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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 We're God's girls and boys
00:10 We live for Him around the world
00:13 We spread love and joy
00:15 Like colors of the rainbow
00:18 We're shining bright where we go
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:29 Eleanor. Eleanor.
00:32 There you are. Come, girl.
00:35 The Tiny Tots are here and you don't want to miss worship.
00:40 It's going to be an exciting day on the Tiny Tot farm.
00:46 Billy boy, it's time to ring the worship bell.
00:51 I love this song.
00:56 Worship bell so sweet Calling us to meet
01:00 With our best friend, Jesus
01:04 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
01:08 Smiling when He sees us
01:14 I love Jesus. I do too.
01:18 And now we have a special verse from Jesus
01:21 and it's found in Psalms 56. Psalms 56.
01:28 Verse 3. Verse 3.
01:31 "Whenever I am afraid."
01:33 "Whenever I am afraid."
01:37 "I will trust in you."
01:39 "I will trust in you."
01:42 Have you ever been afraid?
01:44 "No." I have.
01:46 Not me. Not me. Just a little bit.
01:48 Not you. Me.
01:50 When were you afraid, Emma?
01:53 Sometimes I am afraid, playing tiger and playing tiger,
01:57 then I'm getting afraid and I run.
02:02 Well, I want to tell you about some men in a country.
02:07 And they worked in a coal mine.
02:10 And do you have an idea what--
02:11 'cause there's coal mines all over.
02:13 And this country, the name of it,
02:16 it sounds like a name of a food. Hmm.
02:21 Huh, I think I know what Aunty Linda is talking about
02:25 and it also is something, it sounds like,
02:28 when you're really cold. When the wind blows...
02:32 It's the wind. No, it's called Chile.
02:39 It's that what our story is about. That is.
02:44 And in Chile, they have big coal mines.
02:49 And there was 33 men
02:52 and they were working down in the coal mine.
02:55 And do you know what a coal mine is?
02:57 No. Its way, way, you go...
02:59 way, way, way down in a hole in the ground
03:02 and it goes long, long ways down and it's all dark,
03:06 'cause they are underground. And they were called coalminers.
03:10 Do you know what coal is? No.
03:12 Look here and Noah do you want to see what Aunty Linda has?
03:16 I'm going to show you. What do you think this is?
03:21 This is a coal mine.
03:22 And they work down in the coal mine
03:24 trying to chip out pieces of coal
03:26 and what can we do with coal?
03:28 Do you know we can put coal in furnaces?
03:32 How about we pass it around? And it will heat our houses.
03:34 How about we pass it around?
03:36 You want to see what it looks like, okay.
03:38 You want to pass it around. That's a good idea, Leslie.
03:40 That's a good very good idea.
03:41 And, you know, coal also can get your hands very black.
03:46 If you rub it on your hands it gets your hands black.
03:48 Well, these men were working very hard
03:51 and they were trying to get pieces of coal out
03:53 and they're working in the coal mine
03:54 and all of the sudden, there was a big explosion.
03:58 Boom. Oh.
04:00 Oh, that just scared me, I was about to drop this.
04:04 Well, they were scared too.
04:06 And they were afraid and they couldn't get out,
04:10 because it shut all the holes up that they had gone down in
04:14 and they were trapped down there.
04:16 And do you know they had some of that men down there
04:20 they talked to Jesus, because they were so afraid
04:24 and when the little boys and girls heard
04:25 that their daddy's were down in the coal mine
04:28 they were afraid too. I would be afraid.
04:30 And they were praying to Jesus,
04:32 would you pray when you're afraid? Yes.
04:34 Yes, what time I am afraid, I will trust in Jesus.
04:38 And they prayed and prayed and prayed
04:40 and do you know how long they were down in that coal mine?
04:43 How many days do you think they were down there?
04:46 Three days. Seven.
04:47 They were down there two months and that's about 60 days.
04:51 That's a long time to be down there.
04:54 And do you know-- That's a long time.
04:56 Jesus helped them not to be afraid.
04:59 And one day, they were able
05:01 to take them up out to a big hole
05:04 and they got to see daylight,
05:06 but they had to wear sunglasses
05:08 because it was so bright but Jesus took care of them.
05:12 Jesus takes care of me too.
05:15 Yes, He does, Emma.
05:17 I love Jesus. You love Jesus.
05:19 I love Jesus very much. Can I tell Jesus I love Him?
05:22 Oh, yes, Leslie. Jesus would love that.
05:26 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
05:31 Dear Jesus, thank you for being with me,
05:35 when I was afraid. I love you Jesus.
05:39 Amen. Amen.
05:50 Who can tell me what I have here?
05:52 Kitty.
05:53 Oh, and can you tell me
05:55 there is a little bit of difference
05:57 what do you think?
05:58 One is little. And one is big.
06:01 That's right, because this one is...
06:06 the mommy kitty and this one is the baby kitty.
06:09 Like, old and new.
06:11 Well, the mommy and the baby.
06:14 And do you know why I'm doing mommy and baby kitties?
06:18 Because I want you to always remember
06:22 that who takes care of us.
06:23 God. Jesus.
06:25 Jesus takes care of us.
06:27 And just like Jesus takes care of us
06:31 the mommy kitty always takes care of her baby kitty.
06:35 Do you all have someone you talk care of?
06:39 Me. You take care of you?
06:42 That's good. I take care of my body.
06:47 Do you know what?
06:49 Jesus wants us to take care of our bodies, Jeniah.
06:51 I take care of my new toys.
06:53 You take care of your new toys? That's a good thing.
06:58 Emma, do you take care of something?
07:00 Well, I take care of...
07:05 You have pets, don't you? Yes.
07:07 I take care of my pets everyday.
07:09 Oh, I take care of my uncle's pets too.
07:12 That's good. I take care of what I eat.
07:18 You, that's good too. And sometimes--
07:19 What do you take care of, Jonah?
07:22 I take care of my kitties. That's very good.
07:29 And we have mommies and daddies that take care of us.
07:32 Yeah. So I'm going to--
07:34 who wants to make a kitty to take home?
07:36 Me. Okay.
07:39 let's go ahead and get started.
07:41 I'll put mine right here,
07:42 so you can see kind of, how we do it.
07:43 Are we going to put our ribbons around?
07:45 Take your ribbon and tie your ribbon.
07:47 Let's wait to glue, Jonah.
07:49 Let's take our ribbon and tie it around their necks.
07:53 I'm not as good as them. Do you want me to help you?
07:56 I would be glad to help you. Look, Jeniah, you--
07:59 This too big. Oh, no.
08:01 Miss Cinda will help you.
08:03 See, look we'll tie it just like this. Look.
08:10 Oh, we'll tie it one around this neck
08:12 and one around this neck. See, look.
08:14 There we go. Look how pretty?
08:16 And then when I get it tied around
08:19 then how about you put the bell on, okay?
08:23 Is this fine? Yes, it is.
08:25 This goes to your baby kitty.
08:28 Look how cute. I think, I do made it.
08:34 So do you have-- does anyone else have kitties at home?
08:37 No, I don't. You don't.
08:39 I don't. I don't even have a pet.
08:40 You don't have a pet,
08:42 but you just like to take care of your uncle's pets.
08:45 Emma, what kind of pets do you have?
08:47 My grandma has a pet named Jonah.
08:50 And every time I go to grandma Gayle's house
08:53 and I go into the thing where he goes, I always see him.
08:58 Oh. Okay, Emma, I didn't hear you.
09:02 What kind of pet do you have?
09:04 A dog. What your doggy's name?
09:06 Oreo. Oreo, oh.
09:13 What a nice name.
09:15 Okay, Jonah, put a little bit of glue in
09:17 and you can put your eyes right there.
09:20 Okay. Oh, these are so pretty.
09:22 Oh, Jeniah, you want to put your bell on?
09:24 And I'll tie this on for you and you can glue your eyes on.
09:28 Do you want your bell on? I don't know how.
09:30 Here, I'll help you.
09:32 Just like this, you don't want to--
09:34 I will do it. Let's do it this way.
09:36 Okay, let's see if we can put this bell on.
09:37 Oh, Mathew, how are you doing over there?
09:41 Okay, you ready to put your eyes on?
09:42 I'm not really gotten my bell on yet.
09:44 You haven't gotten your bell on yet.
09:45 You can put a little glue right there by the eyes.
09:47 I don't really know how to put that.
09:49 Well, I think Aunt Linda will help you.
09:51 Okay, that's good. A little bit on this one.
09:53 There you go. Now put one eye here.
09:55 Now you can put your eyes on.
09:56 And put your other eye on. Who knows what the kitty says?
10:00 Me. Meow.
10:03 Look at my eye. Do you know what?
10:05 I know a kitty that goes, wow.
10:09 That's a lion.
10:14 That's a different kind of kitty, isn't it?
10:16 Yeah, and I know a dog that goes like that. A bear
10:21 Oh, you mean a bear. Bears growl.
10:26 What do bears say? Roar.
10:29 Grrr. Oh, those ones there.
10:31 Oh, did it. Okay, we'll take it off and put it in there.
10:34 Lions, don't they roar?
10:35 I think I wanted that one. I think lions roar.
10:39 I wanted the eyes to--
10:40 Oh, there is yours. Okay.
10:42 I don't know how to make--
10:44 Look, I have the bell. Okay.
10:45 I don't know what happened to your eyes.
10:47 Oh, you want me to help you with your bell?
10:50 And then-- Oh, it need more glue.
10:52 Here you can glue for those eyes.
10:55 And then what are you going to remember
10:58 when you see your kitties?
11:00 That Jesus loves you.
11:02 That's right and that Jesus takes care of us.
11:06 You know, every time you come to the kitchen
11:08 you learn something, don't you? Yeah.
11:11 Who likes coming to the kitchen? Me.
11:13 I do. Yes.
11:14 I like to bake stuff too. I do too.
11:17 It's always fun in the kitchen.
11:26 Farmer Manny. Hey, Tiny Tots, come over here.
11:30 How are you, guys?
11:31 Hey, Aunty Linda good to see you.
11:33 Oh, boy, do I have something for you.
11:35 Come, come, sit down. A surprise?
11:37 I have a really neat surprise. Okay.
11:40 Hey, Brian, can you guys see anything in there?
11:43 There is a lot of hay.
11:45 There is a lot of hay, but there is something--
11:46 A komodo dragon.
11:48 Oh, but it's not a komodo dragon.
11:50 I'm going to take him out. This-- Oh, here he is.
11:54 Oh...That had more than hay in it. Yes, it did.
11:59 Have you guys ever seen one of these?
12:01 No. This is a bearded dragon.
12:06 It's a lizard and-- Where is its beard?
12:09 Oh, you guys got to see this, ready?
12:12 That's its beard, right there. Can you see it?
12:15 Wow. Isn't that--
12:17 Can we pet him? You can pet him.
12:19 Pet him, there you go. How does it feel?
12:25 It's very smooth. Touch this right here.
12:30 Touch these. Brian, touch it here.
12:32 See how--no, how does it feel? Is it soft? Is it hard?
12:39 No. Can you see it, Jonah?
12:40 It's not slimy, is it? No.
12:43 You know, it's not slimy.
12:45 I don't know, I've never touched one before.
12:46 You know what, go ahead, Miss Linda.
12:48 Well, Aunty Linda. Oh, that's not bad.
12:52 No it's not, is it Aunty Linda?
12:54 Now sit down, 'cause I have a few things
12:56 to tell you about him.
12:58 Aunty Linda, here you go so.
13:01 Oh, very nice. Isn't that great?
13:03 Oh, it's just so nice.
13:04 And he is amazing, something easy.
13:07 Here let me take him.
13:09 Okay, I think he likes you better, Farmer Manny.
13:11 Oh, yes. He is from all places where Jesus used to live.
13:18 Really? Yes, he is from the Middle East.
13:21 Actually, the Romans used to have some really neat ways
13:25 to talk about him and they called him a bearded dragon
13:29 because of the beard that he has.
13:30 Oh. Well, what's his name?
13:32 Well, her name is Sarah.
13:36 Sarah. Sarah.
13:38 Well, that's like Abraham in the Bible.
13:40 His wife was Sarah. Yes, it is.
13:43 And what we remember about that beautiful story
13:46 is that God promises His people wonderful things.
13:49 What? What?
13:50 He promises to have a wonderful future.
13:53 He promises that we are His children.
13:55 And that we can go to heaven someday.
13:57 Amen. That's right.
13:59 And see all the animals in heaven. All of them.
14:02 You know, what else is really neat about Sarah?
14:04 Do you see her skin color? Yes.
14:07 She blends really good into the desert
14:10 where she lives there in the Middle East.
14:13 Wow. Yeah.
14:14 And, you know, she looks pretty menacing, but she is not.
14:17 She is very gentle. She is a sweetheart.
14:22 You know, there is an old saying that says,
14:23 "You can't judge a book by its cover."
14:27 Have you guys ever heard that?
14:29 No. No.
14:31 Well, if you ever see a boy or a girl that that you think,
14:33 oh, they're probably not very nice.
14:36 Oh, don't say that because they must be very nice.
14:39 Don't judge anybody how they look.
14:42 Just like Sarah. Yeah, 'cause she looks neat.
14:45 She does. And she has these all the spikes.
14:49 But she is really gentle.
14:51 Very gentle and she likes to be petted.
14:53 Kaitlyn, you want to keep petting her?
14:54 Would she like to hear our song?
14:56 She probably would.
14:58 Come, pet her, Brian, and let's sing it.
15:00 Oh, let's sing first.
15:01 Yes. Okay.
15:04 I like to go to the farm
15:05 Where the cows mow, mow
15:08 I like to go to the farm
15:09 Where the ducks quack, quack
15:11 I like to go to the farm
15:14 I like to go to the farm
15:16 I like to go to the farm
15:17 To learn of Jesus
15:23 Oh, thank you, Farmer Manny.
15:26 Can you tell Sarah, goodbye?
15:27 Goodbye, Sarah.
15:29 Goodbye. Goodbye.
15:31 Bye, guys. Goodbye, Farmer Manny.
15:34 Bye. Goodbye, Farmer Manny.
15:35 Bye, Leslie. Oh. There you go.
15:38 Okay, let's go.
15:40 Bye, sweetheart, thanks for visiting. God bless you.
15:42 Boy, that was something, wasn't it?
15:54 Ah! Vince, Vince, Vince.
15:56 Hey, hey, hey, what's wrong? What's wrong? What's the matter?
16:00 Vince. It's a little spider, it won't hurt you.
16:03 It's a little spider.
16:05 Hey, I'll take care-- I'll take it outside for you.
16:09 All right. It's a little spider, it won't hurt you.
16:12 It's a little spider, it's all it is, little spider.
16:16 Hi. Hey, Tiny Tots are here.
16:19 Hi, it's the Tiny Tots. Tiny Tots are here.
16:21 Come on in, come on in.
16:23 How are you? Auntie Linda.
16:25 Well, yeah, it's quite a spider you have.
16:27 Oh, yes. Yes, going spider, it's quite harmless.
16:31 Well. Aunt, we want that spider.
16:34 You are not afraid?
16:36 Come in, Noah. All right.
16:41 We have a special Bible verse
16:43 that we were working on, on the way over.
16:45 Would you like to hear it? Sure.
16:47 Yes. All right, it's found in Psalms 56:3.
16:51 Psalms 56:3. When ever I am afraid.
16:58 When ever I am afraid.
17:01 I will trust in you.
17:03 I will trust in you.
17:05 So there's no need to be afraid of a spider, just trust in God.
17:10 That's right. He will take care of you.
17:12 Yes. Yes. Because he loves us,
17:15 doesn't He? Yes, He does. Yes.
17:18 Leslie has been working on a song for you.
17:21 Would you like to hear it? Sure.
17:23 This little light of mine
17:26 I'm gonna let it shine
17:29 This little light of mine
17:32 I'm gonna let it shine
17:34 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
17:40 And we all want the little light shine, don't we?
17:42 Yes, we do. And Leslie,
17:44 what happens when we put it under--
17:46 we don't want to put it under a bush or do we?
17:48 We want to let it shine bright for Jesus.
17:51 And there is light right there.
17:52 And we have light too. Yes.
17:54 There's all kinds of light.
17:57 Well, Lilly, would you have a special prayer for us?
18:01 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
18:04 Dear Jesus, help us not to be afraid.
18:07 I love you. Amen. Amen.
18:09 Amen. Thank you.
18:12 We do love-- Thank you, Tiny Tots.
18:14 Well, we would like to come again sometime if you would--
18:18 Always welcome. Always.
18:20 And thank you for cheering up my day.
18:22 Oh, it's our pleasure.
18:25 We'll see you.
18:27 All right. Bye-bye come again. God bless.
18:28 Bye-bye, Tiny Tots.
18:29 Love you Tiny Tots. We love you.
18:33 We love you. We love you too.
18:34 Bye-bye. Bye- bye.
18:45 Shall we go for a walk today
18:49 To see what God has given
18:53 Rocks, rocks everywhere.
18:56 Look, Miss Janie.
18:57 You know what?
18:58 I love going for walks on country roads.
19:01 Me too. But we have
19:03 to be very, very careful
19:05 when we're on the country road
19:06 because even though it's not used a lot,
19:08 we have to be careful for farmers or for cars
19:11 that are going up and down,
19:12 because we have to be safe.
19:14 Look, Miss Janie, what I found.
19:15 Oh, look and it has some pink on it,
19:17 isn't that--oh, look Faith found some-- Faith found
19:20 a red striped one. I got some huge, huge--
19:21 Oh, you have huge, great, big one.
19:24 I got-- Oh, wow, Noah,
19:26 you find all kind-- Look at her,
19:27 look at the green ones. Noah, you've found.
19:29 Oh, you have a bunch of them underneath it.
19:32 It is so wonderful.
19:34 All these little rocks are all different just like God
19:36 made us all different.
19:38 Maria found some too.
19:39 Oh, very good.
19:41 Eleanor, maybe you can find some.
19:42 See the stripe. And that is to--
19:44 you want to find some too?
19:46 Aren't they pretty?
19:48 Look at these, I've got--
19:49 Ah, they all these, they all match, don't they?
19:52 Jesus makes-- Boy, you have
19:54 a lot of them. Caleb, you have some reds one
19:57 and a white one. Faith, you have some?
20:00 Did you find some? Here, you want this one?
20:01 You can have that, some of that.
20:05 Look at 'em. Wow.
20:06 Oh, and there's another one.
20:07 Here's a yellow one. I'll get the yellow one.
20:10 Here, you see it.
20:12 I got this one-- Oh yeah.
20:13 I got the pink one. Isn't this fun?
20:14 Faith, I found something.
20:16 I know, yeah.
20:18 You know, we just have to keep
20:19 our eyes open 'cause God has all kinds of special stuff
20:22 for us to find everywhere.
20:24 That is a huge one.
20:25 That one is great, big.
20:28 Here's a pink one.
20:31 Oh, you have your hands-- Can I have this one?
20:32 Sure, you can have that pink-
20:36 Look at there's a white one. We love these rocks.
20:40 Oh, I love being out in this fresh air.
20:42 I do too. This is so wonderful
20:44 and it's just such a way to get good exercise
20:47 and just find all kinds of things that God has for us.
20:50 I love it. Eleanor likes it too.
20:52 Oh, its good exercise for Eleanor too.
20:54 Dog's need exercise too.
20:56 You guys having fun?
20:58 Yeah, we're having fun.
20:59 Good. Man, how you are you gonna get those home?
21:01 You're gonna carry them all the way on our walk?
21:03 Those are big ones. Yeah, I'm gonna carry them all.
21:06 You gonna carry them all the way, okay.
21:09 Yes. Oh, splashed in the water.
21:12 Look at these. We have to be careful though.
21:14 Oh, look. There's a red one.
21:17 That one kind of has a stripe on it.
21:19 Oh yes. Isn't that neat?
21:21 Wow. Okay, let's not get wet.
21:25 We don't want to get wet.
21:27 Okay, don't throw anymore in there 'cause
21:29 we might get wet.
21:31 You know, I am so glad that God gave us
21:33 all these wonderful
21:34 things to enjoy. I got two big ones.
21:36 Me too. Big one, big one.
21:38 Oh, there are some more down there, Miss Jeannie.
21:39 Yeah, look at all of them.
21:43 This is so much fun.
21:52 I had fun today.
21:53 Did you have fun? Yes.
21:56 Yes. I had fun going to the kitchen.
21:58 I like going to worship.
22:01 I do too. I like the barn.
22:03 You like the barn? Oh, me too.
22:06 And I like Billy Boy. You too.
22:09 I love to hear Billy boy sing.
22:11 And I like learning our memory verses.
22:14 Oh, what is it today?
22:15 Psalms 56:3. Psalms 56:3.
22:22 Whenever I am afraid.
22:24 Whenever I am afraid.
22:26 I will trust in you.
22:28 I will trust in you.
22:31 You know, Jesus has given us all these promises
22:35 and the Bible is ours.
22:38 Oh, thank you.
22:39 Every promise is true.
22:41 And you know, it's very important for us
22:43 to read the Bible and learn God's promises, isn't it?
22:48 That's right, it is. All right.
22:50 Every promise in the Book is mine
22:55 Every chapter, every verse, every line
23:00 All the blessings of His love divine
23:05 Every promise in the Book is mine
23:11 Oh, I love God's promises.
23:13 I depend on them so much.
23:15 I do too. Isn't that cute little Bible?
23:17 Yeah. And there you go.
23:19 Aren't those cute?
23:20 Where do you get those?
23:22 Oh, we have all kinds of little things.
23:27 Oh, that's okay. I'll close it for you.
23:28 Jesus has everybody in His hands.
23:31 He loves us all so much.
23:35 He's got the whole world in His hands
23:39 He's got the whole world in His hands
23:44 He's got the whole world in His hands
23:49 He's got the whole world in His hands
23:52 He's got the tiny little baby.
23:54 He's got the tiny little babies in his hands
23:59 He's got the tiny little babies in his hands
24:04 He's got the tiny little babies in his hands
24:09 He's got the whole world in His hands
24:14 He's got everybody in his hands
24:19 He's got everybody in his hands
24:23 He's got everybody in his hands
24:28 He's got the whole world in His hands
24:33 I love that song. I do too.
24:35 I love Jesus. Oh, me too.
24:37 And I am so glad that Jesus is watching over me.
24:41 Yes, that's right, Miss. Cinda.
24:42 Well, I have a song that I'd like to sing and its call,
24:45 "Singing, singing all day long with my friend, with my friend."
24:49 I like that song. Yes.
24:51 Singing, singing all the day
24:55 With my friends, with my friends
24:59 Singing, singing all the day
25:04 With my best friend Jesus
25:09 That song makes me so happy.
25:10 Can we sing," If you're happy and you know it,
25:12 clap your hands." Yes.
25:14 Wow. That sounds fun. Well, that's a good idea.
25:15 Yes, let's sing that one.
25:17 If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands
25:22 If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands
25:26 If you're happy and you know it
25:28 Then your life will surely show it
25:30 If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands
25:34 If you're happy and you know it say, Amen
25:38 Amen If you're happy and you know it say, Amen
25:42 Amen If you're happy and you know it
25:45 Then your life will surely show it
25:47 If you're happy and you know it say, Amen
25:50 Amen I love that song.
25:54 I am so glad you thought of that song.
25:56 That song makes me so happy.
25:57 That song makes me happy.
26:00 Something else that makes me happy is talking to Jesus.
26:03 Oh, I love talking to Jesus.
26:05 I love talking to Jesus.
26:07 And do you know boys and girls,
26:08 we don't have to have real formal prayers, do we?
26:12 Do you know that we can talk to Jesus
26:14 just like we talk to each other?
26:16 That's right. Amen.
26:18 Did you know that?
26:19 Yeah. Exactly. Yes.
26:21 And we can talk to Jesus about anything.
26:25 We can talk to Jesus when we are afraid.
26:28 We can talk to Jesus when we are happy.
26:31 And it makes us-- Jesus happy
26:33 when we talk to Him.
26:34 Let's sing our song, okay.
26:36 I will bend my knees
26:41 I will fold my hands
26:46 I will bow my heads
26:49 I will close my eyes
26:54 And very, very quite be
27:00 While the prayer is said
27:05 Dear Jesus, we thank You
27:06 so much that You protect us
27:08 and give us such wonderful promises in your Bible.
27:12 In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.
27:14 Amen. I am glad you--
27:19 Mr. Rooster says that's all the time we have.
27:22 Oh, good bye. Thanks for coming guys.
27:25 I think you'll wait till we do one tomorrow.
27:35 Our time together is over
27:38 So we will have to go
27:40 Good bye, good bye
27:44 Remember God loves you
27:46 Good bye, good bye
27:50 Remember God loves you Goodbye.


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