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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:08 hears our voice, we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy, like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:24 where God hears our voice.
00:28 My light is shining bright, my too, my too,
00:32 my light is shining for Jesus. I'm shining my
00:36 for Jesus. and girls are here. Oh! That's wonderful,
00:38 oh! Look the boys and girls are here.
00:44 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:49 Jesus loves the children everyone the same
00:54 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
00:57 Jesus knows your name
01:00 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:06 We're gonna have fun at worship today
01:08 boys and girls, but be very quiet cause Eleanor
01:11 is sleeping on the porch. So come on,
01:15 let's not wake her up, oh, Billy boy the boys and girls
01:19 are gonna be here. Miss. Cinda, and here they are,
01:24 I love you. Oh! Billy boy's been waiting for you
01:28 to come see him. Oh! I love Billy boy, Billy boy,
01:33 I have some money for you. You know, who else is
01:35 anxious to see you. Got some money for you for
01:37 the kids. Mr. Wiggles wants to see you. Look,
01:46 hi Mr. Wiggles, hi Mr. Wiggles, look, thank you
01:51 Carrie. I will hold your flash, isn't he soft?
01:56 Do you know who made the bunnies for us?
01:58 Jesus, Jesus. Well, Mr. Wiggles so it's time for our
02:03 worship now. So, we're gonna say goodbye to you.
02:06 Oh! I don't wanna miss worship, I don't either.
02:11 I don't want miss worship, I love worship.
02:15 I triple love worship, oh good. Will you ring our
02:20 worship bell? It's time for us to sing our worship song,
02:24 so boys and girls, you sing along with us okay.
02:28 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet with our
02:33 best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
02:38 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
02:45 And Jesus does smile when he sees us, you know what
02:51 is this book? The Bible. This is the Bible,
02:55 it's Jesus book and we have a special, special
03:00 verse to learn today. And our verse is found in
03:04 Matthew 5:16, can you say that Matthew 5:16.
03:09 Let your light so shine, yeah 5:16. That is very
03:12 good, okay boys and girls lets say it with James
03:16 and all our friends here okay. Let your light so
03:21 shine, Matthew 5:16. We will let our light shine,
03:29 I'm thinking of someone in the Bible that was little
03:34 and she let her light shine. Little maid, that's right
03:41 Cherry good job and Little maid had a best friend and
03:48 who do you think her best friend was? I know,
03:53 Jesus, that's right, Jesus, yes. And even though she
03:58 was far from home, she try to always let her light
04:02 shine by being cheerful. So her mistress, do you
04:06 know her mistress name. Mrs, Mrs. Namaan,
04:13 Mrs. Namaan she would say Little maid, bring me a
04:16 drink of water and do you think Little maid was
04:19 like this. I'm tired of bringing her a drink, no,
04:23 no she said yes. that's right, she did and when her
04:31 mistress would say Little maid, I want you to sweep
04:34 the floor, would she just say I'm tired of sweeping
04:37 the floor. No, no, what would she say, yes,
04:42 she would say yes that's right James. She would say
04:45 yes I will be glad did you and you know that's
04:49 how Little maid shown for Jesus and we can shine
04:53 too, just like a candle we can shine. Miss. Cinda
04:56 can you light our candle okay thank you Carrie,
05:00 thank you Carrie. Carrie is helpful too just like
05:02 Little maid. Look how pretty, we can let our light
05:09 shine boys and girls. It will shine bright for Jesus
05:14 and we can give our mommy smiles,
05:15 do you think that's shining for Jesus, when mommy
05:18 says make your bed or pickup your toys.
05:21 What will you say to your mommies? Yes, yes, yes,
05:24 what would you say Job? Yes, and that way we
05:26 can shine for Jesus. we're gonna have pray right
05:29 now boys and girls, so fold your hands,
05:32 close your eyes. Dear Jesus, help us to be
05:38 helpful like your fried Little maid and shine
05:42 bright for you in Jesus name, amen. Amen.
05:47 Always remember boys and girls that Jesus loves
05:52 you. I love Jesus too, I love Jesus too.
06:01 Miss. Cinda, what are we doing today? You know,
06:06 we're talking about Jesus friend shined for him.
06:11 So, I thought what could we do that would help all
06:17 of you remember to shine for Jesus. Guess what I
06:20 thought of, a flash light. What shines? Flash light
06:26 shine, oh! Well flash light shines, but I don't know
06:29 how to make a flash light. Do you know how to make
06:31 flash light? Yeah. You do? Well you have to show me.
06:36 I don't know how to make a flash light boys and
06:38 girls, what else shines? Do you know? The sun,
06:44 yeah, yes but only Jesus can make the sun.
06:47 But something else shines what else? A candle,
06:52 yes we're gonna make a candle, yeah, not just any
06:56 candle boys and girls. Look at this, isn't that
07:01 beautiful? Yeah, well, I'm gonna show you how to do
07:05 this and you guys are gonna get to make it and
07:07 boys and girls you can get your mommies or daddies
07:10 or an adult to help you make one. Okay, you're
07:14 each given some glue and paint brush, so take the
07:18 glue and hold your cup like, you can actually hold your
07:21 cup like this or you can go like this and put glue all
07:26 over it okay. That might be a good idea, just go like
07:28 that. Okay, put start painting put the glue all
07:32 over, okay. Paint glue, then here is glue, oh!
07:37 Good job Dennis, that looks like fun, can you guys think
07:42 of ways you can shine for Jesus. Is this my glue?
07:45 That's your glue Jonathan, you want me to help you?
07:50 Hold your jar like this, yeah. You might wanna just
07:53 kind of go, we can shine for Jesus when we let other
07:56 people do things first. Yes, I'm doing it, you're doing
08:01 it Noelia. Who else knows of a way they can shine
08:05 for Jesus, sun beam, oh! Let me help you Jonathan,
08:09 Dennis, do you know a way? Get some more glue.
08:13 To show people about Jesus. And how would you
08:16 do that? Teach them about the Bible. Yes, you
08:22 you can be friendly and smile. There's glue there,
08:28 yes, you can keep putting glue on it. Miss. Cinda,
08:31 do you think we can shine for Jesus, when we're kind
08:33 to others, I think so and if you do something I guess
08:38 you bump into somebody, you could say. Oh!
08:40 Excuse me, I'm sorry, that shows, that's shining for
08:43 Jesus isn't it? Yeah, yes it is. Can we put some of this
08:47 on our glue? Can you get some glue on it then,
08:51 then rub into your pretty glitter stuff. This is really
08:55 neat, little colorfully stuff isn't it? Yeah, yes you can
09:01 roll it in there. I'm still making this, oh! You're still
09:04 making yours okay? Okay, Jonathan you can roll this
09:07 side, you're gonna stick it down and roll this side
09:11 and hold it up and show, oh! Look see she's got
09:15 some. Really, you're making yours pretty. You wanna
09:17 put yours in glitter stuffs, so you can see what it
09:20 looks like. You're almost done Noelia. Dennis,
09:24 how are you doing? Good. Boys and girls doesn't this
09:27 look beautiful and then you can put a candle in it and
09:31 you can have your mommies or daddies or an adult
09:34 light for you and you can look at it shine. And you
09:37 can remember that we always should shine for
09:39 Jesus and you know I'm so glad you all came to the
09:44 kitchen today and being in the kitchen is fun
09:48 whether you're cooking or you're making something
09:50 for someone else. So, remember
09:53 it's fun to be in the kitchen.
10:00 What a beautiful, farmer Donny, oh! Hello children,
10:03 O come and sit. Oh! You're so sweet, here come sit
10:07 on farmer Donny's lap okay, right, here right over
10:10 turn right this way here. You like the doggy, don't
10:12 you Samuel, come and sit by Auntie Linda, there you
10:15 go, I'm so glad you came today we have a special
10:18 visitor today, it's Miss. Amanda, hi, hi,
10:23 Miss. Amanda. Now, you know where Miss. Amanda's
10:26 from? She's from the pound, the pound what's that.
10:33 Well, let's ask Miss. Amanda, well the pound is
10:35 a place where doggies and kitties go when the people
10:38 don't want them anymore and we take them and love
10:41 them and find them the best homes where somebody will
10:43 love them forever. Oh! Bless your heart. Oh! That's just
10:47 abusive, how old is this puppy here. This is Peter
10:49 Pan and Peter Pan's about seven-months-old, so he's
10:53 still a puppy. He's a baby still, he is still a baby and
10:56 he comes from a place where people just have
10:59 puppies and then sell them for money. And then
11:02 when they can't take care of them anymore they send
11:04 them to the pound, they send them to the pound.
11:07 But we promised Peter Pan, we're gonna find him
11:10 the best home and I know with Jesus' help the right
11:12 family will come along. Yeah, now, what kind of
11:15 puppy is this Miss. Amanda, Peter Pan is a Cocker
11:18 Spaniel/ Lhasa Apso mix, oh! My, he's a mutt,
11:22 but that's okay. Can anyone say that word?
11:25 Mutt. But we love them all the same. Okay,
11:31 now you say that people call the pound, to hunt for
11:34 puppies. They do, if they want to adopt a puppy
11:38 from us then they call us or they fill out an
11:40 application on the Internet. And then we call their vet
11:44 and we call and talk to them just to make sure that
11:46 they're the right home for the puppy and then once
11:49 that's happened we get them, get all their shots and stuff
11:52 and then we send them to their new homes.
11:55 Do you ever get any injured animals, that you taken to
11:58 the pound. All the time, we get puppies that have broken
12:01 legs and we actually had a dog that went blind,
12:05 he couldn't see anymore and we found him a very
12:08 happy home. Now, what about you children,
12:12 do you have puppies at home. Yes, I do, I do, I do,
12:15 and you do. Oh! My good, now what kind of puppy
12:20 is it? It's a black color, a black, okay, good.
12:24 I have a black one, you don't have, you have a
12:26 black one? I don't either. You don't, you don't have
12:28 a doggy. Now, does this puppy know how to swim,
12:33 I don't know I never had them in the water but he's
12:35 part Cocker Spaniel, so I'm sure if he went into pond.
12:39 He would know where to go, so Cocker Spaniels
12:41 makes good pets. Oh! Yeah, so what do you feed him,
12:45 we feed him just puppy food right now. When he's
12:47 about a year old then we will put him on some big dog
12:49 food. But he likes puppy food and he like chewy
12:52 bones. Now, how big will this puppy get before.
12:56 Maybe a little fatter but we don't think he will get
12:58 much bigger this. So, they're a gentle puppy,
13:01 they are. Such a beautiful, and he just loves kids,
13:05 yes. Oh! We love him, he such a beautiful puppy,
13:09 me too. And he loves you guys too. I'm glad that
13:13 Jesus made the doggies for us, oh! Yeah, do you think
13:16 he would like to hear our song, I think he would
13:18 love to hear it, alright let's sing for him.
13:23 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
13:27 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack,
13:31 quack, I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the
13:35 farm, I like to go to the farm, and learn of Jesus.
13:42 Oh! Thank you Miss Amanda and thank you
13:45 Farmer Donny, bless your heart. We've got to hurry
13:47 along. But we will see you, bye, okay, children thank
13:50 you for coming, thank you. Okay kids come on,
13:52 see you later, we had to do,
13:54 thank you, God bless you all.
14:03 Miss Zella someone at the door, surprise the
14:10 Tiny Tots. The Tiny Tots are here, they have been
14:16 ready and waiting to see you. Hi, Job, Oh Zella it's
14:20 so good to see you, yeah it's good to see you.
14:22 You too Mr. Vince, thank you, wow, we got a present
14:23 for you that we made in the kitchen with Ms. Cinda.
14:27 Wow what is it Joal, wow, look the Tiny Tots made
14:34 for. That's very nice, it's just to reminder to help
14:37 us always be happy for Jesus, yes. Mr. Vince,
14:43 I have vegetables for you. Oh! Thank you,
14:46 you're welcome. it's from Farmer Donny's garden,
14:49 oh! That's very nice. Can I hold your yarn barn,
14:54 you sure may, here you go. Well we have something else
14:57 that's special for you. Rachel, you want to tell him
15:01 what it is. It's a song, can we hear it, wow, yes.
15:06 Alright. If I were a butterfly, I'd thank you
15:13 Lord for giving me wings
15:15 And if I were a robin in a tree, I'd thank you Lord
15:21 that I could sing. And if I were a fish in the sea,
15:26 I'd wiggle my tail and I'd giggle with glee
15:29 And I just thank you, Father, for making me "me"
15:34 For you gave me a heart and you gave me a smile
15:39 You gave me Jesus and you made me your child
15:42 And I just thank you Father for making me "me"
15:48 If I were an elephant, I'd thank you
15:52 Lord for raising my trunk
15:55 And if I were a kangaroo, I'd just hop right up to you
16:01 And if I were an octopus, I'd thank you
16:06 Lord for my good looks
16:08 But I just thank you Father, for making me "me"
16:13 For you gave me a heart and you gave me a smile
16:17 You gave me Jesus and you made me your child
16:20 And I just thank you father for making me "me."
16:25 Thank you so much, that was special, I think we have
16:33 something else. I have a surprise for you too,
16:37 what is it Muriel. I will show you, she's been
16:44 working on this for a long time for you.
18:19 Very good, very good, well thank you Muriel,
18:25 it was beautiful just for me. That's because,
18:29 they care about you, yes, thank you tiny tot.
18:33 Well we have special verse we wanna share with
18:35 you too. Let your light so shine, would it be okay if
18:43 Tabitha had a little prayer for you, sure.
18:45 Okay, let's fold our hands, close our eyes.
18:51 Dear Jesus, thank you for our neighbors, we love you
18:57 Jesus, amen. Amen. Thank you, thank you Tiny Tots.
19:04 Well, that's a good question, we have to hurry
19:10 along but you come and see us sometime. Yes,
19:11 thank you Tiny Tots, bye, bye, bye,
19:12 yes we see you again. Bye, bye, bye, bye.
19:25 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
19:30 A walk today, shall we go for a walk today,
19:33 Oh, there is Ms. Jeanie, oh! Ms. Jeanie, were you
19:37 guys going for Nature Walk today, yeah. it's a pretty
19:40 different one isn't it? Oh! Yes, what do you have,
19:45 what do you have. I have a tadpole, a tadpole?
19:49 Yeah. Do you know what a tadpole is? Yeah,
19:52 what is it? Tadpole is a, is a baby frog. Very good,
19:59 you're right, okay ladies sit over here all the way
20:01 come on lets move lady, come on sit, sit baby, sit.
20:06 Lady is learning to mind, isn't she? Good girl,
20:09 there she did, alright. There she did, so see him.
20:15 Is he soft, they, did you see him swim away.
20:19 He went swimming didn't he, you guys want to touch
20:23 him, no, no. Okay, okay touch him, I will touch him,
20:28 he is swimming. There he goes, what do you think
20:34 makes him swim so good, I don't know. I think his
20:40 tail, his tail helps him swim, is he soft? Do you see
20:46 his old legs in the back, you know what. When frog start
20:52 out their little biddy eggs in a whole bunch
20:55 like grapes, and that's Frog. Yeah and then they,
21:00 then they hatch out and become little bit squiggly
21:03 things. And then they grow bigger and bigger and
21:08 bigger like this yeah alright. And then they get legs
21:15 and they get their back legs first, like he has.
21:18 He has his back legs and what do you think he gets
21:21 next. What do you think he get first back legs?
21:25 Well, he bites anyways, he gets his front legs,
21:29 his front legs are like your arms. Little legs grow,
21:34 little legs grow out in the front and then what do you
21:37 think goes away. Front. Then his, I think his tail,
21:42 tail goes away and then what do you think he can do,
21:47 then he goes out in the water and what does he
21:50 usually like to do. He hops, can you hop? Can you hop?
21:56 Show me, can you hop. Oh! Very good, very good,
22:00 then he toes away and he's hopping around all over and
22:07 sometimes he goes in the water and goes in the water
22:09 and looks for food and then sometimes he goes on the
22:12 ground and hops around and looks for food and when
22:14 he is in there. What kind of food? His bread, well bugs,
22:18 he can't jump around away, right he likes bugs and his,
22:24 he tails are found away. Yeah his tails are gonna go
22:27 away and then he likes to eat bugs. You know,
22:31 how he catches his bugs, how does he catch bugs,
22:33 with his tongue. His tongue, his stick his tongue out
22:38 and get some and his tongue is sticky, so when
22:41 it goes out. It grabs up a bug and sucks it back in and
22:45 he goes in his mouth and he eats it. That was a good
22:48 job Rachel can you show the boys how they do it,
22:51 do it again very good, you can do it too.
22:56 Oh! Katie can do it too, I think I would be hungry
22:59 if I had to catch my food that way, what about you?
23:03 Well, I think it would be very hard to catch bugs
23:05 with your tongues. Oh! Yes, I like frogs, you like
23:10 frogs, I'm no, no, how come, I got frog. I'm so glad
23:21 that God made all the wonderful
23:22 things for you and for me.
23:32 Does anyone remember where our Bible verse is
23:34 found, Matthew 5:16, that's right. You know,
23:38 Auntie Linda why don't we sing the words to the
23:41 verse and that will help us remember them.
23:44 That's good idea Miss. Cinda, boys and girls join
23:46 us. Let your light so shine, Let your light so shine.
23:57 Let your light so shine, Matthew 5:16.
24:06 And that makes Jesus so happy when we shine for
24:09 him, yeah. We're gonna shine even brighter right
24:12 now, look. Oh! Look at these smiling faces,
24:17 boys and girls as we sing this song. Just put
24:20 big smiles on your faces, okay.
24:24 I want to shine, shine, shine,
24:26 shine for Jesus my friend.
24:29 Jesus my friend, Jesus my friend.
24:32 I want to shine, shine, shine,
24:34 shine for Jesus my friend.
24:37 Shining for him each day and I'm
24:41 so happy, so very happy.
24:45 I'm shining for Jesus today and
24:49 I'm so happy, so very happy.
24:54 Sing Jesus my Lord is my prayer.
25:01 Good job, that was very good, that was good.
25:05 I love to shine for Jesus, I do too. Alright, what is
25:10 this, this my little light, we're gonna sing this
25:14 little light of mine, I'm gonna
25:16 let it shine, there you go.
25:19 This little light of mine. I'm gonna let it shine
25:25 This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine
25:30 Let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine.
25:36 Let it shine in my own home.
25:39 Let it shine in my own home.
25:42 I'm gonna let it shine.
25:45 Let it shine in my own home.
25:48 I'm gonna let it shine.
25:50 Let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine.
25:55 Let it shine till Jesus comes.
25:57 Let it shine till Jesus comes.
26:01 I'm gonna let it shine.
26:04 Let it shine till Jesus comes
26:07 I'm gonna let it shine. Let it shine,
26:10 Let it shine, Let it shine.
26:15 Oh! I love that song, I love that one too. I don't know,
26:17 let it shine, let it shine. She likes let it, let it
26:21 shine. Well, we can let our light shine in lots of ways.
26:26 Who can help us let our light shine? Jesus, Jesus,
26:30 you know Auntie Linda, Jesus is also
26:32 happy when we talk to him, that's right.
26:35 Let's get down on our knees and we're gonna talked
26:38 to Jesus and ask Miss Cinda to have special prayer
26:40 for us, oh! Good boys and girls you can
26:42 kneel down with us. I will bend my knees,
26:48 I will fold my hands, I will bow my head,
26:56 I will close my eyes, and very,
27:01 very quiet be while the prayer is said.
27:09 Dear Jesus, help each one of us to let our light shine
27:14 for you and to tell others about you and your love.
27:19 We love you dear Jesus Amen. Amen.
27:25 That's Mr. Rooster, that's all
27:27 the time we have for now.
27:35 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:41 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:47 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God
27:51 loves you. Goodbye.
28:01 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God hears
28:05 our voice, we live for him around the world,
28:09 we spread love and joy, like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:14 we're shining like the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots
28:18 around the world where God hears our voice.


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