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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 I love you Eleanor, I love you too Eleanor,
00:33 and God loves you too. Yes, Jesus does
00:37 love you Eleanor, look the boys and
00:41 girls are here, hi boys and girls.
00:45 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:51 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
00:56 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
00:59 Jesus knows your name, you made Jesus happy
01:04 just because you came.
01:09 And I'm glad you're here too boys and girls,
01:11 we're gonna have so much fun today,
01:13 come on in, we're gonna get the mail
01:15 and we're gonna have worship.
01:16 And Eleanor, you can run and play, alright, oh!
01:21 This is gonna be so much fun today, we're here.
01:26 Good morning Miss Cinda. Good morning,
01:29 oh! I'm so excited to see you, look at Billy Boy,
01:33 look who's here. Billy Boy is fluffing
01:38 up his feathers, alright, can you see him Cara?
01:44 Yes, oh look. Hi, Mr. Wiggles,
01:47 oh! Mr. Wiggles want to see you too that's right
01:50 Zane. Let's go see Mr. Wiggles.
01:52 Hi Mr. Wiggles, boys and girls are here,
01:57 would you like to pet him Cara.
01:59 Yeah hi Mr. Wiggles. Do you wanna give it
02:02 to Mr. Wiggles? Faith has a cheerio to give him,
02:05 here we go Mr. Wiggles here we go.
02:08 Well it's time for worship Mr. Wiggles;
02:14 let's go get in our places. Yeah, it's time
02:18 for worship, we love worship don't we Cara?
02:21 Alright, yes okay Zane come over here and
02:25 sit right here. Alright, we're gonna have
02:28 worship, alright and we have letters to read
02:32 I see. We do, we have letters to read,
02:35 I love reading letters. Lets see what we have,
02:37 are you reading letters. Oh! We have a letter
02:40 from Ohio, alright, there's other letters too,
02:46 alright, lets see if we can get it out,
02:49 help her Faith. Okay, can you hold my envelop
02:52 for me, there you go, alright, good girl.
02:56 Zane goes right under see. Can you hold that
03:00 up Megumi. Dear Auntie letter,
03:05 dear Auntie Linda, my grandma is writing
03:10 this letter for me. My name is Elisa Hawkins,
03:15 and my grandma and grandpa and me,
03:19 we love Jesus. Oh! Elisa, we love Jesus too.
03:26 and Jesus loves you, yes he does.
03:29 Oh! Thank you for being a good helper Faith.
03:32 Let's ask Billy Boy to ring the worship bell okay.
03:37 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell,
03:42 sing along with us boys and girls, okay.
03:48 Worship bells are sweet, calling us
03:52 to me with our best friend Jesus
03:57 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
04:01 smiling when he sees us.
04:06 And Jesus is always smiling when He sees us,
04:11 who loves us more than anybody?
04:15 Jesus, Jesus does, and our letter today from
04:20 Jesus is in John 15:12, John 15:12,
04:28 He says: I have loved you, I have loved you.
04:36 Jesus wants us to always remember that
04:39 He loves us so much. Now what you'll just
04:44 look around we've got some little lambies,
04:48 you wanna hold a little lamby, and here's
04:50 one for you, and you've got one too.
04:54 The good shepherd loved his sheep; he would lay
05:00 and sleep right beside them while they were
05:02 sleeping to make sure they were okay.
05:05 And then he would count his sheep and
05:08 he would say 1, 2, 3 and one day he counted
05:13 his sheep and one was missing, he couldn't
05:16 find him anywhere, can you look for the sheep.
05:18 Let's look for the sheep, look, look
05:19 where are they? Oh! He couldn't find him,
05:22 and he looked and looked and the little sheep had
05:25 wondered away and he had got, can you
05:28 say baa, baa, baa and the good shepherd listened
05:33 and he heard the little sheep crying and crying,
05:39 and do you know what he did he saw him
05:43 and he said, there's my little sheep.
05:46 And he picked him up and he carried him home
05:49 and he held him close, can you hold your little
05:51 lambs close? Right boys and girls; remember that
05:56 Jesus loves you and he holds you close too.
05:59 So, let's hold our hands and close our eyes,
06:02 and Miss Cara and Miss Cinda,
06:04 can you have a little pray for us,
06:06 close your eyes tight boys and girls.
06:08 Dear Jesus, dear Jesus, thank you so much,
06:15 thank you so much, for taking care of us,
06:19 for taking care of us, we love you Jesus,
06:24 we love you Jesus, amen, amen.
06:29 Oh! I love worship boys and girls,
06:31 don't you? Yeah.
06:40 Boys and girls, we are having fun
06:42 today painting bird houses.
06:45 Yeah, and maybe you could get a grownup
06:50 to help you paint a bird house.
06:52 Miss Cinda, yes Kerry, can I tell you a story
06:55 about a bird? I would love it, what about a bird.
06:58 We were walking and it started raining a bird
07:05 house fell down and we went to see birds
07:09 with Anna and five birds for Anna.
07:12 Five birds, five baby birds, and one was out,
07:16 I mean a lot were out; four of them were out
07:20 and one was in. Oh! My goodness and
07:23 what did you do? We put the bird house backup
07:27 where it goes. But what about the baby birds?
07:30 Then their mom come back, but what did you
07:34 do with the baby birds, did you, did you
07:37 take them home? No, so their mom could
07:41 take care of them, did you put them back
07:42 in their house. Oh! That was so nice wasn't
07:47 that nice? Boys and girls, we've been talking
07:51 today about Jesus loves me? How do you know
07:55 Jesus loves you? Because He gave me a kitty,
07:58 and dog, and a dog, how about you Joylyn?
08:03 He gave me a dog too. He did, how about you
08:05 Timothy David? He gives me a kitty cat.
08:08 Oh! That's special, boys and girls, how do you
08:12 know that Jesus loves you? Auntie Linda,
08:15 how do you know Jesus loves you?
08:17 He takes such good care of me all the time,
08:21 whenever I need anything; I know I can
08:23 go ask him for something. If I'm sad
08:26 I just go to Jesus because He loves me,
08:28 and He listens to me. Isn't that special
08:31 boys and girls, do you know that you can go
08:33 to Jesus anytime? We can talk to Jesus,
08:37 because He's our what? Best friend, best friend,
08:41 that's right, and best dad, oh! Yeah, and you know
08:47 you're making; you're making your bird houses
08:50 really pretty? Why are you making them
08:53 so pretty? Because we want the birds
08:56 to enjoy them. Yes, and you know what?
08:59 Just, just like you're making a pretty
09:02 bird house, you're making a house for the
09:04 birdies here. Do you know what Jesus is making
09:06 for you in heaven? A home, real pretty,
09:09 a really pretty house, yes, and so, it looks so,
09:14 so pretty. It will and so that you using
09:18 your favorite colors, yes, yeah what color
09:24 are you using? I am using blue.
09:26 Blue is that your favorite color, how about you
09:29 Timothy David? Green, green, green is your
09:36 favorite? How about you Joylyn?
09:37 Blue, how about you Kerry? Different types,
09:42 you like all colors, do you think that a blue bird
09:48 will come in your bird house? You can put some,
09:51 something right there too, do you think a
09:54 blue bird will come and live in your bird house?
09:56 I think so, yeah, or maybe a cardinal,
10:00 what do you think, a blue jay, you have blue
10:02 jay you don't know. You have to look inside,
10:11 I saw a little blue bird coming out of a bird
10:14 house, I think a blue jay will come in my house
10:17 too, you do. I think a blue bird will come
10:20 in my house, I thought little bird I saw had
10:23 some straw in his mouth, and I think he was making
10:25 a nest for mommy. I think they were making a nest,
10:29 for the baby birds, I'm so glad you came into
10:33 the kitchen today to help me with this,
10:36 because we have lots of birds here
10:37 on the tiny tot farm, and there we're gonna
10:40 love a nice pretty bird house.
10:42 And boys and girls anytime you can
10:45 help in the kitchen its fun, yes.
10:56 Where are those Tiny Tots today,
10:58 I thought sure they'd be here by now.
11:00 Oh! They're just going to love you.
11:03 Farmer Donny, children, hello I've got some
11:08 specially plan just for you today.
11:10 I've to go seat down, I can't wait,
11:12 have a seat children, and everyone grab a seat.
11:14 Oh! You're gonna love this, oh! I can't wait,
11:17 Farmer Donny has got something special,
11:20 what do you think it is, and what do you
11:21 think children? Alright, what do you think
11:24 about that, I think, what are these children,
11:29 what are these? Its chick, they are baby
11:31 chicks, aren't they. Oh! They are so cute.
11:34 Aren't they cute Auntie Linda, you wanna hold,
11:36 there you go. We've got brown and white,
11:41 you wanna hold one Tabitha, I'll hold this,
11:44 that's good Taylor how about you?
11:47 Here you go, are they hungry?
11:52 Well, I would say they might be a little
11:55 hungry, we give them baby food just for chicks,
11:59 baby food, yeah. looks like he have lost one,
12:04 you're feeding him, you're feeding him,
12:07 oh you are feeding out there, that's good,
12:10 maybe we just put them down yeah let them
12:11 see feel go look at. This would be dancing to me.
12:17 Do you know what the chicks do when they
12:20 become frightened? They get under his mother,
12:23 in mothers wings; they get underneath
12:25 the momma's hands wings. Aren't these cute?
12:30 Oh! They're good, you know I love the way
12:34 Jesus made so many wonderful things for us
12:36 to enjoy, all the animals, I think Jesus loves
12:40 us a lot. Jesus loves a lot and He loves a chicks
12:43 too doesn't he Auntie Linda, he does,
12:45 oh! Isn't that, look how he bouncing away.
12:49 Look at the little fluff on his head as he gets
12:54 older that will become feathers. Are they afraid?
12:56 Yeah, they're afraid right now, they're a
12:58 little bit afraid. Shall we sing our song
13:00 to them, let's sing song okay, maybe they
13:02 won't be so afraid, let's do, alright.
13:07 I like to go to the barn
13:09 where the cows moo, moo,
13:11 I like to go to the barn
13:13 where the ducks quack, quack,
13:15 I like to go to the barn,
13:17 I like to go to the barn,
13:19 I like to go to the barn,
13:21 And learn of Jesus.
13:26 Oh! You kids are so good today,
13:28 I'm so glad you came by and see me today,
13:32 I love Jesus, he made so many wonderful thing,
13:35 alright, look at there, oh! They're gonna help
13:38 you put them back up for, come on kids we got
13:40 some other things to do. Come back and see me
13:43 Tiny Tots, goodbye, thanks for coming today.
13:46 Oh! We have to chicks, thank you Kerry,
13:53 they're helping your Farmer Donny,
13:55 thank you children, okay run and put them
13:57 in the basket quick. Here we go thank you
14:00 amazing kid, bye, bye, bye
14:02 now children, bye, bye now.
14:10 Vince honey, Tiny Tots will be here soon hurry,
14:13 hurry, hurry. Oh! They are here already.
14:15 Come on in, common in, yeah come in in.
14:20 Hi good to see you. Auntie Linda.
14:24 Oh we are excited to be here.
14:27 Oh Lord, what will you show up,
14:28 Muriel you got a song for me?
14:31 Yes, I do. But first we're gonna say our memory
14:35 verse for you, would that be alright? Oh yes.
14:38 I have loved you John 15:12.
14:45 Can I sing my song now? Yes Muriel,
14:49 you can sing your song now.
14:53 Just because he loves me so
14:56 Just because he loves me so
15:00 And happy all the way, well Jesus everyday
15:05 Just because he loves me so
15:08 Just because he loves me so
15:12 Just because he loves me so
15:16 He is on the Calvary, He send you to set me free
15:20 Just because he loves me so
15:24 It was excellent Muriel very good job,
15:26 I appreciate it. Yes, you wanna sing too?
15:31 Oh alright, alright. Let's sing Jesus loves me.
15:40 Jesus loves me! This I know,
15:46 For the Bible tells me so;
15:51 Little ones to Him belong,
15:57 They are weak but He is strong.
16:02 Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
16:12 Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
16:22 Oh girls yes, good job, good job both of you
16:26 thank you. And that was one of my
16:27 favorite songs girls, thank you.
16:30 I love that song too. May I pray.
16:34 Would you like to have prayer?
16:36 Alright, let's fold our hands and close our
16:39 eyes and Tyler will pray for us.
16:43 Dear Jesus, we want to thank you for
16:47 our neighbors. We love them
16:49 and we know you love them too, amen.
16:51 Amen, Jesus does love you, amen,
16:56 and we love you too. We love it
16:58 when you come to visit us.
16:59 We love to come visit you too.
17:02 We do, but it's time for us to go now,
17:05 so we're gonna tell you good bye-bye.
17:07 Come one Alexis bye. Bye-bye,
17:10 bye-bye Alex, bye-bye.
17:15 Bye-bye to all, good bye,
17:19 bye-bye comeback soon.
17:31 Everybody be careful.
17:33 Shall we go for a walk today,
17:37 to see what God has given.
17:40 Thank you Mr. Dale. Alright, we got to try
17:42 and stay in the middle. We don't want to quit.
17:45 We got our life jackets on. Yes we need our life
17:48 jackets if we fall and our life jackets will keep
17:50 us floating. Alright we are ready.
17:53 We are ready. Say go Jackie.
17:55 Oh here we go. Bye, thanks bye, can I paddle.
18:00 Miss Jeannie I think this is a good spot, yeah.
18:05 I think you're right lets drop the anchor
18:07 right here, alright, okay. Did it, going down,
18:14 there it goes, there it goes. Good work.
18:17 Oh you've got a little bit of water on
18:18 your head okay. Let's see what we can see.
18:23 What are you seeing there. Well it looks like
18:25 tree is down there. Sea weeds, they look like
18:28 little Christmas trees, doesn't that? I know,
18:31 yeah. What kind of animals living here?
18:33 Oh fish live in here and clams live in here.
18:38 What about snakes, sometimes.
18:40 I saw a big fish. You saw a big fish.
18:44 Oh I like fish, but I don't want him to get
18:48 too big. Okay let's see what, let's takeover
18:53 little net and see if we can catch a minnow.
18:57 Does anybody know what a minnow is? Yes.
19:00 Auntie Linda? She can put her net in there.
19:04 Alright Jackie. Put your net in and see
19:07 if you catch anything. Alright oh wow. I got one.
19:13 Where did you catch that. I got something.
19:16 You did, look at that. Oh and some seaweed too,
19:25 let him see. Let's can you get him out,
19:27 are you afraid of them? No. Hey let's put that,
19:36 you wanna see him Tyler? Oh I wanna see
19:39 Jackie let's see. You can take one out
19:41 if you want? Does anybody know that
19:44 there was a baby fish? Oh look at Jackie.
19:47 Yeah I looked. Oh this is so cute.
19:50 And other fish sometimes they're dinner
19:53 for other fish. Shall we put him in the water,
19:54 yeah I know, oh we gonna put him in the water.
19:57 You wanna take one and put him in the water?
19:58 Alright. We are putting on this side. Go fishy.
20:01 Oh they are moving. Tyler, did you put one in?
20:04 No. You wanna put in here? See if you can
20:06 catch them again. Good job. Swing on him
20:09 this side. You're trying to catch. I did.
20:13 Oh catch him. Oh catch it, awesome.
20:18 I poured in. She cut when you poured in.
20:21 Oh wow, anybody see any thing else.
20:24 Miss Jeannie, I see you have some big fish here.
20:28 Yes, I do. Should we turn them out.
20:30 Do you want one in? Yeah go ahead.
20:33 Alright, Tyler, do you wanna put one in? Yeah.
20:37 Let me see if I can get him. There he is oh he
20:40 is so pretty. Oh Sophia, got a whole bunch
20:44 this time. Oh put them in Tyler.
20:47 I'm sorry that's right. Well got him.
20:52 Jackie has one couple of fish too.
20:54 Okay there you go. Alright, I see you can
20:58 touch that, alright. Oh I love being outside.
21:04 I do too. I just love the great outdoors,
21:07 and all the wonderful things that Jesus made
21:10 for us. Me too. Look at him.
21:13 Let's see what he got.
21:23 I love worship Auntie Linda. Oh I do too.
21:28 And we're gonna start out with our memory verse,
21:31 does anyone know where it's found?
21:33 I do, John 15:12. Yeah, that's right, good.
21:38 Lets say it together I have loved you John 15:12
21:47 and we love Jesus because He first loved us, yes.
21:52 Let's sing Jesus loves me. Oh I love this song.
21:55 Jesus loves me! This I know,
22:00 For the Bible tells me so;
22:05 Little ones to Him belong,
22:10 They are weak but He is strong.
22:15 Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
22:24 Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
22:34 I'm so glad that Jesus loves me.
22:37 Oh me too, me too. I'm so glad that Jesus
22:43 loves me, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me
22:49 I'm so glad that Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me
22:58 And you know Jesus even loves our turtles,
23:01 He loves little turtles. We have some turtles.
23:05 There are some for you Farmer Donny,
23:08 oh that was pretty, oh sorry, thank you,
23:10 and this one is for you. Do you want a turtle.
23:15 Turtle, one for you Miss Cinda, oh thank you,
23:19 and we get a turtle alright.
23:23 Hello little turtle come out of your shell
23:29 Do you know that Jesus loves you
23:34 Hello little turtle come out of your shell
23:39 Do you know that Jesus loves you
23:45 Hello little turtle come out of your shell
23:51 Do you know that Jesus loves you
23:56 Hello little turtle come out of your shell
24:01 Do you know that Jesus loves you
24:07 And Jesus loves us so much doesn't He?
24:11 Oh yes, oh yes, there you go Auntie Linda.
24:14 I just love Jesus so much, I wanna give Him
24:17 my heart. Oh me too, oh I do too.
24:19 Let's sing this one.
24:21 I give my heart to Jesus, to Jesus, to Jesus
24:29 I give my heart to Jesus because He loves me so.
24:38 Let's sing it again.
24:40 I give my heart to Jesus, to Jesus, to Jesus
24:49 I give my heart to Jesus because He loves me so.
24:58 And the Bible tells me that He loves me, yes,
25:01 and we're gonna open our Bible books and
25:04 we're gonna read and we're gonna, the turtles
25:07 are hiding in the book, there we go, we don't
25:09 want to hide our Bible. We will find them and
25:12 get them out alright. Here we go,
25:16 there is one for you. You know Jesus is very
25:19 happy when we open the Bible ,yes He is,
25:21 that's right, He loves that when we read that,
25:24 oh thank you Auntie Linda. We wanna
25:25 read our Bibles everyday. Oh yes.
25:28 I open my Bible book at me
25:34 He loves me, He loves me
25:41 I open my Bible book at me
25:48 He loves me, He loves me
25:55 You know that was beautiful.
25:56 Who loves us? Jesus, Jesus.
25:59 Jesus loves us. Let's sing one more time
26:03 Jesus loves me this I know. Okay.
26:06 Jesus loves me! This I know,
26:11 For the Bible tells me so.
26:16 Little ones to Him belong;
26:20 they are weak but He is strong.
26:26 Now we're going to have the prayer, okay,
26:29 and we're gonna kneel down and we're
26:31 gonna sing our prayer song right now.
26:33 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
26:42 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes and very,
26:52 very quiet be while the prayer is said.
27:00 Dear Jesus, thank you for dying on the Cross,
27:02 and help us have a good day amen, amen.
27:08 That's Mr. Rooster, that's all the time
27:11 we have for now, bye-bye. Bye.
27:20 Our time together is over so we will have to go.
27:26 Goodbye, goodbye remember God loves you.
27:32 Goodbye, goodbye, remember God loves you. Goodbye.
27:47 We're Tiny Tots around the world
27:49 we're God's girls and boys.
27:52 We live for him around the world,
27:55 we spread love and joy,
27:57 like colors of the rainbow,
28:00 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:02 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:05 we're God's girls and boys.


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