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00:04 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy, like colors
00:16 of the rainbow, we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:27 Will there be giraffes in heaven?
00:30 Yes, Venus there will be a lots of giraffes
00:34 in Heaven, will there be tigers?
00:36 Oh! Tyler, you're gonna have fun,
00:39 there is gonna be lots of tigers in heaven.
00:43 Are there going be bears in heaven?
00:46 Lots and lots of bears and they won't bite.
00:50 Well there be dolphins in heaven?
00:52 Yes, and you'll be able to swim with them,
00:54 won't that be fun. Oh! Hi, boys and girls,
01:00 we're glad you're here, sing with us.
01:03 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:09 Jesus loves the children everyone the same,
01:14 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:17 Jesus knows your name, you made Jesus
01:22 happy just because you came.
01:28 Well, we're gonna have fun talking about
01:30 heaven today, come on in it's time for worship
01:33 Auntie Linda is gonna get the mail,
01:35 we are going to have a good worship.
01:38 Oh! I'm so excited to see you kids, really.
01:44 Hi Billy boy, you're pretty today,
01:49 he's always so excited to see us.
01:51 Mr. Wiggles is been waiting for you too,
01:55 always chomping down, always chomp,
01:57 chomp, chomping. Mr. Wiggle, nose chomp,
02:02 chomp, chomp see, is he wiggling his nose?
02:06 Yes, Mr. Wiggle is pretty today,
02:08 I think he knows that it's worship time
02:10 every time the boys and girls come,
02:12 oh he love worship, it's worship time.
02:14 A leopard, an ostrich. You have a wall,
02:23 I know that Auntie Linda is talking about heaven
02:26 and I thought I would surprise you
02:29 and show you some animals that are
02:32 gonna be in heaven. Isn't that special?
02:36 I want that too, well before we get started
02:39 on our worship I wanna read,
02:41 at least one letter lets see, well I love
02:43 the letters. This one is from British Columbia,
02:47 do you know where that is? No, my mom went
02:51 there once; your mom went there once.
02:53 It's in Canada, yes, there we go.
02:57 This little boy's name is Aaron and his mommy
03:01 is writing the letter and Aaron would like
03:04 everybody to know that he loves Jesus
03:08 and he says my mamma talks to me about Jesus
03:11 all the time. Oh! That's special Aaron,
03:15 we love Jesus too, we do, well let's ask
03:20 Billy boy to ring the worship bell okay.
03:22 Billy boy, you can ring the worship bell
03:28 and boys and girls, you can sing
03:30 along with us okay, let me hold this
03:32 while you can do our song.
03:33 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
03:38 with our best friend Jesus,
03:42 come and worship here Jesus will be
03:45 near smiling when he sees us.
03:51 Well, this is my favorite time
03:53 when we can read a special letter
03:56 from Jesus. Sophia, can you,
03:59 now maybe Auntie Linda can reach over,
04:02 excuse my reach, this is, what is this?
04:06 The Bible, the Bible and the Bible
04:09 is a letter from who? Jesus,
04:13 Jesus that's right and we'll see what
04:15 we have today. Matthew 5:12, Matthew 5:12:
04:21 Rejoice and be exceedingly glad,
04:24 Rejoice and be exceedingly glad,
04:29 for great is your reward in heaven,
04:32 for great is your reward in heaven.
04:38 Yes, boys and girls, some day Jesus is gonna
04:44 come in the clouds of heaven
04:46 and He's gonna take us to our new home.
04:50 And when He opens the gate to heaven
04:53 what do you think we're gonna see?
04:55 Animals, and the city and the city
04:58 and what else? And giraffe,
05:02 that's right Emma. And I wanna see my angel,
05:07 yeah, I do too. Timothy, what do you wanna see?
05:12 Some sharks, oh! You like the sharks,
05:16 I wanna see a leopard, I wanna see some horses,
05:21 some horses. What about you Sophia?
05:24 I wanna see a dolphin, a dolphin,
05:30 I love dolphins, me too. Well, you know there
05:32 is going to be lions, a bear,
05:37 well there's the lions and lambs are gonna
05:39 play together. And the lion won't hurt
05:43 the lamb? No, and the wolf won't hurt,
05:46 because Jesus will be there.
05:49 And you know what that's who I wanna see
05:53 most of all, I wanna see Jesus, I do too,
05:57 I love Jesus, that's the reason I wanna go to
06:00 heaven is because I wanna be with Jesus, yes.
06:04 Let's fold our hands and bow our heads and close
06:07 our eyes, really tight okay boys and girls.
06:11 Dear Jesus, we want to see you most of all,
06:17 we're so thankful for all your doing for us
06:20 and we just can't wait to get to heaven to give
06:23 you a big hug. Because we love you, amen, amen.
06:30 I love worship time don't you? Yes.
06:41 We are in the kitchen with Miss Cinda
06:43 and we are having fun, yeah.
06:48 Well, boys and girls, I have a treat for
06:51 you today, I thought you might like
06:54 a little snack, who's hungry?
06:56 Me, me, yes and I thought it would be nice
07:00 if you help to make your snack.
07:03 Well, what are we making today Miss Cinda?
07:05 We are making Sandwich bread, Sandwich
07:08 bread but I'm allergic to Sandwich bread,
07:11 I thought you might be allergic.
07:14 So, I have a special treat, so just that
07:17 you can eat okay, oh, who likes to cook?
07:22 Me, me I do too, so would you like to,
07:25 to make one of these and then maybe
07:27 you could give it to a friend. Sure.
07:30 Would that be fun, yes, okay let's do that.
07:35 We're gonna give you some vegan hot dogs
07:38 and we'll give you some vegan hot dogs.
07:43 That means there's no meat in it,
07:45 Miss Cinda? That's right, because we wanna put
07:49 healthy and good things in our bodies
07:52 don't we? Yeah, that's right you know
07:54 what I may give you each three,
07:56 because we will be healthy.
07:58 So, that's right Kerry, what other things
08:01 can we put in our bodies to help us be healthy?
08:04 Vegetables. That's right, there is gonna
08:09 be lots of good, that's right, what did you say?
08:12 Vegetables, carrots, figs, you think
08:15 that will be in heaven? Yeah.
08:16 Yes, I think Jesus has really good food for us
08:19 in heaven, and what about what's this,
08:22 what am I doing here? Drinking,
08:26 but what's healthy to drink? Water, water,
08:30 that's right and grape juice, yes, and apple.
08:36 Do you think I can drink juice and you can drink
08:40 apple juice? That's right. I like fig juice,
08:45 you do? Yeah, well I have never had that,
08:48 no I haven't either. Okay, I haven't either.
08:51 I've given you each a masher, yeah,
08:53 so you're gonna take masher in both
08:54 hands and mash. We're gonna have to
08:59 kind of wiggle it and press down, oh! Look,
09:03 you're gonna have to put some muscles
09:06 in that Kerry, you might wanna stand up.
09:07 Oh we're getting it Miss Cinda?
09:09 We're getting it, here Kerry, let me pull this
09:14 chair up for you. There you go,
09:16 push down look what Miss Cinda's got,
09:18 who's got muscles? Me, let me to help you,
09:22 oh! Who's got muscles? Me, there you go,
09:26 can you help, I need to help you Tabitha.
09:29 Okay, okay this one down, big muscles,
09:31 here big muscles. Do you know,
09:37 do you know that good food help us
09:39 gets strong muscles? Yeah, like apples
09:44 that's right, nice to Miss Cinda.
09:46 And I think we'll get an exercise here,
09:50 so this will help us be, be healthy.
09:54 Okay, let's press, there you go Miss Tabitha,
09:59 I think you just pretty good,
10:01 you can do just a little bit more I got your hat.
10:04 Justin, you can do a little bit more,
10:05 Miss Kerry you want me to help you.
10:07 Okay, let's get this one over here.
10:08 Oh! Good job, okay Kerry,
10:10 are you ready, okay what do you think
10:12 it will be too good? Big muscles, yeah.
10:13 Do you know what else helps us be healthy?
10:19 How about, how about? Are you doing okay,
10:21 how about, let me give you a hint
10:22 is this help us be healthy? Yeah, yeah,
10:27 now what's that? Sleeping, yes sleeping,
10:33 okay oh my goodness, I don't even have
10:36 mine done yet, oh! Who's gonna help me,
10:39 who wants to help me? Me, me oh!
10:41 You can put yours right in here
10:43 and help me Tyler. Okay, Kerry, you help me
10:46 press hard Kerry. Oh! Here Tyler
10:49 you can put yours in and get that hard,
10:50 part of mine. Can I help you? Oh! Yes,
10:54 you may, okay, just a minute though
10:57 we'll take turn. We will put my big bowl
10:58 over there too. Okay, good job Kerry
11:02 let's let Jolene help just a little bit
11:04 with Miss Cinda's. Jesus loves it when we help
11:08 each other, here Joy Lin, yes
11:10 and in heaven we're always gonna be
11:13 helping each other. Okay, I'm gonna give you
11:15 each a just a spoon full of this is
11:19 Grapeseed Vegenaise and next some of this,
11:22 now get your other spoons, your little
11:24 spoons, and stir this up, I love them nice.
11:28 Oh I'll get you another one, and Miss Cinda
11:31 do you wanna little pickles in it,
11:33 who want some pickles in there?
11:34 Me, some lemon sweetened pickles,
11:36 okay we'll put, does your friend like pickles?
11:39 Oh! Sure, okay, there you go Joy Lin,
11:42 now use your other spoon, use this spoon
11:44 and stir it up. And then I have,
11:46 you stir yours up and everybody gets a piece
11:50 of bread and you can put it on some bread.
11:52 And you can put and stir yours up
11:54 and you'll put on bread and give it
11:55 to your friend Joy Lin, okay.
11:57 Put some on the bread and then you can taste it
11:59 and see it taste like. And Joy Lin,
12:01 Miss Cinda has got a special treat for you.
12:04 Now, you would like that, oh! Kerry
12:09 what do you think of our sandwich?
12:10 It's good, wanna try yours Tyler,
12:15 try yours. Boys and girls, as you can see
12:23 it is fun to be in the kitchen.
12:32 I know what that is, that's a hermit crab,
12:35 a hermit crab. Wow, well look at the shells kids.
12:40 And the hermit crab grows in the shells.
12:43 That one is a big one, look at he move,
12:46 I like this one, you like that one.
12:50 Just a little hermit, you like that one honey.
12:52 Will they bite? Well, they got little
12:54 what I called pinchers on there
12:56 and they will pinch you, look at that, see there,
12:58 right there. Can he come out of the shell
13:00 if he wants to? He can come out if he wants to
13:02 and you know what happens when he out
13:04 grows his shell. He is bigger
13:05 and he gets a new shell, and he gets a new shell,
13:09 that's exactly right. Oh! Look at him,
13:11 oh! He's pretty fast, he's really fast.
13:15 Now, when you pick these up children remember
13:17 to pick him up by the shell, okay?
13:20 Okay, does there anybody, there you go
13:24 okay, that one is, you wanna try one,
13:26 just by the shell, just by the shell.
13:27 Hey that one's not moving, there he goes,
13:33 can you put him in my hand, yeah can you,
13:36 yeah how about that can you wanna try it now,
13:38 pick him up, just pick him up
13:39 by the shell like this. There you go,
13:43 because if we pick him like this you might
13:46 could get really bad hurt.
13:47 Well, he's liable to pinch you,
13:49 that's right he might pinch you.
13:50 And I don't like to be pinched do you?
13:53 No, Farmer Donny I did it, you did it,
13:57 see you there, is that. Who made
14:01 the Hermit crabs? Do you know who made them?
14:05 I believe Jesus did. Jesus made
14:08 the Hermit crabs. He may back in the shell.
14:11 Yeah. What do they eat? What they eat?
14:15 They eat little grains, just little grains yeah.
14:18 Do you wanna set him down? There we goes.
14:20 Get out the crab. Oh we about to miss that one.
14:23 Get that crab for me. You want them
14:26 to come out of there. If they get good warm
14:29 they'll start moving around like this.
14:30 How old are they going to be?
14:32 Well they get to be fairly old.
14:34 Oh there you go yeah. If this one upon by
14:42 derby is this one a baby? That just a baby.
14:44 These are babies. Now they'll get a little bit
14:46 bigger than this. Yeah. Keep putting it.
14:49 Look at that. But their tows then.
14:53 And they're safe inside these shells aren't they.
14:56 But they'll get good shells.
14:58 And they'll get bigger shells. The shells
14:59 are hard. Hard aren't they?
15:01 That's the protection. They grasp.
15:04 Oh look there. He is trying to go
15:08 and back in there. Back in the aquarium.
15:11 And there. Yeah. They like their houses
15:14 don't they? Yeah. But they, did you notice
15:17 they carry their houses with them
15:19 wherever they go. Yeah. Wherever they go
15:21 they got a house right. That's right. Yeah,
15:23 they don't have to go to a hotel.
15:25 Do you think you like us to sing to them.
15:28 I bet they would. Do you wanna sing kids?
15:30 Lets sing our song. Alright.
15:35 I like to go to the barn where the cows moo, moo,
15:40 I like to go to the barn
15:42 where the ducks quack, quack,
15:44 I like to go to the barn,
15:48 I like to go to the barn,
15:50 I like to go to the barn, And learn of Jesus.
15:54 Oh that was fun, thank you that's,
15:58 oh these are very interesting.
15:59 Bye-bye shell. Can you say bye hermit crabs,
16:04 friends. Bye-bye kids, good bye.
16:06 I'm gonna go today come on bye-bye, bye-bye.
16:13 Bless your hearts, comeback
16:15 to see Farmer Donny.
16:22 Lets hurry honey, we have to get ready for
16:25 the tiny tots. Already finished.
16:27 Okay we're getting everything all nice
16:30 and neat and they'll be here shortly.
16:31 Oh that's, I heard a knock.
16:33 They're here now. Yes, I'll get the door honey.
16:38 Hi tiny tots. Great to see you.
16:42 Oh glad to see you. We're always
16:49 glad to see you. Looking good.
16:53 We've been doing good. We've been having a
16:57 fun day thinking about heaven. Wow wonderful.
17:03 Ashur, come sit right beside there we go,
17:06 Bella, yeah thinking about all the things
17:09 we want to do in heaven. What are some of the
17:12 things that we were talking about?
17:14 I wanna ride the tiger. You wanna ride a tiger.
17:18 Wow! I wanna ride a lion. A lion.
17:22 I like to ride lions too. You too.
17:25 And tigers, tigers. Tigers me too, you too,
17:30 and lions. Well there is, and elephants,
17:33 somebody that I want to see more than
17:36 anybody in heaven. Jesus, Jesus.
17:40 And he's my best friend and wherever Jesus
17:43 is that's my home. As I'm gonna have fun
17:46 and Muriel is gonna sing a song about
17:49 families having fun in the heaven.
17:53 Walking in the woods with mommy and dad
17:56 Watching all the squirrels run
17:59 Jumping over logs and playing tag
18:03 Racing just to see I want
18:07 Even take the lions under big old tress
18:10 Staying till the day is done
18:13 Walking in the dark in a summer breeze
18:18 Simply having family fun
18:21 Running in the surf and kicking sand
18:25 Big squash like a gun
18:28 Laying on the beach and getting tan
18:32 Soaking up the new day sun
18:36 Sitting by the trumpet singing songs
18:40 Eat burgers on a bun Sleeping on the shores
18:45 till the break of dawn Simply having family fun
18:50 Reading God's word when the day
18:53 begins about the things he has done
18:59 How there is forgiveness for our sins
19:03 For he gave his only son Together in the church
19:08 was singing hymns About the freedom
19:12 victories won Bearing us in prayer
19:16 wrapping Jesus in Simply having family fun
19:22 When we been in heaven a million years,
19:26 we have really just begun
19:29 Living in the land where the rhino fears,
19:33 sorrow is forever gone. There will be no pain
19:39 and no more tears because of what
19:42 the savior's done. Singing hallelujah
19:46 to thy ears Simply having family fun
19:54 Yeah, oh Jesus loves to have families living
20:00 happy and having fun and we're gonna have
20:02 lots of fun in heaven. We are, well I think
20:06 someone else has a special song for us.
20:10 I've got a home in glory land that
20:13 out-shines the sun. I've got a home in glory
20:17 land that out-shines the sun.
20:20 I've got a home in glory land that
20:23 out-shines the sun. Way beyond the blue.
20:30 Do Lord, O, Do Lord, O do remember me,
20:35 Do Lord, O, Do Lord, O do remember me,
20:39 Do Lord, O, Do Lord, O do remember me,
20:45 Way beyond the blue. Thank you that was
20:51 beautiful. Well Ashur has a prayer for us,
20:57 would that be alright if he prayed right now.
20:58 Yes. Hold our hands and close our eyes
21:03 and Ashur is gonna pray for us.
21:06 Dear Jesus, thank for this beautiful day
21:11 we had and dear Jesus, help us for
21:15 the beautiful day and help for the time
21:19 we shared we had today, in Jesus name, amen.
21:24 Amen thank you Ashur. Well we had so much
21:28 with you today. Yes. And wonderful to seeing
21:32 you again. Come on Ashur, bye. Bye-bye.
21:38 Good bye. Thank you tiny tots. Good bye.
21:41 Thank you alright. bye-bye,
21:44 bye-bye, come again soon.
21:58 Shall we go for a walk today,
22:02 to see what God has given.
22:06 Oh guys, I'm so happy to see you today.
22:09 I was out this morning, Lady and I went out
22:13 and started looking and we're trying to find
22:15 something for you guys as a surprise
22:17 and we found that. What do you think?
22:20 And this is something very different.
22:22 Lesley, thinks it's a frog.
22:24 Well Lesley is right, but it's a special kind
22:27 of frog. Oh, is that a green one?
22:31 Yes, that's a great one. Frog guess what?
22:34 Let me hold him. They have little suction cups
22:40 on their feet and they're tree frogs.
22:44 Oh! They are tree frogs. Yeah did you ever see
22:46 a frog upon a tree? No. Well that's what
22:49 these guys are. These guys are tree frogs,
22:52 they get up in the tree and can you see Lesley.
22:56 Wow! They're sticking to my hand.
23:02 Okay got to do it really easy because
23:07 these are some God's creatures that are
23:09 very, very, Troy wants to. Oh yeah Troy,
23:14 just hold it. Do you wanna touch it.
23:16 We've to be very gentle with them because
23:18 they're not real tough, they are little
23:20 being guys. Oh they are so sweet.
23:22 What do they eat? They eat crickets.
23:29 I wanna eat crickets would you? No.
23:33 And they also eat bugs. Oh.
23:37 I don't want to eat any bugs. No.
23:40 Oh I don't want any bugs that oh.
23:44 They think bugs tasty though.
23:48 You guys, I'm so glad that God made
23:51 all the wonderful things that He did
23:53 for us, so we can enjoy them.
24:02 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad:
24:06 for great is your reward in heaven. Matthew 5:12.
24:12 And I can't wait boys and girls
24:14 till we get to heaven, we're gonna have
24:16 beautiful crowns to wear and we're gonna
24:19 sing about that. I will wear a crown
24:24 in my father's house In my father's house,
24:31 in my father's house I will wear a crown
24:38 in my father's house There'll be joy, joy, joy.
24:49 Boys and girls, do you what else is gonna,
24:51 we're gonna have in heaven?
24:52 Do you know that Jesus is building a mansion
24:56 for all of us. Did you know that?
25:00 And how would you like to sing a song
25:03 about that. Oh lets do. Oh I've
25:05 a special song. Lets do, alright.
25:08 We're going to the mansion on the
25:12 Happy Day Express The letters on the engine
25:18 spell J-E-S-U-S The guard shouts out,
25:23 "For Heaven?" We gladly answer "YES!"
25:28 We're going to the mansion
25:31 on the Happy Day Express.
25:36 Yes, and when we get to heaven
25:38 we are gonna have a real little bear
25:41 to play with. You mean there will be lots of
25:43 animals to play with Miss Cinda?
25:45 There will be a lot of animals in the heaven
25:47 and do you know that animals won't hurt us.
25:49 Oh my, in heaven. A real little bear to play with
25:56 A real little bear there will be
25:59 I'll play with the bears in heaven
26:04 And the little bear won't bite me.
26:09 A real little bear to play with
26:12 A real little bear there will be
26:16 I'll play with the bears in heaven
26:20 And the little bear won't bite me.
26:26 Well we're gonna talk to Jesus now.
26:28 Okay, alright. Put our bears down,
26:32 lets kneel and pray. I will bend my knees,
26:38 I will fold my hands, I will bow my head,
26:46 I will close my eyes and very, very quiet
26:55 be while the prayer is said.
27:01 Dear Jesus, please we are so excited
27:04 about going home to see you and living
27:07 with you forever. We love you Jesus
27:10 amen. Amen. That's Mr. Rooster.
27:24 Our time together is over, so we will
27:28 have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:33 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:39 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
27:50 We are Tiny Tots around the world
27:53 we're God's girls and boys. We live for him
27:57 around the world, we spread love and joy,
28:01 like colors of the rainbow,
28:03 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:06 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:09 we're God's girls and boys.


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