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Saint Lucia

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 We're God's girls and boys
00:10 We live for Him around the world
00:13 We spread love and joy
00:15 Like colors of the rainbow We're shining bright where we go
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys.
00:30 Eleanor. Eleanor.
00:33 There you are. Come, girl.
00:37 The tiny tots are here.
00:39 And you don't want to miss worship.
00:41 It's going to be an exciting day,
00:43 on the tiny tot farm.
00:47 Ah, Mr. Wiggles, you like worship.
00:51 Yes, Mr. Wiggles loves worship.
00:54 Well, I think Mr. Wiggles will like our worship song too.
00:57 Let's ask Billy boy to ring the bell, okay.
01:00 Billy boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:06 I like this song. Me too.
01:10 Worship bell so sweet Calling us to meet
01:15 With our best friend Jesus
01:19 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
01:22 Smiling when He sees us
01:30 I have a special verse to you.
01:32 What do you think it is? It is that--
01:35 It's to you from Jesus. what book is she holding?
01:38 And it's in this-- Holy Bible
01:40 The Holy Bible. That's right.
01:43 And it's Hebrews 13. Hebrews 13.
01:48 Verse 16. Verse 16.
01:51 "But do not forget." "But do not forget."
01:57 "To do good." "To do good."
02:00 "And to share." "And to share."
02:04 Can you do that one more time? Can we do that one more time?
02:08 "Do not forget, to do good and to share."
02:16 And that's what Jesus wants us to do, is to share.
02:19 Yes, we'll share our toys.
02:21 We'll share our toys and also share about Jesus.
02:27 And I have a story about a little boy
02:30 that lives in an island.
02:31 Can you think of an island? Hmm.
02:33 In the Caribbean somewhere.
02:35 There's lots of islands.
02:36 What do you think? Give us a hint.
02:39 It's called Saint-- Saint Luton.
02:45 Good, Emma.
02:46 Saint Lucia's that's right. Good girl.
02:49 Well, Louie was sleeping one night.
02:54 Do you sleep at night? Yeah.
02:57 And all of sudden, he woke up
02:59 and he looked out across the beach
03:01 and there was lots of lights.
03:04 And he was like "Father, father come quick."
03:07 And so father came running in there
03:09 and he said, "What's the matter?"
03:11 And he said, "Look out there, I saw lots of lights."
03:14 And father looked and he saw some lights
03:17 and he said, "Oh, I think it's a sign."
03:21 He said, "What do you mean, father?"
03:22 He said, "I think someone's going to come and tell us
03:25 how we can live better."
03:26 Wow. And Louie said "Oh."
03:30 And father said, "Don't worry, that's a good sign."
03:33 And so he went back to sleep.
03:35 They didn't know about Jesus, but they thought,
03:37 everything they saw was a sign.
03:40 And so every day, Louie looked and wondered
03:43 when his dream was going to come to pass.
03:45 And he got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger
03:50 and then he became the chief of that little island.
03:55 And-- The big chief?
03:56 Yes, he was the big one. He was in charge of everybody.
03:59 And he was kind to the boys and girls
04:03 and he was good to the mommies and the daddies.
04:07 Who's that chief?
04:08 He's the one in charge of everything.
04:11 And so, one day he saw some people coming in some boats
04:16 and they got off the boats
04:17 and he went down to meet them and they said,
04:19 "We're here to tell you about the great, big God in heaven."
04:24 And he told them all about Jesus and how Jesus loved them.
04:29 And Louie and all his people
04:31 became Christians and they loved Jesus.
04:35 And they were so happy
04:37 that someone came to do good for them
04:40 and to share Jesus with them.
04:42 And you know, boys and girls, we can tell others about Jesus.
04:45 Can you think of someone, we can tell about Jesus?
04:48 Oh, yes. Isaac.
04:51 We can tell our friends and our family
04:54 and our neighbors about Jesus.
04:56 And Peyton.
04:58 And your friends? Yes, that's right.
05:00 Yes. I got my friends.
05:01 Yes. That's right.
05:06 Jesus kicked Satan out of heaven.
05:09 Yes, and some day Jesus is coming back to take us home.
05:13 Mathew, would you have a prayer for us
05:15 and ask Jesus to help us to all we share to?
05:19 Okay, fold your hands.
05:20 Fold your hands everybody and close your eyes real tight.
05:24 Okay, Eleanor is all ready. You can close your eyes.
05:28 Dear Jesus, please help us to always remember to share
05:32 and please help us always to be nice
05:36 and please help us to learn more about you
05:41 and thank you that have protection for us
05:48 and please help us to be nice to everybody.
05:53 Amen. Amen.
06:03 Miss Cinda, what are you holding?
06:05 Oh, I'm glad you asked.
06:08 Listen, I want you to guess. A money bank.
06:13 That's right, Mathew. Okay.
06:16 Hmm, I've something else for you to guess.
06:19 Why would I want you to make a money bank?
06:22 Maybe, to give to others that don't know about Jesus.
06:26 Very good, Mathew.
06:30 This is a mission bank. Oh.
06:34 Won't that be special? No, hmm.
06:39 Do you know what a mission bank is?
06:41 To give to other people. Yes.
06:44 I want you to save money in your mission bank,
06:48 so that you can send it to the missionlands
06:50 to help the boys and girls over there learn about Jesus.
06:53 Oh, what a wonderful idea.
06:56 Isn't that special? Yes.
06:58 Who wants to make a mission bank?
06:59 I do. I.
07:03 Okay, you don't have to decorate it
07:05 just like Miss Cinda,
07:07 but you've got lots of pretty sparkling jewels.
07:10 Do you want one? Yes.
07:12 You can put it right here. You want that one?
07:14 And get your bank all decorated.
07:17 Now let me ask you,
07:20 "How do you think you could get money to put in your bank?"
07:23 May be to work really hard. That's right.
07:28 Leslie, how can you make-- Like cook.
07:30 And cook that's a good thing.
07:33 Leslie, how can you earn money to put in your mission bank?
07:38 What could you do? Help my mommy cook.
07:42 Yes. I like to cook.
07:44 Oh, I do too.
07:46 And Noah, what job could you do to help make money?
07:50 Sweep. Sweep.
07:52 We could sweep, yes.
07:53 And Victoria, you can help your mommy too, huh?
07:58 Yes. Oh, I could think of some other jobs, you could do.
08:04 Like? Maybe you could rake leaves?
08:09 Oh, maybe I could do that. Yes.
08:12 Hmm, what else could you do, Leslie?
08:14 I can peel these off.
08:17 You want me to help you? Oh, you got it.
08:21 Oh and here's some sparkly stars.
08:24 Anybody wants some sparkly stars?
08:26 Oh, you can put this on.
08:29 Oh, I'll put a sparkly star right here on mine,
08:34 'cause I think that's pretty.
08:36 Miss Cinda, these are so pretty.
08:37 I'm going to put on the side of mine.
08:39 Okay. I love them.
08:41 Oh, these are going to be so pretty.
08:44 I'm going to put the rest of them in the bottom.
08:47 And you know what?
08:48 When you do chores,
08:51 you make your mommies and daddies happy, don't you?
08:53 And God. Yes, you do.
08:56 Could you cut this if you don't mind?
08:57 I will. And you know what?
08:59 When you help others, who else does that make happy?
09:05 Jesus. That's right, Leslie.
09:08 I already told you. Yes, I know.
09:10 We can also pray for the little boys and girls, can't we?
09:16 Oh, yes. I pray for them every day.
09:19 I finished with my bank. Yes, and I do too.
09:22 That's very nice. Now you know what?
09:24 I think I'll do, just to get you all started
09:28 because you always help me in the kitchen.
09:31 How would you like me to give you some money
09:33 from my mission bank?
09:36 Do you want some money? And that will get you started.
09:37 Oh, that looks like a tomato. This is an apple.
09:40 This is one of my apples.
09:42 And I'll give you some money
09:44 and you can put that and you can get started, okay.
09:47 I want to count it first. You want to count it first?
09:51 Here, Leslie, put some in yours.
09:53 And, Noah, would you like some money
09:55 to put in your bank and get you started?
09:59 And, Victoria, would you like some money to put in yours?
10:05 Would you like some?
10:06 Here, you could put that in your bank, Victoria.
10:09 I've got 30 cents.
10:10 Oh, wow. That's good.
10:12 Let's see if we can hear the pennies dropping.
10:14 Oh, everyone for Jesus.
10:17 Who knows that song? Hear the pennies dropping--
10:20 Oh, I used to sing that song at the--
10:23 Oh, one penny dropped.
10:25 Oh, Miss Cinda, will get it, okay.
10:27 It really did drop here.
10:29 Miss Cinda will get it for you.
10:32 Who likes coming to the kitchen?
10:34 Me. Me.
10:35 Oh, and you know what?
10:37 I love having you come in the kitchen.
10:40 Whenever you come to the kitchen its fun, isn't it?
10:43 Mm-hmm. Yes.
10:51 Hi, Farmer Manny. Hey, tiny tots.
10:53 What are you doing?
10:55 Oh, I am picking my good fruits and vegetables from the garden.
11:01 You need-- Oh, you're so sweet.
11:04 I have a treat for you guys.
11:06 I love treats. Oh, yes.
11:08 Do you guys know what this is?
11:09 Cannalope. Yes.
11:12 It's actually a form of melon and they're so juicy and sweet.
11:15 And Miss Cinda sent what you asked for.
11:18 Yes. All right.
11:20 Come with me tiny tots.
11:22 I'm going to show you guys something.
11:23 This is going to be exciting.
11:25 I have such a treat for you here today.
11:28 You have a seat. Sit down. Sit down.
11:31 Oh, I think, I'll come back over here,
11:33 we're going to get away from the knife, okay.
11:35 Oh, yes. I'm back over here, tiny tots.
11:37 You know, God made such wonderful things for us to eat--
11:39 Jonah, Macy, come by Aunty Linda.
11:42 And we get to have some goodie, goodie harvest
11:45 from God's earth here.
11:49 Ah. Look at that.
11:53 Isn't that great? Yeah.
11:56 You know what, let's go ahead and pick another one out.
12:00 There are some of them that are really dirty,
12:01 so those we have to wash.
12:03 Yeah. Oh, yes.
12:04 So let's take it and let's see it here.
12:06 All right. Well, we can take turns.
12:09 Can you guys help wash them? Yes.
12:11 Who wants to be first? Me.
12:12 You, okay, there you go, Jonah. Okay, Jonah, you can wash it.
12:15 Put it in the water, there you go, buddy.
12:18 Place it down--you don't want to throw it down,
12:19 place it down gently.
12:21 Oh, yes. Good job.
12:22 Put it all the way in. Now take it out.
12:26 Good job, buddy.
12:27 Just shake it like that little bit, shake it like that.
12:29 Ah, Jonah, you're such a smart boy.
12:30 Awesome. Awesome.
12:32 And bring this out. All right, let's cut that.
12:36 Oh, and they cut good, they are ripe and fresh.
12:40 Oh, they look yummy.
12:42 Hey, what are those things inside?
12:44 Seeds. Yes, seeds.
12:46 It tastes like sugar candy. It tastes really good.
12:51 You know what? Let's cut some more.
12:53 All right, let's see here. Let's pick another one.
12:55 Can I wash it? Can you pick one and wash it.
12:58 I think I'll wash it. Okay, here.
13:00 Me too. Oh, yes.
13:02 Okay, I'll give one to you Leslie.
13:05 And, Faith, I'll give this one to you.
13:07 Leslie go ahead and wash.
13:08 No, why don't you come over here buddy,
13:10 so Leslie can wash his.
13:12 Oh, there you go. Now take it out.
13:15 It's getting a bath, isn't it? Oh, it sure is.
13:18 Good job. Okay, bring it over here.
13:21 Oh, you guys know so much. That's good.
13:24 Well, we can save some to maybe cut later.
13:28 Yes, we can. Can't we?
13:29 All right. We want you guys to taste some of these.
13:33 You want to put that in the water first, honey.
13:35 Oh, and she wants to wash it. Oh, there we go.
13:37 That's the way to do it.
13:40 A splash. It's got a bath.
13:41 Aunty Linda, can we give them the spoon?
13:44 Would you guys like to taste one?
13:45 Yes. All right.
13:47 Oh, yes. I want to wash one.
13:48 Okay. Let's see here.
13:49 Here is the spoon. Here's one, and here's one.
13:53 Okay, we're going to eat one first
13:54 and then we are going to wash it.
13:56 Okay, what you do is--
13:58 See, they have it in the restaurant.
14:01 Okay, can I have a spoon, Aunty Linda?
14:03 I'm going to show them how to take the seeds out.
14:05 What you do is you take a spoon
14:07 and you just dig in there and take the seeds out,
14:10 we're going to put in that bowl.
14:13 Oh, look at that.
14:14 Oh, what good helpers you are?
14:16 You guys are awesome.
14:18 You got it.
14:20 This was so nice of you to do this for us today.
14:22 Oh, I have to share this with somebody
14:26 and you guys are my friends to share it with.
14:28 Here we go.
14:30 I love all the yummy things Jesus made for us to eat.
14:33 Oh, He does. Doesn't He?
14:35 And the vegetables are good for you.
14:37 That's right and for it's a fruit. Yes.
14:40 Oh, you guys have to taste this.
14:42 They get to taste it afterwards?
14:44 They get to taste it afterwards. Yes.
14:46 After you get all the seeds out then you get to eat it. Yes.
14:50 You guys are so good.
14:52 It looks like you've done this before.
14:55 They're good helpers.
14:57 You know, would you guys like to have a taste?
15:00 Yes.
15:02 Would you?
15:03 Yes, they want to taste.
15:05 Well, it looks like you're already done.
15:06 Take your spoon--
15:08 And get a little more bit more out of here.
15:09 There you go.
15:11 I finished.
15:12 Okay, there you go. You're finished. Okay.
15:13 Take your spoon and just dig it and then eat it.
15:16 Can I have a big bite?
15:18 A big bite. Like this.
15:19 Aunty Linda will hold it for you. Dig in.
15:20 Mmm, that's so watery and sweet.
15:25 Mmm, God's nature.
15:26 I'm done.
15:27 You're done, good job.
15:29 Mmm.
15:30 Isn't that wonderful?
15:32 This looks so good.
15:34 It reminds of how much Jesus loves us
15:38 to give us all this good food.
15:39 It just makes me want to sing.
15:41 Oh, let's sing.
15:45 I like to go to the farm Where the cows moo, moo
15:49 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack, quack
15:53 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
15:58 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
16:04 Good job, guys.
16:06 Yes, that is a good job.
16:07 You know, Kaitlyn, you didn't get a melon.
16:09 Let me get one for you.
16:10 Come here, sweetheart.
16:12 Oh, she didn't get to wash one.
16:13 She didn't get to wash one.
16:15 There you go, sweetheart,
16:16 you can take that home and wash it, okay.
16:17 Thank you. And Aunty Linda will help you.
16:19 You're welcome.
16:20 Come on. Bye.
16:22 Bye, Farmer Manny.
16:23 Bye, guys. Thank you.
16:24 Take your present, bye.
16:26 Thank you. Bye.
16:31 Thank you, honey, for making the treats for the tiny tots.
16:35 My pleasure, you know I love them.
16:36 And you surely do.
16:38 Yes, and it's a special treat
16:39 that I'm going to hide back here.
16:42 Okay, all right then its fine.
16:45 They are here now. I do believe.
16:46 Oh, yes, they are here.
16:50 Tiny tots, come on, in. Come on, in.
16:53 Aunty Linda.
16:55 Oh, how are you today? How are you doing?
16:56 All right. Wonderful.
16:57 Good.
16:59 How you doing, man.
17:00 All right.
17:02 Good to see you all. Oh, yes.
17:03 Where am I sitting? Right here.
17:04 Oh, you want to sit right here?
17:06 This is a special place just for you.
17:07 Here we go.
17:09 You get to sit by Miss Stella.
17:10 And then you get to sit and relax.
17:11 Well, have you had a good day so far?
17:13 A wonderful day. Excellent day.
17:14 We have too.
17:16 We were just watching the butterflies,
17:18 and taking a nice little walk over here.
17:19 But there was something strange we saw on the way.
17:22 What was that?
17:23 A big bluebird flying around,
17:26 zipping in a pack of butterflies.
17:31 We love nature. Yes.
17:33 Nature is awesome.
17:35 Well, we came just we wanted to
17:36 share our memory verse with you today. Awesome.
17:39 And we have some other things to share too.
17:43 Hebrews 13:16,
17:48 "But do not forget, to do good and to share."
17:54 "But do not forget, to do good and to share."
17:58 Very good.
18:03 And we will have something else.
18:06 It's special for you.
18:08 Lily Beth, can you sing the song you've been practicing?
18:12 Jesus loves the little children
18:17 All the children of the world
18:21 Red and yellow, black and white
18:23 They are precious in His sight
18:26 Jesus loves the little children of the world.
18:32 He does. Wonderful.
18:33 Thank you, Lily Beth. I have a song too.
18:35 You have a song too, Sammy? Yes.
18:37 All right, would you like to hear Sammy's song?
18:39 Oh, yes, yes.
18:40 Lord I lift your name on high
18:45 Lord I love to sing your praises
18:50 I'm so glad you came in my life
18:55 I'm so glad you came to save us
18:59 You came from heaven to earth
19:02 To show the way, from the earth to the cross
19:07 My debt to pay
19:09 From the cross to the grave from the grave to the sky
19:14 Lord I lift your name on high
19:17 Oh, excellent. Thank you very much.
19:19 That was a special treat to us.
19:21 Oh, that was.
19:22 Thank you, Sammy. Yes.
19:24 And, Leslie, would have a special prayer for us.
19:28 So let's fold our hands, and close our eyes.
19:31 Dear Jesus, thank You for this day.
19:35 I love You Jesus, amen.
19:37 Amen. Amen.
19:41 Well, thank you for letting us come over today.
19:44 Oh, I enjoyed it and I have something special for kids.
19:47 Oh, you do? Which you also should--
19:49 you were talking about sharing. Oh, what did you make?
19:53 Something special.
19:54 Oh, thank you. Miss Stella.
19:58 All right, well, we will have fun on the way, won't we?
20:01 Thank you so much.
20:03 Did you say thank you? Thank you.
20:05 You're welcome.
20:06 Bye bye. Be good.
20:08 Thank you, tiny tots.
20:09 Bye bye. Love you.
20:20 Shall we go for a walk today
20:24 To see what God has given
20:30 Oh, you know what?
20:32 Right about here looks like a good spot.
20:34 Oh, Eleanor, we can rest now.
20:35 Let's just spread out this blanket.
20:37 Oh, yes.
20:38 Thank you, girls, for helping.
20:40 What we're about to be blown away.
20:42 Okay. You have lots of good helpers.
20:44 I do. They're great helpers.
20:47 It's always nice to have help.
20:49 Okay. All right.
20:51 Let's lay down here and look at this
20:53 to see if we can see, what do we see in the clouds?
20:55 Come on, Eleanor. Come on, come on.
20:57 I think I see an owl.
20:58 You see an owl?
21:00 I can see a shark.
21:02 A shark?
21:03 I can see a pig.
21:05 Oh, I don't know.
21:07 I can see a whale.
21:08 Can you see anything? No.
21:10 Look up there. I can see a whale.
21:12 Oh, that one looks like a big fluffy, kitty cat.
21:17 I think that one looks like Eleanor.
21:19 Oh, Eleanor, what do you think?
21:22 Does that look like you?
21:26 What else do you guys see?
21:28 I see one that looks like a horse.
21:31 Awesome. I like horses.
21:32 Do you know someday,
21:34 we're going to get to ride on the cloud to heaven with Jesus.
21:36 That will be so pretty.
21:38 Won't that be fun?
21:40 I can't wait.
21:41 I'm getting excited.
21:43 I can see a cloud that looks like a bear.
21:45 Oh, wow.
21:46 I can see what that looks like an elephant.
21:49 An elephant?
21:50 I can see one that looks like a tiger.
21:52 A tiger? Oh, wow.
21:54 I can see one that looks like a horse.
21:56 A horse? Awesome.
21:58 Well, we're going to get to play
21:59 with all those animals in heaven, won't that be fun?
22:02 Yes. Oh, that will be just wonderful.
22:04 I think it'd be fun to a ride a hippopotamus.
22:08 Hippopotamus, that's a funny word, isn't it?
22:11 It's not a funny word.
22:13 Oh, look, those clouds just look so soft and fluffy. Yeah.
22:17 Jesus made them that way.
22:19 He made them special.
22:20 He makes everything special.
22:22 I sat there in those clouds up there,
22:24 'cause they will fall.
22:26 You think they will fall? Yeah.
22:27 I don't think they will fall.
22:29 I'm just so glad that God made
22:31 all these wonderful things for us to enjoy outside.
22:35 Me too.
22:38 I think let's just stay here and watch some more clouds.
22:42 All right. Let's see what else we can see.
22:44 What else could you see? I can see--
22:56 Oh, I'm so glad it's worship time again.
22:59 I am too. I think this day has worn Eleanor out.
23:02 Yes, Eleanor is all tired out.
23:05 Yes, she is.
23:07 I love worship.
23:08 You love worship. I do too.
23:10 I love worship too.
23:11 Let's go over our memory verse again, okay?
23:13 Okay. Hebrews 13:16.
23:17 Hebrews 13:16.
23:20 "But do not forget,
23:25 to do good and to share."
23:30 And Jesus wants us
23:31 to always remember to share with each other.
23:35 So we're going to have a couple.
23:36 I'm going to have blue again.
23:37 Oh, you want to blue again.
23:39 All right, we'll share a couple.
23:41 Yes. There you go.
23:43 All right, and you can share.
23:44 It's very important because Jesus taught us how to share.
23:47 Jesus was always sharing with others.
23:49 All right.
23:51 I have two dollies and I am glad
23:56 You have no dolly and that's too bad
24:00 I'll share my dolly, for I love you
24:06 And that's what Jesus wants me to do
24:11 And now, Jonah, you can share your train with Farmer Manny.
24:14 Let's sing it again.
24:16 I have two trains and I am glad
24:21 You have no train and that's too bad
24:25 I'll share my train for I love you
24:31 And that's what Jesus wants me to do.
24:38 That was fun. I love sharing.
24:40 Me too. I do too.
24:42 You know, as we learn to share,
24:45 we're getting ready for heaven
24:47 and someday we are going to be Jesus' little jewels in heaven.
24:52 Oh, that's right, Aunty Linda.
24:54 Oh, and do you know that we can shine bright for Jesus?
24:57 Oh, yes. Let's sing about that.
25:00 Oh, yes.
25:04 Jewels for Jesus
25:09 That is what we'll be
25:15 Jewels for Jesus
25:20 Throughout eternity
25:26 Jewels for Jesus
25:31 Sparkling in His light
25:36 Jewels for Jesus
25:42 Making heaven bright
25:47 Let's sing it again.
25:49 Jewels for Jesus
25:54 That is what we'll be
26:00 Jewels for Jesus
26:05 Throughout eternity
26:10 Jewels for Jesus
26:16 Sparkling in His light
26:21 Jewels for Jesus
26:27 Making heaven bright
26:33 Oh, that was fun and--
26:34 Let's kneel down and thank Jesus.
26:36 Natalie, do you have a prayer for us?
26:38 Oh, yes.
26:40 I will bend my knees
26:44 I will fold my hands
26:48 I will bow my head
26:52 I will close my eyes
26:56 And very very quiet be
27:02 While the prayer is said.
27:06 Dear Jesus, please help us to share.
27:11 And we want to be like you.
27:13 We know we love you Jesus.
27:15 Amen. Amen.
27:18 Oh, great.
27:20 Oh, that's Mr. Rooster
27:22 and he said that's all the time we have.
27:24 Good bye. Bye, girls we will see you.
27:25 Oh, good bye.
27:33 Our time together is over
27:36 So we will have to go
27:39 Good bye, good bye
27:42 Remember God loves you
27:45 Good bye, good bye
27:48 Remember God loves you
27:53 Good bye.


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