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The Bible Tells Me To Be Truthful

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys. We live for him
00:11 around the world, we spread love and joy,
00:15 like cloudy stars of rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:28 Oh is everybody here. Tabitha
00:32 what's the matter. I stepped on the flower,
00:34 I am sorry. Oh Tabitha Jesus loves it
00:38 when we are truthful. Thank you
00:40 for being truthful. You know what you can hold
00:44 this for Auntie Linda okay,
00:45 and we will give it to Miss Cinda
00:46 and see if she will put it in a brass vase,
00:48 aright. Oh look Eleanor, the boys and girls
00:52 are here, hi boys and girls. You made Jesus
01:01 happy just because you came.
01:05 Jesus loves the children, everyone
01:09 the same, welcome, welcome,
01:12 you are welcome, Jesus knows your name,
01:16 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:22 And Eleanor you make Jesus happy,
01:26 Jesus loves you, okay. You can go play,
01:30 and we are gonna have fun.
01:32 We have a fun worship plan come on,
01:34 oh I can hardly wait, Auntie Linda is
01:37 gonna get the mail. Oh how fun,
01:40 alright you can run and say hi to Billy Boy.
01:44 Hi Billy Boy, alright, oh Tabitha
01:48 why don't you go to the kitchen
01:49 and get Miss Cinda, she will take care
01:51 of the flower for you okay.
01:52 Hi Billy Boy come and say hi to Mr. Wiggles.
01:57 Hi Mr. Wiggles, Hi Mr. Wiggles.
02:00 Mr. Wiggles knows its worship time.
02:03 Lets go get in our sets I think Miss Cinda
02:05 will be here shortly, okay,
02:06 lets get in our seats oh yes.
02:10 Oh good morning kids, and Tabitha thank you
02:12 for the flower, I love it. Oh hello Enormy,
02:17 how are you? Oh I love worship.
02:22 I do too and we have a letter and I'm
02:25 so excited when we get letters, oh me too.
02:27 Let's see it's from Alyssa and Vanessa
02:31 and they live in Kansas, Kansas that's
02:35 always away. Wow! Oh, look at them
02:38 they are so cute, oh aren't they cute? Yeah.
02:41 They are sisters, dear Auntie Linda
02:45 I love Tiny Tots and so does my sister Vanessa
02:48 and I love Jesus and I'm praying for you,
02:53 love Alyssa. Oh that is so nice Alyssa, yes.
02:58 What lets tell Billy Boy to ring the worship bell
03:02 okay. Billy Boy you can ring the worship bell.
03:07 And sing along with us boys and girls.
03:11 Worship bells are sweet calling us to me
03:17 with our best friend Jesus come and worship
03:22 here Jesus will be here smiling when he sees us.
03:30 Well I have another letter,
03:33 I love these letters too. Who send us
03:37 this letter? Jesus, Jesus lets see what
03:42 our letter is. Exodus 20 verse 16.
03:46 Exodus 20 verse 16. You shall not,
03:52 you shall not, bear false witness,
03:56 bear false witness, against your neighbor,
04:01 against your neighbor. Why the Bible tells us
04:05 that we're to be truthful. What does
04:08 it mean to bear false witness?
04:09 It means to rely. That's right.
04:12 I know someone that has a good story for us
04:16 about that. Miss Cinda would you
04:18 tell us a story? Yes, I'm gonna tell you
04:22 about a boy name David. David came home
04:24 one day and his mommy had made his
04:27 favorite cake, it had lots of icing on it,
04:32 and he came running in and he goes mommy
04:35 can I have a piece of it. She said no,
04:37 I want you to go pick up your toys,
04:40 this cake is for tonight, we are having
04:42 special company. And she said I'm going out
04:46 to the garden now go pick up your toys
04:48 and mommy ran out to the garden
04:51 and David took one look at that cake
04:53 and he thought, I think I can probably have just
04:58 one little taste to the icing, don't you think.
05:02 And so he took his finger and he went like
05:06 this, it tasted so good and he looked
05:10 at the cake, oh there was a big hole
05:15 in the cake were he had taken a taste.
05:17 And Justin, he heard his mommy coming in from
05:21 the garden. He didn't know what to do
05:24 and he thought really quick
05:27 and his big kitty cat Mr. Whiskers was right
05:30 by his feet, you know what he did?
05:32 He took his kitty cat and he picked him up
05:36 and shoved his head face right in the cake
05:39 and Mr. Whiskers has been meow,
05:42 meow oh no and mommy came running into the
05:46 kitchen and there is Mr. Whiskers, he has
05:49 frosting all over his face and mommy said
05:53 you oh you naughty kitty you're ruining
05:56 my cake and she took the kitty
05:59 and she put him outside and she said
06:02 you have to stay outside, and she said
06:06 David thank you so much for saving our cake.
06:10 We wouldn't have had any cake for dinner tonight.
06:14 And David looked at mommy, and he put
06:19 his head down and he said mommy,
06:23 Mr. Whiskers didn't spoil your cake, I did.
06:28 And mommy looked at him and then David told
06:32 her what happened and mommy said
06:34 David I'm very sorry that you disobeyed me,
06:38 but I'm also very happy that
06:41 you told the truth. And Jesus wants us to always
06:46 tell the truth. Let's bow our heads
06:48 boys and girls and fold our hands,
06:51 and close our eyes. Dear Jesus,
06:54 please help us to always tell the truth,
06:58 we love you Jesus, amen, amen.
07:03 I love worship. I do too.
07:12 Miss Cinda this is lot of fun. I love this.
07:17 Oh boys and girls, we are having fun,
07:20 we are making sand candles.
07:23 And it's so beautiful; it looks like
07:25 rainbows to me. Look I've already made
07:28 one ahead of time, but you can see.
07:30 Oh it has beautiful patterns,
07:32 you can get your mommy or daddy
07:34 or an adult to help you. Look the kids
07:37 are layering the sand in the glass candle.
07:41 Oh Emma, what's your favorite color?
07:44 Blue, blue, do you have another color
07:49 you like? Pink, and what's this color
07:53 right here? Yellow, and you like that? Yeah.
07:57 Joylin what colors do you like?
07:59 Green, and pink, and purple, and blue.
08:10 Oh wow Joylin likes lot of colors.
08:12 Jades what colors do you like?
08:14 Orange, yellow, blue. Yeah Faith,
08:20 what color do you like? Red, you do red.
08:23 She likes red. Boys and girls
08:26 what's your favorite color? Maybe you can
08:28 make one using all your favorite colors.
08:30 Who made all this pretty colors for us?
08:34 I know, who gave us pretty colors?
08:36 Jesus, Jesus you know what I like to do?
08:40 I like to go outside and look at all the
08:42 beautiful colors of the flowers.
08:44 Look what I did? Oh we don't wanna stir it
08:48 because if you stir it up then you don't have
08:50 your lines. See now you might wanna put another
08:53 color right here. How about, you wanna purple
08:57 in there? Oh green would be very pretty
08:59 wouldn't it? Miss Cinda who are you going to
09:02 give your candle to? You now I'm gonna give
09:06 mine to Miss Sala and Mr. Vince.
09:08 Can I take it with me when I take
09:11 the children? Oh I would love that,
09:13 oh that would be. They would love that,
09:16 I am feeling too good today.
09:17 And you know I think that would cheer her up.
09:20 What do you boys and girls think?
09:22 Do you think that would cheer her up?
09:23 Yes, and yes, and doesn't Jesus want us
09:27 to do things for others. Jades do you ever do
09:31 things for other people? Yeah.
09:33 What do you do? Can you sing to them
09:37 or say a Bible verse for them to cheer him up,
09:39 yeah, yes. What do you do to cheer people up?
09:43 I help them, I recite Psalms.
09:50 That's nice, Emma what do you do to cheer
09:54 someone up? Well I sing to him.
10:00 I bet that cheers him, after you finish singing
10:04 what to they do? Do they smile,
10:07 and thank you? Yes boys and girls is there
10:11 something you can do for someone to cheer him up,
10:13 I bet there is. Can I have the back one now?
10:18 You want, what color is this?
10:20 A purple, I want the back one.
10:23 Oh which you want one of our burgundy one,
10:27 I got full of colors, one of our
10:28 pretty rose colors. Oh let Miss Cinda...
10:30 May I have purple? I want that,
10:31 may I have purple one. You sure may, you do.
10:35 And here you go, how about if I put
10:38 this in a bowl for you look at that
10:40 pretty color, oh lets put you on the stool
10:46 right like this, because we don't want
10:48 you to fall there you go Miss Emma.
10:50 Oh this is so pretty, its beautiful.
10:55 Miss Faith who are you gonna give your too,
11:00 your mommy, papa. You are gonna give to papa?
11:03 Oh yes, well boys and girls as you can see,
11:10 we are having fun in the kitchen
11:12 and any time you can be in
11:14 the kitchen, it's fun.
11:22 Farmer Donny, Farmer Donny. Oh come on kids,
11:25 look what Farmer Donny has today for you.
11:28 Isn't he cute, anybody wanna pet
11:31 my little rabbit? It's so cute, oh yeah.
11:34 Do you wanna see it Faith.
11:35 Bunnies eat carrot. Bunnies eat carrot.
11:38 I saw some in my backyard. A bunny
11:41 rabbit? Two of them. Do you wanna pet it?
11:45 You wanna pet? I saw bunny,
11:47 it was at someone's house.
11:49 At someone's house, it was white.
11:51 I saw one bunny that was black with short head
11:55 in the field, in the field. In the woods,
11:59 in the woods, we were walking.
12:01 Well what do you think his name is?
12:03 Charcoal, Charcoal is a good.
12:05 Guess why I call him Charcoal?
12:07 Because he is black, he is black.
12:09 He has a color of charcoal exactly.
12:12 Oh can I hold him? Yes sure Auntie Linda.
12:17 Bunny is brown. He is so soft and fluff.
12:19 You might want to pet him. Bunnies bounce
12:21 like this. Oh, isn't it cute.
12:23 That's how they bounce. And they wiggle,
12:29 how do they wiggle their noses?
12:30 Wiggle their noses; they are so cute,
12:35 aren't they? I love their ears too;
12:37 look at it how long his ears are, look at there.
12:39 My dad horse has donkey ears.
12:43 Donkey ears, this bunny look like.
12:49 it has donkey ears? Yes, isn't he gentle?
12:54 Can I hold it? Well yes you can hold here we go.
12:58 Now can you sit right there, oh he is spunky,
13:03 he is spunky yes. Do they hatching eggs.
13:05 You are petting nice and did you know
13:07 oh isn't he sweet. Do they hatching eggs?
13:11 No they don't hatching eggs honey.
13:13 Can I hold him? You wanna hold him, okay.
13:16 But, they have little baby bunny.
13:17 They got little baby bunny.
13:18 Lets pass him over here there you go.
13:20 Oh don't be afraid Charcoal.
13:24 I think Charcoal likes Farmer Donny.
13:31 I think he does. Oh he is so soft and fluffy,
13:37 and he is wiggle. And oh there we go.
13:40 What does he eat? He eats grain,
13:43 rabbit grain loves it too. Do you wanna
13:45 touch him? Yeah, see how pretty,
13:48 now there we go. Oh Faith good, yeah.
13:53 Who made the bunnies for us?
13:56 Jesus, Jesus made the bunnies.
13:58 Why did Jesus made the bunnies?
14:00 Because he wanted us to have fun with them.
14:02 He did and what else? What else
14:05 did he make him? He wanted us to see him.
14:07 Yes, yeah does he love us? Yes, yes.
14:14 Do you love Jesus? I love Jesus, yeah,
14:17 and that's why I like singing for him, yeah.
14:19 That's right; well would the bunny
14:21 like to hear our song? I think he would, yeah.
14:24 Right, we'll sing to you Mr. Bunny, okay.
14:29 Let's sing our song. Okay, are we ready?
14:32 I like to go to the barn where the cows moo, moo,
14:37 I like to go to the barn where the ducks
14:40 quack, quack, I like to go to the barn,
14:43 I like to go to the barn, I like to go
14:46 to the barn, And learn of Jesus.
14:52 Oh that was beautiful, thanks for coming by
14:54 and see me children. Bye-bye Charcoal.
14:57 Bye-bye Farmer Donny. Thanks for coming.
15:00 Bye, bye. She want fun come on
15:03 Faith, Faith doesn't wanna
15:04 leave, she like the bunny.
15:12 Vince, Vince we have to get ready,
15:15 the tiny tots are coming soon.
15:16 So, can you get the books and all of those
15:19 and put back in their place,
15:20 yes dear. The tiny tots are coming.
15:22 We have to make sure we are ready
15:24 and ready for them. Oh that's a knock,
15:29 that's the tiny tots, Vince it's the
15:31 tiny tots. Hello tiny tots, yeah.
15:40 How you are doing? We're excited to come
15:45 and see you. We're excited to see you.
15:47 How are you doing? Tabitha you wanna sit
15:49 right beside me? Oh okay. We made this
15:53 very special for you. Oh beautiful,
15:55 that's nice, look Vince see this.
15:57 They made at Miss Cinda's kitchen,
15:59 and we had so much fun putting all
16:01 the different colors of sand together.
16:03 Oh that is gorgeous, it's pretty, yeah.
16:06 God made a lot of special colors for us
16:09 to enjoy. And I'm going to find a very favorite
16:11 spot for that. Thank you tiny tots and thank you.
16:16 Our Jesus is able to do anything
16:18 and Tabitha is gonna sing a song about that.
16:23 He is able. He is able. I know He is able.
16:29 I know my Lord is able to carry me through.
16:33 He is able. He is able. I know He is able.
16:40 I know my Lord is able to carry me through.
16:44 He healed the broken hearted
16:47 And set the captives free He made
16:51 the lame to walk again and caused
16:54 the blind to see that's right.
16:56 He is able. He is able. I know He is able.
17:01 I know my Lord is able to carry me through.
17:06 Good job, yeah, its good job, Tabitha hey,
17:10 she is able to cheer us through,
17:12 that's right Tabitha. What we've been
17:14 talking today about the importance of being
17:16 truthful. And we have a special memory verse
17:19 that we've been working and would you
17:20 like to hear it? Oh sure, we would, right.
17:23 You shall not bear false witness against
17:27 your neighbor, Exodus 20 verse 18.
17:34 And we like to tell everyone good things
17:37 about our neighbors. Oh yes, because
17:40 we love you. Thank you, and we love you too.
17:42 We love you all too. Well Marrial
17:44 has a special song for us.
17:49 I've got a mansion sitting on a hill
17:52 Means sit in heaven next to preacher bell
17:56 He is a one that tells me how to work it out.
18:00 He said he will be back, I know you show
18:02 me what to do. So I made a phone call,
18:06 had a talk with God I say I really like it,
18:09 if it wasn't gone He take the ride
18:13 and said would be fine. It seems a man in Jesus
18:17 really remind, so I've got a mansion
18:21 sitting on a hill Means sit in heaven
18:25 next to preacher bell We will be neighbors
18:28 throughout eternity Preach bell
18:31 and Jesus and me. Having fun throughout eternity.
18:36 Sing songs through healthy harmony
18:39 Preach bill and Jesus and me
18:43 Alright, good, good, I love that, Oh yes,
18:49 I loved it too. Thank you Marrial.
18:51 Would it be alright if we had prayer with you
18:54 before we leave? Oh sure, sure we would be.
18:56 Alright Asher would pray for us?
18:58 Okay, let's fold our hands and close our eyes
19:03 tight because we are gonna talk to Jesus.
19:09 Dear Jesus help us for our beautiful day
19:13 and don't hurt anybody in Jesus
19:18 name amen, amen, amen. Well we will
19:23 see you again we have to run right now.
19:26 Thank you tiny tots. So, thank you
19:27 so much for letting us come.
19:29 Bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye.
19:35 Okay bye-bye God bless you. God bless you all.
19:49 Oh it's a beautiful day for a walk,
19:52 Shall we go for a walk today,
19:56 to see what God has given. Auntie Linda
19:59 where are we going and where is Miss Jeanie?
20:01 We are going to the pasture because
20:04 Miss Jeanie ask us to meet us there
20:06 and she said she has a surprise for us.
20:09 Hi guys, I was just telling about
20:13 the surprise you had. Do you like the surprise?
20:16 Yeah. Well Mr. Dale came to help me.
20:20 Oh thank you Mr. Dale. Well can even ride,
20:24 this is Little Bit and this is Ginger,
20:27 Ginger is a girl and Little Bit is boy.
20:31 Oh can we get on? Yeah, alright Cara,
20:35 I want to ride, you are gonna ride okay.
20:37 Alright, we can't do, we can't do
20:39 two just one at a time. Venus you want to ride
20:40 a horse don't you, we will walk.
20:42 I don't think you can reach there.
20:45 Do you wanna help Miss Jeanie lead her,
20:47 there you're holding the rope and I'm gonna
20:49 hold her here come on alright,
20:51 good girl Ginger. She act like I never
21:04 feed her, but I do feed her a lot.
21:08 I love horses too Jesus made them for us, yeah.
21:13 Do you know we did, when you around a horsy
21:16 you never ever get by the back of him,
21:18 do you know why? Because then can kick.
21:20 That's right, okay let's change riders.
21:23 Alright, oh good job, alright okay.
21:28 Jesus smiles when we share doesn't he?
21:31 Yeah. Alright we got to away,
21:33 good job very good, is it great, good girl.
21:38 You can now lead. Can I hold this?
21:40 Yeah you can help me come on.
21:42 Ginger is like, I just want to eat.
21:44 Come on baby. Good girl, do you ever
21:48 ride a horse before. I want you to hold that,
21:51 yeah hold on, Oh this is fun Mr. Dale,
21:55 because I just start running because
21:57 she has a minor problem too.
21:59 You don't be afraid, that's right,
22:03 that horses don't like that. That's right
22:04 you shouldn't be afraid because
22:06 they know if you are afraid.
22:07 Yeah, even though you are not saying
22:08 anything or doing anything, if you are
22:10 thinking well is he injured, you are
22:13 absolutely right, they do know if you are
22:16 afraid and they love to be brushed
22:18 they absolutely love to be brushed.
22:21 Oh they love it when we brushed them.
22:23 Oh they do, and right now they have
22:25 a bunch of hair on them. I want to ride again.
22:28 You wanna ride again okay, alright.
22:31 Alright, jump up there I got it, okay change
22:35 foot good job. You know what guys I'm so glad
22:41 that Jesus made all these wonderful things
22:43 for us to enjoy. Me too, me too good job.
22:53 I love worship time, and I love
22:57 God's holy word. I too, yes.
22:59 Our memory verse is found in Exodus 20
23:04 verse 16. Exodus 20 verse 16. Me too,
23:10 you like it too Asher, our memory verse is
23:14 Though shall not, can you say
23:16 though shall not, bear false witness,
23:20 bear false witness, against your neighbor,
23:24 against your neighbor. What does that mean
23:28 Miss Cinda? That means we should always
23:31 tell the truth. That's right,
23:33 oh be careful little lips, what you say?
23:36 Oh, be careful little lips, what you say.
23:42 Oh, be careful little lips, what you say.
23:47 For there Father up above, he is looking
23:52 down in love, Oh, be careful little lips,
23:56 what you say. Oh, be careful little ears
24:01 what you hear. Oh, Be careful little ears
24:05 what you hear Oh, Be careful little ears
24:10 what you hear. For there Father up above,
24:15 he is looking down in love,
24:19 Oh, Be careful little ears what you hear
24:24 Oh, be careful little eyes, what you see.
24:26 Oh, be careful little eyes, what you see.
24:32 Oh, be careful little eyes, what you see.
24:38 For there Father up above, he is looking
24:42 down in love, Oh, be careful little eyes,
24:46 what you see. And the Bible tells us to be
24:51 truthful, and we are gonna sing a song about
24:54 that, that's gonna help us remember.
24:56 Okay, I love to sing, the B-I-B-L-E.
24:59 The B-I-B-L-E, Yes that's the book for me.
25:06 It tells me how to speak the truth
25:09 the B-I-B-L-E! Lets sing it again.
25:13 The B-I-B-L-E, Yes that's the book for me.
25:19 It tells me how to speak the truth
25:22 the B-I-B-L-E! Who wants us to tell the truth?
25:29 Jesus, Jesus does. Jesus wants me
25:33 to tell the truth. Jesus wants me
25:36 to tell the truth, tell the truth,
25:40 tell the truth. Jesus wants me to tell
25:43 the truth, Because he really loves me.
25:49 Let's sing it again. Jesus wants me
25:51 to tell the truth, tell the truth,
25:55 tell the truth Jesus wants me to tell
25:59 the truth, Because he really loves me.
26:04 Who loves us more then anybody?
26:09 Jesus, Jesus does. And we are gonna kneel down
26:13 and talk to Jesus right now, and Asher
26:16 you are gonna have a special prayer,
26:18 and then we will have Miss Cinda
26:19 pray afterwards, okay. I will bend my knees,
26:26 I will fold my hands, I will bow my head,
26:34 I will close my eyes and very, very
26:41 quite be while the prayer is said.
26:54 Dear Jesus help us for this wonderful day,
26:59 I prayed and help us to tell the truth,
27:07 in Jesus name amen, amen. Dear Jesus help us
27:12 always to be truthful, we love you dear Jesus,
27:16 in Jesus name amen, amen. Jesus does like
27:25 to tell the truth. Oh, that's Mr. Rooster,
27:27 and that's all the time we have for now.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will
27:41 have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:46 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:52 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:02 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:06 we're God's girls and boys. We live for him
28:09 around the world, we spread love and joy,
28:13 we're cloudy stars of rainbow, we're shining
28:17 like the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots around
28:20 the world we're God's girls and boys.


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