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The Bible Tells Me To Love Others

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like cloudy stars of rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:27 I love you Eleanor, I love you Auntie Linda.
00:33 I love you too oh.
00:36 Jesus wants us to love everybody,
00:39 he does and the boys and girls are here.
00:42 And we love you too. Hi boys and girls.
00:46 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:53 Jesus loves the children,
00:56 everyone the same, welcome, welcome,
01:00 you are welcome, Jesus knows your name,
01:04 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:11 And now we ever gonna have fun today.
01:14 I know that song, you know that song.
01:16 Well we are gonna sing lots of songs today,
01:19 okay. Eleanor you can have fun,
01:22 you can chew on our bone,
01:23 or you can do it ever you like
01:25 but we are going into worship,
01:26 Auntie Linda is gonna get the mail, alright.
01:30 Hi Miss Cinda, hello I was peeking
01:37 and I saw you all coming.
01:40 Oh! Look Billy Boy he is excited,
01:42 he wanted to see you too.
01:44 How are you today Billy Boy,
01:46 you like to look in the mirror doesn't he?
01:48 Billy Boy like to look in the mirror.
01:49 Yes, he does, he wants to
01:51 make sure he looks good.
01:52 Just like we do too.
01:54 Oh, yes, and Mr. Wiggles wants to see.
01:58 Hi Mr. Wiggles, look at Mr. Wiggles
02:03 he is laying down.
02:04 He is wiggling his nose,
02:06 Mr. Wiggles look at his nose.
02:07 I think Mr. Wiggles yes he is just waiting
02:10 for our worship to start.
02:11 He is getting all comfortable,
02:13 he loves worship just like we do too,
02:17 don't we? Oh! I love worship time.
02:19 Oh! Come Timothy, and you know what
02:21 else I look for to? I look for to
02:24 when you read the letters Auntie Linda.
02:26 Oh! I love mail, let's see what do we
02:29 have today, okay. Oh!
02:32 That is a cute little boy,
02:37 oh look it is from Jaron Brown and it says
02:43 I love Jesus. Oh! We love Jesus too
02:48 don't we Sofia? Jesus is a special friend
02:51 doesn't he? Alright let's Billy Boy
02:54 he can the ring our worship bell okay.
02:57 Billy Boy you can ring the worship bell.
03:02 Sing along with us boys and girls.
03:05 Worship bells are sweet calling us to me
03:10 with our best friend Jesus
03:14 come and worship him Jesus will be here
03:18 smiling when he sees us.
03:24 Jesus is always smiling when he sees us.
03:27 Well, I have something special,
03:29 what is this? What is that?
03:31 A Bible, Bible and the Bible tells me
03:36 to love others, yes it does.
03:39 Our Bible verse is 1 Peter 4, 1 Peter 4, verse 8,
03:47 verse 8. And above all things,
03:53 and above all things, have love for 1 another,
03:58 have love for 1 another. I'm thinking have
04:05 someone in the Bible that love Jesus
04:09 had a special love for but nobody else
04:12 liked him and he was short little man.
04:15 I know Zacchaeus, that's right Sofia very good.
04:21 And Zacchaeus heard that Jesus
04:22 was gonna come to town and do you know
04:25 what he did? He couldn't see Jesus
04:27 there is all the big people got in the way
04:29 and he was trying to see.
04:30 Can you try to see? See let's see.
04:32 See if you can see,
04:33 what do you think Zacchaeus did
04:35 because he couldn't see?
04:37 He climb the tree. Okay,
04:39 climb the tree, climb the tree.
04:41 Now he was up high in the tree
04:44 and he is looking and looking oh he sees
04:47 someone coming, who does he see?
04:49 Jesus. He sees Jesus coming
04:52 and Jesus got closer and closer
04:54 and he looked at Jesus as he came by
04:56 and all of a sudden Jesus stopped
04:59 right by the tree. Oh! My, then he looked
05:04 up into the tree, can you look up in the tree?
05:06 And what the Jesus say to Zacchaeus?
05:09 Come down. Come down. That's right Zacchaeus
05:12 come down for what?
05:13 I am going to your house today. Yeah,
05:20 Jesus loves every one.
05:23 Boys and girls let's bow our heads
05:26 and let's close our eyes and keep them tight
05:29 because Sophia is gonna pray.
05:31 Jesus help us to love others just like we love
05:41 because how you love the kids. Amen. Amen.
05:47 I love worship don't you? Yes.
05:58 Miss Cinda this looks awesome.
06:02 I'm so glad you like it,
06:04 look at each one of your bags.
06:07 I have written your name in a puffy paint
06:11 so that it would dry and each one of your bags.
06:15 And do you know why I did that?
06:17 Look Tabitha's bag, it's beautiful.
06:20 Look at Tabitha's bag, wow.
06:23 Do you know why I want these bags
06:25 to be so special? No,
06:27 these I would like to be.
06:30 So, I can keep my dirty clothes in it? Oh! No.
06:35 It's for cookies? No,
06:40 well it could be these are going to be.
06:45 We can use them. Yes, oh!
06:48 You guys are getting closer.
06:50 Oh what do you think it is,
06:51 what do you think it is. To share Jesus.
06:53 Exactly right, these are going to be
06:58 your sharing Jesus bags.
07:00 Yeah. So, we're gonna decorate the back side
07:06 of them so turn your bags over and
07:09 boys and girls you may want to get a grown up
07:11 to help you do this. Miss Cinda,
07:13 can I paint at front too? You can but let's start
07:15 with the back okay. So, everybody turn it over
07:18 and I'll let you choose colors and you can tray
07:21 colors because these. I want pink, I want pink.
07:23 Okay, these are pink pens.
07:26 Say please Miss Cinda. Please Miss Cinda.
07:27 That's right, she said please,
07:29 thank you Tabitha.
07:30 And you can draw flowers on them and
07:33 make them the back pretty.
07:35 And then boys and girls I want you to think.
07:38 Let's think of something that you can put
07:41 in the bag because you'll take these bags
07:43 with you like when you go shopping.
07:46 May I decorate it? Or even the church, may I.
07:48 Yes you may and you put something in that,
07:51 that you can share with someone else.
07:53 What can you share with someone else?
07:55 A toys, yes you can put a toy
07:58 and that way you when you saw someone
07:59 a little boy or girl is sad
08:02 you could give them a toy.
08:03 How about could you make some cards and keep them
08:06 in there like some Jesus loves you cards. Yeah.
08:10 That's very good Carrie.
08:13 I know Miss Cinda. What?
08:14 I could put a Bible story in there.
08:17 Yes you could and then you could
08:19 read to someone. Yes because our
08:22 neighbor way down the road
08:24 that I hardly get to see,
08:25 she can't read very well.
08:27 That would be very nice boys and girls
08:29 can you think of things you could put in
08:31 your sharing Jesus bag. Yeah, what,
08:33 what else could you put in your bag?
08:35 I could put in my Bible. Yes, but could you,
08:40 you can even maybe pick some flowers
08:43 and put them in your bag and take them
08:44 to someone. To my grandmother!
08:47 Oh it would be nice and if you made some cards
08:51 ahead of time and had them in the bag,
08:53 and what did you saw you out at out
08:56 of the grocery store and you saw a
08:58 little boy crying. Oh, you could do what?
09:01 You could give them.
09:05 You pull out a card and say Jesus loves
09:07 you smile. Okay yeah you can do that.
09:11 What else could you do,
09:12 what could you do Tabitha?
09:13 I am drawing a smiley face.
09:16 Oh, a smiley face is perfect because
09:19 when we share Jesus we have a smiley face,
09:22 don't we? Yes. That's right, yes.
09:25 Well boys and girls. Miss Cinda? Yes!
09:28 My sister shared with me. She did?
09:32 She gave a two dolls and one Cappuccino. Oh!
09:38 It did that make you happy?
09:39 That's right sharing makes us happy.
09:42 Doesn't it? Guess what I am gonna share with you,
09:48 I have a surprise. What it is? Look, yeah.
09:58 And Joylyn I know you have food allergies
10:01 so I have a surprise for you, yum. Yes,
10:06 thank you Miss Cinda. You're welcome.
10:08 Well boys and girls I hope that you find
10:11 ways that you can share Jesus because
10:14 when we share Jesus it not only makes
10:17 others happy, it makes us happy
10:20 and Jesus happy, yes.
10:30 Donny, farmer Donny.
10:32 Hey kids oh I'm so glad to see you today.
10:35 Well, hey farmer Donny is gonna
10:37 special surprise today. What's that?
10:39 Well common over to the garden
10:41 farmer Donny is keeping a close eye
10:44 on his garden and something is ripe today.
10:46 Oh! Something is ripe and ready to eat,
10:50 guess what it is?
10:52 Is it onions? I don't like onions.
10:56 You don't like onions! Well it's not the onions.
10:59 Is it the Celery? Is it the onions? No,
11:02 is it the cabbage? No, is it the watermelons?
11:05 The watermelon, would you like to taste
11:10 a watermelons? Yes, okay.
11:13 I brought the napkins,
11:14 I thought they might be ready.
11:16 Oh! Doesn't this look good? Yeah.
11:19 Now watch farmer Donny here,
11:21 here we go. Oh! That's juicy.
11:24 I like it that juicy. I believe there is
11:28 water coming out of here they called it
11:30 watermelons, that's why right.
11:32 Oh! Yeah does it have any seeds in it?
11:38 Well, there are few seeds
11:39 and I can pick these seeds
11:41 and I can plant them and I'll have more
11:43 watermelons. Yeah, okay are you sure
11:47 you want some watermelon.
11:48 Yeah okay who wants the first piece?
11:51 Alright Emma have the first one,
11:54 can you hold on to that?
11:56 Alright, okay who else wants some watermelon?
11:59 Me, okay farmer Donny. What say honey?
12:04 Get the skin off, she wants the skin off.
12:08 Here we go Allen. We're gonna eat it
12:09 and then we can throw it in the bucket.
12:11 And give it to your cow.
12:13 Here Emma. Oh! Isn't that
12:17 oh that's look good.
12:19 Auntie Linda hold it
12:20 oh you want me wipe your mouth okay.
12:21 That's so good, here. Is it good? Yeah,
12:27 is it running down your cheeks?
12:29 Oh! Here we go it looks good.
12:36 And taste better. I want napkin.
12:41 You wanna napkin alright here's,
12:43 there is yours coming Carrie.
12:45 Jesus loves really love me Auntie Linda
12:47 to make water melons for me.
12:49 You wanna napkin here. She needs one.
12:52 Okay well I'll give her one.
12:55 Okay there you go,
12:56 well does it taste good? Yeah, yeah.
13:03 Well I love you so much, I grew these watermelons
13:06 just for you oh, I did.
13:09 And I want to share them with you.
13:11 Can I have a napkin? You sure can there you go.
13:15 They're really good, well that's a
13:16 pretty color, what color is that?
13:19 Red. Red and with pink. With pink oh
13:22 those are delicious. Farmer Donny
13:24 Auntie Linda needs a piece.
13:26 Yes he does. Okay, here you go
13:31 Auntie Linda try that. This is the first
13:33 watermelon we need to try it.
13:36 Can I have a bite too can I try it.
13:38 Oh! This is good. Oh! That's looking so sweet.
13:45 I love it the wonderful things Jesus made for us.
13:51 I love this, that's good. It's yummy, it's yummy.
13:58 It makes me wanna sing let's sing a song okay.
14:06 I like to go to the barn where the cows moo, moo,
14:10 I like to go to the barn where the ducks
14:12 quack, quack, I like to go to the barn,
14:15 I like to go to the barn, I like to go
14:19 to the barn, And learn of Jesus.
14:23 Thank you for the watermelon.
14:25 Oh! Thank you for coming by Taylor.
14:27 Oh! This is so wonderful. We really appreciate
14:29 you coming by to see farmer Donny.
14:31 Oh! You need one for your hands too.
14:32 Okay, well can we eat them on the way?
14:37 Eat them on the way kids and enjoy
14:38 the watermelon, let's go.
14:39 Bye now I'll give you one come on.
14:41 Bye come back and see farmer Donny.
14:43 Bye-bye here you go oh that was yummy.
14:53 Can you believe the man at tea store,
14:56 what's wrong honey? Every time I go there
14:58 the same story. It's a hassle, prick.
15:00 But, I know honey that's somewhere in the
15:02 Bible that says that we must love everyone.
15:05 Everybody can't be loved, sorry.
15:08 Yes honey but there's some where
15:10 in the Bible I know. But I'd know who can make
15:12 you feel much better. It's a Tiny Tots! Yeah.
15:21 They are here to make you feel good.
15:23 Good to see you Mr. Vince. Auntie Linda how are
15:24 you today? How are you today?
15:26 I'm doing fine. Alright, Tabitha how are
15:30 you dong sweetie. Oh! Well just been having so
15:35 much fun today and we've been thinking about
15:38 how we're suppose to love one another.
15:41 Alright, who wants to share our memory verse?
15:44 Muriel you want to share it, okay.
15:47 It's found in John 15:12, This is my command to
15:52 you Love one another, that's right.
15:54 That's the one I was telling you about Vince to
15:57 love one another. Oh! That's right.
16:00 God wants us to love one another and
16:03 Taylor has a special song about that.
16:07 Tis love that makes us happy,
16:10 Tis love that smooths the way;
16:12 It helps us mind, it makes us kind
16:15 To others everyday God is love;
16:21 we're His little children. God is love;
16:27 we would be like Him.
16:29 Tis love that makes us happy,
16:32 Tis love that smooths the way;
16:35 It helps us mind, it makes us kind
16:40 To others every day.
16:41 Good job. Wow! Wonderful.
16:45 Oh! Lord does make us happy.
16:47 Yes thank you Taylor. Muriel has a special song
16:52 and it's I love you Lord. Yes could you sing
16:56 it for them now? Yes.
16:59 I Love You, Lord, for all you done,
17:02 I don't deserve your love;
17:06 When I was lost you saw my need,
17:09 And left Your Home above.
17:13 I love You, Lord; I love You, Lord,
17:17 Because of Calvary; I love You, Lord;
17:23 I love You, Lord, You're everything to me.
17:32 Good Job, He is everything to us.
17:35 Good job, thank you Muriel.
17:38 Would it be alright if Tabitha had
17:40 prayer with you? Yes, that will
17:41 be wonderful, sure. Let's fold our hands
17:43 and close our eyes. Dear Jesus thank you that
17:47 we came to our neighbors in Jesus name.
17:50 Amen. Amen. We are always glad
17:53 to come and see you. We are glad you to come.
17:56 Oh! Thank you, well we have to hurry
17:58 because we've got some other things to do
18:00 but thank you so much. Bye-bye.
18:02 Thank you for coming, God bless you.
18:05 Bye, come on kids. Come back soon, bye-bye.
18:10 We love you all. We love you too.
18:13 Bye-bye. Bye. Bye-bye.
18:25 Shall we go for a walk today,
18:29 to see what God has given? Alright, okay come on,
18:36 we get this out away and so we see you later.
18:39 Okay sit down on the floor.
18:44 Okay, okay so it's better. Alright yeah go ahead
18:47 push this up. Okay bye, bye here we go.
18:56 Wow! I want to catch a big fish.
18:58 You know what Auntie Linda this seems like
19:00 a good spot go a head into drop our anchor. Okay,
19:04 alright let me get the anchor.
19:06 Oh! It's heavy. This is heavy, oh!
19:09 It is so heavy. Okay here it goes.
19:11 Alright I heard it cloak, did you guys hear
19:14 it going in, alright. Who likes to be go fishing?
19:17 Me. Auntie Linda is gonna fix jowls.
19:22 Here it Joel you can hang on with that one.
19:23 Thanks. Okay, let me fix this for you Sophia.
19:27 Alright. Oh! I love being out here Miss Jeanie.
19:31 I do too; I love to be in a boat, oops,
19:33 that didn't work too good. I am so glad that God
19:37 made out here for us because I love to be in
19:40 the water. Oh! Okay here you go Sophia.
19:42 Are you catching anything Tabitha? No. No.
19:45 Maybe she will. What about you, Joel?
19:50 Are you catching anything? I am watching.
19:53 Got to keep watching. You're watching it.
19:54 Yeah! Alright! Do you think we'll
19:57 catch a big one? Oh! We got some seaweed.
19:59 Oh! No what if the fish is too big for the...
20:03 You did some fishing, you did find
20:05 something as you. Yeah, what if your
20:08 fish is too big for your net?
20:11 That will be you caught some seaweed right there.
20:16 Oh! Look, look. Look I got some bait.
20:20 You got some bait. Yeah. Look, look, look,
20:23 you caught one. Let me really need some,
20:26 turn this and here we did. Oh, wow!
20:29 I can catch them over here.
20:35 Let me get you with the net.
20:37 Oh! We got them, look at that.
20:42 Okay we pull them. Alright.
20:47 You caught a fish. You wanna reach in
20:50 and get them. Yes. Can you hold this
20:53 a side Tabitha? Here you have to
20:58 watch his fins here. I can touch the tail.
21:01 By the tail it's kind of slippery I don't
21:04 think you can. Look at he is not moving,
21:06 see he is not moving. You got it,
21:08 he is so cute. He got a kind of push
21:11 this fins down so that, there you go and
21:13 then hold this part. Oh! See that's why we got
21:16 to be very careful. Are you catching
21:17 anything Tabitha? No. You're just
21:19 getting seaweed, and here. No we're gonna throw
21:22 them in. Okay, or do you wanna let's
21:25 throw him back in don't you think?
21:26 Yeah. Alright. Well can we count to three first.
21:30 Yes okay, everybody count to three,
21:33 one, two, and three. There we go.
21:40 Oh! We went right down in that mass.
21:42 That is awesome you looking so good. Okay,
21:46 I'm gonna catch another one.
21:47 Okay, try to catch another one;
21:49 here let me throw it out for you if I can.
21:51 Let me throw it out. That went far didn't it?
21:56 Alright, Tabitha are you catching anything.
21:58 No, what about you Joel are you
22:01 catching anything? Joel would you like me
22:04 to throw yours out a little for you?
22:06 Yeah okay here. I step on the other side.
22:08 You want it on the other side, okay.
22:10 I can watch on this side, yeah.
22:13 You know what I am so glad that God made all
22:17 these wonderful outdoor things for us to
22:20 do and enjoy. Me too okay.
22:32 This is my command that you Love one
22:36 another John 15:12. And we do,
22:43 we're gonna sing that Jesus wants us to
22:45 love everyone. Okay.
22:47 Jesus wants me to love everyone,
22:52 love everyone, love everyone
22:57 Jesus wants me to love everyone,
23:01 the Bible tells me so
23:06 And when we do that we can let our light shine.
23:09 Okay. Miss Cinda what does it
23:12 mean to let our light shine?
23:15 It means that we can tell everyone we
23:18 meet about Jesus. Yes that's right.
23:21 How many like to let their lights shine.
23:22 I do, I do. And there's lots of ways
23:26 we can tell people about Jesus isn't there?
23:30 Yes. Alright. This lit a light of mine.
23:33 This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine
23:39 This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine
23:45 let it shine let it shine let it shine
23:51 Hide it under bushes. No I'm gonna let it shine
23:57 Hide it under bushes. No I'm gonna let it shine
24:03 let it shine let it shine let it shine
24:08 All around the neighborhood
24:12 I'm gonna let it shine All around the
24:17 neighborhood I'm gonna let it shine
24:22 let it shine let it shine let it shine
24:27 Let it shine till Jesus comes
24:29 Let it shine till Jesus comes
24:33 I'm gonna let it shine Let it shine till
24:37 Jesus comes I'm gonna let it shine
24:42 let it shine let it shine let it shine
24:49 That was good. I know you liked
24:50 that song. Yeah really good.
24:52 When we let our lights shine we have the
24:54 love of Jesus, love of Jesus down
24:57 in our hearts. Yes.
24:59 I have the love of Jesus love
25:02 of Jesus Down in my heart.
25:05 Where? Down in my heart.
25:07 Where? Down in my heart.
25:09 I have the love of Jesus love of Jesus
25:12 Down in my heart.
25:14 Where? Down in my heart to stay.
25:18 I'm so happy, so very happy;
25:23 I have the love of Jesus in my heart,
25:26 love in my heart And I'm so happy,
25:29 so very happy; I have the love of Jesus
25:34 in my heart, Oh eternal,
25:38 can we sing that one more time?
25:39 Yes. I love it song. Okay.
25:43 I have the love of Jesus love of Jesus
25:47 Down in my heart. Where?
25:49 Down in my heat. Where?
25:51 Down in my heat. I have the love of Jesus
25:55 love of Jesus Down in my heart.
25:57 Where? Down in my heart to stay.
26:02 I'm so happy, so very happy;
26:06 I have the love of Jesus in my heart,
26:09 Love in my heart And I'm so happy,
26:12 so very happy; I have the
26:16 love of Jesus in my heart,
26:21 You know I think that's what shining
26:23 the light is to, when we're so happy
26:26 we tell others about Jesus.
26:30 That's right. It's about showing the happiness.
26:32 That's right and when we are so happy we love to
26:37 talk to Jesus too. And We're gonna get down
26:39 on our knees and we're gonna talk to Jesus and
26:41 Lillian is gonna have a special prayer. Oh good.
26:44 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
26:53 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
27:01 and very, very quite be while the prayer is said.
27:10 Dear Jesus thank you for the animals and I just
27:16 love you and help us to share you in your name.
27:19 Amen. Amen. That's Mr. Rooster.
27:33 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:38 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:44 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:52 Goodbye. We are Tiny Tots around
28:01 the world we're God's girls and boys.
28:04 We live for him around the world,
28:07 we spread love and joy, we're cloudy stars
28:11 of rainbow, we're shining like the rainbow.
28:15 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:18 we're God's girls and boys.


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