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00:02 Eleanor. Eleanor.
00:05 There you are. Come, girl.
00:08 The Tiny Tots are here
00:10 and you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 It's going to be an exciting day, on the tiny tot farm.
00:22 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:24 We're God's girls and boys
00:27 We live for Him around the world
00:30 We spread love and joy
00:32 Like colors of the rainbow
00:35 We're shining bright where we go
00:37 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:40 We're God's girls and boys
00:46 Mr. Wiggles, you're so soft.
00:51 He likes to lick me too.
00:53 Yes, he does, Matthew.
00:55 Well, I think Mr. Wiggles
00:56 is gonna like our worship song too.
00:58 Oh, I know he will. So let's ask Billy boy to ring the bell.
01:02 Billy boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:07 They love our song.
01:12 Worship bell so sweet Calling us to meet
01:16 With our best friend Jesus
01:20 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
01:24 Smiling when He sees us
01:31 Yes, Jay Forth, you like that song, don't you?
01:34 It's a fun song.
01:36 Well, we have a memory verse for you today
01:38 from God's Holy Word the Bible.
01:42 Oh, that's my favorite book.
01:44 Me too, Miss. Cinda. I got dog asleep.
01:48 You got the-- Eleanor went to sleep.
01:52 Well, she likes it when you pat her.
01:54 First John. First John.
01:58 4: 7. 4: 7.
02:02 "Let us love one another," "Let us love one another,"
02:09 "for love comes from God." "for love comes from God."
02:16 We're gonna talk about another special place in our world.
02:22 Well, let's see if we can guess kids.
02:24 And it starts with a "T."
02:25 Oh, where do you think she's--
02:26 And the first part goes Trini...
02:30 I know. The other one, it's not your mom but it's your?
02:35 Dad. Yeah, he's got it.
02:38 Trinidad. Right.
02:41 And it's a wonderful place and I hope someday
02:44 that I get to go visit too but--
02:46 I would love to visit it.
02:48 Well, we're all so busy on the tiny tot farm.
02:50 I've never been to Trinidad. Had you been to Trinidad?
02:53 No. Oh.
02:55 Well, I'm gonna tell you a story about a little boy
02:58 and his name was Charlie.
03:02 And Charlie loved to play
03:05 and he loved to swim in the river
03:07 and then he would go some times to the big city.
03:10 And one time he went to the big city
03:13 and you know what Charlie had?
03:15 He had a mommy but he didn't have a daddy anymore.
03:19 His daddy had gotten sick and he was gone.
03:22 So he didn't have a daddy.
03:24 And so he didn't have nice cloths
03:26 'cause his mommy worked really hard
03:28 but she didn't have money to get him nice cloths.
03:31 And when he go and play with the other kids,
03:33 they would make fun of him.
03:35 And one day he went to a church and the teacher said,
03:39 "We're gonna take all of you boys and girls,
03:43 to the park, in the-- nice place
03:46 and it's by a little river and you can go swimming."
03:49 And some of the boys said, "Don't take him, he is dirty."
03:54 Oh, that's mean. I know.
03:56 And Charlie felt so sad
03:57 because he knew how to swim really good.
04:01 And the teacher said, "No, we're going to take Charlie."
04:05 And then the boys said, "Well, I sure hope,
04:07 he takes a bath before he comes and get some good cloths on."
04:12 None of you kids would have done that, wouldn't you?
04:14 No. No, that's mean.
04:16 He felt really sad but on the day of the picnic,
04:20 he went to the picnic and all the kids were playing
04:24 and some were swimming and the teacher said,
04:27 "Don't go out into the dangerous part of the river
04:30 because you could drowned."
04:33 You know, what it means to drowned?
04:34 What? To sink in the water.
04:36 That's right.
04:38 And Charlie stood on the bank and he watched
04:41 but nobody would play with him.
04:44 And then all of once he saw a little boy go way
04:49 jump out and go way over in the deep part
04:52 where he wasn't supposed to
04:53 and he started going down
04:54 and he was yelling, help, help, help.
04:57 And he was trying to get attention and nobody was,
05:01 they were afraid to go over there.
05:02 And so all at once,
05:03 Charlie just jumped off the little rock
05:06 and he went right into the deep water
05:08 and he started swimming, really fast can you help me swim.
05:11 Oh, swim, swim. Help Charlie swim.
05:13 He was swimming faster and faster and faster.
05:15 And all of once he got the little boy from behind
05:18 and he got him and he started swimming fast
05:20 and he got to the shore.
05:22 And when he got to shore the teacher pulled him up
05:24 and he was okay because Charlie had saved him.
05:27 And all the people were around the little boy
05:29 and saying, "Oh, I'm so glad you're okay."
05:32 And Charlie was standing there all by himself
05:35 and one of the boys said, "Who did it?"
05:37 And they said, "Oh, Charlie."
05:38 And he said, "Oh, he is poor,
05:40 let's just take up some money and will give him some money."
05:43 And you know what? What?
05:44 That isn't what Charlie wanted.
05:46 And they took up some money
05:48 and the teacher took it to Charlie
05:49 and said, "Here is some money."
05:51 And he looked at the money and he said,
05:52 "I don't want the money."
05:54 She said, "What do you want?"
05:56 he said, "I just want some love like
05:58 they're giving that little boy."
06:01 And the teacher said, "You're gonna get love."
06:04 And she just put her arms around and hugged him
06:07 real tight and she said, "From now on,
06:10 we're gonna make sure that your part of everything."
06:12 And Charlie smiled.
06:15 And you know Jesus wants us to love everybody doesn't He?
06:19 Yes, He does. Yes.
06:20 And we need to treat others with love too.
06:24 You know, just like Eleanor is different from Mr. Wiggles.
06:29 That's right. But Eleanor, loves our Mr. Wiggles doesn't Eleanor?
06:34 And he doesn't eat Mr. Wiggles.
06:37 No, he doesn't. Even though Eleanor is a hunting dog.
06:42 And Mr. Rabbit is different.
06:43 Eleanor, loves Jesus. That's right.
06:45 Elizabeth, would you have special prayer us
06:48 and ask us to help us to love other people like Jesus does?
06:52 Okay, let's fold our hands and close our eyes,
06:56 close your eyes tight.
06:58 Dear Jesus, help to love other people, amen.
07:02 Amen. Amen.
07:10 I'm so glad that you all came today.
07:14 I couldn't wait for you to get here
07:16 because I have something really special today.
07:19 Yeah. I'm gonna have you guess.
07:23 I'm gonna sing a song and you guess. I'll hum it.
07:29 Jesus loves the little children.
07:31 Oh, Emma already got it.
07:33 What's the words can you sing that song for me.
07:35 Jesus loves the little children
07:39 All the children of the world
07:44 Black and yellow, red and white
07:47 They're all precious in His sight
07:50 Jesus loves the little children of the world
07:56 Oh, that's very good.
07:57 And you know what?
07:59 I want you to remember
08:00 that Jesus loves the children all around the world.
08:05 So I have dollies for you to make. Oh, they're beautiful.
08:09 And they're from children all around the world.
08:13 And you know what's also really special about these dollies?
08:17 I do. What?
08:18 Because Jesus loves them.
08:20 Jesus loves them, yes, but they are filled with rice
08:25 and so you can put them in the freezer
08:29 and then when you get a owie
08:31 you can put your dolly on your owie
08:34 and it will help your owie.
08:35 They are owie dolls? Yes.
08:38 Who wants to make one?
08:40 Me. Yes.
08:43 All right, Aunty Linda can help Jenniah and Emma
08:48 and I will help Elizabeth and Faith.
08:51 So we tie there, their little--
08:52 You don't have ribbon to tie so, you know,
08:54 you can glue your eyes and mouth on.
08:57 And Faith, I will help you tie your ribbon.
09:00 Elizabeth, use some glue
09:02 and you can glue your eyes on.
09:04 I don't have glue. You don't have glue.
09:06 Well, let me tie your, your ribbon first.
09:09 Let me tie it, Emma. And you know what?
09:12 You would name your dollies.
09:15 My name is-- my dolly is going to be...
09:21 What?
09:23 You're thinking, ha. Jenniah.
09:25 Oh, you're gonna name it Jenniah.
09:28 Who else knows what they're gonna name their dolly.
09:30 And my.
09:33 I'm gonna name my dolly...
09:40 Sally.
09:41 Sally, that's a pretty name.
09:44 I could name my dolly baby Jesus.
09:49 Oh, and Elizabeth--
09:53 Mine would be, name my dolly baby John.
09:58 Oh, that's awesome.
10:01 And Faith, what your gonna name your dolly?
10:03 Mommy.
10:05 Mommy, you're gonna name your mommy?
10:07 Okay. All right.
10:11 There's your one eye and put your other eye on.
10:14 You want little bit of glue.
10:15 You want to put the eyes
10:17 or you want me to help you tie that.
10:19 Very good, Faith. That's good.
10:23 Now let me give you some--
10:26 where's your little mouth, Faith?
10:29 I don't know. Oops, oh, there it is.
10:33 It was hiding on the dress.
10:35 Okay, can you put your eyes on. There you go.
10:39 And when you guys see your dollies,
10:41 you know what else it can remind you to do?
10:45 Kids, when you see your dollies
10:47 do you know what it can remind you to do?
10:49 Yes. It can remind you to pray
10:51 for the children all over the world.
10:53 Oh, yes. I pray for them every night.
10:56 Jesus wants us to pray
10:57 for the other boys and girls around the world, doesn't He?
11:02 That's 'cause Jesus loves all of us so much.
11:06 Okay, let me help. And, Jenniah, you want to glue your mouth on?
11:11 Yes. Oh, Faith yours look so pretty.
11:17 I like your dolly. Look he's smiling.
11:20 Push it down. Oh, yes, he's smiling.
11:24 Emma, that's very pretty.
11:27 Oh, you know I can help you, sure.
11:30 Now you go. I want to put nose on.
11:33 Oh, there you go. And you know what Miss. Cinda can do?
11:36 How about if I, I can draw a little nose on there for you
11:40 would you like me to do that?
11:41 Yeah, I like you do it. Oh, you to help me.
11:44 I get a pen and help you, okay.
11:46 I need the pen. Okay, who likes coming in the kitchen?
11:50 Me. Yes.
11:53 It's always fun when you can be in the kitchen, isn't it? Yes.
12:02 Farmer Manny. Farmer Manny.
12:04 Hey, Tiny Tots. How are you guys?
12:07 Oh, we're doing good. What do you have?
12:11 Oh, I love those hugs.
12:14 You know, what I have?
12:15 I have maíz. What is maíz?
12:19 Maíz is a Spanish word for corn.
12:21 Oh, I love corn. Oh, it's wonderful.
12:25 Here, let me--I want you guys hold these and touch them.
12:28 They are real neat. Here you go, here you go.
12:32 Here you go, sweetheart. Here you go, yeah.
12:36 All right, well, you know, I want to hold that one
12:38 because do you guys like to eat corn?
12:40 Yes. Yes.
12:42 Isn't it yummy? Yes.
12:43 Yes. Do you like popcorn?
12:45 Yes. I like popcorn.
12:46 You like popcorn, oh,
12:48 and there's different kinds popcorn,
12:50 and there is field corns that we use for the cows
12:52 and there's sweet corn.
12:55 You guys like corn on the cob? Yes.
12:57 Oh, I love corn on the cob.
13:00 Hey, wait a minute. Can you eat like this?
13:03 No. No.
13:05 We have to, we actually have to,
13:07 well, they say, we have to shuck it.
13:09 You have to take it out.
13:10 Are we gonna help you? Yeah, can you help me?
13:12 Let me show you what to do?
13:13 This is-- I'm already doing it.
13:16 You already doing it? That's so smart of you.
13:18 Oh, man, this is what you can the silk.
13:20 Oh, yeah. Okay, this little part here is called the silk.
13:24 Yeah, this is what you call the husk. You know what this?
13:28 Here you throw, Farmer Manny.
13:29 Thank you so much let's put it in here.
13:31 I'm glad you guys are helping me.
13:33 So how you shuck it?
13:35 Yeah, there you go, you take the silk out.
13:37 You open it up, see but you know what?
13:41 I got. Yeah, there you go.
13:43 Hey, wait a minute, pause.
13:46 What if you--we want to roast this corn over an open fire?
13:50 Let me show you how?
13:52 You know, don't take any more off.
13:53 You just simply peal it off when you shuck it,
13:56 okay, look at that just like that.
14:00 How do you do that? Look at the Bryan, isn't that neat?
14:02 And then if we're gonna put it over an open fire to roast it.
14:05 Oh, it's so goodie.
14:07 You simply just cover it back up
14:11 and you put it over the open fire just like that.
14:14 Hmm, that sounds good. Oh, it is great.
14:19 Yeah, thank you for helping me.
14:20 Oh, you guys are so good. Oh, yeah, this looks good.
14:23 Oh, I can't wait to eat it.
14:25 You can make all sorts of soups with corn.
14:29 And you can make, oh, corn bread. Do you eat it raw?
14:31 Look at-- I love corn bread.
14:33 You do? Even you can eat corn soup.
14:37 Yes, you can.
14:39 And Auntie Linda asked us if we can eat it raw.
14:43 What does that mean to eat it raw?
14:46 What do you think?
14:47 It means not to cook, it's just like eat like this.
14:50 I can eat it now? Do you want me to help you?
14:52 Well, you can-- but you know what,
14:54 let's not eat it now 'cause you're helping me.
14:56 And I need a lot of help to shuck it.
14:59 Here we go put it right here for me.
15:02 Can you help me? Yeah, I can help you.
15:04 There we go. Oh, let's see.
15:06 Have you guys ever driven down a country road
15:11 and seen a huge field with corn?
15:14 Oh, yes. Do you know what they grow on?
15:17 What? Not on trees, not on vines, they grow on stocks.
15:24 I saw some corn in your fields, Farmer Manny.
15:26 Oh, yes. I can do so.
15:30 Do you see that scarecrow over there?
15:32 I had to make sure we put a scarecrow
15:34 so the crows don't eat all my corn.
15:37 Oh. I got to taste it, think it's yummy.
15:40 Oh, they love that corn just like we do.
15:44 Isn't this great, isn't God-- Look at it I got all out.
15:47 Oh, yeah, good job here.
15:48 Just put it over here.
15:51 Here we go.
15:54 Can you pull it?
15:55 Oh, there's some on the ground.
15:57 Oh, there's some in the ground.
15:58 We don't-- there you go.
16:00 We don't want mice to eat. You know what I do with this?
16:02 What? I don't throw it in the thrash.
16:05 What do you do with that? I put it back in the field.
16:07 Oh, wow. Oh, yeah.
16:10 Then nothing goes to waste.
16:11 Nothing goes to waste.
16:13 Not at all. There we go.
16:15 Oh, this is so much fun.
16:16 It makes me feel like singing. Oh, yeah let's sing.
16:23 I like to go to the farm Where the cows moo, moo
16:28 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack, quack
16:32 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
16:36 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus
16:40 We can just go in with this.
16:42 Well, thank you, Farmer Manny. This was fun.
16:45 Look at mine. Oh, it was.
16:47 Thank you, for helping me to shuck this corn.
16:49 Oh, yes. Well, we have to hurry along now.
16:53 Come on. Bye, guys.
16:54 Can you tell Farmer Manny goodbye?
16:56 Goodbye. Bye.
16:58 Thanks for passing by. Bye.
17:00 Oh, yeah, you can take that one.
17:02 All right. God bless you.
17:03 Can I take mine? Come back soon.
17:04 Oh, wasn't it nice of you? You want to take one?
17:06 Here you go, buddy. Come on, Leslie.
17:07 Okay.
17:19 Oh, wow.
17:21 What is this for, honey? I love you, honey.
17:23 Oh, thank you, honey.
17:27 Must be Tiny Tots.
17:28 This goes right now. Oh, thank you.
17:30 I just love it when the Tiny Tots come over, honey.
17:34 Coming.
17:38 Tiny Tots, come over in. Come over in.
17:39 Oh, it is the Tiny Tots.
17:42 Come on in, Tiny Tots. Can I give you a big hug?
17:43 Oh, sure you can. Sure you can.
17:44 Good to see you. Auntie Linda and Tiny Tots.
17:46 Come on in. Come have a seat.
17:48 All right.
17:49 Oh, I know did you get your--
17:51 Well, you know what, come on.
17:54 Well, Miss Stella, can you fix her shoe for her?
17:58 I sure can. All right.
17:59 Oh, it's so good to see you.
18:01 Oh, it's good to see you.
18:03 We've had so much fun and a nice walk.
18:05 And, oh, it's just always
18:07 so nice to get out in God's fresh air.
18:09 Oh, sure it is. And we love coming to see you.
18:13 Yes, we do.
18:16 Yes.
18:17 We always get excited
18:19 when we get to come to your house.
18:20 Oh. Love can make it happen.
18:21 We love having you come to visit us.
18:23 I like your frock. Thank you.
18:24 And speaking of love, we have a special verse
18:28 from the Bible about that.
18:29 It's found in 1 John 4:7.
18:32 Can you say that, kids?
18:34 1 John 4:7. 1 John 4:7.
18:37 "Let us love another," "Let us love another,"
18:41 "for love is of God." "for love is of God."
18:45 That's right.
18:46 And that's why we're learning that God loves us
18:49 and He wants us to love each other. That's right.
18:52 In speaking about God's love,
18:54 Sammy has a special song for us,
18:57 "Praise Him, praise Him all ye little children."
19:00 Praise Him, praise Him, all ye little children
19:04 God is love, God is love Praise Him, praise Him,
19:11 all ye little children God is love, God is love
19:17 Why don't you all sing with me?
19:18 Come on. All right.
19:20 Let's just really sing it out, okay.
19:22 Praise Him, praise Him, all ye little children
19:26 God is love, God is love Praise Him, praise Him,
19:33 All ye little children
19:36 God is love, God is love
19:42 Very good. Can I have a prayer for you?
19:44 Sure. All right.
19:46 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
19:49 Dear Jesus, I love You for giving everything
19:52 and what You made for us.
19:55 Amen. Amen.
19:57 Thank you, Sammy. Thank you.
19:58 Well we have to be going
20:00 but it was been so nice to visit you.
20:02 We just love you. We love you.
20:05 And you come sometime
20:06 and visit us on the tiny tot farm.
20:08 Sure. We love to have you.
20:10 All right, come on kids. Let's hurry along.
20:11 Bye, Tiny Tots. Bye-bye.
20:12 Come on, Jonah, Faith, Lilly.
20:15 All right. Where we're going?
20:17 Bye. Oh, we're gonna have lots of fun.
20:19 Goodbye. Tell them goodbye.
20:20 Bye. See you later. Bye-bye.
20:31 Shall we go for a walk today
20:36 To see what God has given
20:38 Oh, Eleanor smelled something.
20:40 Whoa. Oh, look her go.
20:41 Wonder what she got to? Oh, look at Eleanor.
20:44 Good job. Oh, look what she found a turtle.
20:48 Oh. It's a baby turtle.
20:51 It is, isn't it? Yes.
20:52 Oh, it is. And it's over on my hand.
20:55 Look at him. Hold him still.
20:57 Whoa. It has claws.
21:00 Yes, he does. Cute.
21:02 I know. Here I got, I hold him and then we all see, okay.
21:05 No I can hold it. Well, let me hold him for just a minute.
21:08 Look at his little head. What colors do you see?
21:10 Green. Yeah.
21:12 How sweet.
21:14 Did you know when he gets scared,
21:15 he hides in his shell.
21:17 He must not be scared.
21:19 I don't think he's scared at all.
21:20 Nope, I don't think so.
21:21 I--can I hold it? Here, hold him careful.
21:24 'Cause we don't want him, we don't him crawl off and fall.
21:26 'Cause we don't want him to get hurt.
21:28 Oh, look at his little feet go.
21:30 He's a baby, isn't he? I can hold it.
21:32 Yeah. He's a little baby.
21:33 Oh. Isn't he special?
21:35 I love all the things Jesus made.
21:37 Oh, look at his design underneath.
21:38 Look, look at the design underneath on his belly.
21:41 Isn't he pretty? Yeah.
21:43 Look God painted him so special.
21:45 God makes everything so special. He does.
21:48 You know, I think he's a baby
21:49 and he probably wandered away from home.
21:51 So let's go see if we can find his home.
21:53 How's that sound? All right.
21:55 I'm just so glad that God made
21:57 all this stuff for us to enjoy outside.
22:00 Let's go.
22:01 Well, no-- Come on.
22:03 No, let's go down here by the water.
22:04 I think he should be by the water.
22:06 Let's go and see if we can find.
22:07 Oh. Yeah.
22:08 Be careful with him.
22:10 We don't want to hurt him because he's God's creature.
22:11 Yeah, and I'm holding it very careful.
22:13 Very good. Thank you.
22:24 I love Jesus so much.
22:26 I do too. Me too.
22:28 And we have a special Bible verse
22:30 that we've been learning all day today.
22:32 Oh, yes. And it talks about His love.
22:33 Can we say it again together?
22:35 That would be nice, Miss Cinda.
22:36 Okay, would you say that memory verse again together?
22:39 Yes. Okay.
22:40 First John 4:7. First John 4:7.
22:44 "Let us love one another," "Let us love one another,"
22:49 "for love is of God." "for love is of God."
22:53 Amen.
22:55 And Jesus has a commandment that says in the Bible
22:57 that we are to love one another.
22:58 Yes. We're gonna sing about that.
23:01 All right.
23:02 This is my commandment That you love one another
23:06 That your joy may be full
23:12 This is my commandment
23:13 That you love one another
23:16 That your joy may be full
23:21 That your joy may be full
23:26 That your joy may be full
23:31 This is my commandment That you love one another
23:36 That your joy may be full
23:41 Oh, that is wonderful.
23:43 That reminds me that
23:45 only God's love can make us happy.
23:46 Which we can sing about, can we?
23:48 Oh. That would be a good idea.
23:49 That's right. I love that song.
23:52 God is love, we're His little children
23:59 God is love, we would be like Him
24:06 'Tis love that makes us happy
24:09 'Tis love that smoothes the way
24:13 It helps us mind, it makes us kind
24:16 To others every day
24:21 Let's try that one again. Oh, I like that.
24:22 And let's really see if we can sing out, okay.
24:25 Okay. Yeah.
24:26 God is love, we're His little children
24:33 God is love, we would be like Him
24:39 'Tis love that makes us happy
24:43 'Tis love that smoothes the way
24:46 It helps us mind, it makes us kind
24:50 To others every day
24:55 I love that song.
24:57 And you know what, who can guess
25:00 I love someone else very, very much?
25:03 Oh. More than anything.
25:05 Jesus, Jesus. That's right.
25:07 Who loves Jesus? I do.
25:12 Who would like to sing a song about loving Jesus? I do.
25:16 And we have some little hearts for you to hold.
25:19 I love this song.
25:20 It's--the song is "Oh, how I love Jesus."
25:26 Okay. I love Jesus too.
25:28 Oh, how I love Jesus
25:33 Oh, how I love Jesus
25:38 Oh, how I love Jesus
25:44 Because He first loved me
25:49 Okay, let's sing that one again and let's sing it really loud.
25:53 And Jesus will smile, won't He? Oh.
25:55 And He loves to hear, well let's sing this song.
25:58 Oh, how I love Jesus
26:03 Oh, how I love Jesus
26:09 Oh, how I love Jesus
26:13 Because He first loved me
26:19 Oh, that was great.
26:21 And Jesus does love us so much.
26:24 And you know someday He's gonna come on a cloud
26:28 in heavens to take us home.
26:29 Wow. I can't wait.
26:31 We have to stay close to Him.
26:32 So let's talk to Him and ask Him to help us to love like Him
26:35 and to stay close to Him.
26:37 Okay. Okay.
26:38 I will bend my knees
26:43 I will fold my hands
26:47 I will bow my head
26:52 I will close my eyes
26:56 And very, very quiet be
27:01 While the prayer is said
27:05 Can you pray, Ashley?
27:07 Dear Jesus, thank You for this day.
27:09 Thank you for everything You gave us.
27:12 And thank You God, You died on the cross for us.
27:15 Amen. Amen.
27:17 Oh, it's beautiful.
27:20 Mr. Rooster says that's all the time we have.
27:23 Goodbye. Bye.
27:24 Oh, it was so good to see you. Bye.
27:34 Our time together is over So we will have to go
27:40 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you
27:46 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you
27:54 Good bye.


Revised 2014-12-17