and sit by the apple tree!
12:00 Come on!
12:01 Close my eyes?
12:02 Yea!
12:03 OK if I sit right here?
12:05 And close your eyes!
12:07 Close my eyes?
12:08 OK! My eyes are closed!
12:09 Shall I peek?
12:10 No!
12:12 No peeking! No peeking!
12:14 No peeking?
12:15 No!
12:16 Are your eyes tight?
12:17 They are tight!
12:21 Oh! Your putting something big...
12:22 Oh! Another one?
12:25 Oh! I got a lot of them in!
12:26 Another one!
12:27 Another one?
12:30 What can this be?
12:31 Can I open my eyes?
12:32 Yes! Yes!
12:34 Look that!
12:38 Oh! This are hedge apples!
12:40 Have you ever seen hedge apples?
12:43 Yes! No!
12:44 No?
12:45 I have! Do you?
12:46 Yes!
12:48 I have too!
12:49 Come and sit beside me!
12:50 And I let you hold some of them!
12:52 See if you can see what they smell like!
12:54 They're like brains!
12:58 They look like brains?
13:00 They smell actually good!
13:03 They smell kind of lemony, don't they?
13:06 Yea!
13:07 They smell like oranges too!
13:09 What you do you know, that some people
13:12 put this in their basements of the houses
13:15 because bugs don't like the smell of these!
13:17 And the bugs don't like to go where the hedge apples are!
13:21 And bugs doesn't like to eat these or anything!
13:26 I don't think they would if they don't like to smell them!
13:28 Do you like to eat them?
13:29 And you know what this is?
13:32 No!
13:33 This is also a big seed for a hedge apple tree.
13:38 They put this whole thing in the ground and then
13:41 a great, big tree grows from it!
13:45 Can you make a great, big tree with your arms?
13:48 Oh, yes! Big trees!
13:51 Look at that tree! Bigger than that tree!
13:53 Yes! That's right!
13:56 These are apples.
13:57 I can have on tiptoe!
13:58 You do?
14:00 Me too!
14:01 Jesus made so many wonderful things for us boys and girls.
14:04 Caleb, aren't you glad, would you like to hold one of these?
14:08 Yes!
14:09 I am so glad that God made the wonderful trees and
14:13 also gives a seeds for the trees.
14:16 He's a wonderful God!
14:25 It's story time boys and girls!
14:27 Yea!
14:32 And Jonathan is so happy because his daddy, Mr. Moldock is here.
14:37 Jonathan I'm glad you brought your daddy!
14:40 Today we have a special story and it's called
14:44 Let's play make-believe!
14:48 Do you like to play games?
14:50 I like play games!
14:51 Just about... Everybody does!
14:53 We're gonna play one now!
14:55 We're gonna play a game called: Let's play make-believe.
14:58 Are you ready?
14:59 Here we go!
15:00 Close your eyes real tight!
15:02 Close them tight! Close them tight!
15:05 Do you see any light at all?
15:07 No!
15:08 If you do then your eyes are not closed enough!
15:11 Close them tighter!
15:12 Put your hands over them too!
15:15 I cant see any light!
15:16 Now! Think about the nicest and most beautiful place
15:20 you ever seen!
15:22 Make believe you can see!
15:24 Think about it!
15:25 What do you thinking?
15:27 Open your eyes!
15:28 I see...
15:29 What did you see?
15:30 I saw heaven!
15:33 You saw heaven?
15:35 Me too! Me too!
15:36 Oh! Those are nice things to pretend!
15:39 My place in heaven is animal world!
15:43 OK!
15:45 Did the place have flowers?
15:47 Yes!
15:48 Was there an ocean, a lake or maybe a stream?
15:51 Oh yes, there was!
15:53 Was there something good to eat?
15:55 Yes!
15:57 How about your mommy and daddy were they there too?
16:00 Yes!
16:01 Did you have sunshine?
16:03 And with the bird singing?
16:05 Yes!
16:06 Wasn't that a fun game?
16:08 That's a good game to play!
16:10 So we're gonna play it all over again!
16:12 Only this time we will do another way.
16:14 Are you ready?
16:15 Yes!
16:16 Close your eyes!
16:17 Close them tighter then before!
16:20 Cover your eyes!
16:21 Don't let any light in!
16:23 Now I want you to think about that place again!
16:26 OK! Open your eyes!
16:29 Where the trees big?
16:32 Did you see trees?
16:34 Yes!
16:35 I seen that's... heaven and Jesus!
16:39 And you saw animals?
16:41 Yes!
16:42 Were the animals tame in heaven?
16:44 Yes!
16:46 Were the houses in heaven?
16:48 Yes!
16:49 Oh! Wonderful houses!
16:51 All right!
16:52 Did you see a city in heaven?
16:55 No!
16:56 Yes!
16:57 Yes! It will be a beautiful city!
16:59 Now I want to tall you we can also, Jesus tells us that
17:05 there will be streets of gold!
17:07 Did you see bright streets of gold when you were pretending?
17:11 We won't have to pretend!
17:13 They'll be real, it will be nice!
17:15 Now look!
17:17 There is a nice, big river!
17:19 Can you hear it?
17:20 Be real quiet! Put your hands up!
17:22 Can you hear?
17:27 And what a beautiful river there will be in heaven!
17:31 And the water will taste so good!
17:34 It won't be dirty like the water down here!
17:36 And there'll be food to eat!
17:39 What kind of food do you think will be in heaven?
17:42 Apples!
17:45 There'll be fruit and there'll be gold like mixed with silver.
17:49 Won't that be nice?
17:50 That's a real one!
17:52 That's a real one! Yes!
17:55 There'll be real animals and real food
17:59 and real things in heaven!
18:02 And you know who else will be in heaven?
18:04 Jesus!
18:05 Jesus will live in heaven!
18:07 And He is preparing that wonderful place for us
18:11 that we will be able to go and live with Him.
18:15 And it also give us a crown!
18:17 The little boy is putting the crown on the tiger's head!
18:23 Oh! That'll be so wonderful to see Jesus!
18:27 Aren't you glad to love Jesus?
18:29 And the heaven is not a game make-believe?
18:32 That is really gonna be real?
18:34 That's a real water in here!
18:36 Yes! Real water!
18:38 And will be beautiful water in heaven but most of all
18:41 Jesus will there!
18:43 And you know what boys and girls?
18:44 I'm exited, I can't wait to see Jesus
18:48 because Jesus really-really loves us!
18:59 We are helping Miss Cinda today and we are having fun!
19:03 Yea!
19:06 What are we making Miss Cinda?
19:09 Well today, I thought you can help me make potato salad.
19:13 What do you think?
19:14 Yes! I love potato salad!
19:17 Yum! Delicious!
19:19 Oh good!
19:20 That's delicious!
19:23 I tell you what!
19:24 You three, you help Auntie Linda make this salad!
19:28 And you two help me to make this salad! Ok?
19:31 OK!
19:32 Caleb, you can start with the potatoes!
19:34 And you can start with the dill with the pickles!
19:38 I have something here!
19:39 You can take the whole bowl and dump it in!
19:41 You can take the whole bowl!
19:43 Boys and girls I hope your helping your mommy and daddy
19:47 when they go in the kitchen when cook because...
19:50 Just look how much fun we having!
19:52 You can dump the whole bowl in!
19:56 Oh boy! This is gonna taste good!
20:00 Oh no-no-no! That's art!
20:02 You better take that part!
20:04 OK Caleb!
20:05 Here, you want to take this Ashley?
20:09 And you can stir it up!
20:10 Let me add some pickles in there!
20:12 Ok Caleb you can just dump in all if you like!
20:16 Let me help you!
20:17 I hold it and you scrape it out!
20:20 This is a Vegenaise!
20:24 Do you know why this is so good for you?
20:26 This doesn't have any eggs or animal products in it.
20:32 So it is a healthy one!
20:33 Do you kids like to be healthy?
20:35 Yes!
20:36 Do you kids like to be healthy?
20:39 How about Noah, Silvia and Nyah do you like to be healthy?
20:42 Yes!
20:44 I want to be bigger than my daddy!
20:51 Oh Auntie Linda's helping!
20:53 I'm gonna put this in the bowl and I'm gonna get a rag.
20:56 What is Auntie Linda been talking about today kids?
21:01 There is something that we drink, that is really
21:04 good for us.
21:06 Water!
21:08 Who likes to drink water?
21:12 Me!
21:13 Oh I like to drink water!
21:15 Do you boys and girls like to drink water?
21:17 Me!
21:18 What do you else kids like to do in water?
21:24 I like to swim!
21:26 That's what I like to do!
21:28 Do you kids like to swim in water?
21:31 Yes!
21:32 I like to take a bath!
21:33 That's right!
21:35 I like to take the shower!
21:36 I like to wash my hands!
21:38 That's good!
21:40 We'll get it in a minute.
21:45 Isn't Jesus wonderful to gives us water?
21:49 And we can sit in His lap and we can hug Him!
21:54 Yes! You can hug Jesus when you get in heaven!
21:57 But water, we can use water for many different things
22:01 boys and girls.
22:02 Just like Miss Cinda uses water in cooking.
22:03 let's let Caleb have the turn!
22:05 Take turn stirring that up you guys!
22:07 Miss Cinda uses water in cooking.
22:11 Well, you're right kids we use water in baths.
22:15 What else we can use water for?
22:16 To wash our hands when we get food all over.
22:20 And drink!
22:21 And we wash our mouth!
22:24 And do you know animal needs water?
22:26 And plants needs water?
22:28 Yes!
22:29 And some bears!
22:33 Oh bears need water?
22:34 I think they do!
22:35 Miss Cinda can we taste this now?
22:37 Oh yes! Who would like to eat it?
22:39 Me! Me! Me!
22:41 OK! Put on your plan Caleb!
22:43 Put it on you plate!
22:44 I'll put this up like that.
22:48 And now we'll gonna let Sylvia take some!
22:50 You can be a gentleman because she's a little lady.
22:53 She's learning to be a lady and you'll be a gentlemen, ha?
22:56 That's good Noah!
22:58 OK! Noah is a gentleman!
22:59 OK! Let's let Ashley take some!
23:01 OK Caleb! Let's let Ashley take some!
23:03 You can eat that Caleb!
23:05 After we eat we can have some more?
23:08 Yes, you can!
23:09 Miss Cinda's got a lot, doesn't she?
23:12 Doesn't this look good boys and girls?
23:15 And you can add all kinds of things to your potato salad.
23:18 Put some more on your plate and Auntie Linda will
23:22 Here Noah! I'll help you out!
23:24 Oh my!
23:29 I need to get down low so I can eat it.
23:31 OK! How is that?
23:33 Oh, is that yummy?
23:35 OK!
23:36 Try it now taste it see if you like it!
23:41 Aren't you glad that you came to help me in the kitchen?
23:45 Aha!
23:47 And boys and girls I hope that when your mommies and daddies
23:51 are in the kitchen that you go in and help them,
23:53 because you know what helping in the kitchen is so much fun!
23:58 Yes!
24:04 Yes! Sing time!
24:08 I love sing time because it means worship time
24:11 and I love worship!
24:13 I love worship to!
24:15 I love worship to!
24:16 I love worship because it's time that we spend with Jesus!
24:19 That's right!
24:21 And boys and girls you can get your mom's and dads and
24:24 your grandma and grandpas and to have worship with you.
24:27 Do you remember where our memory verses is found?
24:30 Psalms
24:32 And do you remember where in Psalms?
24:33 I know! Psalms 91.
24:36 Oh, that's almost right!
24:38 It's Psalms 9 verse 1.
24:40 Oh, good Sylva!
24:43 Psalm 9 verse 1.
24:45 I will tell of all Your wonders!
24:47 I will tell of all Your wonders!
24:53 I love that!
24:54 Grandpa Chuck, can sing us a song?
24:58 Yes I can, because you know what one of His wonder's is?
25:00 It's kids!
25:03 And that's what this is all about!
25:09 God loves kids!
25:12 God loves kids!
25:15 We are part of His original plan
25:19 God loves kids!
25:23 He made birds and He made bees
25:27 He made flowers and He made trees
25:30 But the very best part of His plan
25:34 Was the part where He made man
25:38 God loves kids!
25:41 God loves kids!
25:45 We are part of His original plan
25:49 God loves kids!
25:54 Oh! Can we sing it one more time?
25:57 Yes!
25:58 And maybe we can sing the chorus with you?
25:59 Sure! That will be fun!
26:00 I know!
26:01 God loves kids!
26:04 God loves kids!
26:08 We're part of His original plan
26:12 God loves kids!
26:15 Now listen! He made birds and He made bees
26:20 He made flowers and He made trees
26:24 But the very best part of His plan
26:28 Was the part where He made man
26:32 Sing! God loves kids!
26:35 God loves kids!
26:39 We are part of His original plan
26:43 God loves kids!
26:47 And He really does!
26:48 I love kids too!
26:50 I love kids too!
26:52 Are you too?
26:53 I like kids too!
26:56 And you know I love Jesus!
26:57 Me too! Me too!
26:59 He's very special!
27:00 I think everybody in the wide world gets bees.
27:03 Well! You know boys and girls let's just take a moment
27:06 right now to fold our hands and close our eyes
27:09 and let just talk to Jesus!
27:11 Dear Jesus!
27:14 Thank you so much that You made us all special
27:17 in all our ways Lord.
27:20 Thank You that You preparing a special home for us
27:22 where we can be with You all the time.
27:24 We love You Jesus! Amen
27:26 Amen!
27:32 That's Mr. Rooster!
27:33 And he sad that's all the time we have for today.
27:35 Our time together is over so will have to go
27:42 Good by, good by Remember God loves you!
27:58 Good by! Good by!
28:06 We're tiny tots around the world we're God's girls and boys.
28:10 We live for Him around the world.
28:13 We spread love and joy.
28:16 Like colors of the rainbow we're shining bright where we go.
28:21 We're tiny tots around the world we're God's girls and boys.


Revised 2014-12-17