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Jesus' Friends Are Happy

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live here and around the world
00:13 we spend love and joy
00:15 like how He start the rainbow
00:18 like shining like the rainbow, we are
00:21 Tiny Tots around the world where God hears our voice.
00:27 I got him, I got him, I got him.
00:31 Good job James. Oh! look the boys and girls are
00:37 here. We glad that you are here.
00:40 You make Jesus happy Just because you came.
00:44 Jesus love the children, every one the same.
00:51 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
00:53 Jesus love your name.
00:56 You make Jesus happy Just because you came.
01:03 And we are going to have a good time today.
01:05 Have right now, it's a worship time.
01:08 So Ellenore you can just go, play.
01:10 We are going to have worship, come on.
01:12 That was some pretty fast running.
01:14 Thank you. Miss Cinda,
01:17 the boys and girls are here.
01:18 Hello, I'm so happy to see guys.
01:22 Hello. Oh! really boy James is whistling for you.
01:29 I think he likes it. Don't you?
01:31 There is something on this boy.
01:32 Oh! Well, Belly boy its
01:35 time for us to have worship.
01:38 I love worship. Who love worship?
01:46 I love worship too. I triple love worship.
01:50 You triple love it.
01:51 Well, boys and girls I know you love worship too.
01:55 Anybody of you ring our bell for us.
01:57 And boys and girls you sing along, okay.
02:02 "Worship bells are sweet all you let to meet
02:06 With our best friend Jesus.
02:10 Come and worship here Jesus will
02:14 be near smiling when he sees us"
02:20 Jesus love to see his children happy.
02:23 He loves to see all his friends happy too.
02:26 Yes, he does. I have a special Verse
02:28 that I want to teach you and it's found in psalm 144:15
02:35 Psalm 144:15. Happy are the people.
02:40 Happy are the people who's God is the Lord.
02:43 Very good James. Can you girl says,
02:47 Boys and girls says, with us, Okay.
02:50 Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.
02:56 And we are happy. Well, I am thinking of
02:59 someone in the Bible there was one of Jesus friend
03:05 and he was always happy.
03:08 Who do you think he could be?
03:12 Miss. Cinda, do you know?
03:14 I'm always happy. Always happy.
03:18 Enek. Yes, Jesus and it was Enek.
03:24 Do you know why Enek was so happy?
03:25 Because he love Jesus.
03:28 He loves Jesus. When he got up
03:31 in the morning and he opened his eyes.
03:37 He prays. He would pray.
03:38 That's right. And when he would eat
03:41 his breakfast, can you put and eat your breakfast.
03:43 Eat your breakfast. He would eat his breakfast.
03:47 Then he would pray. He would pray and
03:49 thanks Jesus for us food. And then when he went
03:51 to work, could you think what with them?
03:54 Jesus, Jesus. Jesus and then when he,
03:56 he had his launch and he would get ready to eat.
04:00 Who do you think he want to talk to?
04:02 Jesus, Jesus. That's right.
04:03 And when he came home from work and
04:07 he would have a supper. He would talk to
04:10 Jesus. Jesus.
04:12 And then when he went to bed at night,
04:14 he didn't even want to crawl in his bed until
04:16 he talks to his best so friend,
04:19 who was that? Jesus.
04:23 And he know boys and girls, we are always happy
04:26 just like Enek was. If we always spend
04:30 with Jesus and talk to him.
04:32 Miss Cinda. Would you ask Jesus to help
04:36 us always spend time with him,
04:38 so we can be happy like Enek.
04:41 Let's boys and girls, Close your eyes
04:44 and bow your head and put your hands.
04:47 Dear Jesus thank you that we can talk to you
04:51 and thank you for always being with us.
04:55 We love you too Jesus, Amen.
04:57 Amen. And Jesus will always be with you too
05:02 boys and girls because remember Jesus
05:05 really loves you. And I love Jesus too.
05:12 I do too. I do too.
05:18 Fun in the Kitchen with Miss Cinda.
05:23 And today boys and girls, we are talking about
05:26 Jesus makes us happy. And Jesus loves us
05:29 when we are happy, doesn't it Jannathan?
05:31 Yeah. What do you think?
05:32 Am I happy? No.
05:38 Are you sure I am really a happy?
05:40 No. Am I happy?
05:44 Yes. Well, I want you all
05:49 three member and I want you boys and girls
05:51 to remember that Jesus want us to be happy
05:53 and I am going to help you make a frame.
05:57 And boys and girls you can get your
05:59 Mummies and daddies or adult to help you.
06:02 For this frame, you each have been given
06:05 a popsicle stick and you will glue
06:10 two popsicle sticks this way and two popsicle this
06:14 way and it will be underneath these two, see.
06:16 And Venus, can you show us how to glue that?
06:20 And Linda can help you.
06:22 Venus can show how to glue that.
06:24 Would you help me? I really help you, Novalia.
06:27 Put this. Get your paint brush?
06:31 Okay, very good, Venus.
06:33 And it's not hard boys and girls.
06:35 See, how she is mine up
06:36 Yes, you may. You may take you may take
06:39 lets leave it right down like this and
06:41 just take a paint brush and see what Venus is
06:45 doing. Can you keep see what Venus is doing?
06:48 There and you get it all glue like this.
06:50 Now you can take your glitter glue.
06:53 See the glitter glue. And let's put your
06:55 glitter glue all over the top.
06:58 Take this glitter glue and put it all over the top.
07:02 See and your This, This.
07:05 Yes, Jonnathan. That's very good.
07:07 and then just kind a hold it down.
07:09 Novalia take your glitter glue.
07:11 And oh! Woh! put that on here.
07:16 That's being in the kitchen and doing thing
07:18 is make you happy Jonnathan. Yes.
07:20 Does it make you keep happy?
07:21 Yes. Yes.
07:23 What else makes you happy? Me.
07:25 Oh! you make yourself happy. Well, that's a
07:28 good. That's very good. We shouldn't make
07:29 ourselves happy. Kerry, what makes you happy?
07:33 You love designing gram and graph
07:39 don't you? Yes. Yeah, I thought so.
07:42 Denise what makes you happy?
07:45 Cooking with my mom. Oh!
07:48 I like to help my mom. You do and I bet your
07:52 mommy likes your help. Yeah.
07:55 And your mommy says, good cook, Jonnathan.
07:58 Yes. Okay, kits when you
07:59 spread your glue, this glitter glue all
08:02 the around and if you don't have glitter glue
08:06 if you just, you can just put some glue all over
08:08 and then you can sprinkle some glitter on it too.
08:10 I too - Miss Cinda, can we? sausage, Oh! Well,
08:13 Could you want? The sausage.
08:14 Oh! that's very good. You want put it all over
08:18 and put it here too. And then you have nice
08:21 little Jewels pretty these Jewels
08:23 are little stars and you can put those around
08:26 your frame to decorate it. Jesus is kind a have pretty
08:29 jewels for us when he get to heaven to put on a crown
08:32 Yes, yes. And then boys and girls
08:34 you can have your mommies and daddies
08:36 take a picture with you with a nice big smile on it.
08:40 That show us Jesus loves us
08:43 And then you can put that in the frame.
08:45 And then you can either glue a magnet
08:47 on the back of your frame and put on your refrigerator
08:51 What Jonnathan? I need to get some more.
08:56 Okay. And who is having fun doing crafts
08:59 in the kitchen? Me.
09:03 Remember boys and girls.
09:04 anytime you are in the kitchen, it's fun.
09:12 Wonder what farmer Donny has for today,
09:14 check it. Well, let's go see, farmer Donny.
09:17 Hello, Kits, aunty Linda. Come and have a sit.
09:21 Can we sit right there, we don't want stare up
09:24 right up here. Oh! Woh.
09:25 We've got a special treat
09:27 today. We've miss Omenda here today.
09:32 Hi, miss Amenda. Hi.
09:34 And miss Amenda is from the pound.
09:37 Oh! Actually we are from
09:39 the human society. And well, we do,
09:42 we take animal's from the pound,
09:43 and give them love in homes
09:45 until they find their perfect family.
09:47 You rescue them. Yes, we do.
09:49 Do you want feed the kitty?
09:51 So pound is a safe place.
09:53 Yes. We give them a safe home and they live in a
09:57 room with about 15 other cats. Oh! my God.
09:59 And they have toys and trees
10:01 and food and have fun all day long.
10:05 Sometimes I go to the pound just like an pet the animals.
10:08 Do you know what? And if you guys can take
10:10 a kitty home with you. You can come.
10:12 and You have one. It's
10:14 black and white. It's black and white.
10:17 Well, even if you can have another one
10:19 and you just want to play with one, you can just
10:21 come and make love just for people
10:23 to sit there and pet them and hug them.
10:25 Hey! We have this kitty.
10:26 Do you want to pet him Jewel? We
10:27 have this kitty at home and he has strike like that.
10:32 We don't have a kitty. You don't have a kitty?
10:35 But your mommy may take you to the pound
10:37 and you put pet one.
10:40 Well, Is that be fun to see all the animals
10:42 and play with them. I maybe take them home.
10:45 You know. Maybe take to the home.
10:47 Miss Amenda, I am getting excited because some day
10:50 we're going to get to heaven and play with the
10:52 animals. Yes, Jesus make a lots of animals.
10:55 Miss Amenda, where did you get
10:57 these two kitties, anyway.
10:58 Well, these kitties are orphan.
11:00 Oh! Oh! So they didn't have their
11:01 mommy any more and they were actually
11:03 feed with a bottle. On bottle.
11:06 so they were began up to eat on their own.
11:08 They could need regular food. They had had a bottle.
11:11 They were too small, so we feed them
11:13 with a bottle and so they got strong
11:14 and could eat big cat food.
11:16 Oh! my, now if I want a kitty cat in my home.
11:20 How would I prepare my home for kitty cat?
11:22 Well, first you need to get food bowls and water bowls.
11:25 Okay. And they don't grow
11:26 outside like dogs. They use a little box.
11:29 Oh! And you put the little box
11:32 in a corner and you get their food and water,
11:35 and then you get lots of, lots of squeaky toys
11:37 ecause they like to play with toys.
11:40 Now how much bigger with this little kitty get?
11:43 Well, I don't think that she is going
11:45 to get much bigger. Her name is Little Bit
11:47 and she is going to stay little I think.
11:49 Do you think Little Bit, would like to hear our
11:52 song? I think they would love to hear the song.
11:58 "I like to go to pound where the cows; bow bow
12:02 I like to go to pound where duck; quack, quack
12:06 I like to go to pound, I like to go to pound,
12:10 I like to go to pound we learn at Jesus"
12:16 Oh! Thank you so much. No problem.
12:19 Well, kids we get to go. We have lots to do today.
12:23 Thank you for stop and buying. Thank you, thank you.
12:24 Thank you children. Bye.
12:26 Thank you. Come on kids, bye
12:28 See you later Hannah.
12:36 Tanya Ashur, you're seeing the Tiny Thoughts.
12:38 had you know, where they are?
12:40 I don't know. But I am sure.
12:42 You think that might be the Tiny Tops
12:44 Could be. Let's see.
12:51 It's the tiny thoughts. Oh! It's the tiny tops.
12:54 Come on in come in, come in.
12:56 Oh! Well, what you doing
12:57 with the brooms and dust pan?
13:01 We've been sweeping your front porch.
13:03 Does that make you happy?
13:05 That makes me happy, Merial
13:07 and Van sees happy. Thank you.
13:09 Thank you. right
13:14 Come on in, come on in
13:15 come on in, come on in, come on in.
13:17 How we love coming here. So we so special
13:19 to busy you. Oh! Well, this wonderful
13:21 to see you. Alright. Merial,
13:26 Do you want to give something to gift
13:30 Can you give him a present?
13:32 Let him open that. He is going to help you.
13:34 Oh! thank you. Oh! I appreciate it.
13:39 Thank you very very much. It's very very nice.
13:42 We thought you would like a tiny top picture.
13:45 As you like this picture, our whole life tiny tops
13:48 Put it my dear on the wall.
13:52 We wanted to make you happy.
13:55 We have something else for you right now,
13:57 a special suprise. Don't we tab with that.
14:01 Really. Thank you
14:06 Hey share with that.
14:09 I wanna go to Heaven, and pick a never fading flower,
14:15 From the mountain overlooking the temple of my God.
14:23 I wanna go to Heaven, where all is light and glory,
14:29 How I long to be with Jesus! How I long to be with God!
14:38 Some times I think that I could stay here no longer.
14:45 I feel very lonely here,
14:47 for I have seen a better land!
14:51 Oh! That I had wings like a dove,
14:58 Then would I fly away, and be at rest.
15:05 I wanna go to heaven,
15:07 I wanna hear the voice of Jesus,
15:12 "You have washed your robes in my blood,
15:15 stood stiffly for my truth."
15:19 And when I get to Heaven
15:22 I'll cast my crown at Jesus feet!
15:26 I wanna praise His name forever!
15:30 He has done so much for me!
15:34 Some times I think that I could stay here no longer
15:41 I feel very lonely here,
15:43 for I have seen a better land!
15:48 Oh! That I had wings like a dove,
15:55 Then would I fly away, and be at rest.
16:01 Oh! That was so sweet. Thank you very much.
16:05 That was so sweet. That may be
16:08 aunty Linda, happy too.
16:10 Oh! yes. And it brought joy and happiness
16:13 to strenth our hearts as well.
16:15 Really love it. Well, speaking of
16:18 joy and happiness. Let's share our
16:20 Bible Verse for them today, okay.
16:23 Happy are the people whose God is Lord,
16:30 Psalm 144, Verse 5.
16:36 Oh! Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
16:39 I have a surprise for you. You do.
16:40 Oh! yes surprise Merial has a surprise for us
16:43 What is this? I am going to
16:46 play the piano. Oh!
18:34 Oh! It's very good. Thank you Merial.
18:41 Thank you. Thank you.
18:43 Well, we have to be running a long,
18:46 but would it be right if we had pray with you.
18:48 It certainly would. Merial is going to
18:51 have a pray for us.
18:53 So close your eyes boys and girls.
18:56 Dear God through for stay in
18:58 Thank you for we have our new neighbors today
19:04 in Jesus name we pray, Amen.
19:05 Amen, Amen. They love coming to see you.
19:10 Oh! We've loved you coming over here it has got
19:12 so much joy and happiness God bless you, God bless you
19:17 Bye. come again
19:18 Bye, bye Bye, bye
19:20 Miss Jinny, It was fun being at the pond.
19:29 I love being at the pond. I always love being
19:33 outside. Oh! looks she found a feather.
19:34 Oh! And another one.
19:36 Well, may be we can find some more.
19:38 I found a big one. I found a big one.
19:43 I found one. I can find another one.
19:44 Oh! Woh! Here is another one
19:46 Oh! Woh! Here is another one
19:49 Here is a lot of one. Oh! Woh! Here we go
19:54 he walked on did it she. That's okay
19:56 Oh! Here is another one There is one nature.
20:01 Look there is a little one. Alright another one.
20:07 Can you find another one?
20:09 Oh! I think some one is here.
20:11 Take a move. Look, here is another one.
20:19 Look, we walk on back here.
20:21 Here is another one. Back here.
20:22 Oh! Well, Miss Jinney, Look at all the feathers
20:25 we have. We got happy. Yes!
20:29 we have to hurry before late he get some.
20:32 Oh! look at all of that. Where do they
20:35 are come from? What kind of animal
20:38 do you think lofty? Lady go back here.
20:40 Oh! lady. Oh! come on lady.
20:44 Come on lady. pour hard where do you think
20:48 all of this came from? Oh! just let her go.
20:51 She is okay. She will go far.
20:52 come on. Where do you guys think these came from?
20:54 Woh! That is trying to fly away.
20:57 They all came, although this one came
21:00 from the same kind of bird. What?
21:02 All these feathers came from a Turkey.
21:05 A Turkey. Can you believe one Turkey
21:08 have this many kind of different feathers
21:10 Woh! Here is a little one.
21:12 And See what colors. What colors you see?
21:15 See different colors in it. Can you see?
21:18 Yeah. look over. Look here.
21:21 This way the sun can see shine.
21:23 All that's great, Okay.
21:28 And look at this one. This one is what color?
21:32 That has white in it. Dairy
21:35 white and black one. Yeah.
21:38 And this one has what colors?
21:41 White. That one has, yeah.
21:45 That has some brown in it Miss Jinney.
21:46 It has brown and white at the top.
21:49 Is it that neat and let's see. and
21:54 That is look like Turkey cardboard.
21:57 This one is not a Turkey feather.
21:59 This one looks different, doesn't it?
22:02 What kind is there? That came from the tail
22:05 of a pigeon. All answer let me see
22:09 how may you have? And you know what
22:11 you can, let me see. Long time ago
22:13 you know what people did. They would take
22:16 these big feathers and they would cut the tips off.
22:20 You mean this tip here. Yes,
22:23 the bottom tip they would cut it angle
22:25 and they would tip it in ink
22:27 and they would write with that.Oh!
22:30 Can you pretend your writing?
22:31 How would you like to write with one these?
22:33 What they would. That's why they cut it
22:36 because they didn't have any pencils
22:38 so they would put in the tip
22:40 in the ink and then they would
22:43 write. That would be a different way to write with it.
22:46 There is sometime you could do with pencil.
22:47 Yeah, sometime you can try that as a test.
22:50 You know, something interesting, every year
22:53 the Turkeys' lose their feathers
22:55 and grow new ones. Woh!
22:58 Why that's just the way God made them.
23:00 Isn't that cool. They get new feather every year.
23:02 I am so glad that Jesus made all the different
23:07 animals for us. Yes, let' see if we can make our
23:10 feathers fly. Let's see our memory verse together.
23:26 Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.
23:32 Psalm 144:15. Let's singing.
23:37 Let's singing. Join us boys and girls.
23:41 "Happy are the people whose God is the Lord
23:50 Happy are the people, Psalm 144:15"
24:00 Do you know aunty Linda, serving Jesus
24:03 really makes me happy. Oh! it makes
24:07 me happy too. Yeah. We could know
24:09 God is love and where all his little children.
24:13 We are And who loves this more
24:15 than anybody.Jesus. Yes, right.
24:19 We are going to sing a song about that.
24:20 God is love we're his little children
24:27 God is love we should be like him since love
24:35 that makes us happy his love thy children way
24:40 it helps us finding makes us kind to others everyday.
24:47 We are going to really sing out now because
24:51 we want to remember them where his little children.
24:53 God is light where his little children
25:00 God is life we could be like him to his loves
25:07 that makes us happy his love that excludes
25:12 the way it helps us finding in makes us
25:16 time to others everyday. If you are happy and
25:22 you know it clap your hands because I didn't
25:26 If you happy and you know clap your hands
25:36 If you happy and you know that in your life is surely
25:40 showen. If you happy and you know that clap your hands
25:44 If you happy you know, boys and girls stamp your feet
25:49 If you happy and you know stamp your feet,
25:52 If You Happy And You Know Stamp your feet ,
25:53 If You Happy and you know it then stamp your feet
25:58 If You Happy and you know it then your life is
26:02 surely showen keep your happy onto your feet.
26:07 If you are happy and know say amen.
26:10 If you are happy and you know and say,
26:13 Amen if your happy and you know say Amen
26:17 then your life is surely it did you happy
26:25 and you know and say amen. Amen.
26:28 And we know it makes Jesus happy when
26:32 we talk to him. Oh! Yes.
26:34 A word that I can down on knees and talk to
26:35 to Jesus right now boys and girls and you
26:38 can join us and farmer Donny can have a special
26:41 pray. Okay, just get on our knees.
26:42 "I bending my knees, I will fold my hands,
26:50 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
26:58 and very very quiet, be father very said.
27:08 Father would you so happy that you love
27:12 us, and we want you to know right now that we love
27:16 you too. so father we are asking today that you
27:20 would make us more like you. In Jesus name,
27:24 Amen. Amen. Oh! That's Mr. Rooster that
27:30 all time we have for now.
27:32 A time together is over so we will have to go
27:43 good bye good bye remember God loves you.
27:49 Good bye good bye remember God loves you.


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