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The Bible Tells Me To Be Healthy

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:12 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow,
00:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:27 Auntie Linda, isn't walking healthy?
00:30 Yes, walking is very healthy for us.
00:33 And it's healthy for Eleanor too.
00:38 It is Keira. And it's healthy for me too.
00:42 It is, me too, and it's very healthy. Yes,
00:47 oh! The boys and girls are here.
00:50 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:56 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
01:01 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:04 Jesus knows your name,
01:07 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:13 And we have so much fun planned.
01:15 Yes, let Eleanor go get some more exercise.
01:18 And come on boys and girls.
01:20 Oh! We have a good worship plan,
01:22 Auntie Linda is gonna get the mail.
01:23 Oh! I can hardly wait.
01:27 Hi, Billy Boy, hi Billy Boy
01:31 how are you doing, Billy Boy?
01:35 Oh! Billy Boy, do you like to see the
01:39 boys and girls? He's pretty.
01:41 I know I love Billy Boy. Well, lets say hi
01:44 to Mr. Wiggles. Alright, Mr. Wiggles,
01:49 hi Mr. Wiggles, today. Oh! You know what?
01:56 Let's call Miss Cinda and see,
01:57 if she is ready for worship. Miss Cinda.
02:02 Oh! Are you kids already here?
02:05 Oh! I have a surprise for you.
02:08 Got a surprise for us. Oh! She is got a surprise.
02:11 Oh! Guess what I have?
02:13 What do you think Miss Cinda has?
02:15 What is this? Grapes, grapes, oh! Grapes.
02:19 Would you like one? Would you like one?
02:22 Do you know what this is? A healthy snack.
02:26 Who would like a grape?
02:27 Me, oh! I love grapes. And grapes
02:32 are very good for you.
02:34 Oh! Emma wants two grapes.
02:36 You want a grape Miss Keira?
02:38 Oh! Yes, alright. Did I surprise you with
02:42 the healthy snack? You sure did Miss Cinda;
02:45 you're always doing special things for us.
02:48 Well, we have some letters and I've always
02:50 so excited to see the mail.
02:51 This one, let me see, it's from Tennessee.
02:56 Oh! Tyler, can you hold that?
03:00 It's from a little boy named,
03:04 lets see if I can get it open, Ethan.
03:07 Oh! And he says, dear Auntie Linda
03:10 I love Jesus so to my brothers
03:12 Nathan and Zachary and his mommy and daddy.
03:15 They all love Jesus. Well, can we tell them
03:19 that we all love Jesus? We love Jesus;
03:23 I love Jesus too, don't we Keira?
03:24 Alright, and then we have one more letter
03:28 and it's all the way from California.
03:30 Wow! That's a long way. That's a long ways.
03:34 Oh! Look, her name is Kennedy Moore.
03:40 She is pretty. Dear Auntie Linda, I love Jesus.
03:45 Oh! I love Jesus too.
03:50 Okay, I think it's time that we can ask
03:54 Billy Boy to ring the worship bell,
03:56 so lets wait for the grapes.
03:57 Let's wait for the grape.
03:58 Okay, we can have some more a little bit
04:00 later okay, are you ready?
04:02 Billy Boy you can ring the worship bell.
04:13 Worship bells are sweet
04:15 calling us to me
04:16 with our best friend Jesus
04:20 come and worship here,
04:23 Jesus will be here
04:25 smiling when he sees us.
04:31 Well, Miss Cinda you brought us treats.
04:33 And our Bible tells us that we should be healthy.
04:40 That Bible wants us to be healthy,
04:42 so let's say our memory verse together.
04:45 Third John 2, third John 2,
04:51 "Beloved, Beloved, I pray, I pray,
04:57 that you may prosper in health,
05:00 that you may prosper in health."
05:04 Now, what does prosper mean Miss Cinda?
05:08 Does that mean that we will do good,
05:13 and we'll grow in health and we all learn,
05:15 that's right, more-and-more and
05:16 we'll get healthy and healthier.
05:18 Jesus wants us to be as healthy as we can be,
05:21 doesn't He? Alright, boys and girls.
05:25 Well, I have a story for you right from the Bible.
05:30 There was four little boys and they learned
05:35 about Jesus and they love Jesus so much.
05:38 And when they got to be a little older,
05:40 an army came and they captured them
05:43 and took them to another city.
05:46 And do you know what their names were?
05:49 Daniel, Daniel and Shadrach, and Meshach,
05:54 and Abednego, Abednego.
05:55 And when they came into the place where the,
05:58 they were to eat and the table was all set
06:01 with food, they looked and they said.
06:03 Oh! No, well this doesn't look like healthy food.
06:08 And they didn't eat. No, they didn't want to eat.
06:11 They eat fruit. They ate fruit and what else
06:14 did they eat? Water, water they drink water,
06:19 they drink water. They didn't drink King's wine.
06:21 They ate vegetables, yes and they ask the man
06:24 in charge, if they could do that all the time.
06:27 And so, they ate good food everyday,
06:30 they didn't eat the food that wasn't healthy.
06:33 And do you know what happened?
06:34 When they had their tests and they went
06:36 before the King. What happened?
06:38 They were smarter than all the others Wisemen.
06:44 It's important to eat healthy, isn't it?
06:47 Alright, we're gonna talk to Jesus right now.
06:51 And so, let's hold our hands Emma,
06:53 do you want to eat your grape
06:54 and then we're gonna talk to Jesus.
06:57 Yes, let's talk to Jesus. And we're gonna ask,
06:59 Jesus to help us to eat healthy too.
07:01 So, let's fold our hands and
07:04 close our eyes tight.
07:06 Dear Jesus, thank you so much
07:09 for giving us grapes to eat,
07:11 and for all the good food. And help us to always
07:15 eat healthy. We wanna be just like you Jesus,
07:19 amen, amen. I love worships,
07:24 don't you? I do too, yeah.
07:33 Miss Cinda what are we doing today?
07:36 Do you know what? We're gonna have fun
07:39 today Miss Emma. Who loves to be
07:41 in the kitchen? I do, I do, I do, I do, I do.
07:46 Boys and girls, you're gonna have
07:48 fun today too. I think you're gonna wanna do
07:51 what we're doing? I have the kids all decorating
07:56 a bag and making it very pretty.
08:00 I'm helping Miss Cinda.
08:01 Yes, lets just see. Joyline,
08:05 how are you decorating your bag?
08:07 I'm coloring blue and pink.
08:11 Oh! And you're putting stickers on.
08:13 And Timothy and David,
08:15 what are you doing to your bag?
08:17 Painting and we're showing right now.
08:20 Oh! And Miss Emma, what are you doing to your bag?
08:23 I'm, I coloring it. Let see your bag.
08:28 Oh! Look, what's this? Flower,
08:31 oh! It's so pretty and Miss Tabitha,
08:34 what are doing for your bag?
08:36 I'm painting flowers on.
08:37 Oh! And they're gonna be beautiful,
08:40 aren't they boys and girls?
08:42 Now, let me ask you kids a question.
08:44 What do you think Miss Cinda is going to
08:47 have you do with your bags?
08:49 It's a surprise. Oh! I have something.
08:55 Who is that? I don't know. Oh! Lets see.
09:01 Hi, Miss Cinda, Auntie Linda, children.
09:04 Farmer Donny. Oh! I have something special;
09:06 I hope these are the vegetables you wanted.
09:08 Oh! They, they looks healthy.
09:10 Aren't they beautiful?
09:11 Oh! Joyline goes get on your chair and let's put
09:15 these on the table. Oh! My.
09:16 Oh! Look what Farmer Donny brought us.
09:19 Okay, and everybody open your bags, open our bags.
09:25 Aren't those carrots beautiful?
09:27 What color are they Timothy, what colors are?
09:29 I'm yellow, yellow, orange.
09:31 Oh! Okay. Auntie Linda help you.
09:33 Who knows what this is?
09:35 What is that children?
09:36 Trees, a broccoli. Oh! Trees, that's broccoli.
09:41 Well, that's. Oh! What's that Emma?
09:43 A Potato, you want to put it in your bag?
09:44 A potato, although is a.
09:46 Oh! Who knows what this is?
09:48 Celery, oh! I love celery.
09:50 Alright, break in the pot.
09:51 Woe! Aren't they beautiful?
09:53 So, everybody get some celery.
09:54 Let's open our bags, right.
09:56 And that my one will be just fine.
09:59 You think this will be just fine.
10:01 So, she split Joyline some.
10:03 Oh! Tabitha, you wanna potato?
10:05 Okay, let's open your bags.
10:06 Oh! Yeah, oh! Good. Oh! My.
10:09 Oh! My, what's that? Who knows what this is?
10:12 Oh! What this is? Farmer Donny,
10:14 isn't that beautiful?
10:16 Does anyone know what that is?
10:17 A cabbage, cabbage. Oh! And what's this?
10:22 Green beans. Oh! I love green beans.
10:24 Oh! Would you kids like green beans?
10:25 Oh! They're good. Here let's put some
10:27 green beans down here.
10:28 Let's put some green beans on everybody.
10:29 Oh! Here we go. Tabitha, you reach in
10:30 and get something. Tabitha,
10:31 what do you want Tabitha?
10:33 Put something in our bag.
10:35 Put something in our bag, alright.
10:36 Oh! Onions. Oh! That make good soup.
10:39 Oh! Those are delicious. What would you,
10:40 would you kids like some onions?
10:41 Onions, oh! Would you like an onion Joyline?
10:44 Sure, sure. Alright, let's take the basket over
10:47 by Joyline and Timothy and let's then pick
10:51 something out of the basket Farmer Donny.
10:53 Okay, alright there you go.
10:54 I like an onion. Oh! You're going
10:55 to get some onions. Oh! Here can you get
10:57 this in our bag? Tabitha, what do you think?
10:58 Tabitha, can you put this in our bag?
10:59 You like onions too Auntie Linda?
11:02 Boys and girls, I was getting away for that.
11:04 And she was. I having them put fresh
11:06 vegetables in their bag.
11:08 Okay, did you get a carrot? Did you get
11:10 a carrot Joyline? I got it. Okay.
11:12 Oh! Farmer Donny these are perfect.
11:16 Oh! We got some more cabbage Auntie Linda.
11:17 Oh! You want a cabbage?
11:18 Can you put celery in? Yeah.
11:19 Oh! You're gonna put a cabbage in, alright.
11:20 All bags are getting full. Put some celery in.
11:24 Oh! You need some carrot, alright. Yes,
11:27 you may. Here you're gonna need some carrots,
11:30 alright, for yours health.
11:31 My bag, my bag is got full.
11:33 Oh! And you know what? Kids, do you know
11:35 what I'm going to do? What?
11:36 I'm gonna give you each a recipe card to put
11:39 in your bag. Oh! Recipe.
11:41 And the recipe is for some homemade vegetable soup.
11:46 Oh! And now I want you when you leave
11:50 Miss Cinda's kitchen today to take your bags
11:53 and you're gonna give them to somebody,
11:55 so they can make some fresh vegetable soup.
11:58 Oh! I would like to give something
12:00 to Miss Cella and Mr. Vince.
12:02 Alright, I'll make a special bag
12:03 for you to take. Oh! Thank you.
12:05 Miss Cinda, can I have a recipe too?
12:07 Of course I'll give you a recipe.
12:09 Thank you. And you're gonna love my
12:11 vegetable soup. It's good. Oh kids Jesus give us
12:14 vegetables because they're good to eat.
12:17 They taste good too. Yeah, that's right.
12:20 I love to eating food. Oh!
12:21 And they're healthy right? Yeah, yeah, yes.
12:24 And you know what? I'm so glad that Jesus
12:26 gave us all kinds of vegetables.
12:28 Me too. And boys and girls, I bet you're glad
12:32 that Jesus gave us lots of vegetables too.
12:34 And you know what? I hope that anytime
12:38 you can go and help in the kitchen you will
12:40 because being in the kitchen is fun, yeah.
12:53 This is fun Farmer Donny. Isn't that fun?
12:56 Oh! Thumper come on back over here now.
12:59 Oh! Thumper. This is Thumper.
13:00 Oh! Hi, Thumper. A miniature donkey.
13:04 Hi, Thumper. Is there anybody ever seen
13:06 a donkey before? Yeah, me, yeah, you have.
13:11 But I haven't seen a white one.
13:12 You've never seen a white one
13:13 I haven't seen a white one.
13:15 Well, Thumper is only about seven months old.
13:18 Oh! Still a baby. Yes, still baby.
13:21 Now, she won't get much bigger than this,
13:23 a little bit gain some weight maybe.
13:25 Tyler, you want to give Melissa turn.
13:27 Yeah. Oh! That's nice to share.
13:29 Feel how soft the ears are, Jesus happy
13:31 when we share, isn't that soft? Yeah,
13:34 well Thumper likes that hay, doesn't she?
13:38 And you want to share with someone
13:39 to someone else wanna brush?
13:41 Yeah, come on grab the brush.
13:43 Somebody else want to brush? On the feet.
13:45 Okay, Tyler I guess. I do, oh! For Dennis okay,
13:48 you can go feed then for a little bit.
13:50 Here Dennis, you want to come and brush?
13:51 There we go. Alright, now this is just a baby fur,
13:57 isn't that soft? Oh! Yeah.
13:59 I like those brown spots, me too, don't you?
14:02 She has big eyes, big eyes. Oh! Yes.
14:05 Yeah. Big horse eyes. Do I see some whiskers?
14:10 What does she eat? Well, hay and grass for sure,
14:16 she loves grass Auntie Linda. Grass oh! Wow!
14:19 Just loves it, pasture, she loves that.
14:22 Yeah, does she drink from her mom?
14:26 Well, you know she is still getting milk
14:28 from mom, but it won't be much longer
14:30 she will be on her own. She is a big baby.
14:32 Well, she is a big baby, yeah.
14:36 Oh! Of course she does have big eyes, yeah.
14:40 Has everybody got the brush Thumper?
14:42 Has everybody got their turn now,
14:43 let's learn to share, good. Oh! Yeah,
14:46 Jesus wants us to share, yeah.
14:48 I love all the animals that Jesus made for us,
14:51 yeah. I do, yeah. Okay, do you want to brush?
14:54 Has anybody ever rode a donkey before?
14:57 No, you'd never rode a donkey.
14:59 But I petted one because my friends have them,
15:02 but now they have cows.
15:05 Yeah, I don't think we want to ride a cow.
15:09 Oh! I've seen man ride bull on TV.
15:12 You have, yeah. Bull riding.
15:16 Yeah, this is the main right here,
15:19 isn't that pretty? Is, does Thumper carry
15:21 packs on her back or anything.
15:24 They use, don't used to carry packs
15:25 when they go on camping trips.
15:27 Like Jesus ride it on a donkey.
15:30 Jesus rode on a donkey. That's right,
15:32 that's good. Jesus rode on a donkey.
15:35 It was brown one. A brown one?
15:37 I think Thumper like our song.
15:41 Would Thumper like our song?
15:43 Well, I believe Thumper would like
15:44 our song Auntie Linda.
15:45 Thumper would you like our song?
15:48 Alright let's sing it Thumper.
15:55 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
15:59 I like to go to the farm
16:00 where the ducks quack, quack,
16:03 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
16:06 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
16:13 Oh! It has been fun. Oh! This is.
16:15 Thank you for letting us see Thumper today.
16:19 Alright, well we can leave our brushes
16:21 right there, okay and we're gonna,
16:23 we're not gonna scare Thumper,
16:24 so we're gonna go out quiet.
16:25 Well, come back and see Farmer Donny now.
16:27 Oh! Yes, bye Thumper. Bye now.
16:29 Bye-bye, bye-bye.
16:31 Oh! Would you thank to the children?
16:38 Oh! Vincent, you must lay still those
16:40 are doctor's orders. No. Yes, honey is anything
16:44 I can do for you make, no, you feel comfortable?
16:47 Anything I can get for you a pillow or
16:49 something, no, to make you feel better?
16:52 Oh! I hear knock at the door;
16:54 I bet it's the Tiny Tots.
16:55 You know they always can make you feel better;
16:59 let's see if it's the Tiny Tots.
17:01 Oh! Tiny Tots and Auntie Linda come in.
17:05 Auntie Linda. Oh! We were worried about you.
17:08 Oh! Thank you. These are from Farmer
17:11 Donny's garden. Thank you, thank you.
17:12 And Miss Cinda put a recipe in there for
17:14 some soup. Wonderful, thank you,
17:16 that will make him feel much better.
17:18 Can you give that? Oh! Well, she likes onions.
17:21 Thank you. I'll take these onions to make a soup.
17:26 We've found vegetable that will make you feel
17:29 better that will you grow big and strong.
17:32 Oh! Thank you. We thought that if we came
17:35 and sang a song for you and had a Bible text
17:39 and the prayer that you'll feel better.
17:40 Well, really well thank you. Yes, and thank you
17:44 Tiny Tots and Auntie Linda.
17:46 Well, we love you. Alright, lets say our
17:48 memory verse okay.
17:50 "Beloved I pray that you may prosper
17:54 and be in health."
17:56 Third John 2, that is wonderful.
18:02 Well, Emma has a song about health for you
18:03 and nutrition, don't you Emma.
18:07 Exercise, Exercise Exercise, Exercise,
18:18 Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air and Rest,
18:28 Trust in God. Make sure you Exercise,
18:37 Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance,
18:49 Air and Rest, Trust in God.
18:55 Alright, yeah, very nice. We have to always trust
18:58 in God and He will take care of us.
19:02 That's right, it was a good song.
19:03 Well, Tabitha has a special song for you now too.
19:11 Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary
19:18 Pure and Holy, Tried and True
19:25 With Thanksgiving I will be a living
19:32 Sanctuary for you.
19:38 That was very nice, thank you, yes.
19:41 Would it be alright if we pray with you right now?
19:44 Sure. I didn't get to sing my song.
19:46 You didn't, did you have another song
19:48 to sing to him? Well, can we sing it
19:50 another time for him?
19:52 Well, I don't have any different song to sing.
19:54 Okay sing your song.
19:56 Now one day I know.
20:01 God has prepared me all the way
20:07 Because He loves us and died
20:14 the Lord at thy nod did
20:20 My, the whole barn know
20:25 Oh! Thank you, that was beautiful.
20:27 Yes, let's fold our hands and close our eyes
20:30 we're gonna pray. Fold your hands and
20:33 close your eyes, we're gonna talk to Jesus.
20:37 Okay, can you close your eyes?
20:39 Dear, Jesus thank you for Mr. Vince,
20:42 please help him to feel better,
20:44 we love you Jesus amen, amen.
20:49 Amen. I have a special song.
20:50 You do, well we'll another one sometime.
20:53 Okay, it's time for us to go.
20:55 We have to let Mr. Vince get some rest,
20:57 so he will get better.
20:59 Alright, goodbye Mr. Vince and Miss Cella.
21:01 Bye-bye, good bye. Goodbye, bye Tiny Tots,
21:04 bye Auntie Linda. We love you;
21:06 we'll let ourselves outside, we love you.
21:08 Okay, bye-bye, bye-bye.
21:18 Oh! I like, wow! Walking and so.
21:21 Shall we go for a walk today,
21:24 to see what God has given.
21:28 Don't you like all those bins.
21:29 Oh! Yes, oh! Miss Jennie hi. Have you guys
21:34 here to help me? Well, we were waiting for you.
21:36 I'm glad; I have something to show you guys.
21:42 Oh! I wonder what it is. And I'm going to need
21:45 you guys to help me. Oh! Yes. When we were done
21:48 looking at them, Do you guys help me?
21:51 Yeah, yeah okay hold him very gentle.
21:54 You want one, can you hold him?
21:57 Oh! We have to be very careful.
22:00 What are they Miss Jennie?
22:02 These are baby turkeys. Baby turkeys!
22:05 And they've lost, they're,
22:07 they got lost from their mommy.
22:09 Oh! This was not tweeting very much.
22:11 It's not tweeting very much maybe
22:13 it's comfortable. Hey look at, and look this
22:16 one's tweeting for both of them.
22:17 And these are birdies I think are lost from
22:20 their mommy. So, when we're done looking
22:23 at them, can you guys help me find their mommy?
22:25 Yes, good because we need to try and find
22:28 their mommy. Yeah, they need their mommy
22:31 because she keeps them warm and they need
22:33 their mommy just like you guys need your mommy.
22:36 Yeah, they need their mommy that one sleeping.
22:38 Oh! like I like my mommy, they're so tired.
22:41 Their mommy shows him where the food is,
22:44 and she keeps them warm, they get up underneath
22:46 her feather, do you want to pet this one?
22:48 She gets up underneath her, their feathers
22:51 and they keep, when she keeps them nice
22:53 and warm and if it rains they get underneath
22:56 her and keep, and they keep stay dry.
22:58 So, when are done looking at them,
23:01 we'll put them back in the bucket and
23:02 then we'll go and see and look in the region see,
23:04 I know it's going to sleep.
23:06 Miss Jennie it's sounds like the mommy
23:09 loves her babies like Jesus loves us.
23:12 She does, she loves her babies very the same.
23:15 And she takes care of them too.
23:17 I'm so glad that Jesus made all the
23:20 wonderful things for us to enjoy.
23:30 I love reading God's word. I do too, me too.
23:34 And I love learning memory verses, okay.
23:38 It's good for us to learn memory verses, isn't it?
23:41 Yes, well Jesus has a special verse for us
23:44 that we've been learning today.
23:46 It's found in Third John 2. Third John 2,
23:52 "Beloved I pray, Beloved I pray,
23:57 that you may prosper in health, that you may
24:01 prosper in health." And I'm glad today that
24:06 Jesus gave us help, because it's not fun
24:08 to be sick is it. No, no. Oh! Who likes to be sick?
24:12 Not me, not me, not me.
24:16 So, let's sing a song about being glad okay.
24:19 I'm glad today, I'm glad today
24:25 For my health I'm glad today
24:30 Thank you, God in heaven.
24:38 I love all the fruits that Jesus gives us.
24:41 What, what do you like to eat Tabitha?
24:43 I like to eat bananas. Bananas,
24:47 and what do you like to eat?
24:49 what do you like to eat Noah?
24:53 Apple, yeah. Yeah, an apple,
24:54 how about an apple. Oh! And Noah like the apples.
24:58 Oh! I like apples. Who likes to eat oranges?
25:00 Oh! I do too. Here is an orange for you too baby.
25:05 Alright, and an apple for you Farmer Donny.
25:09 Thank you, Auntie Linda. And here is an apple
25:11 for you. Oh! I love apple.
25:13 Alright, let's sing I like to eat an apple
25:16 picked from the apple tree.
25:19 I like to eat an apple picked
25:23 from the apple tree,
25:26 Dear Jesus sends the Sun and
25:29 rain to make them grow for me.
25:34 I like to eat an orange, alright.
25:39 I like to eat an orange picked
25:43 from the orange tree,
25:47 Dear Jesus sends the Sun and
25:49 rain to make them grow for me.
25:54 Do we like to eat bananas? Yes.
25:57 I like to eat bananas picked
26:02 from the banana tree,
26:05 Dear Jesus sends the Sun and
26:08 rain to make them grow for me.
26:12 Thank you, Tyler. And Jesus help us to go too.
26:15 And we're gonna standup and sing a song about,
26:18 head and shoulders, knees and toes;
26:21 it's good to do exercise.
26:24 Head and shoulders, knees and toes,
26:28 knees and toes, knees and toes,
26:32 Head and shoulders, knees
26:34 and toes, all for Jesus.
26:39 Oh! Let's kneel down and thank Jesus for
26:42 giving us health. We're gonna sing our song.
26:45 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
26:54 I will bow my head I will close my eyes
27:02 and very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
27:11 Dear Jesus, thank you for our health
27:15 in Jesus name, amen.
27:17 And Jesus thank you for the fresh fruit that
27:20 we eat because we know what makes us
27:22 healthy in Jesus name, amen, amen.
27:27 Oh! That's Mr. Rooster, that's all the time
27:30 we have for now. Bye.
27:38 Our time together is over so we will have to go.
27:44 Goodbye, goodbye remember God loves you.
27:50 Goodbye, goodbye, remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:04 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 we're God's girls and boys. We live for him
28:11 around the world, we spread love and joy,
28:15 like colors of the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:23 we're God's girls and boys.


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