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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy, like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:28 By faith Abraham obeyed, and you obey
00:34 too Eleanor, you get a treat. The boys
00:36 and girls are here. Oh they are.
00:42 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:48 Jesus loves the children everyone the same
00:53 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
00:56 Jesus knows your name
00:59 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:05 We are glad that you are here too and we are gonna
01:08 have lots of fun, right now it's worship time,
01:11 so come on in and I'll teach you the Bible verse too.
01:15 We are gonna have fun today and worship.
01:19 Oh Caleb! Billy Boy remembers you.
01:22 Auntie Linda is gonna be really surprised when she
01:25 sees you've come to visit us.
01:30 Miss. Cinda, Lexie and Carrie and I are here.
01:34 Hi! What are you standing there for? Surprise.
01:42 It's Caleb can you remember his?
01:44 Caleb it's bit long time such you come to the
01:46 Tiny Tots Farm. And this is Lexie and this is Carrie.
01:51 And they are Tiny Tots. Say hi to Caleb.
01:54 Hi. Let's show Caleb Mr. Wiggles. Okay.
01:58 Because Caleb loves Mr. Wiggles too.
02:00 Do you think he has gotten bigger?
02:02 Yes, yes he has. He likes to sip on his water.
02:08 Mr. Wiggles it's Caleb. Do you remember Caleb?
02:13 Well let's go have worship. Okay, I'm so glad Caleb that
02:17 you are here for worship, what a nice surprise.
02:20 I just love surprises. Bye Mr. Wiggles.
02:25 Well here listen to us. I think you girls are
02:27 Mr. Wiggles. You Miss. Wiggles. You Mr. Wiggles.
02:33 Well you know Caleb, I love worship time,
02:38 do you like worship time? Yes love it, yeah.
02:41 I love it and I'm glad that you are here.
02:43 Billy Boy you can ring the worship bell.
02:52 Sing with us boys and girls.
02:56 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet with our
03:01 best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
03:06 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
03:15 I love spending time with Jesus,
03:17 I do too. Sometimes I just go off myself and
03:21 I will just read the special book.
03:24 Jesus Bible. Yes, Jesus Bible, I love to read it,
03:30 do you like to read Jesus word too? Yes. We have a
03:32 special Bible promise today that Jesus gave us.
03:37 By faith, By faith Abraham obeyed, Abraham obeyed.
03:44 Hebrews 11:8. Well this book tells us about all
03:51 kinds of Jesus friends, now I'm thinking of one of
03:54 his friends in the Bible that Jesus ask him to go
04:00 along ways away from his home. He asked him
04:02 to leave his home. Who would that be Lexie?
04:04 Who would think that would be?
04:06 Abraham. That's right, Abraham God told him that
04:12 he wanted him to go to a far land and that he would
04:16 make a great nation of him. And he who have to
04:18 leave his all his friends and his house and he
04:22 packed up his stuff, put it in his little, he did have
04:26 a suitcase, he just packed in basket he put shoes in
04:30 and he had his clothes in and his belt in, and then
04:33 he thought, I better pack my money too I'm gonna
04:36 need that on the way, oh when he took his jewels,
04:39 had some jewels and he took those and he said
04:42 I'm gonna need those on the way, so better put
04:44 those in the bag and then he said, I better take some
04:48 money with me too, and he said yes I got yes well,
04:53 I don't have lot, but God said he is gonna make
04:55 me a great nation, so I know he will. I believe
04:59 everything that he says, and so we put it in because
05:03 Jesus was Abraham's best friend. And he started out
05:10 and he went and he traveled a long, long ways
05:13 and do you know what God did for him?
05:16 What do you think God did for Abraham?
05:18 He made him many children.
05:23 He had lots of children and lots of animals
05:27 and lots of money and God blessed him because
05:30 he believed and he obeyed what God said.
05:33 I wanna obey Jesus don't you?
05:35 Yes, me too. Will you have a prayer us Caleb and
05:38 ask Jesus to help us obey him? Fold your hands
05:43 and close your eyes and bow your head boys and girls.
05:47 Dear Jesus, thank you for we can have worshiped
05:52 together and please help us to obey you and help
05:56 everybody to be friends in Jesus name Amen
06:00 Amen. Always remember boys and girls
06:04 that Jesus loves you.
06:12 Fun In The Kitchen. We are going to have fun today
06:17 boys and girls and do you know why, we are going
06:20 to make something for our neighbor. Do you have
06:24 fun when you make some thing for someone else?
06:26 Yes. And today we are talking about obey,
06:31 so I thought, I wanna try and do something about
06:36 obeying but, it would be nice because our Tiny Tots,
06:42 and you know what that's what are gonna do today
06:44 Jaden? We are gonna make a Puzzles,
06:46 you don't break it, we are gonna make a Puzzle,
06:49 but lets keep it together because our Tiny Tot Farm
06:52 loves Puzzles. Do you guys like Puzzles?
06:55 Yes I like Puzzles. Do you like to put together
06:58 Puzzles? Yes I do, I do too.
07:01 I like to put Puzzles. I like to make Chinese
07:05 Puzzles. You do well today we are gonna a Puzzle
07:09 and today, do you know what stamped on ours,
07:13 do you know, it says obey Jesus. And so that will
07:19 help you remember that we should obey Jesus.
07:22 Do you happy when I obey?
07:24 And do you know what Jesus is happy when we
07:26 obey? Do you all obey your mommies and daddies?
07:29 Yes, I do. You do, do you? Yes. Yes do you Jonathan?
07:33 Yes. Novalia do you obey? Not that much. Not that
07:38 much! But are you trying to obey? No, well we,
07:43 but you pray about them, because Jesus wants us
07:46 to obey. Okay. Now I have gotten some puzzles
07:52 for you these are already cut up, and if you can find
07:56 some puzzles that are already cut up, some that
07:59 already like this, you can draw on it, you can
08:01 collect this and you can draw shapes on it. And then
08:04 you can get an adult to help you cut and then you
08:07 could decorate it like few are going to decorate.
08:09 Today we are going to use stamps, so you each can
08:12 take some stamps and just make some pretty pictures
08:16 on your puzzle can you do that kids? Auntie Linda
08:20 can help Jonathan and Novalia. I will help Carrie
08:23 and Jaden and boys and girls if you have stamps
08:26 then you can just draw and get some crayons and
08:29 color pencils and you can just draw pictures.
08:31 I have, you have a heart, don't you?
08:34 And then just go like this Jaden here,
08:36 let me help you. There we go here is an angel.
08:42 And you can share your stamps kids.
08:44 I got angel too. You too, you too, isn't that pretty?
08:49 And do you know this will help you and you
08:53 can when you give that you can this to somebody
08:56 are you can keep it for yourself and put it
08:59 together, but if you give it to somebody you can
09:02 tell them that this will help them to remember to
09:04 obey Jesus because, yes Carrie? Oh look how
09:09 pretty, do you want another there is different one
09:11 too? Jaden do you wanna use the angel?
09:15 Or someone use Jaden the little heart?
09:18 Oh this pretty one Miss. Cinda. I like making puzzles.
09:23 And you kids need to remember what you need
09:26 to remember? What does Jesus want you to do?
09:30 Does anybody know? Jesus wants us to what?
09:34 Obey that it is. And boys and girls I hope that you
09:38 remember to obey Jesus. And are you kinds having
09:41 fun when you come to the kitchen?
09:43 Yes. Boys and girls you will have fun in the kitchen
09:48 too, you can either make some help your
09:50 mommies and daddies make food.
09:51 It's not working. Its not working well
09:53 you know why, we need to put that in a stamp,
09:55 let go like this, alright. And you can help them
09:59 make some food or you can do fun crafts and anyway
10:04 it's fun in the kitchen.
10:05 I made another apple. You did.
10:12 Okay kids, I don't know why, but Farmer Donny
10:16 told me today that when I bring the kids to the barn
10:19 they tiptoe and be very quite because he has a
10:21 special surprise okay. Alright let's be very quite.
10:27 Come over here children, Farmer Donny is got look
10:30 quick a little friend I found. Isn't he beautiful?
10:35 Sit down, you know what kind of bird this is?
10:40 What kind? Is it a Canadian goose bird? But,
10:44 why did we have to be so quite. Well it's a little
10:47 bit afraid and this little goose has a problem.
10:52 He does? What his problem? Yes I'm gonna put him
10:58 down gently, his wings are deformed.
10:59 Oh! As he grow and has from the egg look at his
11:02 wings, how they sort of come out like that,
11:05 oh, yeah, it's a handicap goose and he can't
11:11 fly because of his wings, the way they..
11:13 But, he sees happy, but he is really happy and he
11:16 mingles, did you know this goose has little pot belly
11:20 pig for a buddy, how about that, and also he has a
11:27 sheep and a donkey that he has made friends with.
11:33 So, this goose even though is handicap he does
11:36 rather happy life. He is looking he likes to flap his
11:40 wings. Now look how big he is, he isn't big?
11:44 Oh is I think, I think he is really special,
11:48 but look at his long neck does that remind you of
11:50 another animal that God made that long neck?
11:55 Reminds me the giraffe don't you? A giraffe,
11:58 isn't that just amazing? Isn't that a beautiful bird?
12:02 Now this bird loves to eat, get this, it goes and
12:06 pecks the ground and pulls out warms, warms,
12:11 warms. I don't eat warms. I don't either.
12:15 You don't eat warms? Warms and bugs but
12:19 you know he loves corn, they go out and they fly
12:23 into the corn fields normally this pot bird here
12:26 although he is handicap he cant fly,
12:27 he can walk on the corn field in fact he has
12:30 headed toward the corn field right now isn't?
12:33 Yeah, he things he can get a good meal.
12:36 So, what do you think about it, isn't beautiful
12:39 creature. I think God made him beautiful.
12:40 Does he eat that? Yes he does now whether we
12:42 get in deed here today or not don't know but
12:45 do you think God loves that bird? Oh yes, even though
12:49 he is handicapped, right Auntie Linda?
12:51 I think God loves you too. I know he loves us.
12:55 I know he loves us. I love Jesus he made so many
12:58 wonderful things for us. And even though sometimes
13:01 they can be handicap like this bird he still happy.
13:06 God can still use bird to make friends with other
13:09 animals cant he? Oh yes. So, he use us as well.
13:12 What's his name? You know what he doesn't have a
13:15 name I think we need to get him a name don't you?
13:18 What should we call him? Joe what you think?
13:22 Maybe Caleb. Caleb, Caleb what to name him Caleb?
13:27 Well that's a nice name. That's a good name,
13:30 well. That the Bible name. Do you think Caleb
13:34 would like to hear our song. Caleb would you like
13:37 to hear our song? I think he said yes,
13:39 don't you? Let's sing our song.
13:43 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
13:47 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack,
13:51 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
13:55 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
14:01 Oh, thank you so much... You are thank for coming
14:03 by Auntie Linda with children.
14:04 Well we go out real quite so we wont bother him,
14:06 oh it's okay we will go out quite bye Farmer Donny,
14:10 bye now, good bye, bye see you kids,
14:12 good bye Caleb, good bye Auntie Linda, good
14:14 bye Caleb. Thanks for coming, isn't that beautiful.
14:25 What's wrong honey? I forgot to water the
14:28 flowers today. I will do for you, alright.
14:29 That's okay you sit, remember you hurt your
14:33 back when you were in the lawn today.
14:36 Oh let see who it is? Surprise. Oh the Tiny Tots,
14:46 the Tiny Tots. Surprise, surprise.
14:49 Oh, wow! Kids come and join us.
14:56 They know it is that they needed watering and
14:59 they wanted to come right over and water him.
15:01 Thank you Tiny Tots thank you. I have a special
15:06 Bible verse for you. Always such a joy will you bring
15:09 Bible verses and prays into our home. Psalms 34:8
15:15 through 13 Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;
15:19 Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!
15:22 Oh, fear the Lord, you His saints! for there is no
15:25 want to them that fear him. The young lions do lack,
15:28 and suffer hunger: but they that seek the Lord
15:31 shall not want any good thing. Come, ye children,
15:35 hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the
15:38 LORD. What man is he that desireth life,
15:41 and loveth many days, that he may see good?
15:43 Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking
15:47 guile, Psalms 34:8 through 13. Wow! Mr. Vince,
15:52 Mr. Vince... It's wonderful, thank you Muriel.
15:53 I have a surprise for you. You do what is it?
15:56 I made a puzzle for you. Oh thank you.
16:01 Now if you have a hard time playing together you can
16:06 just myself shall will help you. I would do that
16:09 thank you for your advice. I'd rather,
16:11 I know puzzle. This Sabbath, this week.
16:15 Oh you did, yeah, I said Jesus wanted too thank
16:18 you very much. I appreciate it.
16:20 He worked hard on that. And I appreciate
16:23 thank you. I think that Muriel you have some
16:27 special too don't you?
16:31 A-B-C-D-E-F-G, Jesus died for you and me
16:38 H-I-J-K-L-M-N, Jesus died for sinful men, AMEN!
16:45 O-P-Q-R-S-T-U, I believe God's word is true,
16:51 V-W, God has promised you
16:54 X-Y-Z, A home eternally.
16:57 X-Y-Z, A home eternally.
17:03 Amen thank you, thank you Muriel.
17:05 And we are looking forward to that home eternally.
17:10 And we wanna be neighbors with you in
17:13 heaven. And we will love live in next door to
17:17 you too. What fun we are going to have. Oh yes.
17:21 Well before we leave could we have a prayer
17:24 with you today? Sure. That would be a delight.
17:26 Alright children, fold your hands and close your
17:28 eyes and Jules is gonna pray for us.
17:30 Dear Jesus thank for our neighbors we love them
17:33 Amen. Amen, thank you. And we do love you,
17:38 now if you need any more flowers watering
17:40 you just call us. Oh yeah, thank you. Okay bye.
17:44 Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye Tiny Tots see you.
17:57 Shall we go for a walk today, to see what
18:02 God has given. I wish you thank, me too.
18:05 Who can help us? Maybe Miss.
18:06 Jeanie can help us. Oh there is Miss. Jeanie,
18:12 hi guys, Miss. Jeanie we were at the pond and
18:16 we tried and we tried and we couldn't catch
18:19 anything. That's okay, I have got something.
18:22 Oh, Benjamin was right. Let me show you what
18:27 I have, what does that look like? A lobster,
18:33 a lobster. Looks like a lobster but it's not,
18:36 it's a crawdad. He lives in water at our home.
18:41 He likes to be in the water, it's a lobster.
18:45 It's crawls, at home. It's a crawdad. Yes.
18:52 He looks like he is trying to pinch. See he has
18:55 pinchers, so if you are out and you see when
18:58 that it s you don't want him try and catch it
19:00 because bigger pinchers and then you can
19:03 really hurt you. Can you pinch, can you pinch?
19:06 Pinch, pinch, pinch. And he has a tail and he can
19:09 do this wrap his tail down and they can go really,
19:13 really fast in the water. And look at his feelers
19:17 he has real long feelers don't he? That was like
19:21 whiskers. It does, it look like he is trying to
19:26 pinch. Yes he is, yes, he is trying to pinch.
19:30 How many legs does he have? Markers can tell me?
19:34 Seven, he has seven lets count.
19:36 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ,7. You were right.
19:48 I think there is, wait, that can't be,
19:52 because that's the same amount, we counted wrong,
19:55 because there is a same on both sides.
19:58 Yes. So, they would have to 6 or 8 because
20:02 there are two sides. How many pinchers does he
20:04 have? Two pinchers, two pinchers, that's right
20:10 two pinchers. And look at this one what color lets
20:13 if I can catch this can? What color is that one?
20:17 Yellow, black. Black you are right, its black and it's
20:21 bigger isn't? Is it bigger? Yeah, it's kind of.
20:26 No, I don't think so, he just wants to loose.
20:28 Look at that big tail, he likes to swim doesn't he?
20:32 He does like to swim. How about you picking
20:34 that different one? Lets see, and look,
20:40 lets see what's this one doing? This one is sleeping.
20:43 They like to live in little creek, They can sleep in
20:46 the water. Yeah they sleep in the water,
20:49 they eat in the water, they hunt for food in the
20:51 water, they.. Miss Jeanie, this is sleeping on in the
20:58 shell. That's right that how they do they sleep
21:01 underneath the shell like your hand is underneath
21:03 my hand, this is like a big shell and they hide
21:06 underneath it and they sleep underneath that you
21:08 are right. And look it this, what is that?
21:12 That's a shell. That's right and it opens up and
21:17 in the wild it would have an animal called the
21:20 Mussel. A Mussel! Do you have muscles?
21:24 Let me see your mussel. But, that's a different
21:26 kind of mussel. Oh it's a different kind,
21:29 here it is the little animal, those but he is not
21:31 in there. He already left, he already let,
21:35 and they open and they close and they hide in
21:41 their and he lives in the water too. When the
21:43 muscle is in there he is alive in the water too
21:47 isn't that something all the wonderful things that
21:50 God made for us. Isn't that something else they are
21:54 so many wonderful things I'm so glad God made all
21:57 the things for us? I'm too, well see if we can get
22:01 a closer look. See that one over there is hiding,
22:05 oh yes. I think that's also look it, there is little
22:11 one swimming down there too. Oh look at the
22:12 little fish, there is a little fish in there.
22:15 Can you see little fish? Umm! See him swimming.
22:18 That's very tinny. He is very tinny, isn't he.
22:22 There is all kinds of stuff in there. And all of it
22:26 came from the creek. There is all kinds of life
22:30 that lives in that creek. Isn't that neat?
22:34 What else do you think is in there, about that might
22:36 be some big fishes? I think there might be,
22:39 well, be amongst this big, I bet you are right.
22:50 Auntie Linda, I heard you speaking with the
22:52 children this morning, and you said the Jesus friends
22:56 always obey him. Now what Bible text is that?
22:59 That was Hebrews on 11 verse 8.
23:03 Why don't we sing it that will help us all remember
23:07 it. Yeah, that right okay you can
23:09 sing with us boys and girls.
23:11 By faith Abraham obeyed, By faith Abraham obeyed,
23:23 By faith Abraham obeyed, Hebrews 11:8.
23:33 That was good. Jesus always helps us to
23:37 obey and that makes us happy and it makes Jesus
23:41 happy when we obey. So, we are gonna sing a song
23:45 about being happy, okay, alright, let do.
23:48 Oh I love songs about being happy, oh me too.
23:50 I could have Jesus likes us to be happy too.
23:53 Happiness is to obey my Jesus by
23:58 minding my mind me and my daddy.
24:03 Happiness is to obey my Jesus
24:07 Happiness is the Lord,
24:11 Rejoice is my as I learn to obey,
24:21 I fond the secret is Jesus in my heart
24:30 Happiness is to bey my Jesus by
24:35 minding my mind me and my daddy.
24:39 Happiness is to obey my Jesus
24:44 Happiness is the Lord.
24:50 That's right well always happy when we obey,
24:53 yes, it just gives a nice good feeling inside and
24:56 you know where I learn to obey Miss. Cinda?
24:59 I know, where? Donovan hast it right, what is this
25:05 Donovan? Bible. The Bible, that is the Bible and
25:07 Jesus book tells us how we can obey.
25:11 And we are gonna sing the B-I-B-L-E and then you
25:15 can do with this boys and girls we are gonna
25:17 shout yes, that the book for me it helps me
25:21 to what Jesus says. The B-I-B-L-E
25:25 then we are gonna yes, alright.
25:28 The B-I-B-L-E Yes that the book for me
25:35 In helps me do what Jesus says
25:38 the B-I-B-L-E yes. Alright.
25:41 Oh can we do that again, alright
25:43 I like that one, The B-I-B-L-E
25:48 Yes that the book for me In helps me do what Jesus
25:54 says the B-I-B-L-E yes.
26:00 And that's good to always remember that
26:03 Jesus Christ loves us and he will help us obey.
26:06 We are going to talk to Jesus right now so we are
26:09 going to get down on our knees and we are gonna
26:12 talk to Jesus and so boys and girls you can do that
26:15 with us. I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
26:26 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes and very,
26:36 very quite be while the prayer is said. Dear Jesus
26:47 we want to obey you thank you so much that
26:51 you said you would help us in your Bible we
26:54 love you Jesus, Amen, Amen, Amen.
27:01 Mr. Rooster, that's all the time we have for now.
27:09 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:15 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:21 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:29 Goodbye. We are Tiny Tots around the world,
27:38 where God hears our voice, we live for him
27:42 around the world, we spread love and joy,
27:45 like clouds starts the rainbow,
27:48 we're shining like the rainbow.
27:51 We are Tiny Tots around the world,
27:53 where God hears our voice.


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