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Jesus' Friends Hear His Voice

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy, we're colors of
00:17 the rainbow, we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:28 Kids, the boys and girls are here.
00:30 Coming Auntie Linda, coming Auntie Linda.
00:33 And boys and girls you can sing along with us.
00:40 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:45 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
00:51 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
00:53 Jesus knows your name, you made Jesus
00:57 happy just because you came.
01:03 And it's worship time right now and we have
01:06 a good story today, so come on in.
01:09 Wait till you hear the story that I have to
01:11 tell you today. Well we're all ready for worship,
01:16 but I wonder where Ms. Cinda is, let's call her.
01:19 Miss Cinda, Miss Cinda, listen one more time
01:23 Miss Cinda, listen one more time, Miss Cinda,
01:28 there she is. Oh I though I heard voices
01:32 calling me, hi hello. We called you three times,
01:37 three times, I'm so glad you didn't start
01:40 worship without me, because I love worship.
01:43 We wouldn't wanna start worship without you
01:45 Miss Cinda and you are just in time to sing
01:47 our song, so lets ask Billy Boy to ring the
01:50 worship bell okay. Billy Boy,
01:53 you can ring the worship bell.
01:58 Boys and girls, you can sing a lot.
02:02 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
02:06 with our best friend Jesus, come and
02:11 worship here, Jesus will be here smiling
02:15 when He sees us. Jesus always smiles
02:21 when He sees all of His friends gathered for
02:23 worship. Well, I have a special Bible verse for
02:27 you today and whose book is this?
02:29 The Holy Bible, the Holy Bible, it's my
02:32 favorite book, it's from Jesus, yes.
02:36 And can you say First Samuel 3:10,
02:38 First Samuel 3:10. Speak, speak, for your
02:44 servant hears, speak for your servant hears.
02:50 I'm thinking of one of Jesus friends in the
02:54 Bible that was little and he lived in a temple.
02:59 Who is little and lived in a temple?
03:01 I know a little boy called Samuel. Samuel.
03:06 That's right Cherry it was Samuel and he
03:10 helped Priest Eli, can you pretend you're
03:13 dusting, oh he dusted all the furniture in
03:16 the sanctuary and then he swept the floor,
03:20 sweeping, sweep the floor oh he worked
03:23 so hard and he carried water, carried water,
03:26 he carried water. Oh he was tired and so
03:30 at last it was time to go to bed.
03:32 Can you do like this he was sleeping,
03:33 oh he went to sleep and while he was
03:36 sleeping all of a sudden he heard something,
03:41 Samuel. He woke up and he said oh Eli must
03:45 need me to do something again.
03:47 And so he ran as fast as he could and he
03:49 said here I'm Priest Eli for you called me?
03:53 And he said, I didn't call you, go lay back
03:58 down. So, he went to lay back down,
04:01 lay back down, lay back down.
04:03 Oh and he was sleeping and all of the
04:04 sudden he heard Samuel! He said well Eli
04:10 did call me, so he ran as fast as he could
04:14 and he said Priest Eli here I'm for you called
04:17 me. And then Priest Eli said, I think God is
04:21 calling him, he said you go back and you
04:24 lay down and you say speak Lord,
04:27 for your servant hears. So, he went back
04:30 to bed and this time he didn't go to sleep,
04:32 because he was so excited, he waited,
04:34 waited and all of a sudden he heard Samuel
04:39 and God talked to him and he told Him lots
04:42 of things that were going to happen.
04:44 And he loved to hear God's voice and
04:47 you know boys and girls God will talk to
04:49 each one of us too, because He loves us,
04:52 and His friends will always hear His voice.
04:56 Let's thank Jesus that He is our best
04:59 friend and He always hears us,
05:01 so boys and girls fold your hands and bow
05:04 your head and close your eyes.
05:07 Dear Jesus, thank you so much that you
05:11 always hear us and that we hear your voice
05:15 too. We love you Jesus amen, amen.
05:19 And boys and girls always remember that
05:24 Jesus loves you. And I love Jesus too and
05:28 I love you and you are always special friends
05:30 and you are so special.
05:36 Yeah we are in the kitchen with Miss. Cinda
05:41 today and we are having fun.
05:44 We are boys and girls, I have a question,
05:48 who could help me today? Me, me,
05:52 I don't know I need a lot of help.
05:56 You think you can help me? Yes, alright.
06:01 Today I thought we would do something
06:04 special for our neighbor, our neighbor could
06:09 use a little cheering up. So, guess what we're
06:12 gonna do for our neighbor. We're gonna
06:14 make cookies in a jar. Boys and girls,
06:19 do you have a neighbor or a friend that
06:22 you would like to do something special for.
06:25 You could watch and you could learn how
06:27 to make them a cookie in a jar too.
06:30 So, lets get started and watch real careful,
06:33 yes, okay you got big funnels.
06:36 Jonathan, can you take the funnel and
06:39 put it in the jar and then we're gonna take
06:44 Sofia and Carrie, Carrie, can you take the
06:47 flour lets let, lets let them take the flour,
06:49 Jonathan can you hold the funnel.
06:52 Okay pure the flour in, we start, we'll just
06:55 share flour all of it. And we're gonna share,
07:01 okay all of it. Go ahead Sofia put all of it in.
07:05 Okay wait, wait Jonathan's turn,
07:07 Sofia it's Jonathan's turn. Wait, wait, wait
07:09 Jonathan okay after putting flour in down
07:11 just gonna tap it down, put the sugar in.
07:14 Okay, alright, all the sugar and just kind of
07:18 even that out, okay wait a minute it's
07:20 Sofia's turn, we're gonna take turn.
07:23 No, no, no Sofia if we want brown sugar next.
07:27 Now we want some brown sugar.
07:28 Okay put that sugar in. All of it, watch it
07:32 going Jonathan, look kids isn't it starting to
07:35 look pretty, well shake it down how about
07:38 that. You wanna help me Jonathan?
07:40 Go like this. We will shake oh good,
07:42 Yeah Carrie, Sofia you can help too.
07:45 And you know what we also have a little
07:47 spoon you wanna tap it down for me.
07:49 Well take turn, I want to win the cook book,
07:50 okay let Sofia do a little bit.
07:53 Good job you kids are sharing and doing so
07:56 good. Are they doing good. Are they doing
07:58 good over here. Yes, oh Isabel is
08:01 ready to put the oats in, in here.
08:04 Oh let and boys and girls you just tap it
08:06 down a little bit, okay, now it's my turn,
08:09 wait, wait, it's your turn. We are gonna
08:10 oats next you wanna dump them all in?
08:12 Alright, okay dump them all in.
08:16 I like granola. You like granola?
08:19 Yeah, oh and I love oats, that's granola,
08:24 it looks like granola. Oh my God, wait, wait,
08:27 wait, oh well it's okay, yeah it's always okay
08:36 we can get, as long as we clean it up
08:38 afterwards, that's right. Alright, Here
08:40 you know what Jonathan help me get
08:43 these in. You wanna help me get these in?
08:46 yeah sure, okay help me Sofia.
08:49 Yeah, are you kids open oh you are doing
08:52 so good. We're doing good okay.
08:54 Okay now put in the carob chips isn't
08:57 this fun boys and girls? Look what we were
08:59 doing? There we go, And then what you do
09:04 as you can get a real pretty piece of
09:06 fabric and you put first you put a lid on,
09:10 because we don't want this to fall out.
09:12 So, we put a lid on how wants to screw
09:14 that on? Me, Jonathan hold the jar.
09:16 Okay, hold it down here and now put the
09:20 lid on, and then you can get your mommies
09:24 and daddies or an adult to help you cut a
09:26 real pretty piece of fabric and you put a
09:29 ribbon around it and then there is instruction
09:33 that go with it and you can put the
09:34 instructions around it. And then you know
09:37 what we're gonna do boys and girls?
09:38 We are gonna give this to our neighbor
09:40 and I hope that you give yours to someone
09:43 special too, because I know it will cheer
09:45 him up. Do you guys think this will cheer
09:47 our neighbor up? Yes, boys and girls anytime
09:52 you can be in the kitchen,
09:54 being in the kitchen is fun.
10:01 Farmer Donny, hello children.
10:03 Oh what do you have? Oh I've got rabbits
10:06 today. Oh wow, oh wow aren't they
10:10 beautiful? Shelly says there is one in there.
10:11 Carrie why don't you help Shelly get that
10:13 Thumper out of there for me, that's what
10:15 I call my little white rabbit. Alright thank you
10:18 Shelly, thank you Shelly and sit by Auntie
10:21 Linda. Oh wow good job, oh good job.
10:23 You are a good helper for Jesus.
10:24 Oh we have got well two rabbits today,
10:26 oh do you see any difference in these
10:29 rabbits Joel? Okay, that one is small and
10:32 that one is bigger, and that one is white,
10:34 and that one is brown, brown. Okay small
10:38 big yeah. Well I've had in fact this I call
10:42 him Freckles. He is brown and white so I
10:45 call him Freckles. Now, hey, how about
10:49 petting his little ears there for me Adrian,
10:51 can you pet his little ears for me,
10:53 there we go. Oh my, oh he's so soft.
10:59 Hey Joel do you have any pets at home?
11:03 Yes, I got a dog, a dog. You've got a dog,
11:07 okay is it a black one or white one?
11:09 A white one. That are bigger one?
11:12 How big? How big? Like probably this one,
11:15 oh my oh that's big. Hey what's his name?
11:19 Sable, Sable, Sable. Carrie, how about you,
11:23 you got any pets at home? I got two,
11:27 a cat and horse. A cat and horse.
11:31 Do you love your horsy? Did you know
11:34 God loves him too? Oh I love him.
11:36 Oh God loves all these creatures.
11:37 I got two pets too, and a cat name angel.
11:40 A cat named angel, angel. Now is your cat
11:45 real soft? Like my rabbits? Now Freckles I
11:49 got from a lady, they found him out in the
11:51 field, Auntie Linda. My cat is soft, so, so,
11:57 so soft. So soft, wow. So soft like her.
12:01 Soft like her. Now do you keep him safe at
12:05 home, keep him nice and warm in the house.
12:07 Was little Freckles was out in the field when
12:09 he was found by a woman and she brought
12:11 Freckles to me and I've pet him and look
12:14 how big he is? You always take such good
12:17 care of God's animals. Well I love God's
12:19 animal. But, what the bad news about this
12:22 rabbits out in the field a big owl might
12:25 swoop down and get him. So, you got to
12:28 protect him, you got to protect him.
12:30 I worry about Coyotes and dogs out there.
12:32 I see. What does he eat? What does he eat,
12:34 what do you think he eats? Carrots, carrots
12:37 oh love carrots. I love, hey carrots are
12:40 good for your health. Okay you know what
12:42 else Freckles likes to eat, they love lettuce.
12:46 Lettuce, you like lettuce? Yeah, I love it
12:49 too. Yes, Shelly likes lettuce. Well we could
12:51 make a salad couldn't we? I love salad,
12:54 I love it too. Oh look at the ears on little
12:57 Freckles. Here can you pet the ears here
13:00 for me Joel, what do you think?
13:02 Oh he is so soft aren't they? Yeah and look
13:05 how quiet and docile my little rabbit is,
13:08 yeah. Well Shelley do you like animals?
13:11 You do, is it pretty, yes. Is it soft,
13:17 did you touch it is it soft? Is it soft?
13:21 It is. Did Jesus make the animals,
13:26 all the animals for us. I love all God's creatures,
13:32 I do too. Me too, you know I think the
13:34 bunnies would like it if we sing our song
13:37 to them, lets sing our song to them.
13:42 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
13:47 I like to go to the farm
13:48 where the ducks quack, quack,
13:51 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
13:55 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
14:01 The animals teach me lots of things about
14:03 Jesus. Yes, he does, yes. We have to
14:06 go Carrie you wanna put Thumper back.
14:08 Yes thank you Carrie. Alright oh Shelley
14:11 is gonna help. Thank you, bye-bye
14:14 Farmer Donny. Okay kids come back and
14:15 see Farmer Donny now. Bye-bye, bye-bye,
14:17 bye-bye now Shelley. bye-bye, bye-bye.
14:28 Vince, I think I hear the sound of the
14:29 Tiny Tots, Tiny Tots lets see.
14:35 Hey Tiny Tots, hey Tiny Tots.
14:40 Hi Miss Stella it's good to see you,
14:43 well sit down. Well we have had so much
14:47 fun today and we could hardly wait to get
14:51 to come today. You bring such bright
14:53 sunlight into our home enjoy to Vince and I,
14:56 so we're glad to see you. This is a present
14:59 for you. Oh thank you, thank you.
15:02 We made it in the kitchen with Miss. Cinda
15:05 and there was a recipe. Wow cookies and,
15:10 Vince loves cookies. Oh cookie I love cookies.
15:13 So thank you. The cookies are yummy,
15:17 they are. Miss Cinda makes yummy cookies.
15:22 I think you'll really enjoy it. Well we have
15:25 something special for you right now and I'm
15:27 so excited for you to here are you ready?
15:29 Yes, that be really nice. Okay girls.
15:40 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me
15:48 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me
15:49 Little ones like me Stand upon His knee
15:51 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
15:55 Jesus loves the neighbors just like you, you, you.
15:58 Jesus loves the neighbors just like you, you, you.
16:02 Neighbors just like you, Jesus loves them too
16:05 Jesus loves the neighbors like you, you, you.
16:09 Oh thank you very much, very good.
16:13 Well we've been learning a memory verse
16:15 everyday, we try to everyday, so we can
16:18 just store those memory verses up inside of
16:21 us and today we were learning about
16:24 Samuel and how he heard God's voice when
16:26 he was a little boy call him.
16:28 And it was like speak Lord for your servant
16:34 hears. First Samuel 3:10. Amen, amen, right.
16:44 We have something else that's really special.
16:47 And Muriel can you share with them what
16:50 we're gonna what special thing
16:51 you have for that today.
16:54 Behold, Behold I stand at the
16:57 door and knock, knock, knock.
16:59 Behold, Behold I stand at the
17:02 door and knock, knock, knock.
17:04 If any girl hears My voice
17:06 If anybody hears My voice
17:08 and will open, open, open the door, I will come in.
17:15 Alright amen, very good. That was good.
17:19 Well we have a lot of things that we
17:21 need to do today and I visits always are
17:24 just seems so short. But because we love
17:26 visiting you, yes. We love you just be here
17:30 with us. Well we love it too.
17:31 But, before we go today could we share a
17:34 prayer with you? Sure, okay Matthew,
17:37 would you have our prayer today?
17:39 Alright. Dear Jesus, thank you for the
17:47 neighbors we love them, amen, amen.
17:51 We love you too, we do love you. Yes.
17:55 Well we have to run now, but we'll see you
17:57 tomorrow okay. Alright, God bless you bye-bye.
18:01 Oh you are welcome. Bye-bye you are welcome.
18:04 Bye-bye be good. Bye, bye.
18:06 Shall we go for a walk today,
18:09 to see what God has given.
18:14 I love being outside, me too. Oh there is
18:19 Miss. Jeanie, Miss Jeanie. Hi guys, how are
18:23 you today? I'm so glad to see you,
18:26 oh you think he'll splash you?
18:28 I have two surprises today for you to see.
18:32 One is a big frog and one is a little frog.
18:36 Lets see if I can catch him.
18:40 Why not. Okay. Cinda, can you look.
18:42 Linda, can you see him. Alright I got the
18:47 little one. Can I touch him? Sure.
18:49 This is called a leopard frog. A leopard frog,
18:54 yes he has spots that might be why he's
18:56 called that. He has spots you wanna see him?
19:00 Oh and he feels kind of soft, yeah he does
19:04 like silk. And he slippery to hold on to.
19:09 Oh wow, he is very slippery. Does he make
19:11 noises? He ribbit, ribbit can you ribbit,
19:15 ribbit, ribbit. See the spots that why they
19:20 call him leopard frog. He is beautiful,
19:24 he is little. I love the way Jesus made him.
19:27 Me too, drop him in there okay we put him
19:30 back in there and then who knows what the
19:33 other one is? Does anybody know what he
19:34 is? Well he is a daddy frog he is big.
19:36 He is a bullfrog. Come on, come on he
19:45 won't hurt you. Look how long his legs are.
19:48 You know what those legs good for?
19:50 Jumping, he jumps really good,
19:54 and he lives in the water. He jumps very high,
19:57 yes he does. And he has eyes, okay can
20:02 you see his nose, see where he is
20:03 breathing, his nose and his eyes.
20:07 Look at him, look at him isn't he something?
20:11 Yeah, yeah. And he is a, oh look at his belly,
20:16 he is all green. Does he have a tongue?
20:18 Yes he does, see his belly, oh can I touch
20:22 him, sure. Oh he is soft, can I touch him?
20:26 He is very soft, no I don't want to.
20:28 You don't wanna touch him. He is so soft,
20:31 hi bullfrog you are beautiful.
20:35 He is very slippery, that makes him very
20:36 hard to hold on to. Look at the green color
20:38 God gave him. He is beautiful.
20:41 Yeah look at that. But I, but I don't wanna
20:42 touch him. You don't have to touch him that's
20:44 okay. He has a big long tongue that's shoots
20:48 out and gets bugs that's how he eats.
20:51 He eats bugs, he eats bugs.
20:53 I want to see his tongue. Well we can't make
20:55 his tongue come out, unless he sees a bug
20:57 could make it come out. Can we make him,
21:01 can you do like he does, he goes, his tongues
21:04 goes out really fast and he catches it.
21:06 And he is sticky, he eats with this big one.
21:09 Yeah that's a big bug, yeah he can eat a
21:10 bug that's big. That's a big bug, but he
21:13 eats bug his tongue goes out really fast
21:15 and it hits the bug and it sucks it back in
21:18 and he eats it. Auntie Linda my eyes are
21:21 burning of the Sun. Your eyes are burning,
21:24 we'll have to get our sunglasses don't we?
21:26 Right, God gave the frog a special way to
21:31 protect his eyes from the sun. So he has
21:34 sunglasses too? Well he doesn't need
21:36 sunglasses, because he has a little piece here
21:39 where his eye closes, he is getting kind to
21:41 dry. Where eye will close and a little lens
21:45 comes up and covers his eye there and just
21:48 like that did you see it? It covers his eye
21:51 and protects it. Yeah it protects his little eye.
21:57 Isn't that wonderful how God did that.
21:59 Do you think he is hungry?
22:01 I think he might be, I think he is getting hot
22:03 and he needs back into the water.
22:06 Okay did you, where is your worm? You want
22:08 to put your wormy, put your worm in there
22:10 and see if he is hungry. Put it in there,
22:17 good job. Now we will see if he sees it.
22:21 Do you think he will stick his little tongue
22:22 out and zap it up. I want to see his little
22:24 tongue out? No, I don't know if he will stick
22:26 it out with us watching it, but we can see he
22:28 can't wait. He is beautiful. It's amazing
22:33 the wonderful things that God made for us,
22:36 I'm so glad he did. Frog there is a worm. Wow!
22:46 I think. He almost jumped out to give a kiss.
22:56 That will be something see how, see he can
22:59 jump really good with those big legs.
23:01 I think he wants to go to the pond.
23:03 I think he does too, lets go take him and
23:05 put him into the pond. Wow! I'm so glad God
23:08 made all these wonderful things for us.
23:10 I'm too, you need your worm okay you got
23:13 him alright. alright lets take him down to the
23:15 pond. Alright shall we race down to the pond,
23:18 I'm not racing, yeah, yeah.
23:22 Oh it's fun, here we go.
23:31 Lets sing our memory verse,
23:34 sing along with us boys and girls.
23:37 Speak, for your servant hears,
23:42 Speak, for your servant hears,
23:47 Speak, for your servant hears,
23:50 First Samuel 3 verse 10.
23:57 You know Auntie Linda that scripture reminds
23:59 me of a story in the Bible and a man is
24:01 listening to Jesus and Jesus said I want you
24:04 to build a house on a rock. On a rock,
24:07 on a rock. Well that is a safe place to build,
24:10 because then the floods will come and wash
24:13 it away. Okay, we're gonna sing a song
24:16 about that boys and girls, lets do.
24:19 The wise man built his house upon the rock
24:24 The wise man built his house upon the rock
24:28 The wise man built his house upon the rock
24:32 And the rain came tumbling down
24:36 You gotta come faster. The rain came down
24:39 And the floods came up The rain came down
24:42 And the floods came up The rain came down
24:45 And the floods came up
24:46 And the house on the rock stood firm.
24:50 But the foolish man didn't listen, he didn't.
24:53 Oh lets see what happens.
24:55 The foolish man built his house upon the sand
25:00 The foolish man built his house upon the sand
25:05 The foolish man built his house upon the sand
25:09 And the rain came tumbling down
25:13 You gotta come fast. The rain came down
25:15 And the floods came up The rain came down
25:18 And the floods came up The rain came down
25:21 And the floods came up
25:23 And the house on the sand went "splat!"
25:28 Oh boy! He should have listened to Jesus,
25:32 he should have, that's right. And we have a
25:35 special song to sing right now that talks
25:37 about listening ears. And so we're
25:39 gonna sing it right now.
25:41 I have ears that listen, listen, listen
25:46 I have ears that listen, listen, listen
25:51 I have ears that listen, listen, listen
25:55 they were made for Jesus.
26:01 He also made us hands that can clap, okay.
26:04 I have hands that clap, clap, clap
26:08 I have hands that clap, clap, clap
26:12 I have hands that clap, clap, clap
26:16 they were made for Jesus.
26:22 I have fingers that wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
26:26 I have fingers that wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
26:30 I have fingers that wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
26:34 they were made for Jesus.
26:41 It's time for us to talk to Jesus.
26:43 So you can sing along with our prayer song
26:46 boys and girls, lets kneel down.
26:48 Lee is gonna have a special prayer for us.
26:52 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
27:01 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes and
27:10 very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
27:19 Dear Jesus I love you amen, amen.
27:27 Oh that's Mr. Rooster, that's all the
27:29 time we have for now.
27:37 Our time together is over, so we will have to
27:42 go. Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves
27:48 you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:52 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:03 We're Tiny Tots around the world we're
28:06 God's girls and boys. We live for him around
28:10 the world, we spread love and joy,
28:14 like colors of the rainbow, we're shining
28:17 like the rainbow. We're Tiny Tots around
28:21 the world we're God's girls and boys.


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