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Jesus Is Always With His Friends

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 Where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like how he started the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:28 Okay, okay boys and girls' big smiles, big smiles.
00:32 Aunty Linda, the boys and girls are here.
00:36 They are, oh welcome. Let's sing a song.
00:42 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:47 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
00:52 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
00:55 Jesus knows your name, you made Jesus happy
01:01 just because you came.
01:05 We are glad you are here and we are going to have
01:07 fun today. We are going to start off the fun with
01:11 having worship come-on let's go.
01:14 Oh, I can't wait boys and girls;
01:16 I have got a good story of you today.
01:20 I love worship. I love worship.
01:23 I love worship too. I love worship.
01:26 And its time to ring our worship bell,
01:28 lets see who is going to ring it for us today.
01:30 Boys and girls sing with us.
01:34 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet
01:38 with our best friend Jesus, come and worship here;
01:44 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
01:52 Jesus always smiles when he sees His friends.
01:55 How many friends of Jesus do I have here?
01:59 I am a friend of Jesus. No, the kids.
02:03 I am a friend of Jesus. I am a friend of Jesus.
02:07 Jesus gave each one of us friends something special.
02:08 A bible. The holy bible.
02:11 Is this bible just for kids?
02:13 No, it's for everybody in the world.
02:16 It's for everybody in the whole world.
02:19 Because he loves us and he has a special verse
02:21 for us today and we are going to teach it to you
02:23 and it's in Hebrew 13:5. Can you say that?
02:27 Hebrews 13:5. I will never leave you. Hebrews 13:5.
02:37 And we want to remember that because Jesus is so special.
02:41 There is a special friend of Jesus in the Bible;
02:43 they had a coat of many colors.
02:46 Joseph. Joseph.
02:48 That's right. Oh, I bet that was a pretty coat.
02:50 Who do you think, who gave him that coat?
02:53 His father. His father, his father Jacob
02:58 and were his brothers excited
02:59 that he had a coat of many colors? No, they were
03:01 very angry and they sold him as a slave to Egypt.
03:05 They threw him in a pit and then they sold him
03:08 as a slave, that's right James.
03:10 They sold him as a slave. That's must be so sad.
03:13 Oh, you know here we have cameras and we can take
03:17 pictures of our grandmas and our grandpas and then
03:20 we look at the photos and we say, oh, I just grandma
03:25 and grandpa and you don't miss them so much
03:28 but Joseph didn't have a camera.
03:30 He had been Egypt and he was crying
03:34 what do you think happened to him?
03:35 One time he was a keen.
03:38 Yes, that's because Jesus blessed him but he wasn't
03:41 keen he helped the king of they have Egypt didn't he?
03:45 Pharaoh. Well, Jesus will help us too and
03:49 never leave a symbol even though Joseph was taken
03:51 away from home and he didn't have a picture
03:54 to look at his daddy. He had prayed.
03:59 He prayed and Jesus was with him right.
04:01 That's right James. Can you pray
04:03 and Jesus will be with you too. Yeah.
04:05 We can right, cant we?
04:06 Well, let's fold hands and we are going to pray
04:09 and James will you have a prayer for us?
04:11 Okay, let's close our eyes.
04:14 Dear Jesus, thank you for all you have done
04:18 and thank you for helping everybody in a long time ago
04:23 and thank you for helping Joseph
04:26 and we pray in your name Amen. Amen.
04:31 Always remember that Jesus loves you.
04:41 We are having fun with Miss Cinda.
04:44 In the kitchen. Yeah, yeah.
04:49 Its always fun in the kitchen, isn't it? Yeah.
04:52 Well, we are going to have fun today too.
04:54 We are going to make a book mark.
04:57 How many would like to be have a book read to them.
05:00 Yes, and you like to read a book.
05:03 Do you like to read a book Jaden? Yes. Yes,
05:05 and do you know what a book mark does?
05:07 A book mark keeps your place
05:09 like if you don't get to finish the book
05:11 you can put a book mark in and then you know
05:13 next time you are going to read the book
05:15 where you left off and you know
05:18 what we are gong to do with this book mark?
05:20 What? We are going to give it to our neighbor,
05:22 because our tiny tot neighbor loves to read.
05:26 Oh! Do you think they would like a bookmark?
05:28 Yes. Yes.
05:30 Do you want to make a book mark for someone?
05:32 Yes. Yes, okay, let's get started.
05:36 Boys and girls here is what you will need
05:38 this is a heavy, its just a heavy paper
05:42 and you can have your mommy's or daddy's
05:44 or an adult to help you cut it
05:46 and actually you could cut it in any shape you want.
05:49 But you want to make it about this size
05:51 and then you each have some stickers
05:54 and there are some colored markers and you can draw
05:56 pretty picture on your bookmark.
05:58 You can go ahead and started.
06:01 Go ahead and draw anything you want you can draw a tree,
06:04 you can draw flowers, you can draw a dog.
06:09 Draw on you paper. Yes.
06:10 You want to draw fish? Yes you can use the yellow.
06:14 Miss Cinda, you know we have been talking today
06:17 how Jesus is always with us.
06:20 Jesus is. Want the paper.
06:23 And I know that Dennis was telling me earlier
06:27 that her mommy and daddy take her for a walk.
06:31 Do they? Yes.
06:32 And do they, are they always with you? Yes.
06:34 Oh, do you like walks? Umm! Oh!
06:38 What do you see on your walks? Animals sometimes.
06:41 Big animals? Oh! Wow!
06:43 Ummh, no. Little animals?
06:47 Ummh! Oh! What kind of animals?
06:50 Well, like fish. You see fish on a walk?
06:54 Ummh! You walking in the water? You must be by a pond?
06:56 No, we go down to real ship lake.
07:01 Oh! That's sounds well, boys and girls
07:03 I will bet you like to go for walks too.
07:07 And Jesus is with us when we are scared
07:10 at night too Miss Cinda.
07:14 Does anybody get scared at night? Me. Yeah.
07:15 You do, you don't have to be scared
07:17 because Jesus is with you. Jesus is always with us.
07:21 Cool, Jaden lets do a different color.
07:24 Oh! Let's get some pretty colors.
07:26 Sophia is making a pretty picture here.
07:29 Boys and girls, oh! That is pretty Sophia.
07:32 Boys and girls you can have lots of fun making
07:36 pretty pictures and then when we are all finished,
07:39 we are going to take clear contact papers.
07:42 Is anybody close to being done?
07:45 No, we are going to take, Oh! Watch out
07:48 Oh! You want to take that color?
07:51 Oh! Do you know what color this is?
07:53 Yes. What?
07:55 Its red. That's red
07:57 well its close, this is red and that's orange.
08:00 Orange. Got that. Yes.
08:02 Do you like which one
08:04 do you like better red or orange?
08:06 This one. The red.
08:10 I like purple. And then boys and girls.
08:12 Do you like purple?
08:13 you can take it and this is just clear contact paper
08:16 and you can peel the back off and lay it down
08:19 and then you lay your bookmark on top of it
08:22 and then you take another clear piece of contact paper
08:26 and peel it off and lay that on top
08:29 and press it really good
08:32 and then you have an adult help you cut around it
08:35 and then you put a brief little hole in it
08:38 with a paper punch and put a ribbon in it
08:41 and isn't that a nice bookmark?
08:43 Sophia do a tiny tot. Oh! That's awesome.
08:47 She said it's a TV with tiny tot in it.
08:51 That's really creative Sophia.
08:55 Well, boys and girls anytime you can be in the kitchen,
08:58 whether you are cooking or doing crafts its fun.
09:07 Where is farmer Danny? I don't know.
09:11 Hello, children. Aunty Linda how are you doing? Hi
09:15 Oh! What do you have?
09:16 I got a big dog, here this is I am holding. Wow!
09:20 Now, this is Miss Jeannie's dog
09:23 and she went out of town, she said farmer Danny
09:25 would you dog safe for me and I said I love too.
09:28 So, I brought it to the barn. Does she bite?
09:30 No, not she, he does not bite as Dakota.
09:32 Oh! it's Dakota. It does not bite,
09:34 now, I am glad you asked that aunty Linda.
09:36 Its dog. If you see a dog out
09:38 in the neighborhood don't walk up and pet that dog,
09:44 he is liable to bite you. Now look at here. Oh! Oh! No.
09:46 Is this fine we can pet him?
09:47 You can pet him; you know why you can pet him.
09:49 He is been in the training school.
09:51 Dakota has been to school?
09:53 This dog is smart and he graduated in training school.
09:57 How he does his checks? What are you saying honey?
09:59 Oh! How any checks?
10:02 Well, I tell you what. Hanna can you come over here.
10:04 Go by this, there you go. You go by Aunty Linda.
10:08 Now, let's all take turn pet, isn't it he sweet?
10:10 Look how big he is? What color is, oh!
10:13 he anyway does anybody know? Black, Black,
10:17 And white. And some white and he real saw.
10:22 And some gold color. Oh! It's beautiful.
10:24 It's a big dog, I bet he eats a lot, don't you?
10:27 Oh! Yeah, he eats a lot. Do you guys eat a lot;
10:30 do you eat a lot Joel? You do too. I eat a little bit.
10:35 Well, this is part German Shepard
10:37 and lab and that's why he is so big and he is a very,
10:41 very smart dog. Let's pet him nice.
10:43 Pet him gentle. With your hands like this.
10:46 You know, why he is so big? God designed him that way.
10:50 God designed little dogs and God designed big dogs,
10:54 that's what god wanted and that's what God desided to
10:57 make him a brown and black dog and isn't he beautiful?
11:00 Oh! He is beautiful.
11:02 Hey, does anybody have a dog at home?
11:07 I do, I do have. You do a black one.
11:10 I have black one too. You do.
11:12 Are they bid dogs like Dakota?
11:15 No, they are little dogs ha.
11:18 Do you keep them in the house? Ummh.
11:20 Well, Miss Jeannie, keeps him on the farm
11:23 and she has got lots of animals on her farm.
11:25 He need in and out.
11:26 Well, she lets him play outside,
11:28 he has got chickens to play with and probably cows
11:32 and pigs to play with, how about that?
11:35 And when we go on our walk nature walk,
11:37 we can always ask Miss Jeannie about her animals.
11:40 Yeah, Miss Jeannie, oh! She loves animals.
11:42 She got Dakota when he was this big. Oh!
11:46 And look how big he is now and he is got a brother
11:48 that just big than he is too Aunty Linda.
11:51 Do you think Dakota would like to hear our song?
11:54 I think he will love it, you all want to sing.
11:56 Yes. Let's sing.
12:00 I like to go to the farm when the cows moo, moo.
12:04 I like to go to the farm when the ducks quack, quack.
12:08 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
12:12 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
12:18 Oh! That was beautiful, thank you.
12:19 Oh! He is raising his hand, he likes to go.
12:21 Well, thank you for stop, by and seeing me today.
12:23 Okay. And Dakota.
12:24 Alright. You be careful now.
12:26 Good bye Dakota. Can you say good bye Dakota.
12:29 God bless you all, thank you for coming. Good bye.
12:31 Bye. Bye.
12:36 Oh! That's we don't need this shoe. Yeah.
12:39 Is there anything I can do for your foot, honey?
12:41 No, it hurts, don't bother it. Leave it alone.
12:44 I'm alright. Oh! Vince, but, no, no,
12:46 anything I can get for you. No, no.
12:48 Oh! I just wished the Tiny Tots were here
12:50 they could cheer you up and make you feel better.
12:53 I am alright. I think that might be the Tiny Tots.
12:56 Actually, I hope so. Oh! Alright, let's see.
13:02 Hi. It's the Tiny Tots. Tiny Tots. Come in.
13:06 Mr. Vince, how are you? I am fantastic, you are here.
13:09 Well, we were worried about you. And Mrs. Zella,
13:14 how are you holding up honey?
13:17 I have had to take care of him all day
13:19 but it's a joy to see the Tiny Tots are here.
13:23 Oh! We are glad to be here.
13:25 Mr. Vince, how is your foot? It's too awful, bad.
13:31 Mr. Vince I have a special bookmark for your book.
13:35 Oh! Thank you. I am glad we are friends too.
13:40 She wanted to make that special,
13:41 they were also worried about you.
13:44 Thank you, you are special for me too.
13:46 We have something special for you
13:48 and we hope this will cheer you up.
13:50 I am sure will. Rachel has a special song for you.
13:57 She is going to sing it for you right now.
13:58 Can I hear? Yes. Alright.
14:02 He is able, he is able I know he is able
14:09 I know my Lord is able To carry me true
14:14 He is able, he is able I know he is able
14:20 I know my Lord is able To carry me true
14:25 He use the broken heart And set the captains free
14:30 He made the limb to walk again
14:32 and cause the blind to see,
14:34 because he is able, he is able I know he is able
14:39 I know my Lord is able to carry me true.
14:45 Oh! Thank you. I feel good already.
14:49 Well, we have a special verse
14:50 we would like to say for you.
14:53 I will never leave you. Hebrews 13:5
15:01 And just as Mrs. Zella, will never you and your sick,
15:06 god will never leave you. Amen.
15:09 We have another special song for you right now.
15:14 Mario has something that she would
15:16 like to sing for you. Okay.
15:21 The theme of the Bible is Jesus,
15:26 And how he died to save men.
15:32 The plan of salvation assures us,
15:36 He's coming back again.
15:41 Are you ready for Jesus to come?
15:46 Are you faithful in all that you do?
15:51 Have you fought a good fight;
15:54 Have you stood for the right:
15:56 Have others seen Jesus in you.
16:01 Are you ready to stand in your place?
16:08 Are you ready to look in his face?
16:12 Can you look up and say, "This is my Lord!"
16:20 Are you ready for Jesus to come?
16:26 Are you ready for Jesus to come?
16:33 Oh! Thank you, yeah it was so beautiful.
16:36 Thank you. Yeah.
16:38 Oh! It's been so good to see you Mr. Vincent, Mrs. Zella
16:42 but before we leave Joe has a special prayer
16:46 that he would like to have for you
16:47 will that be okay? Surely.
16:51 Dear Jesus please help Mr. Vince for to feel better
16:56 and Amen. Amen. Amen.
16:58 Well, thank you Joe.
17:02 Now, Mrs. Zella if you need anything
17:04 you give me a call. Oh! Surely.
17:07 And I will run right over here and help you.
17:08 Thank you all.
17:10 And I know Mrs. Zella will help out you.
17:11 So, we will see you. Bye, bye. Bye, bye
17:14 Come again, bye, bye. Now, you will feel better.
17:23 Oh! It's a lovely day for a walk.
17:25 I wonder what we will see today.
17:27 Something may be that Jesus made for us.
17:29 Oh! Oh! Guys be very quite. Very quite.
17:34 Oh! You got to be very quite. Oh!
17:37 See my friend. Oh! It's so cute.
17:40 Do you know what it is? A turkey.
17:42 That's right, it's a turkey.
17:47 See when it was a baby and it's been hand raised.
17:55 Oh! He is so sweet. Do you like him?
18:00 Oh! Yes. So, you just brought him
18:01 on a walk with you?
18:03 I just kind of brought him out so he could get used
18:05 to be in outside and the great out doors.
18:08 Would he let us pet him? Yes. If we
18:11 How about you come one at a time slow, okay.
18:14 Okay, we are slow, who wants to pet it first.
18:16 Can you come one at a time?
18:17 I do. Okay, go ahead. Go real slow.
18:19 It's young and I don't know if it's a boy or a girl yet.
18:22 Okay, you can go. What do you guys think it is?
18:25 You think it's a boy or a girl?
18:26 You can come a little faster, it will be okay.
18:28 We can come a little faster?
18:29 Yeah. You think it's a boy or a girl?
18:31 Oh! He is so sweet.
18:32 I am not sure, what do you think it is?
18:36 You think it's a boy or girl? Oh, a girl.
18:39 You think so? I am hoping. I am hoping it's a girl.
18:43 Oh! He is so cute.
18:44 I like to be pet it right here. Why?
18:47 I don't know it just does. Can we pet the back of him?
18:51 Sure. Ashen you want to,
18:53 go up quite and pet the back of him.
18:55 Do you think he is soft? Yeah.
18:56 He is very, very soft, isn't he?
18:58 I love the way Jesus made him.
18:59 I do too. He is so pretty. Your mom, what?
19:03 My mom said that is gonna pinch you.
19:06 No, he won't pinch you. Oh! He is just looking around.
19:11 Yes, he or she whichever it is.
19:15 It has all kinds of different, see the sun,
19:18 I don't know if you can see but the sunshine makes
19:22 it's feathers shows different colors in
19:24 it's feather rather than black.
19:26 His feathers are falling off. They are falling off,
19:28 oh! That's it's wing. It's kind of worm
19:32 so it's .... oh. Oh! He got yo ...he was...
19:37 Oh! He was trying to get your ponytail.
19:40 Get your ponytail. Kind of scary,
19:45 when he did that, no, he was going to get that,
19:48 it thought that was a flower
19:50 and was going to eat that flower. Good, nerves.
19:54 He thought it was food. He thought it was food?
19:58 May be, May be he thought the yellow was corn.
20:01 Does he make a noise? They go gaba, gaba, gaba.
20:05 But this one is little and it just kind of
20:07 makes pee, pee noises. Like peep, peep?
20:10 Yeah, little bit kind of peep, peep.
20:13 Can you make a noise Asscher.
20:14 And see this little thing on turkey's head.
20:17 What is that? I don't know what it's really called,
20:20 but if it's a boy it will start to hang down
20:24 sometimes it will real long and sometimes it will be
20:26 short but it's a girl that will stay short.
20:28 Oh! So, I am hoping and boys have a beard.
20:32 They do? Yes, the boys have beard
20:35 that comes out of their chest,
20:37 that appear in the front but now it doesn't
20:40 have one yet so I am hoping it's a girl.
20:42 It's a boy or girl? Do you think it's a boy?
20:44 I am hoping it's a girl.
20:46 You wanted it to be a boy Asscher.
20:47 If it's a boy what should we name it? Gabbler?
20:51 Yeah. Yeah, you like that?
20:53 Oh! That's cute. Name it Gabbler?
20:56 I want to name him. Why like stuff there.
21:00 What do you like Novalia?
21:01 That's desperate to eat. What?
21:02 It could eat. A goose? Ummh.
21:04 You want name it a goose? You can't name it a goose
21:07 because it's turkey, we need to name it a turkey name.
21:11 No, that's a goose, a goose is a turkey.
21:15 No, a goose different kind of bird, a goose is a bird
21:18 that lives in the water. Turkeys don't get in
21:21 the water, turkeys can't swim.
21:22 Does he like to be with his friends,
21:24 do you have some other turkeys?
21:25 I have some other turkeys and he likes to be with them.
21:28 And they talk that force, they gaba, gaba, gaba.
21:32 Why this is stuck there?
21:33 Jesus likes to be with these friends?
21:34 That's just what he is eating, that's a corn.
21:36 Oh! You want to get some Asscher and bring it back?
21:38 I am so glad that Jesus made all these
21:42 wonderful things for us to enjoy. Me too.
21:51 Hi boys and girls, we are just getting ready to sing
21:53 our bible verse, you can sing along.
21:58 I will never leave you I will never leave you
22:09 I will never leave you Hebrew 13:5
22:20 That's right. That's right Ella.
22:22 That's I can remember Hebrews 13:5.
22:29 Well, Jesus will never leave us little children because
22:32 he loves them so much and we are going to sing
22:35 a song about that. Little children, little children
22:41 who love their dear Jesus, he is with them
22:47 He is with them. He's loved and he is so.
22:52 Like the stars and the moon He cares for his children
22:59 Twinkled brightly for Jesus These precious little ones.
23:09 Are you singing? She wasn't, she likes,
23:13 do you like singing that.
23:14 Oh! Yes. Oh! Yes.
23:16 Some day Jesus is going to come in a great big cloud
23:22 and come and get all his little children.
23:24 Oh! I can't wait. Oh! We either.
23:26 Isn't that going to be exciting?
23:27 Oh! That will be exciting. Oh! Yeah.
23:28 As look at to go to heaven and live with him for ever.
23:31 I got a little burns when I was cooking
23:34 with my mommy Did you?
23:36 But in heaven you won't get burn.
23:38 No. No. I got burn right now.
23:41 You do, well not in heaven.
23:43 So, we are going to sing a song about that. Let's do.
23:45 We are going to sing lift up the trumpet
23:47 and loud let us ring it.
23:48 Oh! It will be, oh, we got trumpets.
23:50 We are going to make some noise and I am so excited.
23:53 There you go.
23:55 Lift up the trumpet and loud let it ring
23:59 Jesus is coming again Cheer up, you little ones,
24:06 Be joyful and sing! Jesus is coming again
24:13 coming again; coming again Jesus is coming again.
24:23 Let's do it again. Okay. Oh! That was good.
24:28 Okay, this time we will do it again and instead of
24:31 blowing the trumpets, okay, and you can just hold them,
24:33 we are going to have everybody sing
24:35 really loud okay. That's do, okay.
24:43 Lift up the trumpet and loud let it ring
24:44 Jesus is coming again Cheer up you little one,
24:49 Be joyful and sing! Jesus is coming again
24:58 coming again; coming again Jesus is coming again.
25:07 Oh! That is good. I am so glad that Jesus is coming again
25:13 and you know who I love? Who do I love?
25:17 Thank you Ella. Jesus. I know who she loves,
25:19 Whom did she love? Jesus. Jesus
25:21 I love Jesus because he first loved me.
25:26 Okay, let's sing it, well,
25:27 I tell you kids a secret okay. Don't listen Miss Cinda.
25:31 We are going to sing a second part;
25:33 we can ask Miss Cinda, if she loves Jesus, okay.
25:36 Okay. I heard my name. Okay.
25:40 Oh, how I love Jesus, Oh, how I love Jesus,
25:49 Oh, how I love Jesus, Because He first loved me!
25:56 Are you ready? Oh, Miss Cinda do you love Jesus?
26:00 Oh, Yes I love Jesus Are you sure you love Jesus?
26:05 I am sure I love Jesus And why do you love Jesus
26:10 Here is why I love Jesus Because he first loved me
26:16 That's the reason we all have to love him and
26:21 Oh, how I love Jesus Oh, how I love Jesus
26:31 Oh, how I love Jesus Because he first loved me
26:42 Okay, Taylor will you have a pray for us today? Yes.
26:45 Alright, boys and girls you can kneel with us too.
26:51 I will bend my knees I will fold my hands
27:00 I will bow my head I will close my eyes
27:08 And very, very quite be While the pray is said.
27:19 Dear Jesus, thank you for never leaving me,
27:23 I love amen. Amen.
27:27 Oh! That's Mr. Roster and
27:30 that's all the time we have for now.
27:38 Our time together is over So, we will have to go
27:44 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you.
27:50 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you.
27:57 Good bye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:06 where God hears our voice,
28:09 we live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:14 like how he started the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 where God hears our voice.


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