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00:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 We're God's girls and boys
00:10 We live for Him around the world
00:13 We spread love and joy
00:15 Like colors of the rainbow We're shining bright where we go
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys
00:29 Eleanor.
00:31 Eleanor.
00:32 There you are.
00:33 Come, girl.
00:35 The tiny tots are here
00:37 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:40 It's going to be an exciting day,
00:42 on the tiny tot farm.
00:46 It's time to sing our worship song.
00:48 Let's ask Billy boy to ring the bell. Okay.
00:50 Billy boy, you can ring the worship bell.
00:55 Oh, I love this song. I do too.
00:59 It helps Eleanor go to sleep.
01:00 Worship bell so sweet Calling us to meet
01:04 With our best friend Jesus Come and worship here
01:10 Jesus will be near Smiling when He sees us
01:18 I love spending time worshiping Jesus
01:21 and reading from His special book.
01:23 What is this called?
01:25 The Holy Bible.
01:26 The Holy Bible.
01:28 And our memory verse is Psalms 32:11.
01:31 I know what that is.
01:32 Can we say it together first?
01:34 Psalms 32:11.
01:38 What is it, Matthew?
01:39 "Be glad in the Lord."
01:41 Yeah, "Be glad in the Lord."
01:43 That's right, "Be glad in the Lord."
01:46 Well, Matthew, what makes you happy?
01:49 Just being with family and friends.
01:50 Yeah, I like going to the park.
01:53 Michael likes going to the park.
01:54 What about you, Isaac?
01:56 I like going to meet my cousin.
02:01 Yeah, I like to visit my cousins and go to the park with him.
02:07 Dad's always take me to the park.
02:09 That's nice when our daddy's do that for us and our mommies.
02:13 Leslie, what makes you happy?
02:15 Riding horses and.
02:18 Oh, I like to ride horses.
02:20 Yeah, I would like to ride the horses.
02:24 Emma, what makes you happy?
02:27 Tying curtains.
02:29 You like to help mommy with the curtains, huh?
02:32 Oh, wow, that's good.
02:34 You just woke Eleanor up.
02:37 I like shooting lizards.
02:39 You know, Aunty Linda,
02:41 you've been talking about a different country everyday.
02:45 What country are you going to tell us about today?
02:49 I'm going to tell you about a country called England.
02:53 Do you know where the England is?
02:54 Do you know where it is?
02:56 It's to the zoo.
02:57 No. Where's England?
02:59 Umm, across the ocean.
03:00 It's far, far away.
03:02 That's right. That's right.
03:04 And the kids there they love to do lots of fun things.
03:08 They like to swim. Can you swim?
03:10 Yes. They like to swim.
03:12 I like-- I like to swim.
03:14 I swim like a dolphin.
03:16 I like to swim with a dolphin.
03:17 And they have one of the world's largest Ferris wheel
03:21 and they like to do that.
03:23 But I'm going to tell you about a little boy
03:25 and he had three favorite things that he liked to do.
03:30 Do you know what they were?
03:31 Yeah. Praying.
03:33 He liked to pray.
03:35 Read his Bible. And read his Bible.
03:37 And he liked to thank Jesus
03:39 and then tell everyone about Jesus.
03:42 I like to tell everyone about Jesus.
03:45 And one day when he was taking a walk,
03:47 one of the new boys came up to him
03:50 and he knew that his was Edward and he said, "Hi, Edward.
03:54 How are you today?"
03:56 And Edward says, "I've been watching you,
03:59 you're always so happy
04:01 and you always have a big smile on you face."
04:04 And he said, "Why are you so happy?"
04:07 I have a friend named Charles down in Indiana. Do you?
04:10 Yeah, I have a friend, Marcus, he is--
04:11 I have friend named Leslie. Yes, yes.
04:16 Well, let's find out what happened--
04:18 I have a friend named Isaac.
04:20 Oh, well, let's find out about Edward.
04:23 I want to hear more, Aunty Linda.
04:25 And Edward said, "Why are you so happy?"
04:28 And he said, "Because I love Jesus."
04:31 He said, "I talk to Jesus and I pray to Jesus
04:35 and I sing to Him,
04:37 and then I like to tell every body about Jesus."
04:40 And Edward said, "Will you tell me about Jesus?"
04:43 And he said, "Yes,
04:44 would you like to come to my Sabbath school this week?"
04:48 And he said, "Oh, yes, I'll ask mommy.
04:51 I'd love to go to your Sabbath school."
04:53 And you know what? He did ask him.
04:55 And Edward loved to learn about Jesus.
04:58 And we can tell other boys and girls about Jesus too.
05:02 And we can even save our money and send it,
05:05 so missionaries can go and help others.
05:09 Jesus is coming again
05:10 and that's one thing we want to tell people.
05:12 I have a song.
05:13 You know, I'm talking about Mackenzie is coming.
05:15 Mackenzie, you have somebody named Mackenzie
05:17 that you can help share with. Yeah.
05:19 You can tell Mackenzie about Jesus. All right.
05:21 My dad, he cleans snow and he fixes cars.
05:28 Oh, so he helps other people.
05:30 Yeah, my dad will clean up snow when he does that
05:33 and he fixes cars.
05:35 There's a lots of things we can do for other people.
05:37 Yeah, and he gets gas.
05:38 Let's ask Jesus to help us share Him--
05:40 My dad helps in the chemist-- He is.
05:43 Emma, would you have a prayer for us? Yes.
05:46 So let's fold our hands and close our eyes, okay.
05:50 Fold your hands. Close your eyes.
05:51 Dear Jesus, thank you so much having this nice day.
05:55 Please help other people to learn about Jesus
05:58 and please bless us, dear beloved Jesus.
06:02 Amen. Amen.
06:11 Hey, Miss Cinda, are those biscuits?
06:14 Yes, they are, Jeniah.
06:16 And, you know, there's another name for them too.
06:19 Who knows the other name for them?
06:21 They are called biscuits
06:23 but they are also called some thing else. Scones.
06:25 Very good, Matthew.
06:27 It rhymes with bones.
06:30 Yes, it does.
06:31 They have those in England?
06:33 Yes, they do, Aunty Linda.
06:35 We have bones in our body.
06:37 Yes, we do, Jeniah.
06:39 We have healthy bones, don't we?
06:41 If we eat healthy food.
06:43 That's right. Is this healthy--
06:45 Who would like to taste one of my scones?
06:46 Me. Me.
06:47 Oh, okay.
06:49 You all can taste some and then, here you go, Miss Emma.
06:54 Here, Miss Emma.
06:56 What do you think of my scones? Mmm.
06:59 They're yummy? Mmm.
07:00 Who would like to help me make scones? Me.
07:04 Oh, I'm so glad you all came
07:08 because I need help with these scones.
07:11 Let's see, Jeniah, you want to put the flour in?
07:14 Yeah. Okay.
07:17 And let's see, Elizabeth, you can put the sugar in.
07:23 And Emma, she can put one of those ingredients in.
07:28 Like the baking powder. The baking powder.
07:30 Let's get all the flour, okay. Okay.
07:33 Okay, Elizabeth, here you go.
07:35 There you go.
07:37 Okay, you got the baking powder.
07:38 Oh, good job.
07:40 Good job.
07:42 Matthew, would you like to put the oil in.
07:45 Stir it up just a little bit and then you can put some--
07:48 And the salt. Uh-ha.
07:52 There you go and you can put the oil in for me.
07:56 And let's see would you like to put the salt in, Jeniah.
07:59 Okay. Good helpers.
08:02 Oh, good helpers.
08:05 Okay.
08:06 I will mix it. You want to mix that?
08:09 Good job, Matthew.
08:12 Okay, let's let Elizabeth put in the maple syrup.
08:18 There you go, Elizabeth,
08:20 and then you can stir it a little bit.
08:22 And Emma, you want to put the cinnamon in?
08:24 You can sprinkle some cinnamon in it.
08:29 And Jeniah, you can pour the milk in.
08:34 There you go.
08:35 Oh, you guys are such good helpers.
08:38 I just love it when you come to help me.
08:41 Is that coming out?
08:42 Did you get some, Emma?
08:44 Oh, there you go.
08:45 Shake it hard, Emma.
08:47 You can tap it. You can do it.
08:49 Yeah, you can tap. Oh, good job.
08:51 Good job.
08:54 And who knows what these are?
08:56 Raisins.
08:57 Who likes raisins? Me.
08:59 Oh, yes.
09:01 I have a dream about going to heaven.
09:03 You do? Me too.
09:05 Oh, okay.
09:07 Well, there will be grapes and raisins
09:10 and all kinds of wonderful things in heaven to eat.
09:12 Okay, Elizabeth, can you let Emma stir for a little bit?
09:15 'Cause we will all take turns stirring.
09:17 Makes Jesus happy too when we share, doesn't it?
09:19 Yeah.
09:21 Oh, Emma is--
09:23 Do you want one ounce sugar? No.
09:26 What do we do, when we're done stirring?
09:30 Well, then we're going to roll it into dough.
09:32 So maybe let's let Jeniah quick stir a little bit.
09:37 Okay, can we share with Jeniah?
09:38 'Cause Jeniah hasn't had her turn yet.
09:41 Here, Jeniah, you can stir.
09:44 Well, it's hard for me to stir.
09:47 How about if I hold the bowl and you stir?
09:49 Oh, good job. Good job.
09:52 Okay, why don't we let Aunty Linda finish stirring
09:56 and while Aunty Linda's stirring,
09:58 we're going to pick out a cookie cutter.
10:00 Aunty Linda, if you need a little flour,
10:02 here's a little bit more flour.
10:04 I want the heart.
10:05 Okay, look at our cookie cutters.
10:07 Who wants a cookie cutter? Me.
10:09 I want. Okay, which one do you want?
10:11 I want this one.
10:12 Okay, you can have that one.
10:14 We have a duck and a teddy bear and a star and a tulip,
10:19 a doggy and a fish and a butterfly.
10:22 Can I have a doggy too?
10:23 Well, we can share.
10:25 Quick, Emma, which one would you like?
10:27 Uh, a star and butterfly.
10:33 Okay, what would you like?
10:36 Which one would you like?
10:37 Okay, the ducky.
10:40 Okay. And the fish.
10:43 Aunty Linda is going to give us some dough.
10:46 Okay, and here's a little bit of flour to sprinkle down.
10:48 Okay, Emma, can put a little bit of flour on your place mat.
10:53 Just take a little flour with your hand
10:55 and put it on your place mat.
10:57 There you go.
10:59 And Elizabeth, you want to put a little flour
11:00 on your place mat and Jeniah, you too.
11:02 I will take a little bit. Me too.
11:05 There you go. I put a little bit.
11:08 Okay, and you want to put a little bit on yours?
11:11 Oh, you're going to have to have more than that, Matthew.
11:14 Can I have more on this? Yes.
11:16 Okay, Aunty Linda is going to get you some dough.
11:19 Okay, roll your dough. Okay, here, Miss Cinda.
11:22 Here's some dough.
11:24 And you can sprinkle a little bit on--
11:26 Okay, Matthew, here's your dough.
11:29 You got to knead your dough.
11:30 Can you roll it? Can you roll it?
11:32 You might want a little bit more flour, Matthew, here.
11:36 There you go.
11:37 It's kind of sticky.
11:39 Put some flour under your rolling pins.
11:40 Well, you know what?
11:42 First, before you roll it like that.
11:43 You know, what you do?
11:45 You go like this.
11:48 Here, Jeniah, let me show you.
11:50 You go like this.
11:51 Look, kids, first. You roll it like this.
11:55 I know how to make. You put a little bit of flour.
11:57 And then you roll it with your hands.
11:59 Let me help you, Matthew. Sometimes I do--
12:01 See look, you roll it with your hand like that, see.
12:05 Oh. Here.
12:06 See like that. Can you do that?
12:08 I will give you a little bit more flour.
12:10 Emma, is making a butterfly.
12:11 Oh, Emma, that's going to be a pretty butterfly.
12:16 Let me get him up. Do we flatten it now?
12:19 Yes, you may.
12:20 Now you roll it out and then you can use your cookie cutter
12:23 and you can make your scones shaped
12:26 in all different pretty shapes.
12:28 This is fun, Miss Cinda.
12:30 Oh, who loves being in the kitchen?
12:33 Me. I do.
12:34 Oh, I'm--
12:35 Can I have the turn in having the teddy?
12:38 You sure may.
12:39 There you go, Miss Emma.
12:40 And thank you all for coming in the kitchen
12:43 'cause I love it when you come in the kitchen.
12:46 Any time you can be in the kitchen, its fun.
12:57 Farmer Manny, farmer Manny.
12:59 Hey, guys.
13:01 I'm so glad you're here.
13:03 That looks like Pupski.
13:04 It is Pupski.
13:06 It is neighbor Robbie Dee's dog.
13:08 Yes, she is. Oh.
13:10 And I'm dog sitting.
13:12 Dog sitting?
13:14 Yeah, do you guys know what it means to dog sits?
13:17 What? Just like babysitting.
13:18 There you go. You can sit right here.
13:20 Have you guys ever been baby sat?
13:23 No.
13:24 I have. You have?
13:25 Oh, cool.
13:27 Now how many of you have dogs?
13:29 You do.
13:31 Do you like your puppy?
13:33 Oh, this is a beautiful puppy.
13:36 She is so sweet and she does a lot of really nice things.
13:39 Do you guys like to pray?
13:40 Oh, yes, let's show him how we pray.
13:42 How do you pray? Show me how you pray?
13:44 Like that. Yes.
13:45 Well, guess what?
13:47 Pupski also prays. Pupski.
13:51 Yep, you want to see her pray? Yes.
13:54 Okay, let's see if she will do it.
13:55 Pupski, Pupski. Pray, pray, pray.
13:58 Come on, Pupski, pray.
13:59 There we go.
14:01 Pupski, pray, pray, pray.
14:03 Oh. Oh, yeah.
14:06 Good job. She even bowed her head.
14:07 Isn't that neat?
14:09 You know, what else Pupski can do?
14:11 What? She can do high-five.
14:14 Oh. Yeah.
14:15 Can you guys do high-five? Yes.
14:18 Yeah, all right, Brian.
14:21 Macy, can you do high-five? Oh, yeah.
14:24 You guys want to see her do high-five? Yes.
14:26 All right, she will do it.
14:27 Pupski, Pupski. Yeah, Macy, did you see that?
14:29 Okay, high-five, high-five.
14:32 Yeah. Yeah.
14:33 Good doggy.
14:35 You guys want to see it again.
14:36 Macey, all right, Pupski, Pupski, Pupski.
14:38 High-five, high-five, high-five, high-five. Yeah.
14:42 Good job. Yeah.
14:45 You want to see another trick? Yes.
14:47 She can talk.
14:48 Oh, no, do you think she can talk?
14:51 May be in doggy talk, ha.
14:53 You want to hear?
14:54 Okay, Pupski, Pupski, speak, speak.
14:57 Speak, speak
15:00 Oh. Good job.
15:03 Okay, you want to here it again? Yes.
15:04 She loves to speak.
15:06 Okay, Macy, you're watching, you're watching.
15:08 Okay, all right.
15:10 Pupski, speak, speak, speak.
15:13 Oh, isn't that great?
15:15 Oh, but she has a whole a lot of other things
15:19 that Pupski can do.
15:20 Do you want a see a little bit more? Oh, yes.
15:22 Now I think this one you guys can do it too.
15:25 Can you guys jump through the hoop? Yes.
15:28 Let's try it. Let's try it.
15:30 All right, Brian. Macy, you try it.
15:33 Oh. Wow. Oh, Macy.
15:35 All right, Faith, let me see you do it.
15:38 Good job. Wow.
15:39 Oh, Leslie, good job.
15:42 You guys did a good job.
15:44 You guys want to see Pupski do it?
15:45 Do you think she can really do that?
15:47 Oh, we'll see.
15:48 Pupski, Pupski, come on, come on, come on.
15:51 Yeah, good job, Pupski. Oh, yeah.
15:55 Oh, Pupski, Pupski.
15:57 Come on, come on, come on girl. Come on, yeah. Yeah.
16:02 Okay, Pupski, lie down.
16:04 Sit, sit, sit, sit, yes, you can do it.
16:07 Down, down, down, come on, come on, down.
16:11 All right, she what's to pray again.
16:14 She wants to pray again. She just wants to high-five.
16:16 Oh, she is praying. Good job.
16:18 Good job.
16:20 She is a good dog, right?
16:22 Girl, girl, oh, good dog.
16:24 Do you think Pupski would like to hear our song?
16:26 Yes. I think she would.
16:30 Pupski, we'll sing together.
16:32 I like to go to the farm Where the cows mow mow
16:36 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack quack
16:41 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
16:45 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus
16:51 Oh, that's great.
16:52 I think Pupski might be going off to play with Eleanor.
16:55 I think so.
16:56 And it's time for us to go too.
16:58 Thank you, Farmer Manny.
16:59 Thanks for coming by, tiny tots. Good bye, Farmer Manny.
17:00 Bye. God bless you.
17:02 Bye. Have a good day.
17:09 Oh, Vince, I was just sorting through the mail today.
17:13 And I got a letter from my sister
17:15 and she's not coming to visit
17:17 because she is sick.
17:19 I hope she does, okay.
17:21 Oh, she will be all right.
17:22 Just got to have faith.
17:24 But, I'll tell you what though,
17:25 in a little while tiny tots will be here.
17:27 When they get here you will feel a lot better.
17:29 I hope so.
17:30 In fact, they're here right now.
17:31 I do believe.
17:33 Tiny Tots.
17:36 Tiny Tots are here.
17:37 Hey, come on in.
17:39 Hi, how are you?
17:41 Come on in. How you doing?
17:42 Hi. Hello, come on in--
17:44 It's good to see you.
17:45 How you doing this morning?
17:46 Hi, can I see your letter?
17:48 Yes, of course. You got letters?
17:49 A letter I got from my sister. Oh.
17:52 Yes. Let me see. Let me see.
17:54 Is it a special letter?
17:55 Yes, she's not coming.
17:57 She's not doing well. Oh.
18:00 Let me see. Yes.
18:02 Don't be sad, Jesus loves you.
18:04 Thank you.
18:06 Let me see what it says. Okay.
18:08 Well, we have a memory verse that maybe will help you. Yes.
18:11 Okay, let's see our memory verse.
18:14 Psalms 32:11,
18:19 "Be glad in the Lord."
18:22 That makes me feel better.
18:24 Well, we have something that will make you really happy.
18:27 Don't we, Sammy?
18:29 Yes, I have song.
18:31 It's right up, right up, right now.
18:34 If anybody know it, sing it with me.
18:36 All right.
18:38 If you're happy and you know it Clap your hands
18:42 If you're happy and you know it Clap your hands
18:45 If you're happy and you know it And you really want to show it
18:49 If you're happy and you know it Clap your hands
18:52 If you're happy and you know it Stomp your feet
18:56 If you're happy and you know it Stomp your feet
18:59 If you're happy and you know it And you really want to show it
19:02 If you're happy and you know it Stomp your feet
19:05 If you're happy and you know it Say amen Amen
19:09 If you're happy and you know it Say amen Amen
19:13 If you're happy and you know it And you really want to show it
19:16 If you're happy and you know it Say amen. Amen
19:20 Yeah. Good job, yeah.
19:23 That was good. Wow.
19:25 Will it be all right if we had prayer with you?
19:27 Oh, that would be wonderful. Sure.
19:29 Well, Faith has a special prayer.
19:31 So let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
19:34 Close our eyes tight. Thank you, Jesus.
19:37 Thank you for this day.] Amen. Amen.
19:42 Thank you. Can I play now?
19:44 We will go play.
19:46 And we've got a lot of things to do.
19:48 So please tell Miss Stella and Mr. Vince good bye--
19:50 Thank you for cheering me up. Bye.
19:52 All right, bye-bye. Very good.
19:53 Bye. Bye, Miss Stella.
19:56 God bless you. I love you too.
19:58 I love you too. Bye-bye.
19:59 Bye-bye.
20:01 Oh, that was good. Bye-bye.
20:11 Oh, my God.
20:12 Shall we go for a walk today
20:16 And see what God has given
20:20 Oh, yeah. Good job.
20:23 Okay, try it again. Thank you.
20:27 Miss Linda, can I have a kite now?
20:31 Who?
20:32 Did anyone ever do this before?
20:35 No, I was always wanted to and it's always cool.
20:38 You always wanted to-- you're doing so good.
20:40 Look, watch out. Oh, my God.
20:43 Okay, Sophia wants a turn.
20:46 Oh, my, re you ready--
20:48 Okay, you teach me.
20:50 All right, are you ready, Sophia?
20:51 Oh, I'm so glad Jesus made such good air.
20:55 Fresh air for us, look at it. I know.
20:58 Whoo.
20:59 Jesus made this so that we can fly them, didn't He?
21:02 When I go like this, that means let go.
21:06 Okay.
21:07 Oh, good job, Sophia. Oh, no.
21:10 Now, oh, look at that.
21:12 Look at that going.
21:15 Wonderful. Wow, that was good.
21:18 They both crashed it about the same time.
21:20 Okay, Leslie, you want to have a turn--
21:21 You guys are doing so good.
21:23 Okay, now Leslie will have a turn.
21:26 Oh, my, you hung up in the spring.
21:27 Okay, here you, Leslie.
21:29 I'm so glad that we can be outside
21:33 and God gave us this breeze.
21:34 Are you ready-- Oh, no, you're hung up.
21:36 Oh, we're ready. All right, here we go.
21:39 Come on, Leslie. Wait.
21:42 I got it wrong. No.
21:45 Okay, ready? Can I hold this?
21:47 Run. Go run.
21:49 Go, go, go. Run, run, run, fast.
21:52 Run fast.
21:55 Here let me shorten the string.
21:59 Hey, guys, do you think this is good exercise? Yes.
22:02 I think it is very good exercise.
22:04 We get fresh air.
22:06 We get exercise and use our muscles.
22:09 Maybe it's still too long. Here wait.
22:12 Aunty Linda was like she is going to fly away.
22:15 Do you think you can just fly away with one of these?
22:18 Whoo.
22:22 This is fun, isn't it?
22:24 Who's having fun?
22:25 You're having fun? Yeah.
22:26 Yeah.
22:28 Yes, here you can fly Aunty Linda's.
22:30 Okay, one, two, go.
22:34 Okay, Leslie, you can run.
22:36 What does that look like?
22:37 Does that remind you of an airplane?
22:42 Does that remind you of a bird?
22:43 Yes, a big one.
22:45 Okay, Leslie, come and run this way.
22:47 Let's see if we can get it.
22:48 Run while you help him.
22:50 Don't run into each other.
22:52 Very good. Good job, Brenda.
22:53 Wait Brenda, wait. We can get it.
22:55 Come on here, Sophia. Oh, come on, Leslie, oh.
22:58 Oh, this is so much fun. Okay.
23:02 Wondeful. That was good.
23:04 That was great. Run that way, Leslie.
23:06 Run fast, come on, now will you. Okay.
23:09 Come on help me, now where are you.
23:10 Yes, yes, that's right. Good job.
23:14 All right, here we go.
23:16 Ready, set, go. Good job.
23:19 Hey, run back. We'll run around.
23:21 You know, I am so glad that Jesus made all these things
23:25 for us to enjoy outside. Okay.
23:35 It's been such a happy day today. It has.
23:39 It reminds me of our memory verse.
23:42 Oh, it does, doesn't it?
23:44 Psalms 32:11.
23:48 "Be glad in the Lord."
23:53 If you kids know what I have in my heart.
23:55 Joy. That's right.
23:58 Why don't we sing the song on joy?
24:00 Good idea, Farmer Manny.
24:01 I have the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart
24:07 Where down in my heart
24:09 Where down in my heart
24:11 I have the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart
24:16 Where down in my heart to stay
24:21 And I'm so happy so very happy
24:26 I have the love of Jesus in my heart
24:29 Down in my heart
24:30 And I'm so happy so very happy
24:35 I have the love of Jesus in my heart
24:39 Down in my heart
24:40 Oh, that was fun.
24:45 That makes me happy. Me too.
24:50 And you know what?
24:51 I have another song that will make us happy.
24:54 How about Rejoice in the Lord always.
24:56 All right. Yes.
24:57 I want the heart one.
24:59 You want a heart one? Yes.
25:01 Is this a heart one? All right.
25:03 There is the heart one.
25:04 There you go, Miss Cinda. Oh, yes.
25:06 Oh, you have one? Thank you--
25:08 Oh, Farmer Manny. Okay.
25:10 Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice
25:15 Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice
25:21 Rejoice, rejoice and again I say rejoice
25:27 Rejoice, rejoice and again I say rejoice
25:34 Oh, I love rejoicing in Jesus.
25:36 Jesus makes me so happy.
25:38 That makes me just want to sing a happy song.
25:40 Oh, yes.
25:42 This is my favorite song.
25:45 It is? Yeah.
25:47 Let's sing a happy song Let's sing about Jesus
25:53 Let's sing a happy song Let's sing about love
26:00 With a smile on our face We can help the human race
26:05 to sing a happy song of Jesus and His love
26:12 And it makes Jesus happy when we pray to Him.
26:17 Aunty Linda's going to have a special prayer for us.
26:19 So let's sing our prayer song. Oh, yes.
26:23 I will bend my knees
26:28 I will fold my hands
26:32 I will bow my head
26:36 I will close my eyes
26:41 And very very quite be
26:46 While the prayer is said
26:51 Dear Jesus, you make us so happy.
26:56 We love You so much.
26:58 Help us that we will be just like You
27:01 in Jesus name, amen. Amen.
27:06 Boy, this has been a happy day, hasn't it?
27:08 Yes. Yes.
27:10 And I love to sing.
27:11 Who likes to sing? Me.
27:13 I love to sing too. Me too. I love to ing.
27:15 I love worship time.
27:17 Who likes worship? Me.
27:20 I love worship.
27:22 That's Mr. Rooster, and he says our time is over.
27:24 Bye. Thank you.
27:26 Goodbye, guys. Goodbye.
27:27 Goodbye. Goodbye.
27:29 Goodbye.
27:36 Our time together is over So we will have to go
27:42 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you
27:48 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you
27:56 Goodbye.


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