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The Bible Tells Me To Be Thankful

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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for Him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world;
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:27 Where's Kara? I don't know
00:31 she's usually on time. I am sorry I am late;
00:33 I went out to get a bone for Eleanor.
00:36 Oh Eleanor is always thankful for bones.
00:40 Oh look the boys and girls are here.
00:43 Hi boys and girls.
00:45 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:52 Jesus loves the children,
00:55 everyone the same, welcome, welcome,
00:59 you are welcome, Jesus knows your name,
01:03 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:09 Jesus is happy that you're here
01:12 and I'm happy too.
01:13 We're gonna have a fun worship,
01:15 now Eleanor you can take your bone and go play.
01:18 And Auntie Linda's gonna get the mail?
01:20 Oh we're gonna have so much fun today,
01:22 I can hardly wait. Miss Cinda.
01:27 Oh I'm so happy to see you.
01:31 And Billy Boy's been waiting for you.
01:34 Look at him; he is already singing for you.
01:37 Whistle for him Carrie.
01:39 Good whistle good.
01:45 Oh look at Billy Boy likes that,
01:46 can you whistle? Kara,
01:48 can you whistle?
01:49 I am thankful for Billy Boy.
01:52 She is trying. And I'm thankful Mr. Wiggles too
01:55 Oh Mr. Wiggles has been waiting for you too,
01:58 shall we say hi to Mr. Wiggles?
01:59 Oh. Hi Mr. Wiggles. Look,
02:06 oh look at Mr. Wiggles.
02:08 He's just contentious can be,
02:12 here Tierra, you wanna.
02:14 He's cute. Isn't he cute?
02:18 Oh. Well Mr. Wiggles,
02:22 its time for our worship.
02:25 Oh Mr. Wiggles loves worship, so do I.
02:30 I do too Who else loves to worship?
02:32 I love it. Timothy David you love worship too.
02:38 Oh goodness. Let's get up here.
02:41 I love it because this the mail time.
02:43 Oh. Let me see, I love letters.
02:45 I have a letter all the way from Australia.
02:50 Oh that's a far, far place away,
02:53 isn't it? Yes. Oh I love letters.
02:55 Oh. Let's see who it is. She's pretty.
03:00 Oh Talitha. And she says that
03:04 she loves Jesus very much.
03:08 Oh! Talitha, I love Jesus very much too.
03:13 Talitha I do too. Talitha. I do too.
03:16 Oh we have another one and this one
03:18 is from Florida. Has anybody ever
03:21 been to Florida? I have. You have.
03:24 I have. Alright. That's right. Okay. Alright
03:31 This is from Shiane and she says
03:34 dear Auntie Linda I share Jesus everyday,
03:40 I love Jesus. Oh. I love Jesus too.
03:47 I love too. We're gonna spend some time
03:50 right now with Jesus.
03:51 It's time to ring our worship bell,
03:53 so let's ask Billy Boy.
03:55 Billy Boy you can ring our worship bell.
04:00 We sing along boys and girls, okay.
04:07 Worship bells are sweet calling us to me
04:11 with our best friend Jesus,
04:15 Come and worship Him Jesus will be near
04:19 smiling when He sees us.
04:25 And Jesus is always smiling when He sees
04:28 His children together.
04:29 Can you hand me a very special book?
04:32 This is a love letter from, Jesus, Jesus.
04:38 And I love letters,
04:39 this is my favorite letter and the Bible
04:42 tells me to be thankful.
04:45 Can you say that together?
04:47 The Bible tells me to be thankful.
04:52 Now we're gonna read a memory verse
04:54 and you boys and girls can learn it too.
04:56 Psalms 100:4, Psalms 100:4.
05:02 Psalms 100 and verse 4.
05:05 Be thankful to Him, Be thankful to Him,
05:10 and bless His name, and bless His name.
05:15 I have so many things to be thankful for.
05:19 And one thing that I am so thankful for
05:23 is that I have lots and lots of squirrels
05:26 that come riding up on my back porch.
05:29 And they come and they knock on my screen.
05:32 They climb on my screen door and
05:35 they just claw it and,
05:37 it looks like a knocking.
05:38 And I throw peanuts out there
05:40 and the little squirrels come and they get
05:42 the peanuts and they eat them.
05:43 And I say, Jesus,
05:45 I'm thankful for the animals,
05:47 thank you so much.
05:49 Is there something that your thankful for?
05:52 Anybody thankful for something?
05:55 An apple. Oh Venus is thankful for a fruit.
06:00 A Tiny Tots shirt.
06:02 And I'm thankful for the Tiny Tots.
06:06 I am too. Kara what are you thankful for?
06:08 My mommy and daddy.
06:11 Oh. Timothy David what are you thankful for?
06:15 My mommy.
06:16 I'm thankful that Jesus loves us so much,
06:22 He always does so many special things for us
06:25 and I'm thankful that He gave me His Bible.
06:29 The Holy word. I love you. Oh I love you too.
06:32 Well we're gonna ask Venus if she will have a
06:35 special thank you prayer for us.
06:37 So boys and girls if you could fold your hands
06:39 and close your eyes,
06:40 you can pray with us too.
06:42 We're gonna talk to Jesus.
06:43 Dear Father, thank you for apples
06:48 and my family and my grandma and grandpa,
06:51 and my cousins and thank you for everything that
06:54 you made for us to see and amen. Amen.
06:59 I love worship, don't you? Me too.
07:03 Fun In The Kitchen.
07:09 Miss Cinda, I'm glad that you guys
07:13 come to the kitchen today.
07:14 Thank you for letting us come to the kitchen
07:17 to help you make this.
07:18 Oh you're welcome, I love having all you.
07:21 Thanking for letting us come to the kitchen.
07:24 Oh you're welcome;
07:26 I love it when you kids come to the kitchen.
07:29 I am thankful too Ms. Cinda,
07:30 you do so many wonderful things for us
07:33 and I just love you, you're so special.
07:36 Oh boys and girls,
07:37 today we're talking about being thankful.
07:40 And I have something special to help us
07:44 remember all the things we're thankful for.
07:46 We're making trees of thanks.
07:50 I took some Styrofoam and you can just take
07:53 paper if you want and cut it out like a tree,
07:56 look at this, isn't that pretty and,
07:59 oh that's beautiful, on each of leaves,
08:01 and this is for Jesus.
08:02 Oh look and look what we have right on our tree,
08:06 Jesus. I cut out pictures and I
08:09 put them on different shapes of leaves
08:11 and on the pictures are things
08:14 we're thankful for. Boys and girls,
08:16 what are some of the pictures are?
08:17 Fruits and vegetables. Oh yeah.
08:21 Who's thankful for fruit?
08:23 I am, I am, me too.
08:28 What's on another picture?
08:29 A house. Oh, I love my home.
08:35 Who's thankful for that house?
08:36 Or who would rather just sleep on the ground?
08:39 No one. No. But camping is fun.
08:45 Oh well that's true.
08:46 What's on another picture?
08:49 A box of toys.
08:52 Oh are you thankful for your toys?
08:55 Do you play with toys Emma?
08:57 Yeah my toys. I have an airplane toy.
09:02 You have an airplane?
09:03 Does it sound, does it go like this?
09:05 No, not really like that.
09:13 It doesn't. Does it sound like this?
09:16 No, it's not a car, is it?
09:21 What does it sound like?
09:23 It just sounds like an airplane
09:26 but we have to go down,
09:27 in order to bring a flight.
09:29 A helicopter, it sounds like a helicopter.
09:31 Oh does it sound like a helicopter?
09:32 Timothy David, what are you thankful for?
09:36 My two airplanes. You're thankful for, Oh.
09:42 What else can we be thankful for? Jesus.
09:47 Jesus, that's right.
09:48 Tell me a story about something.
09:50 Are you thankful for stories?
09:53 Timothy, tell us a story about your cat.
09:57 Oh do you have a kitty, you do,
09:59 what's your kitty's name?
10:01 Puff Puff, Puff Puff.
10:04 Let me just say, does your
10:05 kitty sound like this? Woof! Woof! Woof!
10:07 No. No. Meow, meow,
10:10 okay does it sound like that? Meow.
10:13 Tell me what your kitty sounds like?
10:15 When we first got it, it was so hungry,
10:20 it was doing, meow, meow.
10:23 Oh and did you feed it. Yes, did.
10:26 This woman just gave us box of cat food.
10:32 Oh I bet his kitty was happy.
10:36 And this baby was,
10:38 actually a cat jumps into our car and then
10:43 mommy shows us, I guess,
10:48 I guess I'm gonna take it, shall we?
10:55 Daddy just drive all the way down the hill,
11:00 on the way to go to his new house
11:04 and just part it into a Bob,
11:08 brought cat food in there and then just.
11:16 And you know what?
11:18 I think your kitty is probably very happy
11:20 for the home you're giving him.
11:22 Yes, it's right. Emma,
11:24 what else are you happy for? The trees.
11:28 She is thankful for the trees,
11:30 and I love how they sway.
11:31 You like this,
11:33 what else are you thankful for Joanne then?
11:34 My grandparents. Oh grandma and grandpas
11:41 are really fun aren't they? Taylor,
11:44 what else are you thankful for?
11:45 I'm thankful for my friends.
11:49 Oh. I'm thankful for my friends too.
11:52 My friend is Kendall. Oh and you know what
11:57 Timothy David what I am thankful for?
11:59 I am thankful for songs because you're singing
12:01 and it sounds so pretty. Yes.
12:04 'Cause we can sing when we're happy.
12:06 We're always happy when we count our blessings
12:10 and we're thankful.
12:11 I am thankful for my kitty.
12:12 Oh does your kitty sound like this?
12:15 Woof! Woof! No. Meow. No.
12:22 We've had so much fun today,
12:27 it's always fun when you just stop
12:30 and think about all the things you're thankful
12:32 for that Jesus has given us.
12:34 And boys and girls,
12:36 I hope you take the time to have fun
12:38 in the kitchen. Let's Go To The Barn.
12:45 Hey, that ought to be enough dirt
12:48 to plant our flowers Emma.
12:50 Come on over here with Farmer Donny. Yeah,
12:54 you guys wanna plant some flowers today?
12:56 Yeah. Alright. Well let me set my soil
12:59 right there, Emma,
13:01 you sit right here by Farmer Donny.
13:03 Has anybody ever planted flowers before?
13:05 No. No, oh this is gonna be fun.
13:09 I love grass. Well I have. You have,
13:11 okay well I tell you what we're gonna
13:14 do here. Let's give everybody a pot,
13:16 Auntie Linda, can you pass that over there?
13:19 Alright. Yes you can, here's you one,
13:22 just pass those right down. Okay,
13:25 here you go, Emma here's yours right here.
13:28 Good. Now what we're gonna do children,
13:31 you see that soil in that bucket,
13:33 just reach in there with your hands
13:35 or your shovels and just fill up our pots.
13:37 What do you say? Oh how fun. Okay,
13:41 can you get your, don't, don't worry about
13:45 getting your hands dirty it's okay.
13:48 I have to do this, I don't care about dirt,
13:49 Yes. You don't care do you. Let's fill those,
13:53 oh thank you Emma. Good. Mine is full.
13:56 That's good, good, right there it.
13:58 Are we gonna grow some vegetables?
14:01 We're gonna grow some flowers today.
14:03 Some flowers. Yeah. Oh I love flowers.
14:07 Oh they're beautiful, yes.
14:08 Do you kids like flowers? Yeah, pink rose.
14:12 Pink rose, oh I like yellow flowers.
14:15 I like blue. You like blue flowers.
14:17 I like purple. Purple. Oh yes. I like purple.
14:19 And I like blue too. And orange.
14:22 Is everybody's pots full now? Yes. Okay,
14:27 you know what these are called? What?
14:30 These are called bulbs and these are going
14:33 to turn out to be beautiful flowers. Oh.
14:35 So everybody gets one to set it right on
14:37 the top of your pot first.
14:39 Mine is not full yet. Not full yet.
14:43 Oh that's kind Madeline.
14:45 Here Auntie Linda,
14:47 if you'll fill up your pot with the bulbs.
14:48 Alright very good. Can I have a bulb?
14:51 You can. You sure can.
14:52 There's one for you.
14:53 You mean this bulb here is going to
14:57 turn into a flower. A beautiful flower.
15:01 Wow. Now why don't we take our fingers,
15:03 can you take your fingers and I want you
15:06 to poke a hole all the way down
15:08 into the bottom of the pot. Take your
15:10 finger first and poke your,
15:12 make a hole. Yeah, make a hole,
15:13 can you do that? Just right in there. Oh
15:17 wow. Can you do that? I did. Did you do
15:22 that Taylor, good. Now take the bulb
15:27 like this, look at Farmer Donny, and put
15:30 it to the bottom of the pot.
15:31 Push it right in the hole. The very
15:32 bottom. To the very bottom Auntie Linda.
15:35 Wow. I did it. Yeah. Alright. I'm not done
15:40 yet Farmer Donny. Yes. See Jesus made
15:43 the soil that it has food in it for the
15:46 flowers as they're growing. What else
15:49 grows in the soil? I already got one.
15:52 Yes, do you know what else grows in soil?
15:56 Trees. Trees, what about. Flowers.
16:01 Flowers, what about tomatoes?
16:03 I'm not done yet. Oh I love tomatoes.
16:05 I do too. And corn. You have
16:08 to like, you like corn? I already have one
16:09 Farmer Donny. Farmer Donny, I already
16:12 have one Yeah,
16:13 you've already that one. You like
16:14 I like, green beans. And it's not
16:17 done. Yes I love green beans. Mine is full.
16:20 Are yours full? Oh you got to, everybody
16:23 have their bulbs planted. Yes. I'm so
16:25 happy I'd love to sing our song.
16:28 Let's sing our song kids.
16:29 Okay. Are you happy? Yes.
16:33 I like to go to the barn
16:35 where the cows moo, moo,
16:37 I like to go to the barn
16:39 where the ducks quack, quack,
16:41 I like to go to the barn,
16:43 I like to go to the barn,
16:45 I like to go to the barn,
16:47 And learn of Jesus.
16:52 Oh thank you children, you saved
16:54 Farmer Donny a lot of work. I'm gonna soil
16:55 it in and we're gonna do this. Well
16:59 yeah. Oh well now all you have to do
17:00 do is water on them. I have to water
17:02 and then they will grow and be beautiful.
17:04 Well set your buckets by Farmer Donny and
17:07 we need to get going. Thank you children.
17:08 Mine's are Okay. Thank you for
17:10 letting us help. Put your pots like this.
17:11 Thank you for coming by to see
17:13 Farmer Donny. Thank you Marline Alright,
17:17 here you go Farmer Donny. Thank you.
17:18 Thank you so much. Bye now
17:20 children. Bye bye. Come back and see
17:22 Farmer Donny. Come on Miss Emma,
17:24 she is still working. She is still working.
17:26 Thank you Emma. Thank you. Oh! Okay, Bye bye.
17:31 Bye.Tell Farmer Donnie bye bye. Bye.
17:40 Honey, it's fixed and it's ready to go.
17:42 Thank you honey, I just love it when you
17:44 fix things. You always fix
17:46 things. My pleasure, my pleasure. And this
17:47 is the perfect spot for it to go. Thank you.
17:51 I wonder who that should be. Oh Tiny Tots.
17:54 It could be, we'll see, we'll see.
17:56 Oh I can't wait. It's Tiny Tots, come on in,
18:00 come on in, everyone have a seat,
18:03 come on in, come on in.
18:04 We've been talking about being
18:06 thankful today and we were thankful
18:08 for our neighbors, so we had to come
18:10 and see you. Thank you Faith for
18:12 shutting the door, you can come
18:14 and sit by Auntie Linda. Good girl.
18:19 And we have been talking today about
18:21 being thankful. And one of the things
18:24 that we're thankful for is you
18:26 Ms. Sela and you Mr. Vince. Oh
18:28 thank you. Well thank you very much.
18:30 And we want you to always remember
18:32 how thankful we are. Yes. So
18:33 we have a present Alexis has
18:35 to present you. Oh I love presents.
18:36 Can you give them the present?
18:40 Well thank you, look at this,
18:42 tree of thanks. Can I have a hug?
18:44 Could she have a hug? Oh thank you,
18:47 thank you, I have to find a special
18:49 place for this. Yes. Alright. Well we
18:54 have a memory verse that goes along
18:56 with that too. Let's say it together okay.
18:58 Okay. Be thankful to Him and bless
19:03 His name. Psalms 100 verse 4.
19:09 Alright that's very good. And we
19:12 want to give thanks today because
19:15 Taylor has teaching himself to learn
19:18 to play the piano. Really. And you are
19:20 going to hear the very first song
19:22 that he has learned. Oh, what a treat
19:24 today. Yes. Can you clap for Taylor? Yeah.
20:00 Alright Taylor, good job, good job. Alright.
20:05 Good job Taylor. And Taylor when you
20:06 learn to play with two hands maybe
20:08 you can come back and play.
20:10 Yeah. I think we something else for you.
20:13 Who else has something special
20:15 to share? Me. Alright.
20:21 Give thanks to the Lord
20:23 Give thanks to the Lord
20:26 For He loves you,
20:28 He loves me too.
20:31 Give thanks to Lord my God
20:34 Give love to the Lord
20:37 Give love to the Lord
20:40 For He loves you,
20:42 He loves me too.
20:44 Give love to Lord my God.
20:48 Yes. Emma very good, very good.
20:51 And that's what we're most thankful
20:52 for is Jesus. Yeah. Yes. Taylor would you
20:56 have a special prayer for us.
20:58 Let's all fold our hands and close our
21:01 eyes while Taylor prays to Jesus.
21:04 Dear Jesus, we love our neighbors.
21:07 Amen. Amen. We do love you. We love you too,
21:12 love you Emma. Well we have to get going,
21:14 so we'll see you again.
21:15 Bye bye. Bye. Bye Tiny Tots, thank you for
21:19 coming Tiny Tots. Come again.
21:20 Yeah. God bless you. Bye, bye we love you.
21:31 I just love the Nature Walk. Me too.
21:33 Shall we go for a walk today,
21:37 to see what God has given? It's really windy
21:42 today. You guys, they mowed my grass
21:44 and I really need some help with raking,
21:47 can you guys help me?
21:49 Yes. We'll help. Mr. Dale said he would
21:53 leave us rakes in here they are right
21:55 by the tree. That was so nice of him.
21:59 Let's go and rake. And we'll rake it into
22:02 a big pile and then what do you think,
22:05 we can do with that when we're done.
22:07 Jump in it. Here. We can make a sculpture
22:10 with it. A sculpture? I don't think
22:13 we're gonna make a sculpture. I think
22:16 Mr. Dale can come and
22:18 pick it up. Do you want to rake? You can
22:20 help rake. No, we can jump in it. No.
22:22 We'll feed it to the horses. Mr. Dale
22:24 can come and get it and we'll feed it to
22:26 the horses. How's that sound? Oh the horses
22:28 will love grass. Horses love to eat grass.
22:32 Yes. I'm glad they do because then
22:35 they get to eat and my yard gets cleaned.
22:38 And I am so happy that you guys
22:41 are helping me rake. Oh we love to help
22:44 don't we? Yes. I am so glad you like to
22:47 help. And not only that you are helping
22:49 me but you are helping my horses because
22:51 you're going to give them something to eat.
22:53 They're gonna love this. They are. They're
22:55 gonna be so healthy. You are good helpers.
22:58 You guys are doing very good job.
23:01 It makes Jesus happy when we help rake.
23:04 Yes it does, it makes Him very happy.
23:07 I'm just so glad that Jesus gave us
23:10 all the wonderful things that we can
23:12 do outside. Me too. Alright.
23:25 I am so thankful for the Bible.
23:28 Me too. And I love our memory verse
23:31 today it's found in Psalms 100.
23:35 Psalms 100. Verse 4. Verse 4. Be thankful,
23:42 be thankful, to Him, to Him, and bless,
23:47 and bless, His name, His name. Be thankful
23:51 to Him and bless His name.
23:54 Oh I like that. That's beautiful. We're gonna
23:56 sing a song about being thankful.
23:59 Being thankful, being kind
24:03 Being loving, being true
24:07 I'll meet you in heaven
24:11 And live next door to you.
24:16 And there it's gonna be lots of
24:18 things in heaven for us to enjoy.
24:20 Oh I can't wait to go to heaven. We're gonna
24:22 have these butterflies and fishes. Oh. And
24:27 we're gonna have little bears and birds
24:31 and even an elephant.
24:33 I love elephants. Alright.
24:36 If I were a butterfly, I'd thank you
24:41 Lord for my mighty flying wings,
24:44 And if I were a bird in the tree,
24:47 I'd thank you Lord for the song that I sing
24:51 And if I were a crocodile, I'd thank
24:56 you Lord for my mighty fine stroke.
24:59 And I just thank you Father for making me,
25:03 me. Who? Me. Who? Me, me, me, me.
25:07 Well He gave me a heart
25:09 and He gave me a smile
25:11 He gave me Jesus and He made me his child
25:15 And I just thank you Father for making me,
25:19 me. Who? Me. Who? Me, me, me, me.
25:23 If I were a fuzzy wuzzy bear,
25:27 I'd thank you Lord for my fuzzy, wuzzy hair.
25:31 And if I were an elephant,
25:35 I'd thank you Lord for my mighty fine trunk,
25:39 And if I were a fish in the sea,
25:43 I'd wiggle my tail and I giggle with glee.
25:47 And I just thank you Father for making me,
25:51 me. Who? Me. Who? Me, me, me, me.
25:55 Well He gave me a heart and He gave me a smile
25:59 He gave me Jesus and He made me his child,
26:03 And I just thank you Father for making me,
26:07 me. Who? Me. Who? Me, me, me, me.
26:13 I like that song. I do too.
26:15 That's good. I am so thankful that Jesus
26:17 made all these special things for us.
26:21 We're gonna sing a song about being thankful,
26:24 I am thankful Jesus loves me. I am too.
26:28 I'm thankful Jesus loves me,
26:31 I'm thankful Jesus loves me
26:34 I'm thankful Jesus loves me
26:38 and I love Jesus too.
26:43 And we're gonna kneel down
26:44 and talk to Jesus right now.
26:46 Maybe Talitha will pray for us?
26:49 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands
26:57 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
27:05 And very, very quiet be
27:10 while the prayer is said.
27:15 Dear Jesus, please listen to
27:19 my small voice and I love you. Amen. Amen.
27:26 That's Mr. Rooster.
27:35 Our time together is over,
27:38 so we will have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:44 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:50 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:01 We're Tiny Tots around the world;
28:04 we're God's girls and boys.
28:06 We live for him around the world,
28:09 we spread love and joy,
28:11 like colors of the rainbow,
28:14 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:16 We're Tiny Tots around the world;
28:19 we're God's girls and boys.


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