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The Bible Tells Me To Sing

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the
00:07 world we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the
00:23 world we're God's girls and boys.
00:26 Jesus loves the little children,
00:33 all the children of the world, Eleanor you,
00:39 could you sing along with me.
00:43 Emma, dogs don't sing. Yes, but the boys and
00:49 girls do, and they're here right now,
00:50 they will sing with us. Hi boys and girls.
00:55 You made Jesus happy just because you came
01:00 Jesus wants the children everyone the same
01:06 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
01:09 Jesus knows your name
01:11 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:19 It's time for worship, okay, Eleanor you can
01:22 go play, Auntie Linda is going to get the mail.
01:25 Oh! I can hardly wait; we've such a special
01:27 worship for you today. Alright, come on.
01:32 Hi, Miss Cinda, hi, how are you, good morning.
01:39 Billy Boy and I were singing.
01:42 Oh, Billy Boy is a happy bird.
01:46 Billy Boy is a happy bird. Billy Boy loves it when
01:49 you come to see him. I think he likes to look
01:52 himself in the mirror. He wants to make sure
01:56 his face is clean. Let's see how
02:00 Mr. Wiggles is doing, alright.
02:03 Oh! Mr. Wiggles, look it, what's he doing
02:07 Emma? What's What Mr. Wiggle is doing?
02:10 He's sniffing. He's sniffing. Can you guys
02:12 wriggle your nose like Mr. Wiggles does?
02:19 Well, Mr. Wiggles, we're gonna go have
02:21 worship, so I know you love worship time.
02:24 Oh, Mr. Wiggles likes that, I love worship.
02:29 Alright, worship time is fun time, isn't it?
02:35 Yes it is, I love worship, me too,
02:41 Yes I do too. I also love letter time.
02:44 I like to see the picture. You like to see the
02:47 pictures. Let's see if we have one,
02:49 it's from Tiffany in Port St. Lucie, Florida.
02:53 I've been to Florida. Oh! She is a, me too,
02:55 have you? She's a beautiful girl.
02:59 Let's see what she has to say in her letter?
03:02 Hi Auntie Linda, I go to church every Saturday
03:07 morning, do you? Yes, sometimes my
03:12 mommy comes too, and last week my mommy
03:16 was baptized. Oh, that's wonderful.
03:19 Oh yes, and now she says please pray for my
03:22 daddy, he's not a Christian.
03:25 We'll have to remember to pray for Tiffany's daddy.
03:29 Oh, and it's a good thing to pray for people.
03:31 That's right. Let's ask Billy Boy to ring the
03:34 worship bell, you want to hold this for me?
03:36 Okay, Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
03:43 And you can sing along with us boys and girls.
03:48 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet with our
03:53 best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
03:58 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
04:06 And I think you'll be singing when He sees us.
04:09 Dennis, could you hand my letter to me?
04:12 I love the Bible. Yes, this is a special letter
04:16 from Jesus. That's Jesus. That's right, and
04:19 He send it to all of us because He loves us.
04:22 That's right. We're gonna say one of the
04:24 verses in it Psalms 96, Psalms 96, 1, 1.
04:32 Oh sing to the Lord a new song.
04:34 Oh sing to the Lord a new song.
04:39 That's right, we wanna sing to the Lord.
04:42 You lay my Bible there very carefully,
04:46 yes, oh there's another little boy in the Bible
04:49 that took care of sheep and he loved to sing.
04:52 David. That's right, it was David.
04:55 He would take care of the sheep, and he would
04:57 play his harp and he would sing.
04:59 He was a shepherd. He was a shepherd,
05:02 and he would keep his sheep all together,
05:05 he loved his sheep. And sometimes he
05:08 would take them where they could
05:09 get a cool drink. And if a lion tried to
05:13 catch them he would fight the lion.
05:15 He would fight the lion, with a sling.
05:17 With a sling, that's right, and he would sit
05:20 on a rock while the sheep were eating grass,
05:23 they loved grass. And he would play,
05:26 and he would sing, and you're right a lion came,
05:30 and he had a sling. And the sheep ran away.
05:33 The sheep knew that David would take care
05:35 of him. And then a bear came, oh big bear Emma.
05:39 What did the bear say? That's right and he
05:45 would chase them away with his sling, then he
05:47 would take his harp, and the sheep would
05:50 follow, and he would sing to them, and they
05:53 knew they would be safe.
05:55 Oh, that is so nice, we can sing too,
05:59 we can sing at home, can't we?
06:01 And you know what? What Elena.
06:03 We saw it trying to kill a baby,
06:04 he didn't get killed. No, he didn't God
06:07 protected him, didn't he, and you know what
06:09 sometimes when I'm afraid, I like to sing,
06:13 and it helps me. It does, singing.
06:16 Paul and Silas were singing in jail.
06:18 That's right, they did. And God broke the doors.
06:23 That's right, in an earthquake didn't he?
06:25 That's right. Well, Venice would you have
06:28 a special prayer for us right now.
06:30 And boys and girls let's fold our hands,
06:32 and close our eyes. Dear Father, I love you
06:36 so much, thank you for my family,
06:40 thank you that they go to church with me.
06:42 And please help Tiffany's daddy to go to
06:45 church with her, with her mommy.
06:48 And I love you and thank you for
06:50 everything that you've done and amen, amen.
06:56 That will make Jesus sing.
06:58 I love worships, don't you? Yeah.
07:08 We're in the kitchen with Miss Cinda and we
07:11 are having fun, yeah. Well, before I tell
07:18 you what we're gonna do,
07:19 we need to wash our hands.
07:22 Can you wash your hands Jadis, and Faith,
07:26 can you wash your hands, and Timothy
07:29 David, can you wash your hands, because we
07:31 wanna always start with clean hands, don't we?
07:34 Oh, oh Emma wants her face cleaned too.
07:37 Well, that's probably good too. That's right.
07:40 Okay, just put your wash cloth right here
07:43 because today we're gonna make orange
07:46 juice, alright. Who wants to make orange juice?
07:50 Me, yeah, would you like to make orange juice?
07:55 Yeah, I don't want it to be pulp.
07:57 You don't like the orange juice pulp?
07:59 I want it. I want it. You like it.
08:01 You want it, okay, here we gonna take your
08:04 little orange juice squeezer.
08:07 Put it here Faith. Well, I'm going to show you
08:10 how to do it. I'll show you a Faith's.
08:12 Okay, here is the soft one.
08:16 Find the stem, find it where the stem went
08:20 in your orange juices, take your orange add to
08:22 your bottle, can you get your orange out.
08:25 Alright, that you got it. Okay, watch Faith,
08:29 watch, I'm gonna take, oh let me help Emma
08:32 get hers out. Oh, there you go, we almost had a
08:36 run away orange. What would we do at
08:39 the run away orange? I can do it.
08:41 I don't in either. Okay, we gonna take like this
08:45 and push and twist really hard, right like
08:49 that, and now Faith, can you take it like this,
08:55 and like this and now squeeze.
08:58 See the juice coming out. Keep coming look,
09:03 Oh that's gonna be so good, can you squeeze
09:06 hard Faith. Oh, Faith squeeze hard,
09:09 oh squeeze, oh look its coming out.
09:13 Here Timothy, let me help you.
09:15 Let's go like this, and I'll put it upside down,
09:17 now squeeze, squeeze, oh, can we push,
09:21 oh good job squeeze it, are you getting some
09:25 juice Faith. Okay, now can you squeeze
09:28 in your cup? You want to taste it Faith,
09:31 you can see what it tastes like?
09:33 Here, let me take the orange and you taste
09:36 your juice. I can't do it. Hold your cup,
09:38 here come, some Emma.
09:41 Here Emma, you gonna taste it, there is some
09:43 right there. Did you get it.
09:46 You want to taste some of your, is that good?
09:48 Hey am I squeeze some more, want some more.
09:50 Yum, yum. Boys and girls maybe you
09:52 could try this at home. Emma says it yum.
09:55 And if you can't find a little orange juice
09:57 squeezer like we have, you could put really a
10:00 big straw in it. And stick it right down
10:03 in the middle and then you can turn your
10:04 orange upside down, and squeeze it and
10:07 squeeze it, and you can get some orange juice too.
10:11 Its a lot of work, isn't it?
10:12 Oh, but it's yummy. Faith, you're doing a
10:16 good job, want me to help you.
10:18 Okay, oh look squeeze Faith,
10:23 oh squeeze hard, oh squeeze hard.
10:27 Okay, now drink that, now you can drink that Faith.
10:30 I need a napkin. Oh, you need a napkin,
10:32 that's a good girl, she likes to be clean.
10:35 We wanna be clean, don't we? I clean it.
10:38 Oh that's good. I like it. Did you taste the juice?
10:43 Yes. Is it good? Yeah, Oh! Who made the
10:46 juice for us? Me. You did.
10:50 Who made the oranges for us? That's right.
10:53 Jesus. That's right. Here we go Emma.
10:57 Jesus made lots of good things for us, didn't He?
11:01 Oh was it good Emma? Timothy David did you
11:04 try yours, let me try again Faith, okay.
11:10 Jesus made lots of good things for us didn't He?
11:12 Oh there you go Faith, oh look lots and lots of
11:17 juice. Juice, the juice coming down.
11:21 Now taste that. Oh there is its going in, isn't it?
11:24 I'll help you Timothy here. Oh that's cool,
11:28 great, we need a little bit more.
11:29 We got to push her harder, okay, ready.
11:32 Its got no more. Oh, there it comes.
11:41 You are ready, there it goes.
11:47 Now taste that. I did it. You did it?
11:50 Yes, Jadis did it, is that good? Taste this.
11:55 I cant did it. You did it too, Faith did it.
11:59 Oh, good boys and girls, remember any
12:04 time you can be in the kitchen it's fun.
12:12 Farmer Donny, what do you to do today,
12:16 oh Farmer Donny is gonna work in his
12:18 garden, who wants to help me?
12:19 Yean, come on over here, I got something really
12:23 special that I want to show you today.
12:25 Oh really, oh this is very special, yeah.
12:28 You know what Farmer Donny does to make his
12:30 garden nice and healthy and firm, I put worms
12:34 in my garden. Worms, yes, they're dancing
12:38 here. Oh, I believe we got one right here.
12:40 Can you find a worm? Is anybody wants to put
12:43 their little fingers in here, to move the dirt
12:45 around till you find a worm? I found one,
12:47 I found one. You found one.
12:49 Oh, look it, look it there. Oh, here is some carrots.
12:52 Yes, all these worms go deep into the soil,
12:56 keep it nice and soft for the roots to grow.
13:01 I can't find any. You can't find any?
13:03 Then move it there, just dig around to find more.
13:06 Oh, it's nice to share. Oh, make sure you
13:08 found another, is anybody working in the
13:10 garden at home? Yeah, you do?
13:13 I like to dig in the dirt. You like to dig in the dirt.
13:18 Oh watch out, I found some, oh another one.
13:22 What about you Mitchell, you like
13:23 working the garden? Yeah. I put dirt on top
13:27 of my mud and soil. What are you planting
13:31 in your garden? I'm going to put carrots out.
13:37 Oh, yeah, I love carrots. Oh I love carrots.
13:38 Oh! I love carrots. I may plant some corn too.
13:40 Carrots make you see better.
13:42 Yeah, carrots will make you see better and
13:44 they're healthy for you, aren't they?
13:46 They are healthy for you. Oh if I got nice rich soil
13:49 though my plants grow better.
13:51 I like tomatoes. Oh I love tomatoes,
13:54 those are good, my work is getting dirt,
13:57 our hands are getting dirty.
13:58 They are, oh I'm so glad Jesus made
14:03 good food for us. Yes, who made the
14:05 worms? Jesus. Okay, that's good.
14:09 Look it I found one. You got that one.
14:13 I didn't find any yet. Just keep on digging
14:16 Auntie Linda. Okay, okay, I'm trying.
14:19 What did the worms do to the dirt?
14:21 They just dig down and keep the dirt nice and
14:24 soft and loose. And they, and they're
14:28 dirtying in there, and they let it go out.
14:31 And they let it go out okay.
14:33 Alright that makes the worms go better,
14:34 didn't he. Do you want to hold this clay,
14:35 this one, oh yeah, alright. Oh you got over two
14:39 or three over here. I think this is a stick,
14:41 I got two of them. You got two. This was mine.
14:49 I wanna put this worm back in the dirt.
14:50 This one is really long. That one is long,
14:53 I think that one is a big one.
14:54 Oh look at there. Oh wow!
14:57 Oh I've found a big chunk. Don't they feel slimy.
15:01 Do you like to feel the dirt? I do, I do I like it.
15:05 Do you think the worms would
15:07 like to hear our song?
15:08 I think they would, why don't we sing our song?
15:10 We like to sing a song to them, okay, good.
15:16 I like to go to the barn where the cows moo, moo,
15:20 I like to go to the barn
15:22 where the ducks quack, quack,
15:24 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn,
15:28 I like to go to the barn, And learn of Jesus.
15:35 Well, this was fun. What did we learn today kids?
15:38 What we learned? Did we learn that
15:39 worms help the soil? Yeah. So the food
15:43 grows really good. Yes. Alright, well,
15:46 we have to be on our way brush your hands off.
15:48 Brush your hands. Yes, let's get all the
15:51 dirt off. Bye, bye Farmer Donny.
15:54 Okay you got to come back and see Farmer Donny.
15:56 Bye Hannah, thank you, bye, bye.
15:59 Thank you for coming by kids.
16:00 Come on Mitchell. See you Mitchell.
16:01 Bye baby, see you. Bye, bye farmer Donny,
16:03 come on. Have a good day now.
16:13 I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.
16:17 Oh Vince, I didn't know you can play.
16:20 I've watch Muriel. Oh wonderful and
16:24 maybe the tiny tots can show us more how to
16:26 play today. You mean rest of the song.
16:29 Yes, yes, that might be the tiny tots.
16:35 Tiny tots now we'll see.
16:38 Hi tiny tots, come on in,
16:42 How are you doing, how are you doing?
16:44 Good to see you all today.
16:46 Hey, Tyler how you doing man?
16:47 Auntie Linda. They have been exciting to come.
16:50 Have a seat, alright, good girl.
16:57 We just have been singing along as we
17:00 were coming here and we were so happy.
17:01 And Vince and I was singing today.
17:04 Oh, it's wonderful to sing to Jesus. Oh yes.
17:09 Well, Tyler can you say our memory verse
17:11 today for them? Oh come, let us sing
17:15 to the Lord. Psalm 95:1. So, see that's what we
17:21 were doing, we were singing to the Lord, yes.
17:25 Well Tabitha has a special song and I think,
17:28 are the kids gonna sing with you.
17:30 Alright, they gonna all sing with her and they
17:33 got a special song, they worked
17:35 up for you. Alright, go ahead.
17:39 I'm gonna sing, sing, sing,
17:42 I'm gonna shout, shout, shout,
17:44 I'm gonna sing, I'm gonna shout
17:46 Praise the Lord
17:48 When those gates are open wide,
17:51 I'm gonna sit at Jesus' side
17:53 I'm gonna sing, I'm gonna shout
17:55 Praise the Lord
17:57 Swing low, sweet chariot,
18:03 Coming for to carry me home
18:07 Swing low, sweet chariot,
18:13 Coming for to carry me home.
18:19 That was very good. Beautiful tiny tots,
18:22 thank you. And there's gonna be beautiful
18:24 music in heaven, yes. Oh Muriel has
18:29 something special that she's planned for you.
18:32 Can you play it now? Oh thank you.
18:34 Is there something special that
18:35 you would like to do? Whatever she feels is
18:37 fine with me. The piano, the piano, okay.
18:40 Do you think you can you do a piano special? Okay.
18:46 I love to hear to play the piano.
19:02 Great is the Lord, He is holy and just
19:05 By His power we trust In His love
19:09 Great is the Lord He is faithful and true
19:12 By His mercy He proves He is love
19:16 Great is the Lord And worthy of glory
19:20 Great is the Lord And worthy of praise
19:24 Great is the Lord Now lift up your voice
19:28 Now lift up your voice Great is the Lord,
19:38 Great is the Lord, Great is the Lord,
19:48 His holy and just By His power we trust
19:51 In His love Great is the Lord
19:55 He is faithful and true By His mercy He proves
19:58 He is love Great is the Lord
20:03 And worthy of glory Great is the Lord
20:06 And worthy of praise Great is the Lord
20:10 Now lift up your voice Now lift up your voice
20:14 Great are you Lord Great are you Lord.
20:34 Very good, oh that was so beautiful.
20:40 Oh I love music. It just makes me so happy.
20:44 I do it, and sometimes, I love the singing.
20:46 I do too, and sometimes when I feel sad.
20:49 What helps us when we feel sad?
20:52 Sing, yes, doesn't it? And also when we talk
20:57 to Jesus, right, so it would be alright if we
21:00 had a prayer with you right now. Yes ma'am.
21:03 Alright Alexis, would you like to pray?
21:05 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes tight and
21:09 Alexis is going to pray.
21:14 Dear Jesus, I love you, amen. Amen, good job,
21:22 good job, thank you. Thank you Alexis,
21:27 Jesus loves to hear us say we love Him.
21:31 Well, we have to go but we were had so much
21:35 fun today and I hope we can come again and see
21:38 you soon. Always, thank you for bringing
21:40 song into ark, thank you.
21:42 You are welcome, we'll just sing all the way
21:45 back won't we kids, alright.
21:47 Thank you tiny tots. Bye, we love you.
21:53 Oh that was fun listen to it.
21:55 Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Come again, come
21:58 again, love you, bye, bye, love you.
22:08 Oh I love it out here. Shall we go for a walk
22:13 today, to see what God has given.
22:17 I'm so glad God gave it to us.
22:19 Me too, you know what we need to dig
22:21 up some more worms, because I think Mr. Dell
22:23 needs some more when he goes fishing.
22:25 This is a good spot. Yes, it looks good to me.
22:27 Let's see what we can get here.
22:31 Oh, alright, turn it over, we have to be careful
22:35 not to hit Mr. Crawdad's house.
22:39 Is this Mr. Crawdad's house?
22:40 Yes that's Mr. Crawdad's house,
22:42 He lives down in there. Did you find any
22:44 Sophia? Oh, there's one, oh look at him.
22:50 Oh, he's trying to get away.
22:52 Here we can hold it, you wanna hold it Faith
22:54 while we are waiting? Let Faith hold it.
22:56 And now you are looking for another one?
22:59 Ah, he's a big one, that's a big worm.
23:03 Yes, he's wriggle away,
23:05 Oh he's wriggling all over.
23:07 He's wriggling fast. Oh no, look he tickles,
23:12 does he tickle? He tickles,
23:16 he is a big worm, isn't it? Yeah, he is.
23:21 Wow, he's long. Did you find any more
23:23 Sophia? Look how long it is. Oh no.
23:27 Well, maybe Mr. Dell can't get too many more worms.
23:31 Oh no that's a weed. Oh there is another,
23:32 what is that? Oh that's a weed, that was a weed.
23:35 Are you finding more? Not yet, we are still
23:39 looking now. look at, he's the big one.
23:43 I think they know we are coming, there's one,
23:45 there's one, there's one. Oh come on.
23:50 Yep, we found one. Put him in the bucket.
23:54 Hey maybe we can put some of this dirt here
23:56 because it's more wet. That's right, I think
23:59 some of the new door would be a very good idea.
24:01 I'm so glad that God gave us all these
24:04 wonderful things to enjoy. Me too.
24:14 Oh come let us sing to the Lord, Psalms 95:1.
24:20 Praise Him, praise Him all you little children.
24:23 Praise Him, praise Him all you little children.
24:28 God is love, God is love.
24:33 Praise Him, praise Him all you little children.
24:38 God is love, God is love.
24:43 What a mighty God we serve.
24:47 I just love that song. Oh I do too.
24:51 What a mighty God we serve.
24:56 What a mighty God we serve.
25:01 Angels fall before Him,
25:04 heaven and earth adore Him.
25:07 What a mighty God we serve.
25:12 I love that. I can sing hymn.
25:14 Yes, wonderful, wonderful,
25:16 yes my Lord is wonderful.
25:18 I like this song, I did too.
25:21 Wonderful, wonderful, yes my Lord is wonderful.
25:26 Isn't it Jesus my Lord wonderful,
25:31 eyes have seen, ears have heard, it's recorded
25:35 in God's word, isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful.
25:43 And we're gonna talk to our wonderful Lord
25:46 right now and Lesley is gonna have a prayer for
25:47 us, so kneel down boys and girls.
25:50 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
25:59 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes and very,
26:08 very quite be while the prayer is said.
26:15 Dear Jesus, thank you for the song, amen,
26:18 and help, we love you, amen.
26:22 Amen. We love you Jesus. Amen. Amen.
26:28 That's Mr. Rooster.
26:37 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
26:43 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
26:49 Goodbye, goodbye.
26:52 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
27:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
27:06 we're God's girls and boys.
27:09 we live for him around the world,
27:11 we spread love and joy,
27:14 like clouds starts the rainbow,
27:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
27:19 We are Tiny Tots around the world
27:22 we're God's girls and boys.


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