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The Bible Tells Me To Share

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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:27 Oh! Eleanor loves to be brushed.
00:31 Here you can brush. Okay.
00:33 Oh! Jesus loves that when we share.
00:37 Look, the boys and girls are here.
00:47 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:52 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
00:57 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:00 Jesus knows your name,
01:03 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:10 And I'm glad you're here too,
01:12 and we have a fun worship.
01:13 You can let Eleanor run and play.
01:15 And we're gonna go in for worship.
01:17 Alright, come on and he's gonna get the mail,
01:21 Auntie Linda has it, okay let's go.
01:24 Don't, don't worry Eleanor.
01:26 Oh! Eleanor will be fine. Miss Cinda, we're here.
01:31 I was waiting for you all to come you know why?
01:36 Come over, come over and standby
01:38 Mr. Wiggle's cage, because I've a surprise.
01:41 Alright, can you Anna? Look, Anna
01:44 look and see what I got.
01:46 Mr. Wiggles loves apples, he does.
01:51 And I thought it would be nice,
01:52 if you each could share a piece of apple.
01:55 Come and stand over here and I see Kerry first.
01:58 Look, it's nice to share Miss Cinda
02:01 and take turns. Isn't that yummy Mr. Wiggles?
02:05 Yes. Okay, let, let's Emma give a bite.
02:08 Oh! Okay, Emma reach in there,
02:10 there you go. Oh! Hit Mr. Wiggles.
02:14 Because he just want it.
02:16 Yeah, yes he does look, he likes it.
02:20 Okay, let's let Karen give hers.
02:23 Thanks Karen. I dropped it in big cage.
02:28 Alright, now it's time to go to worship
02:30 Mr. Wiggles, so you can chump on your apples.
02:33 Oh! Look at Mr. Wiggles has got a special treat;
02:37 okay alright let's go to worship.
02:44 Alright, are you, are you trying to pretend
02:49 like you're Mr. Wiggles?
02:51 Well, we have a special letter and
02:53 it's all the away from Jamaica.
02:57 Oh! Who knows where is Jamaica is?
03:00 I know. And here is the little girl.
03:02 It's too far away okay, we'll let Kerry
03:03 hold it up for us, okay. Oh! Isn't she pretty
03:07 in that? Oh! Yes, let's see what she says,
03:11 oh I love mail. Oh! She says, my name
03:16 is Grace Lee and she lives in Jamaica.
03:21 She loves Jesus and I love you too.
03:25 Well, we love you too. And we love Jesus,
03:28 don't we kids? That's right.
03:30 We love Jesus, don't we Emma?
03:31 Alright, we'll just set our mail here.
03:34 Alright, that says, Billy Boy up here
03:37 to ring the worship bell, okay.
03:38 Belly Boy you can ring the worship bell.
03:43 And sing along with this boys and girls.
03:47 Worship bells are sweet
03:49 calling us to me with our best friend Jesus
03:55 come and worship him Jesus will be
03:58 here smiling when He sees us.
04:04 And Jesus is always happy when we're
04:08 here to meet with Him. Yes, he is.
04:10 Do you know what book this is? A Bible.
04:13 It's a Bible; it's a letter from Jesus.
04:16 I like this letter. Yes and the Bible tells me
04:21 to share. Did you share with Mr. Wiggles
04:24 and you took turns with each other? Yes,
04:27 yes and our Bible text today is Hebrews 13,
04:34 Hebrews, Hebrews 13:16, 16,
04:39 "But do not forget to do good,
04:42 but do not forget to do good and to share,
04:46 and to share." Yes, Jesus wants us to share.
04:52 We have a special book a story today and
04:56 it's gonna be a story about when Jesus shared.
04:59 Oh! And He wants us to be like Him.
05:02 Peter and his friends got out in a boat.
05:05 Oh! They loved being out in the boat.
05:08 Do you like being in a boat? It's fun, yes.
05:12 Oh! They fished all night, they were fishing.
05:16 Can you fish? Oh! Let's fish.
05:19 Oh! They got tired, can you yawn?
05:22 Oh! They got tired, they caught no fishies.
05:29 No fishies. They were very, very sad.
05:33 Then they heard a voice on the shore saying,
05:38 did you catch any fish? No, they said,
05:42 we didn't. They said, throw your net
05:45 on other side, just through the net,
05:47 throw the net on the other side.
05:51 They did, what do you think is gonna happened?
05:54 Then their boat was filled with fishies,
05:58 lots and lots of fishies. The person on the
06:02 shore was smiling and they looked up
06:04 and said that's Jesus. And Jesus said,
06:08 bring some fishies in and I'm making
06:11 you breakfast. And He made them bread,
06:14 yes He got bread, where did they
06:17 jumped in the water and He went His shore
06:20 and Jesus shared breakfast with
06:22 all His disciples. Oh! But why are they
06:24 in the books down? Well, there's, they
06:26 are coming. And you know, boys
06:29 and girls I love worship so much.
06:33 And I love prayer time most of all
06:36 and now Emma is gonna have a prayer for us,
06:39 okay. Dear Jesus, thank you so much
06:44 for your almighty. And please dear Jesus,
06:50 please help my daddy to feel better
06:53 and love you Jesus, amen.
06:56 Amen, I love worship Miss Cinda.
07:02 I love worship too.
07:09 Miss Cinda this is fun. Yes it is,
07:13 yes it is. I'm glad you all are having fun.
07:19 Let me show you boys and girls,
07:21 what we're making? And we're making a
07:24 notepad holder. We took some popsicle
07:28 sticks and we glued them together and
07:30 then we're putting real pretty little
07:33 flowers on and you can decorate
07:35 yours anyway you like, isn't this nice?
07:39 Today, boys and girls we're talking
07:41 about sharing. Can you tell me Anna
07:44 how can you share? I give my toys to
07:49 somebody who doesn't have any.
07:53 Oh! That's very nice. I give my toys to
07:57 somebody that doesn't have the toys.
08:00 And you share your toys too? Yeah.
08:02 I share my dog and my toys to my horse.
08:04 That's very nice. I share my dog.
08:06 Oh! That's very nice.
08:08 Timothy, David how do you share?
08:10 Some people wants to play with my,
08:14 my kitty cat and I let them chase him.
08:18 Oh! You do, so you let them play
08:20 with your kitty cat. Who is happy when
08:24 we share? Me. That's right, they
08:27 does you know, that's right when we share
08:30 it does make us happy, but it also
08:33 makes other someone else happy.
08:35 You can just put this just like that.
08:37 It makes Jesus happy. That's right Emma.
08:41 Miss Emma, it makes Jesus happy,
08:44 doesn't it? What are the some other ways
08:47 we can share? Look, look we can look back.
08:48 You may? What are some other ways
08:50 we can share? We share with Mr. Vince
08:55 and Miss Cella. That's right.
08:58 We take them things don't we?
09:00 And that makes Jesus happy and it makes
09:03 Mr. Vince and Miss Cella happy.
09:05 Boys and girls, can you think of ways
09:07 you can share? I bet you can.
09:11 There is lots of things you can do.
09:13 What can you, what else can you do
09:15 Timothy to share? I share Jesus
09:19 Oh! That's nice. You share Jesus
09:23 when you sing, don't you?
09:24 I share Jesus too. And you share Jesus too.
09:26 And me too. Oh! That's very nice.
09:30 Miss Kerry, you're all finished,
09:32 let's show the boys and girls.
09:34 Oh! That's beautiful, it's beautiful Kerry.
09:37 Boys and girls, anytime you can
09:40 be in the kitchen, its fun.
09:50 I better hurry up and get these
09:51 vegetables picked for Miss Cinda.
09:53 Farmer Donny, oh! Hi, kids I'm so glad to see you.
09:58 What are you doing? Well, I'm about to pick
10:01 to some vegetables for Miss Cinda,
10:03 you want to help me? Yeah, oh! Kids you
10:06 just gather around, that's good.
10:08 Alright, okay, run on over there, okay,
10:12 why don't we can just put this right there.
10:14 Alright, and you kids go on over there,
10:16 good, good. Farmer Donny right here,
10:19 I'm about to pick some carrots,
10:21 you want to help me? Yeah, I love carrots.
10:25 Yeah, what your favorite vegetables kids?
10:28 Carrots and corn. Carrots and corn,
10:32 and oranges, and oranges.
10:34 Well, that's a perfect, that's okay.
10:36 I like Squash and Brussels sprouts.
10:40 Well, that's good. You like Brussels sprouts?
10:44 I tell you what? Tyra, why don't you pick
10:48 me one of those carrots over there?
10:50 And take it and put it in the basket.
10:52 Don't get me here dirty.
10:55 Well, we're taking turns. Take turns
10:57 right. And we got forks and our shovels.
11:00 Yeah, yeah, are you gonna share with her.
11:03 She is gonna share, that was sweet.
11:05 He is one over there. Well, you know what
11:07 I like to do? I like to keep the soil nice
11:09 and soft, so when it rains it soaks down.
11:13 Oh! And water is the vegetables, yes.
11:14 How do carrots grow? Well, you start out
11:17 with a little bitty seed and you plant
11:20 in the ground. You mean a little tiny seed,
11:22 little tiny, makes a big carrot.
11:23 Yes, and then the green grow up and
11:26 then the orange look here grows down
11:29 into the ground and that's the little
11:31 delicious part right here. Oh! Let me
11:34 put it in the basket for you.
11:35 Put it in the basket for me Auntie Linda.
11:36 Okay, you wanna pick one for me Marissa?
11:40 Nope, and probably you have to dig around.
11:42 Then you just dig around good, here.
11:44 Oh! Good job, good. Sofia, you want to
11:48 pick one? I want to fill up the hole for you.
11:51 Are you going to fill up the other hole for me?
11:52 Oh! I like it. I filled up the other hole.
11:55 Good, good job Sofia. Alright, I filled other
12:00 holes nice and, is it Faith's turn?
12:02 Do you want; do you want to pick one piece?
12:05 Do you want to pick one for me?
12:06 You want to pick it. You want to?
12:08 You can dig one upper pick one, yeah right here.
12:10 Are carrots good for you? Yeah, yeah, yeah,
12:13 yeah. Yes, see if you can get it up okay.
12:16 I'd like to pick my carrots out of garden
12:19 and go wash them. Oh! Can you help me?
12:21 And then eat them. Help me get it.
12:22 Yeah, oh! Let's get it, can you pull it?
12:25 Good, good job. Yeah! You know what
12:29 Miss Cinda will need some more carrots.
12:31 You all gonna pull some more carrots for me,
12:33 you can put it in. Sure. Okay, thank you Tyler,
12:36 Marissa good. Alright, Sofia, thank you.
12:39 Oh! Good job kids, good job.
12:43 Good work, right over there, good right
12:46 in the basket. Its so fun being at the barn,
12:48 it just makes me want to sing.
12:51 Makes you want to sing? Makes you want
12:52 to sing Okay. Well, me too,
12:55 lets sing our song. Let's do, alright.
13:02 I like to go to the farm
13:04 where the cows moo, moo,
13:06 I like to go to the farm
13:08 where the ducks quack, quack,
13:10 I like to go to the farm,
13:12 I like to go to the farm,
13:14 I like to go to the farm,
13:16 And learn of Jesus.
13:19 Oh! Thank you, very much.
13:22 Oh! Well, Miss Cinda will
13:23 really appreciate these kids.
13:25 And I love being outside. Oh! I do too.
13:29 And we've got some more fun things to do.
13:31 And anytime you need help you just
13:33 call us we'll come what we can.
13:35 Thank you children, thank you.
13:37 We're happy. Yes, alright let's tell
13:40 Farmer Donny goodbye. Okay, thank you children
13:43 for your help. Bye, thank you, alright.
13:46 Bye, Farmer Donny. Bye, Farmer Donny.
13:48 Come back and see me kids, goodbye.
13:49 Bye now, bye-bye. Oh! I love.
14:02 Hey what happened, what's sings going on,
14:04 tell me about it? Yes, yes I have something
14:06 special to share with the Tiny Tots today.
14:09 And Auntie Linda called, and she called
14:11 me and said they're coming over today.
14:14 So, I've a special treat just for the Tiny Tots.
14:17 I think it's a Tiny, yes the Tiny Tots.
14:20 Good evening Tiny Tots, yes Tiny Tots.
14:26 Oh! We're so excited to see you.
14:29 Yes. How you're doing sweetie?
14:30 Oh! Yes, sit, alright, I've something special
14:32 to share with the Tiny Tots, hey Tyler,
14:34 something special just for you all.
14:37 Yes, would you glad to know Emma?
14:41 We're going this morning, something
14:42 special for you today, look at little bunny
14:46 crackers. They're little bunny crackers.
14:51 Oh! Yes. And we have something special
14:54 for you. Oh! Wow! Something special for,
14:57 they made it in Miss Cinda's kitchen.
14:59 Would you like? Oh! Thank you something
15:02 special Vince look what we have?
15:05 Alright it's so pretty. Cool, Emma you
15:08 like one? Thank you. Yes, and Tiny Tots
15:13 thank you for the notepad, thank you.
15:16 Well, Emma has a special song for you
15:20 and Mr. Vince. Really, can we hear it?
15:24 She is going to sing it for you.
15:28 I, I have two bottles and I'm so glad.
15:36 You have no waters and that's so sad.
15:41 I'll save my, thank you,
15:44 water, thank you, I love you
15:47 And that's what Jesus wants me to do.
15:52 Thank you, thank you very, very, very nice.
15:55 Thank you, we've been talking about sharing
15:59 today. And let's say our memory verse, okay.
16:02 Okay. Do not, do not forget to do good
16:07 and to share, Hebrews 13:16.
16:13 And we're trying to always remember to share,
16:15 just like you've shared with us today.
16:18 Yes, it's wonderful to share you.
16:21 Yes, and I think someone else here
16:22 has something to share.
16:23 Who has song, a song to share?
16:25 I have a song to share. Alright Muriel,
16:29 you can sing your song now okay.
16:32 Early in the morning little children pray,
16:36 then again at noon time,
16:39 then at close of day.
16:41 God had said, I'll answer prayer
16:43 if my children pray,
16:45 what a blessed promise this,
16:47 so little children pray.
16:49 Early in the morning little children pray,
16:53 then again at noon time,
16:55 then at close of day.
16:57 God had said, I'll answer prayer
17:00 if my children pray,
17:01 what a blessed promise this,
17:04 so little children pray.
17:06 Alright, alright. Thank you, for sharing that.
17:10 Alright Muriel. We're learning that when
17:13 we pray we can share because Jesus helps us.
17:17 That's right, because He loves us,
17:20 doesn't He? Well, do you know the Lord's Prayer?
17:24 Yes, we do. Alright, would it be alright,
17:28 if we all pray together? Sure, yes.
17:31 Okay, let's folds our hands and close
17:34 our eyes tight and we're gonna talk to Jesus.
17:40 Our Father, which art in heaven hallowed
17:44 be thy Name, thy kingdom come,
17:48 thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
17:52 Give us this day our daily bread and forgive
17:57 us our debts, as we also have forgiven our
18:00 debtors. And lead us not into temptation,
18:04 but deliver us from evil.
18:07 For thine is the kingdom and the power
18:10 and the glory forever, amen.
18:13 Amen, amen, amen. We have a wonderful
18:18 God who loves us. Yes we do.
18:21 Well, we have to be on our ways
18:22 and thank you so much, thank you for the snack.
18:25 Thank you, Tiny Tots, thank you.
18:27 We'll have to, we're gonna go now.
18:29 Bye-bye. Bye, bye and we'll see you again.
18:32 Bye-bye, love you Tiny Tots, love you
18:35 Auntie Linda. We love you your show.
18:37 Thank you for sharing. Bye-bye. Bye-bye,
18:40 bye-bye. We're Tiny Tots for Jesus.
18:43 Love you bye-bye. Yes, we're Tiny
18:44 Tots for Jesus. Bye-bye, bye-bye.
18:54 Come on, oh! That would be a lot fun.
18:56 Shall we go for a walk today,
19:01 to see what God has given.
19:05 Alright, get my row. You're ready?
19:08 We're ready, bye, bye, bye, bye.
19:18 This looks like a good spot to drop our anchor,
19:21 don't you think? Aah! It's beautiful,
19:23 well let me put, let me put the,
19:25 the weight in, shall we, yeah, let me put
19:29 the anchor in, so we stay put, then
19:31 I'll you about it. Is this fun Lesley,
19:32 yeah. Yeah. Did you guys have fun today
19:34 in the boat? Oh! Yes. Well, now we have
19:38 these fish, those poky things are fins,
19:41 would they poke you? Oh! They're, yeah, look.
19:45 This is a bluegill fish. Oh! That we're gonna
19:48 turn Lucy he splashed you, didn't he?
19:50 Okay, let's hold him over here maybe so,
19:52 he won't splash. See all the pretty colors in it.
19:55 Oh! He's beautiful, okay that's not,
19:58 that's a Bass I think. Okay, you will hold him
20:02 and put it, let him go in the water,
20:04 you've to be careful so his fins don't get you.
20:07 Oh! He's so pretty, isn't like don't let him.
20:10 I think slow, slow, go easy.
20:11 Okay, we made them Leslie.
20:13 He is this, yeah. He's in your lap.
20:16 Oh! Look at this one here's another bluegill.
20:19 Give one to Leslie. Yeah, give one to
20:22 Leslie and let him, let him see it.
20:25 Oh! Leslie look, this way we're putting fishes
20:29 back in the pond, fish in the water.
20:31 And, okay I know, we're now gonna
20:33 turn them lose, Okay, alright one more fish
20:38 and we're all done. That way they can
20:41 be nice okay. That way they'll be,
20:44 they can swim around and make more babies
20:47 and make and more in our pond.
20:49 And we could have lots and lot and lots.
20:51 We could, we could have lots of fish.
20:54 Then you've to hold them just right
20:57 and they'll have leg, take care of them
21:00 with you what. Well, yeah but they,
21:02 I don't think they'll make the good pad.
21:04 What does the fishes eat Miss Jenny?
21:06 They eat some of the vegetation that's
21:09 in the pond. And they eat the little bugs
21:12 that land in the pond. And you know what?
21:15 They eat worms Oh! I don't want to eat
21:21 any worms. How many worms at the bottom
21:22 of the pond. Well, sometimes a worm
21:25 will be crawling around and fall in
21:27 and the fish goes and eats it up.
21:29 Stand still Leslie, we're in the boat?
21:31 Yeah, we have to sit very still,
21:33 so we don't tump over. And we always
21:35 have to wear our life jackets in the boat too
21:36 so that we don't tump over or if the
21:38 boat does tump over then we're safe
21:40 because they'll help us flow that's a good idea,
21:41 isn't it? Oh! I love that. Yeah are you
21:44 Orin you trying to make us go,
21:45 we can't go because we have the anchor down.
21:47 It's not gonna go anywhere; just don't
21:50 drop it because if you drop it then
21:51 we can't get back in. I even saw a dragon fly,
21:55 yeah I wonder if it lays down, a big fish
21:59 will come and get it. They like dragonflies?
22:02 They like all kinds of stuff. They even like
22:05 us? Alright, yeah, well I don't think they
22:07 would like to eat us, but you know what
22:09 that I'm so glad that God made all these
22:12 wonderful things for us to do and see
22:14 and enjoy. We did it. Alright, this was fun
22:18 today wasn't it? This was lots of fun.
22:21 Now we're gonna have
22:22 to row back in, aren't we?
22:31 I love worship. Me too.
22:35 And I love God's Holy word, yeah.
22:38 And our special memory verses Hebrews 13:16,
22:43 Hebrews 13:16 "But do not forget,
22:49 but do not forget, to do good, to do good,
22:54 and to share, and to share."
22:57 And we have a special song that's gonna
22:59 help us know how to share.
23:01 There you go David.
23:03 I've two toys and I'm glad,
23:09 you've no toy and that's too bad.
23:14 I share my toys for I love you
23:19 and that's what Jesus wants me to do.
23:25 And He wants us to take turns
23:28 when we're playing too. Yes, He does.
23:31 I take turns when playing
23:35 I take turns when you,
23:39 I take turns when I'm playing
23:43 for Jesus wants me to.
23:47 Oh! Who can share their toys?
23:49 I can, I can, I can, alright.
23:52 Oh! Who can share their toys
23:56 I'm sure I can, can you?
24:00 Yes, we can share our toys
24:05 for Jesus wants me to.
24:11 Can you share a song with us Miss Cinda?
24:13 Oh! I would love to share a song.
24:16 Do you boys and girls know what
24:18 one of my favorite songs is? Yes, yeah.
24:20 Let me give you a hint, I'm gonna give you
24:22 a hint. Jonah, see if you can guess
24:23 this one. Okay, see if you can guess
24:25 Peter, James and John. Wow! Peter, James,
24:35 and John had a little sail boat alright.
24:40 Peter, James, and John had a little sailboat,
24:45 Peter, James, and John had a little sailboat,
24:49 Peter, James, and John had a little sailboat,
24:53 Out on the deep blue sea.
24:56 Fished all night caught no fishes,
25:01 Fished all night caught no fishes,
25:05 Fished all night caught no fishes,
25:09 Out on the deep blue sea
25:13 Jesus said, fish on the other side,
25:17 Jesus said, fish on the other side,
25:21 Jesus said, fish on the other side,
25:25 Out on the deep blue sea. Get ready.
25:29 Then their boat were filled with fishes
25:31 Then their boat were filled with fishes
25:32 Then their boat were filled with fishes
25:34 Out on the deep blue sea
25:37 Let's sing it again. Who liked that song?
25:43 Oh! I, I like that song, I do, you too.
25:46 Alright, okay, let's sing real nice.
25:49 So, everybody can hear us,
25:50 ready. Lock your boots.
25:51 Peter, James, and John had a little sailboat,
25:56 Peter, James, and John had a little sailboat,
26:00 Peter, James, and John had a little sailboat,
26:04 Out on the deep blue sea.
26:08 Fished all night caught no fishes,
26:12 Fished all night caught no fishes,
26:16 Fished all night caught no fishes,
26:20 Out on the deep blue sea
26:23 Jesus said, fish on the other side,
26:28 Jesus said, fish on the other side,
26:31 Jesus said, fish on the other side,
26:35 Out on the deep blue sea
26:39 Then their boat were filled with fishes
26:41 Then their boat were filled with fishes
26:42 Then their boat were filled with fishes
26:44 Out on the deep blue sea.
26:49 And Jesus will always be with us.
26:52 Oh! Yes. And we're gonna
26:53 kneel down and talk to Him.
26:54 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
27:03 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
27:10 and very, very quiet be
27:15 while the prayer is said.
27:21 Dear Jesus please help me to share and,
27:25 and, and I love you, amen. Amen.
27:30 Oh! That's Mr. Rooster, and
27:32 that's all the time we have.
27:39 Our time together is over so we will have to go.
27:45 Goodbye, goodbye remember God loves you.
27:51 Goodbye, goodbye, remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:06 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:08 we're God's girls and boys. We live for him
28:12 around the world, we spread love and joy,
28:16 like colors of the rainbow,
28:19 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:24 we're God's girls and boys.


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