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The Bible Tells Me God Made Our World

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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:28 Did Jesus make the flowers? Yes.
00:32 Did Jesus make the grass? Yes.
00:34 Jesus made the grass. Did Jesus make the trees?
00:36 Yes, He did. Did Jesus make the birdies?
00:39 He did. Did Jesus make the butterflies?
00:42 Oh yes He made this great big world for
00:46 all of us to enjoy. Look the boys and
00:49 girls are here, hi boys and girls.
00:53 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:59 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same.
01:04 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:07 Jesus knows your name.
01:10 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:18 Eleanor, Jesus is always happy when
01:21 He has you here too. So, you can go have
01:24 lots of fun and you can find more things
01:26 that Jesus made. Alright we have a fun worship
01:29 and Auntie Linda is gonna get the mail
01:32 and we are going in, oh come on, I can hardly wait.
01:35 Hello, how are you doing? Hi Billy Boy,
01:45 oh look Billy Boy. He's gonna sing for you listen.
01:49 Oh Billy Boy, are you happy today? Say hello,
01:52 hello. Did you know Jesus made you Billy Boy?
01:56 He does, Jesus made Billy Boy.
01:59 Oh Jesus made Mr. Wiggles too, He did.
02:04 Yes, oh hi Mr. Wiggles. Oh, look at, look at
02:10 Emma. Can you see Tabitha? Hi Mr. Wiggles,
02:16 He is Mr. Wiggles. Hi Mr. Wiggles.
02:18 Well Mr. Wiggles don't go to sleep yet
02:20 'cause we're gonna have worship.
02:22 Oh Mr. Wiggles won't go to sleep.
02:24 Mr. Wiggles loves worship, alright.
02:27 So, does Emma, yes I love worship.
02:31 I love worship too. Oh we got pillows all over
02:36 the place, don't we? We love worship yeah Emma?
02:41 I love letter time too. I like to see the pictures.
02:46 You like to see the pictures, well let's see
02:48 if we got one today. Oh, wonder who wrote?
02:51 Alright, let's see. Oh, my name is Marina
03:00 and I live in Alaska. Oh. Alaska that's a long
03:06 way away. And her brother Trevor and
03:10 her loved Jesus and they like to sing praises
03:14 to Him. Oh we love Jesus too don't we? Yes.
03:18 And Jesus loves you too, because you are special
03:21 to Him. Alright. Shall we ask Billy Boy to ring
03:25 the worship bell? Yes. Let's tell him.
03:27 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
03:32 Boys and girls sing along with us.
03:37 Worship bells are sweet, calling us
03:40 to meet with our best friend Jesus
03:45 Come and worship here,
03:47 Jesus will be near smiling when He sees us.
03:55 And Jesus does smile when He sees us,
03:57 yes he does. Well we have a special letter
04:02 from Jesus and this is my favorite letter.
04:05 It's the Bible. It's the Bible,
04:07 that's right Miss Cinda. Jesus' letter,
04:10 that's right, yes it is. Genesis 1:1,
04:14 Genesis 1:1, in the beginning,
04:19 in the beginning, God created, God created,
04:24 the heavens and the earth, the heavens
04:28 and the earth. Oh that was really good,
04:32 alright. We have a special story today boys
04:36 and girls and I know you're gonna love
04:38 this story. God made our world and He made
04:43 light first, what did He make next? The air.
04:46 The fluffy clouds and air that helps us breathe.
04:52 And on the third day God made green grass and
04:57 trees, and what else did he make? Adam and Eve.
05:00 Not on the third day. Fruit. Fruit,
05:03 what kind of food do you like? Apple,
05:05 you like apples, oranges, oranges.
05:08 Do you like bananas? He made all kids of fruit.
05:12 And He made the flowers. I like apples,
05:16 you like apples. And He made green grass
05:19 and trees to climb. Do you like to climb trees?
05:22 Yes. We can climb trees and at night He made
05:26 something on the fourth day, the sun,
05:29 moon and stars, and the moon and the stars.
05:32 Oh and on the fifth day He made something
05:34 that flies in the air. The birds and He made
05:38 something in that swims in the water?
05:40 Fishies. Fishies. The crab is trying to get.
05:44 Yes He made all kinds of things,
05:46 and on the sixth day He made something
05:50 that went doggy. He made the animals.
05:55 He made the animals, all kinds of animals
05:57 and what else did he make? Horsy.
05:59 And horses. And what other kind?
06:01 What else did He make? The cows, the cows.
06:04 The giraffes and the giraffes. Adam and Eve.
06:08 And He made Adam and Eve. The first mommy
06:10 and daddy. Oh and then He made on the
06:14 Sabbath day, on the Sabbath day He rested.
06:17 He made so many wonderful things for us.
06:20 I'm so thankful that Jesus made a wonderful world.
06:24 I like horsey, you like horsey.
06:26 Well we are gonna have a prayer,
06:27 Emma can you pray and boys and girls
06:29 fold your hands and close our eyes and bow
06:32 your head and Emma is gonna pray.
06:35 Dear Jesus thank you for this world,
06:41 I love you Jesus, amen, amen.
06:45 I love worship boys and girls don't you, yeah.
06:54 Miss Cinda what are we making today?
06:58 Oh Miss Emma, we are gonna make a
07:01 pretty picture. Today we're talking about
07:03 creation and all the wonderful things that
07:06 Jesus made for us. Can you boys and girls
07:09 tell me some things Jesus made for us?
07:11 What's on this picture? Oh let me give you a
07:16 little hint. This little animal right here
07:20 sounds like this, see if you can guess, bow, bow.
07:26 A doggy, and this animal says meow, meow cat,
07:33 cat yes. Oh and this animal well it's not a,
07:40 and this is a beautiful insect and it goes
07:44 like this very softly what's that? A butterfly.
07:50 A butterfly. That's right. And look at all
07:53 the pretty colors on the butterfly.
07:55 And Faith, what's this? Is that a flower?
08:00 Yes. And a turtle and He likes to hide.
08:07 I have one turtle, you have a little turtle too.
08:11 Emma, do you have a turtle? Who knows what
08:18 these are, what are these right here?
08:20 Who knows what these are? The clouds,
08:24 yeah did Jesus make fluffy clouds in the sky
08:27 for us? Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh what's this?
08:31 Sometimes when I see this I have to go like this
08:35 and I have to put on sunglasses, what is this?
08:40 A sun. Yes, 'cause it's so bright? Yeah,
08:45 I have sunglasses that maybe I have to put
08:49 on when it's really, and it gets in my eyes.
08:52 It gets in our eyes and sunglasses helps.
08:54 I wiped it down my eyes. I did this, you do and,
09:00 does that help? Now you got to do this,
09:03 oh I got to do this? Yes, to save your eyes.
09:06 Okay boys and girls can you do this with the sun,
09:09 can you do this when if the sun's out, can you
09:13 do that Timothy, David? Yes.
09:15 And it's dark you don't have to do that.
09:17 Oh no not when it's dark, and then when
09:20 it's dark out in the sky what does
09:22 Jesus put in the sky for us?
09:24 Moon, that's right. A moon and something
09:27 else, what does He put out with the moon?
09:31 The stars. Yes, the stars. Oh what's this
09:37 right here? What is this right here boys
09:39 and girls? I like to play in it,
09:42 and I like to run in it what is this?
09:45 And cows like to eat it. Grass. Grass.
09:49 Let's think of some other things that
09:51 Jesus made us. Lots of pretty flowers,
09:54 who has a favorite flower? Timothy,
09:59 you do Davis, what flower? You likes
10:04 that one. What color is that? Orange.
10:08 Orange you like orange? Yeah.
10:10 Yes what color do you like Miss Emma?
10:13 I'm pink and blue. And what color is this?
10:17 Yellow and yellow is my best color.
10:22 That's your best color. What color is this faith?
10:25 Is that orange? Orange. Good, that's right
10:31 and what is this? Is this, what is that? Yellow.
10:39 She said meow that's a meow and what's this?
10:42 Dog, that's right that's a doggy.
10:47 And you have, what's this again? Clouds
10:53 that's right. Boys and girls, it's always nice
10:58 to think about all the wonderful things that
11:00 Jesus created for us and to be thankful for them.
11:04 Because Jesus really loves us and that's why
11:07 He makes everything for us Miss Cinda.
11:09 That's right exactly right. And boys and
11:13 girls, anytime you have a chance to
11:15 go in the kitchen and help with a project
11:18 or cooking remember, it's fun.
11:29 I'm so glad you kids came by to see
11:31 Farmer Donny today. I have to shell all
11:33 this corn, who wants to help me? I do, I do.
11:38 Okay, alright, thanks. How we do it?
11:42 How do we do it, well Farmer Don is gonna
11:44 show you. Now, I'll tell you what let's all
11:47 grab one corn, corn for you everybody
11:50 grab one now, one for you. Do I get one too?
11:53 Auntie Linda you can get one too.
11:55 This is going to be a lot of work;
11:56 you are gonna save me a lot of time.
11:57 Okay now to shell the corn we can do it like
12:02 this first watch Donny's fingers.
12:04 Oh Farmer Donny you can do it fast.
12:08 Oh can everybody wanna try it now?
12:10 Is this corn hard kids? Yeah, would you wanna
12:17 eat his corn like this? No, no I break my teeth.
12:22 My dad will like it. Well you know what
12:24 Farmer Donny feeds his donkeys and his
12:27 horses they just love ground a corn.
12:30 Did the cows like it too? And the cows like
12:32 the corn now, this is called field corn.
12:35 So you can eat it when it's real fresh but
12:38 after that it gets real hard, real hard.
12:41 What about the squirrels? Squirrels love corn yeah.
12:45 Can hardly keep amount the fields.
12:47 What about the deer, and then deer that's right.
12:51 How about the deer love it. Yeah,
12:54 we get those treats to deer. Yeah.
12:57 Now is everyone getting a hand on how you do this,
13:00 you know what, this is a lot work,
13:03 but you are sure making it easy for Farmer Donny,
13:05 thank you. Who made the corn? Oh that's good.
13:10 Do you know who made corn?
13:11 Who made the corn? Jesus, Jesus.
13:14 What day did He make the corn on?
13:16 Does anybody remembered the day?
13:19 Third, that's right. It was the third day. Yes,
13:23 wow what other food did He make on that day?
13:28 Fruit and vegetables. Yes, fruit and vegetables
13:31 and corn. And corn. And grass, that's right.
13:35 And flowers, and flowers, and trees,
13:38 and trees that's right, and grass.
13:43 Do you like grass Mitchell? Yeah,
13:46 I couldn't so, I could get the,
13:48 to slip out their flip flops.
13:50 On their flip flops. Well today we don't
13:53 have to do any work because we got the
13:55 sheet already. Oh yeah. That's all I got in my
13:58 jacket, doesn't take my coat. I got Barney.
14:01 It's fun. Really! For a long time it seems Joey
14:05 go for a walk today. You like that song.
14:09 It was so hot and I was kept on being outside.
14:11 Well, is this corn hurting your fingers kids.
14:14 Yeah! This is fun. Not mine.
14:17 I like being a helper. Oh yes. Oh thank you
14:21 so much. Alright! I really appreciate this.
14:23 And we are helping Jesus. That's right we
14:25 are helping Jesus, yes we. Why don't we sing
14:28 our song, I like to sing and work, do you?
14:31 Let's do, let's sing our song. Let's do.
14:36 I like to go to the barn
14:38 where the cows moo, moo,
14:41 I like to go to the barn
14:42 where the ducks quack, quack,
14:45 I like to go to the barn,
14:47 I like to go to the barn,
14:49 I like to go to the barn,
14:50 And learn of Jesus.
14:54 Hey can we say the ducks go moo, moo.
14:59 The ducks go moo, moo no they go quack,
15:01 quack don't they. Well we would like to stay
15:04 and help you but we've got
15:05 some others things to do.
15:06 Well thank you for coming by, you know
15:08 I really appreciate this, oh but this is fun,
15:10 lets put the rest in here. Let's put them back
15:12 here and Farmer Donny will finish it all,
15:13 after you all leave. Aright thank you
15:15 Farmer Donny, okay thank you children.
15:17 Come on we will see you.
15:18 Alright thank you very much now bye-bye
15:21 now come back and see Farmer Donny,
15:23 help you bye, bye now.
15:29 Vince, honey, you're in so soon.
15:31 I know but the Tiny Tots will be here shortly,
15:34 I don't wanna miss them. I've done so
15:36 much to be here shortly, yes but I thought you
15:40 would work little long in the garden.
15:42 They are here now a bit, oh Tiny Tots yes.
15:46 Come on in, how are you? Oh it's so good
15:55 to see you, how are you doing.
15:56 It's always good to see the Tiny Tots.
15:59 We made it in the kitchen.
16:00 Oh wow Tabitha you made a beautiful picture
16:04 for us. Yes, Miss Cinda had them do
16:06 something special because we were talking
16:08 about our world and how God made it.
16:11 Yes and all the beautiful animals
16:14 thank you Tabitha, thank you Tiny Tots.
16:17 And, yeah we have a Bible verse, that's right.
16:20 Genesis 1:1, In the beginning God created
16:26 the heavens and the earth. That's right.
16:30 Wonderful. We've been talking about that.
16:32 What is your favorite animal Tabitha? Birds.
16:37 Birds, wow I love birds. I guess it's in the family
16:42 God created the birds on what day?
16:44 On the fifth day didn't He? What's your favorite
16:49 animal Muriel? Fish. Oh you like that,
16:51 what was created on the fifth day.
16:54 Well does anybody have a favorite animal?
16:56 Do you have a favorite animal Asher? Yeah.
16:59 What do you like? A tiger. A tiger,
17:01 what's the tiger says? Do you know what the
17:06 tiger says? What do you like Faith?
17:12 Do you like bears? She likes bears.
17:15 Oh wow I like bears too. What's your favorite
17:18 animal Mr. Vince? I like dogs.
17:21 You like dogs, big dogs. Big dogs wow.
17:26 What about you Miss Sela. Oh I like all God's
17:31 creatures, but my favorite is the cat,
17:33 I love cats. Oh yes they are so cute aren't they?
17:37 Yes, they. We have cats at home, yes
17:41 and I do too, I have one and I have a cat.
17:44 So, must be sleeping some where, yes, yes, yes.
17:47 I don't have a cat, I have a dog.
17:50 Do you have a dog? What's his name?
17:52 Charlie, Charlie okay. Well we have some
17:58 special talent to share with you, that God has
18:01 blessed with and Tabitha is gonna
18:03 sing a song about our world.
18:06 He's got the whole world in His hands,
18:10 He's got the whole world in His hands,
18:14 He's got the whole world in His hands,
18:18 He's got the whole world in His hands.
18:21 He's got you and me neighbor in His hands,
18:25 He's got you and me neighbor in His hands,
18:29 He's got you and me neighbor in His hands.
18:33 He's got the whole world in His hands.
18:36 He's the tiny little babies in His hands,
18:40 He's got the little tiny babies in His hands,
18:44 He's got the little tiny babies in His hands,
18:48 He's got the whole world in His hands.
18:51 Yeah Tabitha. I have a song too, you do.
19:00 Really can you do it, alright.
19:08 I love to hear her play the piano, I do too,
19:10 it's such a blessing when you come over.
19:56 Sing them over again to me,
20:00 wonderful words of life;
20:05 let me more of their beauty see,
20:09 wonderful words of life;
20:13 wonderful words of life; word of life and beauty
20:20 teach me faith and duty.
20:24 Beautiful words, wonderful words,
20:29 wonderful words of life.
20:33 Beautiful words, wonderful words,
20:37 wonderful words of life.
20:43 Yeah, thank you Muriel,
20:47 I just love music, yes and that's was
20:51 beautiful Muriel. That's beautiful Muriel.
20:56 Yes, it was Asher. Yes it was.
20:59 Would it be alright if Asher had a prayer
21:01 with you? It's so good if it would be.
21:03 Alright let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
21:12 Dear Jesus, yes, and thank you for the
21:21 beautiful day we have today.
21:24 Thank you Jesus amen, amen.
21:29 Very good job, very good job, beautiful prayer.
21:32 Well thank you so much for letting us visit you.
21:35 Oh I've enjoyed it so much. Yes and we are gonna
21:37 go now, we've got some others things that
21:39 we need to hurry along, we love you.
21:42 We love you guys. Tiny Tots love you, bye-bye,
21:46 bye-bye, bye-bye isn't that fun, oh yes.
21:55 Bye-bye Tiny Tots bye-bye. Bye Auntie Linda.
21:57 That was a beautiful prayer, come again.
22:01 That was fun. Do you like the fish?
22:14 I love the water I think the water is so pretty.
22:18 Miss Jeanie, Miss Jeanie.
22:19 That's a big bug, what do you have?
22:26 It's a hissing cockroach, a hissing one.
22:31 I didn't know they made those.
22:32 Look at it, oh wow. Faith look, what does it eat?
22:40 Yeah, it eats all kinds of plants;
22:44 it's like the clean-up crew of the forest.
22:46 The clean-up crew of the forest.
22:49 The garbage collector. Ha, ha-ha.
22:52 Oh that's very funny. I'm glad we have a
22:55 garbage collector. Can you touch it.
22:58 It can really go fast, where they live?
23:05 Can it fly? They live in Madagascar. Madagascar.
23:09 And it doesn't have wings so it can't fly.
23:12 Oh it doesn't have wings. Where did he go?
23:16 I don't know where he went. There he is.
23:19 Hope he doesn't bite. Does he bite? No. Good.
23:23 He doesn't bite? No. Look at that.
23:26 It's a hard shell. Look he, what color is he
23:31 guys? He has brown, and what other colors,
23:39 I see brown, orange. Yeah.
23:42 And black, look he has little he has little
23:49 antennas, are those like feelers. Look at him.
23:56 He was kind of scary but he is not now.
24:02 You guys I'm so glad that God made all the
24:06 wonderful things for us to enjoy, me too.
24:16 Who made our wonderful world?
24:19 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Jesus made lots of
24:23 things for us, and we're
24:24 gonna sing about that.
24:25 God made our wonderful world.
24:32 God made our wonderful world.
24:36 He made the stars bright.
24:38 He made the day light.
24:40 God made our wonderful world.
24:45 Did God make the trees? Yes, yes.
24:48 Let's stand up and we are
24:51 gonna be swinging trees.
24:54 The trees are gently
24:56 swinging, swinging, swinging.
25:02 The trees are gently swinging,
25:07 showing God's great love.
25:11 The flowers are gently
25:13 nodding, nodding, nodding.
25:19 The flowers are gently
25:22 nodding showing God's great love.
25:28 The birds are swiftly
25:30 flying, flying, flying.
25:36 The birds are swiftly flying
25:40 showing God's great love.
25:44 Very good, that was good.
25:46 In the beginning God created the heaven
25:52 and the earth, yes. Genesis 1:1.
25:58 And He made the animals for us.
26:01 We're gonna sing animals, animals.
26:04 I want that bear, you want the bear.
26:06 Is this is the bear alright, alright.
26:10 Oh I did, I got the zebra, okay here we go.
26:17 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
26:23 Great big animals, little tiny animals
26:28 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
26:34 Here is an animal that I know.
26:40 I'm so glad Jesus made all the special animals,
26:44 let's kneel down and thank Him okay, okay.
26:47 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
26:56 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
27:04 and very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
27:13 Dear Jesus please, thank you for the
27:19 animals and all the kitties and puppies
27:23 and thank you for your creation,
27:25 in your name amen, amen.
27:28 That's Mr. Rooster.
27:37 Our time together is over so we will have to go.
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye remember God loves you.
27:49 Goodbye, goodbye, remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:03 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:06 we're God's girls and boys.
28:09 We live for him around the world,
28:11 we spread love and joy,
28:14 like colors of the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:19 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 we're God's girls and boys.


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