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The Bible Tells Me Jesus Is Coming Soon

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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:26 Girls are you coming? What are you doing?
00:30 You said Jesus was coming soon,
00:33 we don't want to miss him, where?
00:35 I don't want to miss him;
00:37 he's coming some day in the clouds of heaven,
00:39 yeah. And we are gonna tell you
00:43 more about that boys and girls.
00:45 Sing along with us.
00:50 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:55 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
01:00 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:03 Jesus knows your name,
01:06 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:13 Eleanor, you make Jesus happy too,
01:16 alright you can go play,
01:18 yes and you make Jesus happy too.
01:20 We are gonna get the mail
01:22 and then we're gonna have a fun worship.
01:25 Oh I can hardly wait, alright.
01:29 We have to get things ready,
01:32 Miss Cinda, Miss Cinda, Jesus is coming.
01:36 Oh I'm so excited, I told them I tell them
01:41 more about it in worship.
01:42 Oh I love talking about Jesus coming soon.
01:46 Billy Boy, oh look kids he's gonna sing for you.
01:51 Oh he's ringed his bell,
01:53 it's not time for worship yet Billy Boy.
01:55 Billy Boy loves worship, he does.
01:58 Oh and so does Mr. Wiggles,
02:01 can I pet Mr. Wiggles right now?
02:04 Yes, you may Cara;
02:05 can you say good morning to Mr. Wiggles?
02:08 Say good morning Mr. Wiggles.
02:10 Good morning Mr. Wiggles.
02:13 Okay, Mr. Wiggles, we're gonna have worship now,
02:18 everybody can go sit down,
02:20 okay kids sit down,
02:22 let's sit down come on Carrie,
02:25 bye Mr. Wiggles you can listen, okay.
02:30 I love worship,
02:34 oh you have lots of letters today,
02:37 I do and my letter is from,
02:38 oh I've got many, but I'm just gonna
02:40 read one today, let's see I read may other later.
02:43 Marilyn, I have one from Marilyn, Marilyn yes.
02:49 Alright let's see, I wanna see the picture,
02:54 you wanna see the picture alright.
02:56 Oh, it's from Ashton Dean he says dear
03:03 Auntie Linda, I love Tiny Tots for Jesus.
03:07 He has a baby brother named Jonah
03:10 and loves Jesus and he can't wait
03:14 for Jesus to come. Oh!
03:17 We can't wait for Jesus to come too.
03:20 Yes well let's ask Billy Boy
03:22 to ring the worship bell, okay.
03:24 Billy boy you can ring the worhship bell.
03:29 Boys and girls, sing along with us.
03:36 Worship bells are sweet,
03:37 calling us to meet with our best friend Jesus
03:44 come and worship him Jesus will be here
03:48 smiling when he sees us.
03:53 Take our finger right here.
03:56 We have another letter, it's Jesus sends.
04:00 Yes, Jesus send us a special letter,
04:03 I love the letters that Jesus sends us.
04:06 Oh I do too, Revelation 22:12,
04:09 Revelation 22:12,
04:14 And behold, And behold,
04:17 I am coming quickly, I am coming quickly.
04:23 I'm so excited, do you remember,
04:28 I love u. I love you too
04:30 and that's why Jesus is coming back
04:33 to take us home to heaven with him.
04:35 Because he loves us, that's right Carrie,
04:37 Jesus loves us. Do you remember
04:39 what happened long ago in Bethlehem in a manger?
04:43 Yes, Jesus was born,
04:46 that's right he was born,
04:48 on Christmas. On Christmas,
04:50 yes and Cara you are born too
04:52 and now you're three you said? Yeah,
04:55 then you are not a baby anymore are you?
04:57 You're a big girl. And you know Jesus grew
05:01 and he got bigger and bigger,
05:03 until he can go up to heaven.
05:06 And one day he went back to heaven
05:10 and now that's were he is and,
05:13 he said to his, what did he say?
05:16 He said to his, disciples, disciples
05:19 he is going up to heaven
05:21 and he will come back down
05:22 and take them up. That's right,
05:25 he'll come back to get us won't he?
05:26 Because he loves us so much.
05:28 That's right, and so someday Jesus
05:32 is gonna come back again in the clouds of heaven,
05:35 just right a picture, there is gonna be a big
05:39 cloud with lots and lots of angels
05:42 and the angels, yes, and the angels are gonna
05:44 be blowing trumpets,
05:45 can you blow our trumpets.
05:50 And they are gonna be announcing
05:51 Jesus is coming in the clouds
05:52 and it will so bright,
05:54 and what will all of Jesus children be
05:56 doing when they see?
05:58 Running up, they will look up
05:59 and they will just put their arms,
06:01 could you raise your arms up,
06:02 we'll be raising our arms up and saying Jesus,
06:04 I'm ready to go home with you.
06:07 Jesus is coming, yes he's gonna come soon,
06:10 do you wanna be ready when Jesus comes?
06:13 Yes, I do. How can we get ready meet Jesus,
06:16 how can we get ready to meet Jesus?
06:20 Do we need to pack a suitcase?
06:21 No, no we need worship him.
06:24 We need to worship him.
06:26 We can pray to Jesus,
06:30 yes we can pray to Jesus.
06:31 And be kind like him that's how we get ready,
06:35 and don't be selfish. That's right,
06:37 because Jesus isn't. Well Cara would you
06:40 and Miss Cinda have a special prayer
06:42 and ask Jesus to help us to be ready to meet me?
06:45 Okay, fold your hands, boy and girls
06:48 and close your eyes, close them tight.
06:51 Dear Jesus, dear Jesus, help us to be ready,
06:56 help us to be ready, to go to heaven with you,
07:00 to go to heaven with you, when you come,
07:04 when you come, I love you Jesus,
07:06 I love you Jesus, amen, amen.
07:11 I love worship don't you? Yes.
07:23 Miss Cinda, what are we making?
07:26 Oh! You kids are gonna have fun today, who
07:32 likes to cook? I do, I do.
07:38 I'm gonna have you help you make
07:41 little mini muffins. But, Miss Cinda,
07:45 I think I need my hands need washing,
07:48 that's right we need to wash our hands
07:51 and face first. Can you wash your hands and face?
07:54 Yes, okay here Emma, there Jadis,
07:59 wash your hands and face because
08:00 we need them to be all clean
08:02 wash your face too Faith, oh good job, good job.
08:09 Timothy David, can you wash your hands
08:11 and face too, okay good job because
08:14 we want to be nice and clean boys and girls,
08:16 always wash your hands before you start cooking,
08:19 okay are you done, are you all done?
08:22 Finish, are you finished,
08:27 okay are you finished? Are you finished?
08:29 Are you read to cook, no,
08:31 Faith can you pour in the flour for me?
08:34 Give Auntie Linda your washrag;
08:38 give Auntie Linda your washrag, okay.
08:41 Can you take this and pour into my big bowl,
08:44 got it. Oh good job,
08:53 and Timothy David can you pour in my sucanat,
08:56 sucanat is a natural sweet. And Jadis,
09:03 can you pour in my white flour with my
09:05 whole wheat flour, alright
09:09 and Emma can you pour in my vanilla,
09:15 oh good job. Well I have to more handle a while,
09:21 okay, and I'm gonna pour in my soy milk
09:26 and who would like to help me stir?
09:28 Me, okay you know what
09:32 let's let Emma start,
09:33 oh Jadis has a little oil do you want it later?
09:36 Well Jadis let me put the bowl over like this
09:40 and while Emma is stirring,
09:41 you can pour in that oil, good job, good job.
09:47 Very good Emma, oh does it take muscles?
09:53 No it doesn't, oh it doesn't, you're strong?
09:58 I believe I don't have to because
10:02 we put in the oil. Okay, can we let
10:05 Jadis stir now, okay? Jadis can you stir,
10:09 and Jesus is happy when we share.
10:12 Good job Jadis, can we let Faith
10:17 and Timothy David stir now? Yeah, oh good job,
10:21 I love that the way you kids are stirring
10:23 and you're sharing,
10:25 would you like to stir faith?
10:26 You might want both hands,
10:28 okay she is gonna give you some thing,
10:30 oh stir, stir, you're cooking,
10:35 cooking is fun isn't it? Yes,
10:38 shall we share with Timothy David
10:40 and let him stir too Faith?
10:42 No, no Faith likes to cook,
10:48 we're still learning to share huh.
10:50 Faith how about if we lad Timothy David
10:53 and Miss Cinda will let you stir again okay?
10:56 Can we put some little things,
10:57 here Timothy David you can stir.
10:59 Okay, that's a good idea Auntie Linda
11:02 everybody put, see how they come up faith,
11:05 can you put one in each one,
11:07 put another one in. Good job Timothy David
11:12 oh I bet you help your mommy at home
11:14 don't you? Do you help our mommy? Yeah, yes.
11:19 Oh here Auntie Linda will give you.
11:20 And what does Miss Cinda say about messes,
11:22 do you know boys and girls
11:24 it's okay to make a mess in the kitchen,
11:26 we can just have fun cleaning up.
11:28 Okay Timothy David, let Miss Cinda hurry
11:32 and get this stirred for you.
11:34 Now, you have all our papers in,
11:39 Miss Cinda Emma would you like
11:42 to pour the blueberries in?
11:44 Let's just take the whole bowl and pour them in,
11:48 ready? Good job, alright I'm gonna put
11:51 Auntie Linda little bit,
11:52 oh Faith wants her muffins already full,
11:55 here Faith you take your spoon
11:58 and then put a little bit of,
12:00 I'm gonna put some muffin in here,
12:02 and then I want you to spoon your muffins,
12:05 spoon this batter in and I will help you
12:08 in just a minute Faith.
12:09 See boys and girls let me show you,
12:12 Auntie Linda can you put some in theirs, sure.
12:14 Here Faith let me show you put it in
12:16 like this on your muffin,
12:18 and let me put some papers in,
12:20 okay now can you pick some batter in,
12:23 put some batter and your papers
12:25 and Timothy David oh good,
12:27 you got all our papers,
12:29 see what we were doing boys and girls?
12:31 Here Miss Cinda, here's some for Timothy,
12:34 here Timothy now put some on our muffins,
12:37 and Emma some for you. Oh there you go,
12:39 okay now you can put some in your muffins.
12:42 Put some in all papers, oh good job.
12:46 Oh that's good; it's fun to help in the kitchen.
12:49 And you know what Miss Cinda,
12:51 when you're all finished I've already baked some,
12:56 look what I have. Would you like a muffin? Yes,
13:02 you may take one, Faith likes that
13:07 would you like a muffin look
13:08 what Miss Cinda's already baked,
13:10 would you like to try one and Jadis,
13:14 would you like to try one? Yes,
13:17 yes I put his over here.
13:21 It's fun to help in the kitchen.
13:24 Boys and girls, whenever you have a chance
13:26 to help in the kitchen just remember
13:29 its fun, yes.
13:38 I wonder what farmer Donny has for us today.
13:42 I wonder, I wonder,
13:45 well look I have something in my cup
13:48 he told me to hold, what do you think it is?
13:51 Its food and we have water.
13:56 Hello kids, farmer Donny is here.
13:59 Oh I've got something in these boxes
14:03 I want you to guess what do you think it is?
14:04 Ducks, its ducks I hear some chirping, don't you?
14:08 Well let's just have a look and see here.
14:11 Maybe its chickens, oh it could chickens,
14:14 but I think it's what? You are right,
14:17 okay who wants to hold one of it?
14:20 Okay everybody has had,
14:23 let's be real gentle, yeah alright.
14:29 Oh, aren't they cute? They are just chirping,
14:33 oh here you go Tyler;
14:35 no let's put him over here then.
14:37 Do you think they like the ducks
14:39 like the water? Thank you. Here Madeline,
14:48 here we go Madeline, aren't they cute? Yeah,
14:54 oh look how sweet they are.
14:58 Look at that, if somebody wants to,
15:09 here some food you can have for our hen.
15:12 Yeah that might be a good idea Auntie Linda,
15:14 alright. Oh look here, come on little duck, oh.
15:20 Who made the ducks?
15:23 Jesus, Jesus made the ducks,
15:26 yes Jesus made the ducks.
15:29 Oh they're having so much fun,
15:36 do you like to go swimming? Yeah,
15:38 yes water is always fun they,
15:41 looks like they are drinking
15:43 in taking a bath oh.
15:47 What should we name them?
15:49 All of you saying,
15:52 we can name this one yellow duck;
15:56 Yellow duck. Well most of these ducks
15:59 will be white when they're full grown.
16:01 They will be white, white yeah.
16:04 Do you know what helps the ducks float
16:07 on the water? What? They get oil,
16:10 will they get oil from their mother's feathers
16:13 and it helps him float on the water.
16:14 Oh yeah, mine's out of the water,
16:22 yours out of the water. What do they eat?
16:30 They love corn, and now when they're on the barn
16:34 they like to eat the bugs.
16:36 They like to eat bugs yeah.
16:38 Oh do you like to eat bugs kids?
16:40 No, we don't eat bugs do we?
16:43 I don't like to eat bugs. Here we go,
16:46 there we are do you wanna feed the ducks,
16:49 okay. Oh a little pond, I know it,
16:57 well shall we sing to the ducks,
16:59 oh let's do. Alright let's sing
17:01 our song to the ducks.
17:05 I like to go to the barn
17:07 where the cows moo, moo,
17:09 I like to go to the barn
17:11 where the ducks quack, quack,
17:13 I like to go to the barn,
17:15 I like to go to the barn,
17:17 I like to go to the barn, And learn of Jesus.
17:23 Can we tell farmer Donny thank you?
17:28 Well thanks for coming children.
17:29 Thank you, thank you alright.
17:33 Thank you, that was so much fun.
17:36 Alright let's go kids come on.
17:40 Come back and see farmer Donny.
17:41 Come on Emma, come on.
17:42 We can come back again
17:44 can you say bye to the ducks,
17:46 bye-bye ducks, bye now,
17:48 bye-bye, bye children, bye-bye.
17:52 Alright, thank you.
18:01 Vince honey, do you think the Tiny Tots
18:03 will be here today,
18:04 we have been waiting and waiting?
18:06 They will be in a little while,
18:08 they love us, they won't forget about us,
18:10 don't worry they'll be here;
18:11 yes I'll know but, let's just see.
18:13 I bet that's them right now;
18:15 do you think that's the Tiny Tots?
18:17 Could be, we'll see.
18:18 Yeah Tiny Tots, come on in, yeah oh,
18:24 Vince look what Muriel bring for us.
18:28 She is got violin you're gonna play for us?
18:30 Yes, okay come here, sit with me.
18:35 Yes, she has been practicing violin,
18:38 so could play something special for you.
18:40 Oh we can't wait hear it,
18:42 I get so excited, wonderful violin.
18:45 Well, we don't have to wait,
18:46 can you play him something? Alright.
21:03 Very good, yes excellent. Thank you,
21:06 what was the name of that song?
21:08 Be thou my vision,
21:10 be thou my vision we have a Bible verse
21:14 that is found in Revelation 22:7.
21:17 You wanna say it for him?
21:19 Behold I am coming quickly. Amen,
21:24 that's what we are exciting, yes.
21:26 That Jesus is coming and Emma has a song
21:31 about that, you sing, lift up the trumpet.
21:35 Lift up the trumpet, and loud let it ring:
21:43 Jesus is coming again!
21:48 Cheer up, ye pilgrims, be joyful and sing:
21:56 Jesus is coming again!
22:03 Coming again, coming again,
22:09 Jesus is coming again! Yes, he's coming again,
22:17 good job. And I'm excited that
22:19 Jesus is coming, I can't wait.
22:22 Who's excited to see Jesus? Me, yeah.
22:26 Well would it be alright if Emma
22:30 had a special prayer for you?
22:32 Yes, alright let's fold our hands
22:35 and close our eyes tight,
22:37 Emma is gonna pray. Dear Jesus,
22:40 thank you so much having this nice day,
22:42 please help everyone in the whole world
22:46 to have a safe day and let them go to heaven.
22:52 Love you Jesus, amen, amen.
22:56 We do hope everybody in the whole world
22:58 is in heaven, well we love you guys,
23:01 but we've got to run so we will
23:02 see you again sometime, bye Tiny Tots,
23:06 bye-bye, bye-bye God bless you, love you,
23:10 come on kids, okay come on.
23:24 Shall we go for a walk today,
23:28 Hi guys I'm so happy to see you guys,
23:29 to see what God has given. we are happy to
23:30 see you to Miss Jeanie.
23:32 Good, I got up really early this morning
23:35 and I will looking find something special
23:39 for you guys, and look what I found?
23:42 Cricket, cricket. Alright, aren't they.
23:47 Some of you older ones,
23:48 can you stoop down so Faith can see, yes.
23:51 Did you guys know that these guys make noise?
23:54 What kind of noise Miss Jeanie?
23:56 They rub their legs together
23:57 and make kind of squeak,
23:58 squeak, squeaky noise. Like singing,
24:00 how many legs do they have?
24:02 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 legs, no 6 legs, 6 legs. Oh wow!
24:09 And they eat plants, they're vegetarian,
24:13 they eat plants and all kind of good stuff
24:16 like that, plants and weed.
24:18 They like the plants,
24:19 yeah do they like eat plants, oh wow.
24:22 Are they part of the grasshopper family,
24:24 I think so. I'm not positive about that,
24:26 but I think, because they've got legs
24:27 and they jump. They do they jump don't they,
24:30 they jump and jump and jump.
24:31 I'm surprised he's sitting so still, yeah.
24:33 Yours is walking and see his, the antenna,
24:37 he has antennas, alright.
24:40 Yep well one kind of looks like a got
24:42 broke up doesn't it? Yeah one of him
24:45 looks like it's got you know what I'm so happy
24:49 that God made all these wonderful things
24:52 for us to enjoy.
25:01 I am coming quickly. Revelation 22:7
25:09 and Jesus is coming and we're gonna sing
25:12 a song about the Bible the train, okay.
25:14 Chug, chug, chug, chug
25:17 Choo, choo, choo, choo
25:19 Chug, chug, chug, chug
25:21 Choo, choo, choo, choo
25:23 Here comes the Bible Train,
25:27 Chugging around the bend.
25:31 I know the engineer,
25:35 He's my special friend.
25:39 Destination Heaven,
25:43 With stops along the way,
25:47 All aboard, we're leaving
25:51 So get on board today!
25:55 Chug, chug, chug, chug
25:56 Choo, choo, choo, choo
25:57 Chug, chug, chug, chug
25:58 Choo, choo, choo, choo
26:00 Here comes the Bible Train,
26:02 Chugging around the bend.
26:04 I know the engineer,
26:07 He's my special friend.
26:10 Destination Heaven,
26:12 With stops along the way,
26:15 All aboard, we're leaving
26:18 So get on board today!
26:21 Chug, chug, chug, chug
26:23 Choo, choo, choo, choo
26:25 Chug, chug, chug, chug
26:27 Choo, choo, choo, choo.
26:33 I love that song, me too.
26:36 I do too and you know
26:39 Jesus is coming soon
26:41 and we're gonna talk to Jesus right now.
26:43 So boys and girls get down
26:45 on your knees and we're gonna sing
26:48 our song and Tabitha is gonna pray for us.
26:51 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
27:00 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
27:07 and very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
27:18 Dear Jesus, I want to go to heaven with you,
27:22 please come quickly amen, amen.
27:27 That's Mr. Rooster.
27:36 Our time together is over,
27:39 so we will have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:45 Remember God loves you.
27:48 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:51 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
27:58 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:05 we're God's girls and boys.
28:08 We live for him around the world,
28:10 we spread love and joy,
28:13 like colors of the rainbow,
28:16 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:18 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
28:21 we're God's girls and boys.


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