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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:30 Auntie Linda I'm afraid in the dark.
00:33 I'm afraid in the dark too. You are too Cara?
00:37 You don't need to afraid in the dark,
00:39 'cause Jesus is taking care of us.
00:41 That's right; we have angels that watch over us.
00:44 Eleanor is not afraid, no Eleanor is not afraid.
00:48 Oh the boys and girls are here,
00:50 they has angels too. Hi boys and girls.
00:54 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:59 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
01:04 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:07 Jesus knows your name,
01:10 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:17 We are gonna have a good worship today,
01:20 okay Eleanor, you can chew on our toy
01:22 or you can take it and hide it.
01:24 Eleanor loves to hide them, alright Eleanor,
01:27 come on let's go we have a good worship,
01:30 oh I can't wait boys and girls.
01:36 Hi Miss Cinda, oh I'm excited you all are here.
01:43 Oh and look at Billy Boy, Billy Boy,
01:46 look who's here, the boys and girls.
01:51 The boys and girls are here, that's right.
01:55 And yes, you are boys and girls.
01:57 He's looking us over, he's saying,
02:00 how do you do? He is looking at you Cara.
02:03 Hello, hello, hello oh hello to you.
02:12 Let's see Mr. Wiggles. Hello Mr. Wiggles,
02:17 hello Mr. Wiggles, oh look he's twitching his nose,
02:23 look at him. Isn't it cute?
02:26 You know what I think he is wanting,
02:28 he is wanting worship to start,
02:31 he likes our songs and stories I think,
02:33 alright let's go get started.
02:35 I love worship, alright. Come here Emma,
02:40 oh okay and you like our pillows too don't you,
02:44 alright. Well Auntie Linda is so excited,
02:47 who do you think us writing us a letter,
02:50 let's see. All the way from South Dakota,
02:53 South Dakota? Do you know where
02:55 South Dakota is? Alright, it's a long ways from us.
03:00 Dennis, you can hold it up.
03:02 Yeah I got on my United States puzzle.
03:05 That's right it is on your United States puzzle.
03:08 Oh that's right, and you know what it says Emma?
03:11 What? It says dear Auntie Linda, I love Jesus,
03:14 does Jesus have a birthday? I love you
03:19 and I love Jesus, I like to sing God is good,
03:24 love Kailey. Oh Kailey, we love Jesus too,
03:31 because Jesus is special. Oh thank you Tyler.
03:35 I love to sing. I love to sing too.
03:40 Well, it's time to ask Billy Boy to ring
03:43 the worship bells okay kids.
03:45 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell
03:51 and sing along with us boys and girls.
03:56 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to
03:59 me with our best friend Jesus
04:04 come and worship him Jesus will be
04:07 near smiling when he sees us.
04:14 Jesus is always smiling when he see his kids,
04:18 Dennis, can you hand me my special book.
04:21 Does anybody know what this book is?
04:24 The Bible, the Bible who's book is it?
04:27 Jesus, Jesus book. And we have a special Bible
04:32 verse and it's in Psalms 91:11, Psalms 91:11.
04:40 For he shall give, For he shall give, his angels,
04:45 his angels, charge over you, charge over you.
04:51 The Bible tells me that Jesus sends
04:56 angels to watch over me.
04:58 Oh I'm so glad that Jesus sends us angels.
05:02 I can't wait to meet my angel.
05:05 Me either you can lay it very carefully.
05:08 Jesus watches over me all the time.
05:12 Yes, he does and we have a story about
05:15 how Jesus watched over Paul. Marching, marching,
05:21 soldiers were marching. Goodbye pastor Paul
05:26 said all the Christians. He was getting on a boat
05:30 and they were taking him far away.
05:32 Rocking, rocking big boat, the soldiers took
05:36 him far away. Soon they were setting the sails
05:42 and the boat was rocking back and forth
05:48 and it rocked faster and faster and faster.
05:51 Oh everybody was getting very scared,
05:55 all of a sudden water started coming into
05:58 the boat. And it was coming all over they
06:02 threw out the baggage, throw it out, throw it out
06:05 of the boat, but water kept coming,
06:08 all of a sudden they said they're gonna be
06:10 shipwreck, but Paul said none of us will be hurt
06:14 because we have angels watching over us.
06:17 All of them went into the water, crash bang,
06:21 they went into the water. Pieces of the ship went
06:24 everywhere, they hurried to the shore.
06:27 The people on the shore made a fire and they
06:30 all were safe, every single one.
06:35 No one was hurt because the angels watched over
06:41 them. Do you have angels watching over you?
06:44 Yes, yes we do don't we? Denis will you thank Jesus
06:48 for our angels? Let's fold our hands
06:51 boys and girls and close our eyes.
06:53 Dear Father, thank you that we can have angels
06:56 to watch over us, that we will not get
06:59 hurt that bad and amen, amen. Boys and girls,
07:04 I love worship time, don't you? Yes.
07:14 We are in the kitchen with Miss Cinda,
07:16 and we are having fun. Yeah.
07:21 I love it when you all come to the kitchen
07:25 and do projects with me and cook.
07:27 And make crafts; do you all like to come
07:30 to the kitchen? Yeah, its fun, its fun.
07:35 It is, isn't it, boys and girls, I hope you like
07:38 to go to the kitchen. Today we are talking
07:42 about what's this? Angel, it's beautiful, wow.
07:47 Isn't it pretty? Who is this? This is so you can
07:51 hang it, you can hang it on a door knob or a nail.
07:54 Or Christmas tree, Christmas tree.
07:56 Do you see how it sparkles? Would you
08:00 all like to paint one? Yes, I just happen to
08:05 have one for you. And Auntie Linda,
08:08 let's help them put some paint on their plates,
08:11 what colors would you like?
08:12 I like blue, blue, pink, green.
08:15 Okay alright and boys and girls maybe
08:19 you can do this at home. You can get one,
08:22 your mommies or daddies or grown ups to help you.
08:25 I want this one and the pink.
08:26 You want the pink, may I have blue too?
08:28 Yes you may, thank you. There you go, okay you
08:32 can start painting, two colors.
08:35 Do you want some sparkles? And would you
08:37 like some sparkle? I'll help you Miss Carrie?
08:39 Sure, do you have blue sparkle?
08:42 May I have water? Who is happy that
08:44 Jesus gives us angels? Me, are you guys,
08:49 Tabitha, are you happy Jesus gives you angels?
08:51 Yeah, yes. Angels take care of us, do they
08:55 protect us? Yeah, and they watch over us? Um-um.
08:59 This won't go, oh I'll help you.
09:01 You know why because we have a little safety
09:04 lid here, just so it won't spill out all over
09:08 everywhere look at that. Can I have that
09:11 color too? Okay start painting.
09:15 I'm so glad that Jesus give us angels,
09:18 I'm not afraid to sleep in my room at night
09:20 because I know my angels are with me.
09:22 That's right because angels can take care of us,
09:25 they will they watch over us Jesus gives us
09:27 the angels did you know that everyone of us
09:30 has an angel. We have a angel we're Jesus lamb.
09:33 That's right, may I have some blue glitter,
09:38 the glitter please? You may, there you go.
09:41 Oh that's so pretty, that sparkles and
09:45 do you know boys and girls that some day
09:47 when we get to go to heaven, we are gonna
09:50 be able to meet our angel?
09:51 Do you boys and girls know that?
09:54 We're going to meet our angel.
09:56 And there be a lots and lots angels in heaven.
10:00 Gabriel, Gabriel, that's right. What's something
10:05 you're gonna say to your angel?
10:09 I don't know, I say thank you for taking such
10:12 good care of me angel, I love you.
10:15 I'm gonna thank my angel too, because.
10:18 We will all know the angels names,
10:20 that's right we will won't we?
10:23 I wanna say, I want to play with the animals.
10:28 That will be fun when we see the angel ridding
10:33 a hippopotamus, because I think angels
10:39 like to have fun too, like we do.
10:41 I think it will be funny if we had
10:44 Auntie Linda ride the hippopotamus.
10:46 I want my angel with me for sure then.
10:52 May I have pink please, you may.
10:55 But, then you won't get hurt. That's right.
10:58 That's right Kerry; oh heaven is going
11:01 to be so special. Auntie Linda could
11:05 ride on me, with me on the hippopotamus.
11:08 Heaven is gonna be a special place,
11:12 and I can't wait to see Jesus and all the angels.
11:16 I can't wait to see my angel.
11:18 And you know what, there is gonna be lots and lots
11:20 and lots of angels in heaven, and animals, yes.
11:26 I want to go see Jesus on the throne.
11:29 Oh boys and girls, are you getting excited?
11:33 You need to go to heaven and you can
11:35 see lots of angels too. I want to see my
11:36 guardian angel. Yes, well boys and girls,
11:41 I hope you remember that anytime you can
11:43 be in the kitchen it's fun.
11:52 Kids, I have something really neat for you today,
11:57 and Auntie Linda you are gonna need
11:59 Farmer Donny's work gloves.
12:01 I'm gonna need gloves, why would I need gloves?
12:04 Kids, what do you think she is gonna need those
12:06 gloves for today? Okay here, just sit right there
12:10 sweetheart, got something special I want you to
12:14 look at, what is it? You know I'm not gonna
12:16 show you, I want you to guess.
12:18 I want you t guess, is it a tiger? No, no
12:23 is it a bear? A bear no, it's Wing-Waker.
12:27 Oh! I wonder what it is. Porcupine?
12:31 No, but you're close Mitchell, here we go
12:34 let's see. Oh it's a hedgehog, here let
12:40 farmer Donny, does that me that there
12:42 something in my blanket too? Why don't you take
12:44 a look Auntie Linda, it's wiggling, he's wiggling
12:49 oh dear. Will it come out, he will come out
12:54 of here, open up the blanket, they feel
12:57 safe in the blanket, oh this is a big, yeah
13:01 a big one. Can I see it, he is cute.
13:05 He is cute; he is just a little bit afraid
13:10 Auntie Linda. He is in a ball.
13:13 Well, he does that to protect himself.
13:15 Do you see he's in a ball? Well, angels protect
13:18 us, yes they do. See his little nose
13:21 isn't it cute. Look at these little
13:23 prickly things on his back Auntie Linda.
13:26 Isn't it cute? See those prickly things,
13:27 and on his head. He has, he has them on his
13:29 head too Cara says. He has them all over
13:32 doesn't he? Yes, now those little prickly
13:35 things protect him, keep him safe.
13:37 He's sniffing at me, he is sniffing at you.
13:40 Is he sniffing at you Faith?
13:44 Now you got to rub him just the right way
13:47 or you'll stick your finger, yes see there.
13:51 Yes oh aren't they just adorable?
13:54 He's sniffing me, oh he is did well again.
13:58 Did Jesus make the hedgehog special?
14:02 Yes, yes he did, he give the little prickly things,
14:06 can you see the prickly things on him?
14:08 To protect him. Who protect us? Jesus,
14:13 yes and what did Jesus give us to protect us?
14:16 Angels, angels. Go, that's right, I think he
14:24 likes that, yeah. He's cute he's got
14:28 in a ball again. Would this one go in a ball,
14:34 yeah. He is, see how he's moving around,
14:37 he's in a ball too. He is in bowl too, yeah.
14:41 Do you think they like our song?
14:42 I believe they were, let's sing to him, yes.
14:49 I like to go to the barn where the cows moo, moo,
14:53 I like to go to the barn
14:55 where the ducks quack, quack,
14:57 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn,
15:01 I like to go to the barn, And learn of Jesus.
15:07 Do I cover him up? Cover him up
15:10 and they feel so safe. Oh alright,
15:13 let's cover him all up, can you help me?
15:14 Cover him up, cover him up, okay that's good.
15:18 That's good. Well thanks for the gloves.
15:20 Well thank you for come and by to
15:22 see Auntie Linda and kids.
15:23 Thank you, come on kids, you come back
15:25 and see farmer Donny. Bye-bye come
15:28 on back now, bye-bye, bye-bye.
15:37 Honey? Yes, honey, hello. Almost had an
15:40 accident, oh no you alright, yeah just
15:43 take a second here, I'm alright.
15:45 Oh that's good, and you know an angel
15:48 may have been watching over you today. Angels?
15:50 What angels? Yes, remember the Tiny Tots
15:52 said something about angels?
15:55 I remember that vaguely. Well maybe they can
15:57 tell us little more when they come today.
16:01 Maybe it's them right now,
16:02 well let's see. It is. Hi, how are you doing?
16:09 We are doing good, we were excited to come
16:14 and see you. Auntie Linda and Emma, oh yes.
16:19 We made this in the kitchen Miss Cinda
16:21 made in the kitchen. Oh thank you very much,
16:25 it's an angel. Oh it's an angel Vince.
16:27 So, you remember that you always have
16:29 angels watching over you. We're just talking
16:32 about that, well Jesus gives everyone an angel
16:36 to watch over them, oh wow! Isn't that
16:39 wonderful? That's wonderful and that
16:42 we have a Bible verse, Muriel can you say
16:44 our Bible verse? Yes, it is found in
16:46 Psalms 91:11. For he shall give his angels
16:51 charge over you. Very good, isn't that
16:56 awesome, he gives us all angels.
16:59 Wow! That's the angel that watched
17:01 over you today? I bet it was, yes.
17:05 Well did something happen?
17:08 Almost had an accident, oh you did have
17:12 our angel watching over you. Didn't he.
17:14 Yes, accidents are bad. Yes, they are.
17:17 Tyler and Tabitha have a special song
17:20 about angels for us, wow! Okay go.
17:28 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
17:33 Jesus sends the angels to watch me
17:36 while I'm playing. Jesus sends the
17:40 angels, angels, angels Jesus sends the angels
17:46 to watch me while I'm sleeping.
17:48 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
17:54 Jesus sends the angels to watch me
17:57 while I'm working. Good job, thank you
18:03 very much. I'm glad we have angels, I do too.
18:05 And Emma has a song about angels too.
18:09 All night, all day angels watching
18:18 over me, my Lord all night and all day
18:27 angels watching over me, my Lord
18:32 all night and all day angels watching over me.
18:40 Oh very good, thank you Emma.
18:44 You do have an angel that watches over you.
18:49 We have something else for you.
18:51 Wow! Can you surprise them with the special?
18:54 Alright Muriel. She thought Mr. Vince
18:59 would like this, okay.
20:20 Very good, thank you, very good Muriel.
20:25 I think Miss Shelly enjoyed it too.
20:28 I do, I did. I want to surprise you,
20:31 oh you can learn to play the piano sometime too
20:34 and then maybe Emma can come
20:36 and play for us. She can come
20:37 and play for us, that's right.
20:39 Well would it be alright with you if Tyler
20:41 had a prayer, oh sure wonderful Tyler.
20:44 Fold our hands and close our eyes.
20:47 Dear Jesus, thank you that you send us
20:50 angels to watch over us, amen, amen.
20:54 Very good Tyler, we are thankful
20:56 and we are thankful that you're alright
20:58 Mr. Vince because we love you,
21:01 thank God for the angel. That's right
21:03 well we have to run along. Oh thank you
21:05 for sharing, you are welcome.
21:07 Come again, bye-bye, bye-bye, bye come again
21:13 we love you now bye-bye. Bye Tiny Tots
21:15 bye Auntie Linda come again bye-bye.
21:29 Shall we go for a walk today,
21:33 to see what God has given?
21:37 And she likes insects, insects.
21:41 Hi Sammy how are you today?
21:43 I'm good, I'm so glad that you are going to
21:45 meet with us, and tell us about the big spider.
21:49 I don't like spiders, you don't like spiders?
21:53 No, will it hurt us? No, what type of
21:57 spider is that? That's the biggest spider
21:59 I ever saw, me too. It's a taranchula,
22:02 a taranchula. Do they live in this part
22:06 of the world? No they live in a
22:09 different part, really. What do they eat?
22:13 They can eat insects; they eat
22:16 like to eat other bugs, oh. Like I'm trying to
22:19 find some, she's hungry right now so I'm trying
22:22 to find some ants for her. Ants, I found one,
22:26 do see an ant? Well if there's an ant
22:30 around here, we'll find it.
22:33 Well she what Miss Jeanie? Will she eat it
22:35 when we're watching? She doesn't like to eat
22:38 stuff when people is watching her.
22:41 So, she is private? Yeah, she almost
22:44 just like she is hairy kind of,
22:45 she has hairy legs. She is hairy, yeah.
22:48 You know what somebody told me
22:50 and I don't know if it's true, that if they fall
22:54 very far or if somebody was to throw them
22:57 and knock them that they will shatter
22:59 and break is that true? Oh wow,
23:01 is that true tell me? Yes it is, if they fall
23:05 8 inches or more they will die,
23:07 really they will die, so that true.
23:10 She is very fragile, does she makes
23:14 spider webs? She does but she doesn't
23:18 often do it. She is a big taranchula,
23:23 yes I'm so glad that Jesus made all these
23:28 wonderful things for us enjoy, me too, me too.
23:39 For he shall give his angels charge over you.
23:45 Psalms 91:11. And Jesus will send angels
23:51 to watch over us all night and all day.
23:55 All night, all day angels watching over me,
24:04 my Lord All night, all day
24:11 angels watching over me. Jesus send us angels.
24:20 When does Jesus send the angels?
24:21 When we're playing, when we're playing,
24:25 and when we're sleeping, and when we're working,
24:28 when we're working too. Because why does he
24:31 give us an angel? Because he loves us,
24:35 because he loves us okay. Jesus sends the
24:38 angels, angels, angels Jesus sends the angels
24:44 to watch us while we were playing.
24:48 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
24:54 Jesus sends the angels to watch us
24:57 while we were sleeping. Jesus sends the
25:02 angels, angels, angels Jesus sends the angels
25:07 because he really loves us.
25:12 He does, and who wants to see their angel?
25:16 Me, oh I can't wait to see my angel. When we
25:20 get to heaven we're gonna see our angel.
25:24 I will see my angel in my father's house,
25:31 in my father's house, in my father's house
25:38 I will see my angel in my father's house,
25:44 there will be joy, joy, joy.
25:51 Let's sing it again, okay.
25:52 I will see my angel in my father's house,
25:59 in my father's house, in my father's house
26:06 I will see my angel in my father's house,
26:12 there will be joy, joy, joy.
26:20 I love that, we're gonna talk to Jesus now,
26:24 and Tyler's gonna have a special prayer
26:26 for us, okay. I will bend my knees,
26:31 I will fold my hands, I will bow my head,
26:40 I will close my eyes and very, very quite
26:48 be while the prayer is said.
26:54 Dear Jesus, thank you for sending the angels
26:57 to protect us and I love you, Jesus amen, amen.
27:05 I'm so glad that Jesus sends us the angels,
27:08 me too, I love Jesus. That's Mr. Rooster,
27:14 bye-bye. Our time together is over,
27:24 so we will have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:30 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:36 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
27:46 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
27:50 we're God's girls and boys.
27:52 We live for him around the world,
27:55 we spread love and joy, like colors of
27:59 the rainbow, we're shining like
28:02 the rainbow. We're Tiny Tots around the world,
28:06 we're God's girls and boys.


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