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The Bible Tells Me I Can Pray To Jesus

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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:27 And dear Jesus please help the boys
00:29 and girls to get here safely
00:31 in Jesus name amen, amen.
00:33 The boys and girls are here.
00:36 They are, hi boys and girls. Sing with us.
00:40 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:47 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
00:52 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
00:55 Jesus knows your name,
00:57 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:05 Jesus is always happy to have his children here,
01:08 and we are gonna have worship and
01:10 we are gonna have so much fun.
01:11 Come on inside Auntie Linda is gonna get
01:13 the mail. Oh! We are gonna
01:16 have fun today. Alright come on.
01:19 Miss Cinda, hi Miss Cinda.
01:27 Oh! Billy Boy and I have been waiting
01:29 for you all to come inside.
01:31 Look Billy Boy, the boys and girls are here.
01:34 Look at him, hello, oh are you gonna
01:39 give him a cereal Faith. She is trying to decide
01:42 she might wanna keep it. Well maybe Mr. Wiggles
01:45 would like it, let's see if he would like it.
01:47 Mr. Wiggles might. Do you wanna cereals
01:50 Mr. Wiggles? Do you wanna cereals?
01:52 Well Mr. Wiggles we are gonna have worship now.
01:58 Let's go sit down. I love worship.
02:00 Oh me too. Oh I love worship too.
02:03 Alright Faith you can sit right there,
02:05 and Miss Emma you can come over
02:07 and sit with me, okay. Tyler will you hand
02:11 Auntie Linda right there,
02:13 hand Auntie Linda her mail.
02:15 Oh I love letters. Oh I do too, and this one
02:19 is from Ohio, Ohio. It's a long way.
02:25 Yes, that's Ohio and let's see,
02:27 it's from Alyssa, I'm two years old and
02:33 grandpa is writing this for me.
02:35 I love Jesus. Oh I love Jesus too Alyssa.
02:41 I read the rest of my mail later.
02:43 Alright let's tell Billy Boy that
02:46 he can ring the worship bell, okay.
02:48 Billy Boy you can ring the worship bell.
02:53 And boys and girls sing along with us okay.
02:58 Worship bells are sweet calling us
03:02 to me with our best friend Jesus
03:07 come and worship here Jesus will be near
03:11 smiling when he sees us.
03:16 Jesus always smiles when he sees his children.
03:19 Alright, Miss Cinda is gonna hand me my Bible,
03:23 this is who's book? Jesus, Jesus, its Jesus book
03:28 and our memory verse is found in Psalms 55:17,
03:33 Psalms 55:17: Evening, and morning,
03:39 and at noon, evening, and morning,
03:42 and at noon, I'll pray, I'll pray.
03:49 When we pray what does it mean when we pray?
03:53 We talk to God. That's right, very good Kerry.
03:57 Alright Miss Cinda can you hand me our
03:59 story book. Oh I love stories.
04:01 I do too, and we have a very, very
04:05 special story. I like that. You like the story?
04:09 Alright Noah was a friend of God
04:12 and he prayed in the morning and at noon,
04:15 and at noon, and at night, and at night,
04:18 and God told him because all the
04:22 people were so bad, he was gonna need
04:24 to build a big Ark as all the people that
04:27 love Jesus would go in the big boat.
04:29 So, can you help him build?
04:30 We're building; let's build an Ark,
04:32 build, build, build. They worked so hard
04:35 and when it was all done, God told him
04:38 that it was the time for the animals to come in.
04:40 The giraffes went in, monkey, and the
04:43 monkeys went in, and the lions, elephants,
04:46 yes the elephants and the lions and the tigers,
04:49 turtles, and the turtles.
04:51 Yes they all went in, and then the boat
04:53 began to rock, oh rock and the rain came,
04:57 but, the angels were watching over them.
05:00 And they shut the door. Yes and they shut the
05:03 door and the animals were happy,
05:06 and they never got wet. And they didn't
05:09 get wet, and then what do you think happened?
05:12 The flood went away. The flood went away,
05:16 and it was dry ground, and the angle opened
05:19 the door and the animals came out.
05:21 And then Noah prayed to God
05:27 and he heard him and he said,
05:29 God send a rainbow in the sky as a
05:32 special promise to all these children.
05:34 I wish I see the Ark. Yes I love rainbows,
05:39 I do too, me too, they are beautiful.
05:41 I love them too. It's still on the hill there,
05:44 yes, went down. Tyler will you pray for us?
05:47 You have a special prayer, okay.
05:49 Let's fold our hands and
05:51 close our eyes boys and girls.
05:52 Dear Jesus thank you that you gave
05:55 us prayer, and thank you for answering
05:58 our prayers. We love you Jesus, amen, amen.
06:03 Boys and girls I love worship, don't you?
06:07 Me too, I do too.
06:15 I was praying for pancakes here they are.
06:18 Oh I'm so glad you like my surprise Tyler,
06:22 that's right. I wanted to have a special snack
06:25 for all of you. So, I made you pancakes, yeah.
06:30 And Jesus loves to answer our prayers,
06:32 yes he does. You want some pancake too?
06:37 Okay, you know what, let's put one on our
06:40 plate and before we eat this pancake,
06:43 what should we do? Pray, pray that's right.
06:47 Why do we thank Jesus before we eat?
06:50 Because we want him to bless our food.
06:53 That's right, and we want to tell Jesus,
06:56 thank you for a good food.
06:57 That's right, to nourish our body. That's right
07:01 who would like to say a prayer for us?
07:03 Me, okay let's have Tabitha go first,
07:06 and then Kerry, and then Tyler.
07:09 Can we fold our hands Miss. Faith,
07:11 and let's have a prayer.
07:12 Alright okay, alright okay, Tabitha.
07:17 Dear Jesus please help this
07:19 pancakes in Jesus name, amen.
07:22 Dear Father thank you for this good day,
07:26 thank you for this good food,
07:28 help my family and thanks, and amen.
07:31 Dear Jesus thank you that I can be a
07:36 Tiny Tots today and please help this food
07:39 to nourish our bodies in Jesus name, amen, amen.
07:44 Okay we have some soy margarine
07:46 and you can put some soy margarine on your
07:49 pancakes, and then we have some little
07:52 honey bears, and you can drizzle some honey
07:54 on your pancake, and then you can roll
07:57 them up. I'm so sorry Tabitha, let me get
08:01 you a pancake; let's find you a nice big one,
08:04 since you had to wait so long, there you go.
08:08 Miss. Faith would you like to put some,
08:10 oh she has got it. And then you can squeeze
08:15 it on and then you want me to show you how
08:18 to roll it up? Do you want me to roll
08:20 Miss. Kerry so Tabitha can have some too?
08:23 Boys and girls you can get your mommies
08:25 and daddies to help you make this at home,
08:27 and then we will roll it, this is a yummy snack.
08:29 We will put this on, you wanna put some
08:30 honey in, would help me. Oh and then drizzle
08:33 some honey on it, alright, and then you can roll
08:36 them up, and then you can taste it.
08:40 Oh Tyler is almost ready to roll his up,
08:42 roll it all up.
08:45 Woh! That looks good, yes and oh Kerry
08:50 you've got yours almost ready to go, alright.
08:52 Okay now that's probably enough, okay now roll
08:55 it up and then take a bite and
08:58 see if you like it. Tabitha you're ready
08:59 to do yours? Faith likes hers. Faith is that yummy?
09:05 He is eating it. Oh! Alright you wanna roll
09:09 yourself Tyler. Tabitha are you ready
09:10 to roll yours? Yeah, okay, I will put some
09:12 honey on it. Oh! Wow,
09:17 oh what you kids think of the snack? Is it good?
09:24 It's okay if I make a mess.
09:26 You don't, no because Miss Cinda says,
09:29 it's okay to make a mess in the kitchen
09:30 isn't it? That's right.
09:33 Miss Kerry do you like yours? Is it yummy?
09:39 And Tabitha need some on hers.
09:40 Oh Tabitha you want me to help you?
09:42 Okay, are you ready, okay try now,
09:45 roll yours up and let's try yours Tabitha,
09:48 roll it? Alright, doesn't this is make
09:53 a nice snack. Okay take a big bite
09:56 and see what you think?
10:03 Is it good, oh I'm so glad you all came to
10:07 the kitchen today? Are you guys glad you came
10:09 to the kitchen today? Yes, boys and girls
10:14 anytime you can be in the kitchen, its fun.
10:24 Farmer Donny, hi kids. Oh! I am glad
10:27 that you made it today.
10:28 Farmer Donny what do you have?
10:29 Farmer Donny has this donkey today,
10:33 yes Lady Eeyore, Lady Eeyore,
10:36 isn't she beautiful? Yeah who wants to ride
10:38 Lady Eeyore? I want, oh Tabitha you wanna ride.
10:42 You wanna brush her too.
10:43 Okay, up you go right there.
10:45 I wanna hold the rope. Okay, you wanna hold
10:48 the rope for Farmer Donny.
10:50 Faith said she wants to ride.
10:52 Faith okay, alright here we go I'm gonna put
10:55 you right in front of Tabitha, right.
10:58 Oh there you go, you can jump down
11:00 and get its right there.
11:02 Jesus rode a donkey too, did He Auntie Linda?
11:04 Oh! Yes he did. This is a nice donkey.
11:10 You know what she loves to eat carrots,
11:12 Andrew you wanna feed her a carrot?
11:15 She likes carrot. I've got one right here,
11:17 see if Lady eat it, alright try that,
11:20 there you go. Oh yeah, I think
11:25 Lady Eeyore likes carrots.
11:33 Andrew I tell you what, if you wanna ride
11:35 Lady Eeyore you came around here
11:37 and I'm gonna let Faith brush Lady Eeyore face,
11:42 how about that Faith come on here honey.
11:45 You wanna help feed the carrot?
11:47 I think we gonna need a bigger carrot.
11:49 I want too. You wanna a bigger carrot too.
11:50 I want to feed her. Yeah, I've got a brush
11:53 for you there you go can you brush her, Faith,
11:56 oh isn't that sweet. Give me Farmer Donny.
11:59 Carrots are good for you, do you guys like
12:01 to eat carrots? Who likes carrots? I love carrots,
12:04 I love carrots, what about you Tabitha?
12:06 Lady Eeyore seems to like them too.
12:08 I want to give him one. Oh you wanna feed
12:12 him too, this one. Oh you do, okay already
12:15 eating carrot right here so, oh wow.
12:21 Alright well we go over on this side and brush.
12:24 Alright, alright, and there you go,
12:27 alright they loves carrot don't you?
12:29 Andrew did you wanna ride too?
12:31 There you go, You too, alright swing your
12:34 leg over. Huu, Hang on Tabitha,
12:40 you wanna ride too? you wanna ride too?
12:42 Alright, Eeyore can carry a lot of weight.
12:48 She is strong, oh yes. Here you wanna brush
12:52 her, honey? No thank you. Oh I love to brush.
12:55 Who rode a donkey in the Bible?
12:58 Jesus, Jesus and Mary, Jesus' mother rode it
13:01 yeah. A donkey too, yeah there you go.
13:06 Remember little donkey that
13:08 clip clop to Bethlehem, yes.
13:14 I have a story, you have a story,
13:17 yeah I have a story. Do you know that story?
13:20 Alright did you like the story of baby Jesus?
13:25 What other animals were in the barn?
13:26 Sheep, sheep, alright, horses, horses.
13:33 Do you think Lady Eeyore would like our song?
13:36 Yes, I know she would. You help me sing
13:39 this song. Let's sing our song.
13:40 Alright let's sing our song.
13:45 I like to go to the barn where the cows moo, moo,
13:49 I like to go to the barn
13:51 where the ducks quack, quack,
13:53 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn,
13:57 I like to go to the barn, And learn of Jesus.
14:03 I think she like that.
14:04 Lady Eeyore you are special.
14:08 Bye, bye Lady Eeyore, okay, you come back
14:10 to see Farmer Donny, can you say good bye
14:11 to Lady Eeyore, there you go,
14:12 can you say bye-bye. Bye, bye, come on Emma,
14:17 alright, okay, come back soon.
14:20 We'll come again sometime bye-bye, bye now.
14:34 Vince honey why are you continue
14:36 to pace back and forth?
14:38 It's the new calf, its have lot of problems.
14:41 I've done everything I can think off,
14:43 the vet can't help I don't know what to do?
14:46 Remember the Tiny Tots, they told us about
14:50 that come stuff that we must pray.
14:52 But, how do you pray?
14:54 Well maybe the Tiny Tots will tell us
14:57 when they come, they will.
14:59 Maybe it's they might be there, yes Tiny Tots.
15:05 Hey, Emma, Tyler. Emma, How you are doing?
15:10 Good to see you today. It's good to see you
15:13 Hey Muriel, that's a violin. Cella check violin.
15:17 Muriel yes I see that, play for us a violin
15:21 you want to to play for us today,
15:23 I have it. Thank you.
15:25 She has been learning and she has learnt
15:28 another song. Oh wonderful,
15:30 so that will be exciting. I can't to wait hear
15:33 her play new song for us today.
15:36 Well we have been talking today on the farm
15:38 about praying to Jesus and can we share our
15:42 Bible text with you? Surely. You of course can,
15:45 Evening, and morning, and at noon,
15:50 I'll pray, Psalms 55:17. And we are learning that
15:57 we can talk to Jesus anytime and he is always
16:00 there with us. And Emma has a special little
16:03 song about a little talk with Jesus.
16:08 A little talk with Jesus makes it right, all right,
16:13 A little talk with Jesus makes it right, all right,
16:18 Praise God I always find, Praise God I always find,
16:23 A little talk with Jesus makes it right, all right
16:29 Oh thank you Emma. A little talk with Jesus
16:33 always makes everything right, all right.
16:36 That's right, good job. Well Muriel has that
16:39 special that you've been waiting for.
18:42 Yeah, thank you Muriel, this was very beautiful,
18:45 thank you Muriel. I have a special song.
18:49 Well we are gonna say it later okay,
18:52 because we wanna ask our neighbors that
18:54 they have anything that they would like us
18:56 to pray for. Yes my new calf has a lot of problems.
19:00 Oh it's been sick, very sick. And I told him that
19:06 the Tiny Tots would be over to show us exactly
19:09 how to pray. Oh Jesus hears our prayers
19:12 and he cares about that little calf,
19:14 yes he loves the animals, he made them.
19:16 Tyler would have a special prayer for their
19:19 little calf, Jesus loves their little calf
19:22 and he wants to help them, okay so you can
19:25 pray for it, let's fold our hands
19:27 and close our eyes.
19:30 Dear Jesus, please help their little calf to get
19:34 better and thank you that you gave us prayer,
19:38 so we can talk to you amen, amen.
19:43 Well we will be anxious to hear about little calf?
19:45 Yes, thank you for the prayer.
19:47 Oh yes and we'll just keep on praying too,
19:50 yes we will. We have to run now,
19:52 thank you Tiny Tots, thank you.
19:53 So, we have to go, thank you Auntie Linda.
19:55 Bye-bye, bye-bye good bless you,
19:58 God bless you too bye-bye, come again.
20:02 Thank you Tyler for coming, come on,
20:04 bye-bye, bye, bye-bye.
20:17 Shall we go for a walk today,
20:21 to see what God has given.
20:26 You guys there is a bunch of nut trees around here,
20:29 really yeah. Maybe we can find some nuts,
20:34 I hope so. We will have to see
20:36 there is anybody see any nuts down?
20:38 I found a nut, you found a nut. I found one,
20:43 oh look here is one, here is some more over here.
20:47 I found another one, look at all these nuts.
20:50 Oh wow isn't that wonderful that
20:54 God gives us these, yeah. God grows
20:57 everywhere for us, doesn't he?
20:59 My hands are full, yeah they aren't they?
21:03 Let's make a little pile here.
21:06 Alright, does anybody see anymore?
21:11 There is some, I found some Miss Jeanie.
21:13 There is all kinds of different nuts.
21:16 Oh Lady found what she is eating it.
21:21 It won't hurt her, she will be alright.
21:26 I wish I would brought a cracker or something,
21:28 a nutcracker, we could try this, why don't we use
21:29 that rock. Can you guys bring it that rock for me?
21:32 Oh alright, can you lift it?
21:38 Very nice to help each other.
21:43 Good job put it down here, good job.
21:47 Lady you stay there. Does anybody know
21:50 what kind of nut this is?
21:52 I know what, eat it, yeah we can eat them.
21:57 Does anybody know what it is?
21:59 Auntie Linda knows, it's a walnut.
22:02 Yes you need to know what's in my pocket,
22:05 and what is this? A hazelnut
22:10 and who knows what this is? A round nut,
22:14 it's a pecan; well I would like to taste
22:17 one of those. I want to be you know
22:18 what we only have one rock we need too,
22:20 so how about, I have a surprise.
22:23 In my pocket I brought nutcrackers for
22:27 Auntie Linda, alright. And we will both open them
22:32 and you can taste them.
22:33 Is anybody allergic to nuts?
22:36 Not me, not me, okay. Sometimes people are
22:39 allergic to nuts and it makes them sick
22:41 and I wouldn't know I will do it.
22:43 Somebody might cut their fingers.
22:44 Does anybody wanna taste this one?
22:47 Well I do, okay taste it let's crack this one
22:51 a little bit. Here is a piece,
22:55 Lady is still chewing her, you got one alright.
22:58 Would you like a piece of this one? Can I eat it?
23:00 Yes you can try it. Alright, isn't that
23:03 wonderful that God gave us this food
23:05 and we can just feed, very good Miss Jeanie oh yes.
23:08 Okay, well let's crack open another one,
23:11 let's try one of these, let's try pecan.
23:13 I want to try one of these.
23:15 Let's see okay you guys you know I'm so thankful
23:19 that God gave us all these wonderful
23:22 things to enjoy, me too.
23:25 We can look at them and we can even eat them.
23:36 Auntie Linda can we say our memory verse?
23:40 Yes it's found in Psalms 55, Psalms 55,
23:45 verse 17, verse 17, Evening, and morning,
23:51 Evening, and morning, and at noon, and at noon,
23:56 I will pray, I will pray.
24:02 We can talk to Jesus anytime, yes.
24:05 I talk to Jesus when I pray,
24:10 when I pray, when I pray
24:14 I talk to Jesus when I pray, and he hears me I know.
24:24 Does Jesus hears when we whisper?
24:26 Yeah, yes. We are gonna sing about that.
24:31 Whisper a prayer in the morning,
24:38 Whisper a prayer at noon,
24:44 Whisper a prayer in the evening,
24:51 So keep your heart in tune.
24:58 God answers prayer in the morning,
25:05 God answers prayer at noon,
25:12 God answers prayer in the evening,
25:19 So keep your heart in tune.
25:27 I love that song because that tells us that
25:30 it doesn't matter what time we talk to Jesus,
25:33 Jesus will always hear us, that's right.
25:35 Does Jesus hears us when we are poddy or unkind.
25:41 And we can tell Jesus that we are sorry, yes.
25:44 And what did you wanna say Lesley?
25:48 Oh that's poddy, that's a pop face isn't it?
25:52 And Jesus will hear us so we are
25:54 gonna sing a song about that.
25:56 A little talk with Jesus makes it right, all right,
26:01 A little talk with Jesus makes it right, all right,
26:07 We are poddy or unkind, Jesus does not respond
26:12 A little talk with Jesus makes it right, all right
26:19 Well let's talk to Jesus right now,
26:20 let's get down on our knees.
26:22 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
26:31 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
26:39 and very, very quite be while the prayer is said.
26:49 Dear Jesus, thank you for in your name amen.
26:53 Dear Jesus we need still listen
26:57 to your small voice, amen, amen.
26:59 Dear Jesus thank you so much that we can talk
27:03 to you in the morning when we wake up,
27:06 and we can talk to you at noon,
27:08 and at evening and in between.
27:10 You are so good and kind to us,
27:12 we love you Jesus, amen, amen.
27:18 Jesus is good and kind, yes he is.
27:21 And I love to talk to Jesus, me too.
27:26 That's Mr. Rooster, that's all the time we have.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:42 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:47 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:51 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:02 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:04 we're God's girls and boys.
28:07 We live for him around the world,
28:09 we spread love and joy,
28:12 like colors of the rainbow,
28:15 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:17 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:20 we're God's girls and boys.


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