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Jesus Takes Care Of His Friends

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:27 Oh! James you're doing such a good job,
00:30 a taking care of Eleanor and look
00:32 Carrey loves Eleanor too.
00:34 Look the boys and girls are here.
00:37 Oh they're, come on boys and girls sing with us.
00:42 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:47 Jesus wants the children everyone the same
00:52 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
00:56 Jesus knows your name
00:58 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:04 We're glad you're here and we're going
01:08 really good worship. It's about a baby,
01:14 can you guess who our baby? Baby Jesus.
01:17 That's a wonderful story, but it's not about baby Jesus.
01:21 You're having to come on in boys and girls
01:23 and find out. What baby, we're gonna talk about today
01:26 I'm so glad, it's worship time.
01:30 I'm glad too. Me too.
01:31 I love worship time,
01:33 you know what time it is right now.
01:35 It's time to sing our worship song.
01:38 So, let's ask Billy boy to ring the bell.
01:41 Billy boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:45 And boys and girls, you can sing along with us.
01:51 Worship bells are sweet,
01:53 calling us to meet with our best friend Jesus.
01:59 Come and worship here
02:01 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
02:08 And Jesus always smiles, when his friends
02:11 come to worship him. Well, I've a very special book,
02:15 it's my favorite book in the whole world
02:17 and I just love it, love it.
02:19 This from Jesus. It's the Holy Bible.
02:21 That's right, James. It's the Holy Bible.
02:24 I it is God's word and we've a special
02:28 text for you today.
02:29 And it's found in First Peter 5, Verse 7.
02:32 First Peter 5, Verse 7. It's says: He cares for you.
02:38 He cares for you. Well, I've a very special friend
02:44 of Jesus that we wanna talk about.
02:46 That was in Bible times and he.
02:48 Moses. That's right.
02:50 I also know that.
02:52 You do, well I love the story a baby Moses.
02:58 Baby Moses, was such a cute little baby.
03:03 He's a baby Moses in the earth
03:05 and they loved him so much.
03:08 But his mommy and daddy lived in a country called.
03:13 Egypt. Egypt and king Pharaoh, he didn't like little
03:19 babies and you know what King Pharaoh said.
03:21 What? He said kill all the babies under three years old.
03:27 That's right. That's awesome.
03:30 That's often mommy said, no, no I love my baby.
03:33 He can't have my baby, so she made a basket boat.
03:37 Can you pad, it will help make it, she made it all,
03:40 she made it all so special and then she talked him
03:43 down and then she said. Can you give me kiss,
03:46 give me little kiss. She kissed him
03:48 and she said Sister Merriam, him you watch him
03:51 and this is sister Merriam.
03:52 You portent Carrey sister Merriam and she put him
03:55 in the water and they walked and walked and
03:58 all of a sudden she saw someone coming
04:00 and who do you think it was?
04:02 The mage. It was the princess and she said bring me
04:06 that basket and when she opened up the lid.
04:10 What did she see? The baby.
04:12 Oh! Baby and did she throw baby Moses into the river.
04:17 No. No, Jesus took care of baby Moses
04:22 and she said his momma could takes care him.
04:25 because Merriam, yes you can hold the baby.
04:28 She's a good mommy, she's that, she's helping
04:31 just like Merriam did and Jesus will take care
04:36 of you too, just like he take care of baby Mosses.
04:39 Baby Moses got bigger and when he was older,
04:41 he went to the palace,
04:42 and he became great leader for a Jesus.
04:46 Boys and girls, let's thank Jesus for taking care of us.
04:49 Can you fold your hands, close your eyes.
04:52 Let's talked to Jesus, Dear Jesus thank you
04:56 for taking care of us and thank you that you took
04:59 care of Baby Moses too, we love you Jesus. Amen. Amen
05:05 Boys and girls, always remember that Jesus loves you.
05:18 We're in the kitchen with Miss, Cinda today
05:20 and we're having fun.
05:22 We're having fun, but let me ask you kids
05:26 something. I need some good helpers,
05:28 so you think I could have some good helpers.
05:32 Who's gonna help me?
05:33 I will, I will.
05:35 Alright, are you boys and girls wanted to know.
05:38 We're gonna do today, look at these.
05:44 We're gonna make a gift for somebody else,
05:48 today we're talking about Jesus
05:52 takes care of us, aren't we?
05:54 And so today we're gonna make these little gifts
05:58 and then we're gonna given to somebody
06:00 and let him know that Jesus takes care of them too.
06:02 And here what we're gonna do boys and girls.
06:06 We've some little pots, the little play pots
06:10 and we're gonna decorate our little clay pots.
06:12 You kids can start decorating
06:14 and you can take your stickers. Have fun.
06:17 And decorate the little clay pots. I want to do this.
06:20 Put your stickers on the pot?
06:21 Well, we're gonna put a little stickers
06:22 on each one of this. But first step,
06:24 take care your sticker and decorate your pot.
06:25 You can put them anywhere on here.
06:27 And you'll make your pots some really pretty.
06:30 Oh! Yeah. Oh! Look can you do that Novalia.
06:33 That's pretty, you're gonna put some on your pots.
06:36 And boys and girls, you can get your
06:37 Mommies and daddies or an adult to help you
06:39 and you want to put them here.
06:41 And you can get them it doesnt matter
06:43 what size pot you have and maybe
06:44 you can just have big part if you want.
06:47 But these are, just kid little pots.
06:49 And we're going to package them all up
06:52 and we're gonna giving them a lay.
06:54 And we're gonna put little name with that
06:57 let to know that just as they care for this seeds,
07:01 we're gonna give them a seeds or plant.
07:03 And just as they care for this, because they're gonna
07:06 need to water on and they're gonna
07:08 need to put them in the windows seals.
07:11 So, they get sunshine and take care of them.
07:13 Jesus takes care of them, isn't that special?
07:16 You did and that's so nice.
07:19 Now, can you do the next two?
07:20 Yeah. And then we will give them some dirt
07:24 and we will give them a little, little package of seeds.
07:27 And this is parsley, because everybody likes parsley.
07:31 I love parsley. You like parsley. Yeah.
07:35 I do too, who likes parsley? Me.
07:37 You do, parsley looks pretty and stuff too doesn't it?
07:41 It does. It's good, it's good for you too
07:44 and then we will give this little gift package to.
07:47 We will wrap it up in cellophane and we will give to a friend.
07:52 Do you think they will like that?
07:54 You kids are such good helpers.
07:57 Oh, my goodness Jade you're doing a good job.
08:00 You are getting your pot all decorated.
08:02 And Novalia, you're getting, here as you are getting
08:06 finished, we will put them in a tray.
08:07 We will put a little bit.
08:09 We will put package of our dirt in here.
08:10 Let's put just like this and then you've got this pot
08:13 all decorated. So, let's put there, like that.
08:17 And then we will put one more pot.
08:19 Oh! There you go and then we will put that right here.
08:23 And then we can give them some extra stones,
08:24 if we want because do you know,
08:26 why we're put the stones in the bottom.
08:28 That so when they water them, put your stone in her.
08:32 The water can drain out; just put the whole stone
08:34 And help keep the roots happy,
08:35 Boys and girls, anytime you're in the kitchen. Its fun.
08:44 What you're doing?
08:45 Oh! You're just in time;
08:47 you can help me plant my garden today.
08:49 Oh! That's what I was hoping you're doing today.
08:51 Thank for stop in barn, you know, what we're gonna
08:53 plant today Kids, sunflower seeds.
08:56 Oh! Yeah and you know.
08:58 You mean like this sunflowers we're gonna plant more.
09:02 Look how little they are right now.
09:03 But someday they were look just like that.
09:06 That's big. Yeah, that big and what we're gonna do.
09:09 We're gonna plant this seeds,
09:10 I'm gonna give you want to hole, you got it.
09:13 Everybody get one, there are you go,
09:16 hold down to it Auntie Linda.
09:18 There are you go. There are you go, okay.
09:20 Now, I tell you what, let's all grab
09:23 a shovel or fork. Everybody are you ready?
09:25 Okay I hold it, while you're planted, okay.
09:26 You got one over here, good. Dig a hole.
09:28 Everybody grab the one, you got one Simon.
09:30 You dig a hole. Just dig a hole like this.
09:32 Let me to hold your seed for you. Here we go.
09:33 Oh! Man. Oh! I'll tell you, what you can do,
09:38 I want barn a Farmer Donny's.
09:39 Okay, put it in the holes, covered it up.
09:42 Okay, now let's cover the seeds up like this.
09:45 Is everybody ready? Yeah.
09:47 Yeah, okay. And we covered it up.
09:50 Yeah, can you cover? Oh! Good job everybody.
09:53 Do you help, do you help plant gardens
09:56 at home, at your house.
09:58 As everybody go mom and daddy plant garden.
10:00 You do, what do you plant? You plant a watermelon.
10:03 You plant watermelons and what else.
10:05 Oh! Hey fill this dirt, how cold it is kids
10:09 and look you get your hands dirty too, dirty.
10:11 Oh! Yes. You know what,
10:14 would you like to water your seeds now.
10:16 Oh! Yes. Let's do that,
10:17 I'm gonna handle this down to Auntie Linda.
10:19 Okay. Okay. I want to.
10:21 You wanna water some, you can water little bit.
10:24 Yeah and I'm gonna handle on to. Let's not forget.
10:26 I like to extrude.
10:28 Do you want to water your garden too?
10:29 Oh! Good job. Good job.
10:33 Oh! That's good, you got them water.
10:35 Thank you so much, you got wet.
10:38 Oh, now, you get wet already. I do.
10:42 Now, let's pad our little seed down like this.
10:44 You got more there.
10:46 Farmer Donny, who eats sunflowers seeds.
10:48 Well, you know humans eat. I love sunflower seeds.
10:51 You love them.
10:52 Yeah and you know who else love them, birds.
10:55 Birds. Birds love sunflower seeds, yeah.
10:59 I've one. Yeah, I got another one for you Dan.
11:02 You want another seed?
11:03 Oh! You want another seed,
11:04 can you dig your hole there girl?
11:06 No, no, I want to the water.
11:07 Oh! You wanna water, you sure okay. Okay here.
11:10 Oh! Alright. Now, she's the doing one.
11:12 Yeah, I got there. You got there,
11:13 you got your seed already plant, don't you?
11:15 Where is mine? What you want,
11:16 you want to plant another seed. Oh! My.
11:18 I tell you what, there you're gonna water good job.
11:21 Good job. Look at you.
11:23 Yes, oh! Are you having fun?
11:25 Can you dig it all around? Dig all around.
11:27 Yeah there we go, she's got another back look.
11:29 I tell you what you are giving it a good drinking
11:31 Auntie Linda. I love to drink water myself,
11:34 so I sure this will make them grow.
11:36 Oh1 Thank you Hannah. Oh! Yes.
11:39 Oh! Now what? I'm gonna sir pad
11:40 that down little bit good job.
11:42 How about this one here, so they can get some drink.
11:46 Yeah. Yes, it did have drink, didn't it?
11:48 Some here sure.
11:50 Oh! This is so much fun, it just makes me wanna sing.
11:54 It makes me wanna sing, you all wanna sing.
11:56 Yes. Let's sing our song.
11:58 Let's sing our song.
11:59 Making, that will ready Hannah, here we go.
12:01 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
12:06 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack,
12:09 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
12:13 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
12:20 Oh! Thank you for letting us to help you.
12:23 I appreciated so much.
12:25 ou made it so nice for farmer Donny.
12:26 I can't hardly wait farmer Donny
12:28 until they get big like those sunflower seeds.
12:31 Oh! Yeah. Well, that be fun,
12:32 we will have to comeback and see it.
12:34 Comeback and see me kids.
12:35 Alright, we've got to go.
12:36 Thank you Hannah, go with the Auntie Linda.
12:38 Thank you. I just love you all.
12:40 Oh! Yes. Come on around this way.
12:41 Thank you so much.
12:43 Thank you so much, you're comeback and see Farmer Donny.
12:45 Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.
12:46 God bless you hearts now.
12:47 Bye, bye, thank you Hannah, bye, bye.
12:54 And the Vince honey, what do you have there.
12:56 I know you are sick, hurt your back
12:58 some may cookie for tiny tots to be here little while.
13:00 Thank you honey, that was so sweet of you
13:03 to make cookies for the tiny tots.
13:05 That's the now I bet.
13:08 Hi. The tiny tots, come on in, come on in.
13:14 Yeah. Oh, it's great.
13:17 Mrs. Sylvia, gifts for you.
13:21 Oh, thank you Mathew and thank you for the bread.
13:25 I see. Oh, fresh bread, I love fresh.
13:27 Why should brake it, oh, it will smells so good.
13:29 I love fresh bread.
13:30 They were worried about you Miss Sylvia
13:32 and Miss Cinda said well I will just make some bread.
13:36 That will cheer up.
13:37 Oh! And you have to say thank you to Miss Cinda.
13:40 I will, I will say thank you.
13:42 Miss Sylvia. Yes.
13:45 Does your back hurt, is it?
13:47 Oh! This is still; I've a pain right back here, oh!
13:52 I will pray for you. Thank you.
13:54 Oh let's fold our hands and close your eyes.
13:57 Dear God, please help Miss Sylvia's back
14:01 and she's feeling hurts and please heal it. Amen.
14:06 Amen. Thank you Mario that was your beautiful prayer!
14:11 Well, we care about your Sylvia. Oh! Thank you.
14:15 And we want you to get better. Thank you.
14:17 And the kids worked up a special song for you.
14:20 Oh! Wow. Hey let sing.
14:23 Jesus loves the little children
14:27 All the children of the world
14:31 Black and yellow, red and white
14:34 They're all precious in His sight
14:36 Jesus loves the little children of the world
14:41 Jesus loves the little children
14:44 All the children of the world
14:50 Black and yellow, red and white
14:52 They're all precious in His sight
14:54 Jesus loves the little children of the world
14:59 Amen. Very good.
15:02 There were all Jesus children. Yes he are.
15:05 We've a memory verse that we would like to say for you.
15:08 He cares for you, first Peter 5:7.
15:19 Thank you, very man. Wonderful, wonderful
15:23 You can always remember that Jesus cares for you.
15:29 We have something special Mario.
15:32 You want to share with them, alright.
15:36 Jesus bids us shine with a clear, pure light,
15:41 Like a little candle burning in the night;
15:45 In this world of darkness, we must shine,
15:49 You in your small corner, and I in mine.
15:54 Jesus bids us shine, as we work for Him,
15:57 Bringing those that wander from the paths of sin;
16:01 He will ever help us if we shine,
16:05 You in your small corner, and I in mine.
16:10 Good. Yes, that's very good.
16:12 It's wonderful, thank you given me.
16:14 That's just for joy into our home today,
16:17 didn't it honey? It sure they did.
16:18 Before we leave we would like have a prayer with you,
16:23 with that be alright. Sure.
16:25 Oh! That would be fine.
16:26 Alright, who would like to pray?
16:28 Me. You would like to pray, who else would like to pray?
16:31 Me. Alright, Mathew will you have prayer for first
16:34 and then Tabbeth will.
16:35 Okay, let's fold our hands and closed our eyes.
16:38 Dear Jesus, that's so neighbors say. Amen.
16:43 Amen. Dear Jesus, thank you for our neighbors, Amen.
16:48 Amen. Thank you Tabbeth and Matthew
16:51 for the wonderful prayer!
16:52 Alright, well I guess we better are going.
16:53 Before you're leave, I have make cookies, just for you.
16:57 Alright, be show and say thank you. Thank you.
17:06 Thank you. Welcome.
17:09 God bless you. God bless you, bye, bye.
17:12 Thank you Miss Sylvia. Thank you.
17:15 Bye, bye, bye, bye. Come on children.
17:25 Shall we go for a walk today,
17:30 There was so much fun at that time Miss Jinnee.
17:33 I love being at the Pond, I think it is so much fun.
17:37 What were your favorite part guys?
17:42 Running. Running. Running.
17:44 That was so fun. And my favorite part was laughing.
17:48 Laughing. Laughing, I like the dragon flies,
17:50 there was going around like little helicopter.
17:52 I think they get dizzy, when they go around,
17:54 they tackles like that. You think they get dizzy.
17:56 Yeah. Yeah and what about the fish jumping.
18:00 Oh! That was fun.
18:01 I like to see the fish jumping,
18:03 let me seeing look happy doesn't it.
18:04 Oh! Yeah, they're jumping up.
18:05 I would like to jumping and out of the water too
18:07 and lady almost fell in. You mean around the pound
18:13 and that would have been good.
18:14 I'm glad that she didn't fall in.
18:16 No. I'm so happy she didn't fall in.
18:17 Oh! What is that, I see over there?
18:20 What, what, where? What is that on the ground there,
18:23 let's go see what it is?
18:24 Do you think the mother is around
18:25 I don't see her where?
18:27 We better be very careful. We got be quite though.
18:29 Yes, wow. What do you think what it is?
18:32 Oh! Look. Oh! It has eggs in it.
18:37 Eggs. There are three there.
18:38 Look, look at them. How many?
18:44 Let's see, let's count them. There was cracking on.
18:47 It is, isn't, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
18:55 Six of them and what color are they. White.
18:59 That's right, what do you think to made them.
19:03 I don't know. I think, it duck made them.
19:05 A duck. Yes, did you know there is all kinds of ducks.
19:10 I don't know what kind of the duck made this nest.
19:12 What kind do you think, do you know
19:14 what kind a duck they're.
19:16 Mallard ducks. That's right and there is cute ducks
19:21 and there is pintail ducks and there are wood ducks.
19:25 Wood ducks are very, very pretty and very colorful.
19:29 What does have green on this egg?
19:32 Mallards have green on their faces, and so wood ducks.
19:35 You're right, that's right
19:37 God paint that the boys very pretty.
19:39 Did you know the girls are, don't real colorful
19:42 though just the boys? The girls are usually browns
19:46 and the boys have all different colors.
19:49 Oh! When I like, how they made the nest so solid?
19:52 I know, isn't they're wonderful and you know what?
19:55 We have hands, but they don't have hands.
19:58 How do you think they made that?
20:00 Does the mother use her beak? I think she does
20:03 and she puts everything in there to make the nest.
20:06 And then she sits on it and wiggle. Can you guys wiggle.
20:09 Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
20:11 And she flashed her little wings.
20:13 Lap, lap, lap. And she makes it just the way
20:15 it should be and then she would start lay in her eggs
20:18 one at a time. And then she sits on them,
20:22 when she is laying them
20:23 and she sits for 28 days and then the babies hatch out.
20:27 And they have to stay warmed,
20:29 that's why she sits on them.
20:30 Do you think the mother is watching us right now?
20:32 She might be and you know what, maybe we should
20:34 get away from the nest. So, that she can comeback
20:36 and sit on them and keep them warm.
20:38 So, the baby will grow inside the egg okay.
20:40 And maybe someday, we're got to see the babies.
20:43 Come on, let's go. Alright, alright let's go.
20:45 Oh! Let's go back this way. Oh! Wow.
20:48 She definitely comes out. Yes, I love laughing.
20:52 Oh! Yes. Oh! What else can we see?
20:56 I don't know, but. Oh! What is that Miss Jennie?
20:59 What is that, I don't know. Well, let's see.
21:01 Olive, is you're right, you're right Rachael.
21:07 It's Antlers. It Antlers and what kind of animal,
21:10 do you think what those? A buck!
21:14 It's a deer. Tierra right you're, Tierra you're right
21:18 Isn't they had something. Did you know that,
21:21 one time every year they fall off?
21:24 Every year! All the deer lose them and they rub
21:30 among the trees and sharpen up and I think maybe
21:34 that might help them follow up when they get loose.
21:37 But every time, every year they loose them.
21:41 Isn't that neat. And they got new one.
21:43 That's right, the next year they start growing new ones
21:45 and did you know when they grow new ones.
21:47 They have really soft velvet kind of stuff on them,
21:53 isn't that neat. And then they really rub them hard
21:57 on the trees then. And they make all that fuzzy stuff
22:00 comes off. And then they have this
22:02 They can use this to protect themselves,
22:06 if something is coming after them.
22:08 They can use their antlers and fight with them,
22:11 Scare them away with them.
22:13 Right. That just the way God made them and they have
22:16 if two boys get into a fight sometimes.
22:19 They might bump their heads together
22:20 hit their antlers to scare each other.
22:23 Miss Jennie, I use to have a little deer
22:27 and he grows antlers and even when he was big.
22:30 He used to come to my back, my porch
22:33 and I would give him a baby bottle full of milk.
22:37 And he would drink it.
22:38 Can you see a big deer drinking baby bottle?
22:41 Oh! I'm just to show happy that God and Jesus
22:47 give us all this wonderful things to enjoy. Me too.
22:56 We're gonna sing our memory verse.
22:59 Okay. Yeah.
23:01 You sing with us boys and girls.
23:02 He cares for me, he cares for me, he cares for me,
23:19 First Peter 5, verse 7. 7
23:24 He cares about everyone in the whole world
23:27 and he also care about all the things that he created.
23:32 And Jesus even cares about the animals on your farm.
23:36 The animal on my farm? That's right Farmer Danny.
23:39 What about the cows? Yes, he does and he cares
23:44 about the birds and even, dogs and cats, yes,
23:48 ducks and the woodpeckers and we're gonna sing.
23:50 He does care about the cat. That's right.
23:53 The cat can kind of snuggle out like that
23:58 Yes, cats can snuggle out.
24:00 Oh God. That's right.
24:02 Jesus made all the things for us to enjoy,
24:05 we're gonna sing, he's got the whole world in his hands.
24:07 Okay. And then we're gonna sing about one of the birds
24:10 that Jesus made, the woodpeckers.
24:11 And I want to sing our about the cats. The cat.
24:15 The little baby and the little baby.
24:17 Shall we sing about the little baby too?
24:19 And he's got the whole world in his hands.
24:21 So sing with us
24:23 He's got the whole world in his hands.
24:28 He's got the whole world in his hands.
24:32 He's got the whole world in his hands.
24:37 He's got the whole world in his hands.
24:41 Okay, kids you've been at home. Okay.
24:44 We've one of this and Donavan is going to make it peck
24:47 and the rest of you children are gonna go like this
24:49 with the woodpeckers, okay.
24:50 Can I be with you handily?
24:51 He's got the woodpeckers in his hands.
24:56 He's got the woodpeckers in his hands.
25:00 He's got the woodpeckers in his hands.
25:05 He's got the whole world in his hands.
25:10 He's got the little tiny baby in his hands.
25:15 He's got the little tiny baby in his hands.
25:19 He's got the little tiny baby in his hands.
25:24 He's got the whole world in his hands.
25:28 He's got the whole world.
25:29 He's got the whole world in his hands.
25:34 He's got the whole world in his hands.
25:38 He's got the whole world in his hands.
25:43 He's got the whole world in his hands.
25:47 And that's because he loves us so much and we're gonna
25:50 sing Jesus loves me this I know, okay.
25:53 I like this song. I do too.
25:55 "Jesus loves me! This I know,
26:00 For the Bible tells me so.
26:05 Little ones to Him belong;
26:09 They are weak, but He is strong.
26:14 "Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
26:22 Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
26:32 I love Jesus, do you love Jesus?
26:34 I love Jesus. Yes.
26:36 Let's sing I love you Jesus.
26:38 I love you Jesus.
26:41 Oh! Jesus loves to hear that,
26:43 we're gonna talked to Jesus right now.
26:45 So, boys and girls, you can sing
26:48 our prayer song with us, okay.
26:49 And Vanessa is gonna have special prayer for us.
26:53 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
27:02 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
27:10 and very, very quite be while the prayer is said.
27:19 Dear Jesus, thank you that you take care of us
27:23 so good and I love you and Amen. Amen
27:30 That's Mr. Roster and that's
27:31 all the time we have for now.
27:39 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:45 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:51 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:54 Remember God loves you. Goodbye. Goodbye
28:06 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:08 where God hears our voice,
28:11 we live for him around the world,
28:13 we spread love and joy,
28:16 like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:24 where God hears our voice.


Revised 2014-12-17