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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 We're God's girls and boys
00:10 We live for Him around the world
00:13 We spread love and joy
00:15 Like colors of the rainbow
00:18 We're shining bright where we go
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:29 Eleanor. Eleanor.
00:32 There you are. Come, girl.
00:35 The tiny tots are here.
00:37 And you don't want to miss worship.
00:40 It is going to be an exciting day, on the tiny tot farm.
00:45 Billy boy, you can ring the worship bells.
00:53 We're gonna sing it.
00:55 Worship as the sweet Calling us to meet
01:00 With our best friend Jesus
01:04 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
01:08 Smiling when He sees us.
01:14 And, Miss Cinda, it makes Jesus happy
01:16 when we come and have worship.
01:18 It makes me happy, when we come and worship.
01:22 Do you know whenever I'm having a bad day
01:26 I sing and it makes me happy?
01:29 Me too. It does.
01:31 Try that sometime, when you're crabby.
01:34 Try singing, it will make you happy.
01:38 Can everybody clap?
01:39 Are you happy? Yeah.
01:43 Well, I'm happy 'cause we have a special memory verse
01:46 and it's found in Exodus 20:3. Does anyone know?
01:50 I do. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."
01:54 Very good, Mathew. Very good.
01:56 Let's say it together.
01:58 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
02:03 I wonder what Jesus meant by that?
02:06 Because He is the only real God, right?
02:09 That's right.
02:10 Well, I'm gonna tell you a story about a little boy and girl
02:13 that live in the Philippines. And--
02:15 I've never been to the Philippines.
02:17 I haven't either. I would like to go.
02:20 Philippines. I want to.
02:22 Yeah, that's a long ways away. And some little--
02:24 Philistines, they are bad guys.
02:27 Well, that's in the Bible. Yes, in the first part of the Bible.
02:30 But this is a country. This is a country.
02:32 And there's lots of good people that love Jesus there.
02:35 And there's people that are good people
02:37 that don't know about Jesus.
02:39 And they're just waiting for someone to tell them.
02:41 And I'm gonna tell you about a little boy and girl.
02:44 And their names are Wingway and Winglow. Can you say that?
02:48 Wingway and Winglow.
02:51 And they came in where their mom was down on the floor
02:54 and she was worshiping an idol.
02:58 Do you know what an idol is?
02:59 It's... Who knows?
03:01 Made of stone.
03:02 Looks like something like this or something like this.
03:07 In all there's lots of different idols
03:09 and they all could look a little bit different.
03:11 But their mommy was crying.
03:13 Do you know why their mommy was crying? No.
03:17 Because the mommy spent all her money
03:20 and she had no treats to give the idols
03:23 and now she thought the idols would cast bad spells
03:27 on her family and they wouldn't be protected.
03:30 Oh, that's sad.
03:32 How could an idol do that?
03:33 They can't because they can't hear and they can't see.
03:36 But she didn't know any better,
03:38 'cause that's how she was raised. That's right.
03:41 And so mommy said, "Oh no,
03:43 when father comes home, he's gonna be so angry."
03:46 And all of a sudden, they heard the door open and shut.
03:50 Oh. Oh, no. And in came father.
03:53 And mom was shaking and she said,
03:56 "Oh, father, I forgot to buy treats for the idols."
03:59 And he said, "That's okay."
04:01 What? And momma said, "What?"
04:05 Just like Miss Cinda did.
04:07 And he said, "No, because we don't."
04:10 So he picked up the idols like this and he said,
04:12 "We're not gonna worship idols anymore.
04:15 Someone just told me about the great God in heaven
04:18 and about how Jesus came to die for us
04:22 and now He is the only one we worship."
04:24 And so father took the idols and he just said,
04:26 "I'm talking them outside and I'm taking them away,
04:28 'cause we're gonna worship Jesus from now on."
04:30 Yeah. And they were all excited.
04:34 And mother said, "You mean you're not mad at me."
04:36 And he said, "No,
04:38 we're gonna go to church now and worship Jesus."
04:42 That's wonderful, and you know what, boys and girls,
04:46 that's all because someone told their daddy
04:49 about Jesus. That's right.
04:50 Do you know that you can tell someone
04:53 about Jesus? That's right.
04:55 And you can help them learn
04:58 how that Jesus loves them, can't you?
05:01 Well, Aunty Linda is gonna have a little prayer.
05:03 So let's hold our hands and close our eyes tight, okay.
05:08 Dear Jesus, we are so thankful
05:12 that you are the only true God and that you love us.
05:16 Help us, dear Jesus, to always be true to you,
05:20 in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. Amen.
05:26 Oh, I love you.
05:34 Oh, there you go, Leslie. You're all ready.
05:36 Everybody's got their hands washed
05:38 and their aprons and hats on.
05:40 Okay, who likes to cook?
05:42 Me. Oh.
05:43 And it smells good, Miss Cinda.
05:46 And who likes to eat?
05:47 Me. Oh.
05:50 Well, today I thought
05:52 since aunty Linda is talking about Philippines,
05:54 you might like to try a dish from the Philippines, who would?
05:57 Me. That's Philippines?
06:00 Yes, it is. That's Philippines.
06:02 That's right. And you know what this is?
06:04 This is noodles. What kind, Miss Cinda?
06:07 Rice noodles. These are rice noodles.
06:10 That's right, Leslie.
06:13 Who wants to try my rice noodles?
06:14 Me. I know I want some.
06:16 Well, you know what, we're gonna cook a dish
06:18 that's called pancit. Pancit.
06:21 Can anybody say that?
06:22 Pancit. Pancit.
06:25 Oh, and you know what, Miss Cinda loves pancit.
06:29 Oh, it's yummy, yummy, yummy.
06:32 And you know what, you can put
06:33 all different kinds of vegetables in it,
06:35 but today I thought we'd like-- who likes carrots?
06:40 Me. Oh, I thought we do carrots.
06:43 How about you and Faith start with carrots?
06:44 And no one likes green beans.
06:46 Oh, and who likes gluten?
06:48 Me. Hmm... I got some crest.
06:50 I don't like it. You don't like gluten.
06:51 Well, you don't have to put it in.
06:53 Well, put some gluten on yours, Leslie.
06:56 Oh, it's yummy. All right.
06:59 And we got green beans and--
07:02 All right, can we let Joanie have some now?
07:05 Yes. Isn't cooking--
07:06 isn't this fun to be in the kitchen?
07:09 Yeah. And you know what.
07:13 We can help our mommies
07:14 and daddies all the time in the kitchen
07:16 because you can learn lots of things in here, huh.
07:19 I like to help you, Miss Cinda.
07:20 Oh, and I love your help.
07:23 And I like to help you too. I like to help you.
07:25 You like to help Aunty Linda. Oh, I love you, when you help.
07:28 Here, Faith, you want to put some gluten.
07:30 And let's Leslie have some carrots. No.
07:32 Oh, you want some green beans, Leslie.
07:34 Well, you can have some green beans and you can stir it up.
07:37 And then, Aunty Linda, you can have them put a little Braggs.
07:40 Does anyone know what Braggs is?
07:43 Braggs is a healthy soy sauce.
07:45 Oh, there it go.
07:47 And soy sauce tastes really yummy on our noodles.
07:52 You want some soy sauce in your noodles?
07:54 Okay, just put a little bit. You don't want to put a lot.
07:55 Can I take a little of the gluten, Miss Cinda?
07:57 Oh, yes. Could you please pass it?
07:59 There you go. Thank you.
08:01 And Leslie-- Would you like some of this?
08:02 I mean, Joanna, would you like some sesame oil on yours?
08:06 No. Smell it. Just smell it.
08:09 Does it smell good?
08:10 No. Do you want to smell it?
08:13 You want to smell it. Does it smell good to you?
08:16 You want some on yours? Okay.
08:18 Okay, we'll take a little carrot please, Miss Cindy.
08:20 There you go. Faith, you want to smell it?
08:22 Smell this. Say what you think?
08:24 I think that Noah likes this gluten.
08:25 You like it?
08:27 No. Can we get some carrots?
08:28 Let me smell. Okay.
08:29 All right. Well, I like it.
08:33 And Noah, you want to smell the sesame oil?
08:36 Yes. Okay.
08:37 And then she wants a little carrots.
08:39 I've tasted. Do you like it?
08:41 Do you like it?
08:42 Who want some Braggs on there's?
08:43 Me. Do you want some carrots on yours?
08:45 You want some-- do you--
08:46 She needs Braggs. She didn't get.
08:48 You want Braggs on yours?
08:51 Do you want some? No.
08:52 You can eat yours, Faith.
08:54 This is like a seasoning and you put some on this--
08:55 Oh, Faith, do you want green beans?
08:56 She's just waiting for the carrots,
08:58 when Leslie's done
08:59 Oh, okay, Leslie, you want some carrots?
09:01 And Jesus likes us to share, doesn't He?
09:02 Oh, that goes in the green beans.
09:04 Yes. Here, there you go.
09:05 There is your carrots.
09:08 Oh, do you like pancit?
09:11 Good. Oh, no.
09:13 We'll take some carrots, please. Yes.
09:14 Yeah, let me--you want to put little carrots on here?
09:16 Let me help you. All right.
09:18 And then Noah likes carrots. There you go.
09:19 And Noah wants carrots. He does.
09:22 Oh, and Noah, do you like the bunny rabbits?
09:26 They go hop, hop, hop.
09:28 And bunny rabbits like carrots. Help me.
09:30 Can you stir your pancit up?
09:34 And then see what you think, Faith.
09:37 Take your fork and stir it up, all right.
09:40 Is that yummy? I like.
09:43 You like what? I like the gluten.
09:46 Oh, you like the gluten, huh.
09:48 All right. You can stir it.
09:51 You can stir it all up. You like carrots?
09:53 Yes. What you like?
09:56 I like noodles. Good girl.
09:58 You do. Do you want to take a bite?
09:59 Oh, Joanna likes the noodles.
10:01 Me too. Oh, I like them too.
10:05 Oh, what you do like, Noah?
10:08 You like the pancit? You like it all.
10:11 We're glad Jesus made us so much good food, right?
10:15 Carrots and green beans. Well, you know what.
10:17 Got rice noodles. And apples.
10:19 And you know what I'm glad for?
10:22 I'm glad that you all come into the kitchen to help me,
10:25 'cause it's fun. Who has fun in the kitchen?
10:29 Me. Yeah.
10:31 Its fun to be in the kitchen, isn't it?
10:33 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
10:41 Farmer Manny, farmer Manny.
10:45 You think he is in the barn? Farmer Manny.
10:49 Hey guys, how are you?
10:51 Oh, I'm so glad you came. Oh, he is out here, Kaitlyn.
10:53 Hey, Aunty Linda, how are you?
10:55 We were looking for you.
10:57 Oh, I'm glad you found me and you brought the basket.
10:59 I wondered what Miss Cinda
11:01 wanted to do with this basket. Do you know?
11:03 Oh, yes. You know, come over here.
11:05 I'm going to show you, what I've been doing today.
11:07 Oh, I wonder what he's gonna do.
11:09 I have been picking these little things here.
11:12 Okay, you can sit down there.
11:14 Do you know what these are?
11:15 Green beans. Yes, they are.
11:18 Do you know how to say them in Spanish?
11:21 (Spanish) That's right, honey.
11:24 Oh, these green beans are yummy.
11:26 Yummy, I like them cooked.
11:28 And you know what, you can eat them cooked,
11:30 but you know how else you can eat them? How?
11:33 Raw. Raw.
11:35 All you have to do is put them in your mouth and...
11:37 Oh, oh, it so good.
11:41 He eats a raw. Do you eat them raw?
11:44 Oh, they are so good. Let me show you guys something.
11:47 They're trying them, farmer Manny.
11:50 Just eat it, but you want to make sure
11:53 that you eat-- don't eat the stem.
11:55 That part right there.
11:56 You don't want to eat that because it's hard.
11:58 The part you want to eat is this part here, okay,
12:02 or that part that there.
12:04 Okay, see what a difference and it tastes really good,
12:07 so--what do you think? Yummy, huh?
12:11 Well, can we help you?
12:12 Oh, I need all the help I can get.
12:14 We're gonna snap these green beans
12:16 so we get them ready to make some green bean casseroles.
12:20 Well, how do we snap them?
12:21 Well, you take one and you take--
12:24 Like this. Exactly like that--you got it.
12:26 Leslie, good job. I got it.
12:29 You got it also. Good.
12:30 Well, then you take the stem.
12:32 There you go, sweetheart.
12:34 But you know what you do with the stem?
12:36 We put it in this bucket right there.
12:37 And you throw it away?
12:39 Oh, no we don't throw it away.
12:40 On a farm, we use everything over again.
12:42 Look at this long one. Yeah, that's a long one.
12:45 Go ahead and break the stem off. The other side, there you go.
12:49 Oh, the animals like it?
12:50 Oh, animals love them, when you throw them out
12:52 to the field, Aunty Linda. Oh, wow.
12:54 There you go, buddy.
12:55 And then you know, how you snap them?
12:57 You take them and like that and you put it in here.
13:00 Actually, that's where we have, Miss Cinda's baskets.
13:05 I found a seed in there.
13:06 That's what inside the green beans a seed.
13:09 You can eat that, you know. And it's good.
13:11 Oh, it's very good and nutritious for you.
13:13 Listen to this.
13:16 That's why we call it snapping.
13:21 I like the inside of it. You do.
13:24 Does it taste good, Macy? Mm-hmm.
13:26 Oh, all right. Oh, yes.
13:28 Do you guys know that Jesus
13:30 created all these wonderful things for us to eat?
13:32 I love it that He made it such a pretty color.
13:35 Isn't it a pretty color?
13:36 Yes. Oh, yes.
13:39 Remember, don't eat the stem.
13:44 This job is so much better when you guys help.
13:47 Well, we like helping you, farmer Manny.
13:50 Oh, thank you, so much.
13:52 You know, Miss Cinda's gonna love that.
13:54 We're gonna be giving her a lot of green beans,
13:57 now that you guys are here helping me
13:59 to cut them and to snap them.
14:00 Oh, yes, this is fun.
14:06 Can you help me? I can help you.
14:08 Oh, you can't get this part off.
14:10 Oh, there you go, Leslie.
14:13 Good job, Leslie. Look how I made that.
14:15 What is that one?
14:16 You know what, and what does that look like?
14:19 It looks like it came right from a plant, didn't it?
14:22 And you picked these from the plants
14:23 and that's the plant right there.
14:25 That's why you don't eat it because it's almost like a,
14:27 like a stick, see.
14:30 I wouldn't like to eat sticks.
14:32 No, sticks are not good.
14:35 No, that would be like a raw tree.
14:40 Yeah, that's exactly right.
14:43 Oh, this is-- this makes me so happy
14:44 and makes me want to sing our song.
14:46 Oh, I've been waiting for you to say that. Let's sing it.
14:53 I like to go to the farm Where the cows mow mow
14:57 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack quack
15:01 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
15:05 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus
15:11 Oh, well, thank you, for letting us help you today.
15:15 Oh, thank you, for coming and helping.
15:17 I wish we could finish. But, you know what, kids.
15:19 We've got some other things to do,
15:20 so we better be on our way. Oh.
15:22 Can you tell, farmer Manny, good bye?
15:23 Good bye, farmer Manny.
15:25 Good bye, guys. Thanks for passing by.
15:27 Come on back, you hear? Oh, we'd love to.
15:30 Yeah, come on back. Come on, Macy.
15:32 Oh, she's a joy in herself. Thank you, Macy.
15:43 Must be, Tiny Tots. Oh, I hope so.
15:50 Yeah, Tiny Tots. Yeah.
15:53 How're you doing?
15:55 How're you doing young man?
15:57 How're you doing?
15:59 It's so good to see you.
16:00 Good to see you all. Oh, yes.
16:04 Do you know that God was bigger and He created the whole world,
16:09 without Him nothing of this world have the existed?
16:13 Really? That's right.
16:15 Wow. He's a big God.
16:17 He is. He's so to me.
16:19 And I have a song about that.
16:20 Can we hear it? Oh, let's hear it.
16:24 My God is so big So strong and so mighty
16:28 There's nothing my God cannot do, for you
16:32 The mountains are His The rivers are His
16:36 The stars are His handiwork too
16:39 My God is so big So strong and so mighty
16:43 There's nothing my God cannot do, for you.
16:47 Very good. Thank you.
16:49 I was wondering Miss... Aunty Linda, do we have a verse?
16:54 We do have a verse. Remember, we have a verse today.
16:57 And it's found in God's holy word
16:59 and its Exodus 20:3, can you say that?
17:02 Exodus 20:3. Exodus 20:3.
17:05 "You shalt have no other gods before me."
17:10 Because our God is the biggest god
17:13 and He's the only true God, isn't He?
17:16 Yes, He is.
17:17 And other idol gods are lying and they're just statues.
17:24 That's right. Right.
17:25 They don't move or praise
17:27 or worship or give them anything.
17:30 That's right. That's right, but we can pray to our God.
17:34 Kaitlyn, do you have a special prayer for us?
17:37 Yes. Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
17:41 Dear God, I love you. Amen.
17:45 Amen. Good job. Good job.
17:47 And we do love Jesus. And we love you two.
17:51 Oh, thank you.
17:52 I wish we could stay longer, Miss Stella and Mr. Vince,
17:56 but we have to go.
17:58 We have a lot to do, so tell them goodbye.
18:00 All right. Can you tell them goodbye?
18:02 Thank you, come again. Bye. Bye, bye.
18:06 Come again, bye, bye. Okay, bye, bye. God bless you.
18:08 God bless you. God bless you all.
18:12 Bye, bye. Bye, bye.
18:34 Woo. I found them in my head.
18:36 You found them in head.
18:38 Oh, I'm glad we have our jackets on and our boots today.
18:45 It rained so hard, we had to wear boots today.
18:48 It will make the grass green.
18:50 It blew up the aeroplane. Awesome.
18:54 Oh, look out, Eleanor found something.
18:56 Ah, look at that. Does anybody know what it is?
19:02 Oh, they're going. Oh, I found it.
19:04 It's called a geode. I found another one.
19:07 Another one, oh, I'm so glad.
19:09 I was hoping we would find these today.
19:11 These are so neat. I've found another one.
19:14 Another one. Oh, wow.
19:16 Wait till-- oh, I'm sorry, Eleanor.
19:18 Wait till you see what's inside.
19:21 Maybe it's purple. It might be.
19:24 God made these not very pretty on the outside,
19:28 but wait till you see on the inside.
19:31 Ah, I want to see, do you want to see?
19:33 We have to break them open, okay?
19:36 Let's do it right here.
19:37 It's not real wet right here, okay.
19:39 Now you know what, I was hoping that we would find them,
19:43 so I brought safety glasses. Move back over here.
19:45 so Eleanor can see. Yeah.
19:46 and you guys, have to scoot back because I'm gonna--
19:49 Steve, stand back, stand back--
19:50 put my safety glasses on, so nothing hits me in the eye.
19:52 Come and stand by Aunty Linda.
19:54 And kind of cover your faces a little bit, okay.
19:57 Kind of cover your eyes
19:58 as soon as I get the hammer out of my pocket.
20:00 Okay, stand right back. You can watch, Daniel.
20:02 You can look. Are you ready?
20:04 Yeah. Okay.
20:06 You can look. Let's wreck it.
20:10 Look, look how beautiful.
20:15 You were right. It is kind of purple inside.
20:19 It's really pretty. I know. Isn't that wonderful?
20:25 You know sometimes God makes things
20:27 where they look one way on the outside
20:29 and then when you open them up,
20:31 they are such a cool surprise inside there.
20:34 Isn't that neat? Shall we do another one?
20:37 Yeah. Which one? Thank you.
20:40 That one. That one.
20:41 Okay, do the big one? I want to do that one.
20:43 You want to do the little one, okay, let's do the little one.
20:45 Okay, got to scoot back. Stand by, Aunty Linda.
20:47 Kind of cover your eyes. Okay, stand by Aunty Linda.
20:50 All right, cover your eyes.
20:53 This one's harder. Look.
20:57 Wow. It's so pretty.
20:59 Isn't that pretty? Isn't that awesome?
21:02 Isn't it wonderful the surprises God gives us?
21:05 Here we are, see its right there.
21:06 Look. Okay, this one. See, its right there.
21:08 Look at right at the back. Not as purple is this one is it?
21:11 Where's Aunty Linda? Isn't that cool?
21:13 This one's more silver. Yeah. Isn't that beautiful?
21:18 Geodes have such a nice surprise inside.
21:20 I am so glad that God made
21:23 all these wonderful things for us to enjoy outside.
21:26 I want to see the big one.
21:28 Oh, well, let's see if we can find some more.
21:30 Yeah, let's go see, what else. Oh, come on.
21:32 Let's leave, come on. Let's leave this right here.
21:33 We'll go see if we can find more.
21:35 Is there anymore? Anybody see any?
21:46 We have been learning a memory verse all day today.
21:49 Do you remember what it is?
21:51 I know. Exodus 20:3.
21:54 "You shalt have no other gods before me."
21:57 That's right. That's very good, Natalie.
22:00 Let's say it all together. Exodus 20:3.
22:05 "You shalt have no other gods before me."
22:11 Because Jesus is the only true God, isn't He?
22:15 Yes. And He is a big God and a great God.
22:19 I know a song about a great, big God.
22:22 You do?
22:23 Who knows the song "My God is so great."
22:27 Me. Yeah.
22:30 Let's sing it. All right.
22:33 My God is so great So strong and so mighty
22:38 There's nothing my God cannot do, for you
22:43 My God is so great So strong and so mighty
22:49 There's nothing my God cannot do, for you
22:54 The mountains are His The rivers are His
22:59 The stars are His handiwork too
23:04 Get down, get down.
23:05 My God is so great So strong and so mighty
23:10 There's nothing my God cannot do, for you
23:18 Doesn't that song just make you smile?
23:21 Yeah. I love that.
23:23 Well, my God is great and He can do anything.
23:27 He keeps me safe when I play.
23:29 That's right, He does. That's right.
23:31 And He keeps us safe when we are sleeping.
23:35 That's right. And--
23:39 He protects us, when we're traveling.
23:41 Yes. Yes.
23:44 Oh, I love God. I do too.
23:48 Me too. I do.
23:49 It just makes me want to wave my flag and sing.
23:52 "There's a flag flying high over the castle up my heart."
23:57 Oh, I love this song too.
24:01 There's a flag flying high Over the castle of my heart
24:07 Over the castle of my heart Over the castle of my heart
24:12 There's a flag flying high Over the castle of my heart
24:17 For the King is in residence there
24:22 So let it fly in the sky Let the whole world know
24:27 Let the whole world know Let the whole world know
24:33 So let it fly in the sky Let the whole world know
24:38 That the King is in residence there
24:42 I have a question.
24:44 Kids, when we say that the king is in residence there,
24:49 does anyone know what that means?
24:51 No. Oh, it's a good question.
24:55 Oh, who is the king? Jesus.
24:58 And if we say that the king is in residence there.
25:03 Where does He live?
25:05 Up in heaven. In my heart.
25:07 That's it, so when we say
25:09 that the king is in residence there.
25:12 We're saying that Jesus is in our hearts.
25:15 Amen. That's right. That's right, Miss Cinda.
25:17 Let's sing it again and we'll think about that. Yeah.
25:20 There's a flag flying high Over the castle of my heart
25:26 Over the castle of my heart Over the castle of my heart
25:31 There's a flag flying high Over the castle of my heart
25:35 For the King is in residence there
25:40 So let it fly in the sky Let the whole world know
25:45 Let the whole world know Let the whole world know
25:50 So let it fly in the sky Let the whole world know
25:55 That the King is in residence there
26:00 And I want Jesus to always live in my heart
26:04 and nothing is gonna change that.
26:06 Absolutely, because when Jesus
26:08 is in my heart I shall not be moved.
26:11 What does that mean, farmer Manny?
26:13 Oh, that means that matter what anybody does or says
26:16 I will do what Jesus tells me to do.
26:19 Me too. Me too.
26:21 Let's sing a song that will help us remember.
26:25 I shall not be I shall not be moved
26:30 I shall not be I shall not be moved
26:35 Just like a tree That's planted by the waters
26:42 I shall not be moved
26:48 And it will help us to remember to stay close to Jesus,
26:52 by praying to Him, so we're gonna sing our prayer song now.
26:56 I will bend my knees I will fold my hands
27:04 I will bow my head I will close my eyes
27:12 And very, very quiet be While the prayer is said
27:20 Dear Jesus, we love you.
27:25 And want you to know that we worship you
27:27 and you are the only true God.
27:29 We love you Jesus. Amen. Amen.
27:35 That's Mr. Rooster and our time together is over.
27:38 Oh, goodbye. Good bye.
27:40 I wonder why we have to leave. Good bye.
27:50 Our time together is over So we will have to go
27:56 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you
28:02 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you
28:10 Good bye
28:17 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:19 We're God's girls and boys
28:22 We live for Him around the world
28:25 We spread love and joy
28:27 Like colors of the rainbow
28:30 We're shining bright wherever we go
28:32 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:35 We're God's girls and boys


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