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Jesus Forgives His Friends

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy, like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:27 We are climbing Jacob's ladder,
00:31 we are climbing Jacob's ladder, we are climbing,
00:36 everyone see, boys and girls are here.
00:39 They are here, let's sing our song.
00:46 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:51 Jesus loves the children everyone the same
00:57 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
01:00 Jesus knows your name
01:02 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:09 And we are going to have lots of fun today,
01:12 and do know what our Bible story is about.
01:15 Come on in boys and girls, you're going to find
01:18 out come on. Hey where is Miss. Cinda?
01:21 Well I was wondering that too. Maybe we
01:23 should call her, Miss. Cinda. Oh I was so busy in the
01:28 kitchen; I didn't even hear you come in.
01:32 Well we are sitting quietly and we are waiting for
01:34 you because we love you Miss. Cinda and we like
01:37 you to come to worship. Oh thank you. okay.
01:40 And Billy Boy has been waiting to ring the worship
01:43 bell. So let's tell him it's time. Billy Boy you can
01:48 ring the worship bell. And boys
01:52 and girls, you can sing along with us, okay.
01:57 Worship bells are sweet,
01:59 calling us to meet with our best friend Jesus.
02:05 Come and worship here,
02:07 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
02:14 He is always smiling when he sees us at worship
02:17 time with his special book and what book is this?
02:20 The Holy Bible. This is the Holy Bible.
02:23 And it has Jesus send that to us and with Jesus.
02:27 Yes, there is a letter from Jesus very special,
02:29 and in Psalms 86:5 Psalms 86:5, ''For you Lord our,
02:36 good and ready to forgive and that's what our
02:41 friend Jesus does, he is always ready to forgive'.
02:45 And I am thinking of one of Jesus friends in the Bible.
02:49 Who is that? That he climbed a ladder.
02:54 Joseph. He didn't climb the ladder. Jacob.
02:58 That's Auntie Linda was just saying that he saw
03:03 someone climb the ladder. And who is this.
03:09 I know Jacob. That's right Jacob, Jacob told a
03:15 lie to his daddy. Oh and his daddy said that he
03:21 forgave him, but he wondered if his best friend
03:23 Jesus would forgive him, and he just wondered and
03:27 wondered and one night he laid down and he had
03:30 a dream and in his dream he saw a ladder,
03:37 and there was something running up and down
03:42 the ladder. Do you know what it was?
03:45 Angels, and there was lot's of them and they
03:46 were going up the ladder and down the ladder and
03:49 up the ladder and down the ladder.
03:50 Up, it's an angel. And at the top of the ladder was
03:55 Jesus and then he knew that he was forgiven.
04:00 Jesus always forgives his friends, doesn't he?
04:03 Yes, he does. I want to thank Jesus. We'll put our
04:06 ladder right back here. As long as you pray.
04:07 And ask him to forgive you. That's right James,
04:11 you have to ask him and so we are going to ask
04:13 him to always help us to do what's right and
04:17 then we're naughty we can ask him to forgive us.
04:20 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes real tight.
04:25 Dear Jesus thank you that when we are naughty you
04:28 always forgive us when we ask you.
04:31 We love you in Jesus name. Amen, Amen. Boys and girls
04:37 always remember that Jesus loves you.
04:46 Fun with Miss. Cinda. We are going to have fun
04:52 today boys and girls. We are talking about Jesus
04:55 forgives his friends, and so today you know what
04:58 I thought we are going to make a card,
05:01 and I think today we should give this card to our
05:06 neighbor because I think our neighbor would like a
05:09 card and they probably would like to know that
05:11 Jesus can forgive them too, don't you think.
05:14 Boys and girls you may have someone you'd like to
05:16 make a card for. So, watch real careful how we do
05:19 it, and you can get your mommies and daddies or
05:21 an adult to help you make a card. Would you like
05:24 to how to learn make a card? Okay,
05:28 you will need, you can have your mommies or an
05:31 adult to help you get some fancy scissors if you
05:34 want, and you cut a real pretty edge on it,
05:37 and then we got some real pretty little foam letters,
05:42 and we're going to glue the foam letters.
05:44 And I know what those letters say Miss. Cinda.
05:47 Does anyone here know what these letters say?
05:50 Jesus forgives, isn't that nice? Would you like to
05:56 make a card? Yes. Yes, okay, does you mommy forgive
06:02 you, when you are naughty? Yes. Does you mummy
06:04 forgive you, when you are naughty? When you are
06:07 naughty does your mummy forgive you?
06:10 I am not being naughty, my mommy was telling me.
06:13 Oh you are naughty, you are not naughty.
06:16 Oh that's good, that's good. Are you ever naughty?
06:22 Does your mommy forgive you? Do you know that
06:24 Jesus also forgives you, when you are naughty?
06:28 Isn't that nice? That is, makes us happy, doesn't it?
06:31 Okay, let's get started, you want to take and put
06:35 some glue with your paint brush and paint a little
06:38 bit of glue on the back of this and then you can put
06:41 Jesus or the letters for word Jesus. So we will put
06:45 J first, put some glue on J. Jaden, Auntie Linda
06:51 will help you and Isabelle and I'll help you well yet
06:55 and put some J put some glue right here.
06:57 You want to, you can do this, you can take some
07:01 glue, right here. Would you help me? Okay Sofia,
07:04 would you help me? Alright, sure I will, let's take
07:07 your paint brush. We got this. Okay, well you know
07:10 what let's start with the J because J is for Jesus.
07:14 Flower. Okay, we got to do the E next,
07:17 here you can help me take the paint brush, okay,
07:21 and let's see how we are just putting a little bit of
07:25 glue on boys and girls. We are just putting just a
07:28 little bit and then we'll put the J right here on
07:32 your card, okay. Are you getting it Sofia.
07:36 I got it. Good girl. I'll give it to my mommy.
07:39 How are you doing Jaden. Jaden says he is giving
07:41 this to his mommy. Are you that would be nice?
07:44 Here we go just put some on here.
07:46 I'm giving this to my mommy too. You are,
07:50 I'm not giving this to my mommy. You are not,
07:52 no, who are you going to give it to? Sofia,
07:55 oh Sofia, who are you giving yours to? Me,
08:04 she is giving it to her, well that's good, it will help
08:08 her to remember. Well we got to give this to our
08:10 neighbor, our tiny tot's farm neighbor.
08:14 Don't you think they'll like that? I think they will,
08:17 do you think they will like that? Oh I think they will,
08:21 there we go, Jaden this we have to put this way.
08:25 I did it. Oh, good girl, okay and then glue it all the
08:31 way down. This is fun Miss. Cinda. And boys and girls
08:35 you can make all kinds of different cards if you
08:38 want, you can put Jesus loves you on it,
08:41 but just remember that whenever you are in the
08:45 kitchen, no matter what you are doing,
08:48 being in the kitchen is lots of fun.
08:51 Yes, isn't it fun boys and girls? Yes, yes.
09:00 Children I have got something brand new on
09:02 tiny tot farm today. What it is? It's ducks. Yeah.
09:11 What do duck sound like. Quack, quack, quack,
09:13 quack, quack, quack, quack. Well that's what Farmer
09:19 Donny has got today? I've got two different color
09:22 ducks today. Alright, let's see, I want that one.
09:26 Oh you want this one Hannah. What color is that?
09:28 What color is that Hannah? Yellow, yeah but do
09:31 you know what, when this duck gets big,
09:33 it's going to be white. Who else want to hold a duck?
09:37 Me, me, me. Okay, Caleb do you want one,
09:40 and I have got a brown one here. Now this one here,
09:43 when he gets big, he is going to have a green
09:46 head and a nice brown body, he is going to be
09:49 just beautiful, anyone else want to hold a duck?
09:52 You do Kerry, okay. Now we want to be gentle,
09:56 don't we? Is this Jesus friend and so we will be
10:00 real gentle, good. Can I have one? Okay,
10:04 Joe you want to hold one. But its kind of ugly like
10:07 I can't keep it in my hands. Well why don't you
10:08 hand this to Auntie Linda, how is that,
10:10 could you do that for me. It's cannot be hard.
10:12 Samuel can you do that? Alright, we'll see if we
10:15 can reach out. Auntie Linda can reach there you go.
10:18 It is, isn't sweet. I wonder what these little ducks
10:23 eat, as little as they are? How about some of this
10:27 little baby duck food? May be duck food.
10:29 Now put him right down, yeah, can I put him down
10:32 to see if he would? Auntie Linda, of course you can,
10:34 sure. Yeah there he go, oh we've got one in the
10:39 water. Now he had to swim, yeah, he is getting
10:48 a treat. He drank the water. I love how Jesus
10:52 made so many nice things for us to enjoy.
10:55 Well you know Auntie Linda, these ducks,
10:58 now when they are babies they don't have any
11:00 oil on their feathers and they can't stay in the
11:02 water very long time, but as they get older and
11:05 they rub up against their mommy, she puts oil
11:07 on her feathers. Now look at their little web feet,
11:16 that helps them swim in the water, see how there
11:19 little web feet. I think their brother wants to
11:21 come too. Well, okay, who wants to hold the
11:23 brother this time, Hannah, why don't you hold,
11:28 there you go. Can you let, can you let Samuel pet it
11:30 Hannah. Let Samuel pet it, aren't they cute?
11:33 Jesus likes us to share. There we go.
11:39 They are walking around, they are so cute.
11:43 Now kids, now don't get too carried away,
11:46 come on back here, came back here at Farmer
11:48 Donny, come on back to Farmer Donny.
11:50 Okay, we are going to sing a song. We are going
11:51 to sing a song now everybody come and sit
11:53 by Farmer Donny. Put them down. Come on Hannah.
11:55 Let him walk around, Caleb thank you baby.
11:58 Okay come on Samuel we are
11:59 going to sing our song. Here we go.
12:02 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
12:05 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack,
12:10 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
12:14 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
12:19 Oh thank you children for coming and seeing me,
12:21 wasn't that special. Farmer Donny this was so
12:24 much fun. Wasn't it great? Yeah it was wonderful,
12:27 but we've got to go. Okay. So kids well let Farmer
12:30 Donny take care of the ducks, come on do
12:31 it fast. Bye, bye, bye, bye. Goodbye kids,
12:36 see you, bye come back and see me. Bye, bye.
12:45 Well who that could be? The Tiny Tots come on in.
12:53 Wow its tiny tots. Is Ms. Stella here.
12:55 Sure she is, come on have a seat. Welcome,
12:58 welcome. Stella it's so good to see you.
13:01 It's good to see you, good to see you Mr. Vince.
13:04 Me too, welcome, have a seat, have a seat.
13:07 Well thank you. Thank you. What a pleasant visit
13:09 today. Yes Murielle wanted to see me,
13:19 I'm sorry I took your flowers, can you forgive
13:23 me? Yes, I can forgive you. We've been learning
13:27 today that when we do things that we shouldn't,
13:29 we need to ask forgiveness. Yes. Can I tell you a
13:35 Bible Verse for you? Yeah, sure you can,
13:39 you certainly can. John 3:40, 390 ''And as Moses
13:45 lifted up the serpent in the wilderness,
13:48 even so must the Son of man be lifted up:
13:50 That whosoever believeth in him should not perish,
13:54 but have eternal life. For God to love the world
13:57 that he gave is only the God have said,
13:59 that whosoever believes in him should not perish,
14:02 but have ever lasting life, for God deny sense
14:06 the world to condemn the world but that the world
14:08 through him, my be safe, you know believe it or
14:11 not he is not condemned by he not believe is
14:14 not condemned already, because he had not believed
14:18 with the name of the only be Gods and son of
14:21 God and this the condemnation, their lives
14:24 coming into roads and then darkness,
14:26 rather than light because their deeds
14:28 were evil. John 3:14, 3:19. Amen.
14:32 Amen, amen. Beautiful Murielle. We are trying to
14:35 put as much scriptures in our minds,
14:38 so that we can do good things and think about
14:41 Jesus, that's right. Well Rachel have something
14:45 special to share with you, she has a special song.
14:48 Can you give them your song right now?
14:51 You are going to sing a song about
14:52 praise. Praise? Yeah, that one. Okay.
15:00 Praise the God who made Jesus [inaudible],
15:04 Praise the God who changed the darkness into
15:07 light, I join the celebration of all, his creation
15:12 and praise, praise, praise him,
15:15 Praise, praise, praise your God.
15:20 Halleluiah, it was very nice, very nice.
15:23 Murielle can you sing for me also, I think
15:27 Murielle do you have something you could play
15:29 and sing? Yes. Alright, okay, I love to hear the
15:37 little ones play and sing. Oh it's such
15:38 a blessing, when they come
15:40 over and they sing as well.
15:51 In my life Lord Be glorified, be glorified
16:03 In my life, Lord Be glorified today.
16:14 In Your church, Lord Be glorified, be glorified
16:25 In Your church, Lord Be glorified today.
16:39 It was wonderful, beautiful. I just love it
16:43 when the tiny tots play and sing for Jesus.
16:46 Oh yes that was wonderful, and it's such a blessing,
16:48 when they come, wonderful. Thank you
16:54 Murielle for the beautiful card, Jesus forgives,
16:57 he does and I forgive you too, we love you
16:59 Murielle. Yes they worked hard in making these
17:04 cards and she said she wanted to give it
17:06 to you, so that's special, can we give you something
17:10 else. Oh yes you can. Well Hunter has a special
17:14 prayer for you, so if we could just fold our hands
17:17 and close our eyes and Hunter is going to pray
17:19 for us. Dear Jesus, dear Jesus I hope we have a
17:23 wonderful day and I hope, bless our neighbors,
17:27 and then I hope, Amen, Amen. Thank you Hunter,
17:33 it's a good thing to hope. Thank you Hunter.
17:36 Well we have to run and it was been always it's
17:40 so special to see all of you. Thank you,
17:42 thanks for coming, God bless you and
17:45 we will see you, bye, bye. Thank you.
17:48 Bye, bye, God bless come on Carsen.
17:52 Than you for coming, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye,
17:55 tiny tots. She says thank you for
17:58 forgiving me. Thank you.
18:01 Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.
18:11 Shall we go for a walk today,
18:15 to see what God has given.
18:19 Alright let's spread it out. Alright we will spread
18:20 it out, alright, Laura can you get our picnic basket,
18:25 oh this is going to be fun. Miss. Cinda made us
18:28 some good food today. How many of you like
18:33 good food. Miss. Jeanie is coming. Miss. Jeanie is
18:36 coming. Oh hi Miss. Jeanie. Hi guys how are
18:39 you today? We are doing good. Are you having
18:41 a picnic? Miss. Cinda made us some picnic lunch.
18:45 Today is a good day for a picnic isn't it?
18:47 Hey guys look at my shirt, okay, okay you can
18:51 come over by Auntie Linda, oh what's on my shirt?
18:53 The cicada. You are right the cicada,
18:56 but are they the real thing or they just the shell?
19:00 Just the shell, very good, you are right just the
19:03 shell. She is singing. Hey Benjamin come over here
19:05 and sit by me, okay. Who would like, okay turn and
19:09 sit down by me okay, good job. Okay,
19:15 who would like to touch a shell? Me, me,
19:19 do you know. They will hurt me on my hand.
19:21 They won't hurt you, because they are not really
19:24 bumps, are they Miss. Jeanie.? You want one
19:26 Benjamin. I want one. Hayden wants one,
19:29 he likes to eat one, I want one, I want one.
19:32 Oh did you know what happens with them.
19:36 That's a big one. That's a big one, do you know
19:38 how come they are like this, Why? Because when
19:41 you grow, do you want one, do you want one,
19:44 no, no, I do, okay, alright here is yours.
19:48 When they grow you know what their skin doesn't
19:51 grow, they grow but their skin doesn't, they grow
19:56 with new skin inside the shell and the old skin
19:58 protects them till it gets too little and then they
20:02 wiggle, wiggle out, do you want one Benjamin.
20:05 There is a hole right on top of them, that way
20:07 they go out. The skin, the old skin cracks on their
20:11 back and they wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, here we
20:17 go wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
20:20 Oh that's okay, they wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
20:22 and they push with their feet and they come out
20:25 of the skin and they have new skin and this skin
20:29 stays on the trees. So, there is not a bug in here
20:32 any more, no that's not a bug, this is this just what
20:34 used to be their skin and they got too big for it.
20:39 Well do they sing at night? They rub their legs
20:42 together and make a noise. Can you guys,
20:44 you can't rub your legs together, can you?
20:47 Can rub our hands, can you rub your hands,
20:49 can you make a noise with your hands?
20:50 No, yes, my hands won't make too much noise.
20:55 Mine don't make any noise either. Me too,
20:57 I do. You do. I do. Isn't that neat the way God
21:01 made it, it's kind of like noise, it's like music
21:03 for us. I saw mosquitoes at my house.
21:06 You saw mosquitoes at your house, yeah,
21:08 I have another surprise in my hand. Well I kind
21:09 of got mosquitoes at house. You have mosquitoes
21:12 in your house, I have another surprise in my
21:14 hand. Another surprise should we put these back
21:17 in the cup, yes you can. We're going to put in
21:19 back in the cup, that's okay, we messed up.
21:24 He bite me. Oh he didn't bite you, it's just a skin.
21:28 Alright its just a skin, okay, I got mine,
21:32 I got mine. You got yours, okay good job.
21:35 Now they are on the cup. I got mine,
21:36 I got mine, okay now who likes grasshoppers.
21:43 Me. there he went, he didn't stay with us
21:52 very long, did he? He was hopping fast,
21:55 did that surprise you? Yes, no, they won't hurt
21:59 you though. Those are frogs. No that is a
22:02 grasshopper. I heard that grasshopper spit.
22:05 Yeah they do, they make a black stuff and it
22:07 comes out of their mouth and it's kind of like
22:09 spit, but they don't bite. Well no not usually,
22:14 that one was in my hands, I have another
22:17 surprise. Another surprise? Remember how
22:21 little the cicada was, here is a betel. Wow,
22:27 see you just have to look, God has all kinds of
22:30 surprises for us, we just have to look,
22:33 he use to be what color is he? Green, right,
22:37 he has wings too, he used to be able to fly that
22:40 would be a big flying bug, wouldn't it.
22:42 He looks like he has spots on him, doesn't he?
22:45 Yeah, he does, he does have spots. I want it,
22:47 I want it. You want to hold it? I will not hold
22:50 him, he is not alike. You will not hold him.
22:52 He is not a lice, is he cute, I don't want to hold,
22:55 okay you don't have to hold him. He has legs.
23:00 he has legs, he has a lovely scars in there.
23:03 You want to hold him, those are cicadas.
23:05 Can she have a turn, its cicada? Oh Jesus loves
23:08 that when we share, he does look funny,
23:12 doesn't he? All kinds of things, alright,
23:15 I like him, you like him. Oh Miss.
23:19 Jeanie Jesus made so many wonderful things
23:22 for us to enjoy. I am so glad that God made
23:26 all the wonderful things for you guys and for me.
23:35 Let's sing our memory verse, okay, okay.
23:38 You can sing with use boys and girls.
23:41 Lord you are good and ready to forgive,
23:52 Lord you are good Psalms 86 Verse 5.
24:02 You know what the Lord is really good,
24:04 kids but you know what I really like about
24:06 God, he is a big God. Yes. Oh I have a song
24:10 about a great big God. Will you teach us
24:12 Miss. Cinda? I will, boys and girls you want
24:15 to learn it? Yes, okay, crouch way down oh
24:19 good job and the crouch way down,
24:21 okay ready. My God is so big, so strong and
24:27 so my mighty, there is nothing my God cannot
24:30 do for you. Crouch down, here we go,
24:34 my God is so big, so strong and so my mighty,
24:39 there is nothing my God cannot do for you,
24:44 the mountains are his, the rivers are his,
24:49 the stars are His handiwork, too.
24:53 Crouch down my God is so big,
24:57 so strong and so my mighty, there is nothing
25:01 my God cannot do for you.
25:06 Oh that was good. It was very nice.
25:08 That's nice, isn't it? That was a good song,
25:12 well there God can also forgive us, when we are
25:14 naughty, he is that big of a God, yes, and all we
25:17 have to do is ask him to come into our hearts,
25:20 so we are going to sing a little song that
25:21 will remind us and then Jesus will
25:24 help us forgive, okay..
25:27 Into my heart, into my heart help me to
25:36 forgive, like you do come in today,
25:46 come in Tuesday, come in
25:52 to my heart, Lord Jesus
26:00 Is Jesus in our heart now? Yes Jesus is in our
26:03 heart now. That's right, he is in our heart now.
26:04 That's right and everyday we are learning to
26:07 forgive just like Jesus does and we are going
26:10 to sing a song that just keep reminding us that
26:13 we need to learn always to forgive like Jesus
26:16 does. We are learning to forgive, we are
26:28 learning to forgive, we are learning to forgive
26:34 we are learning to forgive just like Jesus
26:46 does. Emma, would you like to have prayer
26:51 for us? Yes. Boys and girls you can join us
26:56 to, just do what we do as we sing our song.
27:00 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
27:09 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
27:17 and very, very quite be while the prayer is said.
27:27 Dear Jesus thank you for coming, thank you
27:29 for farmer and please help me to
27:32 forgive, Amen, Amen, Amen.
27:37 That's Mr. Rooster, that's all the
27:39 time we have for now.
27:46 Our time together is over, so we will have
27:50 to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:55 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
28:01 Remember God loves you. Goodbye. Goodbye.
28:12 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
28:16 hears our voice, we live for him around the
28:19 world, we spread love and joy, like clouds
28:24 starts the rainbow, we're shining like the
28:27 rainbow. We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:30 where God hears our voice.


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