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The Bible Tells Me To Remember The Sabbath

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 we're God's girls and boys. We live for him around
00:12 the world, we spread love and joy,
00:16 like cloudy stars of rainbow, we're shining
00:19 like the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots around
00:23 the world we're God's girls and boys.
00:28 What day is Sabbath? It's the Seventh-Day,
00:33 I know. Can you count? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
00:40 That's right Elijah that's very good
00:43 that's the day we rest. Eleanor likes
00:46 to rest every day I think.
00:48 Oh look the boys and girls are here,
00:50 sing with us, hi boys and girls.
00:55 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:00 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
01:05 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:08 Jesus knows your name, you made Jesus
01:12 happy just because you came.
01:17 And we are gonna have a fun worship.
01:19 Let's see if we can quietly go into worship,
01:21 so we don't wake Eleanor up so she can
01:24 get her nap. Auntie Linda will get that mail,
01:27 oh I'm so excited, we have a fun worship.
01:30 Come on, oh I think we woke her up, didn't we?
01:35 Oh hello, hello oh I'm so happy to see you,
01:41 and Billy Boy is happy to see you too.
01:44 Billy Boy is excited, come here Faith you can
01:46 see Billy Boy too. Are you gonna sing for the
01:49 boys and girls Billy Boy? Oh you are,
01:52 alright you can sing a pretty song.
01:56 Look at Billy Boy is going good morning,
01:59 he is looking right at you?
02:02 Well Mr. Wiggles is wanting some attention too.
02:05 Oh! Look at Mr. Wiggles say hello
02:09 Mr. Wiggles, look Faith love Mr. Wiggles.
02:15 Oh! Okay Mr. Wiggles you can listen it's time
02:20 for worship, oh it's time for worship,
02:23 it's time for worship. Miss Cinda has something
02:25 here for you look Faith. Alright, and look
02:29 boys and girls I put an animal by all of your,
02:33 so can have something to play with.
02:36 Well that was very thoughtful of you.
02:38 Well I have a letter to read.
02:39 Do you like letters? Yes, yes alright do you
02:42 think we will have a picture? Yes,
02:45 oh she is so pretty. The letter says dear
02:51 Auntie Linda; I love Jesus with all my heart,
02:57 love Sara. Well Jesus loves you too
03:01 with all his heart Sara.
03:03 And Sara we love Jesus too.
03:06 Yes we do, alright boys and girls,
03:10 lets ask Billy Boy to ring the worship bell.
03:13 Billy Boy you can ring the worship bell.
03:18 Sing along with us boys and girls.
03:23 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
03:27 with our best friend Jesus
03:31 Come and worship him Jesus will be here
03:35 smiling when he sees us.
03:41 Jesus always smiles when he sees these children.
03:43 This is a special letter from Jesus,
03:46 what is this called? A Bible, it's the Holy Bible.
03:53 We have a special letter from him, Exodus 20,
03:58 Exodus 20 verse 8. Remember the
04:04 Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
04:07 Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
04:13 Oh I love the Sabbath, I do too.
04:16 It's a reminder that God is our creator and
04:18 he made the world in six days and what he do
04:22 on the seventh? He made rest, he made rest,
04:26 can you count? Let's count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
04:35 Well what are some other things he made on
04:38 the six days? What did he make during those
04:40 six days? Faith got a little black lamb.
04:43 Did he make a lamb? Yes, what else.
04:47 He made a sun, the sun. He made the stars,
04:48 he made the stars. What he made Elijah?
04:51 He made the moon, he make the moon.
04:54 Did he make the animals? Yes,
04:56 yes and on the seventh day he made the Sabbath,
04:59 and when it's Sabbath time, we can light
05:01 a special candle and what else can we do?
05:04 We can sing songs and we can read out our Bible,
05:10 and do we go to work like we usually do?
05:13 No, no. We go to church; we go to church
05:16 and worship Jesus on his day.
05:18 Can we say the memory verse again?
05:20 Yeah, remember the Sabbath day,
05:24 to keep it holy, Exodus 20, verse 8.
05:31 And we do want to remember,
05:34 Tabitha will you have a special prayer for us.
05:36 And boys and girls, if you could hold your hands,
05:38 and close your eyes, and bow your
05:40 head while Tabitha prays.
05:42 Dear Jesus please help us the Sabbath
05:45 to keep it Holy, in Jesus name amen, amen.
05:50 I love worship don't you? Yes, yes.
05:59 This looks good. Oh I think you kids are gonna
06:03 love this today. I decided you kids are
06:08 just being so good, I decided you can have
06:11 something special. I made you
06:14 homemade caramel corn.
06:18 Is it your honey and maple syrup one?
06:20 Yes it is. Oh! Our special recipe.
06:25 And I've got special little containers,
06:28 and I'll just keep giving you cups and you can
06:30 fill up your containers, and you can take this
06:34 home and I hope you share this with your
06:37 brothers and sisters. Will you share this,
06:40 Faith will you, who are you gonna share this with?
06:43 How about your papa, you will share with papa,
06:47 yes. What you guys think? Who's tried it,
06:51 is it good, you can you try it if you like.
06:55 Who's tried it, what do you think Ms. Kerry?
06:57 It taste so good. It does, what do you think Tyler?
07:00 Yum-yum! Yum-yum! We got to get some more
07:03 Miss Cinda. Is this a special treat?
07:06 And you know what you can do,
07:09 you can take some paint pens and you can
07:12 decorate your popcorn container.
07:16 And that way how about if Miss Cinda gives
07:19 you the recipe and you can have your mommies
07:21 help you at home, then when you can fill it up
07:23 again when you eat it all. What do you
07:24 think about that? Oh that smells good.
07:27 And maybe boys and girls you can get
07:28 your mommies and daddies to help you make some.
07:32 Oh this is such a good treat.
07:36 I think Miss Cella and Mr. Vince would like this.
07:40 Oh you know what, what do think kids;
07:42 I think we should take them some.
07:43 What do think Tabitha? Good, yes.
07:48 Do you know Jesus likes us to have treats
07:51 doesn't he? Do you know Jesus gives us treats?
07:54 Yeah, yeah. What treat you think Jesus gives
07:57 you? Fruits, you are exactly right Tyler.
08:02 How about you Tabitha does Jesus give you
08:03 treats? Yeah, what does Jesus give you?
08:08 Orange juice, orange juice. Boys and girls,
08:11 does Jesus give you treats I'll bet you can
08:14 take think of some treats Jesus gives you.
08:17 Kerry what treats does Jesus gives you?
08:21 Different types, different types.
08:24 Do you like raisins? Oh yes.
08:29 Ms. Faith does Jesus give you treats?
08:32 Yes, how about apples, do you like apples?
08:35 Bananas, who likes bananas? Oh I do too,
08:45 the monkeys do too. Well I must be a monkey
08:55 then who is the monkey? Are you a monkey,
08:57 I don't feel you look like a monkey.
08:59 The monkeys like him too. Oh I think Tyler,
09:03 are you a monkey, Faith? Who likes grapes?
09:13 Oh I like grapes. Oh you know what Miss Cinda
09:17 put honey in this. Who likes honey?
09:20 The bees, the bees, I know something else
09:28 who likes honey. The bears, the bears.
09:36 Does the bears like honey? Yeah, yeah.
09:40 Who is the bear? Here I better feed the
09:47 hungry bears. I have a jar.
09:58 I'm so glad that Jesus gives us lots of nice
10:01 things to eat. Don't, aren't you? Oh yes,
10:05 and you know what else Jesus gives us
10:08 what's this? I got something in my pocket.
10:15 A smile, a smile. Boys and girls I'll bet you
10:21 have a smile too. Just look for yours and
10:25 if you can't find it maybe you can go on a mirror
10:27 and practice your smile, because Jesus wants
10:30 us to have smiles doesn't he? Yeah. I think
10:32 Mr. Vince will get a smile when we bring him
10:35 this yummy popcorn. Oh I bet, I know he will.
10:40 Boys and girls I hope that anytime you can
10:43 be in the kitchen because boys and girls
10:46 what is it to like to be in the kitchen? It's fun.
10:56 Kerry thank you so much for bringing
10:58 your puppies to the farm today.
11:01 Aren't they cute kids? Yes. I love the puppies,
11:07 what kind are they? They are called Chihuas
11:11 and in Mexico they are called Chihuahua,
11:13 Chihuahua, Chihuahua. Do you think we could say
11:16 that Chihuahua. Lets try one more time Chihuahua.
11:25 Oh I like that, that's fun. May I hold one?
11:30 Let me show you how first? Okay,
11:32 there are two proper ways to hold the Chihuahua,
11:35 that way you don't drop them.
11:36 One is like this; you make sure you have
11:38 your index finger in between their chest and
11:40 their tummy. And then the other you still
11:45 hold them like this but you have them over
11:46 to the side and your one hand
11:48 under their butts, they don't fall.
11:50 Oh so you wanna be real gentle Kerry?
11:53 Oh yes, as they get older they can squirm,
11:55 and its easy to drop him. Oh don't wanna drop him,
11:58 do we kids? As when they are little,
11:59 then we have to treat them special, right?
12:03 Yes, that's very good. Good job Tyler.
12:06 I love baby animals they are so cute.
12:09 Well how big do they get Kerry these puppies?
12:12 They get 2 to 10 pounds when
12:13 they are full grown. Oh wow.
12:18 What's your favorite baby animal?
12:20 Dogs, puppies, puppies. You like horses, puppies.
12:25 You like puppies, kittens. You like kittens.
12:30 I'm so glad that Jesus made so many special
12:33 little babies for us to enjoy, yes.
12:36 Are they born with teeth Kerry? No
12:39 they are not, like humans they never had teeth.
12:42 Wow! Do they like to drink milk?
12:46 Oh yes they love milk. So, when they get older
12:49 then they get their teeth? Oh that is this
12:52 little guys have their teeth now. Oh they do,
12:55 and they are sharp. They are sharp,
12:58 what's their names Kerry, do have a name?
13:00 Alright, a couple of them have nick names
13:02 we don't really name them because
13:04 we don't necessary keep them.
13:05 This one that I'm holding here we call her Twobits,
13:09 Twobits. And the one that she has
13:11 we call him Tiny Tim. Kerry has Tiny Tim ha.
13:16 But, the funny thing is he is actually the biggest
13:18 out of the whole family. And you call him Tiny Tim.
13:20 And this one is the smallest. Does any of you,
13:25 do you kids have puppies at home?
13:28 I do, yeah. You do, I have a big puppy.
13:32 You have a big puppy, how do you
13:35 take care of your puppy Marissa?
13:38 We wash her every, well no, we haven't been
13:41 washing her, but we have to wash her now.
13:44 You try to keep her clean? Yes and as she
13:46 is a house dog, we have to keep her bed clean,
13:48 keep her bed clean. Oh that's important and
13:52 feed her and give her lots of love, yes.
13:55 He can sit in your lap even though
13:57 he is full grown St. Bernard.
14:02 A 100 something pounds, a 100 pounds.
14:07 I don't think these dogs will get like that.
14:08 No I don't think so. Do you think your puppies
14:12 would like us to sing to him? They love music.
14:15 Oh they love music good.
14:17 Oh, alright, let's sing our song okay.
14:18 Lets do, lets sing to the puppies,
14:19 lets sing our song.
14:23 I like to go to the barn where the cows moo, moo,
14:27 I like to go to the barn
14:28 where the ducks quack, quack,
14:31 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn,
14:35 I like to go to the barn, And learn of Jesus.
14:41 Oh Kerry thank you so much for sharing
14:43 your puppies with us today.
14:44 That's right this is fun, can you put the puppies
14:46 back on the mat, and we are gonna
14:48 say goodbye. Can you say goodbye Kerry?
14:52 Goodbye Kerry, thanks for coming,
14:55 goodbye Farmer Danny, thank you.
14:57 Thanks for coming by children.
14:58 Goodbye puppies', bye.
15:03 Vince honey, honey you must waken up,
15:06 the tiny tots will be here in little while.
15:08 I'm so tired today. I know you need
15:10 to rest honey. You need to take a day off
15:13 and rest. But, you remember the tiny tots
15:16 will be here in a little while honey.
15:17 I am tired, but, I want to see the tiny tots.
15:22 Oh that's sound like them now
15:24 I think it's the tiny tots, I hope so.
15:30 Yeah the tiny tots are here.
15:33 Thank you for coming. They are always
15:35 so excited to come and see you.
15:37 Hi Auntie Linda. I have some popcorn
15:42 they are good and healthy.
15:45 Okay, thank you. We made them in
15:47 Miss Cinda's kitchen, thank you
15:49 and she made it healthy caramel corn for you.
15:52 Thank you very, very much. How are you
15:54 feeling today? I'm little tired.
15:56 You are tired. He needs to rest,
15:59 well he needs to take a day off and just rest.
16:02 Well that's what we've been talking about
16:04 on the Tiny Tot farm today. We've been
16:06 talking about how God put a special day aside
16:11 just to rest, isn't that wonderful? That's
16:13 wonderful. Tyler can you share our memory verse?
16:16 Exodus 20:8 says, Remember the
16:21 Sabbath day, to keep it holy. That's right,
16:25 can I sing a song? Okay Emma that would be
16:29 really nice. And Emma we would love
16:32 to hear you sing. Lets sing.
16:36 You shall keep my Sabbath and
16:40 reverence my sanctuary: I am the Lord.
16:47 You shall keep my Sabbath and
16:50 reverence my sanctuary: I am the Lord.
16:57 Leviticus 27:30, 26:2 that was very good,
17:06 26:2, that's right, good girl.
17:11 You shall keep my Sabbath and
17:14 reverence my sanctuary: I am the Lord.
17:21 You shall keep my Sabbath and
17:25 reverence my sanctuary: I am the Lord.
17:30 Leviticus 27:30, 26:2 very good Emma 26:2,
17:39 very good, good girl, good job.
17:42 Tyler and Tabitha have a special song
17:44 for you now. Don't forget the Sabbath,
17:50 The Lord our God hath blest,
17:53 Of all the week the brightest,
17:56 Of all the week the best;
17:59 It brings repose from labor,
18:02 It tells of joy divine, Its beams of
18:06 light descending, With heav'nly beauty shine.
18:11 Welcome, welcome, ever welcome,
18:15 Blessed Sabbath day, Welcome, welcome,
18:20 ever welcome, Blessed Sabbath day.
18:24 Oh thank you, thank you Tyler,
18:28 and Tabitha thank you. I have something
18:33 to share with you. Oh I can't wait here
18:36 what you have to share. She has a surprise.
18:58 O Lord, our Lord How majestic is Your name
19:03 in all the earth. O Lord, our Lord
19:07 How majestic is Your name in all the earth.
19:11 O Lord, we praise Your name!
19:17 O Lord, we magnify Your name;
19:23 Prince of Peace, Mighty God, O Lord God Almighty
19:38 O Lord, our Lord How majestic is Your name
19:43 in all the earth. O Lord, our Lord
19:47 How majestic is Your name in all the earth.
19:50 O Lord, we praise Your name!
19:57 O Lord, we magnify Your name;
20:02 Prince of Peace, Mighty God,
20:05 O Lord God Almighty, Almighty.
20:21 Amen, it's very good, thank you
20:27 very good Muriel. Thank you Muriel.
20:28 You see Sabbath is not a just a rest day,
20:31 it's also a day to worship
20:33 our great and awesome God.
20:35 That's sounds like a special day.
20:40 It is a special day Mr. Vince. That's right;
20:45 would it be alright if Tyler
20:48 had a special prayer for you? Sure, oh that
20:51 would be wonderful. Alright lets fold
20:52 our hands, and close our eyes, we talk to Jesus.
20:55 Dear Jesus please help us to remember
21:00 the Sabbath and keep it holy,
21:02 in Jesus name amen, amen.
21:06 Well it was so good to see you, yes.
21:09 But, we have a lot to do,
21:10 so come run. Yes good to see you
21:11 thank you for coming today.
21:12 Bye, bye, bye love you all kids.
21:21 Oh that is so cute. Shall we go for a walk
21:28 today, to see what God has given?
21:32 I know they are so cute. Hi guys what do
21:36 you guys have? We were walking
21:38 in the woods, we were trying to meet you
21:40 and we found some kittens. Okay well
21:43 let's sit down so I can see all of them,
21:45 sit down. They were crying.
21:47 Oh they were crying, they were crying.
21:53 And I think they are scared.
21:55 Well Carol thinks they are scared.
21:57 Just sit right here, so I can see.
21:58 Carol thinks they are scared.
21:59 Do you think they are scared.
22:01 Oh their mommy gives them food,
22:04 there are so little I think they were
22:05 drinking milk from their mommy.
22:07 Where did you find them? We just found them
22:10 down there in the woods. Oh you know sometimes
22:14 things happen to mommies and daddies
22:16 and an animal could have got them,
22:18 or maybe they just got lost.
22:20 You know maybe they wandered of playing
22:22 and couldn't find mommy and daddy.
22:23 Do you know what I can take them home
22:27 and take care of them and then we will find,
22:30 I'll find them a good home when
22:32 they get big enough to go. Oh would that be a
22:33 good thing? Yeah. It that be good?
22:35 Yeah, alright. My kitty is giving me a
22:38 high five. Her kitty is giving her high five.
22:43 Joe can she hold the kitty? Sure,
22:47 would you like to hold the kitty?
22:48 Oops, the kitty is holding on
22:52 to your jacket. Yeah, I guess Milo does
22:55 love me. I think Milo you named him
22:57 already maybe Milo does love him.
22:59 I name my little kitten, what did you name him?
23:05 I named her Beauty, Beauty.
23:09 And I named mine Milo. Milo, that's a
23:13 good name. Did you named yours?
23:15 I named Princess Jasmine. That's a
23:20 good name too. Oh you know I'm so glad
23:23 that Jesus made all these wonderful things
23:26 for us to enjoy and to take care of
23:28 sometimes too, me too.
23:35 I love singing time Auntie Linda.
23:38 Oh I do too. And I love God's word,
23:44 we have a special verse today, okay what is it?
23:47 It's found in Exodus 20 verse 8,
23:50 Exodus 20 verse 8. Remember the
23:55 Sabbath day, Remember the Sabbath day,
23:59 to keep it holy. That's right, to keep it holy,
24:04 good job. We are gonna sing a song
24:07 about the Sabbath right now.
24:09 Sabbath is the happy day, happy day,
24:14 happy day Sabbath is the happy day
24:19 I love every Sabbath. What do you like about
24:25 the Sabbath? Me, oh I love that we
24:28 get to go to church, yes and we get to worship.
24:31 I needed to go to Sabbath school.
24:35 Sabbath school I like that too.
24:37 And have a nature walk, a nature walk.
24:40 Lets sing it again, clap your hands.
24:44 Sabbath is the happy day, happy day,
24:49 happy day Sabbath is the
24:53 happy day I love every Sabbath.
24:58 And Sabbath is the day that the Lord
25:01 gave for us, so we are gonna sing a song
25:03 about that, okay. This is the day
25:05 the Sabbath day, okay. This is the day,
25:10 the Sabbath day. That the Lord has made,
25:15 that the Lord has made I will rejoice,
25:19 I will rejoice And be glad in it,
25:23 and be glad in it. This is the day
25:28 That the Lord had made I will rejoice
25:32 and be glad in it This is the day,
25:37 the Sabbath day That the Lord had made.
25:44 Oh I love that song. We are gonna sing it
25:45 one more time, and will swing
25:47 our little legs, okay. Here we go,
25:49 want to hold on to it, its one for you,
25:52 and one for you, okay. This is the day,
25:56 the Sabbath day. That the Lord has made,
26:01 that the Lord has made I will rejoice,
26:06 I will rejoice And be glad in it,
26:10 and be glad in it. This is the day
26:15 That the Lord had made I will rejoice
26:19 and be glad in it This is the day,
26:24 the Sabbath day. That the Lord had made.
26:30 Good job kids. And how many days did Jesus
26:35 make in creation? Seven, and what day
26:39 is the rest day? The Sabbath day,
26:43 we are gonna thank Jesus for that
26:45 rest day right now. I will bend my knees,
26:51 I will fold my hands, I will bow my head,
26:59 I will close my eyes and very, very quite
27:08 be while the prayer is said.
27:18 Dear Jesus, thank you for the Sabbath
27:21 in your name amen, amen. Good job,
27:26 I'm thankful for the Sabbath.
27:29 Oh that's Mr. Rooster,
27:31 that's all the time we have.
27:38 Our time together is over, so we will
27:42 have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:47 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:53 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 we're God's girls and boys.
28:10 We live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy, we're cloudy stars
28:16 of rainbow, we're shining like
28:19 the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots around
28:22 the world we're God's girls and boys.


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