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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:08 hears our voice, we live for him
00:11 around the world, we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world where
00:24 God hears our voice.
00:30 Oh! That was fun going for a walk
00:33 and meeting you by the road.
00:34 Oh! We need the dream. She doesn't it so good
00:39 to be kind to our cats. Let's give you a dream
00:43 sweet little Eleanor, yes. She is so sweet.
00:46 Oh! That was, I got a sit out, alright.
00:55 You made Jesus happy just because you came
01:01 Jesus loves the children everyone the same
01:06 welcome welcome you are welcome Jesus knows
01:10 your name you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:19 Well, Eleanor, we're gonna have lots of fun today.
01:22 And, you're gonna have fun too.
01:24 You can go that around and play and right though
01:27 we have a worship time. Do you like worship time?
01:30 Yes. Yes, come and join us boys and girls.
01:33 We're gonna have fun tonight.
01:34 I love worship, Oh! I do too.
01:40 It's a special time when we can spend
01:43 with our best friend Jesus. That's right.
01:49 Now, I think we can let belly boy ring
01:53 our worship bell. Would you like that?
01:56 Yes. Let's, let's, let's tell them that he can ring it.
01:59 Belly boy you can ring our worship bell.
02:04 He loves to ring the bell, like you know, he get excited.
02:07 Boys and girls sing along with us.
02:11 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
02:15 with our best friend Jesus
02:19 come and worship him Jesus will be near
02:23 smiling when he sees us.
02:28 And Jesus always smiles when he sees his friends.
02:32 And Jesus gave each one of his friends a very,
02:35 very special gift and its called.
02:39 The Holy Bible. The Bible, it's a gift to all of us.
02:44 And we're gonna see what Jesus is telling us
02:46 today and he wants us to learn these verses,
02:50 be kind to one another Ephesians 4:32. Tried it again.
03:02 Be kind to one another Ephesians 4:32.
03:11 I'm thinking of one of Jesus friends in
03:15 the Bible that was very kind to animals.
03:19 Jesus, Jesus. Adam and Eve. Yeah, that's somewhat Jesus
03:25 friends, but this is a lady name Rebecca.
03:30 Rebecca. And, Rebecca was always kind.
03:36 And they've she would see a little animal
03:38 that needed something, she were just going
03:42 and she would give it a piece of bread or,
03:44 or a piece of fruit. She was always good to her animals.
03:49 And, she was good to people. And, one day she
03:52 went to the well. She had up hitcher with her,
03:57 this would pot of water and she would drop it down
04:01 in the well and fill up water with it.
04:04 And then she would carry at home on top of her head.
04:08 Kind of like this, we will it on Lexie's head
04:12 and she would walk back home with a jug on her head.
04:16 Would you hold up on your head Lexie?
04:18 Could you will? You like that, it may be put
04:20 your hands your hands are out. Or because
04:22 we've water in our houses, but she didn't,
04:25 she had to go to a well.
04:27 She's like what doing? She was walking.
04:30 She hold on to it. Yes, she hold on to it.
04:32 Looking that's how she did it. One day,
04:35 she came to the well and what do you think she saw
04:37 she saw at the well. Jesus. No, why do you think
04:42 she saw? Isaac servant. Yes, that was Abraham's
04:49 servant and Isaac was his son, that's right.
04:52 She saw a man there, but she didn't know it was?
04:55 And he had lots of lots of camels.
04:58 Jesus. He had lots of camels. Have you ever seen a camel,
05:02 they drink lots of water. And she saw that they
05:05 were so thirsty, their tongues were just hanging out,
05:10 they were thirsty and she put our jug in the well
05:13 and she filled it up and she get pour in the water out
05:17 and she get pulling at all and tell the camels
05:19 had all the water they wanted and she even
05:21 gave servant some water.
05:23 Oh! And, you know, what the servant to said to her.
05:26 Thank you. Thank you. He said, thank you.
05:29 Do you say thank you, when someone does
05:31 something kind to you. Yes.
05:32 Yes. Yes, we want to all these remember to be kind to
05:36 animals, don't we? And the kind to people and what about
05:40 our moms and daddies, should be kind to our mommies
05:42 and our daddies. Yes. Yes, what about our grandmas and
05:45 grandpas. Yes. Yes, and we're kind to belly
05:49 boy and Mr. Wiggles that's right. Or we're gonna have
05:53 a little prayer right now. So, boys and girls
05:55 lets fold our hands. Thank you, Kerry you're being
06:00 kind and helping me put me jug away, thank you.
06:02 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
06:07 Dear, Jesus help us to be kind to one another
06:12 like you're to us in Jesus name, amen.
06:16 Amen. Amen. And Jesus is happy, when we're kind
06:19 always remember that Jesus loves you.
06:25 I thought he loves Jesus too.
06:27 I do too. I do too. I love Jesus.
06:38 We're in the kitchen with Ms. Cinda
06:39 had as we're having fun. We're, do you know
06:43 what we're talking about today.
06:44 Yes. We're talking about being kind to others.
06:47 Are you guys nice to others.
06:49 Yes. Yes. You tried. Do you try to be kind to others?
06:54 Yes. You do? Yes, I do. Well, I want you to
06:57 remember to be nice to other. So, look what we're making.
07:00 Jadon look, what on here. Do you know what this says?
07:06 Be. Be that's right. Nice. Nice. To, others, others.
07:13 And, then what today put on here to make it pretty.
07:16 That is the. Look at boys and girls, do you can make
07:20 one, two, you can get your mommies or daddies
07:23 or an adult to help you make one. Okay,
07:26 could you can started on yours. Well,
07:28 I tell the boys and girls how to make it.
07:30 Okay, Jadon want to get your butterflies on here.
07:33 And, and your letters. Boys and girls,
07:36 this is just a, you can either get a cardboard
07:39 or a heavy piece of felt, and then you
07:42 can cut out some letters and make it be nice to others
07:46 or you can even take a magic marker and
07:49 just write it on there, if you would like.
07:51 And then you can decorated anyway you like.
07:54 And then you can put a little hang around it and
07:58 you can hang it up. So, that you'll remember every time
08:01 you seek to be nice to others.
08:03 Or you could give it to something and that
08:06 would be nice too. I filled it out.
08:08 Oh! It's stuck, we will let me, help you.
08:10 Wow! We will take the bag, these are nice dickey one.
08:14 So, we don't have to use a lot of glue there you go Jadon.
08:16 Where did you put to see? Would you like me to help
08:20 you? Yeah. Ms. Cinda I try to be nice to others,
08:23 when my neighbor, she hasn't feeling very well.
08:26 I made her some pudding ticket to her.
08:28 Oh! It's that nice. How do you kids be nice to others?
08:33 Kerry are you nice to others?
08:35 Yes. What do you do to be nice to others?
08:39 Do you help your mommy? Yes. And, do you playing nice
08:44 with your sister. Yes. Do you, what about you to do to
08:49 be nice to others? sometimes.
08:58 That's good. Are you nice to others Jadon.
09:01 No. Sometimes or may or maybe not,
09:04 but are you try to be nice.
09:06 Make it health ministry. But you try to be nice,
09:11 yes don't you. Jonathan do, what can you do
09:16 to be nice to others.
09:17 I will be nice to others. Oh! That's nice.
09:22 And you're nice to your baby aren't you?
09:24 Yeah. That's an E. Let's put that down here for be Nice.
09:30 You know, I think it makes Jesus happy,
09:33 when we treat others kind. It does,
09:36 how about if I had do it, sticky isn't it?
09:38 You can put this one on. Boys and girls,
09:40 anytime you can be in the kitchen it's fun. It is.
09:51 Children are you sitting like Farmer Danny ask you to.
09:58 Yes. Look, it what farmer Danny has.
10:02 Oh! He has gotta surprise. Oh! And here is the surprise,
10:05 look at my beautiful bird. Oh! Oh! I'm so proud
10:10 of this bird. This is a female peacock.
10:14 Is it pretty? Yes. You think, it's nice.
10:17 Look at the colors on the female.
10:19 It feels good. Is it soft and silky?
10:22 Where did you get it? Samuel. Well, this is a miracle bird.
10:25 Oh! A miracle. When this bird was nothing more
10:28 than egg, it's mama disappeared.
10:32 Oh! And I thought what I want to do,
10:35 so went out to the Barn yard and I found
10:38 my favorite hymn Sally. And, I have brought Sally
10:41 into the Barn there. Put the egg on her sally.
10:44 And, look what I got when the egg hatched.
10:47 Wow! Sally was a good mummy. Well, I call her SuperMathan
10:53 because she is so beautiful. That's a SuperMathan
10:55 yeah. That's her name. Don't you think
10:57 God done a good job and designing SuperMathan?
11:00 Oh! I love how Jesus makes the animals and the birds.
11:03 Now, the male peacock is sort of blue
11:06 here and he is got a long tail.
11:08 Now, look at the feed have been I being
11:11 feeding SuperMathan by hand.
11:12 She just love that feed, but sometimes
11:16 I let right on the Barn yard and she goes
11:19 out and eats worms.
11:21 Oh! Disgusting. Disgusting, and didn't he goes
11:28 and digs out the bugs, and now then are you listening?
11:34 Now and then the little snake goes
11:37 through the Barnyard; she will run it down
11:40 and eat it. A nasty, old scaly, old snake.
11:45 that's sounds nasty, but she learn for taste
11:48 of the snake. Now, let me put SuperMathan
11:51 down right here. Oh! Nice and general an we're going to
11:53 see, what she is going to do. Now, look at the string
11:56 I got you know, why I got this string. It's a
11:58 soft string too. Well, I don't want to hurt SuperMathan.
12:01 And I'm gonna try my best, here let me had this string to
12:04 keep right the corn field, look what she is doing there.
12:07 She is eating. She just as loves that.
12:09 Now, when she see catches a worm,
12:12 we're going gets to eat a worm,
12:13 but I hope she is stick with a feed don't you?
12:16 Me too. Look at that, isn't that beautiful though,
12:19 but don't have shorter tail this.
12:21 What is that mean? Well, that's a female.
12:23 Now, the males tails goes way out,
12:25 and you got some beautiful colors or we look at
12:29 that wings. Well, SuperMathan would you like to
12:33 you hear our song. I bet she would listening
12:36 the song. What do you say kids?
12:37 Yeah. I like to go to the farm,
12:43 where the cows mow, mow.
12:46 I like to go to the farm, where ducks quack, quack.
12:50 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
12:53 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
13:00 Oh! That was pretty. Oh! You done that's a good job.
13:03 Thank you, so much. Thank you. Thank you, for coming kids.
13:05 Oh! Thank you, Farmer Danny. Well, I know, I know.
13:08 Bye, bye. Okay, I will take your. Bye, now
13:09 I will take you care Hannah Oh! thank you for coming here
13:12 Oh! Bye, bye. God bless you. Bye and see you to end.
13:25 Zella, what you got there. I made specially some cookies.
13:30 Eat all those cookies. I know, but I make extra
13:35 special batch for our Tiny Tots just in case
13:39 our Tiny Tots may come over today.
13:43 Who is that? Oh! It maybe the Tiny Tots, let's see.
13:51 Hi. Tiny Tots. How are you feeling today?
13:58 Much better, much better. Oh! Good we love to here that.
14:02 Is it good thank you sweetie. You must have been thanking.
14:04 You got a present for me? Yeah. Oh! Thank you, very,
14:11 very much. I appreciate it. He worked hard on it.
14:15 I can tell. You can sit beside me, you and Mrs. Zella.
14:18 I want to sit on one of the stool.
14:19 You can sit right by Aunty Linda and Mrs. Zella.
14:23 Alright, we're so glad to see that you're feeling better.
14:31 I am feeling much better. Well, we've a special
14:36 something for you. What do you think, it could be the day?
14:39 I love whatever it could be. Now, close your eyes,
14:44 close your eyes, Mrs. Zella. Keep them shut,
14:50 keep them shut. They are shut.
14:52 When you hear something, you can open it.
15:00 Oh, Mario, Wow! Mario.
15:07 In moments like these, I sing out a song,
15:15 I sing out a love song to Jesus.
15:23 In moments like these, I lift up my hands,
15:31 I lift up my hands to the Lord.
15:38 Singing I love You Lord, singing I love You Lord,
15:57 Singing I love You, Lord I love You.
16:06 Amen, very good. Thank you. Did you like your surprise?
16:11 I love it. Yes. Thank you. And we've a special verse
16:16 for you. Be kind to one another Ephesians 4:32.
16:28 Oh! Beautiful. Very good. And, that's what they're
16:33 trying to do everyday is to be kind to one another.
16:36 Yes. Thank you, very much. And, I've a special
16:40 surprise for you all today. So, she. For us too.
16:44 Sunshine into your homes today.
16:47 I've a special surprise for you all.
16:50 Oh! Thank you. I've an extra batch of cookies.
16:54 Well, thank you. That, that is got something,
16:56 I make something special for you.
16:58 So, we just take and when we leave.
16:59 Yes. Oh! Thank you. Before we leave,
17:04 could we have a prayer for you and Mrs. Zella.
17:06 Sure. Alright, we're gonna ask Kerry to pray for us today.
17:10 Boys and girls let's close our eyes and fold our hands.
17:17 Dear Jesus since we have new neighbors and I hope
17:19 you bless them. Amen. Amen.
17:21 Thank you, we do pray that you will be blessed.
17:24 Oh! Yes. Well, thank you, for the cookies that
17:26 was so sweet like you. Bye, bye. Bye, bye.
17:31 Bye, bye. Come again, bye, bye. come again.
17:42 You guys look, isn't this a pretty tree.
17:45 Yes. And this is too. Do you know what
17:48 kind of tree this is? No. It's an Elm tree.
17:53 Elm tree. Right and what about this one.
17:57 It's a White Pine. White Pine.
18:00 Good, good. You're right. How can we know this is
18:02 a White Pine? This one, well this one
18:04 has needles, it's vim, it's little
18:07 things look like needle. And each one has five needles.
18:11 That's right. And this one has leaves.
18:14 Okay, the pine, smell of the pine, smell it.
18:19 Do I. Okay, okay. That's smell is good.
18:26 Isn't good smell, good? Yes, now feel it.
18:29 Does it feel funny? A nature thing.
18:32 You got to feel it. Oh, great, they are so
18:36 tickle, they tickles, tickles, yeah,
18:41 that's from the needles. Now, feel the leaves.
18:45 Oh! Feel the leaves. They feel different, to my hand,
18:50 And what underneath they've little ribs on them.
18:54 They look like a little bumpy ribs.
18:56 Alright. That's just away God made them.
18:59 Ms. Jennie, I like it when the leaves way and the
19:02 trees and we can do like this. The trees are swing,
19:05 can you make your trees swing, yes.
19:08 That could be. Good. I know, and they, and the
19:13 trees give us shade and they give us houses for
19:16 birds to put their nests in. And they give us a fresh
19:21 air, isn't that wonderful? And, do you know what
19:25 else the point tree gives us.
19:27 What? It gives us pine corn.
19:29 Pine corn. There is a pine tree, let you
19:32 go quick and find some. Let's go and quick find some.
19:39 Common pine corns. Look at them.
19:43 Oh! There is. Wow! I found one.
19:49 That's not. Some over there.
19:52 Yeah, some over here too. Look how big they are.
19:57 These are nice. Wow! What tree do you think
20:02 these came from? A pine tree.
20:05 That's right. Where is the pine tree?
20:09 Right. Right there? Right there.
20:12 Let's do with them, That's right.
20:15 Aren't they neat. They're, they don't smell or do they.
20:20 No, they don't smell. Do they have a
20:23 top in the bottom? Yes. What do you guys
20:27 think at the top? Show me, which point is the top?
20:30 Yeah, you're right that's the top.
20:32 And what does this do. Where was just that?
20:36 It hooked to the tree. Yeah. That's where it hooked
20:40 to the tree, that's right. Right in there and then
20:45 when it gets ready, it falls up the tree.
20:49 And do you know what you can do with these?
20:51 What? Some people put them in the fire place and
20:55 burn them to make a look pretty and smell good.
20:57 Oh! And then you know what else?
20:59 What? Another thing you can do, is you can take it
21:03 and roll it in peanut butter. Peanut butter.
21:11 Peanut butter. Yeah, fun. You put peanut butter all
21:15 in here and then you know, what you do?
21:17 What? You take it and you're roll it and roll it
21:20 and roll it and put this. Okay, lets pretend to my
21:23 pretty peanut butter on it.
21:24 And, put peanut butter on it, all over it.
21:27 Can you roll it in the seeds?
21:29 Roll it in the seeds. And, now then we take it
21:33 up side and we can hang it in a tree or we consider
21:38 outside and the birds can come and eat it.
21:41 And, then it can be birth food for the bird.
21:45 And, the squirrels probably too.
21:46 I think the squirrels would like to come here
21:48 and eat the little stuff too, don't you?
21:50 You think, how do the little squirrels go.
21:54 You think couldn't be eaten, eaten, eaten.
21:56 I have got they look. I guess pull hard.
21:59 You think so, pull hard. I think that need that
22:02 there have so many things you can do with it.
22:04 It's nice, isn't it? I love pine corn.
22:08 I do too. I think they're so pretty.
22:10 Alright put them in the basket and my house just
22:12 to like pretty. That's right. You could
22:13 just using for decorations, wouldn't
22:15 they would be pretty. Well, let's put them all the pine.
22:17 Right. And, I will tell you what we do it in the basket.
22:20 Right. Just so it would be, that tell it
22:21 would look at our basket. Oh! It would be very
22:24 pretty all our basket. Do you know, Jesus made
22:27 so many wonderful things for us to enjoy.
22:30 Yes, he did I'm so glad that Jesus gave us all
22:33 these wonderful things for us, all to
22:36 enjoy, isn't that right. Well, I think, I will take
22:38 some back with me and just leave him up here.
22:41 What happened? I poked my finger,
22:43 it will poke, just, well you have to be careful,
22:45 be careful, with them don't we,
22:47 I'll carry him for you Ms. Jennie because then
22:48 you can have, thank you, some for your house.
22:49 Oh! That would be wonderful, thanks guys.
22:52 Oh! This is fun, wonderful.
22:55 God gave us so much good stuff.
22:58 Okay, common. Let's we will have the
23:00 Jennie carry that, and we're gonna carry that.
23:09 Let's sing our memory verse.
23:10 Okay. You can join us, boys and girls.
23:15 Be kind to one another. Be kind to one another.
23:25 Be kind to one another. Ephesians 4:32.
23:35 That's right aunty too. Okay. Aunty Linda, is
23:39 that mean more suppose to be kind to everybody.
23:42 Are we boys and girls. Yes. Yes, everyone.
23:48 Jesus wants us to be kind. I mean, we're kind,
23:52 we're happy. Yes. And, Jesus will help us to
23:56 be loving and then you what he is gonna do for
23:58 all his children. He is gonna take
24:01 them to heaven with him. Oh! So, lets get a sing a
24:04 song about that, be happy.
24:07 Be happy, be kind, be loving, be truth
24:13 Are we to in heaven, and they've next door to you.
24:19 Oh! I like that song. Oh! I would, I would love
24:23 to live next door all of you. Some day we will get you.
24:26 I want to live by Jesus. Me too, I wanna be like Jesus.
24:31 I wanna be like Jesus. Now, there is a little song
24:33 that we're gonna sing, okay, it's called be like
24:35 Jesus this my song in the home and everywhere.
24:41 Everywhere, okay. Everybody lets sing.
24:43 Be like Jesus this my song in the home and everywhere.
24:52 Be like Jesus all day Lord, I would be like Jesus.
25:03 Let's sing that one more time.
25:06 And you join us boys and girls.
25:07 So, I because I love that song.
25:09 I do too. Do you know, when you try to be like
25:12 Jesus, it does make you happy, doesn't he?
25:15 And that makes me happy too and there is some else
25:19 that it makes happy, who Jesus.
25:22 That's right. So, let sing it again, boys and girls.
25:26 Be like Jesus this my son in the home and everywhere.
25:36 Be like Jesus all day Lord, I would be like Jesus.
25:47 And Jesus friends, when they are like him
25:50 and singing and happy. Let sing.
25:52 So, we're gonna sing a song about that to how
25:54 remind us, how we can be like Jesus, okay.
25:58 Singing, singing all the day with my friends,
26:05 with my friends Singing, singing all the
26:10 day with my best friends Jesus.
26:15 One more time. Singing, singing all the
26:20 day with my friends, with my friends
26:25 Singing, singing all the day with my best friends Jesus.
26:34 And, we can also talk to our best friend Jesus.
26:37 And we're gonna do that right now boys and girls.
26:40 So, it has we prayer song. You can kneel down with
26:43 this, okay. And, you can sing along.
26:46 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
26:55 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes, and very,
27:05 very quite be what the prayer is said.
27:13 Dear, Jesus you're so good and kind.
27:18 And we love you Jesus, we want to be
27:21 just like you, amen. Amen. Amen.
27:26 That's Mr. Roster and that's all
27:28 of the time we've for now.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:42 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:47 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Good bye.


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