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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 We're God's girls and boys
00:10 We live for Him around the world
00:13 We spread love and joy
00:15 Like colors of the rainbow We're shining bright where we go
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:30 Eleanor. Eleanor. There you are.
00:35 Come, girl. The tiny tots are here.
00:39 And you don't want to miss worship.
00:41 It's going to be an exciting day on the Tiny Tot Farm.
00:47 Billy boy, you can ring the worship bell.
00:52 We could sing our song.
00:54 They love to sing. Yeah.
00:57 Worship as the sweet Calling us to meet
01:01 With our best friend Jesus
01:05 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
01:09 Smiling when He sees us.
01:15 I love to make Jesus smile. I do too.
01:19 Well, Jesus has a special little message for us in His book.
01:23 What is this called?
01:25 Bible. That's right.
01:28 The Bible and the verses found in Mathew 10:8.
01:33 Mathew 10:8. "Freely you have received."
01:39 "Freely you have received." "Freely give."
01:43 "Freely give."
01:45 Emma, do you know what that means?
01:48 When someone gives you something,
01:52 you should give them something.
01:55 Well, that's a nice thought, isn't it? Yes.
01:59 And what if we didn't have anything?
02:03 We didn't get a present.
02:04 Should we still want to give somebody something special?
02:07 Yes.
02:08 Well, I, Aunty Linda has a story today with you from Australia.
02:13 You know where that is? Australia? Yes. Yes.
02:16 Where is it? Far away.
02:19 Far away. Far away. It's far away.
02:21 And in Australia they have some really neat animals
02:26 and one of them goes like this.
02:28 A kangaroo? Yes.
02:31 Oh, I think I can show you an animal
02:34 you won't know what it is.
02:36 Who knows what this is? A brown kiwi.
02:40 That's right. How you guessed it?
02:44 You're smart.
02:46 Well, how about we let Holland hold our big one
02:50 and you can hold our baby one
02:51 and how would you like to hold our kangaroo?
02:54 Okay.
02:55 Well, Bryan, he was going to be five years old.
03:01 Is anybody five? Me.
03:04 You're five? All right. I am, I am.
03:06 And he was going to have a birthday party.
03:08 Have you ever had a birthday party?
03:09 Yeah, I had a birthday party.
03:12 Do you have fun? Yeah. Yes.
03:14 And do you get presents? Yes.
03:17 Well, you know what Bryan did? What? What did he do?
03:19 He said, "I want to have a birthday party
03:22 and he invited all his friends.
03:24 And he said don't bring any presents to my party."
03:27 Why?
03:29 Because he said "I want you to bring some money
03:32 and I'm going to take that money and buy books,
03:36 so that other boys and girls can learn about Jesus."
03:42 He didn't want to have a birthday present.
03:44 He wanted to give it to other people.
03:46 Oh. Because you know why? Why?
03:49 Because he loves Jesus so much.
03:53 And Jesus wants us to do things for other people.
03:56 'Cause you know in the Bible when Jesus was here on earth,
04:00 Jesus was always doing things for other people, wasn't He?
04:04 Can you think of some things that Jesus did for other people?
04:07 He heals people. That's right.
04:11 I love Jesus. I do too.
04:16 Who loves Jesus? Me. I do.
04:21 Well, we're going to talk to Jesus right now
04:25 and fold your hands and close your eyes
04:27 and we're going to ask Jesus to help us,
04:29 be good and kind like He is too.
04:31 Can I pray? Oh, yes, you could pray, Emma.
04:34 Okay, close your eyes.
04:36 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for giving us this nice day.
04:39 Please help us to forgive. We love you Jesus.
04:43 Amen. Amen. Amen.
04:54 Miss Cinda. What?
04:56 This is so pretty. What are we going to make?
05:00 Oh, Miss Emma, you're going to love this.
05:04 Look. Oh, it's beautiful.
05:06 Are we going to make the gift basket?
05:09 That's right.
05:11 We're going to make these pretty baskets.
05:13 Who wants to make one? Me. Yes.
05:16 And when you're all finished
05:18 you can give it to someone special.
05:20 Miss Cinda? Yes.
05:21 Could I take one to the neighbors?
05:24 That's a good idea.
05:25 In fact, I will let you take mine.
05:27 Oh, thank you.
05:29 Oh, you're right, they will love that.
05:31 Okay, you can start putting your flowers on.
05:35 Here, I've already taken the sticky off,
05:38 'cause see they have bad sticky paper.
05:40 I've already taken them off for you,
05:42 so you can put on as many flowers as you want.
05:46 You don't have to decorate it just like I decorated it,
05:49 'cause we can all decorate differently, can't we, Jonah?
05:53 I love flowers.
05:55 Oh, who likes flowers? Me. Yes.
05:59 What kind of flowers do you like?
06:02 What kind of flowers do you like?
06:05 I like pink. You like the pink.
06:07 Well, that's very pretty, Jonah.
06:09 I think I am going to love all the flowers in heaven.
06:12 Oh, who thinks there will be flowers in heaven? Me.
06:17 Look, I got pink. That's very good, Faith.
06:20 I can't glue it. You want me to help you?
06:23 Here, you want to put it on this side now.
06:26 If you put it angular like this,
06:27 then you can maybe get two of them on.
06:29 On here, I will get you another one.
06:32 Oh, I can't wait to see all the pretty flowers in heaven
06:35 and you know what's going to be really special
06:38 about the flowers in heaven?
06:40 Do you know?
06:43 In heaven, when you pick a flower, it won't die.
06:48 Isn't that special?
06:50 Oh, I think that will be really nice.
06:53 'Cause now when we pick pretty flowers,
06:55 what happens after a couple of days?
06:58 It dies. Yes.
06:59 And here some more leaves.
07:01 And what happens, if you don't put them in water?
07:03 They die. I know.
07:06 Oh, if you put them in water they wouldn't die,
07:10 but if you put them in dirty water
07:12 mixed together they will die.
07:15 That's very good, Emma.
07:17 And that's planting them, isn't it?
07:20 Do you have a flower garden?
07:23 No, not yet.
07:25 But are you going to?
07:26 Yeah, I'm doing it in my little swing set.
07:31 That would be pretty
07:32 to have flowers around your swing set.
07:35 That will be so pretty.
07:37 Faith, are you going to plant a garden,
07:39 a flower garden?
07:41 To my mommy.
07:43 Well, you can help your mommy do one, that's right.
07:46 And Noah, do you like flowers?
07:51 I like to donate flowers. You do.
07:55 They are pretty, aren't they?
07:57 What other kind of flowers do you like?
08:01 Do you like big, big sunflowers?
08:08 How about Dandelions?
08:09 Do you like Dandelions? You do.
08:14 And they grow all over the grass.
08:16 Do you know, even I think even Dandelions are pretty.
08:20 Who likes Dandelions? Me.
08:24 You do?
08:25 Oh, you want a heart?
08:28 You want me to help you with the heart.
08:30 Here, I'll help you take this off. Yeah.
08:33 That's a pretty heart too.
08:35 Who are you going to give this to, Faith?
08:39 Who do you want to give this to? Mommy.
08:42 Oh, sure your mommy will love this.
08:45 And Emma, who would you like to give yours to.
08:50 To my Nana.
08:54 Oh, she'll be very happy. How about you?
08:58 I'm going to send them in the mail.
09:00 Oh, that's okay.
09:01 And you know what, I bet you, she will give a big hug.
09:05 But she is way over-- Far away.
09:10 Luxemburg. Oh, okay.
09:13 Well, here Jonah, now you can put some tissue in.
09:16 Just like that. I want some. Okay.
09:18 And now you can put a cracker in it
09:20 and that's your treat you can give them.
09:22 I want too. Their little hands.
09:28 I like that Emma and Faith, you can do that too.
09:31 Put it in there.
09:34 Can you get it in there?
09:36 There you go. Just like this.
09:38 Here, good job.
09:40 And now you can put your crackers in.
09:43 I am so glad you guys came into the kitchen
09:47 to help me today.
09:49 Me too.
09:50 Who likes coming to the kitchen?
09:52 Do you like coming to the kitchen?
09:53 Yes. Yes.
09:55 It's always fun to be in the kitchen, isn't it?
10:09 Oh, look at that peanut. That is beautiful.
10:13 I can't wait for my friend tiny tots to come and see this.
10:16 I want to share this with them.
10:18 Farmer Manny.
10:20 Hey, guys. Oh, how are you?
10:23 Oh, I got to show you something.
10:24 Oh, come here, sweetheart.
10:26 I got to show you guys something.
10:27 Come, have a seat. Have a seat.
10:29 Come, sweetheart.
10:31 Do you guys know what this is? Peanuts.
10:33 Yes, peanuts.
10:35 That's a lot of peanuts. It's a lot of peanuts.
10:38 And you guys are going to help me to shell them.
10:42 In other words to take the shell off.
10:44 Bryan, can you get the bucket for me, the cubo?
10:48 The cubo? Thank you.
10:50 What is that? In Spanish, cubo is for bucket.
10:53 Oh, did you know that? You did.
10:57 And what you guys are going to help me do--
10:58 Thank you, Bryan.
10:59 What you guys going to help me do
11:01 is we're going to take the shell off of the peanut--
11:02 We get to help. Yeah. Yeah.
11:06 Do you guys know what we used peanuts for?
11:09 To eat. Yeah.
11:10 Oh, but wait, farmer Manny,
11:13 do any of you get sick when you eat peanuts?
11:16 No. No. No.
11:18 You are not allergic to them? No.
11:20 Oh, well, then we're good. Oh, yes.
11:22 Oh, you don't want to do that.
11:24 But if you like to eat them they are really good.
11:26 Would you like to try one, Bryan? Yes.
11:28 Would anybody else want to try a peanut? Yes.
11:31 Here let me break them for you.
11:32 For the tiny tots it could be a little hard to break.
11:35 Here you go, sweetheart. Open your hand.
11:37 Yum, here let me get another one here and--
11:40 Oh, can I have one please?
11:41 Oh, yes, I'm going to put the shell in there.
11:43 Here you go, Auntie Linda. Let's see--
11:46 Okay, you want to try one?
11:47 So peanut butter,
11:49 have you ever eaten peanut butter and jelly?
11:52 No. You haven't.
11:53 Oh, you'll love peanut butter and jelly,
11:55 it's really good.
11:57 Oh, wow. What is this basket for?
11:58 That basket is for the peanuts after they are shelled.
12:01 Oh, we put them in here. All right.
12:03 If you can help me shell them because--
12:05 All right, let's go help, okay.
12:06 We can make peanut butter and jelly.
12:07 Who likes pickles? You like pickles.
12:11 I'm no. No.
12:12 Well, you would love peanut butter and pickles.
12:16 No. No.
12:18 Oh, it's really good and healthy though.
12:20 I think they like peanut butter?
12:22 Oh, peanut butter is good.
12:23 And what else can we do with peanuts?
12:26 Feed elephant. We can feed elephants.
12:28 That's right.
12:30 And how do elephants eat peanuts?
12:32 With the trunk. With the trunk.
12:35 I know, I was telling you. Show them how they do it.
12:37 He does.
12:40 Good job, honey. Eat like this.
12:45 Like this. Yes.
12:49 And right into his mouth. Oh, that's wonderful.
12:51 You guys know a lot about peanuts.
12:53 Do the elephants eat the shells too? No.
12:57 Are you trying to tell me that the elephant
12:59 takes out the shell and eats the peanut itself?
13:02 Yeah. Yeah. No.
13:05 Elephants do eat the shells too.
13:08 Do squirrels eat peanuts? Yes. Yeah.
13:11 How do they eat peanuts?
13:16 Yeah, that's right.
13:17 They take it and they close their mouth.
13:20 That's how they do it.
13:23 I wonder, how do peanuts grow? I don't know.
13:28 Do they grow on tress? No. No.
13:33 Do they grow under water? They grow on grass.
13:35 On grass, no.
13:38 Do they grow on vines? No.
13:41 Do they grow on the field? Yes.
13:43 Yes, they grow on fields.
13:46 And they grow from a little to big
13:48 and their fields are beautiful and oh,
13:50 they are wonderful, wonderful nutrients for us.
13:53 I can't open this. You want me to open one for you.
13:55 Thank you, guys, for helping me to open these peanuts.
13:58 Remember, we can put the shells in there
14:00 and the peanuts in here.
14:01 You know what, farmer Manny, this makes me so happy.
14:05 I just want to sing. Oh, yeah, let's sing.
14:13 I like to go to the farm Where the cows mow, mow
14:17 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack, quack
14:21 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
14:25 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus.
14:31 It's always fun to learn of Jesus.
14:34 Yes, it is. All right.
14:35 Well, we have to go so we'll see you again.
14:37 Come on, kids, can you tell him goodbye.
14:39 Right, tiny tots, we'll see you. Bye, come on.
14:42 Take care. Oh, that's so sweet.
14:44 Bye, sweetheart. Oh, God bless you, guys.
14:46 Oh, come on, come on, Bryan. Have a wonderful day.
14:56 I wonder where the tiny tots are.
14:58 Vince, honey, what are you looking for?
15:00 Tiny Tots should be here by now.
15:01 Be patient, honey. They said there will be here.
15:03 Where are they?
15:05 They said there will be here and I know they will, honey.
15:08 I wonder where they are.
15:13 Tiny tots. They are here now, I bet you.
15:15 Here they are the tiny tots, come on in.
15:17 Come on in. Your present.
15:19 Oh, thank you. Hey, Tiny Tots.
15:21 Thank you. Can I sit beside you?
15:23 Yeah, you sure can.
15:25 They've been so excited to see you.
15:28 Thank you for coming to see us today.
15:31 Oh, yes.
15:33 Oh, we had such a nice walk over here.
15:36 The wind in the air, the smell of the flowers,
15:41 it was wonderful.
15:42 It was wonderful. That's right.
15:45 And you know also Sammy was practicing
15:48 for something on the way over.
15:50 Wow. And it took us a little bit longer.
15:52 Sammy, can you tell them
15:53 you're singing a song for them, all right.
15:59 Behold, Behold I stand at the door and knock, knock, knock
16:04 Behold, Behold I stand at the door and knock, knock, knock
16:08 If anyone hears my voice If anyone hears my voice
16:13 Then I will open, open, open the door I will come in
16:19 That is good. Excellent.
16:21 Is that a piano? Yes, it is.
16:23 Little one, why don't you play for me?
16:25 Well, may be next time I can. I bet you can.
16:29 Probably, we could sing right now
16:30 "Jesus loves me" if you would like.
16:32 Oh, wonderful.
16:33 Would you like to sing it with us? Yes.
16:35 All right, let's sing it together, kids.
16:37 Jesus loves me. Yes.
16:38 Jesus loves me this I know
16:42 For the Bible tells me so
16:47 Little ones to Him belong
16:51 They are weak but He is strong
16:55 Yes, Jesus loves me
16:59 Yes, Jesus loves me
17:03 Yes, Jesus loves me
17:07 The Bible tells me so
17:13 Good, good. Can I say a prayer?
17:15 Yes, let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
17:21 Dear Jesus--
17:23 Dear Jesus, I love you.
17:26 Amen. Amen. Amen.
17:29 We do love Him and we love you too.
17:32 We love you too--
17:34 Well, we have to go. We'll see you again, later.
17:36 Bye, have a good day. Bye, bye. Bye, bye. God bless you.
17:58 And then we're going to jump out.
18:00 Wow. Look, we won't go through.
18:03 Okay, let's hurry up
18:05 and get down and plant our tree, okay?
18:06 Oh, we're going to get to plant a tree.
18:10 Okay, Eleanor. All right, come on.
18:14 Oh, good job. Stay with your boots on.
18:15 I can't get down.
18:17 All right, Aunty Linda will help you.
18:18 And you got yours on.
18:19 Are we still going to plant a tree?
18:21 We are really going to plant a tree. Go out.
18:22 Ask Jeanie, she will tell you.
18:24 I got a plant.
18:25 I need a shovel.
18:27 We'll take turns. You're having fun?
18:29 Let's go get them out of the back.
18:32 Come on. I need help. We are like parents, okay.
18:35 Come on, Faith.
18:38 We're going to take turns. Okay.
18:40 We're going to take turns with the shovel.
18:42 Hey, you guys have to help me.
18:44 Can you help me get this out of here? Yeah.
18:46 Yes. All right. Yes. We can all help.
18:48 All right, here's this one.
18:50 Can you guys pull it?
18:52 Well, how about we put it down and pull it?
18:54 'Cause that way it won't be twice heavy.
18:56 Can you pull it over there? You pull it out there.
18:59 All right, we can do it.
19:01 Can somebody help her? Lesley help--can you help her?
19:05 Yes, we'll help her.
19:07 Daniel, come and help.
19:09 This is against me. But, why?
19:10 This is a big one. We'll get it in a minute.
19:11 Okay, come on help me drag it over there.
19:14 Oh, this is fun. Oh, help me, it's heavy.
19:17 Oh, oh, help me. You are helping--
19:21 Where do you want him, Miss Jenny?
19:23 Oh, maybe right in here is good.
19:25 Right here? Okay.
19:27 Yeah, right in there is good.
19:28 All right. Oh, it's heavy.
19:30 Thank you for helping.
19:32 Oh, team work is always so good.
19:37 Oh, you're handling it. All by himself.
19:39 He did.
19:40 Oh, how many trees did he plant?
19:43 Okay. Honey?
19:45 Let's see right about here would be good.
19:49 How is that? Are we going to dig it?
19:51 Yeah, can you start digging a hole right in front?
19:53 No, we are not going to dig like that.
19:55 Can you start digging right in front a little bit?
19:57 Do you guys know what kind of trees these are?
19:59 Yes. Pear.
20:01 One is a pear-- And apple.
20:03 That's right.
20:04 And that way we're going to plant these trees
20:07 and they will give us fruit and food to eat.
20:09 What is that? Oh, little ball.
20:11 Yeah-- Oh, we will take turns.
20:14 That will give us food to eat
20:16 and it will give food for the birds. Oh, Eleanor.
20:20 Is Eleanor sad?
20:21 I think she is going to be excited when the apples grow.
20:25 Yes, I think she should be very excited.
20:27 Now you guys need to try and dig down.
20:29 Can you try to dig a hole in the ground?
20:31 I'm going to dig a hole.
20:33 I'm going to go get the big shovel, okay. Okay.
20:35 Jonah, see if you can dig a hole right there.
20:38 Oh, good. I can't.
20:40 You can't. All right.
20:42 Here how about I get one started
20:44 and then you guys can finish, okay
20:46 Okay. Can I start? Oh, be careful.
20:50 Okay, she's going to--
20:51 I'm going to start it and you guys can work on it, okay.
20:54 Can we shovel now? In a little bit.
20:56 The grass is kind of, hard to--
20:57 yeah, you going to have to share it.
20:59 The grass is kind of hard to cut.
21:02 And you know it's good for us to share
21:03 because Jesus likes it when we share.
21:05 That's right. Jesus loves that when we share.
21:08 And even the grass is hard for my shovel.
21:12 We are about to get it. Oh, all right.
21:16 Watch your feet. All right.
21:19 Can we plant it now? You have to wait a minute, okay.
21:23 Come on, by Auntie Linda, we're going to watch.
21:25 Who likes to eat apples? Me. I like.
21:27 Who likes to eat pears?
21:29 Me. You. I like red apples.
21:33 That's what this tree is. Oh, this is a red apple tree.
21:36 It's a red apple tree.
21:37 And these are special apples because the trees
21:41 'cause they don't get really big.
21:42 I am so glad that God made all these
21:44 wonderful things for us outside.
21:47 Me too. Oh, yes, I love it.
21:52 Okay, we'll let-- Lesley, can you--
22:01 Does anyone remember where our memory verse is found today?
22:04 I do. You do, Natalie.
22:06 Mathew 10: 8, "Freely you have received, freely give."
22:12 Very good. That's right.
22:14 Let's say it together. Mathew 10:8.
22:18 "Freely you have received, freely give."
22:24 Do you know what that means?
22:25 That means we have lots of things.
22:28 Jesus gives us lots of things
22:30 and we want to share it with others.
22:33 That's right.
22:34 I know something that I can share
22:36 with my daddy and my parents.
22:39 What? You do?
22:40 I know to share toy-- ask them something when I really need.
22:48 And they give me what I need.
22:50 Yes, they do. And that's what Jesus does.
22:52 And you know Jesus loves us and His banner over us is love
22:56 and we're going to sing about that.
22:57 Oh, I love this song. All right.
22:59 He brought me to the banqueting table
23:04 His banner over us is love
23:08 He brought me to the banqueting table
23:12 His banner over us is love
23:16 He brought me to the banqueting table
23:20 His banner over us is love
23:23 His banner over us is love
23:29 I love you and you love me.
23:32 I love you and you love me His banner over us is love
23:40 I love you and you love me
23:44 His banner over us is love
23:48 I love you and you love me His banner over us is love
23:56 His banner over us is love
24:03 Oh, I love Jesus. Me too.
24:06 It makes me just want to rise and shine and sing about Him.
24:11 And we're going to do that right now.
24:14 This is a fun song. Do you just do it like--
24:16 Eleanor, we'll lay down one here for you.
24:18 We'll put our hands in. We'll put our hands in.
24:20 Our hands in. Are you ready?
24:22 No, I'm not ready. Oh, well, let me help you, okay.
24:25 Okay. Are you ready, Julia? Now you're ready, Julia?
24:27 Yes. Good to sing a song. Okay, ready.
24:29 Rise and shine And give God the glory, glory
24:34 Rise and shine And give God the glory, glory
24:38 Rise and shine And give God the glory, glory
24:43 Children of the Lord Let's do it again.
24:48 Rise and shine And give God the glory, glory
24:52 Rise and shine And give God the glory, glory
24:57 Rise and shine And give God the glory, glory
25:01 Children of the Lord
25:08 Who knows what that means?
25:10 It means to rise up and shine when you are waking up.
25:16 Right. Very good. We're shining for Jesus.
25:19 That's right. Both are right. It's both right.
25:21 And early in the morning when you rise up from sleeping,
25:25 you can ask Jesus to come in to your heart
25:29 and then you can shine all day for Jesus.
25:32 And that reminds me of my favorite song,
25:35 "Lord I want to be like Jesus."
25:37 I want to be like Jesus. Me too, Julia.
25:41 Let's sing that song. Yes.
25:44 Lord, I want to be like Jesus
25:48 In my heart, in my heart
25:53 Lord, I want to be like Jesus
25:58 In my heart,
26:03 In my heart
26:07 In my heart
26:13 Lord, I want to be like Jesus
26:18 In my heart
26:23 And one way we can have Jesus in our heart
26:25 is to spend time talking to Him
26:27 and we're going to kneel down and talk to him.
26:29 And Robert, would you pray for us today?
26:31 Yes. Okay. Yes.
26:33 I will bend my knees
26:38 I will fold my hands
26:42 I will bow my head
26:47 I will close my eyes
26:51 And very, very quite be
26:57 While the prayer is now
27:03 Dear Jesus, help us to be like you. Amen. Amen.
27:11 I want to be like Jesus too.
27:13 That's Mr. Rooster and that's all the time we have.
27:16 Well, goodbye. Goodbye.
27:19 Goodbye, we'll see you later. Goodbye.
27:21 Yes. Have a great day.
27:33 Our time together is over so we will have to go
27:39 Good bye, good bye remember God loves you
27:45 Good bye, good bye remember God loves you
27:53 Good bye.


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