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Fish In Heaven

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00:05 We're tiny tots around the world we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for Him around the world we spend love and joy.
00:15 Like colors of the rainbow we're shining bright where we go.
00:21 We're tiny tots around the world we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Hi, boys and girls. Hi boys and girls.
00:34 We're pretending to be fish.
00:36 Oh, Eleanor, you can be a fish, too.
00:39 Can you pretend with us?
00:44 We're talking today about all the fish in heaven.
00:47 We're glad you are here.
00:48 And Jesus is glad, you're here, too.
00:54 You made Jesus happy, just because you came.
00:59 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same.
01:05 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome, Jesus knows your name.
01:10 You made Jesus happy, just because you came.
01:17 Eleanor, you sing pretty.
01:20 Well, you can go play now, because boys and girls,
01:23 We have a lot to do, so come on in.
01:24 We're going to get the mail.
01:26 And we're going to have lots of fun today.
01:29 Oh! Come on kids, come on Kaley.
01:34 Oh! Billy Boy! Look, who is here?
01:38 Miss Cindy, the kids are here.
01:41 Oh! Hi, kids! Kaley, look what I've got in my pocket!
01:47 Oh... come here Billy boy! We got something for you today!
01:52 Oh! Let's see, who... Give it to Billy Boy!
01:58 Can I see them? Well, Kaley, give the first one!
02:02 What is that? Ailey, it's going to drop on your head.
02:06 Oh, Billy Boy loves cheerios!
02:09 And Kaley you're holding it so nice! ha ha!
02:16 Tiara, do you want one? - It's great, Billy boy!
02:24 Go on, Tiara! We're fighting.
02:27 Oh, he really likes this! Ok, let's feed him. Ohh!
02:34 He is saying, hum, Cheerios! Do you want to keep yours?
02:38 Ok! Look at it! Oh-Oh!
02:41 Billy Boy really loves us, doesn't he? Yes!
02:45 Can you reach him, Tiara? See, if Tiara can reach him.
02:50 Move over this a little bit! Let Tiara reach him.
02:54 Look, he got a big bite! He took a big bite! Wow!
02:58 If you all sit down now,
02:59 I will get Mr. Wiggles and get him to worship.
03:03 Wow, can you say Mr. Wiggles? - Mr. Wiggles!
03:07 I think he heard you. Now, sit in your chairs, Aunty Linda,
03:11 let's go in for worship! Come on, Tiara!
03:13 Oh, Mr. Wiggles, we're going to have worship!
03:17 Ok, Mr. Wiggles, come on! Oh, come here, Tiara!
03:20 Come, sit with Miss Cinda! Oh! Can I have Wiggles?
03:25 All right! Ok, Billy Boy! You can ring the worship bell.
03:33 Sing it now, boys and girls!
03:38 Worship is so sweet, calling us to meet
03:43 with our best friend, Jesus!
03:48 Come, and worship Him, Jesus will be near!
03:53 Smiling when He sees us.
03:59 Jesus smiles when He sees us coming to worship Him!
04:03 Oh, let's see, what we have today.
04:06 Psalms 97:1, Psalms 97:1.
04:14 Rejoice in the Lord! Rejoice in the Lord!
04:18 And give thanks! And give thanks!
04:21 Caleb, what are you thankful for?
04:24 I'm thankful for everybody in the whole world
04:28 and tiny tots. - Ohhh!
04:31 What are you thankful for, Noah?
04:33 Everybody in the whole wide world, in Kids Time and
04:36 Tiny Tots, and everybody outside, everybody
04:39 in the whole wide world.
04:41 Ohh! What about you, Sylvia?
04:43 I'm... thankful for everybody in the whole wide world and heaven!
04:51 Ohh! - And I'm thankful for Jesus! -Yes!
04:55 And what are you thankful for, Kaley?
04:58 Jesus. -Yees! What are you thankful for, Tiara?
05:04 Jesus. -Jesus! Ohh! I am, too!
05:07 and I'm thankful for the animals,
05:10 and I'm thankful for the fish.
05:12 Jesus made lots of fish for us to enjoy, didn't He?
05:16 And there are going to be some sharks,
05:20 and they are going to be nice!
05:21 That's right! And I'm thankful for my Mom and Dad!
05:24 Me too!
05:26 Right! Well, when we get to heaven,
05:29 Jesus has got lots of special things for us!
05:31 In heaven, we're going to stay in heaven with Jesus
05:36 comes back.
05:38 That's right! Well, I have some mail.
05:39 And usually kids write to me, and they tell me,
05:42 how much they love Jesus.
05:44 Ohh! Now, Mr. Wiggles, don't eat my mail!
05:47 Look at it, Kaley! Mr. Wiggles is eating the mail.
05:51 This letter is from Brianna.
05:53 It says, Dear Aunty Linda, my Mummy is writing this for me.
05:58 My name is Brianna Black, and I am 2 years old.
06:03 And I love Jesus!
06:06 Ohh! That's sweet!
06:08 I love Jesus, too!
06:10 You know, we should tell everyone that we love Jesus!
06:13 That's right! Well, let's bow our heads and close our eyes,
06:18 and Noah, would you pray for us?
06:21 Dear Jesus! Thank you for this stuff,
06:25 and thank you for the people in the whole world,
06:28 and dear Jesus. Amen.
06:31 Amen!
06:34 Well, I'm thankful for all you, kids, too.
06:40 And now, I better get back to the kitchen. What do you think?
06:43 Well, it's time for us now to hurry to the barn.
06:46 We're going to see Grandpa Chuck. Come on, let's go!
06:57 Grandpa Chuck!
06:58 Hi! Look, what I have for you today!
07:01 Ohh! Wow!
07:03 I got these to put in my pond. But I wanted you to see them,
07:06 while they are little. Because when they get in the pond,
07:09 they get very large. - Wow!
07:13 And you need to look at their whiskers.
07:15 Noah, come over here, so that you can see a little better!
07:17 That's why they are called catfish.
07:19 Because they have whiskers just like kitties.
07:23 Do you want to see? Thomas brought his fish, too.
07:28 Ohh! Look!
07:30 One is called an albino catfish,
07:33 and the other one is called blue catfish.
07:38 do you have fish at home? Wow!
07:48 Do you go fishing, Katlyn? Yes, with daddy.
07:56 Me too. I'm going, too.
08:00 You are?
08:01 Well, I'm going to put them in my big pond,
08:04 and when they get in the big pond, they start to grow.
08:08 Just like you, kids, grow. And they get bigger,
08:12 and bigger, and bigger.
08:14 How big, Grandpa Chuck?
08:16 Well, I don't want this to be a fish story.
08:19 but they get really big. They really do.
08:22 How big do you think, they get? Show me, Noah,
08:25 how big you think they get.
08:27 Wow! That big Grandpa Chuck?
08:29 Yes!
08:31 Wow!
08:32 I think they are going to be super big!
08:34 Super big!
08:35 That's right! kids, what are those fish doing with
08:39 their mouth?
08:40 Ohh! Ohh!
08:43 Can you get down by the fish
08:45 and see if you can do what they are doing?
08:46 Let's see, if we can! Let's kneel down!
08:49 Let's see, if we can see, what they'll do!
08:52 Let's make.
09:01 Is that what they are doing?
09:05 Do you think they are talking to us?
09:07 Yes! Ha ha!
09:09 Hi, fishes!
09:11 What did you name them, Grandpa Chuck?
09:14 I haven't named them yet.
09:15 Do you want to help me?
09:16 Kids, what should we name the fish?
09:19 Err... I think...
09:21 Err... That's water...
09:25 Whiskers? Could we name one of them whiskers?
09:27 Yeah! That works!
09:29 Yes? Whiskers?
09:33 What if we name one whiskers and we could call one Mr. Fishy?
09:37 Yeah!
09:38 Ok, and you can come back in a few years
09:41 and we'll stand on the lake
09:42 and call them and see if they come.
09:43 Wouldn't that be fun?
09:46 Ohh, that would be fun!
09:48 Grandpa Chuck, Jesus made so many wonderful things
09:52 for us to enjoy!
09:53 Yes, He did! He certainly did!
09:55 Look at the big whiskers on them!
09:58 He has a good name when we called him whiskers, hasn't he?
10:02 And what was the other one?
10:03 Mr. Fishy!
10:04 Ok.
10:05 And one's name was whiskers.
10:07 Whiskers, that's right!
10:08 What color are those fishes?
10:12 One's albino, can you guess which one is albino?
10:15 That's a big word. Do you know what it means?
10:18 Basically that means without color.
10:20 Ohh, that's what it means.
10:22 So which one is the albino one?
10:24 The... the blue one?
10:26 No.
10:27 Ohh, I'm so thankful God made fish.
10:29 And I am so excited we got to come today,
10:33 So am I!
10:34 I love coming to the farm!
10:35 Maybe we could sing to the fishes!
10:37 Ohhh!
10:39 I like to go the farm, where the cows moo-moo.
10:45 I like to go to the farm, where the ducks quack-quack.
10:49 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:53 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
10:58 Ha-ha! That was so much fun Grandpa Chuck!
11:02 Can you give Grandpa Chuck a hug?
11:05 We've got to go!
11:07 Oh, I love hugs!
11:08 Wave bye-bye, fishy!
11:10 I love hugs!
11:11 Thomas, can you wave bye-bye to the fishy?
11:12 Can you come and see me again?
11:14 Bye-bye!
11:15 I'll be waiting for you tomorrow!
11:16 Bye-bye! Bye-bye! Bye-bye, fishes!
11:21 Bye-bye!
11:30 We're going for a walk today, boys, and girls,
11:32 Come and sing our song with us!
11:34 Come on!
11:35 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today, a walk today,
11:44 shall we go for a walk today, to see what God has given?
11:52 Let's go for a walk, boys and girls,
11:55 we're going to see something fun!
11:57 Ohh, hi Miss Jeannie! How are you?
12:00 We just thought we were going to find something fun,
12:02 and it looks like we did!
12:04 Yeah, I've found something!
12:06 Ok, let's all sit down, that we can look at them.
12:08 Are you taking them somewhere?
12:09 Yes, I'm going to take them to my house,
12:11 and we're going to...
12:13 Come over by me, and we'll take turns.
12:15 Wait. Come over here and lets take turns.
12:17 Can we touch them?
12:18 Sure.
12:20 One at a time.
12:21 Come this way.
12:22 Ok, Noah.
12:23 They are slimy.
12:24 Let's take turns.
12:26 Do you know what they are?
12:27 Ha-ha! What did they feel like, Daniel?
12:31 Did it feel funny?
12:34 Do you guys, know, what they turn into?
12:36 Frogs.
12:37 You're right. They turn into frogs.
12:39 Can you see? Some of those guys have little legs.
12:42 One at a time!
12:44 Some of them have little legs on them!
12:47 Wow! I never touched it before!
12:50 They look like little fish! They do!
12:52 They start out as little eggs, then they hatch out,
12:57 and they look like little fish, and they grow their back feet.
13:01 One at a time!
13:02 Ok, now let Sylvia touch.
13:05 They grow their back feet, then they grow their front feet.
13:08 then they lose their tail and they turn into frogs.
13:11 Wow! Jesus made them special! They feel slimy.
13:15 Yeah. They kind of feel like a fish, don't they?
13:20 Ha-ha! One at a time!
13:23 Tiara, did you want to touch them?
13:25 Ok. Let's let Tiara have a chance.
13:28 Ok, let Tiara have a chance.
13:31 Put your hands back. Let Tiara.
13:33 Tiara, what did they feel like?
13:35 Did they tickle?
13:36 Do they?
13:38 Ha-ha. She has flowers.
13:42 Only one at a time!
13:44 Are they neat?
13:46 Ha-ha!
13:47 Did you, guys know, that frogs came from eggs?
13:53 I can touch his feet!
13:55 My turn, Noah!
13:57 Noah, my turn!
13:59 That was good, Noah!
14:00 I think you could hold him up just a little bit.
14:02 that everybody could see him.
14:04 I held him up but he didn't even shake!
14:06 He didn't shake at all, did he?
14:08 Well, you know, in heaven we'll get to play
14:10 with all kinds of things in the water.
14:11 That's right.
14:12 Let's take it out.
14:14 My turn.
14:15 You know, boys and girls, I am so glad that God made
14:18 so many wonderful things for us to enjoy.
14:21 And I'm glad He made the tadpoles
14:23 and I'm glad He made the fogies, too.
14:26 I am, too.
14:27 He made wonderful things.
14:30 Ha-ha.
14:40 It's story time, boys and girls.
14:42 Yeah!
14:46 I'm so glad that you are here,
14:48 and Jonathan is happy today, because his daddy,
14:51 Mr. David Bulldock is here. And we're glad you're here.
14:55 And we're glad you're here, too.
14:57 Well, our book is about five little gifts.
15:02 Can you close your eyes? Close them tight!
15:07 Now, what do you see? Nothing.
15:12 Open your eyes. Nothing.
15:14 Now, what do you see?
15:16 What's on my page?
15:18 What is this?
15:20 Airplane.
15:22 And what is this?
15:23 A bird. A hummingbird.
15:26 Tiara, do you know what this is?
15:27 A Sun!
15:29 It's a sun!
15:30 What is this?
15:31 Helicopter.
15:32 A helicopter.
15:35 Look at all these things!
15:37 That's a spider web.
15:40 And a spider.
15:41 A spider. That's right.
15:44 Cover your ears now with your hands.
15:47 Cover them tight!
15:49 What do you hear? Nothing.
15:52 Uncover your ears and listen. Listen.
15:55 What do you hear?
15:58 What is that?
16:03 Is it birds? It's lots of birds.
16:09 Ok. Have you heard these sounds?
16:15 Listen.
16:17 Listen. Do you hear the birds?
16:23 Now listen, and see if you hear another sound.
16:25 Do you hear it?
16:26 What else do you hear?
16:32 Do you hear, boys and girls?
16:36 Do you hear a cow? Yes.
16:41 Hide your hands.
16:44 Now, what do you feel?
16:47 Nothing much.
16:51 Let your hands loose. Now, what can hands feel?
16:56 You can pet, you can feel a caterpillar.
17:01 I can feel a feather.
17:03 You can feel a feather?
17:05 What is this?
17:07 A bird. A bird.
17:10 A chicken bird.
17:11 Are all these things here safe to touch?
17:14 No. No.
17:16 Crabs.
17:18 No, we would just look at them, wouldn't we?
17:21 Yes.
17:22 Hold your nose! Hold it tight. do you smell anything?
17:27 No.
17:28 Ok, let go. Here are some smells.
17:31 Does a skunk smell good? No. It smells bad.
17:37 It smells bad.
17:38 Because,... they have take a long bath and...
17:43 I wouldn't like to take one, though.
17:46 That's right. What about a flower?
17:49 What does the flower smell like? Does it smell good?
17:51 Yes.
17:52 What about an onion? Do you like onion smells?
17:55 No.
17:56 Do you like the smell of cookies?
17:59 Yes. Yes.
18:02 Close your mouth! Close it tight!
18:05 Now open it wide. Can you taste these things?
18:09 What are these? Grapes.
18:11 What's this? Corn.
18:14 Ok. Tiara, what is this?
18:16 Watermelon. Watermelon.
18:18 And what is this?
18:21 Banana. Banana. Wow.
18:23 Think about these five gifts.
18:25 You can taste, you can feel, you can hear, you can see.
18:32 Our God is so good!
18:34 He gave us all these things when He made us.
18:37 Now, aren't you glad He gave us those things?
18:40 Oh! But be careful!
18:42 There are things we should never look at,
18:46 there are things that we should never listen to!
18:50 There are things we should never eat!
18:53 But you don't do those things, do you?
18:56 And of course you don't! You want to make Jesus happy.
19:00 Because you know that He wouldn't want us to do
19:04 those bad things, would He?
19:05 No.
19:06 Do you know that Jesus is preparing a wonderful place
19:09 in heaven for us? And do you, boys and girls know
19:12 why Jesus is preparing all those things for us?
19:15 Yes. Because He loves us.
19:17 That's right. And you know what, boys and girls?
19:20 Jesus is preparing those things for you, too.
19:22 Because Jesus really, really loves you.
19:34 We're having fun with Miss Cindy in the kitchen today.
19:38 Yeah!
19:41 What are we doing today Miss Cindy?
19:43 Well, Anti Linda, you've been teaching the kids a Bible verse
19:47 And I want the kids to remember this Bible verse,
19:50 so I have prepared a craft.
19:54 I know what it is.
19:55 What is it?
19:56 Psalms 97:12.
20:02 Can we all say that together?
20:03 Psalms 97:12
20:07 And do you Olivia know what the text says?
20:11 I do.
20:12 Olivia, do you know what that text says?
20:14 I do. What?
20:15 Uhh... It says, 'Rejoice in the Lord,
20:21 and give thanks. '
20:24 Can you say that?
20:25 Give thanks.
20:26 That's right. And we want to remember and thank Jesus always,
20:32 It says, 'Give thanks. '
20:34 That's right.
20:35 And so Miss Cindy has prepared a craft.
20:38 Tyler, you can help us with the craft.
20:41 And look at these are like little mini-aquariums.
20:44 Let me show the boys and girls at home
20:46 in case you want to get your mommies and daddies
20:48 to help you make one.
20:49 Isn't this pretty?
20:51 And you can hang it on a doorknob or in the window.
20:56 And you know what?
20:58 There are so many things we can thank Jesus for.
21:01 And I thought we would thank Him today for the fish.
21:05 That's right.
21:06 Because they're so pretty.
21:07 So you've got lots of fish and take your glue,
21:11 there's a stick for you,
21:13 Ohh, here're some sticks for Noah and Sylvia.
21:16 And you can put a little bit of glue on the back of your fish.
21:22 Ohh, good job.
21:25 Miss Cinda, this reminds me of all the beautiful fish
21:29 that are going to be in heaven.
21:31 Yes, and we're going to play with the animals.
21:36 That's right.
21:37 And swim with the fish. Won't that be fun?
21:39 Yes.
21:40 I love fish. Do you kids like fish?
21:43 Yes.
21:44 They are so pretty!
21:46 What else is in the sea? It's not just fish.
21:50 Oops, careful.
21:52 Put the fish on the glue.
21:54 Ohh, what else is in the sea?
21:57 Sharks.
21:58 And did you know, there are plants under water?
22:00 Yes. And starfish.
22:04 That's right.
22:05 Would you like to put this fish down?
22:07 And boys and girls, can you think of other things
22:11 that are in the sea?
22:12 There are so many beautiful things God made.
22:15 He's got... how many have seen? What's this on your...?
22:20 Is that a shell? There are shells in there too.
22:24 Use the other fish now, Olivia.
22:26 Put these fish down on the top of the glue. Ohh!
22:28 Whales.
22:30 How big, Noah? How big do you think the whales are?
22:32 Very big! Very big!
22:35 And there are little tiny fish, aren't there?
22:38 And there is what, Tyler?
22:40 Ohh, there is gigantic fish!
22:42 And do you know what I like?
22:44 I like dolphins!
22:47 Me too! Ohh, I do, too!
22:49 Ohh! Do you, boys and girls like dolphins?
22:51 I bet, you boys and girls can think of lots of fish you like!
22:55 And I... ohh, that's a purple fish, isn't that cute?
23:00 Ohh! But you can have two of them if you'd like!
23:04 Yes, you each have two.
23:05 Well, boys and girls, even if you can't make an aquarium,
23:09 you could maybe draw some fish.
23:11 Everybody has two. That's right.
23:13 You could maybe draw some fish on some paper
23:15 and color it pretty.
23:17 Bu whatever you do, always remember to rejoice in the Lord,
23:22 and thank Jesus for everything
23:25 because Jesus really loves you.
23:33 Yes, sing time!
23:37 I love worship time! We love worship, too!
23:41 I love worship, too!
23:43 Worship time is special to me, because it's a time
23:46 when mommies and daddies, and boys and girls
23:48 and our whole family can get together to sing to Jesus,
23:51 and talk to Him, and just have a good time with Him.
23:54 Boys and girls, do you know where our memory verse is from?
23:57 Psalms! Psalms 97:12.
24:00 Very good, kids!
24:02 Boys and girls! It says, 'Rejoice in the Lord,
24:07 rejoice in the Lord,
24:08 and give thanks,
24:10 and give thanks. '
24:12 Can you think of somebody that I am thankful for?
24:14 Jesus. That's right.
24:16 And the fishes.
24:17 I'm thankful for the fishes that He made.
24:20 What do you think in heaven it will be like?
24:23 I'm going to ride a big, big, big whale.
24:30 I'm going to ride a bigger whale.
24:33 Kaley, do you know what I'm going to ride in heaven?
24:35 Ohh, I'm going to ride a great, big sea turtle.
24:41 Me too. Me too. Me too.
24:45 I'm going to ride a big turtle, too.
24:48 She wants to ride a big turtle, too.
24:50 I think it's going to be fun to swim with the fish.
24:54 Ohh, yes.
24:55 I'm going to be on a board and jump in the water.
24:59 Ha-ha.
25:00 We're looking forward to heaven, boys and girls.
25:02 You can tell, I know you are, too.
25:04 Here are some special fishes.
25:08 Let's show the boys and girls our fish.
25:11 Do you see our fish, boys and girls?
25:13 Can you show them?
25:14 Yes, Jesus made all the fishes.
25:18 Sing with us, boys and girls. Fishy, fishy, swim in the water.
25:24 Fishy, fishy, swim in the water, fishy, fishy, swishy, swish.
25:34 God made fishes swim in the water
25:39 fishy, fishy, swish, swish, swish.
25:43 And Jesus made the many fishes in the sea.
25:47 And we're going to sing that.
25:49 He is eating a bone. Yes.
25:51 Jesus made the many fishes, all the fishes in the sea.
26:00 Red and yellow, gold and white, they are such a pretty sight.
26:04 Jesus made the many fishes in the sea.
26:09 He made them all, didn't He?
26:11 Yes. And in the world.
26:13 He did. Let's sing how deep the sea is.
26:16 Deep, deep, deep as the sea.
26:18 Get ready, get your fish to go deep.
26:19 Deep, deep, deep, as the sea. High, high, high as the sky.
26:27 Wide, wide, wide as the ocean moves is Jesus' love for you
26:35 and me, it's just as deep, deep, deep as the sea,
26:40 high, high, high as the sky, wide, wide, wide as the
26:47 ocean move is Jesus' love for you...
26:54 You know, boys and girls, we're looking forward to
26:56 when we can go to heaven
26:58 and we can be neighbors with you in heaven.
27:00 That is going to be a wonderful time.
27:02 Well, Grandpa Chuck is going to pray for us right now,
27:05 so can you fold your hands? and close you eyes?
27:08 boys and girls, we are going to talk to Jesus.
27:10 Our Father in heaven we thank you so much for the kids,
27:15 and for the fish, and for Jesus. Amen. Amen.
27:20 I love all the pretty things Jesus made us.
27:25 I do, too. Miss Cinda.
27:28 cock-a-doodle-doo!
27:29 That's the rooster!
27:31 And that's all the time we have today, boys and girls.
27:34 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:40 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember, God loves you.
27:48 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember, God loves you!
27:55 Goodbye! Goodbye!
28:04 We're tiny tots around the world,
28:06 we're God's girls and boys.
28:09 We live for Him around the world, we spread love and joy.
28:14 Like colors of the rainbow, we're shining bright
28:18 where we go.
28:21 We're tiny tots around the world, we're God's
28:23 girls and boys.


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