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Jesus' Friends Pray To Him

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:08 hears our voice, we live for him
00:11 around the world, we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world where
00:23 God hears our voice.
00:28 Good job, Avery, you're a good helper for Jesus,
00:34 Oh! Look, girls, boys and girls are here,
00:38 come on sing with us.
00:41 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:45 Jesus loves the children everyone the same
00:51 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
00:54 Jesus knows your name You made Jesus happy
00:59 just because you came.
01:04 It's time now for a special story.
01:07 It's about Queen Ester. That's right.
01:10 I like queen. You like stories about
01:12 queens, do you boys and girls. Come on,
01:15 Oh! I can hardly wait to tell this one.
01:18 This is one of my favorite stories, it's so good.
01:21 Miss Cinda, I wonder where she is maybe
01:28 she went to the garden again.
01:29 And I don't know where Miss Cinda.
01:31 I tell you what; we will just sit here.
01:33 She went into the garden.
01:34 You right may be she is, that's what I was thinking.
01:37 Auntie Linda, auntie Linda, I went to the garden to pick
01:39 vegetables and look what I found, is it a Hannah.
01:44 Hannah. I said Hannah,
01:46 you need to come up to worship.
01:48 I won't miss it. Come on sit by Auntie Linda.
01:53 Hi Avery, hi Maxi, your both just in time to sing
01:56 our worship song, can you ring the bell.
01:59 Oh!! Avery can you help me.
02:01 Alright sing with us boys and girls.
02:07 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet with our
02:12 best friend Jesus. Come and worship here
02:17 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
02:25 Jesus is always happy, when his friends. Well, I have a
02:29 special Verse for you and it comes from this book.
02:33 What's so special about this book that I have.
02:36 Holy Bible.
02:38 It's a Holy Bible; it's a letter from Jesus.
02:42 Let's see what he wants us to learn today. Call to me.
02:46 Call to me. And I will answer you and I will answer
02:53 you Jeremiah 33:3. I'm thinking of one of Jesus
03:06 friends in the Bible that called on him
03:09 when she was in trouble.
03:11 Oh!! Was she really pretty?
03:13 She was beautiful and she had long hair and have
03:16 always wear a crown on her head. Who do you
03:20 think, I'm thinking of? Queen Ester.
03:22 That's right Queen Ester, do you like to pretend
03:25 that your queen, I do.
03:28 As you. I like the thing, that's thing.
03:31 We're gonna pretend that we're queen Ester.
03:34 Alright, there is hat and hat for Hannah.
03:38 Hats off for you, Hannah.
03:40 Oh! I got a hat, well queen Ester.
03:43 She would wear her crown and since she was one of
03:46 Jesus friends. Do you think, she was crabby to her maids
03:50 and she would tell them, go clean that room up.
03:54 Do you think, she would say.
03:57 I want some fruit and I want it now.
04:00 No. She would say.
04:03 Would you please bring me some food or she
04:06 would say. Thank you for cleaning the room for me.
04:09 She would be very polite coz Jesus friends are polite
04:13 and whenever Ester was in trouble, there is
04:17 somebody that she always went to talk to.
04:19 A Jesus. That's right,
04:22 she would always go to Jesus and she would
04:24 tell him all their problems and one day, there was a
04:28 wicked man and do you know what it name was.
04:31 Heman. That's right.
04:33 and Heman hated some people.
04:37 Who do you think he hated? Jews. That's right
04:42 and he decided, I'm just gonna get
04:44 rid of all the Jews. But queen Ester, what was she.
04:49 She was a Jew and so queen Ester sat, and she
04:55 folded her hands and closed her eyes and she said Oh!
04:58 Jesus I'm calling to you and I know your answer and help
05:02 me and Jesus did help queen Ester and he answered her
05:07 prayer and saved her people. Isn't that wonderful?
05:11 And Auntie Linda Jesus will help us too,
05:14 he will help us.
05:15 Hannah will you help us by having a prayer
05:19 and just thanking Jesus for always being near for us.
05:24 Dear Jesus thank you for always being here and
05:26 answering our prayers in Jesus name, Amen.
05:29 Amen. And you can remember boys and girls
05:32 that Jesus is your friend too. Always remember
05:37 that he loves you.
05:46 We're in the kitchen with Ms. Cinda
05:47 and we're having fun.
05:49 We are. And you know what, we've been
05:52 talking to you today about prayer,
05:54 who likes to pray. Me.
05:56 I do. You do.
06:00 I do. And you like to pray too.
06:02 I've done prayed all this. I've done, I've done
06:06 promoting this. That is the letter spray.
06:08 And do you know what we're gonna do with this
06:10 Jaden. Yes.
06:11 I thought, it would be really nice if they help
06:13 you remember to pray. Look at this we're gonna
06:16 hands, we're gonna do hands, we're gonna do
06:19 our hands and we're gonna do in prayer.
06:20 So, they're praying and then inside.
06:23 What is that say, whose know what this says?
06:26 Pray. Pray and this is a prayer.
06:30 That's right. It says prayer. You know it says,
06:33 call on me and I will answer you Jeremiah 33:3.
06:39 Yes. And when you see these you
06:43 can put these in your room and when you
06:45 see this, what where remind you do. To pray.
06:49 To pray. That's right Noah,
06:52 so let me lay those down, lay your hand
06:56 down, now boys and girls, how you need to do this if
06:58 you wanted to fold instead of putting your hands like
07:01 this. You will need to do put your hand like this,
07:03 bless you. Put your hands like this, okay so
07:09 let's turn this over like this here.
07:12 And Miss Cinda has got a pencil right here.
07:15 Okay, put your hand like that and like this and
07:18 rotate around; so I'll help, let me help Jaden,
07:20 then I will help you. Okay, you out your hands
07:23 boys and girls down like this and you want your
07:25 fingers together okay and now watch Miss Cinda is
07:28 gonna trace around it. Look, around the thumb,
07:33 there we go and now let's do your other one.
07:39 And see boys and girls you will do right
07:40 back to back. How are you two doing over
07:43 there Noah and Isabelle? How are you doing Auntie
07:46 Linda helping you? We're gonna go right there.
07:49 Okay, here we go. Round and round.
07:54 And then boys and girls you will cut this out
07:57 and then we will fold it. Okay, just let me help
08:01 let me help Sophia okay. Now, I help, okay Sophia
08:04 we'll start with the right hand, okay. Hold it
08:07 really straight for me, good, good,
08:09 Isabelle said that her mommy does this to her.
08:13 Oh! Helps they're dry. Yep sometimes aha,
08:17 do you kids know that you can pray anytime
08:22 to pray to Jesus. When do you pray to Jesus?
08:26 Breakfast. You pray at breakfast.
08:28 Yeah I pray to him when
08:30 someone I'm happy and I thank him for a,
08:33 what he giving me a good food and just sometimes,
08:37 just thanking Jesus that he went out on a walk
08:41 with me and he is always with me. Aren't you glad
08:45 that we had Jesus always with us? You can cut them
08:47 out okay and you know that's right.
08:50 Auntie Linda is right boys and girls.
08:52 We can pray to Jesus anytime and we can;
08:55 it's really special if we can hear, pray to Jesus
08:58 not just when we're in trouble or scared
09:01 but if we thank Jesus.
09:02 Oh! Jaden thank you for helping me.
09:05 Go around and see boys and girls
09:10 we're following around. Can you hold this corner
09:12 Jason, Jaden coz I'm gonna go.
09:13 Sophia you're doing a good job,
09:15 Oh! Very good and you'll want to help
09:19 out Jaden, thank you helping me that's really
09:22 a big boy. You're doing a good job.
09:24 Oh! Yes and cut around your fingers look at those
09:29 fingers we're cutting around Jaden, see we're
09:32 making your hand, look at that.
09:35 I can help. And boys and girls,
09:38 you can get your mommies and daddies
09:40 or an adult to help you and then when get them
09:44 all cut out; Jaden you're such big help.
09:48 When you get them all cut out; oh you are Noah,
09:53 yeah. Good job there we go and now boys and girls
09:59 you will fold it like this and then we'll, we will
10:03 decorate it. Boys and girls remember anytime you're
10:08 in the kitchen its fun. It is.
10:15 Farmer Tommy. Auntie Linda,
10:17 I've been waiting. Oh! Can we help?
10:19 You sure can. Come on around here
10:20 and help farmer Donny plant my strawberries.
10:24 Does anybody like strawberries?
10:26 Me. You like strawberry.
10:29 Yeah. You like red strawberries
10:32 or green strawberries. I like red.
10:34 Red strawberries, hey you see this
10:37 growing right here. Yeah.
10:38 That's going to be a red strawberries someday,
10:41 yummy, yummy aha, okay.
10:43 I can't wait to taste it.
10:44 Well, let's start planting our strawberry plants in,
10:47 let's all grab a shovel or a fork got one .
10:50 Okay. And let's start
10:51 digging a whole. I have a fork.
10:52 We're gonna dig a hole. Dig a hole.
10:54 Let's dig a hole.
10:55 Everybody start dig with farmer Donny.
10:58 And a dig a hole. Good job Kerry, good.
11:02 Oh! I'm digging my hole. I want to taken our holes.
11:05 Sleep there. Yeah.
11:07 Yes, dig, you have dig right here.
11:09 Keep on digging and don't me afraid,
11:11 oh, it feels good.
11:13 Katy how are you doing, are you getting your hole.
11:15 Yes, it is. Does that feel good Joe?
11:17 That feels good. Okay, we're gonna put
11:18 it down here. Can you cover this up with dirt now?
11:21 Don't you, yeah. Yeah, and everybody start.
11:23 There we go. Concentrate.
11:27 Can you stick your plant in the hole for me.
11:31 Put it right here, put it right here.
11:32 Put that plant right in there, right
11:34 oh! Good, thank you.
11:35 Okay, now can you put, now, let's put dirt
11:39 around it, we have no plant.
11:41 Okay, we gotta put the dirt around.
11:42 Okay, Joe, good job, put your, put your plant
11:45 right there in the hole Joe.
11:46 You're doing a great job, oh! Thank you.
11:49 Alright Caleb, watch this, can you cover it up
11:51 with dirt now. Can you cover it up
11:52 with dirt, oh! You're doing so good honey.
11:54 She's ready for her watering can.
11:56 Here is one just for you.
11:58 Can I've mine. Yes you can.
12:01 You've gotta cover your dirt up first, get cover
12:03 this up first. Yeah why don't stop
12:04 watering, everybody water their own plant
12:06 now, here you go Joe. Starts watering the plant,
12:09 I'll take your fork good. Now, that is getting a
12:13 healthy dose of water. I can tell you that
12:15 right now. Okay.
12:16 And now mines. Caleb is ready for water.
12:19 Here some, some for somebody up. There you go.
12:20 Okay, there we go. Oh! Look at you.
12:23 You can water yourself. Oh! That is great, let me
12:25 put this over here good job, I must set this down
12:29 right here. Now, everybody sort of packed the mud
12:31 down around your plant like this.
12:33 Can you pack the mud around?
12:34 Can you pack them? Everybody start
12:35 packing. I need.
12:36 Where's the water? Pack it in.
12:38 Pack it in. Oh! Good job.
12:40 Oh! Good job. Caleb Caleb you're doing
12:42 just fine. Oh! This is fun.
12:43 Yeah, we're packing it down; get your
12:46 hands in there. Oh! Wow.
12:48 Oh! Oh! Look at my hand, everybody,
12:50 oh, look at my hand.
12:53 My hand. Wow. Look, at what my hands
12:54 are doing? They're all dirty.
12:57 You are doing so
12:58 Look at your hands. Are you hands dirty?
12:59 Get rub them together everybody.
13:02 My hands are not dirty They always look dirty.
13:05 There are they, this makes me so happy.
13:08 I just wanna sing our song. Let's all sing our song,
13:10 what do you say? No.
13:12 If you don't them look I like to go to the farm
13:17 where the cows moo, moo, I like to go to the farm
13:21 where the ducks quack, quack
13:23 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
13:27 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
13:34 Oh! Thank you for coming today kids, you help
13:36 me so much. I think we better go wash our hands.
13:40 I think you all better go wash your hands.
13:41 Alright. Thank you so much.
13:44 Thank you so much, I just love you children,
13:46 comeback and see farmer Donny.
13:49 Bye, bye, bye, let'sgo, God bless you.
13:51 Bye, bye , bye, thank you .
13:52 Thank you. Thank you.
13:59 Dear heavenly father we thank you for today,
14:01 we thank you for each other to Lord Jesus, we
14:05 thank you, for health and strength and we
14:08 thank you dear Lord that you're almighty
14:10 God, and you provide all of our needs in
14:12 Jesus name we pray, Amen. Amen.
14:22 Would you like need to get your snack or something?
14:25 That now is time to Tiny Tots here.
14:27 You sure. No not now,
14:28 we've the Tiny Tots. Okay, let's see I can get you.
14:33 Oh! I hear knock. You think that might be
14:35 the Tiny Tots. May be. Come on let's see
14:37 them, come on let's see, let's see.
14:39 Hi. The Tiny Tots, welcome tiny tots.
14:47 Oh! It's hug me so forth, oh! We love coming
14:52 to see you. Auntie Linda thank you for coming!
14:55 Oh! Yes, it's always wonderful to see you.
14:57 Have a seat, have a seat. He wants to tell you
15:02 something. This is the apple just for you.
15:06 Oh! Joe, thank you Joe. They want to stop by the
15:09 apple trees and picked something for you.
15:12 Oh! This is for me a great snack for us tonight,
15:13 thank you. And Reece, you picked one for
15:16 Mr. Vince too, didn't you. You want to give him this
15:19 apple. Oh! Thank you very much, Reece,
15:22 I appreciate that. This I've to this pray.
15:28 Oh! Caught me and I'm and answer my favorite
15:33 scripture thank you. Oh, we have some
15:39 special things for you today and I love it.
15:42 Because we always try to just bring something
15:44 special to share and this time it's real treat.
15:48 Okay, girls it could be surprises don't say.
15:51 What's the special treat?
15:54 Jesus loves me! this I know, For the Bible tells me so.
16:01 Little ones to Him belong; they are weak but He is strong
16:09 Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
16:16 Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
16:23 Amen. Very good, very good. Beautiful.
16:44 Shall we see our memory verse for them?
16:46 Yeah. Alright, call to me and
16:51 I will answer you, Jeremiah 33:3.
16:59 Oh! That just thrills my heart, so because
17:02 it's my favorite. That's your favorite.
17:05 Favorite. Oh! That's awesome,
17:10 I love that verse too. Marion, come here sweetie.
17:17 Can you do me favor? Yes.
17:20 Can you play a song on the piano for me?
17:21 I love to. Please thank you.
18:22 Amen. That was very good, thank you.
18:28 Yeah. Thank you, Marion.
18:30 Oh! I love to hear piano music and especially when
18:33 you play it Marion. And I do too, and
18:35 I know Vince too. I love it.
18:37 Oh! She dedicates all her talents to Jesus
18:41 and you do too, don't you? Amen.
18:43 Yeah, Tabetha does too. Well, would it be alright
18:46 before we go, we could have special prayer with you?
18:49 Oh! Sure. Yes. Alright, Joe would you have
18:52 our prayer, alright let's close our eyes,
18:54 fold our hands. Dear Jesus, thank you
18:57 that we can talk to you, Amen. Amen.
19:01 I'm thankful that we can talk to God. Yes.
19:06 Well, we have to hurry, thank you so much for
19:10 letting us come and visit you.
19:12 And thank you for all of the gifts and all it just
19:15 warms our heart. It warms ours too.
19:18 God bless you we love you. Thank you.
19:21 Bye, bye. Bye, bye, bye, come again bye, bye.
19:35 Shall we go for a walk today, to see what God
19:40 has given. Oh! I love to walk,
19:41 wasn't that fun. Oh, comeback girls,
19:46 come here. I see Miss Jennie. Let's sneak up
19:51 on here and say booh out, okay.
19:53 We will say, booh.. Come on let's say booh.
20:00 Booh! You're guys going for the walk.
20:07 Yes, we were having fun. You're having fun.
20:10 Yeah. I would like seeing outside, it's have fun,
20:14 when I'm outside. Oh, that was fun,
20:15 what do you have? This is a hornet's nest.
20:19 Wow, did they sting. Yes, they are very mean.
20:24 I stay away from now. If you ever see one of
20:27 this out any where, you will get far,
20:29 far away from it. Never touch its, stay far, far
20:32 away from it, because their babies are in here.
20:35 In that one right there. No there is none in here,
20:39 somebody gave me this one and they had it for
20:42 a long time so we know there is no hornet's in here.
20:45 Oh! I'm glad they put their babies in there,
20:48 inside here. Can you peek in there and see, there is
20:55 nothing in there? But there is little hole, where there
20:59 babies were, they put little things in there and they
21:04 grow into a big hornet's and even they hatch up.
21:07 The hornet's come out of here. So, you always wanna
21:10 stay far, far away from these and don't go anywhere
21:14 by them. Can we touch the nest now that there
21:17 is nothing in it? Yeah, you can touch it now.
21:18 It feels like paper doesn't it.
21:19 Yeah. It feels just like paper, they chew things
21:23 up and they split it up and they don't,
21:25 well don't break it up okay. They chew it
21:28 up and they take and they make it right to take the
21:31 chew it up and spit it out and make like paper and
21:35 that's what their nest is made out of.
21:36 Isn't that amazing that God gave some animal
21:39 that talent to do that or insect really.
21:42 Isn't that amazing? We will give that
21:44 back to Miss Jeanie, here Miss Jeanie.
21:46 Thank you. Oh! Wow
21:49 Isn't that fun. Isn't that amazing,
21:51 that God made this creatures so smart
21:53 that they could make nest. Yes.
21:56 But you know what I've two surprises
22:00 we talk about this, now Auntie Linda
22:04 will you hold this for me to keep it safe.
22:06 I will, I will lay at right beside me, right here.
22:10 And I have another surprise, do you think
22:12 what it is? A butterfly.
22:14 No, it's a Praying Mantis. Do you think he prays?
22:22 That's why they call it Praying Mantis
22:25 because it takes it's hands and it prays. Praying mantis.
22:28 Right. Praying mantis.
22:29 Oh! There he is. And this this is the biggest
22:32 one that you have ever seen.
22:34 Wow. Can you see it? Wow! He's upside and down,
22:40 he's, he just kind to hang in out in there.
22:45 How many legs does he have? How many do you see?
22:48 I see 1 and 2. I see 4.
22:52 Well, I think he has, one, two, three, four and this
23:01 are kind to like hands two and that's why they say
23:05 he's praying. Because he holds his hands on the front,
23:09 like he's praying. Isn't that awesome?
23:12 Where is eyes had? He's eyes are down,
23:15 where we're just flipping over like this and I hope
23:17 he laid down. He's eyes are up her and do you know
23:21 what they told me about him. No.
23:23 He's eyes are one color during the day and they
23:26 change at night. They change at night.
23:30 And you know I might not be right,
23:32 but you know why I think God made him that way?
23:35 Why? So, he can hunt better,
23:37 Cause' he looks for insects. He thinks insect are yummy.
23:45 It's yum. I don't think insects would be yummy,
23:47 do you guys? No.
23:51 I don't think they had be good either. No.
23:53 You know what I'm so glad that Jesus made all these
23:57 wonderful things for you guys and for me. Me too.
24:06 Let's sing our memory verse. Yeah.
24:09 Join us boys and girls.
24:12 Call to me and I will answer you,
24:21 Call to me Jeremiah 33 verse 3.
24:32 Kids you know what that verse means,
24:35 it means that when we pray to Jesus,
24:37 he hears every word we say. That's right, Farmer Daniel.
24:41 Jesus loves that, when we talk to him. Yes.
24:44 Kids, when are we going to talk to Jesus. Every day.
24:49 Everyday. Anytime. Anytime. Okay.
24:53 How about if I'm playing on the playground and someone
24:57 is really mean to me and I wanna hit him and,,
25:01 and should I pray to Jesus and ask Jesus to help me not
25:04 to hit him and to be nice. You should pray.
25:07 That's right. So, I can pray then too. Yes.
25:12 That's right, we can pray to Jesus anytime can't us.
25:15 He has, I love to talk to Jesus. But Jesus loves
25:19 to talk to me. What do I have here?
25:22 A Bible, that's how talks to me,
25:25 when I read his Bible and then I pray every day,
25:30 I get closer and closer to him and we're gonna
25:32 sing a song about that boys and girls.
25:34 So, let's get down and you do that, we do. Okay.
25:38 Read Your Bible, Pray Every Day
25:42 Pray every day, pray every day.
25:46 Read your Bible, pray every day,
25:50 And you'll grow, grow, grow.
25:54 And you'll grow, grow, grow.
25:58 And you'll grow, grow, grow.
26:03 Read your Bible, pray everyday,
26:06 And you'll grow, grow, grow. Good job kids.
26:14 I love it, we can talk to Jesus when we pray
26:17 and anytime like your talking about Ms. Cinda.
26:21 Because hears us, he's hear.
26:24 I know he does and we're gonna sing a song about that.
26:28 I talk to Jesus when I pray, when I pray, when I pray.
26:35 I talk to Jesus when I pray and he hears me I know.
26:44 And a little talk with Jesus makes it right, all right;
26:50 A little talk with Jesus makes it right, all right,
26:55 when I'm part yourself on Jesus I will go,
27:06 A little talk with Jesus makes it right, all right
27:12 And we're gonna have a little talk with Jesus right
27:14 now and Tyler is gonna have a pray for us.
27:16 So, as we sing our prayer song. You can join and we do.
27:21 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
27:30 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes, and very,
27:39 very cried be what the prayer is said.
27:47 Dear Jesus I love to talk to you. Amen. Amen.
27:54 That's Mr. Roster and that's all the time we have for now.
28:03 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
28:08 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
28:15 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
28:23 Goodbye. Goodbye
28:29 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
28:32 hears our voice, we live for him around the world,
28:37 we spread love and joy, like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:42 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:45 We are Tiny Tots around the
28:47 world where God hears our voice.


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