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The Bible Tells Me To Obey

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the
00:07 world we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the
00:23 world we're God's girls and boys.
00:27 Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor.
00:31 Eleanor is learning to obey.
00:33 Good job Eleanor. Auntie Linda is proud of you.
00:37 Look the boys and girls are here.
00:40 Hi boys and girls. We are glad to see you.
00:44 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:49 Jesus wants the children everyone the same
00:54 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
00:57 Jesus knows your name
01:00 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:07 And Eleanor since you are such a good dog
01:11 and you obeyed, you can go play and chew
01:13 on your bone and have fun.
01:15 Alright, we are going in for worship.
01:17 We are gonna have fun too.
01:18 Auntie Linda is gonna get the mail, and we are
01:21 gonna have so much fun.
01:23 Oh we've got letters today. Oh I love letters.
01:30 Miss Cinda! Oh good morning!
01:35 Good morning. Alright.
01:37 I've been waiting for you kids and Billy Boy has
01:40 been singing and singing and singing this morning.
01:43 Billy Boy! Oh do you have a cheerio.
01:44 Faith has cheerio. Did you find it?
01:49 Alright do you have cheerio?
01:51 Oh look Faith has got cheerio.
01:53 Here we go Billy Boy. Hey Billy Boy do you
01:56 want cheerio? He likes cheerios.
01:58 Do you want the cheerios?
02:02 Isn't he cute Emma?
02:05 There you go. Do you know who else what's to see?
02:09 Oh, Mr. Wiggles has been waiting for you.
02:12 Look Mr. Wiggles look who is here
02:14 the boys and girls are here.
02:16 Hi Mr. Wiggles, hi. Munching on his food.
02:19 Look at him go munch, munch, munch, munch.
02:22 Well he is munching, look at his nose, yeah.
02:24 Well he is munching let's have worship.
02:26 Oh come on, I love worship. Who loves worship?
02:31 Me! I love worship too. Alright!
02:36 And we have a special letter.
02:39 Auntie Linda is gonna open her mail.
02:40 Can you help me Faith? Can you help me open it?
02:42 Can you open? Alright let's see what we have.
02:47 We will the rest of the letters over here,
02:49 and Auntie Linda will read them later.
02:51 Alright! Oh she is so cute. This is a little girl
02:57 her name is Amathus Stone White and she says she
03:01 loves Jesus and she loves to talk to Jesus.
03:05 Oh, I like to talk to Jesus.
03:07 And she likes worship time.
03:09 Okay let's tell Billy Boy. Okay Billy Boy
03:13 you can ring the worship bell.
03:16 And sing along with us boys and girls.
03:22 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet with our
03:27 best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
03:32 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
03:40 Alright can you hand me my Bible?
03:42 Very carefully because whose book is this?
03:45 Jesus! This is Jesus book, and we are talking today,
03:51 the Bible tells us to obey.
03:55 So you can say Deuteronomy,
03:57 Deuteronomy 27, 27, 10, 10,
04:06 Obey the Lord, obey the Lord,
04:11 your God, your God.
04:15 Jesus wants us to obey. Miss Cinda, will you
04:18 tell us a story about when you were a little
04:21 girl and you learnt to obey?
04:23 Okay! One day I came in the house and
04:28 smelled something really good.
04:31 And I went into the kitchen and you know
04:33 what I saw Faith? My mommy had made cookies.
04:38 She had big, big cookies on the counter.
04:43 Oh they look so good. I wanted to eat one.
04:48 And my mommy said, Cinda please don't eat
04:52 those cookies because I made them
04:54 for a family in town. The daddy just lost his
04:59 job, and so we are gonna take supper over to them.
05:03 And I want this to be a special
05:05 treat for the children. She said now I want
05:08 you to run and change your clothes,
05:10 so that you look nice when we go to their house.
05:13 And then you can help me wrap up the cookies.
05:16 Oh that's sounds like fun. And mommy went into
05:19 the other room, and I took more look
05:22 at those cookies. And I thought,
05:25 oh they were so big, and they look so good.
05:31 I thought just one. Don't you think it be
05:35 okay if I had just one? And then I remembered
05:41 that Jesus wants us to obey our mommies.
05:45 And I said no. I'm gonna obey my
05:49 mommy and so I ran into my bedroom and
05:53 I changed my clothes and I came out into the kitchen.
05:57 And there was mommy and she had five bags.
06:02 And she was putting the cookies and counting them.
06:05 And she was putting one cookie in each bag
06:09 and two cookies in each bag.
06:12 And she got three cookies in each bag.
06:15 And there was just enough to put in each big.
06:19 And she said looked at me and she said Cinda,
06:23 I'm so proud of you. I know you didn't have
06:26 a cookie because they were just enough for
06:30 each one of the children.
06:33 And Jesus loves it when we obey.
06:36 And if I had not obeyed then one little girl
06:41 wouldn't have gotten a cookie.
06:44 Let's ask Jesus to help us obey too okay.
06:48 Let's fold our hands and bow
06:51 our head and close our eyes.
06:53 Dear Jesus, we want to obey too.
06:57 Help us to be good and kind
06:58 just like you, amen, amen.
07:01 I love worship don't you? Me too!
07:13 We are in the kitchen today with Miss Cinda,
07:16 and we are having so much fun. Yeah!
07:23 And boys and girls today we are going to
07:26 do something special for Eleanor.
07:31 Our Tiny Tot dog Eleanor would like a little treat.
07:35 So I thought will you guys like to
07:37 help me make a treat for Eleanor? Yes.
07:42 Look, what we are gonna make,
07:44 I think Eleanor will love these what do you think?
07:48 Faith, do think Eleanor will love these?
07:49 Dog biscuit! That's right
07:52 boys and girls. And maybe you can
07:54 get your mommy or daddy to help make a
07:56 treat for an animal too. So how about if Tabitha
08:01 you pour in some, that some powder soy milk,
08:06 pour in the powdered soy milk, good job.
08:10 Okay Emma you wanna pour in some white flour?
08:13 It's a little bit more. You can get the
08:15 little bit more, pour it in.
08:18 Oh good because we don't wanna waste, do we?
08:21 Okay Emma you go pour it in. Good girl.
08:24 Okay, Jadis would you like to help me pour in
08:28 the flour? Good job, good job.
08:34 Okay Faith you wanna help me pour
08:36 something, you wanna help me stir?
08:39 Okay! How about I pour in the molasses?
08:44 Oh who likes molasses? I do, you do.
08:49 It's pretty strong stuff isn't it?
08:52 Okay we are pouring in molasses.
08:54 You are putting lots of good things in for Eleanor.
08:56 I am! Molasses is good for.
09:00 We put in just a little bit of oil.
09:02 And we need the water. And I'm gonna pour just
09:07 a little bit of water okay because I don't wanna
09:09 pour lots yet, 'cause I wanna it to be just a
09:13 really nice dough. Okay Faith you wanna
09:16 help me stir? You want to take the
09:18 spoon and help me stir. Look here! Grab the
09:22 spoon good girl. Oh good girl,
09:27 there we can go like that. Can't we?
09:29 Who wants to help me stir? Me.
09:32 I do. Emma you gonna help too.
09:36 Emma do you help your mommy stir
09:37 things at home, yeah. You do, what do you make?
09:41 We make bread. You bake bread.
09:46 Oh is it good? We don't make things for animals.
09:50 You don't make things for animals.
09:51 Maybe you could. You just make things
09:54 for mommy and daddy and you to eat.
09:56 Okay, let's Emma have turn stirring.
10:01 Oh good job stir Emma. Oh big muscles Emma.
10:06 Oh good girl. Do you have muscles
10:08 Jadis, do you have muscles?
10:10 Good girl. Oh! Shall we let Jadis have a turn?
10:19 Yes, okay let's Jadis have turn.
10:21 You share don't you? Okay Jadis would you
10:22 like to stir, big muscles? Are you sharing?
10:26 I hold the bowl who about that, good job.
10:30 Do you your mommy at home? Yeah.
10:32 You do what do you help her make?
10:36 The ice cream. What is that?
10:39 The ice cream! Okay now Miss Cinda finish
10:44 it and then you know what, well I'm gonna
10:45 do, I'm gonna make a dough.
10:48 See, how it's gonna do, now I think it's time to
10:51 use my hands what do you think?
10:54 Would you guys like to use yours hands?
10:57 How about, Me! you would, yeah.
11:00 I'm gonna give you each a piece of this
11:02 dough and then can you roll it out and then you
11:05 can make a dog biscuit, yeah.
11:07 Okay Eleanor is gonna excited.
11:10 Where do we when it's harder work to the dough?
11:14 That's right and Miss Cinda made some so she is
11:17 just making some more so Eleanor wont run out.
11:21 Okay there is some you roll out yours.
11:24 Here Faith can you roll out yours?
11:27 Do you want me to put, you want to get up on
11:29 your knees Faith for that be easier for you
11:31 see you can roll. And you roll yours out,
11:34 and you roll yours out. Alright, can we roll it out?
11:38 Oh let me put this over here, alright.
11:42 Oh that's good, good job.
11:48 Right it does, can I have a little piece yours to try?
11:51 Yeah. And we can even go like
11:54 this and make a dog biscuit.
11:57 We can just make it like that.
11:59 Do you, Eleanor want me to help roll yours out?
12:02 Come up on your knees, that better,
12:04 that's better, isn't it faith, now you can roll.
12:07 They are roll it out good. Auntie Linda this is the
12:09 round one it's a puppy, oh look we are gonna
12:13 make yours a round one aren't you Jadis? Yeah.
12:17 Oh boys and girls anytime you can help
12:20 in the kitchen it's fun. Yes!
12:30 Grady, the children are coming by to see you today.
12:34 And I know they are gonna just love you.
12:37 You are the prettiest turkey.
12:39 Farmer Donny! Oh come on in kids.
12:42 Now real be real quite. You will frighten the bird.
12:44 Hey that's so big, Farmer Donny.
12:45 Yeah. Sit right over here, alright, that's it.
12:50 Isn't she pretty, what do you think?
12:54 She is soft little, yeah she is soft.
12:56 How old you think Grady is?
12:58 One, one, one year old that's good.
13:02 I'm four, you are four yeah.
13:03 And you are four. What's her name?
13:05 Now this is really it's Grid,
13:07 but I call her Grady. Well hi Grady! Yeah!
13:10 How are you today? Hi Grady.
13:13 Now what do you think Grady
13:15 sounds like when she speaks?
13:17 Gabba, gabba, gabba, gabba, gabba, gabba.
13:21 I never heard a turkey talk.
13:22 You never heard a turkey talk.
13:25 Oh yeah when think of, isn't she pretty?
13:30 Oh yes Jesus made a beautiful.
13:33 Yeah, and Grady really obeys Farmer Donny.
13:37 Oh! She really is good.
13:39 We are trying to learn to obey too.
13:41 Oh yeah that's makes Jesus happy don't you? It does.
13:45 What do you think about Grady's eggs
13:47 are they real big like this?
13:50 No. No! Oh, they are to be speckle like this.
13:54 Right! Yeah speckles. They are speckle.
13:59 Edge do you know how long I've had Grady?
14:01 How long? Since she was just a little chick.
14:05 I used to hold it in the palm of
14:06 my hand just like that. And you know what
14:09 she likes to eat? Corn! Corn like this right here?
14:14 Do you guys like to eat corn?
14:16 Yeah corn on the cob. Corn on the cob!
14:18 I can't eat corn because of teeth.
14:20 Because your teeth are gone!
14:23 Yeah some day you are able to..
14:25 Well they will grow back, but what color do
14:27 you think this is right here? Pink.
14:29 Pink! Feel how soft that is Michel,
14:32 can you touch, oh easy.
14:37 Oh Grady trust you, Grady trust me and
14:39 she mind so will she obeys me very well.
14:43 Do you children obey your mommies and daddies?
14:46 Yes. Yeah! I try too. She tries too.
14:50 And Jesus will help won't He? Yes.
14:56 Does Grady eat bugs? Does Grady eat bugs?
15:02 Yes Grady eats bugs. She likes corn.
15:06 Look how isn't that pretty, isn't she beautiful bird?
15:11 She is eating right out of your hand.
15:12 Do you think Grady would like us
15:13 to sing our song for her?
15:15 Yes I think the children will love that.
15:18 Alright, Grady we have a song for you.
15:22 I like to go to the barn where the cows moo, moo,
15:26 I like to go to the barn
15:28 where the ducks quack, quack,
15:30 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn,
15:35 I like to go to the barn, And learn of Jesus.
15:41 Really good children, now remember when
15:43 you leave be real quite, alright.
15:46 We will obey won't we? Obey Farmer Donny.
15:48 Okay let's obey, let's be real quite, let's obey.
15:52 Okay thank you children coming bye-bye, bye-bye.
15:54 Thank you bye-bye, bye Venus.
15:56 Bye children, bye-bye.
15:58 Oh that was fun. I liked Grady.
16:07 Honey can you believe this a dog's to obedient school?
16:10 Yes honey even God's animals must learn to obey.
16:15 Oh that's a knock at the door honey.
16:17 Do you think that could be the Tiny Tots?
16:18 Could be! Oh I can't wait to hear from the Tiny Tots.
16:24 The Tiny Tots! Hi this is Tiny Tots.
16:27 Hi Muriel, Alexa. Muriel.
16:30 All we so excited to come and see you.
16:32 Hi how are you dong man? Yes.
16:34 You would like to sit with me today? Yeah.
16:37 How are you been today? Wonderful, it's a
16:41 pleasure yes, you have a good day?
16:42 Yes and it's so good will we've a good day too.
16:44 to here from you all. We've been learning
16:45 about obeying, you have. Oh wonderful,
16:48 we've been talking about obedience,
16:50 Vince and I yes. Did you know there is a
16:52 Bible verse about obeying and we are say that now.
16:56 Obey the Lord your God Deuteronomy 27:10.
17:06 Good job. And our sweet Jesus
17:08 helps us to obey and Emma has a song about
17:12 sweet Jesus, oh beautiful.
17:15 Sweet Jesus, Sweet Jesus, what a wonder you are
17:24 You're brighter than the morning star.
17:30 You're fairer, much fairer
17:35 Than the lily that grows by the wayside
17:41 Precious, more precious than gold.
17:46 I'll live for Jesus, day after day,
17:57 I'll live for Jesus, O come what may,
18:04 The Holy Spirit, I will obey,
18:12 I'll live for Jesus day after day.
18:19 Good job, good job, beautiful Emma yes.
18:23 Emma that make me want
18:24 to sing right along with you.
18:26 I have a song too. Oh wonderful Muriel.
18:31 I can't wait to your song.
18:33 Obedience is the very best way
18:36 To show that you believe:
18:40 Doing exactly what the Lord commands,
18:43 Doing it happily! Action is the key,
18:47 do it immediately. Joy you will receive!
18:51 Obedience is the very best way
18:55 To show that you believe! O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E
19:03 Obedience is the very best way
19:06 To show that you believe.
19:10 Obedience yes Muriel. That is true, that is true.
19:16 Yes thank you Muriel. Would it be alright
19:19 if we have prayer with you?
19:20 And sure, it's up to you. I have a song too.
19:22 We will sing that for later.
19:23 Asher would you pray for us?
19:26 Yeah. Let's fold your hands and close our eyes tight.
19:31 Dear Jesus help us for, help us for obeying in
19:40 Jesus name amen, amen. Thank you Asher.
19:45 Well we have had so much fun today.
19:48 We've got some other things to do, I know I have too.
19:50 So, let's go kids can you tell them good bye,
19:52 Good bye Tiny Tots. Good bye, bye-bye.
19:57 Come on kids. Thank you bye-bye.
20:00 Bye-bye bye-bye, bye-bye.
20:03 Bye-bye Tiny Tots. Bye-bye, bye-bye.
20:18 Shall we go for a walk today,
20:22 to see what God has given.
20:26 Hi Miss Jeanie, hi guys. I'm so glad you guys
20:30 are here I have a special friend for you to meet.
20:34 This is Sammy. Sammy loves bugs.
20:38 All kids of bugs, and we are looking for butterflies.
20:43 And she caught one just now.
20:45 It's a swallowtail. She even knows
20:47 what's kind it is, it's a swallowtail.
20:50 color is he? He has yellow on him.
20:55 There is yellow, blue and there is some
20:58 orange right down there.
21:00 Oh look that, and there is some black.
21:01 Oh what about there are most look like hearts,
21:04 isn't he beautiful? What does he eat?
21:08 Well it likes to eat nectar.
21:13 It likes to eat nectar and pollen.
21:15 Oh from flowers? Ha-ha.
21:17 Oh what a wonderful thing for
21:19 God to give them to eat ha. Where it does live?
21:23 It lives anywhere, the house in nice weather.
21:28 Oh I'd like that, I would too,
21:29 and I have another question.
21:31 What, when he has babies, does he lay
21:34 eggs, does he have live babies
21:37 or what did butterflies do?
21:38 It lays eggs. It does. And then what happens?
21:41 They hatch into caterpillars.
21:45 Who's seen a caterpillar before?
21:48 I have a bunch of them. Me too.
21:51 I used to keep caterpillars. And now they like to go on.
21:55 Oh wonderful! I used to keep caterpillars.
22:00 You did, yeah and then a caterpillar
22:03 makes what? I didn't keep him for that long.
22:09 What is it make, Sammy?
22:10 Well that it makes a cocoon and then turns
22:13 into a beautiful butterfly like this.
22:15 Oh that is awesome, that is just,
22:18 oh it flying away, I've got to catch him.
22:23 He almost got away from us didn't he?
22:26 We have to be very gentle with them
22:28 because it's a very delicate
22:29 creature God made. Isn't it?
22:33 You have another one what are these,
22:35 oh what is this? That's a cocoon,
22:38 oh there he goes again that's a cocoon here
22:40 let me get. Show the cocoon
22:41 Sammy and I will get the butterfly.
22:44 This is a cocoon. What's cocoon?
22:46 The cocoon is something that
22:49 caterpillar lives in and it turns
22:51 into a beautiful butterfly.
22:54 That his house? Ah! And how long
22:57 did it's stay in there? One year.
22:59 What does it eat in there?
23:02 It doesn't eat anything in there.
23:04 It eats and eats before it goes into a cocoon.
23:08 When it goes into it's cocoon it turns into a
23:11 beautiful butterfly in one year.
23:14 Wow! That is amazing, I'm just so glad that
23:19 God made all the wonderful things
23:22 for us to enjoy, me too.
23:32 I know what's up time, oh I do too.
23:36 And I love God's words, me too, I do too.
23:39 Our memory verse for today is Deuteronomy,
23:42 Deuteronomy, 27, 27 verse 10, verse 10.
23:50 Obey the Lord your God, obey the Lord your God.
23:57 And we are happy boys and girls when we obey, yes.
24:01 And little doggies learn to obey too and we are
24:04 gonna have a mommy dog, and daddy dog.
24:08 And we got some other little dogs.
24:10 There is one, there is one for you,
24:12 there is a little doggy and there is one for you,
24:15 alright we are gonna sing.
24:19 When a mommy says come here,
24:23 who comes running, who comes running
24:28 When a mommy says come here,
24:32 All the little doggies come running.
24:38 Oh will you kids still have to come running.
24:41 Jesus is happy. Oh that's okay.
24:44 Your puppy was trying to get to it's mommy
24:47 wasn't it? Yes. And you know Jesus is
24:49 very happy when we obey, yes.
24:52 When a daddy calls who comes running?
24:56 When a daddy says come here,
25:02 Who comes running, Who comes running,
25:06 When a daddy says come here,
25:11 All the little doggies come running.
25:15 That's will makes Jesus so happy when I obey
25:22 my mommy happy, happy home.
25:25 When I obey my mommy
25:29 happy, happy home happy, happy home
25:35 When I obey my mommy
25:38 happy, happy home happy, happy home
25:44 When I obey my daddy.
25:46 When I obey my daddy happy, happy home
25:52 happy, happy home happy, happy home
25:55 When I obey my daddy
25:58 happy, happy home happy, happy home.
26:04 When I obey my Jesus.
26:06 When I obey my Jesus happy, happy home
26:11 happy, happy home happy, happy home
26:15 When I obey my Jesus
26:18 happy, happy home happy, happy home.
26:27 And we can obey when you ask Jesus to help
26:29 us, let's bend our knees and fold your hands and.
26:32 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
26:41 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes and very,
26:51 very quite be while the prayer is said.
27:01 Dear Jesus please help me to obey and
27:04 thank you for the Tiny Tots and my mom and
27:06 dad and grandpas and grandmas
27:09 in Jesus name amen.
27:11 Dear Jesus we just love you and we want to
27:14 make you happy, so would you teach
27:17 us to obey, thank you Jesus amen, amen.
27:23 I love Jesus, I love Jesus too.
27:28 Oh that's Mr. Rooster. That's all the time
27:31 we have right now. Bye.
27:38 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:44 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:50 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:53 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 we're God's girls and boys.
28:10 we live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 we're God's girls and boys.


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