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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 We're God's girls and boys
00:10 We live for him around the world
00:13 We spread love and joy
00:15 Like colors of the rainbow
00:18 We're shining like the rainbow
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:29 Eleanor. Eleanor.
00:32 There you are. Come, girl.
00:35 The Tiny Tots are here and you don't want to miss worship.
00:40 It's going to be an exciting day on the Tiny Tot farm.
00:46 Hello Mr. Wiggle's, its time for worship.
00:50 That's right, it is.
00:52 Let's ask Billy boy to ring the worship bell, okay.
00:56 Billy boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:01 And we're gonna sing our song.
01:06 Worship as the sweet Calling us to meet
01:10 With our best friend Jesus
01:14 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
01:18 Smiling when He sees us
01:25 We have a wonderful Bible verse for us.
01:29 And it's found in what book?
01:31 The Bible. The Holy Bible.
01:34 That's right. The Holy Bible.
01:36 That's right. And it's Psalms 34.
01:40 Psalms 34. Verse 7.
01:44 Verse 7. I am seven.
01:46 You are seven? I am four.
01:49 And you are four. I'm two.
01:52 And you are two. Yeah.
01:54 Oh. I'm three.
01:55 And you are three. And I am four.
01:57 And four. And I am five.
02:00 Wow. Then you are all old enough to say our memory verse.
02:04 There's two 4's in here.
02:09 The angel of the Lord...
02:11 The angel of the Lord...
02:14 encamps all around those...
02:16 encamps all around those...
02:19 that fear him,
02:21 that fear him,
02:22 and delivers them.
02:24 and delivers them.
02:28 Can anybody guess where our story comes from today?
02:32 Can you give us a hint? The Bible.
02:35 Okay, I'll give you a hint.
02:38 Africa. That's right.
02:41 It comes from Africa.
02:43 And I am gonna tell you a story about a missionary.
02:46 He loved to tell people about Jesus
02:48 and all day long he told them
02:51 about how Jesus was a little baby.
02:54 It's the same one. Yes, the same Jesus and--
02:58 And Jesus. That's right.
03:01 It's a same story. That's right.
03:03 It's a same story and he told it to the people in Africa.
03:07 The same story that we hear.
03:09 And then he told them how Jesus is in heaven now
03:12 preparing a wonderful place for us.
03:15 And the people were tired. Do you get tired?
03:17 Yeah. Oh, yes. Oh, do you get tired?
03:21 And they were tired and he look at all of them.
03:23 Oh, yeah, Joan is tired too.
03:26 And then he said, "I got to go home
03:28 but I'll come back again and tell you about Jesus."
03:31 And so he waved good bye. Can you wave good bye?
03:34 Bye-bye. Wave good bye, missionary.
03:36 Bye-bye missionary.
03:37 And he started through the jungle
03:39 and it got darker and darker and darker
03:44 and all at once he heard something.
03:46 Whoa. That's right.
03:52 And there standing over in the bushes was a great--
03:57 Big lion. Yes, there was a big lion.
04:00 Oh, I would have been so scared.
04:02 And the missionary started shaking.
04:05 Can you shake?
04:12 And then the missionary said,
04:14 "oh, but I have Jesus with me."
04:16 And so he said, "I have my angels."
04:18 And he started singing "Jesus loves me, this I know."
04:21 Do you know that song?
04:22 Jesus loves me! This I know
04:27 For the Bible tells me so
04:32 Little ones to Him belong
04:36 They are weak, but He is strong
04:40 That's right.
04:42 And he sings it over and over
04:43 and you know what the missionary--he stop.
04:47 He sings louder and louder.
04:48 And you know what the lion did?
04:50 He stopped roaring.
04:53 And he kept singing and singing and singing.
04:56 And he ran so fast. And you know what the lion did?
05:00 He turned around and he went right back into the jungle.
05:03 Jesus sent an angel to shut the lion's mouth.
05:09 That's right.
05:10 Let's thank Jesus for sending the angels.
05:13 You fold your hands and close your eyes.
05:17 Dear Jesus, thank you for protecting the missionary
05:21 and shutting the lion's mouth.
05:23 We thank You for the angels.
05:25 We love you, Jesus. Amen. Amen.
05:38 Who knows what this looks like?
05:40 A cupcake. Oh, but what is it look like?
05:43 What did Miss Cinda make it look like?
05:45 It looks like somebody lives there.
05:47 Oh, what does that look like, Jenniah?
05:50 A cupcake house. Yeah, it looks like a house.
05:52 And where do you think a house like this would be?
05:56 A cupcake. Oh.
05:58 In Africa. Yes.
06:01 Doesn't it look like a little African hut?
06:03 Oh, Miss Cinda, I love that.
06:05 Oh, I thought you guys not like to make it.
06:08 Who would like to make one?
06:09 Me. Okay. I am gonna help you.
06:15 And you can see how Miss Cinda made hers.
06:18 Okay, you both have some frosting.
06:20 Auntie Linda, there's some frosting
06:22 for Elizabeth and Emma.
06:24 And here's some frosting for Holland and Jenniah.
06:27 So put some frosting on your muffin.
06:30 Do we pull the paper down?
06:31 Oh, Auntie Linda, that's exactly what we do.
06:34 Oh, I guessed. First of all, can you guys--
06:36 Jenniah, take your paper and Holland, take your paper.
06:39 Emma, take your paper and pull it down.
06:42 See that. That will be our base for our hut.
06:45 Have you done it before? And kind of flatten it out.
06:47 Can-- can you kind of flatten it out, Jenniah?
06:49 With momma? With Momma.
06:50 I am gonna put all this on the side. There you go.
06:52 Can you help me please? I will, Jenniah.
06:54 You asked so nicely, that was such a nice way to ask.
06:59 I'll go let this and we'll flatten it down
07:01 a little bit, okay.
07:03 Did you get yours, Holland or do you want help?
07:06 It keeps going up. I know, so you know what I did?
07:09 Miss Cinda went like this
07:10 and I bent it a little bit like that.
07:13 Okay, now you can-- when you get your paper there,
07:16 I am gonna move this over here for you.
07:18 So it's not in your way. This look like fun, Miss Cinda.
07:20 Oh, I am so glad you all came in here 'cause I was excited.
07:26 I wanted you to see my hut. I had fun making it.
07:30 So I thought you all would have fun making it.
07:33 Mmm. All right.
07:34 You help me. You want me to help you? Okay.
07:38 Let's get a nice big whole spoon full.
07:41 There you go, Emma.
07:42 Look at-- see boys and girls,
07:44 you want a big whole spoon full
07:46 and then you can just kind of--
07:48 see how Miss Cinda just kind of flattens it out.
07:50 And if it falls, it's okay.
07:52 You can eat it. Oh, yeah.
07:54 'Cause it's yummy coconut frosty.
07:56 Elizabeth helps her mommy she said.
07:58 Elizabeth, you help your mommy cook?
08:00 I Do. My mommy doesn't like coconut.
08:02 She doesn't? Oh, I like coconut.
08:04 You help your mommy, Jenniah? Yes.
08:06 Who helps their mommy cook?
08:08 Me. Me.
08:09 Oh, I bet your mommies love it. Okay, now see--
08:14 My mommy doesn't like litter. She doesn't?
08:18 So she clean everything up really good?
08:21 Okay. Yes.
08:23 take your little-- this we're gonna use for doors
08:25 as soon as you get your frosting on.
08:27 Do you want me to help you, Holland?
08:29 Emma, take your door
08:31 and put a little bit of frosting on one side
08:33 and then you can put it right on your--
08:35 oh, you can lick that if you want.
08:37 Is that yummy?
08:39 That's yummy, isn't it? Mmm-mmm.
08:43 And you know what, Miss Cinda will get you a napkin too.
08:45 So Emma, can you take and--
08:49 put some frosting on this
08:50 and then you can put it right down here.
08:52 You've to use this. Yes, Jenniah.
08:56 How do you stick the-- Oh, the grass.
09:00 Who knows how--who thinks they know how I made the grass?
09:05 Can you see the grass over there, what I do?
09:07 What I do to make the grass?
09:10 This is all the grass. Who knows what that is?
09:14 Who knows what that is? Did you get it that?
09:15 Sprinkles. No, its not sprinkles.
09:19 I am gonna give you a hint.
09:23 Someone's mommy doesn't like it.
09:26 Litter.
09:28 Who said whose mommy doesn't like coconut?
09:31 Mine. That's right.
09:33 Well, she wouldn't want our grass.
09:35 So you get to eat all the grass.
09:37 Just a minute, Jenniah. Miss Cinda made grass.
09:39 Okay, now-- there we go, Holland.
09:42 Here we go.
09:43 Okay, now what we're gonna do to make it look like
09:48 the grass on the African hut? This fell down.
09:50 You can take some of my-- this is like a brand cereal.
09:54 I am gonna put some on your plate, okay.
09:56 And you press that into your,
09:58 you press that into your frosting, okay.
10:01 See how Miss Cinda did.
10:03 Emma, shall I put your door on for you?
10:05 You want me to do it. Can I do it grass there.
10:07 Well, put that on your roof
10:10 to make it look like a grass roof.
10:12 Here Auntie Linda, there's for Elizabeth.
10:14 All right, Elizabeth.
10:15 Holland, don't forget your doors.
10:17 Now you can put that on top.
10:18 Put a little bit of frosting on the back.
10:21 You want me to help you, Holland?
10:23 Oh, good job.
10:24 Emma has floored it. Good job.
10:26 Oh, well, you can eat whatever you spill, Emma.
10:29 Mmm-mmm, is that yummy?
10:31 Do you like coconut, Emma? You do.
10:33 Here's for your door, Holland. I'll put that on. Put that on.
10:39 Who made the coconut? God.
10:41 Jenniah, you want me do? God. Jesus.
10:43 That's right, Jesus did.
10:45 Oh, look at, Elizabeth, that's a good job.
10:49 Oh, Elizabeth, good job. Here, Jenniah.
10:51 Oops. Oh, that was quick one.
10:53 There you go. Hey, there's a little--
10:55 Wow, hop up there.
10:57 We got to be careful on these tools.
10:59 Hey, Miss Cinda. Yes.
11:01 Do they get to eat their little huts?
11:03 Yes, who wants to eat their hut?
11:05 Me. Me.
11:07 Oh, you can eat your hut.
11:08 You can take a grab a whole bite if you want.
11:10 Wow.
11:12 Hey, can you give me your grass--
11:14 Yes, you may.
11:15 Oh, she wants to put her grass on.
11:17 Who likes to be in the kitchen?
11:20 Oh, I love having you all in the kitchen.
11:22 Thanks for coming.
11:24 Its fun being in the kitchen, isn't it?
11:26 Yep. Yeah.
11:34 Farmer Manny. Hey, guys.
11:36 How are you all? Good to see you again.
11:39 I am glad, you guys are here.
11:41 We've been excited to come today.
11:43 Yeah, I have something really neat to show you.
11:46 Why don't you have a-- why don't you kneel down here
11:48 in front of the hay really quick. All right.
11:51 Oh, you gonna like this. Oh, look at this.
11:53 Do you guys know what this is?
11:55 Pumpkin. Yes.
11:57 But that's a little pumpkin, Farmer Manny,
12:00 Oh, because-- it's a very little pumpkin.
12:02 You guys are used to the big ones, right?
12:04 Yeah. Oh no, these are very special.
12:06 You see these pumpkins are made for cooking.
12:10 Oh. Yes.
12:12 Let's see here, let's cut this pumpkin here.
12:14 And they are made for cooking and they have some
12:16 really special things inside that people really can use
12:22 for a lot of purposes like in cooking.
12:24 Oh, I got to show you.
12:26 Now, we don't use knives, Farmer Manny.
12:28 Oh, you don't, not yet. Look at that.
12:31 Have you ever seen the inside of the pumpkin?
12:33 Oh, wow. Look at what they have.
12:36 Look, take some of those seeds out.
12:38 Those are seeds. Are they slimy?
12:40 Look how slimy they are. Isn't that neat?
12:44 Oh, that tickles. It does.
12:47 How does that feel guys?
12:50 Do you want to feel it?
12:51 Do you like it? It's squishy, isn't it?
12:54 Yes, you got one. Yes, it feels squishy.
12:56 You know what we do with these seeds?
12:58 We dry them, we clean them of course,
13:00 then we dry them and then we roast them.
13:04 Have you ever eaten a seed? You mean in the oven?
13:06 In the oven. Wow.
13:09 Yeah. And we can do so many things with pumpkins.
13:14 Have you guys ever eaten pumpkin pie?
13:18 Yeah. Oh my, yes.
13:19 Have you ever had pumpkin soup?
13:22 No. No. Oh, it's so yummy.
13:25 Have you ever had oh, pumpkin pudding?
13:29 No. Oh, it's wonderful.
13:32 Can you guys help me take the seeds out
13:34 and put it in this bowl here?
13:36 Now this fibrous tissues here--
13:38 you can just throw them in the bucket here.
13:41 Can you guys help me do this?
13:42 We love to. Oh, thank you.
13:44 Oh, that's great. Here's some, Emma.
13:46 Where these go?
13:48 Yeah, let's put them right here, buddy.
13:50 Thank you for your help. Oh, yum.
13:55 Guys, do you know all the wonderful things
13:57 that we can do with the pumpkin?
13:58 We can bake in and boil them.
14:00 We can even boil them in water.
14:03 These seeds are so healthy for us to eat.
14:06 You eat the seeds? Yes, you do.
14:08 You eat these seeds. They are wonderful.
14:10 Oh, wow. Oh, yes.
14:13 And do you know where these pumpkins grow?
14:18 Take a wild guess where these pumpkins grow.
14:20 You think they grow on trees.
14:23 No. Do you think they grow on-- oh, I don't know, on a vine?
14:28 No. Yes, they do.
14:30 Actually they do. I got you.
14:31 They grow on vines.
14:32 And they grow on a field call the pumpkin patch.
14:36 Do you know--you know, when during the year
14:39 we take the pumpkins and we harvest them?
14:42 During the fall. Oh.
14:45 Yes. It's a beautiful time in the year.
14:48 You can do so many things with the pumpkin.
14:50 They can even be decorations other than food as well.
14:54 They are pretty too. Oh, they are beautiful.
14:56 You know why they are beautiful?
14:57 Because God created us so many--
14:59 so much variety for us to be able to enjoy.
15:01 But what color are they?
15:03 What do you guys think, what color is this?
15:05 What color? Orange.
15:07 That's right, it's orange.
15:09 Oh, yes. Isn't it yummy?
15:11 I can't wait to eat that pumpkin pie with you
15:14 or that pumpkin pudding
15:15 or eat some of these roasted pumpkin seeds.
15:18 They are gonna be so yummy.
15:20 Oh. Well, let's sing our song.
15:23 Let's sing our song. Yes.
15:25 That's another fun thing to do. Oh, yes.
15:28 I like to go to the farm Where the cows mow, mow
15:32 I like to go to the farmi Where the ducks quack, quack
15:36 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
15:40 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus
15:47 Yeah. Yeah.
15:49 Thanks for coming guys.
15:50 I am so glad you came by. Oh, thanks for having us.
15:52 We've got to run along so we'll see you, Farmer Manny.
15:54 All right, we'll see you. God bless.
15:55 You tell Farmer Manny, good bye.
15:57 Bye, God bless you.
15:58 Good bye. Bye.
16:10 Vince, Vince, honey, where are you?
16:12 Oh, there you are.
16:14 Vince, the Tiny Tots will be here soon, honey.
16:17 Uh, uh. The Tiny Tots will be here soon.
16:19 All right. All right. All right.
16:21 And they are here now, Vince.
16:25 The Tiny Tots. Hey, Tiny Tots are here.
16:30 Oh, it's so good to see you. It's good to see you all today.
16:35 How are you doing? How do I doing.
16:37 So excited to come and see you.
16:40 It's been a beautiful days on farm.
16:43 Oh, yes, you have a good day today.
16:45 Oh, well, you know, I worshiped this morning.
16:48 We were going over our memory verse.
16:50 Can we say it with you two?
16:51 Oh, that would be wonderful.
16:53 All right. It's found in Psalms 34:7.
16:58 The angel of the Lord...
17:00 The angel of the Lord...
17:02 encamps all around...
17:04 encamps all around...
17:08 those who fear him...
17:10 those who fear him...
17:12 and delivers them.
17:14 and delivers them.
17:16 Wonderful. Very good, very nice.
17:18 Beautiful verse. And we all have angels.
17:20 Yes, we do. That take care of us.
17:24 But we have us-- would you like
17:26 to hear a special song in Spanish?
17:28 Oh, yes. Sure.
17:30 All right. Bryan has a song.
17:31 He's gonna sing for us in Spanish. Yes.
17:59 Oh, I love songs about Jesus.
18:04 Yes. Oh that is wonderful, Bryan.
18:07 Thank you, Auntie Linda, my pleasure.
18:11 And Lilly Beth has something special for you too, don't you?
18:16 I want to sing, "Deep and wide." All right.
18:21 Deep and wide Deep and wide
18:25 There's a fountain flowing deep and wide
18:30 Deep and wide Deep and wide
18:34 There's a fountain flowing deep and wide
18:40 And I can't wait till we get to heaven
18:41 and we can see that fountain. That's right.
18:45 Faith, would you have prayer for us?
18:47 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
18:50 Dear Jesus, thank You for the angels,
18:55 amen. Amen.
18:59 Oh, it's been so good to see you.
19:01 We've to run along. Bye-bye.
19:03 Can we come again some time? Sure.
19:05 All right, Come here Lilly Beth,
19:07 we're gonna go out here, okay. Come on.
19:11 Bye, God bless you. Bye-bye.
19:24 Shall we go for a walk today
19:28 to see what God has given.
19:34 Okay, come on back, let's not go too far away from us.
19:37 Come on. Come on back, okay.
19:39 Oh, Miss Jeannie, this has been a wonderful walk.
19:43 It has, hasn't it? And look what--
19:44 Smell these. Oh, they smell so good.
19:48 What color are they?
19:50 Yellow. Yes. Aren't they pretty?
19:53 And what color are these? White.
19:57 Well, kind of a purple and yellow.
20:00 And she has some very pretty ones.
20:03 Look how pretty these are.
20:04 These look like flowers, don't they?
20:06 Oh, thank you.
20:08 But they are not flowers. You know what they are?
20:11 What are they? Dandelions.
20:12 That's right.
20:14 And this is one kind of dandelion.
20:17 And what is this?
20:20 That's another dandelion but you know what this is?
20:22 The dandelion turned to seeds
20:25 so that they can make more dandelions all over.
20:28 Like this. That's right.
20:31 Can you blow on it? Can you blow it, blow?
20:33 I blow some too. Okay, you can blow some too.
20:36 Oh, come over here, Navalia, and I'll let you blow some.
20:39 You even blow one. Blow that way.
20:42 And Auntie Linda will help you blow some.
20:44 Look, see. That's God's way of making more dandelions.
20:48 Here you can blow one.
20:50 Blow away and they have the little white stuff.
20:53 So you want to blow? So that they fly good.
20:56 Lots of seeds.
20:58 And then the seeds are on the bottom of the white stuff.
21:01 Pretty.
21:07 Don't get it in your mouth.
21:11 Isn't that-- these two still look so pretty,
21:14 just little flowers and then they turn into other things.
21:18 Can you blow?
21:22 And the wave takes them away.
21:24 Jesus made so many pretty flowers. He did.
21:27 And then He just makes a way
21:29 to scatter the seeds so more can grow.
21:31 That's' right.
21:33 And there are so many different kinds of flowers too.
21:36 There are tons of different flowers.
21:38 Do you like white flowers?
21:39 Yeah. Everybody like flowers.
21:41 Yeah. Yeah.
21:43 And you can pick flowers
21:44 and give it to your mommy or your grandma.
21:49 Here we go. I would like to give grandma.
21:51 You like to give it to your grandma. That's a good idea.
21:53 I will give that to my mommy and daddy.
21:55 Yeah, maybe-- that's a good idea.
21:56 Yeah, maybe Eleanor would like to see the flowers.
21:58 Can you show Eleanor some flowers?
22:01 Oh, I wonder if Eleanor likes flowers.
22:02 She like flowers, some flowers.
22:05 Wonder if she likes the way they smell.
22:07 Oh, she's smelling them.
22:09 Look at that she's smelling them.
22:11 Can I hold her?
22:12 Okay.
22:14 Auntie Linda will hold her.
22:16 She's really strong.
22:17 If you hold her she will go running away
22:19 and we don't want her to get away.
22:21 Yeah, she likes to--
22:22 Or she might pull you and you might fall down
22:23 and we don't want that to happen.
22:25 You know I am so glad that Jesus made
22:27 all these wonderful things for us to enjoy outside.
22:31 Oh, me too. Shall we go find some more flowers?
22:34 All right. Let's go find some more flowers.
22:37 Yes, more flowers. Oh, I love going for a walk.
22:40 Me too. Come on guys.
22:49 Did everyone have a fun time on the Tiny Tot farm today?
22:53 Oh, yes. I did.
22:55 I did too.
22:57 Yes. Okay, we're gonna do our memory verse one more time.
23:00 Do you remember where it's found?
23:02 Psalms. Psalms.
23:06 34... 34...
23:08 Verse 7. Verse 7.
23:11 The angel of the Lord... The angel of the Lord...
23:15 Encamps all around those... Encamps all around those...
23:20 Who fear him and delivers them.
23:22 Who fear him and delivers them.
23:26 Isn't that wonderful
23:27 that we have angels to watch over us?
23:29 Oh yes, it is. It makes me feel safer.
23:31 It does. Me too.
23:32 And you know what I am excited about?
23:35 Boys and girls, did you know that when we get to heaven,
23:39 we get to meet our angels.
23:41 Jesus too. And that's right, Jesus too.
23:46 Who wants to meet their angel in heaven?
23:47 Me. Oh, I do. I do.
23:49 And I want to see Jesus.
23:50 Me too. Oh yes.
23:52 Me too. You know what?
23:53 That reminds me of a song. Eleanor loves me.
23:56 Eleanor does love you.
23:58 Who knows the song, "Jesus Sends the Angels." Me.
24:01 Oh, I love that. Let's sing that.
24:03 Let's sing that, yes. All right.
24:05 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
24:10 Jesus sends the angels to watch me while I'm playing
24:17 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
24:22 Jesus sends the angels to watch me while I'm sleeping
24:29 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
24:33 Jesus sends the angels because He really loves me
24:41 I love Jesus. Me too.
24:46 Oh. Oh, Auntie Linda, she's right, look.
24:50 Well, thank you Navalia, we'll sing it one more time.
24:54 And we'll use our angels.
24:55 Thank you for reminding me. Oh, can I have one?
24:58 Yeah, it's here. Thank you.
25:00 All right. We'll sing it again.
25:02 They are pretty, aren't they?
25:04 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
25:09 Jesus sends the angels to watch me while I'm playing
25:15 And we'll give Miss Cinda one.
25:17 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
25:22 Jesus sends the angels to watch me while I'm sleeping
25:29 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
25:33 Jesus sends the angels because He really loves me
25:41 He does and He's got the whole world in His hand
25:44 and we're gonna sing that first verse of that.
25:46 Oh, I like that song. Me too.
25:48 He's got the whole world in His hands
25:53 He's got the whole world in His hands
25:58 He's got the whole world in His hands
26:02 He's got the whole world in His hands
26:07 I love Jesus. Oh, me too.
26:09 Let's talk to Jesus. Eleanor loves that song.
26:11 Eleanor did too. Let's get down on our knees.
26:14 Oh, I love to pray.
26:16 I will bend my knees
26:20 I will fold my hands
26:25 I will bow my head
26:29 I will close my eyes
26:33 And very, very quite please
26:39 While the prayer is said
26:45 Dear Jesus, thank you for this day.
26:47 Thank you, for sending the angels in our hearts
26:50 and I love you Jesus.
26:52 Amen. Amen.
26:55 Good job. And I am so glad that Jesus sends the angels.
27:00 They will protect us.
27:02 Oh, that's Mr. Rooster
27:03 and he says that's all the time we have.
27:06 Oh, we need to go. Good bye.
27:07 You guys have a good day.
27:08 Oh, it was so fun today.
27:10 Oh, Bye. Bye.
27:20 Our time together is over So we will have to go
27:26 Good bye good bye Remember God loves you
27:32 Good bye good bye Remember God loves you
27:39 Goodbye.


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