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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:30 Eleanor, Eleanor I got a treat for you, good girl
00:36 Eleanor. It's almost time for our friends to come.
00:44 Good to see you, you wanna see Eleanor getting
00:48 another treat. Eleanor, Eleanor treat oh! Good girl
00:55 Eleanor. I don't know why it is fallen; I don't know
00:58 what the, why you called it treats? Treats well
01:02 they are doggy treats, but look the boys and girls
01:05 are here. Let's sing our song.
01:11 You made Jesus happy just because you came
01:17 Jesus loves the children everyone the same
01:22 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
01:24 Jesus knows your name
01:27 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:34 We're gonna have lot's of fun today, it's time now
01:37 for worship, so come on in. Eleanor you can take a
01:41 nap or you can go see Farmer Donny,
01:44 come on kids we're gonna have fun.
01:47 I'm so glad it's worship time; I am too, me too.
01:53 It's time to sing our song, let's ask Billy Boy
01:57 to ring the bell. Billy Boy you can ring the worship
02:02 bell and boys and girls sing along with us.
02:10 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet with
02:14 our best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
02:20 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
02:27 Jesus always smiles when he sees his special
02:30 friends. I've a very special book and it's my
02:35 favorite book in the whole world. Bible. The holy
02:37 Bible, it's the Bible and whose book is it?
02:40 Jesus, Jesus. It is Jesus book and I have something,
02:44 it's always Jesus, that's right, and the children and
02:47 all the mommies and dads. That's right, it's all our
02:51 books, he gave it to us and I wanna teach you this
02:55 Verse. We love him, "We love him, because he
02:59 first loved us John 4:19 that's right let's say it
03:05 again. We love him because he first loved us,
03:11 John 4:19. I am thinking of one of Jesus friends in
03:17 the Bible and he had a lunch. Little lad, let's get
03:25 our lunch. Little lad, one day mamma packed little
03:30 Lad a lunch and she put five loaves of bread and two
03:37 fishes. How many is five, can you count, can you
03:39 count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and she said this is for you,
03:50 because I know you are going with your friends to
03:53 go. Here Jesus tells stories and so he was so
03:56 excited and mamma covered all the bread up
03:59 and they went to hear Jesus and he sat there and
04:02 he listened all the stories; wouldn't be fun to hear
04:05 Jesus tell stories, we're gonna get you someday
04:07 in Heaven and little Lad was like oh! Jesus is my
04:11 best friend and I love him so much. And all of a
04:14 once he heard somebody call, can I have your
04:17 lunch? Jesus would like your lunch, little Lad was
04:21 so happy. He wanted to give his lunch to Jesus and
04:25 he said yes take my lunch, but Jesus took his lunch
04:29 and he took the cover off and he hold it up and he,
04:34 he asked his father in heaven to bless the food
04:37 and then he took it and he started breaking off
04:41 the bread, little by little pieces and there were five
04:45 thousand men plus women and children.
04:49 That's right. And he started giving them pieces of
04:51 bread, and He told the disciples to pass it all out
04:54 to everybody and give everybody some bread,
04:59 so that they would all have something to eat.
05:04 And they ate and they ate and he gave them fishes
05:09 and everybody got a piece of bread that was a
05:12 miracle. All 5000 Auntie Linda, plus the women
05:16 and all the children, that's a lot of bread,
05:20 Jesus loves his friends, Eleanor, and with the more,
05:24 baskets, that's right and do you know what we can
05:27 give Jesus? Looks like I want some more.
05:29 What is this? A heart, we can give Jesus our hearts
05:35 and that says I love Jesus. Can I have that please,
05:39 we'll have some more bread maybe sometime your,
05:41 but your maybe your mommy will pack you a
05:43 lunch too. But right now we're gonna thank Jesus
05:47 so fold your hands, close your eyes. You're right,
05:52 we are gonna put the cover on; we'll fold our hands
05:55 and close our eyes real tight. Close your eyes real
05:57 tight. Dear Jesus, thank you for all the love you
06:03 give us we love you to in Jesus name Amen, amen.
06:10 And always remember boys and girls that Jesus
06:14 loves you. And I love Jesus too.
06:24 Hi, boys and girls. I'm Miss Cinda and we're
06:26 having fun in the kitchen, yes. Today, we are
06:32 talking about Jesus loves his friends. So, I wanted
06:36 to do something that would help all you boys
06:39 and girls remember that Jesus loves you.
06:41 So, we are decorating a real pretty heart.
06:45 We're taking glitter glue and we are spreading it all
06:48 over the heart and we're decorating it with pretty
06:52 jewels and pretty sparkly hearts. You can do this at
06:56 home; you can get your mommies and daddies or
06:58 an adult to help you. I need a paper towel.
07:01 You need a paper towel, okay. And then when you
07:05 all finish decorating your heart, you can either give
07:08 it to somebody and let them know that Jesus loves
07:11 them or you could keep it if you'd like, and that
07:14 will remind you that Jesus loves you. You all know that
07:18 Jesus loves you, yeah. Would you like me to help
07:22 you Jaden, I love Jesus, I gave him my heart.
07:26 I gave Jesus my heart too. I need more glitter glue,
07:32 you know what Jonathan you have a lot of glitter
07:34 glue, just take all of this and spread it around really
07:37 good. See Jaden you can take this, now Jaden you
07:40 can put some sparkly stuff all over. Look at the stars,
07:47 oh! That's pretty. How are you doing Nuvalia and
07:50 how are you doing Isabel, you can put on there.
07:52 Okay, Jaden you can take the pretty hearts now put
07:55 it al over. Isn't that's pretty boys and girls,
07:58 I want to keep my heart. Little bit right there.
07:59 If you would like to make one you could just have
08:01 your mommies and daddies or an adult cut
08:03 out a heart for you and you can get some,
08:06 look, isn't that pretty. You wanna put that on,
08:10 look you can put that on right here. I love how it
08:13 sparkles Miss Cinda and that's just like we can
08:16 sparkle and shine for Jesus. That's right, that would
08:21 be fun. Are you gonna sparkle Isabel? I'd be
08:26 sunbeam, she wants to be a sunbeam for Jesus.
08:29 You wanna be a sunbeam, no, yes, I wanna be
08:32 sunbeam. You wanna be a sunbeam that's good
08:35 Jonathan. Are you gonna keep your heart or you're
08:38 gonna give it to somebody. I'm gonna keep my heart,
08:41 you're gonna keep it and it will remind you that
08:42 Jesus loves you, won't he. I wanna keep it; you're gonna
08:45 keep it and so that it will remind you that Jesus
08:47 loves you. Yes. Boys and girls remember anytime
08:53 you're in the kitchen. It's fun, yes.
09:02 Okay, you little critter, I finally caught you; it took
09:05 me a couple weeks, but I got you, now Mr. Rooster
09:09 you will be safe now. Farmer Donny,
09:12 Farmer Donny, Farmer Donny, oh! I hear my
09:13 children, hello kids. What are you doing up there?
09:16 Well I am in my loaf, I got a surprise for you now
09:19 have a seat. A surprise! Farmer Donny will be right
09:21 down yeah, a surprise alright let's sit down,
09:25 he's gonna have a surprise for us. Oh! Yes, this is
09:28 gonna be so fun oh! I wonder what he is gonna
09:31 have? Porcupine. Here comes Farmer Donny,
09:36 look what I caught porcupine, porcupine, I
09:41 don't think that's a porcupine I'll tell you what let
09:42 me sit right here kids you know. Samuel thinks it's
09:45 a porcupine, no that's a raccoon. You know what,
09:48 it took me a couple weeks to get him, you know
09:50 what he is wake all night long and he hunts things
09:53 at night and he's been getting to my chicken eggs
09:57 and I finally caught him. Does he eat them,
09:59 yeah he eats the eggs. He don't eat the chickens but
10:01 he does eat their eggs. Well, you know, what else
10:04 you think he likes to eat Joe? What do you think?
10:09 Corn, well he does, she does, now this is a
10:11 she and she does like to eat corn, but I tell you
10:15 what, she loves the fish too, is anybody ever been
10:18 fishing? I did, not me. You guys have been fishing,
10:22 Nuvalia wanted to tell us something, okay.
10:26 A raccoon, they drink water and they get out of
10:30 the water and they got out and they got in,
10:33 they do the mudding, getting under stuff.
10:37 The raccoon? Yeah. Oh! My, well I tell you what
10:42 I do like about raccoons before they eat they
10:45 always wash their hands in the water like this.
10:48 Can you do this like this, like this, Oh! Just like
10:51 this. I can do that. Now, well let me ask you
10:54 something do you wash your hands before you eat,
10:56 Hannah sit up here by Farmer Donny.
10:58 Yes, I always wash my hands, what about do you,
11:01 do you wash your hands before you eat?
11:03 Do you wash your hands Samuel? Yes, I do,
11:06 you do, I do. Well, what, what is that on that
11:09 raccoons face, a mask, a mask. Now, what do
11:13 you suppose Auntie Linda that mask is on there
11:16 for. Well, I think because Jesus made him special,
11:19 Jesus made him special and Jesus makes his
11:22 children special too don't he? He does, where they
11:23 sleep at. Well, I tell you what they sleep out in
11:26 the woods and you know what, later on this
11:29 afternoon I'm gonna let our little raccoon go.
11:32 You're gonna put him in the woods, yeah.
11:34 Because you know what Kids it's not safe to even
11:36 get close, because she will bite you. Do they
11:39 growl, they growl like, like that can you do
11:43 that? Everybody growl yeah and you don't
11:48 wanna do it, now, if you're out in the woods
11:50 don't you every walk out and pad a raccoon.
11:52 They will bite you; I'd say no, no. Now, this,
11:56 but Farmer Donny yes, they won't bite in Heaven
11:59 when we get to Heaven. They won't bite in the
12:00 Heaven, we can pad him in heaven. Well, you
12:03 know Jesus designed this one, this is a called a
12:07 silver tip raccoon and it has got, and it is
12:09 mammal. Yeah and it's got a brown raccoon and a
12:13 black raccoon all different types that God
12:16 designed. He made us all different too and he made
12:20 are we, do we all look alike? We look different,
12:25 we look different. We look a little bit different
12:26 don't we? Yeah, we got blonde hair and blonde
12:30 hair and black hair, yeah and our eyes, are our
12:32 eyes same color brown and green, no, green and
12:38 blue, and white. I don't have green, you don't
12:41 have green you have brown don't you?
12:43 Yes, yes, you have brown eyes. I got brown hair.
12:46 And brown hair, God designed you to be you
12:49 right Auntie Linda yes. I look like a boy;
12:53 no you look like a beautiful girl, yes.
12:57 But we wanna shine for Jesus, do you wanna
12:59 shine for Jesus, yes. Does everybody wanna
13:01 shine for Jesus, me. Well, let's shine by singing
13:04 our song, let's sing our song and everybody
13:06 sing now come on. Alright.
13:11 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
13:15 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack,
13:18 quack, I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the
13:22 farm, I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
13:29 Oh! You sounded so good thank you children.
13:31 I love to learn things about Jesus, thank you
13:33 for coming, bye. Well, we'll say you thank
13:34 you Farmer Donny, we love you, bye, bye,
13:37 God bless you guys come back and see Farmer
13:39 Donny now. That was a real and nice raccoon.
13:50 Look what I found, more boxes and lots of health.
13:55 You have with you. Let's help. These are the Tiny
13:59 Tots, Tiny Tots. Well they must be so tired.
14:02 That's right. Tiny Tots. I'm Auntie Linda and
14:06 we're your neighbors and we just want to give you
14:09 welcome and say that we are so glad you are here.
14:12 Oh! It's good that the tiny tots are here to
14:16 help me. Is that a Piano? Yes it is.
14:19 Can I play music for you? Can you play
14:20 piano? Yes. Really? Yes. Go right ahead.
14:43 You are my strength when I am weak
14:46 You are the treasure that I seek
14:49 You are my all in all Seeking you as a precious jewel
14:58 To give up I'd be a fool You are my all in all
15:07 Jesus Lamb of God Worthy Is Your Name
15:19 Jesus Lamb of God Worthy Is Your Name.
15:31 Taking my sin my cross my shame
15:35 Rising again I bless Your name
15:38 You are my all in all When I fall down You pick me up
15:47 When I am dry You fill my cup You are my all in all.
15:55 Jesus Lamb of God Worthy Is Your Name
16:08 Jesus Lamb of God Worthy Is Your Name.
16:20 It's very good, very good thank you.
16:41 Thank you, Mewl. Well, we have a special Verse
16:44 to say for you from our Bible. And it's we love
16:50 Jesus because he first loved us. First John 4:19.
17:00 That's right, that's very good.
17:04 Thank you Tiny Tots, thank you.
17:07 We try to learn a new verse from our Bibles everyday
17:11 so it helps us to always remember that God is love.
17:14 Auntie, I think he'll be in our heart right,
17:16 oh! That's right thank you Tabitha for remembering.
17:19 Tabitha that has something special,
17:21 that we made in Miss Cinda's kitchen for you.
17:23 Oh! Thank you Tabitha and it's a welcome gift,
17:27 because we're just so thankful that we have such
17:30 wonderful neighbors, thank you.
17:33 The kids had a great time making it.
17:36 Miss Elvira did you like it? Oh! Joe I love it
17:40 and this is a God gift and I'm going to find a
17:43 special place to put it. Well, I just want you to know
17:47 that it is just such a privilege to have you as
17:50 neighbors and if you need anything you let us know.
17:54 Well Farmer Donny, he grow so many vegetables and,
17:58 wow, they are good too. So, if you would like some
18:01 of those we would bring some vegetables to you
18:03 and Miss Cinda, she make good bread,
18:06 doesn't she kids? So, if you need any bread
18:09 or anything you just let us know and we will be glad to
18:12 help you, I wish you will. We would like to do
18:14 something else for you if it would be alright could
18:17 we have a prayer with you, surely, we love it.
18:20 Tabitha would you have a prayer?
18:22 Okay let's fold our hands, close our eyes.
18:26 Dear Jesus, thank you that we have a wonderful
18:29 neighbors in Jesus name. Amen, amen.
18:33 You are wonderful neighbors,
18:36 well we have some other things we need to do
18:38 God bless you, God bless you, God bless you
18:41 and we will see you, bye, bye, bye, bye tots,
18:44 bye, bye tots, bye, bye, bye.
18:54 On the way, I'm so glad Jesus made the fresh
18:57 air it carries the bubbles. My hands are getting wet,
19:06 can you blow some good job. Did you catch them,
19:11 there are up and down. How fun, no, no, yes,
19:19 there are some more, there are some more.
19:25 Miss Jeanie is gonna love seeing this, come on,
19:33 come on, come on. What are you guys doing?
19:34 We're blowing bubbles, alright.
19:37 Hi Lady, I'd like to do. What else did you found?
19:41 What did I find; it's a hummingbirds nest.
19:45 Oh! Look at there is a hummingbirds nest,
19:48 look you mean a bird can fit inside that.
19:52 A bird with some eggs can fit inside that,
19:55 wow, little eggs. They would have to be, you're right,
19:59 they would have to be very little bitty eggs
20:02 wouldn't they? Yeah, do you know how the hummingbird
20:04 is? What? A big hummingbird is only
20:08 this big, is this big, yep only that big,
20:13 that's not very big is it? Wow that's not very big,
20:16 how big are those eggs got be so tiny.
20:20 Do you know what they eat? What?
20:22 They eat sweet stuff, they eat nectar from the,
20:28 from flowers and they fly around trees.
20:31 And you know what at my house.
20:33 I have a silly little one and you know what it likes to
20:36 fly around, my ducks. And it sits on the fins
20:42 and it watches my ducks and I don't why it does that,
20:45 because there is no fun program. What is here?
20:47 A little hummingbird. Do you know what color
20:49 hummingbirds are? What? What color?
20:52 Do you know they are green? Green,
20:56 yeah, is there red on them. I don't know.
21:00 I know they are green but there might be a little
21:02 thud on, well I will saw one ruby throated hummingbird.
21:04 Then and that's was the probably the boy.
21:06 I have a lot at my house.
21:08 You have some that in your house.
21:09 Oh! Wow and do they go really fast.
21:12 I had nest at home, you have a nest at home.
21:15 And do they buzz and little humming bee birds
21:19 what did they do, they go buzz all over they
21:22 go really fast don't they. They look like a little
21:24 helicopter, they do. And they're little wings
21:27 and they can even sit still and still be flying.
21:29 Can you flap your arms like they do really fast,
21:32 oh! It's like really fast, really fast.
21:34 But we can't fly though; we can't fly.
21:37 Can we? I can make mine fly, can you?
21:41 Oh! You tried, you did a good job,
21:44 the little hummingbirds do it really good don't they?
21:47 Yes, they go super fast and they have a big long beak,
21:51 do you know what the beak is for?
21:53 Yes. Why do they have a big one?
21:55 I know, so they can put it inside a flower and drink,
22:00 that's right, that's how they eat, isn't that neat?
22:03 And then they fly around from flower to flower
22:07 and they eat and then this was in a flower tree
22:11 and if tree with flowers that look like trumpets.
22:14 What's a trumpet, do, do, do, that's right, dodo,
22:18 dodo, dodo, and dodo. That's what the flowers
22:21 look like, yeah dodo, dodo, that's right,
22:24 that's what the flowers look like and then they.
22:26 They make that sound, no the flowers don't make
22:28 that sound, they just look like a trumpet.
22:30 The trumpets make that sound though,
22:32 that was a good question, but they eat
22:36 and this was in there so that they had lots of food,
22:39 so they could feed their babies lots of food.
22:41 It sounds like Jesus made them special,
22:44 I think he did. I am so glad that Jesus made
22:47 all the things for you guys and for me to enjoy,
22:51 me too. Will you wanna see us blow some bubbles,
22:54 show me some bubbles. Alright, I gave you my
22:57 bubble, can you get them. Can you get them,
23:00 see if you catch them, go get them catch them,
23:01 catch them, can you catch it, catch them, catch them.
23:12 We're going to sing our Bible verse,
23:15 sing our Bible verse. That's right,
23:18 you sing along boys and girls.
23:21 "We love him, because he first loved us."
23:30 We love him, first John 4:19.
23:40 You know Auntie Linda; I like to sing our Bible verses.
23:43 It helps me remember the words, yes it does, yes.
23:47 And the more we sing about Jesus
23:49 and we read in this Bible the more we know that
23:52 he loves us, yes. Does Jesus love you?
23:55 Yes, sing with us boys and girls.
24:00 Jesus loves me! this I know, For the Bible tells me so.
24:09 Little ones to Him belong;
24:13 they are weak but He is strong.
24:18 Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
24:28 Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
24:37 And Jesus loves all the children of the world,
24:41 who else does Jesus love? People all over the world,
24:45 people all over the world, that's right like grandmas,
24:48 yeah and the grandpas and the mommies
24:51 and the daddies yes. Alright, we will
24:54 sing about it, sing along with us.
24:56 Jesus loves the little children
25:01 All the children of the world
25:05 red and yellow, black and white
25:07 They're all precious in His sight
25:10 Jesus loves the little children of the world.
25:15 And he loves me too, does he love you too,
25:17 yes Jesus loves me. Alright, let's sing about it.
25:21 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
25:26 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
25:31 Little ones like me, sat upon His feet.
25:36 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
25:41 Jesus loves the older folks like you, you, you.
25:46 Jesus loves the older folks like you, you, you.
25:51 Older folks like you, Jesus loves you too.
25:56 Jesus loves the older folks like you, you, you.
26:01 Well, you know boys and girls we can sing about
26:06 Jesus and we also can talk to him on our knees
26:10 so that's we're going to do right now,
26:11 so we invite you to join us.
26:16 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
26:24 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
26:33 and very, very quite be while the prayer is said.
26:45 Dear Jesus, you're so good and kind thank you
26:50 so much for loving us. We love you too. Amen, amen.
26:59 That's Mr. Rooster and that's all
27:00 the time we have for now.
27:08 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:13 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:20 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
27:34 We are Tiny Tots around the world
27:37 where God hears our voice,
27:39 we live for him around the world,
27:42 we spread love and joy,
27:44 like clouds starts the rainbow,
27:47 we're shining like the rainbow.
27:50 We are Tiny Tots around the world
27:52 where God hears our voice.


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