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Jesus Protects His Friends

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:09 hears our voice, we live here and around the world
00:13 we spread love and joy like clouds start the
00:17 rainbow we're shining like the rainbow, we are
00:21 Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:24 hears our voice.
00:29 Eleanor, come here, come here.
00:34 Eleanor just thinks she is protecting us.
00:36 Oh! They are.
00:39 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:45 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
00:51 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
00:54 Jesus knows your name. You made Jesus happy
00:59 just because you came.
01:03 And I here just in time boys and girls because
01:07 we have something special. It's worship time
01:09 time and I have a special story today.
01:11 Come on in. You know what our story
01:13 story is gonna be about. Yeah. Jacob.
01:16 I love worship time. Me too.
01:21 And you know what listen Belly boy loves
01:24 worship too. Yeah
01:27 Do you hear that?
01:28 We will ask him to ring the worship bell.
01:29 Well Belly boy you can ring the worship bell.
01:35 Sing with us boys and girls.
01:41 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet with
01:46 our best friend Jesus. Come and worship here.
01:51 Jesus will be here smiling when he sees us.
01:59 Jesus always smiles when he sees his friends.
02:02 Well, I have a special book in my hand.
02:05 It's the Bible. It's the Bible.
02:09 Holy Bible. And whose book is it?
02:10 Jesus. Jesus. There is a special verse
02:13 I want to teach you today,
02:19 and it's found in Daniel 6:22, Daniel 6:22.
02:22 My God sent his angel and to shut the lions mouth.
02:28 Daniel 6:22. That's right.
02:33 And boys and girls you can read this special book
02:36 with your mommy and daddy.
02:37 I have a story today that I wanted to tell you about
02:42 and it's about one of Jesus special friends,
02:45 and he protected his special friend from the lion.
02:49 Daniel. Daniel.
02:52 Did Daniel like to do something
02:53 every single day. He prayed. He prayed.
02:57 How many times a day did he pray?
02:58 Three. And did everyone like it when he prayed.
03:02 No. What did the bad man do when he prayed?
03:07 Towed on him. They towed on him
03:11 and instead of worshipping the king like there
03:14 was a decree, he went and prayed
03:17 to the God of Heaven, and so the bad man
03:21 told the king, and they
03:22 throw him in the lions den.
03:24 And when they throw him in the lions den
03:27 did the lions got wow, wow, wow
03:29 Oh! Jesus saved him and kept him and shut
03:34 the lion mouth, so they could not hurt him.
03:38 That's right James. He sent an angel because
03:41 Jesus protects his friends. And Jesus was gonna
03:45 take all his friends to heaven.
03:47 And Jesus will protect us too.
03:49 He will. He will take us to heaven
03:51 and in heaven we will have lions
03:53 and they won't bite us
03:54 and we will get right on giraffes.
03:58 What do you wanna do when you get to heaven?
04:02 I want to ride on the giraffe. On giraffe.
04:03 I want to ride on the horse.
04:05 You want to ride on the horse.
04:07 I want to ride on the horse and the lion.
04:09 Lion too. What do you want to do?
04:11 I want to ride a four wheeler.
04:14 Well, I'm not sure we will have one
04:17 of those in heaven, but you never know.
04:19 Yes, I want to ride on a camel.
04:28 On a camel.
04:30 I want to ride on a giraffe and a lion.
04:34 I like to ride on a lion.
04:37 Yes, well right now we are going to talk to Jesus.
04:40 I want to ride on a horse and a lion. You do.
04:44 Can you fold your hands, very quietly
04:48 fold your hands and close your eyes
04:49 and bow your head.
04:52 We are going to talk to Jesus.
04:53 Dear Jesus thank you for protecting us
04:57 and protecting Daniel, and thank you
05:01 you that you are coming soon to take us to heaven.
05:03 We love you in Jesus name. Amen. Amen.
05:08 Always remember that Jesus loves you.
05:13 I love Jesus too. I love too.
05:22 We are doing something today
05:25 that's really special with Ms. Cinda.
05:27 We are, you know, we have been talking about
05:29 how Jesus protects us. You know if we are
05:33 scared and sometimes if we are afraid of the dark,
05:37 you know, Jesus is with us
05:39 and we don't have to be afraid do we.
05:40 That's right.
05:41 We don't have to be afraid, boys and girls.
05:42 Jesus put his arms around us, but you know what
05:46 we can't see Jesus arms can we.
05:48 And we can't see Jesus hands can we?
05:51 But can you see your hands. Yeah.
05:54 I see my hand. Who can see their hands?
05:56 Can you see your hands? Me.
05:58 Well I thought that today,
06:01 we will do something special for our mommies.
06:04 And what is that?
06:06 Because our mommies and daddies help protect us,
06:07 don't they? This is a cloth, a dish cloth,
06:11 and we are gonna put hand prints on them
06:14 and they are gonna be your hand prints,
06:17 and so your mommy can see your hand prints.
06:20 And you can say mommy,
06:22 Jesus protects me and we can't see Jesus hands,
06:26 but mommy you can see my hands
06:28 and that is gonna be special.
06:31 Okay, so I am going to give Aunty Linda
06:36 and I'll be careful don't touch this,
06:40 I'm gonna give Aunty Linda a paint brush
06:42 and I'm gonna take a paint brush.
06:43 And boys and girls if you want to do this at home,
06:45 get your mommies or daddies or an adult to help you,
06:48 and this is washable paint, but it's also
06:52 when you put it on the dish rack,
06:54 when it dries, it will be permanent.
06:57 So, your mommy can use the washer
06:59 I guess if she wants and it will be fine,
07:01 it won't come out.
07:02 Do you ready this is going to be fun, isn't it.
07:05 Are you ready?
07:06 Isn't going to be fun.
07:07 Yes. Okay. Look what I'm going to do.
07:10 Oh! It's turning purple.
07:12 Oh! Look at this. What color are you
07:15 You are purple.
07:17 Yes, he has got the purple, I love him.
07:20 Oh! Noah it's a purple. Okay put it done.
07:28 You are gonna be all purple.
07:30 Okay, you are ready. Okay, I think we are ready.
07:34 Alright boys and girls this is fun.
07:37 This is some fun, can you spread
07:39 your fingers a little bit.
07:40 Let's do this one. Ready.
07:41 Okay, what Sophia, okay let's lay and pick it up.
07:45 It's all purple. Oh! Look there you go.
07:48 Oh! Look at it's purple.
07:49 Okay, let's do this when I better get on this side.
07:51 Oh! God you get to being next
07:55 look at what we are doing.
07:56 Oh! Wow! This is so fun and you know what,
07:59 now, when you see this and you see your mommy
08:02 using this are you gonna remember something.
08:05 Alright, we will get a paper towel.
08:07 Yes. What can you remember?
08:08 When I put, it's still purple isn't it.
08:18 The Jesus protects you.
08:20 Umm! Umm! That's right,
08:21 you remember Jesus protects you won't you?
08:23 Okay, spread your fingers and let's say
08:25 that Isabelle is getting a purple hand.
08:27 Does it tickle? Look at that. Oh! She is all purple.
08:35 We will take a paper towel.
08:37 Okay put it down.
08:38 And then, your mommy is gonna be surprised,
08:41 what you can do boys and girls is here
08:42 wipe the hands on that, here is another one.
08:43 We will do another purple one.
08:46 Oh! That's Kerry. Oh! It's purple.
08:50 And you can wipe it off, wipe it off,
08:51 real good on the paper towel
08:53 and then we will take you to the sink
08:55 and we will use soap and water
08:57 because it comes right off.
08:59 You know Ms. Cinda, I am thankful that
09:00 Jesus didn't make my hands purple
09:02 Yes, I am too. But I am also thankful that
09:08 Jesus is always there for us
09:10 whenever we need him.
09:18 Kids is it fun to come to the kitchen. Yeah.
09:22 It is and boys and girls it will be fun
09:24 when you go to the kitchen too because anytime
09:27 you go to the kitchen its fun. Yeah, it is.
09:35 Okay little fellows now stay down
09:36 in farmer Dawney's pocket.
09:38 I got to surprise my children today.
09:40 Farmer Dawney, farmer Dawney.
09:44 Oh! Hello children, how are you?
09:45 Kerry won't you say farmer Dawney.
09:46 What's in here?
09:48 I'm going to tell you in just a minute.
09:49 Now are you looking, did you come to see
09:52 farmer Dawney's animals today.
09:55 Yes, but I don't see anything in that cage,
09:56 are they under all that shredded stuff.
09:59 Well, I tell you what I got some little creatures
10:02 in my pocket right. Right here.
10:04 He has got it in his pocket.
10:06 Oh! I got one come out, oh! here we go.
10:08 These are called gerbils and Kerry
10:10 would you like to hold one, hold that,
10:12 two hands now always.
10:14 He is a squirmy little fellow isn't he?
10:16 Who else wants to hold one of my little gerbils.
10:18 Me. Okay, Hannah we are gonna start out with you.
10:21 Oh! Isn't it soft, now hold it one tight,
10:23 oh he is good. Oh, this is snowball here Aunty Linda.
10:28 Snowball. That's snowball.
10:30 What is that called?
10:31 This is called Lavender
10:32 he has got beautiful name.
10:33 He looks like the color lavender isn't he cute.
10:36 He is cute.
10:37 And you know what this is kids, what is this?
10:39 Joe what do you think that is?
10:42 I don't know.
10:43 Well, what's the cage for. It's for this.
10:46 For the gerbils.
10:47 It is that's where they live.
10:49 Well you know what do you see that
10:51 little ladder in there inside the cage.
10:54 Yes. I wonder what that's for.
10:56 Did they climb up and down,
10:58 and up and down, up and down.
10:59 They climb up and down, up and down.
11:01 ou know why for exercise.
11:03 Joe do you exercise? Hahahha!
11:06 You do what do you do for exercise.
11:08 I do pushups. Pushups, you do pushups.
11:11 Well, I have never seen a gerbil
11:13 do a push up, but I certainly seen them
11:15 climb up and down and what.
11:16 Farmer Donny holding little while for you.
11:19 Yeah! There we go.
11:21 Oh! And they, now he is wiggly.
11:23 And he loves to eat corn.
11:26 Do you want to see him Adrian.
11:28 Adrian you wanna hold it. You wanna touch him.
11:30 Joe you wanna try.
11:31 No. Oh! They are also wiggly and all their energy.
11:35 Here how to seed their Hannah and we will
11:37 try it again baby, there you go.
11:39 Oh! My yeah you know what they like to eat
11:42 cardboard and they chew the cardboard.
11:46 Why do you think he eats the cardboard
11:48 for Hannah why?
11:49 He likes to chew it up and make nest.
11:52 Yeah they live in cardboard nest.
11:54 Well, what kind of exercise do they do?
11:57 Well, let me show you here Aunty Linda.
11:59 I got this little ball. And I wonder.
12:02 They played balls.
12:03 Well, sought of, here Hannah let me help.
12:05 Oh! Watch this,
12:06 I'm gonna put snowball right in here.
12:10 You put him in the ball.
12:11 I'm gonna put him and then I'm gonna work
12:13 this lid around just a little bit dear
12:15 and we will snap that shut.
12:17 Well, he is inside the ball.
12:19 Yeah he is in and what we are gonna do here
12:21 and I don't know if the
12:22 farmyard will let me or not.
12:23 Is that silly? Isn't that sort of silly?
12:26 But here we, oh, I got it.
12:27 Now what we will do is we will put this
12:30 ball right here stay right there Hannah,
12:32 watch this and just see if he can roll the ball
12:35 in the farmyard. Oh! What's he is doing.
12:39 There he goes. Now what he does Aunty Linda?
12:43 He is gonna round and round.
12:44 As he runs and the ball turns it gives him exercise.
12:47 Oh! Because that way he can get
12:51 his little legs working.
12:53 He will get his little legs going and you know.
12:54 Can you get your legs working?
12:55 How about you Joe? Arms and legs working yes.
12:58 What do you think about that, watch farmer Dawney.
13:02 He is kind a cute. He is cute, and you know what
13:06 God wants us to eat good food. Don't he.
13:08 Joe do you like to eat fruit.
13:10 Umm! What's your favorite fruit?
13:12 Come on. What's your favorite fruit? Strawberries.
13:15 Strawberry, we have fun. Oh! God designed our
13:20 bodies to eat good food and to exercise too.
13:23 He designed us to sing too.
13:25 Let's sing to the gerbils.
13:27 I think he will love it. Let's all sing now.
13:29 I like to go to the farm, where the cows moo, moo,
13:34 I like to go to the farm, where the
13:36 the ducks quack, quack,
13:38 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
13:42 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
13:44 And learn of Jesus.
13:49 Oh! Thank you for stopping by Aunty Linda.
13:51 Thank you for having us. I just love all the things
13:53 Jesus made for us.
13:54 Thank you for coming to see me, okay.
13:55 Bye, Bye. Bye, Bye now kids.
13:57 Bye, Bye. See you. Bye, Bye.
13:58 Thank you for coming. See you again. Bye.
14:01 Oh! Bless your hearts. Come back
14:02 and see me farmer Dawney. Okay.
14:09 I can't believe I dropped all the yarn honey.
14:12 That's okay honey. I will help you do that.
14:14 Thank you honey, thank you.
14:16 Wonder, who that could be.
14:18 Could it be the tiny tots?
14:20 We will see. It's a tiny tots. Hi! Welcome, welcome.
14:26 It's good to see you all. Always good to see you.
14:31 I have, Mrs. Zilla, I have a surprise for you.
14:37 Oh! Let's see what it is? It's the tiny tot hands.
14:43 Wow! Aren't that pretty.
14:45 They wanted you to have a special dish cloth.
14:47 Yes, I can use right in my kitchen. That's right.
14:51 Thank you tiny tots. And then you can
14:53 remember that you have special friends
14:54 living right next door to you.
14:56 Oat meals how about that?
14:57 Well talking about the tiny tot farm.
15:01 We were walking and we came across something one day
15:05 that was so special we want to share with you.
15:08 It's a humming bird nest. Wow!
15:12 Isn't it beautiful to think God made something
15:15 so small just tiny little eggs to fit in there
15:18 and tiny little birds, isn't that amazing?
15:21 Yes it is. I love how they do that.
15:23 God made lots of special children
15:26 with special talents too. Yes, he did.
15:29 And thank you for sharing that with us.
15:31 And Tabetha has something that
15:34 she would like to share for you.
15:36 Really. Yes. Alright Tabetha.
15:39 You can come and stand right here by Aunty Linda.
15:42 Okay she is gonna sing something for you.
15:48 "Jesus loves me! This I know,
15:52 For the Bible tells me so,
15:56 "Little ones to Him belong;
16:02 They are weak, but he is strong."
16:06 "Yes, Jesus loves me Yes, Jesus loves me
16:15 Yes, Jesus loves me The Bible tells me so."
16:24 That was very good. Yes. Thank you Tabetha.
16:30 That was good. We have another surprise for you.
16:35 Another surprise. Mary has been working on something
16:38 special for you to share. Haven't you Mary.
17:00 Savior, like a shepherd lead us
17:07 Much we need thy tender care
17:14 In thy pleasant pastures feed us
17:20 For our use thy folds prepare
17:26 Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus
17:31 Thou hast bought us, thine we are
17:37 Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus
17:45 Thou hast bought us, thine we are
17:51 Early let us seek thy favor Early let us do thy will
18:05 Blessed Lord and only Savior
18:11 With thy love our bosoms fill
18:16 Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus
18:22 Thou hast loved us, love us still
18:27 Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus
18:36 Thou hast loved us, love us still
18:43 Amen. Thank you, thank you.
18:49 That was so nice. That was wonderful.
18:53 Thank you Mary.
18:54 Well, we have to hurry along, but before we go
18:57 could we have a prayer with you. Yes, sure.
19:00 Mary is goanna pray for us today.
19:02 Dear God thank you for the perfect stay
19:05 and thank you for wonderful neighbors
19:09 and please bless them as you
19:13 as you praise us in Jesus name and pray amen.
19:18 Amen. Amen. Thank you tiny tots.
19:24 Oh! We will see you and you have
19:25 a good rest of the day. Bye, bye. Bye, bye.
19:28 Come on Tabetha, let's go. Bye, bye. Bye, bye.
19:33 Bye, bye. Have a good day
19:44 Shall we go for a walk today, to see what
19:49 God has given. Oh what a beautiful day.
19:52 Oh I love it out here. Me too
19:55 I wonder what Ms Jeannie has for us today
19:58 she told us to meet her right here
19:59 what do you think she is goanna have for us
20:02 I have a big surprise potted over there by the tree
20:09 but that looks little, it is, but if they are a kind
20:13 of meat lizards. Lizards. Oh it is lizard
20:18 We had two big surprise. Yeah they are called
20:22 sands lizards and I don't know why
20:25 they are called that oh wow and that one is a boy
20:30 and one is a girl take them out
20:34 I am going to take them out to see if you can see
20:37 them better do you know how I know
20:39 one is a girl and one is a boy how because
20:45 his belly is blue and he has blue one as black
20:52 and that is how you tell it's a boy
20:55 in this kind not all lizards but in this kind
20:57 lizard. its wow. Do you want to touch him
21:01 that's right he doesn't have it on his tummy
21:06 he is a little bit rough isn't he is he a little
21:09 bit rough he is isn't he no you don't think so
21:12 I think he is little rough. Yeah I can feel so
21:17 feel the bumps Oh yes a little rapped
21:19 feel soft at the same time
21:20 Yeah he is kind of soft and kind of rough
21:22 and he has a tongue too
21:24 yeah he does have did he stick it out. No
21:29 Oh he does have a tongue and that's how he catches
21:31 some bugs and see his long tail
21:33 he has a very long tail doesn't he
21:35 what does he do with his tail I think it just helps
21:39 well let me show you what happened to the girl
21:42 and then I will tell you what they
21:43 do with their tails God has such a special way of
21:47 fixing things the tail actually helps them
21:52 well let me see if I can catch the girl here she is
21:56 look she is trying to get out,
21:58 well let me catch in her, oh, she is hurried to catch
22:01 than the boy isn't she okay I got her
22:05 See her tail. Oh it looks short that's because
22:11 their tail God made their tail so it will break off
22:16 Wow. So if something is trying to eat them
22:20 and they are trying to get away the longest part
22:25 is their tails and what happens is when they
22:27 grab it when they grab it
22:30 they grab their tail it breaks of
22:33 Why that did got break off.
22:35 That's how God made them that's how they sake
22:37 that way they can get away whatever is trying
22:39 to get him and do you know what else
22:41 their tail does when it breaks off
22:42 it wiggles all over. Can you wiggle
22:45 Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Do you know why it wiggles
22:48 Why Ms Jeannie. Because that way
22:53 whatever is after him will think he still has him
22:57 and the little lizard can
22:59 skip away and be safe.
23:01 Oh I love how God protect this friend
23:05 I know that is wonderful and then you know
23:07 what else special happens he grows a new tail
23:11 isn't that wonderful that
23:14 that could happen that way
23:16 Wow can oh, you got a new tail
23:20 Jesus loves you little lizard
23:23 Look wiggle, wiggle wiggle. He is wiggling
23:26 he is. I am so glad that God made all these special
23:32 wonderful things for all of us. Me too
23:36 Another interesting thing about them
23:39 is look what color they are
23:41 Do you know why do that color. Why
23:43 because they camouflage that way they can hide
23:46 in the grass or they can hide on the tree
23:48 and nobody will see them and no
23:52 no animals will see them.
23:53 No and no animals will see them even people
23:56 have trouble seeing them that way
23:59 they are safe isn't that wonderful
24:01 Jesus protects his brands. He does.
24:04 And her belly is white. Oh it is
24:09 And the other one if you remember was blue
24:12 isn't that funny that they are like that
24:17 Oh well thank you Ms Jeanie this was fun.
24:26 We are goanna sing our memory verse. Okay
24:29 Join us boys and girls.
24:32 My God sent his angels to shut the lions' mouths
24:42 My God sent his angels Daniel 6:22
24:52 Kids do you know what that scripture means
24:54 it means God sent an angel to protect Daniel
24:58 Yes he did. Well if we got to a lion we could pray
25:05 to Jesus to protect us. To protect us.
25:09 That's right. That's right
25:11 That is right and that's what our next song
25:14 is about boys and girls so you sing along
25:16 God protected Daniel in the lions den.
25:23 Angels shut the lions mount and they could only pray
25:30 just like he did to Daniel,
25:36 he protect wouldn't you too Learn to trust your Jesus,
25:42 he will protect you too.
25:45 I think that was the lions pray. That's right
25:54 Would that lion wouldn't eat us
26:02 No he is not goanna eat us because
26:04 Jesus is protecting us.
26:05 Jesus sends his angels to protect us.
26:08 And we are gonna sing about it.
26:12 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels.
26:17 Jesus sends the angels to watch me while I am playing
26:22 Jesus sends the angels Angels, angels
26:27 Jesus sends the angels to watch me
26:30 while I am sleeping.
26:33 Jesus sends the angels angels angels
26:38 Jesus sends the angels because he really loves me.
26:47 And jesus really does love us right now
26:50 boys and girls we are goanna talk to Jesus
26:52 so as we sing our first song you can sing
26:55 along with us and do what we do.
26:58 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
27:06 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
27:15 and very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
27:25 Dear, Jesus thank you so much for protecting
27:30 Daniel in the lions den and thank you that you
27:32 protect us too we love you Jesus. Amen.
27:37 Amen. Amen
27:39 That's Mr. Rooster and that's all the time
27:44 we have for now.
27:50 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:55 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
28:01 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye,
28:16 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:19 where God hears our voice,
28:21 we live here and around the world
28:24 we spread love and joy
28:26 we spread love and joy
28:29 we're shining like the rainbow, we are
28:32 Tiny Tots around the world where God hears our voice.


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