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Jesus Friends Make Others Happy

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:09 hears our voice, we live for him and around the
00:12 world we spread love and joy like clouds starts the
00:17 rainbow we're shining like the rainbow,
00:21 we are Tiny Tots around the world where
00:24 God hears our voice
00:28 What are you doing, Aunty Linda?
00:29 apron. She is very busy
00:33 in the kitchen you know. Look the boys and girls
00:35 are here, Oh! they are. Sing with this us
00:39 Boys and Girls.
00:43 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:48 Jesus loves the children everyone the same
00:53 Welcome, welcome you are welcome Jesus
00:57 knows your name, you made Jesus
01:00 happy just because you came.
01:06 I am excited because it's worship time, and I love
01:09 worship time. Do you love worship time boys
01:12 and girls? Yes.
01:14 Come on in. We are going to have worship,
01:17 Oh! Eleanor is sleeping. We will be quiet.
01:23 Billy boy, I brought your friends. Brook, and Avery,
01:30 and James and James is whistling to you.
01:36 You like to be singing don't you Billy Boy.
01:41 Well, we got to say hi to Mr. Wiggles too.
01:44 So, you just go ahead and you just, you can may
01:47 be bring the worship bell later.
01:49 Well, we will call you. Hi, Mr. Wiggles.
01:52 It's so nice to see you. Look at him. Isn't he
01:56 sweet? Yeah.
01:57 Well, let's go and have worship Mr. Wiggles is just
02:01 thinking about having another bite of food.
02:05 Oh! Have I missed worship have I?
02:08 No, you are just in time. Oh, good. Thank you for
02:12 fixing my apron Aunty Linda.
02:14 You are welcome. I was glad to do that for you.
02:24 Wasn't that nice that she fixed my apron for me?
02:25 Well, it's time to sing our song, our worship song.
02:26 Oh yeah, Oh yeah. So, let's ask Billy Boy.
02:28 Billy Boy you can ring our worship bell.
02:35 Sing with us boys and girls. Worship bells are sweet,
02:41 calling us to meet, with our best friend Jesus.
02:47 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near,
02:51 smiling when he sees us.
02:56 Jesus always smiles when he sees us.
02:59 Brook, would you, can pick up my special book
03:02 there? Does any body know what my special book is?
03:05 The Holy Bible. It's the Holy Bible,
03:09 Holy Bible, always take it and we carry it,
03:10 carefully. You can just hand me the whole Bible
03:12 carefully, okay Aunty will open it. Just hand me the
03:15 whole Bible, that's right. Whose book is this?
03:20 Jesus, Jesus. This is Jesus book,
03:24 and upright there are pages in it, lot's of pages
03:26 because he brought us lot of letters.
03:29 There is quite special first that I want to teach
03:31 you, and it's found in Proverbs 14:21.
03:35 Proverbs 14:21. He who has mercy,
03:41 He who has mercy, on the poor,
03:44 happy is he. We are happy when we
03:50 make other people happy, don't we.
03:53 Just like Aunty Linda made me happy when she
03:55 fixed my apron. Miss Cinda I wonder if
04:02 you and Avery, and James and Brook can tell
04:06 me what our Bible story is about.
04:10 Well, I didn't get it. Give us a hint.
04:12 Okay, it's a lady that was always fixing things
04:16 for other people. I know. Who? I know.
04:21 I know, I know. Who? What?
04:23 Daddy, oh, Dorcas. Dorcas, yes, and Dorcas
04:30 would see little children and they'd have holes in
04:33 their clothes and sometimes she would see
04:37 that they were lonely off by themselves,
04:39 and she would just pull them over by here and she
04:41 would smile at them, and they'd smile back
04:43 like James is smiling at me, so the Bible, and
04:46 that would make James happy, and she would
04:49 look and she would say, oh! are you feeling
04:52 okay today? And she would sing
04:55 him a song or play a game. But, one day
04:59 something happened to her. What do you think
05:00 happened to Dorcas? She got sick.
05:02 She got really sick. Have you ever been sick?
05:05 Yeah. I did.
05:07 You have been sick. You don't feel good when you
05:09 are sick, do you? Do you go to bed when you are
05:14 sick? Yes. Yeah.
05:15 Well, I did it. You did. We sing over.
05:17 What we sing all day? I had medicine everyday.
05:19 You had to have medicine. Well the medicine
05:21 didn't help Dorcas and she, it did help me,
05:25 it helped you, I am glad it did Avery,
05:27 and Dorcas she died. Oh, My Lord.
05:32 You know that well one of the disciples name
05:36 Peter came and prayed for her and she rose up
05:44 off her bed and she went back to helping all
05:45 kinds of people and making them happy again.
05:47 Isn't that wonderful? Let's thank Jesus and ask
05:51 him to always help us to make other people happy,
05:55 okay. Just fold your hands and close our eyes
05:58 boys and girls. Dear Jesus we thank you so much
06:05 that you always make us happy, and help us to
06:07 make others happy too. Jesus name Amen.
06:11 Amen. Always remember that Jesus loves you.
06:21 Yeah. We are in the kitchen with Miss. Cinda
06:25 and we are having fun. We are and you know what
06:29 makes me happy, to Dorothy, when we do stuff
06:32 for others and that's what we are talking about
06:35 today. Jesus wants us to do things for others.
06:39 So, today I am going to have you make this.
06:42 Look at this. One, two, three.
06:46 That's right and this is a little bag that's got some
06:50 note cards in it, and say want it to for two,
06:53 and you know what I want you do Jaden when you
06:56 make your little bag. No. I want you to give it
06:58 to someone special to make them happy.
07:02 I want to give it to my mom.
07:03 You want to give it your mom. That would be
07:05 really nice about. I want to give to her.
07:08 You want, Sophia, Sophia. Yes, I want.
07:11 Do you know who you want to give yours to?
07:14 Come, come on. Oh, you think about it,
07:16 okay. You will think of someone really special
07:19 you might wanna give it to. So, you each have,
07:22 my mummy, you each have some puffy paint,
07:25 and what we are going to do is decorate it.
07:27 So, you can open your puffy paint and then make
07:30 a pre-design on it, you know squeeze it out like
07:33 this. Do you want me to help you Sophia?
07:35 Would you help me do it? Oh, I will help you too.
07:38 See you can make a design, look at Novalia,
07:40 and boys and girls you can get your mommies and
07:43 daddies or an adult to help you.
07:45 Okay, make a pretty design all over it, yeah let's,
07:48 and then when you are finished with that color,
07:50 you can do a different color, and then we just
07:53 took some little note cards to put inside and
07:56 you know, it really does make Jesus happy when we
07:59 do things for others, doesn't it? Can you guys
08:02 think of something you can do to make someone
08:04 happy? What can you do Isabel?
08:08 I don't know how? You don't know how,
08:09 let me help you. Oh! You are doing a great job.
08:13 Oh! Yes. I think you are going to make your mommy
08:16 happy when you give her this. I think it makes
08:20 their mummies happy when they pick up their toys.
08:23 I will bet it does. Is there something you can do
08:25 to make your mommy happy? You will play with
08:29 your sister, nice, I, stuck, you play nice, yes,
08:37 and you pick up your toys. There is a pretty
08:39 blue for you. Oh, would you like a different color?
08:43 Jaden gave this for his brother, Miss. Cinda,
08:44 pretty good, you did, I can do, I can do it.
08:47 Alright, boys and girls, can you think of
08:50 something you can do to make others happy.
08:52 I will bet you can. I bet you can think of
08:54 something really special. You can may be,
08:59 I've drawn this one. Do you know what I think
09:01 I am going to do with this one? You know
09:04 boys and girls what I am going to do with this one?
09:07 I am going to give it to our tiny tot neighbor.
09:10 I think that would make them special. Why don't we
09:13 do that today? That's sound fine.
09:16 This is not working? Would you like me to help
09:19 you? Yes, absolutely.
09:20 Oh, let's take the lid off, there now, oh you
09:23 doing a good job. Jaden, you're making a
09:27 pretty one. Isn't it fun? Are you kids having fun
09:30 making something for others? Yes.
09:33 Boys and girls anytime in the kitchen is fun.
09:43 Bow Jangles, I am still excited today. I have
09:45 got my children to come by to see farmer Danny,
09:48 and they are so excited to see you. I sorted have
09:51 been telling them about you.
09:52 Farmer Danny, and there they are, farmer Danny.
09:55 Hi, children. This is my buddy, I have been
09:58 telling you about. Come on around here kids,
10:01 yeah come on around here to farmer Danny.
10:03 I want you to grab a brush. Bow loves to be
10:05 brushed. There's yours sweetheart. Oh, there you
10:08 go, get brushed. Can you hold on to that
10:09 Bowjangles? Oh! yeah. Hey,
10:11 Aunty Linda would you like to brush?
10:13 Oh, sure you want to help me.
10:15 Isn't he beautiful? Oh! He is so cute.
10:20 Yeah. Now, Bow is 14 years old.
10:22 Oh, that is old. Hey, Samuel how old are
10:26 you? Three.
10:28 Three years old, oh! my. Now brush him good now.
10:31 How old are you, Novalia? Are you three?
10:35 Are you three years old? Yeah, you are not three,
10:38 are you four? Yeah.
10:40 She is four years old. Hey. How old are you sweetie?
10:44 I am two. You two,
10:45 you are two years old, wow, hey, that's big.
10:49 Samuel, what do you think mother Berry likes to
10:51 eat, two, and hey one time I was two.
10:55 One time he was two, two. What do you think
10:57 about is beard kids? Look at there. Will you want to
11:00 brush his beard just a little bit Samuel,
11:02 oh good job? I want to brush him.
11:04 You want to brush him. Oh, yeah, yes. Oh, good.
11:06 Well, what does Mr. Bowjangles, like to eat?
11:10 Well, Aunty Linda he loves corn,
11:13 Corn! But, he loves grass too.
11:15 I will send him out of the Back Pastor, he is of
11:16 course, and he will just eat all day long if I
11:18 don't bring him in, yeah. Can I get this little part?
11:22 Hey, Samuel why don't you rub his horns,
11:23 here just a little bit. Can you rub his horns a little
11:26 bit? Oh, wow, let's see if we can get this cay off
11:28 from his legs. Okay, good thank you. Okay, oh,
11:29 he moved. Hey, is that nice and smooth? Yeah.
11:32 What color is on there? Can you see some colors?
11:34 Oh! wow? Great. Shall we see and get this
11:36 part, let see if we can get this part.
11:38 Let's get her hand. Oh, good. Oh, yes.
11:41 Okay, see if you can brush him a little bit
11:42 more, can you wash him down here a little bit;
11:43 it seems he really likes it.
11:45 Hey, I didn't get the answer what that red is
11:47 on his horn, do you know where that is from?
11:49 That's from the barn. He loves the butt his
11:52 head on the barn. Yes, oh wow, yeah, and feel
11:57 how thick his fur is, Samuel you can rub your
12:00 fingers across his forehead.
12:01 Oh, isn't that big? What's that?
12:03 You said all he eats his corn, well, and grass.
12:07 No, Aunty Linda he loves to eat paper.
12:12 I like to eat paper. He likes to eat paper too.
12:16 I like to write on paper, but I don't like
12:18 to eat it. That's right. May be we shouldn't
12:19 being paper, but goat's like to eat paper.
12:22 Oh, wow. I do.
12:23 He loves you scratch his head right there.
12:25 Can you do that? Oh! Can you scratch
12:27 him dear? He likes that. Oh, he just loves that.
12:29 Can you scratch him dear? He likes to, scratch him
12:30 right here, scratch him right here. Oh! he loves
12:33 that. Samuel, how about that beard? Scratch,
12:34 scratch, scratch it. Do you have beard, do you?
12:35 We will scratch it. We will scratch him.
12:36 Can you rub your fingers to that beard?
12:38 We are scratching him, we are scratching him.
12:42 Do you like that Mr. Bow Jangles?
12:46 I think, you like Mr. Bowjangles, it feels good.
12:48 Well, I know Bowjangles loves you.
12:51 Scratch, scratch, scratch I love the way Jesus
12:53 made Mr. Bowjangles. Farmer, what is that for?
12:54 Oh, he designed him so beautiful.
12:56 Oh, farmer what is this for?
12:58 This is a leach, so I can lay him around the
12:59 farmyard. Yeah. Wow, do you think he
13:02 like to hear our song? Do you think he like your
13:04 song? Bow, would you like to hear a song?
13:07 We will see. Alright. Well, let's sing.
13:09 What do you say?
13:11 I like to go to the farm where the cows mow, mow,
13:15 I like to go to the farm where the ducks
13:18 quack, quack, I like to go to the farm,
13:21 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
13:25 And learn of Jesus. Oh! Thank you for
13:30 coming by to see Bow today. Bye.
13:33 Thank you Mr. Bowjangles, for letting us
13:35 have pet you, and thank you farmer Danny.
13:38 Okay. Okay, let's go. Bye, bye.
13:41 Take care farmer Danny. Oh, I take care about my
13:42 kid, a sweet, do you ever saw? Bye, Sweetheart.
13:44 God bless you. Bye, bye.
13:46 Come back and see you soon.
13:51 Where are the Tiny Tots, should have been here by
13:53 now? Vince, why are you doing all the pacing,
13:56 honey? The Tiny Tots. I miss them, should have
13:57 been here by now, where are they?
13:59 They will be here to see you.
14:01 I want them now. Where are they Mrs. Tiny Tots?
14:03 Just have a seat honey, and they will be here.
14:05 Alright, alright. That's the knock, I bet.
14:08 See they are here to see us.
14:12 Hi, hey it's the Tiny Tots, Tiny Tots,
14:16 how are you? How are you?
14:19 I thought you've come to see me.
14:21 We love to come and see you.
14:26 Can I stand there? You can stand back.
14:29 Okay. Alright, we can share, can't we?
14:33 Oh, we are learning to share. Well, we have
14:37 something special. Do you want to give
14:39 Mr. Vince a special surprise?
14:42 Here, Mr. Vince. Oh! Thank you, thank you,
14:45 thank you. Did you see what it says on the
14:47 front? Be happy, aren't happy when you are
14:51 around Tiny Tots. Yes. It's wonderful.
14:54 Well, we aren't happy when we can see you too,
14:55 and Rachel has something for Ms. Zella.
14:58 Oh! Beautiful flowers, my favorite.
15:02 She picked them herself. Thank you, Rachel.
15:07 And they need some water.
15:10 Yes, yes. Well, I have to put some water at them.
15:13 Well, Rachel has something else for you.
15:15 don't you? A special song,
15:19 song, alright, she is going to sing it for you now.
15:22 Is that alright? Oh, yes. Alright.
15:26 Lord I lift your name on high,
15:30 Lord I love to sing your praises,
15:34 I am so glad you are in my life,
15:38 I am so glad you came to save us.
15:42 You came from Heaven to Earth to show the way,
15:47 From the Earth to the cross, my debt to pay,
15:52 From the cross to the grave,
15:55 from the grave to the sky,
15:57 Lord I lift your name on high,
16:01 Lord I lift your name on high.
16:06 That is very good, thank you, thank you, thank you.
16:09 Thank you so much to show way to Vince in the
16:10 heart. here is something about songs that when we
16:14 sing them it just makes us happy. Yes.
16:18 Well, Mariel, you have a special song today too
16:22 for them, don't you?
16:25 Earthly pleasures vainly call me;
16:30 I would be like Jesus; Nothing worldly shall
16:36 me; I would be like Jesus. Be like Jesus,
16:44 this my song, In the home and in the throng;
16:50 Be like Jesus, all day long!
16:55 I would be like Jesus.
17:02 Thank you, amen, thank you, thank you, amen.
17:04 Tiny Tots have become so special to us.
17:07 You are special to us too, and it's just such a
17:11 privilege to come and visit you and spent time
17:13 in your home and we hope that you will
17:16 come and see us sometime too.
17:17 Oh, yes. Sure we will.
17:19 You are always welcome. But, before we go,
17:22 can we just leave a prayer with you?
17:24 Sure. Yes. Alright, let's just pull
17:26 our hands and close our eyes. Okay,
17:30 let's close our eyes. Dear Jesus we are so
17:35 thankful for our neighbors Mr. Vince,
17:39 and Ms. Zella. Please bless them in a special
17:43 way today. Thank you so much for sharing
17:47 your good friends with us. In Jesus name
17:50 Amen. Amen. And we think of you as
17:54 our good friends. Oh, thank you.
17:57 Thank you Aunty Linda. Well, we are going to
17:59 hurry, we are going to hurry along right now
18:00 because we got some other things to do,
18:02 but we will see you. Yeah.
18:04 Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Bye, bye.
18:06 Bye, bye, come again. Bye, bye.
18:07 God bless you guys.
18:10 Bye, bye. Good. Bye, bye.
18:17 Well it's a beautiful day today.
18:19 Aunty can we play? Okay.
18:22 Play tag again. Yes we can play tag. Alright,
18:25 as you are on white shoe you know while you
18:27 be it. Okay. Alright everybody run, oh yes.
18:31 Oh, no. Oh, my God, catching you.
18:41 You are too far. Oh, oh!
18:48 What are you guys doing? Oh, we were playing tag.
18:52 Oh, that's a good thing to do.
18:54 Today is a good day for tag.
18:55 Would you, by the pond? Yes I was.
18:57 What do you have Miss. Jeannie? Come and see.
19:01 Alright. Okay, bend here. What is that?
19:05 Does anyone know what it is?
19:06 It's a turtle. It's a turtle.
19:10 You are right it's a turtle, and oh, I bumped his head.
19:18 He, what colors do you see? Brown and black.
19:22 Brown and black, and isn't that kind of an orange?
19:26 No, yeah. Yeah, on his front legs,
19:28 and this is kind of a yellow, isn't it?
19:32 Oho, kind of like a red. Yeah, kind a.
19:35 Is he a boxer turtle? No, he is a terrapin.
19:39 That's why terrapin turtles have a big hump
19:42 and if you see a turtle don't bother it unless
19:46 there is an adult to help you
19:47 because he has very sharp jaws,
19:51 and if he want to, he can really hurt you.
19:53 But, there is another type of turtle who has a flat
19:56 shell, and he is called a Snapping Turtle.
20:01 Oh, has he snaps? Yeah, because,
20:04 I have a Snapping Turtle too in my house.
20:06 Did you? They have very sharp jaws,
20:09 and they can bite your finger off, what?
20:12 We had a snapping turtle at our house that came
20:17 all the way up to our stay our porch.
20:22 Oh, wow. Really! That's kind of scary.
20:24 I am scared of those kind. I want, you should not mess
20:27 with those kinds at all. That's not good,
20:29 because they can really, really hurt you,
20:30 they can actually bite your finger off.
20:32 But if adult is holding it then we can touch it?
20:35 Well, I would not even touch it
20:37 if an adult was holding it. No, by I mean this turtle.
20:39 This turtle you can touch his back.
20:41 Yeah. Okay. I want to touch it.
20:43 You can touch on the back. Well, he is fun.
20:44 No, because then he could bite you,
20:46 but if you touch his back he can't bite you.
20:48 No. Right. He is trying to go. Does he hide?
20:52 He has a special way of hiding. He is resting there.
20:56 Yeah, God him where he can, when he get scared he can
21:02 pull everything in. Let's see if I can get him to.
21:04 There's he, oh, there goes his head.
21:06 Look he can pull his legs in, he can pull his head,
21:09 he can shut the front, yeah, yes,
21:13 he can even shut the front so you
21:14 can't even see his face at all.
21:17 You can't see his mouth, wow and that way people
21:21 who not people, but other animals that are coming up
21:23 around him, they can't hurt him or anything
21:26 because he hides like that. Wasn't that a very wonderful
21:29 way that God makes to protect him?
21:31 Yes. Jesus loves his friends.
21:35 And these are against it. Yeah, what?
21:38 What does, some lions eat those?
21:42 Lions do. Yeah, some.
21:44 I don't know if lions do, but some kind of animals do.
21:47 Different animals can try and eat them,
21:50 but they close up in their shell and then they are safe.
21:53 When they get scared and they think something
21:54 is going to get him, isn't it wonderful all the things
21:58 that God made for us? I am so happy Jesus made all
22:02 the things, the wonderful things for me and you.
22:05 Me too, me too. Let's put him back in here
22:08 so we can have a drink. Can you?
22:10 Oh, watch at him, see his little tail,
22:13 and he is trying to climb out. Isn't he?
22:15 Yes he is. Oh, wow.
22:17 He wants to be free. He is beautiful.
22:27 Let's sing our memory verse,
22:28 yes. Join us boys and girls.
22:33 He who has mercy on the poor,
22:42 happy is he. Proverbs 14:21
22:54 Hey, Jesus wants us to be good to the poor, doesn't he.
22:57 Well that makes us happy for good to the poor.
22:59 That's right. And in fact it makes us so happy
23:02 we are just going to sing a song about that.
23:04 Okay, let's oh! Miss. Cinda,
23:06 you are passing out the bells, yes.
23:08 Okay, Miss Cinda have. Would you like one?
23:10 Alia, wants one. You can sing along.
23:12 Emma, would you want one. Yeah. Yes.
23:14 Harry, can you give everyone on over there.
23:16 Yes. Okay. I have. Gets one.
23:20 Emma, gets one, and Tyler. And now, Kerry gets one.
23:24 Good. Okay, boys and girls
23:26 we are going to sing this one song.
23:29 Ring a rings, ring a ring a, making God just happy,
23:38 Ring a rings, ring a ring a makes me happy too.
23:48 Alright let's sing it again, Okay.
23:50 Ring a rings, ring a ring a, making God just happy,
24:00 Ring a rings, ring a ring a makes me happy too.
24:11 We're just singing that song made me happy.
24:13 They do. That was fun. That was fun.
24:16 Can you think of some things that we can do for
24:19 other people? Thank you Kerry, that was sweet.
24:24 We can help mommy by sweeping
24:26 and we can dust and make our beds,
24:29 that's right, and put our toys up.
24:32 We are going to sing two little hands for Jesus,
24:36 sweeping, clapping, dusting too and we are going to act
24:38 like we are sleeping and we are going to clap
24:41 and we are going to dust. Okay. Alright.
24:44 Two little hands for Jesus
24:49 sweeping, clapping, dusting too.
24:54 Two little hands for Jesus
24:59 helping others all day long.
25:05 Aunty sing that again. You like that, alright.
25:09 We will try that one more time.
25:12 Two little hands for Jesus
25:17 sweeping, clapping, dusting too.
25:27 Two little hands for Jesus
25:28 helping others all day long.
25:33 And when we help others we really be,
25:36 I want to, sunbeams for Jesus.
25:38 I want to be sunbeams for Jesus.
25:39 Yes, you can be sunbeams for Jesus.
25:42 Oh, look. Alright. Here we go.
25:45 Oh, look you should go like that.
25:47 Hey, one more, that's pretty face.
25:49 You have one too, that one. Alright,
25:51 you can have this one. There you go.
25:52 Oh, you have a pretty face too.
25:54 Alright, boys and girls you can be sunbeams too.
25:58 Jesus wants me to help others in all I do and say.
26:06 Sharing my toys with my friends,
26:11 and all at school and play.
26:15 A sunbeam, a sunbeam,
26:20 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, a sunbeam.
26:30 I will be a sunbeam for him.
26:35 I want to be a sunbeam for Jesus and make others happy.
26:38 Alright. Alright, there you go, thank you.
26:41 We are going to have a special prayer right now.
26:44 Can I pray? Yes Emma,
26:46 we would love to have you pray.
26:49 Boys and girls we are going to sing our prayer
26:51 song now and you can join us.
26:54 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands.
27:03 I will bow my head. I will close my eyes and very,
27:13 very quietly while the prayer is said.
27:21 Dear Jesus thank you for being
27:23 provider for me. Amen, Amen!
27:27 Oh! That's Mr. Rooster,
27:30 and that's all the time we had now.
27:38 Our time together is over so we will have to go.
27:44 Good bye, good bye, remember God loves you.
27:50 Good bye, good bye, remember God loves you.
27:57 Good bye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:06 where God hears our voice,
28:09 we live for him and around the world
28:12 we spread love and joy like clouds starts the rainbow
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow,
28:20 we are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 where God hears our voice.


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