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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 We're God's girls and boys
00:10 We live for Him around the world
00:13 We spread love and joy
00:15 Like colors of the rainbow
00:18 We're shining bright where we go
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:29 Eleanor. Eleanor.
00:32 There you are. Come, girl.
00:35 The tiny tots are here.
00:37 And you don't want to miss worship.
00:40 It is going to be an exciting day,
00:42 on the tiny tot farm.
00:46 Mr. Wiggles, its time for us to sing our worship song.
00:50 Mr. Wiggles loves worship.
00:53 I do too. Billy Boy.
00:55 Oh, that's right. That's right, Leslie.
00:57 We've got to ask Billy Boy to bring our worship bell.
01:00 That's right. Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:07 I like this song. Me too.
01:13 Worship as the sweet Calling us to meet
01:18 With our best friend Jesus Come and worship here
01:23 Jesus will be near Smiling when He sees us.
01:32 Worship makes me smile too.
01:34 Me too. You too? Yes.
01:37 Our memory verse is found in this.
01:40 Do you know what book I have?
01:41 The Holy Bible. That's the Holy Bible.
01:44 Can you say Psalms 34? Psalms 34.
01:49 Verse 8. Verse 8.
01:52 "O taste and see." "O taste and see."
01:56 "That the Lord is good." "That the Lord is good."
02:01 Now we're gonna talk about another country
02:05 and I'm gonna give you a hint.
02:06 Well, let's see if we can guess, kids.
02:10 Oh. A hat.
02:13 Oh, yeah, we have a hat too. We can put a hat on her.
02:18 Where do you think this is from?
02:20 Africa. Maybe it's an island?
02:21 Island and it's-- Africa.
02:23 No. It's Jamaica.
02:30 Jamaica. Jamaica, that'sright, Brian.
02:34 Jamaica. It's from Jamaica.
02:37 And they have beautiful water and beaches
02:43 and they have lots of fruits to eat.
02:46 I like going to a beach. You do?
02:48 You like to go to the beach. I do too, Leslie.
02:52 I do. You too?
02:53 You do, Kaitlyn. You like the beach?
02:55 Well, what are some fruits that they have there that we can eat?
02:59 I bet they have mangoes. Has anybody had mangoes?
03:02 I like oranges. You like oranges?
03:04 I don't think they have oranges.
03:06 I like orange and banana and mangoes.
03:08 Oh, they have mangoes.
03:10 I know they have mangoes and that they have bananas.
03:13 Do you think they have pineapples?
03:15 You think so, Kaithlyn?
03:16 But you know what they don't have?
03:20 They do not have very many vegetables.
03:24 Most all the-- baby, hold our little doll.
03:28 Most of the vegetables they have to have from other countries
03:34 and the boats bring them into them
03:37 because they don't have a place to really grow on that much.
03:40 So you know what some missionaries decided to do?
03:43 What? They said, we're gonna put up some greenhouses.
03:47 Do you know what that is?
03:48 What? What?
03:50 That's where they put a-- kind of look like a big tent.
03:53 Or a glass building. Some of them are more--
03:56 some are glass and some are tents.
03:58 I've seen both kinds. Some are building too.
04:03 You think so. Okay.
04:04 And then in those buildings they plant peppers and tomatoes.
04:12 Oh, I like tomatoes.
04:13 And lots of good food. Me too.
04:15 And these missionaries, they planted 3000 pepper plants.
04:20 Oh. That's a lot.
04:24 And then 400 tomato plants.
04:27 Oh. Well, that's a lot.
04:30 And then they watered them. Can you help them water them?
04:33 Pour the water on the plants. Lots of water.
04:36 They poured it on all the plants
04:38 and the plants got, make the plants grow.
04:41 They got bigger and bigger and bigger
04:44 and then peppers started growing on them
04:47 and tomatoes started growing on them.
04:50 And they picked them.
04:52 And the people were so happy there.
04:54 And you know what else they did to help them grow?
04:57 They prayed and asked Jesus to bless them
05:00 and Jesus blessed them.
05:02 And so you know they got the people in Jamaica
05:05 got to taste and see that God was good.
05:08 Isn't that wonderful? That is.
05:10 That was a wonderful story. Oh, yes.
05:14 And also with people being able to eat vegetables,
05:18 they'll be healthier. That's right.
05:20 And carrots too and tomatoes and all kinds are good.
05:24 Well, let's fold our hands and close our eyes
05:26 and thank Jesus for all the good food.
05:30 All right, close your eyes.
05:34 Dear Jesus, thank You so much
05:38 for all the good vegetables that You gave us
05:41 to help us grow big and strong.
05:43 We love you Jesus.
05:45 Amen. Amen.
05:56 Oh, your hats in place. Everybody has their hats on.
06:01 Ready. Are you ready?
06:03 Oh, look what I have for you today?
06:06 Oh, what are these?
06:08 Flowers. Who likes flowers?
06:10 Oh, I do. Me.
06:13 Me, me. I love flowers.
06:15 I've two different colors. Who knows what color-?
06:18 She's telling you about her flower garden.
06:20 I have tulips and sunflowers.
06:24 Elizabeth, I love tulips and sunflowers.
06:27 They're very pretty. I do too. I do too.
06:30 And little kids bring momma flowers.
06:35 I think big kids can bring momma's flowers too, can't they?
06:39 And so is that what you're going to do with your flower?
06:41 Oh, what color is this?
06:44 Blue. Blue.
06:45 Who would like to make a blue one?
06:46 Me. Me.
06:48 All right, and what color is this?
06:51 Pink. Purple.
06:53 Purple and you're right too, Leslie.
06:55 That's pink and that's yellow. And it's beautiful.
06:58 Who would like to make this one?
07:00 I will. Elizabeth.
07:01 Okay, Elizabeth, you can make that one.
07:04 And Joanna get's a blue one.
07:07 Leslie gets a blue one. Faith get's a blue one.
07:09 Okay, Les, what do you think
07:11 the color Aunt Linda would like the best?
07:14 Mm-hmm. Well, let's ask her.
07:16 Aunt Linda, what color would you like to make?
07:18 Well, I like them both,
07:20 so I'll take the one Leslie picked.
07:22 Oh, okay, there you go.
07:25 Now let me show you.
07:27 I was thinking because see they have
07:30 lot's of pretty paper flowers they make in Mexico, so and--
07:34 And you know where else they have them, Miss Cinda?
07:36 What? In Jamaica.
07:38 Oh, and what other countries do you think
07:40 they had make pretty paper flowers?
07:43 Uh, i don't know.
07:45 Spain and-- Spanish.
07:47 Do you know what? I've even seen them in Thailand.
07:50 Oh, wow.
07:54 And so I bet you there's little boys and girls,
07:56 all over the world that make these too
07:59 and now you can learn how to make them. Awesome.
08:02 So pick up your first layer, one layer at a time
08:07 and you're gonna gently pull it up.
08:09 See, you kind of, have to pull this apart
08:12 and gently pull up your first layer
08:14 on both sides, okay.
08:17 Can you do that Leslie? Can you do that Faith?
08:20 Do you see the first layer? Look.
08:23 See you can pull it up like that.
08:24 And when you get your first layer,
08:26 see, how this is.
08:29 Oh. Praise God.
08:31 You can pull this one right here.
08:33 See, just pull up all the way round.
08:36 I can't do it. Oh, I'll help you, Faith.
08:39 See how you do that?
08:41 And then you need to keep going around with each one.
08:43 Here, Faith, look, go like this.
08:45 I can't do it. Okay, now do this side.
08:48 I can. Okay, you can do it.
08:50 All right. See, hold this.
08:52 Hold it right here and then pull real gently here.
08:56 And now let's go hold the other side, pull this side.
08:59 Can you pull this one up? Get the yellow.
09:01 Who wants to plant a flower garden?
09:04 Me. Me.
09:05 Oh, well, what kind of flowers would you plant?
09:09 What do you think? Tulip.
09:12 You already planted tulips and sunflowers.
09:14 Would you like to plant some more flowers?
09:16 Keep going, must really help you.
09:18 Joanna, you're doing a good job.
09:20 Oh, how about if somebody plant
09:21 some roses for me 'cause I love roses.
09:24 Oh, I like roses. I like roses.
09:26 You do? Gonna be a farmer.
09:28 Oh, you're gonna be a farmer?
09:30 Oh, you can grow lots of flowers for me and vegetables.
09:35 I'm gonna be a cowboy. You're gonna be a cowboy?
09:39 Oh, wow, I love horses.
09:42 I want to be a duck. You're gonna be a what?
09:44 A duck. All right.
09:46 You're gonna be a duck?
09:48 Does that mean you like swimming?
09:50 Here, Leslie. See, keep pulling up.
09:53 Does that mean you like swimming?
09:55 And so you can be a duck and swim.
09:57 I think swimming in the ocean would be fun, Ms. Cinda.
09:58 Oh, yes.
10:01 So, Faith, what kind of flowers
10:03 are you gonna plant in your flower garden?
10:05 Pink. Pink flowers?
10:08 Hmm, Pink flowers are pretty.
10:11 Joanna, what kind of flowers
10:12 are you gonna plant in your flower garden?
10:14 I'm gonna plant blue.
10:17 Oh, some blue flowers. Yes.
10:20 Oh, bachelor's buttons are blue.
10:22 Did you know that?
10:23 Yeah and I think there's lots of pretty blue flowers.
10:29 Here, Faith, you want to help me?
10:30 I hold this and you could just pull this up like this.
10:32 Up like this. Pull it up like that.
10:34 And how about daisies? Could you plant daisies?
10:40 I'm going to plant yellow flowers.
10:43 Look, Miss Cinda. Oh, Joanna, that's so pretty.
10:48 What are you gonna do with your flower?
10:49 I'm gonna-- I'm gonna...
10:55 You're gonna give it to your mommy.
10:56 Mm-hmm. Yes.
10:59 I'm gonna give mine to your mommy too.
11:01 Oh, do you know what I'm thinking?
11:04 How about these two flowers that Ms. Cinda made?
11:07 Well, how about if we take those two over to our neighbor?
11:11 They would love that.
11:13 I think our neighbor would love it.
11:15 Well, let's--oh, Leslie, you're doing good.
11:18 Who likes to come in the kitchen to see me?
11:20 Me, me. Yeah.
11:22 Do you always do fun things in the kitchen? Yes.
11:25 It's always fun to be in the kitchen, isn't it?
11:28 Mm-hmm.
11:39 Oh, wonderful, beautiful, beautiful apples.
11:45 Farmer Manny. Hey, kids.
11:48 Hey, Aunty Linda, how are you?
11:50 We're doing good.
11:51 Oh, it's so good to see you, guys.
11:53 Hey, oh, I'm so glad you guys are here.
11:57 Do you know what I'm doing?
11:58 Apple. Picking apples.
12:00 Yes, I'm picking apples.
12:02 That's a lot of apples, Farmer Manny.
12:03 Oh, yes.
12:05 Well, you know, I'm finding the best.
12:06 I'm looking for the best apples to give to Miss Cinda,
12:10 so she can cook some apple sauce.
12:12 Look I found a brown spot.
12:15 Yes, some apples have brown spots.
12:17 Do you know why they have brown spots?
12:19 Look, touch that.
12:21 Yeah, few have brown spot.
12:23 There's one right there, see.
12:26 Sometimes they have brown spots
12:27 because they'll fall from the tree.
12:28 What are you gonna do with this?
12:30 Oh, you know what that's a good question.
12:33 What do we do with apples that are not very good?
12:35 Oh, in a farm like Farmer Manny's farm,
12:39 we have horses that love to eat apples.
12:41 Oh, I love to eat apples too.
12:43 Me too. Oh, yes.
12:45 And you know we can take
12:46 the seeds from inside and plant them.
12:47 We can do so many wonderful things. Yes.
12:49 Do you guys know that there are so many
12:52 different varieties of apples that God created?
12:55 Yes. There's green apples.
12:56 There's green apples, yeah.
12:58 And there's green grape. There's grapes too.
13:03 And banana-- yellow.
13:07 Oh, you know what?
13:08 Bananas are not the only ones that are yellow.
13:09 Do you know there's also yellow apples?
13:12 Yellow apples, wow. There's yellow apples.
13:14 Now when you eat an apple, you have to watch it closely.
13:16 You guys already said that
13:18 we have to make sure there's no soft spots,
13:21 but do you know what else you have to watch out,
13:23 when you eat an apple? Worms.
13:26 Oh. Worms.
13:29 Worms naturally go to the apple and they like to eat it.
13:32 So when we eat apple we don't want to eat that worm.
13:35 No. We eat vegetables.
13:38 That's right, yeah. We eat vegetables.
13:41 We eat vegetables and we eat fruits like apples.
13:44 Hey, do you guys want to help me to sort the apples? Yes.
13:48 But you know before we do that would you like to have a taste?
13:51 Yes. Why don't you get an apple?
13:53 Now make sure you get the right one without the brown spots.
13:55 I got a little one. You got a little one.
13:58 Okay, you want to taste one?
13:59 Here's a little one. Oh, that one looks good.
14:01 Oh, i love-- You know what?
14:03 Can I taste this one? Taste it, look.
14:04 Mm, oh, it is so good.
14:11 Yeah. You like it.
14:13 Oh, wonderful.
14:17 I wonder if you guys can help me sort them.
14:19 Yes. Can you?
14:20 Okay, come over here.
14:22 All right. Come over here.
14:23 Okay, got to help me get the good apples in this bucket.
14:26 And the apples that are not that good,
14:29 that we may give to the horse, in this bucket.
14:30 Can you help me do that? Yes.
14:32 Okay, let's get some apples.
14:33 Oh-oh, you fell over the hay.
14:35 All right, come on up, buddy.
14:37 All right, oh, there's hay all over the place.
14:39 Okay, good apple over here, okay.
14:41 I'm so glad that you guys are here to help me out.
14:44 Oh, me too. It's fun being in the farm.
14:47 It, isn't it? Ouch, this way.
14:50 So what color of apple is your favorite color?
14:53 I think red is mine. Green.
14:55 Green. Red.
14:56 Green and red are mine. You do.
14:58 Oh, my, let's see. Oh, this one looks good.
15:02 This is one has-- It has few little spots.
15:04 I better put it here for the horses.
15:06 Nothing goes to waste in Farmer Manny's farm.
15:09 I'm so glad you guys are here to help me.
15:11 Thank you, so much. Oh, you're welcome.
15:14 This is fun. I like to help.
15:17 And apples are so tasty.
15:18 Have you guys ever had an apple sauce? No.
15:22 You haven't. Have you?
15:23 Babies eat apple sauce. Okay.
15:25 And guess where apple sauce comes from?
15:27 Apples. Apples.
15:29 Have you ever had an apple pie? Oh, yeah.
15:32 Guess, where an apple pie comes from?
15:34 Where? Apples.
15:35 Oh, apples are wonderful.
15:38 And they are good for us too.
15:41 They are. They come from the earth.
15:43 And guess who created the world?
15:45 God. That's right.
15:47 And God created the apple for us to eat
15:49 and be healthy and be happy.
15:52 He also made us so that we could sing songs.
15:56 Hey, let's sing a song.
15:58 I like to go to the farm Where the cows moo, moo
16:02 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack, quack
16:06 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
16:10 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus.
16:17 This was so much fun.
16:19 I'm so glad you guys passed by again.
16:21 Oh, I wish we could stay
16:22 and help you finish the rest of them,
16:23 but we need to be on our way.
16:25 So come on, kids, let's go.
16:26 Thanks for coming, kids. Can you say goodbye?
16:28 Take your apple. Eat your apple on the way.
16:30 Bye. Bye.
16:32 Come on. God bless you.
16:34 Come on, Brian. Good for you health.
16:36 Bye-bye. Oh, one.
16:47 Vince, honey, you don't have time for reading now.
16:50 We have to tidy up. The tiny tots are coming soon.
16:52 So i need your help. All right, all right.
16:56 Ah, it's too late. They're already here.
16:58 Tiny tots are here. Hey, tiny tots, come on in.
17:02 Come on in. Tiny tots.
17:03 Hi. Thank you, Linda.
17:05 Hi, so good to see you.
17:07 Have a seat, come on.
17:08 All right, good to see you, tiny tots.
17:11 Hi, Miss Stella, how are you doing?
17:13 Oh, I'm wonderful, Aunty Linda.
17:15 Oh, Faith has a flower. Thank you, Faith.
17:17 Yes, we had fun making them
17:19 and Lily Beth has a flower for you too.
17:21 Thank you, Lily Beth. Thank you.
17:23 We made them today in Miss Cinda's kitchen.
17:25 They are beautiful. Really pretty.
17:27 And at worship, we also had been learning a verse everyday.
17:31 A verse is found, boys and girls?
17:33 In the Holy Bible. It's the Holy Bible.
17:37 Can we practice our memory verse on you?
17:39 Oh, yes, tiny tots. All right.
17:41 Psalms 34:8, "O taste and see that the Lord is good."
17:52 And wonderful. He is good, He is good.
17:56 And they have also something special things
17:59 they would like to share with you today.
18:00 Do you have time? Oh, yes.
18:02 Yeah. All right.
18:03 Lily Beth, would you like to sing a song for them?
18:06 Yes. All right.
18:07 Do everything without complaining
18:10 Do everything without arguing
18:15 So that you may become
18:18 Blameless and pure children of God
18:25 Good. Very good.
18:27 Leslie, do you have a song you'd like to sing too.
18:30 All right, can you sing it for them?
18:32 Stop and let me tell you What the Lord has done for me
18:37 Stop and let me tell you What the Lord has done for me
18:43 He forgave my sin And He cleansed my soul
18:50 And He renewed my heart And He made me whole
18:55 Stop and let me tell you What the Lord has done for me
19:00 Wow, good job. Very good.
19:03 And Jesus does a lot of special things for us.
19:06 Oh, He does. He really does.
19:07 We love to thank Him too.
19:09 Would it be all right if we had a prayer with you? Sure.
19:11 Oh, that'll be a special, a special--
19:13 How about, Brian?
19:15 Would you like to say a prayer in Spanish?
19:16 Yes. All right, let's pray.
19:19 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
19:22 ( speaking in Spanish )
19:27 Amen. Oh.
19:31 What did you say, Brian?
19:34 Did you tell Jesus that you love Him?
19:36 Yes, I tell him that.
19:38 All right. Yes.
19:40 Well, we have to run along right now.
19:42 So thank you so much for letting us stop over.
19:44 Thank you for the flowers.
19:45 Oh, you're welcome. Bye.
19:47 Come and see us sometime on the farm. Yes.
19:50 All right, come on, Lily Beth.
19:53 Come on, Leslie, not in the kitchen.
19:55 Come on. All right, we're going.
19:57 Bye-bye. Okay, bye-bye.
19:59 Bye-bye. God bless you, guys.
20:01 Bye-bye. God bless you all.
20:02 All right, bye-bye. Be good.
20:04 Okay, bye-bye. Bye-bye.
20:06 We will. Goodbye.
20:18 Shall we go for a walk today
20:22 to see what God has given?
20:27 Coming, Eleanor? She's coming.
20:29 All right, okay. A good--
20:31 Now let's put everything in the boat for the time being
20:36 and let's work as a team
20:38 and push the boat down to the water.
20:41 Can we do that? Yeah, we've gonna sit.
20:42 Well, come on. Are you--
20:44 We're not gonna sit, yet. We're gonna push it.
20:45 We have to push it into the water first, okay.
20:47 I want to sit. You can be good helpers.
20:48 We will, when we get it down there, We'll sit.
20:51 Okay, come on let's push it down there.
20:52 We're all gonna work as a team and push it.
20:54 All right, ready? Okay.
20:56 It's heavy. One, two.
20:57 All right, Come on, Eleanor, we can do it.
21:00 Push hard. Oh.
21:03 This is fun. This is fun.
21:06 Pudh it hard. Oh.
21:09 Move it further. Wow.
21:13 Thid is heavy. Look over there.
21:15 Well, but it was hard,
21:17 but as working as a team we did it.
21:18 Didn't we? Yeah.
21:21 Yes. Okay.
21:22 Now the first thing that you have to remember is
21:24 when you get into a boat you always,
21:27 always have your lifejacket on.
21:29 Yes. You have to wear it.
21:31 This is mine. Yes.
21:32 Yeah, you can put that one on.
21:34 It's a law that you have a lifejacket on.
21:37 And they are worn for safety too. That's right.
21:41 You know, I'm just so glad that God gave us
21:44 all these wonderful things outside to enjoy.
21:47 And the boat. Yeah, and the boat too.
21:50 And the lifejackets too. You guys, need some help?
21:53 Here, let me help you.
21:54 I need some little help. You need some help too?
21:57 Okay, we'll get everybody off of it.
22:09 Let's say our memory verse together again, okay.
22:11 Oh, yeah. Okay.
22:13 Psalms 34, verse 8,
22:17 "O taste and see that the Lord is good."
22:25 And God is so good. Oh, yes.
22:28 And even Billy Boy likes to sing this song. Oh.
22:33 God is so good God is so good
22:44 God is so good He's so good to me
22:55 "I love Him so." Let's sing that one.
22:58 I love Him so I love Him so
23:09 I love Him so He's so good to me
23:21 Oh, Jesus is so wonderful.
23:23 He is. I love Jesus.
23:25 And you know what song I would love,
23:28 "Isn't the love of Jesus something wonderful."
23:32 I love that too. Oh, yeah.
23:33 We're gonna clap our hands and sing that.
23:36 Wonderful, wonderful Yes my Lord is wonderful
23:42 Isn't Jesus my Lord, wonderful?
23:48 Eyes have seen, ears have heard
23:51 It's recorded in God's Word Isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful?
24:02 And you know what?
24:03 He is so wonderful that I will decide to follow Him.
24:06 How about you, guys? I want to follow Jesus too.
24:09 I want to follow Jesus. Who wants to follow Jesus?
24:11 Me. Yeah.
24:14 I have decided to follow Jesus
24:21 I have decided to follow Jesus
24:28 I have decided to follow Jesus
24:35 No turning back, no turning back
24:42 And you know what?
24:43 Even though no one else decides to follow Jesus,
24:47 I want to follow Jesus. Amen.
24:48 Me too. Me too.
24:50 There's another verse we can sing,
24:53 "Though no one join us, still I will follow."
24:56 Yeah. Oh, all right.
24:57 Let's sing that one. Okay.
24:59 Though no one join us Still I will follow
25:06 Though no one join us Still I will follow
25:13 Though no one join us Still I will follow
25:21 No turning back No turning back
25:28 You all know what it means when we say no turning back?
25:31 It means no walking away.
25:35 That's right. Like this.
25:38 Yes. That's right.
25:39 Let's stay right with Jesus all the time.
25:42 That means we're not gonna change our mind.
25:43 We're gonna still follow Jesus, aren't we?
25:45 And Jesus loves us and He will always be our friend
25:49 and we can always count on Jesus.
25:51 That's right, Aunty Linda.
25:53 Yes, and one way we can always stay close to Jesus
25:56 is by spending time talking to Him in prayer
25:58 and we're gonna do that right now. Oh, yes.
26:01 I will bend my knees I will fold my hands
26:10 I will bow my head I will close my eyes
26:18 And very, very quiet be While the prayer is said.
26:30 Julia, would you like to pray?
26:33 Dear Jesus, I thank you for the fruit.
26:39 Please help me in Jesus name.
26:42 Amen. Amen.
26:45 Jesus did make wonderful fruit for us, doesn't He?
26:49 That's Mr. Rooster and our time together is over.
26:53 Good bye. Good bye, everybody.
26:55 Good bye. Have a good day.
27:04 Our time together is over So we will have to go
27:10 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you
27:16 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you. Good bye
27:32 We are Tiny Tots around the world
27:34 We're God's girls and boys
27:37 We live for Him around the world
27:40 We spread love and joy Like colors of the rainbow
27:45 We're shining bright wherever we go
27:48 We are Tiny Tots around the world
27:50 We're God's girls and boys


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