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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:09 We're God's girls and boys
00:10 We live for Him around the world
00:13 We spread love and joy
00:15 Like colors of the rainbow
00:18 We're shining bright where we go
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:29 Eleanor. Eleanor. There you are.
00:33 Come, girl. The tiny tots are here.
00:37 And you don't want to miss worship.
00:40 It's going to be an exciting day on the Tiny Tot Farm.
00:46 Let's ask Billy boy to ring the worship bell.
00:49 Billy boy, you can ring the worship bell.
00:55 I love this song. Me too.
00:59 Worship as the sweet Calling us to meet
01:03 With our best friend Jesus
01:07 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
01:12 Smiling when He sees us.
01:17 We have a special memory verse today
01:22 from what is this?
01:23 The Holy Bible, It's the Holy Bible.
01:26 And it's found in Exodus 20. Exodus 20.
01:30 Verse 8. Verse 8.
01:33 Remember Remember
01:36 The Sabbath day The Sabbath day
01:41 And what day is the Sabbath on.
01:43 Saturday. The seventh day. Yes.
01:48 And how many days can we work and play? Six.
01:52 Six days but the seventh day is the Sabbath
01:55 and that's the rest day, isn't it?
01:58 It's usually called Saturday.
02:01 And we call it Sabbath.
02:02 Now i want you to guess where our story comes from.
02:07 The doll. Japan.
02:13 This is a doll. Good, Emma.
02:15 And this is our little doll from Japan.
02:17 And Japan is a wonderful place
02:20 and there's lots of people there that know Jesus
02:23 and there are some people like everywhere else
02:25 they don't know Jesus.
02:26 But we are going to have a story today
02:28 for about a little boy who does know Jesus.
02:31 And so Mathew you have our story today,
02:34 so let's all listen to Mathew's story.
02:39 Once up on a time there was a boy named Yosuko.
02:43 He lived in Japan and he loved Sabbath school.
02:49 I do too. I love Sabbath school.
02:52 Do you love Sabbath school?
02:54 Me too. Yes.
02:55 His favorite song was "Don't forget the Sabbath."
02:57 Oh, wow. I know that song too.
03:00 Me three. You do.
03:02 And one year his birthday landed on a Friday,
03:09 he got a new kite
03:11 but it wasn't really windy enough to fly his kite.
03:18 So the next day he jumped out of bed
03:20 and looked out the window.
03:21 He saw it was a great day to fly his kite
03:24 and then his mommy came in.
03:27 "I am not feeling well,
03:30 you're going to have to go to Sabbath school yourself."
03:34 So Yosuko said, "Yes."
03:38 And then he said to himself, "I will bring my kite with me."
03:41 To Sabbath school?
03:43 Well, then he came out
03:45 and then instead of this path to Sabbath school
03:49 he went straight to the meadow. Oh.
03:53 And then he saw a train, he stopped to listen to it.
03:57 It's said it like this,
03:58 "Chug, chug, don't forget, Chug, chug, the Sabbath."
04:02 And then he saw an airplane it sounded like this,
04:07 "Zoom, zoom, don't forget, Zoom, zoom, the Sabbath."
04:10 Then Yosuko frowned,
04:12 why did they both have to remind him about the Sabbath?
04:18 And then a little voice came in to his head.
04:23 It said, "Jesu knows where you are,
04:26 he wants you to be at Sabbath school.
04:28 And then Yosuko found out that he had six days to fly his kite,
04:35 but only one day to go to Sabbath school.
04:37 So he ran home put away his kite
04:40 and then he ran to Sabbath school.
04:42 He did not want to be late.
04:43 And when he got there, guess what they were singing?
04:47 What? Don't forget the Sabbath.
04:49 Oh. That is awesome.
04:54 Do you think he remembered
04:56 to keep the Sabbath from then on? I think so.
04:59 Well, Aunty Linda has something that will help us remember.
05:02 We will remember to keep the Sabbath holy,
05:05 just like that little boy in Japan did.
05:07 Oh, look, it's a kite.
05:09 Do you think it's just like Yosuko's?
05:12 May be. May be. All right.
05:15 Well, let's put them down
05:18 and I want us to thank Jesus for the Sabbath
05:22 and ask Him to help us remember too, okay.
05:25 I will pray. You want to pray?
05:27 And ask Jesus to help us keep the Sabbath holy.
05:29 Okay, we will leave your kite right there.
05:31 And Emma wants to pray
05:33 so fold your hands and close your eyes.
05:35 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for this nice day.
05:39 Please help us to be truthful
05:44 and please help us to keep the Sabbath holy.
05:47 We love you Jesus. Amen.
05:49 Amen. Amen.
06:01 What's in your hand?
06:03 Where's our forks? Where's our forks?
06:08 Do you think Miss Cinda forgot to give you forks?
06:11 Yes. Oh, no, I didn't.
06:15 These are chopsticks.
06:19 Can anybody tell me who eats with chopsticks?
06:24 French people. French people, I don't think.
06:27 They don't know how-- I know.
06:28 What? I know.
06:31 Japan people. Japan.
06:33 Yes, they do. The Japan people.
06:35 There's lots of countries that eat with chopsticks.
06:37 I know-- Jamaican.
06:42 You think so. Yes.
06:44 Well, I don't know,
06:45 but I know there's a lot of people that do.
06:47 Who would like to learn how to eat with them?
06:48 Me. Me. Okay.
06:51 Miss Cinda has some Soba noodles
06:54 and soba noodles--
06:56 I already learned to how--
06:59 You did. Well, you can show us.
07:02 Soba noodles are what they use in--
07:05 they have these in Japan.
07:07 Well, do you have some more?
07:08 Oh, you want some more.
07:09 Shall we put vegetables on it Miss Cinda?
07:11 Yes. Thank you, Aunty Linda.
07:12 Everybody can put their favorite vegetables on.
07:15 You like broccoli. What these for?
07:16 Oh, Just in case we happened to need them.
07:22 We don't know if we will need them.
07:23 I like to be ready. Would you like some?
07:25 What kind of vegetables would you like, Miss Emma?
07:28 I want-- Oh, you want some peas I will bet.
07:31 I love vegetables, Miss Cinda. Me too.
07:35 What's your favorite vegetable, kids?
07:37 Oh, I see. Give me too.
07:39 I can have fruit. I like strawberry.
07:43 But do you like vegetables? Lots of peas.
07:45 You like peas? Some times.
07:48 I like Celery. You like Celery.
07:50 Leslie, what kind of vegetables do you like?
07:54 I like Ramen noodles. All right.
07:55 I like broccoli. You like broccoli.
08:01 Would you like some of these, Holland?
08:03 No, thanks. No, thanks.
08:05 Would you like some, Leslie?
08:06 And Oh, Emma, would you like some of these?
08:09 Okay, let me give you each a set of chop sticks
08:12 and you can put you're-- Here's your chopsticks, Leslie.
08:17 And here you are, Jeniah.
08:20 Now here's how you hold your chopsticks.
08:22 Watch, Miss Cinda. Look at--
08:24 I already know how. Good job.
08:26 Look how I am moving my chopsticks, look. I see.
08:30 Can you guys see this?
08:31 Can you pick up Mr. Broccoli with this?
08:32 Now see if you can eat with your chopsticks.
08:35 I like this. Very good.
08:38 It's-- Oh, you have them upside down.
08:40 Oh, keep going Emma.
08:41 Oh, Leslie had a piece of broccoli with his.
08:44 Leslie, very good. Let me see.
08:45 Find another piece of broccoli and see if you can eat it.
08:48 This end. There you go.
08:50 Oh, let me see Leslie.
08:52 Let's watch Leslie. Let's see if he can get it.
08:55 Oh, he's got to get another piece, aren't you?
08:58 Almost Leslie, almost.
09:01 Oh, yeah. Good Job.
09:05 I can carry out that. Okay.
09:07 Let me see what you can-- Can you get some food?
09:13 Oh, yes. Very good, Jeniah.
09:15 Let me see you, Holland. See, look, just like this.
09:19 You can go like this and you can move it, see.
09:21 How are you doing, Emma?
09:24 You are doing pretty good.
09:26 Can you do it? Let me see.
09:28 I know how. Oh, yes.
09:31 You are-- Holland, that's very good.
09:35 See, if you can pick--
09:40 Do you like peas? Sometimes.
09:43 Well, let's see if you can pick up some peas.
09:45 Oh, that's going to be really tricky you know.
09:48 See if you can pick up them. Look here, I can.
09:50 Miss Cinda, Leslie got a peas.
09:51 Leslie, I'm impressed.
09:54 You kids are very good with these chopsticks.
09:57 Emma, let me see you pick up a noodle.
10:01 Oh, Emma, if you can't get it one way,
10:05 you are going to get it in another, aren't you?
10:07 Can you get it? Can you get that?
10:10 See if you can get a bean?
10:12 Oh, Emma can get it. Watch this.
10:15 Look, look-- Oh, very good.
10:19 I can catch some corn.
10:21 Okay, let me see you get corn.
10:24 Going to get a piece of corn?
10:26 Oh, Leslie. Wow.
10:28 You kids-- oh, and, Holland, you are doing so good.
10:33 I'm just really impressed.
10:34 You kids are doing really good.
10:36 I like being in the kitchen.
10:39 You like being in the kitchen. Me too.
10:42 I love having you kids in the kitchen.
10:45 I'm so glad you came today.
10:46 I picked up. Yes, yes, you did it.
10:50 I can pick some carrots.
10:52 Oh, let me see you. Oh, very good.
10:56 Oh, I'm so glad you came in the kitchen.
10:58 I'm picking up too. Leslie.
11:02 Yummy. Leslie, you are right.
11:06 It's always fun when you can be in the kitchen.
11:09 Yeah. Yeah.
11:17 Oh, you guys are so cute.
11:20 I can't wait to show you to the tiny tots
11:22 because I love you.
11:23 Farmer Manny, Farmer Manny.
11:26 Hey guys, I have a surprise for you.
11:30 Have a seat, have a seat.
11:31 Oh, a surprise. Oh, I love surprises.
11:34 Guess what I have?
11:37 Doggies. Puppies.
11:41 Look at the puppies, you guys want to hold them.
11:43 Oh, they are so cute.
11:46 They are little baby puppies.
11:48 They are probably like five weeks old.
11:50 There you go. That's a right way to hold them.
11:53 You hold them from down here
11:55 so he doesn't fall. There you go.
11:58 You know, what kind of puppies they are?
12:01 That looks like the color of chocolate.
12:02 It is. Actually, he is a chocolate lab.
12:06 Oh, wow.
12:07 And of course, you notice there's also a black puppy,
12:10 that's a black lab.
12:12 There you go, honey.
12:14 Yeah, you hold him like this.
12:18 And they are babies. They just want to be held.
12:21 Okay, there you go, sweetheart.
12:28 Oh, I am sure
12:30 those puppies just can't wait to play with you guys.
12:32 Oh, he is getting away, here.
12:35 There you go, Leslie. Oh, look it.
12:37 Come, sit by me, buddy. You can hold him.
12:40 You know that these puppies are so little.
12:43 They still drink milk from their mommy,
12:46 although, now they also eat solid little bit of puppy food.
12:51 Oh, so you help feed them. I do.
12:55 You take good care of your animal's, farmer Manny.
12:57 Oh, because they are God's creatures.
13:00 Oh, that's a good reason. Isn't it?
13:02 Oh, look he is smacking.
13:05 Kids, do you have dogs? It's new to him.
13:08 Do you have puppies?
13:09 I have some. You do.
13:12 Oh, aren't they wonderful? Oh, that one's getting away.
13:16 Really. Oh, he is.
13:18 You know, these puppies
13:20 they are actually very special dogs.
13:22 You know what they do?
13:23 You know they are called Labrador Retrievers.
13:28 Do you know why they are called Retrievers?
13:31 Have you guys ever thrown a stick at a dog
13:33 and the dog got it in his mouth
13:35 and bite it back to you?
13:38 Did you? I did.
13:39 You did. It's a fun game.
13:41 Eleanor likes to do that. Oh, really.
13:45 Well, these dogs when they grow up
13:48 they are going to love to retrieve.
13:50 You can throw a ball
13:52 and you know what they really like to do, kids?
13:53 I want to hold her. You want to hold her.
13:55 Catch him. Yes, they do.
13:57 How many of you like to swim?
13:59 Oh, you like to swim? You like to swim?
14:03 These labs they like to swim too.
14:05 They are crazy about swimming
14:08 and if you throw that ball in to a lake or a pond
14:12 they will go and retrieve it.
14:15 Oh, yeah. He is going all over the place.
14:20 Oh, look at that.
14:22 Shall Aunty Linda help you, can you get him?
14:25 Oh-- Yeah.
14:27 Its okay, it's okay.
14:29 You guys are so good with dogs.
14:33 Well, we like to take care of dogs
14:35 like you take care of your doggies
14:37 and like Jesus does. Oh, yes.
14:39 And Jesus takes care of us just like this very carefully.
14:42 Isn't it cute? Oh, it got away again.
14:46 Okay, may be Aunty Linda better put it here.
14:48 Kids, do you think these puppies
14:49 are going to stay small all their lives.
14:51 No. Nope, you are right.
14:53 How big will they get? Oh, my labs get really big.
14:58 I mean, they get at least that big.
15:02 They are going to be as big as
15:04 some of you guys are big right now.
15:07 And they are very good with kids.
15:10 They love kids. Is she a puppy?
15:13 I have two dogs. You have two dogs.
15:15 And a cat. And a cat, well, there you go.
15:20 You know, that Jesus made dogs,
15:22 oh, all animals just for us to play.
15:24 Then my dog chases my cat?
15:25 He does? Oh, sure they do.
15:27 I have two girl dogs. You do.
15:30 Okay, you want to hold the puppy too.
15:32 Okay, come here.
15:34 I have three-- dogs is a girl and one cat.
15:39 Put your arm like that.
15:40 Wow. Well, you know what?
15:43 You know that labs love to play.
15:47 You know there's another type of lab and it's a golden lab.
15:51 Have you guys ever heard of a golden lab? Yeah.
15:54 Oh, labs have all sorts of hair.
15:56 They can have hair this size. They can have a long hair.
16:01 Do you think these puppies would like to hear our song?
16:04 Oh, yes, they would. How about you, kids?
16:07 Thank you, Eleanor.
16:08 Kids, lets sing. Let's sing?
16:10 I like to go to the farm Where the cows mow, mow
16:14 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack, quack
16:18 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
16:22 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus.
16:29 Thank you, farmer Manny for showing us the puppies.
16:33 Oh, thank you for bringing them.
16:34 You know why don't we put them back in the basket?
16:36 Okay, put it careful, carefully.
16:38 Thank you, boys and girls. Oh, thank you.
16:42 You tell farmer Manny, goodbye?
16:44 Bye. Bye.
16:46 Thanks for coming, bye. Say, thank you.
16:47 Can you tell him thank you?
16:49 Goodbye farmer Manny. Goodbye.
16:51 Okay. Come on.
16:52 Okay. God bless you.
16:54 Bye, bye. Come on, Macy.
17:07 Vince, honey, this tea is so good
17:09 and soothing at such a hard day.
17:12 It is good, but I really miss tiny tots instead, though.
17:16 Yes, the tiny tots.
17:19 They are here now. I do hear them here. Yes.
17:25 Hey, tiny tots. Come in, come on, in.
17:28 Yeah. How are you guys doing?
17:30 Good to see you. Aunty Linda, come on in.
17:33 Oh, I tell you we had a nice walk
17:35 and we couldn't help it notice your flowerbed.
17:39 It's beautiful. You've put a lot work into that.
17:42 Oh, yes a lot of work. Thank you.
17:45 What-- Where is your tea?
17:48 It's over here, I drink regularly.
17:51 How did it taste? It was very good.
17:56 Well, We have a Bible verse to share with you.
17:59 You do? We do.
18:00 Wonderful. What is it?
18:02 We like to hear it. It's found in Exodus 20:8.
18:07 Remember-- The Sabbath to keep it holy.
18:11 That's right. Yeah.
18:12 What did you read about the Sabbath, son?
18:14 The Sabbath is one, we rest of all our hard work
18:19 and give all our hard work to God and praise Him.
18:23 Really? And here's how it does it?
18:27 Six days we have to work and play
18:32 The seventh day is for Jesus
18:37 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, for us
18:42 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, for us
18:47 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, for us
18:52 The seventh is for Jesus.
18:57 That was very good. Thank you.
18:59 That is a very good song. Yes, it is.
19:02 Yes, Sammy the Sabbath is a special day.
19:06 And maybe you can come back
19:07 and tell us more about the Sabbath.
19:09 Oh, we would love that, wouldn't we? Yes.
19:12 But right now, would it be all right
19:14 if Leslie had a prayer?
19:15 Oh, yes, that would be wonderful.
19:17 Okay, let's fold our hands and close our eyes tight
19:20 and Leslie will pray.
19:21 Dear Jesus, thank you for giving us the Sabbath.
19:26 I love you, Amen. Amen.
19:31 And we love you too.
19:32 And we love you tiny tots and Aunty Linda.
19:35 That's all the time we had. All right.
19:38 We love you. We love you all.
19:40 Come again. Bye.
19:42 Bye, bye. God bless you.
19:43 God bless you too. Okay, come on.
19:46 Bye, bye. Bye, bye.
19:58 Now we go for a walk today
20:02 And see what God has given
20:07 You know what, guys,
20:08 this looks like a good spot to stop.
20:10 Let's stop-- It's beautiful.
20:12 I know, isn't it pretty here?
20:13 Now that we have our binoculars,
20:15 lets look around and see what we can find?
20:18 Can we see any birds? I don't see any.
20:22 Can you? Well, you have to look.
20:23 Look in the binoculars, maybe there's one up there.
20:25 Oh, I see a bird up there.
20:27 See, there's one over there.
20:30 That one's a red bird.
20:33 There's a little red bird over there.
20:34 Can you see it with your binoculars?
20:35 I love how they fly. Isn't that neat?
20:38 God made them so neat. He had a good plan.
20:43 What do you see, Sophia? Nothing.
20:45 You see a bird? No.
20:49 But when you look through here it's small,
20:52 but when you look through here it's big.
20:55 Wow. It goes different, doesn't it?
20:59 You can turn this little knob at the top
21:01 and it makes it easier to see for your eyes.
21:05 See, if you can see something in the trees over there.
21:07 What do you see, Jonah?
21:09 I can't see anything.
21:10 There is a blue bird over there.
21:12 I see a blue bird without the binoculars.
21:15 Can you see it?
21:16 Oh, I love all the birds that Jesus made. I do too.
21:19 Jesus made so many different birds too. Boo.
21:28 Can you see something over there,
21:30 you see any birds
21:31 or you see any little animals or something over there?
21:34 Think I see a bird's nest.
21:35 Is there a bird's nest that you can see?
21:37 No. No?
21:38 Sometimes the little birds hide right under the branches.
21:40 I see you, Miss Janie. I see you too.
21:42 Once when we were at our grandma's house,
21:44 me and my sister we made our own nest.
21:47 You did. You did?
21:48 And then was a big enough to sit in.
21:50 Aha. Really.
21:52 You could go and sit in the--
21:54 That was a big bird. Yes.
21:56 Well, we couldn't sit it in, but--
21:57 I think a bird went in it. Maybe it did.
22:00 Jesus made big birds and little birds for us to enjoy.
22:07 You guys see a bird or anything.
22:08 I see-- Yes, There's one.
22:10 I see a blue bird and a little bird.
22:13 All right, a blue bird and a little bird.
22:16 And what do you see? Look in mine, look in mine.
22:20 Okay, look through yours.
22:22 I can see her-- Oh, I see.
22:26 Yeah, there it is. I see a red one and a blue on.
22:28 There it goes, see it. You guys see it?
22:30 I can see a bird. Look at that one.
22:32 That's a big one. That's a great, big bird.
22:35 You know what?
22:36 I am so glad God made
22:37 all these wonderful things for us to enjoy. Me too.
22:41 Okay, let's go and see what else we can find.
22:43 Oh, I think there's one over there.
22:53 I love the Sabbath day
22:56 and that's what we've been talking about.
22:58 Oh, do you what?
23:00 The Sabbath is my favorite day of the week. Mine too.
23:04 It's my favorite day-- my week--
23:08 it's my favorite day of the week.
23:10 It is? Yes.
23:11 My favorite too. Me too.
23:13 Do you remember where our memory verse is found?
23:15 I do, Exodus 20: 8. That's right.
23:20 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy."
23:23 That's right, and we want to remember to keep it holy.
23:26 I know that-- I know that--
23:28 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
23:31 Six days you shall labor and do all thy work,
23:35 for the seventh day is the Sabbath
23:37 of the Lord thy God in it.
23:40 Thou shall not do any work,
23:43 thou nor thy son nor thy daughter,
23:47 nor thy male servant, or female servant,
23:53 nor thy cattle, nor any stranger that is in your gates.
23:58 For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth,
24:01 the sea, and all that is in it on the seventh day.
24:05 Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath.
24:08 Exodus 20: 8-11. Very good.
24:13 Good job, sweetheart.
24:15 We both know the same thing.
24:16 That's very good. Yeah, that's right.
24:18 And you know what?
24:19 There is a song about the Sabbath.
24:22 Let's sing that song. Yes.
24:25 Sabbath is a happy day
24:29 Happy day, happy day
24:34 Sabbath is a happy day
24:37 I love every Sabbath.
24:43 And the Sabbath is the day that the Lord made for us
24:46 and we're gonna sing a song about that. Oh, yes.
24:49 This is the day the Sabbath day that the Lord has made.
24:53 Oh, I love this song. We didn't bring the other ones.
24:56 Okay. Okay.
24:57 This is the day the Sabbath day That the Lord has made
25:03 That the Lord has made I will rejoice
25:09 I will rejoice and be glad in it And be glad in it.
25:15 This is the day that Lord has made
25:20 I will rejoice and be glad in it.
25:25 This is the day the Sabbath day That the Lord has made.
25:34 Eleanor, did you like that song?
25:36 Eleanor wanted to get up and sing too. I know.
25:39 And did you know that the Sabbath day
25:40 is for all of God's wonderful creation too?
25:43 And do you know how we can enjoy the Sabbath day?
25:45 By reading our Bibles as well.
25:47 That's right. Let's sing that one.
25:49 Read our bibles, pray everyday.
25:51 Let's sing read our bibles, pray everyday.
25:52 Wait, we don't have the bibles.
25:54 Oh, but that's, okay. We can just go like this.
25:56 That's right. Okay.
25:58 Read your Bibles Pray every day
26:03 Pray every day Pray every day
26:07 Read your Bibles Pray every day,
26:12 And you'll grow grow, grow
26:16 And you'll grow, grow, grow
26:21 And you'll grow, grow, grow
26:26 Read your Bibles Pray every day,
26:30 And you'll grow, grow, grow
26:35 And we will also grow.
26:37 After you sing read your bible every day,
26:39 you pray. That's right.
26:43 And, Natalie, would you pray for us right now?
26:46 Okay, let's sing our song.
26:48 I will bend my knees
26:53 I will fold my hands
26:57 I will bow my head
27:01 I will close my eyes
27:05 And very, very quite be
27:10 While the prayer is said
27:15 Dear Jesus, Thank you for making the Sabbath day.
27:19 We love you, Jesus.
27:21 Amen. Amen.
27:25 We do love Jesus.
27:27 I am so thankful Jesus made the Sabbath day.
27:31 That's Mr. Rooster
27:33 and that he says that's all the time we have.
27:36 Oh, goodbye. Goodbye.
27:37 Thanks for coming over guys. Bye.
27:46 Our time together is over So we will have to go
27:52 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you


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