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The Bible Tells Me To Be Kind

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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world;
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Eleanor, I have a present for you.
00:32 Oh! Keira, you're so kind to Eleanor.
00:36 Jesus loves it when you're kind.
00:38 Oh! Look, the boys and girls
00:40 are here. Hi, boys and girls.
00:47 You made Jesus happy just because
00:50 you came. Jesus loves the children,
00:54 everyone the same, welcome,
00:58 welcome, you are welcome, Jesus knows your
01:01 name, you made Jesus happy
01:05 just because you came.
01:10 Jesus is happy that you're here.
01:12 And I'm happy too. We're gonna have
01:14 a fun worship. So, come on inside.
01:16 Eleanor, you can go play. Yeah she can have
01:19 her new toy if she wants it.
01:20 Come on everyone, oh! We've got mail,
01:23 I love letters. Oh! Come on Keira
01:26 we're gonna go in for worship.
01:30 Alright. Good morning. Good morning
01:33 Miss Cinda. Good morning kids.
01:36 Look what kids Billy Boy is so excited,
01:40 birdy, that's right. He is excited
01:43 you're here. And he has been singing.
01:46 Hi, Billy Boy. He was singing
01:48 from the time I got up this morning.
01:50 Can you kids whistle? Can you whistle?
01:54 Oh! Good try Megumi. Look,
01:56 Billy Boy likes that. Oh! You know who
01:59 else is excited you are here? Mr. Wiggles.
02:02 Oh! I love it. I just gave him his breakfast.
02:06 Mr. Wiggles, I told you the boys and girls
02:09 were coming? Yeah. Look, here we'll hold
02:12 this cage up that your kids can pet him.
02:15 But Mr. Wiggles he gets funny,
02:17 sometimes he bites. Do you see him Keira?
02:20 So, we just pet him in the back
02:21 and he likes that. Yes. It's time now to go
02:27 sit down we've got to read our letters
02:29 and we're gonna have worship. Look at,
02:32 I saw a bunch of letters Keira, look. Oh!
02:38 I love it when Auntie Linda reads letters
02:40 from boys and girls. Oh! Jason we have
02:43 some good ones, but this letter is from
02:47 a little girl in a far away country.
02:50 She lives in Ethiopia. Wow!
02:53 That is a long ways. It's over the ocean.
02:57 Yes, it is. It's over the ocean. That's right,
03:01 she lives over the ocean. Oh! She's so cute.
03:07 Oh! Megumi, can you get it? Let's hold it,
03:10 that Megumi real still so the boys and girls
03:12 can see it. She says, hello my name is
03:15 Yosabeth Yohana, and she's three years old.
03:18 And she likes to sing songs and she said,
03:21 I love Jesus so much, words are not enough
03:25 for me to say, how much I love Jesus.
03:29 She wants everyone to know how much
03:32 she loves Jesus. Oh! I want everybody
03:35 to know how much I love Jesus too.
03:38 I do too 'cause Jesus is special. Alright,
03:42 let's ask Billy Boy if he'll ring the
03:43 Worship Bell, okay. Billy Boy, you can ring
03:48 the Worship Bell. Alright, boys and girls,
03:53 sing along with us.
03:57 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to
04:00 meet with our best friend Jesus
04:05 come and worship here Jesus
04:08 will be near, smiling when he sees us.
04:15 And he will be smiling, excuse me saying.
04:19 Well, we have a memory verse today
04:21 boys and girls. The Bible tells us to
04:25 be kind and our memory verse is Ephesians
04:30 4:32, Ephesians 4:32 and It says:
04:38 Be kind to one another, be kind to one another.
04:45 Jesus always wants us to be kind.
04:48 Well, we have a special story today.
04:51 Cin, you leave my Bible carefully there.
04:54 Yes, 'cause we wanna take good care
04:56 of our Bibles. Yes, we do. Because
04:57 whose book does our Bible belong to?
04:59 Jesus. It's Jesus book. Well, our story today
05:05 is about a special lady. One day Elisha
05:10 was walking, walking along the road
05:14 and came to a house. There was a kind
05:19 man and a kind lady and they said,
05:22 come into our house, come into our house
05:25 and they gave him some food and oh he
05:28 felt so good, he felt full.
05:30 Can you rub your tummies? Are you hungry?
05:33 Yes, and when you eat you feel full,
05:37 but then he had to go on his way
05:39 and he looked so tired and the kind
05:43 lady she said, oh! Husband,
05:47 can we build a little room on top of
05:50 our house for this kind Prophet Elisha.
05:54 So, the husband began to build.
05:55 Can you build? Build, build, pound,
05:57 pound, pound, pound, pound, yes we can build.
06:01 Everyday they build and finally the room
06:04 was build and they put a table in there
06:07 and they put a, they put a lamp in there,
06:11 and they put a bed in there and when
06:14 Elisha came, he said, thank you,
06:16 oh! I love this room, you're so kind,
06:20 but what can I do for you?
06:23 And then lady said, no you don't have
06:25 to do anything for me, I just want to be kind
06:29 like God is kind. And he said, oh!
06:32 You don't have a baby. The kind lady didn't
06:35 have a baby. He said, I'm gonna
06:37 pray and ask God, the great God in
06:40 heaven to send a baby. Baby, that's right.
06:45 Baby, that's right. A baby and the next
06:48 year when the Prophet came to see the
06:51 kind woman there was a baby,
06:55 she had a little baby. Yes, prayers of
06:59 the Prophet. Oh! I'm so thankful.
07:03 Taylor, would you have a prayer and ask
07:05 Jesus to help us be kind too? Yeah.
07:08 Alright, let's hold our hands
07:10 and close our eyes.
07:13 Dear Jesus, please help us to be
07:15 kind like you are. In Jesus name, amen. Amen.
07:19 Boys and girls I love worship, don't you?
07:28 Miss Cinda, what are we doing today?
07:32 Do, you know what? We're gonna have
07:34 fun today Ms. Emma. Who loves to be
07:37 in the kitchen? I do, I do, I do, I do.
07:42 Boys and girls, you're gonna have fun
07:43 today too. I think you're gonna wanna do
07:46 what we're doing? I have the kids all
07:51 decorating a bag and making it very pretty.
07:55 I'm helping Miss Cinda. Yes, let's just see.
08:00 Joy Lin, how are you decorating your bag?
08:03 I'm coloring blue and pink. Oh!
08:07 And you're putting stickers on.
08:09 And Timothy David, what you are you
08:11 doing to your bag? Pen decor's on
08:14 and right now. Oh! And Miss Emma,
08:17 what are you doing to your bag? I'm,
08:20 I'm coloring it. Lets see your bag. Oh!
08:24 Look, what's this? Flower. Oh!
08:27 It's so pretty and Ms. Tabitha what are
08:29 you doing for your bag? I'm putting flowers on.
08:33 Oh! And they're gonna be beautiful,
08:36 aren't they boys and girls? Now,
08:37 let me ask you kids a question.
08:40 What do you think Miss Cinda is going
08:42 to have you do with your bags?
08:45 It's a surprise. Oh! I have something.
08:51 Who is that? I don't know. Oh!
08:54 Lets see. Oh! Hi, Miss Cinda, Auntie Linda,
08:58 good morning. Farmer Donny. Oh!
09:00 I have something special. I hope these are the
09:02 vegetables you wanted. Oh!
09:04 They looks healthy. Aren't they
09:07 beautiful? Oh! Joy Lin, lets get on your
09:09 chair and let's put these on the table. Oh! My.
09:12 Oh! Look what Farmer Donny brought us
09:14 Okay, let's cut. Everybody open your bags.
09:19 Oh! Good. Open your bags, and.
09:21 Aren't they carrots beautiful?
09:22 You put color, are they Timothy?
09:23 I'm yellow. Yellow! Orange, oh!
09:27 Okay. Let Auntie Linda help you.
09:29 who knows what this is? What is that children?
09:32 A broccoli. Trees. Trees, its broccoli.
09:37 Well, that's broccoli. Oh! What's that Emma?
09:38 You want to pertain your bag? A potato,
09:41 all those. Who knows what this is?
09:43 A celery, oh! Alright, break it apart, so
09:47 everybody get this celery. Oh! Aren't those
09:48 beautiful? Let's open our bags. Oh! Right.
09:51 And that one will be just fine.
09:55 You feel it will be just fine.
09:57 Lets give Joy Lin some. Oh! Tabitha, you want a
10:00 potato? Okay. Let's open your bag.
10:02 Oh! Good. Oh! My. Oh! My, what's that? Who knows
10:06 what this is? Oh! What this is? Farmer Donny.
10:10 It's a beauty. Does anybody know what
10:12 what that is? A cabbage. Cabbage. Oh!
10:15 And what's this? A green bean. Oh!
10:18 I love green beans. Oh! Would you kids like green
10:20 beans? Oh! They're good. Here
10:22 let's put some green beans down
10:23 here. Oh! Let's put some green beans on
10:24 everybody, oh! Here we go. Tabitha, you
10:25 reach in and get something. Tabitha,
10:27 what do you want Tabitha? Put something
10:29 in your bag. Put something in your
10:31 bag. Alright, oh! Onions. Oh! That
10:33 will make a soup. What would you, would you
10:35 kids like some onions? Onions,
10:37 oh! Would you like an Onion Joy Lin? Sure.
10:40 Sure. Let's take the basket over by Joy Lin
10:44 and Timothy and let's let them pick
10:47 something from your basket
10:48 Farmer Donny. Alright, there you go,
10:50 or you're gonna get some onions. Oh!
10:52 Timothy, what do you think? Tabitha
10:53 can you put this in your bag?
10:55 You like onions too? Do you like that?
10:57 Boys and girls. I was getting away for that.
10:59 Yes, you was. I having them put bag precious.
11:03 Vegetables in their bag. Okay,
11:04 did you get a carrot? Could you get a
11:06 carrot Joy Lin? Oh! Really. Oh! Farmer Donny,
11:10 these are perfect. Oh! That's the more cabbage
11:11 Auntie Linda. Oh! You wanna cabbage?
11:15 Can you put celery in? Oh! You're
11:16 gonna put a cabbage in. All bags
11:17 were getting full. Put some celery in.
11:20 Oh! You may. Miss Cinda, is it alright
11:21 to break these. Yes, you may.
11:24 Here you're gonna need some carrots for
11:26 yours Tabitha. My bag is full.
11:28 And you know what? Kids,
11:30 do you know what I'm going to do?
11:31 I'm gonna give you each a recipe
11:34 card to put in your bag? And the recipe
11:37 is for some homemade vegetable soup.
11:42 Oh! And now I want you, when you leave
11:46 Miss Cinda's kitchen today to take your bags
11:49 and you're gonna give them to somebody,
11:50 so they can make some fresh vegetable soup.
11:54 I'd like to give some to Ms. Cella and
11:56 Mr. Vince. Alright, I'll make a special bag
11:59 for you to take. Oh! Thank you. Miss Cinda,
12:00 can I have a recipe too. Of course,
12:03 I'll give you a recipe. Thank you.
12:05 And you're gonna love my vegetable soup.
12:07 It's good. Kids, Jesus give us
12:10 vegetables because they're good to eat.
12:13 And taste good too. Yeah, oh! And they're
12:17 healthy, right? Yeah. Yeah, yes.
12:19 And you know what I'm so glad that Jesus
12:21 gave us all kinds of vegetables.
12:23 Me too. And boys and girls, I bet you're glad
12:27 that Jesus gave us lots of vegetables too.
12:30 And you know what? I hope that anytime
12:33 you can go and help in the kitchen
12:35 you will because being in the
12:38 kitchen is fun. Yeah, yeah.
12:48 Those bells are, they sure are heavy.
12:51 Farmer Donny. Oh! Hi, kids,
12:53 hello. What a surprise? We've a surprise
12:55 for you. A surprise for me? Yes,
12:57 we have a surprise. Alright, oh!
13:01 I just can hardly believe that you all came.
13:03 Oh! What's this all about?
13:05 A surprise for me. Ms. Venus, Venus,
13:09 what does she have for me today?
13:12 Are you ready? I hope it's
13:13 good. Are you ready? I'm ready,
13:14 whenever she is ready? Open your eyes.
13:18 A puppy, isn't this a beautiful puppy Mitchell?
13:23 Oh! Alright, oh! So, sad. Where did you
13:27 get this puppy? Oh! Isn't it cute?
13:31 Did you buy this puppy? You didn't,
13:34 where did she come from? The Navajo Indian
13:37 Reservation. The Navajo Indian Reservation.
13:41 Do they have a special name they call
13:42 this dog? Yeah, Nizhoni that means beautiful.
13:47 It means beautiful, and this is a beautiful
13:49 puppy. In Navajo. Does she know any tricks?
13:52 Yeah. Okay, let's see the tricks, okay.
14:01 Well she, she know something
14:02 going on, don't you? Well she knows something
14:03 is going on here, running nose, running nose,
14:06 oh there we go, Kerry, she was trying to sit.
14:10 Are you going to brush the puppy,
14:12 no, Oh! That's beautiful. What did you
14:15 said Mitchell, she bend her nose,
14:19 her nose and then she get her nose up.
14:24 Is that your doggy, what doggy does it,
14:27 your doggy does, what your dog's name,
14:30 Izzy, Izzy. What kind of dog do
14:33 you have. A Saint Bernard, a Saint Bernard,
14:36 now do you take these puppies for walks.
14:38 Yeah, that's what this leash is for,
14:42 yeah, okay what does a puppy eat everyday.
14:44 Dog food, dog food Mitchell,
14:48 what do you think about that.
14:52 And meat, Oh yeah, its just a beautiful puppy,
14:56 he is soft, isn't he soft,
14:59 is it a feisty little puppy?
15:00 Yeah. Oh yeah, and she likes chewing
15:04 on everything, she chews on everything.
15:07 Puppies like to do that, puppy's do,
15:09 yeah, and get its sharp teeth, right.
15:12 But these teeth will fall out some day
15:14 and you get brand new teeth right
15:18 just like we do. Are you gentle
15:21 to your puppy? Yeah. Jesus wants us
15:22 to be kind to our animals. Yeah.
15:23 Does your doggy love trees? Yes she does,
15:30 Oh! Your so kind Kerry. Here he go, here he go,
15:40 I think, the doggy right tossed your hand,
15:45 what's a good idea to keep our hands
15:47 back isn't it. Even with puppies do,
15:50 they don't mean to but they might bite,
15:53 yes. Do you think your puppy,
15:55 would your puppy like us to sing a song.
15:58 Oh! Yes, yes, alright let's sing a song.
16:04 I like to go to the barn
16:06 where the cows moo, moo,
16:08 I like to go to the barn
16:10 where the ducks quack, quack,
16:12 I like to go to the barn,
16:14 I like to go to the barn,
16:16 I like to go to the barn,
16:18 And learn of Jesus.
16:22 Oh! Well thank you for coming by today,
16:25 did you like your surprise? what a
16:26 surprise, I love my surprise I love puppies.
16:28 Well we gonna be on our way.
16:30 come back and see me now,
16:31 Bye farmer Donny, come back and see me,
16:32 thank you. Did you say bye,
16:33 bye, have a good day children.
16:41 I'll get that for you honey,
16:43 thank you honey, here you go, you're so
16:45 kind, my pleasure. Would you like
16:48 me to get that, I'll get it
16:49 for you don't worry about it.
16:51 Could be the Tiny Tots, could be we'll see.
16:57 Come on in, surprise, you have a surprise.
16:59 Really, we love surprises.
17:03 Come on in, I can't wait to see
17:05 what they are up. Sit down.
17:10 I've been practicing
17:11 for six months, you have,
17:13 wow, I love. Can you play for us.
17:53 Well that was wonderful,
17:57 thank you Muriel. I've a surprise too,
17:58 you do what is it? Wow just what I need,
18:04 thank you. We made that in Miss Cinda's kitchen
18:06 that's for you, thank you, thank you.
18:08 They had fun making it for you.
18:10 Oh thank you, we appreciate it.
18:12 Thank you Tiny Tots.
18:13 We wanna a share a memory verse with you.
18:15 We've been talking today about being kind,
18:20 be kind to one another, Ephesians 4:32.
18:27 That was wonderful, we like to learn
18:30 a verse everyday from the Bible.
18:32 Oh! Yes. Tabitha has a special song for us.
18:39 1, 2, 3 Jesus loves me
18:43 1, 2 Jesus loves you, you
18:48 3, 4 He loves you more
18:52 than you've ever been loved before.
18:55 5, 6, 7 I'm going to heaven,
18:59 8, 9 the mansion is mine
19:03 9, 10 Its time to win
19:06 but instead we'll sing it again.
19:10 1, 2, 3 Jesus loves me
19:14 1, 2 Jesus loves you
19:18 3, 4 He loves you more
19:21 than you've ever been loved before.
19:25 5, 6, 7 I'm going to heaven,
19:29 8, 9 the mansion is mine
19:32 9, 10 Its time to win
19:36 There is no time to sing it again.
19:40 Alright, good job, good, thank you,
19:44 very good, that was precious,
19:47 well it be alright if we had a prayer
19:49 with you. Well Neil and I were gonna pray
19:52 okay, really. So lets fold our hands
19:55 and close our eyes, okay.
19:59 Dear Jesus, dear Jesus, thank you so much
20:07 for our neighbors. We love you,
20:15 in Jesus name, amen, amen. Amen. Thank you,
20:21 that's wonderful, thank you for all
20:24 that kindness that you have shown
20:25 Vince today. Oh we love you but we
20:26 have to go right now, we have some other
20:28 things we need to do, okay,
20:30 alright, bye -bye bye-bye,
20:39 God bless you, God bless you.
20:50 Shall we go for a walk today,
20:54 to see what God has given.
20:58 Hi Noven, hi. Guys, I want you
21:00 to meet Noven, he is a friend of mine
21:03 and he likes to come out and bring
21:05 his animals so that they can enjoy
21:07 the wonderful outdoors just like we do.
21:11 Yes, they really like to be out here,
21:13 do they? yeah. Now you have to look
21:16 at that what is this, he is a bearded dragon,
21:22 a bearded dragon, does he have a
21:23 long beard? No, he has got a short
21:26 one see, oh he does. And what is
21:31 this giving you a kiss here. He's a yellow
21:34 throated giant plated lizard.
21:36 Wow what a long name, who can say that?
21:40 A giant what? Plated lizard,
21:43 a giant plated lizard. Do you like lizards?
21:49 Yeah, no, can you hold it.
21:53 You have to ask Noven, can I hold that,
21:55 yeah, I hold that one, you like that
21:57 one too girl. Yeah. These are your
22:01 pets and they like to be outside,
22:03 what is this one's name? Nate, Nate,
22:06 that's nice and what is this one's name?
22:13 Can she hold it? Yes. Do they bite?
22:15 No, they do not bite. Does Nate have
22:18 teeth? No, he doesn't have teeth, no teeth.
22:24 Well he has got little teeth.
22:25 Oh can you show Lesley,
22:27 these guys can see.
22:29 Does Charlie have teeth?
22:30 Oh no, he doesn't have teeth.
22:34 Look at all the colors on this guy,
22:38 may I hold him? Yes, give me Charlie,
22:40 what do they eat. They want to know
22:41 what they eat? They eat crickets,
22:43 crickets, yeah, look at all the beautiful
22:48 colors on him. Such a big,
22:53 you saw his tongue come out, his tongue
22:56 came out what does that mean
22:57 when their tongue comes out.
22:58 He is smelling you, he is wondering
23:00 to know are you a predatory,
23:02 you're gonna eat me.
23:04 It wants to know if you're gonna eat you,
23:06 no way, we wouldn't eat it.
23:09 Would you like to hold him,
23:12 hold him? No. No okay. Isn't he cool,
23:14 he is very, very smooth, yes he is looking
23:19 at us, he is. Are these guys
23:22 hard to keep as pets? No, not really.
23:24 No, may I hold him? Sure, here,
23:30 he doesn't, he licked you, he kissed you
23:32 with your tongue. He is willing to know you,
23:37 he is gonna go try and find a hiding place,
23:38 they like to hide? Yeah,
23:40 he likes to play hide and go seek,
23:42 he does. You know what I'm just
23:45 so glad that God gave us all this
23:48 wonderful things to enjoy, me too.
23:57 I love worship, me too and may I sing
24:04 my Bible verse, oh we love to
24:06 hear it Taylor. Be kind to one another
24:09 Ephesians 4:32, good, very good,
24:13 let us all say it together.
24:15 Be kind to one another Ephesians
24:20 4:32. Very good and that makes us
24:25 happy and it makes Jesus happy, yes.
24:29 Be happy be kind, be loving, be true,
24:36 I'll meet you in heaven
24:40 and live next door to you.
24:47 Who should we be kind to besides
24:50 each other? Jesus. Kerry is right,
24:53 the canines and doggies, and Jesus made
24:55 the kiddies, we want to be kind
24:56 to our pets, right.
24:59 Let's sing about our kiddies.
25:01 I'll be kind to my kiddies each day,
25:07 it makes Jesus glad,
25:09 it makes Jesus glad,
25:13 I'll be kind to my kiddies each day,
25:18 for this makes dear Jesus glad,
25:23 Now puppies.
25:25 I'll be kind to my puppy each day
25:30 it makes Jesus glad,
25:32 it makes Jesus glad,
25:36 I will be kind to my puppies each day,
25:41 oh this makes dear Jesus glad.
25:47 Good, I just love and He loves us
25:51 so much and he does make us happy.
25:57 It does make Him happy,
25:58 oh yeah here we go, alright.
26:01 God is love with his little children,
26:07 God is love we will be like him,
26:13 His love that makes us happy,
26:16 His love that snoozes away,
26:19 It helps us smile, it makes us kind,
26:22 To others every day.
26:29 Jesus love does help us to be kind
26:31 to others and Jesus will also help us
26:34 to be kind to each other
26:35 if we ask him, yes.
26:38 Jesus can keep little children
26:43 kind all the day, kind all the day
26:48 Jesus can keep little children
26:52 kind all the day, if they pray.
26:58 Jesus can keep little children
27:03 kind all the day, kind all the day
27:08 Jesus can keep little children
27:12 kind all the day, if they pray.
27:18 We're gonna pray right now.
27:20 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
27:28 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
27:35 and very, very quiet be
27:40 while the prayer is said.
27:45 Dear Jesus, please help us to be kind
27:49 and loving to each other,
27:50 in Jesus name, amen, amen. Jesus will.
27:55 That's Mr. Rooster, that's all the
27:57 time we have for now, bye-bye.
28:06 Our time together is over,
28:09 so we will have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
28:15 Remember God loves you.
28:18 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember
28:22 God loves you. Goodbye.
28:33 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
28:36 we're God's girls and boys.
28:38 We live for him around the world,
28:41 we spread love and joy,
28:43 like colors of the rainbow,
28:46 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:49 We're Tiny Tots around the world;
28:51 we're God's girls and boys.


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