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00:02 Eleanor. Eleanor.
00:05 There you are. Come, girl.
00:08 The Tiny Tots are here and you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 It's going to be an exciting day, on the Tiny Tot farm.
00:22 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:24 We're God's girls and boys
00:27 We live for Him around the world
00:30 We spread love and joy
00:32 Like colors of the rainbow
00:35 We're shining bright where we go
00:38 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:40 We're God's girls and boys
00:46 Eleanor, it's time to sing our worship song, okay.
00:52 Let's ask Billy boy to ring the bell. Okay.
00:54 Billy boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:00 I love this song. I do too.
01:02 Me too. You do too? Yeah.
01:05 Worship bell so sweet Calling us to meet
01:09 With our best friend Jesus
01:13 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
01:17 Smiling when He sees us
01:23 We have a special verse today and it comes from what book?
01:29 The Holy Bible. The Holy Bible.
01:32 And it's from in Psalms.
01:34 Can you say it after Auntie Linda?
01:35 Psalms. Psalms.
01:37 91. 91.
01:39 Verse 11. Verse 11.
01:43 For he-- For he--
01:46 Shall give his angels-- Shall give his angels--
01:50 Charge over you. Charge over you.
01:53 Do you know what that means? That means watch over you.
01:57 That's right, Emma. He will.
02:01 Well, I am going to tell you a special story
02:04 and it comes from a very special country.
02:08 And I'm gonna give you a hint.
02:09 See the dolls up here, where do you think
02:11 that they would come from? India.
02:14 That's right. Oh, yes. That's right, Elizabeth.
02:18 And India is a big country
02:21 and there's lots of people though
02:23 that don't know about Jesus.
02:25 And there's people that know about Jesus there,
02:27 just like every other place.
02:30 And Menaka lived with her momma and daddy.
02:34 And her momma became a Christian
02:36 and she took little Menaka to Sabbath school
02:40 and she learned to love Jesus
02:42 and she told her always pray to Jesus
02:44 when you are in trouble.
02:46 Lesley, do you pray to Jesus when you are in trouble?
02:49 Well, Menaka did too.
02:51 But one day father came home and he was very angry.
02:54 And he said, "I don't want you to go to church anymore."
03:00 And you know what he did?
03:02 Momma said, "I have to go to church.
03:04 I love Jesus."
03:05 He said, "Well, then
03:07 I'm not gonna live here anymore."
03:09 And he picked up little Menaka and he left.
03:11 And he got on a train and he went far away.
03:15 And Menaka didn't get to see her mommy.
03:18 But she remembered that mommy said to pray, pray.
03:22 And nobody would hardly talk to Menaka.
03:25 She didn't have any friends, because Menaka prayed to Jesus.
03:29 And they tell her not to pray.
03:30 But the first one that would be a friend to her
03:34 was the little dog Ronnie that lived there. Oh.
03:37 And little Ronnie was always very good,
03:40 just like--Eleanor, do you like Ronny?
03:43 Yes, Ronnie was always very good to her.
03:46 And one time she was out in the yard
03:49 and Ronnie went woof, woof.
03:51 Can you bark like a dog? Yes.
03:56 And she said, Ronnie come back and he went running.
04:00 And she said, Menaka said come back Ronnie, come back.
04:03 And he kept running and running.
04:04 So she followed Ronnie and he ran and ran
04:06 and he went to the train station.
04:09 And he took a right into the--
04:11 right where you would go on a train.
04:13 And then he said woof, woof.
04:15 And she looked around and all of a sudden,
04:17 Ronnie was gone and a person came up to her and said
04:20 hurry little girl, get on the train.
04:22 And so she got on the train
04:24 and she sat there with all the other people.
04:26 And nobody asked her to pay any money.
04:30 And she went for a long ride and then when the train stops,
04:34 she said, "I don't know where I'm at."
04:36 And she got off with the other people
04:38 and there was a man standing there
04:39 and he said, "Oh, I know your mommy,
04:42 I will show you where your mommy lives."
04:45 And he took her to her mommy.
04:48 And she ran into mommy's arms
04:50 and she said, "Jesus did sent His angels to watch over me,
04:54 just like you taught me in the Bible."
04:56 And you know what? She got to stay with her mommy.
05:00 Isn't that a wonderful story?
05:02 And will Jesus take care of us? Yes. Yes.
05:05 He will always take care of us.
05:07 You know, you know, something is--
05:12 Someday Jesus is coming in the clouds of heaven
05:14 and will all be able to live with Jesus forever.
05:17 When we get to heaven, we'll get to meet our angels.
05:21 That's right, Miss. Cinda.
05:23 Elizabeth, will you have a special prayer for us
05:26 thanking Jesus for sending the angels
05:28 to watch over us? Yes.
05:30 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
05:33 You too, Eleanor.
05:36 Dear Jesus, thank You for the angels watching over us
05:40 and I love You Jesus.
05:42 Amen. Amen.
05:52 Angels. That's right.
05:57 I want you all to remember
06:00 that you have a guardian angel, each one of you.
06:04 Did you know who sent you the angel?
06:06 Jesus. That's right.
06:08 Because He loves us.
06:10 That's right. I love Jesus.
06:13 Oh, I love Jesus too. Me too.
06:15 Me too. Yes.
06:17 Well, I'm so excited that you came to the kitchen today,
06:21 because Miss. Cinda's got something very special.
06:26 We're gonna make a prayer book.
06:30 Yeah. Yeah.
06:33 And we have the angels, we're gonna put them
06:36 on the front of our prayer book
06:37 so we can always remember that
06:39 Jesus sends His angels.
06:41 And then inside our prayer book we have pages
06:45 that you're gonna decorate the front page.
06:48 And then I want you to get your mommy's or daddy's
06:52 or grown up to help you write things
06:55 you want to pray about in your prayer book.
06:58 Would you like that?
06:59 Yes. Yes.
07:00 I do. I do, I do.
07:02 You do. Okay.
07:04 Let me give you each a book
07:06 and I will help of you to tie an angel.
07:11 And Auntie Linda can help, you tie an angle on.
07:15 All right.
07:17 Oh, Faith, let's get your angel tied on.
07:19 Can you tie it? Now I'm already doing that.
07:20 You want that. Yes, you are, Lesley.
07:23 You want to tie it or you want Auntie Linda to help you?
07:24 Oh, Faith.
07:26 You want me to help you? Can you help me?
07:27 Faith, did you know that you have an angel
07:30 that takes care of you? All right, good job.
07:33 Can you think of a way that an angels taking care of you?
07:36 All right.
07:37 How is an angel taking care of you?
07:39 Isn't the angel keep you from being scared?
07:43 Yes. I had a car wreck once.
07:45 Oh, Mathew, what happened?
07:48 Well, we were driving to get my mom a new phone
07:53 and then we--into a tree. Oh.
07:59 And Emma, can you think of a way an angels taking care of you?
08:03 When I was sleeping
08:05 and then one day at the Spartanburg Health,
08:09 I dreamed about Goliath standing on my bed. Oh.
08:14 And you knew-- And I was in there.
08:16 And you were scared. Oh, my.
08:18 And you know that Jesus sees-- He has an angel
08:22 that will take care of you, don't you? Oh.
08:26 I'm so glad that Jesus sends the angels for us.
08:30 I'm making this-- I'm making a person.
08:34 You are?
08:35 And is that a person you're gonna pray for?
08:37 Oh. Yeah.
08:39 That's very good, Lesley.
08:40 You know I didn't even think of that.
08:42 You can draw a picture of the person
08:44 you want to pray for. That's a good idea, Lesley.
08:50 Can you think of anything else
08:52 you want to put in your prayer book? Stamps.
08:56 You're stamping in your prayer book.
08:58 Can you think of something
08:59 you want to write in your prayer book
09:01 that you want Jesus to help you with?
09:04 How about help us--?
09:05 To tell other people about Jesus.
09:07 That's a good one, Mathew.
09:09 How about if we ask Jesus to help us to be kind? Yes.
09:15 What about, Emma, can you think of something
09:17 you want to write in your prayer book?
09:20 She is writing something.
09:21 What are you writing, Emma? Oh, Emma, you are.
09:24 Is that a secret?
09:26 I'm--I'm going to show you when I'm done.
09:29 Oh, you're gonna show it when you are done.
09:35 She is busy right now. Look at what I made.
09:38 That's very nice, Lesley.
09:41 Faith, you are drawing some pretty things.
09:46 Oh-oh. Oh, Miss. Cinda will get it.
09:49 Who is happy that they came to the kitchen?
09:54 I am.
09:55 Oh, I'm happy you came to the kitchen
09:58 because anytime you come to the kitchen, its fun.
10:10 Farmer Manny. Hey, Tiny Tots.
10:13 Oh, welcome back.
10:15 I'm so glad you guys are here. They were excited to come today.
10:19 Oh, really? I'm excited to have you.
10:21 You know, why? We are planting potatoes.
10:25 Yeah. Yeah.
10:28 Come with me to the garden. Oh, yes, I love the garden.
10:31 Oh, me too. Oh, me too.
10:34 And I like to eat the things that grow in the garden.
10:36 Oh, me too.
10:38 But there's nothing growing here.
10:39 Not yet, you know, why? Why?
10:41 You get to help me plant this.
10:44 Yeah. Yes.
10:46 You know potatoes come in all sorts of--
10:49 of variety, for example we have white potatoes
10:52 and we have red potatoes.
10:55 You know what you can do with potatoes?
10:58 Do you know? Do you know?
10:59 French fries. French fries, yes.
11:02 Ketchup, oh, it'd be great.
11:04 How else can we eat potatoes?
11:06 Cooked. Cooked.
11:08 Yeah, cooked.
11:09 You can eat them like this cooked or mash potatoes.
11:12 Oh, it's great. I love mash potatoes.
11:14 Me too.
11:16 And you're gonna use that to make a hole to plant it.
11:19 You know what?
11:21 Let me take my knife out
11:22 so we can get these potatoes planted.
11:24 You know what this is?
11:26 Have you ever seen that on a potato?
11:28 Eyes. It is.
11:29 This is the eyes of the potato, good job, Caitlin.
11:32 Oh, by the way, how do you say potato in Spanish?
11:36 Papa. Papa, good Job.
11:39 Oh, you guys are on top of it. Papa. Papa.
11:40 Just like a Papa. Just like a Papa.
11:43 Yeah. Can you say that, Lesley?
11:44 Papa.
11:45 Yeah. That's right.
11:47 You know, here, you take the potato,
11:48 I'm gonna give all of you potato.
11:50 Bella, would you like to take a red potato?
11:52 And Lesley, here you go and-- Oh, that's pretty, Bella.
11:55 I got two. Oh, you do have two.
11:57 Okay, well, here you go, Faith.
11:59 Here. Okay.
12:01 So how do we plant then?
12:02 What you do-- and I'll do this for you
12:04 'cause little boys and girls with big knives, oh, boy.
12:07 You take it and you cut off that neat.
12:08 Just mommies and daddies use knives.
12:10 Just mommies and daddies.
12:12 You cut off a piece of the eye
12:14 and you make sure you have enough of the potato to go, see.
12:19 And then when we make a hole in the dirt.
12:25 See you make a little hole and then you put the eye
12:29 with the part of the meat of the potato and you cover.
12:31 You want to cover it, Lesley?
12:33 Here. Oh, he's gonna make a hole.
12:34 He's gonna make a-- oh, there we go.
12:37 There we go.
12:39 You guys want to try that yourselves? Yes.
12:40 Here let me cut, if you can give me your potato, here we go.
12:45 Lesley this gonna be yours. Oh, okay.
12:47 There you go buddy.
12:48 Make a hole and Bella, let me get that from you
12:52 and I'm gonna cut it for you, there we go.
12:54 You want to make a hole, Bella and put the potato in?
12:57 There you go, sweetheart.
12:58 And let see this is Caitlin, okay.
13:01 Oh, I'm so glad that you guys are here to help me farm.
13:04 Do you guys know that the earth is created by God
13:07 for us to have all these wonderful foods?
13:09 Yeah. Yes. All right.
13:11 Oh, you're putting the whole potato in.
13:15 Well, you know what, Faith.
13:16 We want it to grow so can I cut the eye out?
13:19 There you can dig. There you go, Faith.
13:22 Put it right in there, okay, sweetheart. All right.
13:26 Well, shall we water it, Farmer Manny?
13:28 Yes, let's water it.
13:29 Okay, let Auntie Linda get the water.
13:30 Can I have a blue one, please?
13:32 You want the blue one, okay, here Farmer Manny.
13:33 I want the pink. Okay, here you go, okay.
13:35 The pink one?
13:37 And Bella, we're gonna get you a pink one too.
13:40 I think we only have one pink one, is green, okay?
13:42 Oh, green, all right, yeah. There you go, sweetheart.
13:45 Okay, here we go. So let's water them, okay?
13:50 I know how. You know how?
13:53 Okay.
13:54 Water your potato right here.
13:56 Can you help me? There we go.
13:58 Oh, this makes me so happy, I just want to sing.
14:00 There you go, Bella.
14:02 Yes, let's sing. Oh, yes.
14:06 Good girl. Yeah.
14:08 I like to go to the farm
14:10 Where the cows mow, mow
14:12 I like to go to the farm
14:14 Where the ducks quack, quack
14:16 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
14:20 I like to go to the farm
14:22 And learn of Jesus
14:27 This has been so fun. Oh, yes.
14:30 Is there a place we could wash our hands or something?
14:32 There is.
14:33 Why don't you guys follow me back--
14:35 Okay. Let's go get our hands washed.
14:36 Our hands are really dirty.
14:38 Oh, the bucket. Yes.
14:39 Oh, how fun.
14:40 Okay, this is how you do it.
14:42 You put your hand in the bucket
14:43 and just squash it, make sure the dirt off.
14:45 Come on girls, let's get our hands washed over here.
14:46 And you are clean, okay.
14:47 Good, Caitlin.
14:49 Come on, Bella, over here.
14:50 Good girl. Good girl.
14:54 You can get your hands washed too.
14:56 Thank you, Farmer Manny.
14:57 This was fun today.
15:07 Honey, look what I found? Tiny tots.
15:08 Tiny Tots and Auntie Linda. Tiny Tots are here.
15:12 Wow.
15:14 It's good to see the Tiny Tots today.
15:15 We met Mr. Vince down by the mailbox. Yes.
15:18 And he told us that we could come on in with him.
15:21 Sure.
15:22 And we are so excited,
15:24 'cause we have a special memory verse today.
15:26 And we want to share it with you.
15:28 Oh, want to hear it for today.
15:29 Are you ready, Lesley and Faith? Yes.
15:32 Psalms-- Psalms--
15:34 91:11-- 91:11--
15:38 "For he shall give his angles--"
15:41 "For he shall give his angles--"
15:44 "Charge over you."
15:45 "Charge over you."
15:48 That's very good. Thank you.
15:49 Wow. Yes.
15:51 We're learning that each one of us has a special angel
15:53 and it's a gift from Jesus. Oh, yes.
15:55 What does the angels do, Lesley?
15:57 Does the angels take care of us?
15:58 Yes. Yes.
16:00 And it makes us happy, doesn't it?
16:02 Do you have a song?
16:03 Yeah.
16:05 A special song, what's your song about?
16:06 A merry heart.
16:08 A merry heart. All right.
16:10 A merry heart
16:13 Doeth good like a medicine
16:17 Like a medicine, is a merry heart
16:23 But a broken spirit, dries out the bones
16:30 A merry heart
16:31 Doeth good, doeth good like a medicine
16:35 Proverbs 17: 22.
16:39 Oh.
16:40 Very good, excellent. Thank you.
16:42 That's a wonderful Bible verse.
16:45 Yes. Yes.
16:47 And I love that when Jesus does
16:50 so many wonderful things for us.
16:51 And it just makes me happy and I just want to sing too.
16:53 Oh, me too, it makes me happy.
16:55 You know would it'd be all right
16:56 if we just had a prayer and just thank Jesus?
16:58 Surely. Yes.
17:00 Faith, would you pray for us?
17:01 Okay, let's close our eyes.
17:03 Dear Jesus, thank You for the angels, Amen.
17:09 Amen. Thank you.
17:12 Can you tell them, good bye, Faith?
17:14 We're gonna have to hurry on our way
17:15 'cause we got lot of things to do.
17:16 Bye, bye. Bye, bye, Tiny Tots.
17:18 We love you, Tiny Tots.
17:19 Oh, we love you.
17:21 Can you say, Bye? Bye-bye.
17:22 Bye-Bye. Bye-Bye.
17:36 Shall we go for a walk today
17:40 And see what God has given
17:43 Oh, it's so beautiful out here.
17:45 I love it. I know.
17:47 It is so nice and it's such a perfect day to go fishing.
17:50 Yeah.
17:51 Do you know that fishing takes patience?
17:54 Yeah.
17:55 Who knows what patience is?
17:58 Patience is--
17:59 Waiting.
18:00 That's right. Yes.
18:02 Waiting and waiting. Waiting quietly.
18:03 So we have to sit out here
18:05 and wait and wait and wait to see if a fish will bite.
18:07 What is that? What is that?
18:09 Oh, that's part-- that adjusts the tension on
18:11 that fishing pole, that just part of a fishing pole.
18:13 Jesus and His disciples had to wait in the boat
18:16 while they were catching fish too.
18:17 That's right. That is very right.
18:19 Does that put it end?
18:21 No. It has to do with how hard it comes out.
18:25 But don't pull anymore out
18:26 because we want to see if catch a fish.
18:28 We have to sit very patiently and wait and wait
18:31 and see if we can catch them.
18:33 Sometimes you catch a whole bunch
18:35 and sometimes you sit out here
18:37 and you wait patiently and you don't catch any.
18:39 It just depends on whether the fish are hungry or not.
18:42 But its fun just to be out here and-- It is.
18:45 It's fun to be out here. Yes.
18:48 Faith caught some seaweed.
18:49 Faith caught some seaweed.
18:53 You last time did what?
18:56 Last time you caught fish.
18:59 Last time I was out here I did catch fish.
19:02 How many?
19:03 I didn't remember how many.
19:05 I think you catch 100.
19:06 100, I don't think that was that many.
19:09 But I throw them back in there after I caught them.
19:11 I think they were probably was more than 100
19:14 when Jesus' disciples threw their nets in.
19:16 I think it was.
19:17 They fished with nets though. Yes.
19:19 We're fishing with fishing pole.
19:20 If God said, put your nets over there
19:23 and there was fish.
19:24 I know. That's right.
19:26 That's true. That's true.
19:28 Oh, Eleanor.
19:30 You can get the nets there, can you put it back in?
19:32 There you go. Leave it in there.
19:33 Yes.
19:34 I don't think that the tip's supposed to be in there though.
19:37 See, we just--patience is hard to do, isn't it?
19:41 Patience is a very hard thing to do
19:43 because it's hard to seat in here and wait--
19:45 It is.
19:46 But there's all kinds of other things that we can enjoy.
19:48 Mine is in the water.
19:50 Okay, Auntie Linda will see if she can get it.
19:53 All right, we have to be very careful.
19:58 Is she gonna get it?
20:00 I don't know. I see seaweed.
20:03 Okay. There you got it.
20:06 There we go. It's all wet.
20:07 Caught a bunch of seaweed.
20:08 It's all wet. It's, yes.
20:10 I don't want to eat seaweed, do you guys?
20:11 No. No seaweed.
20:15 There was seaweed for my house.
20:16 I think some people like it.
20:18 I think so, but I don't think I'm one of them.
20:21 I like it. Do you?
20:22 Hmm-hmm.
20:24 I don't think I ever ate it and I don't think I want to neither.
20:25 Have you ate it before?
20:27 What did you eat?
20:29 She eats it too? Yeah.
20:30 That's good. Well, okay.
20:32 Let me see if we can--
20:33 What do they have in it?
20:35 Can you hold mine with patience?
20:36 Hold mine and we'll have to wait.
20:38 And let me see if I can fix yours,
20:39 it did get a bit tangled.
20:41 Oh, this has been a beautiful day.
20:43 It has, I am so glad that God gave us
20:46 all this wonderful things outside to enjoy.
20:48 I catch it. Oh-hoo, seaweed.
20:51 You caught seaweed.
21:01 Let's say our special memory verse together again.
21:05 Okay, I like this one. Me too.
21:07 Psalms 91:11. Psalms 91:11.
21:12 "For he shall give his angels--"
21:14 "For he shall give his angels--"
21:16 "Charge over us." "Charge over us."
21:18 Yes, that's right. "Charge over us."
21:20 Do you know what it means when it says, charge over us?
21:22 It means that the angels protect us.
21:25 Yes. Very good.
21:27 That's right.
21:29 Do you know Jesus loves to send His angels out to protect us?
21:33 He does.
21:34 And that reminds me of a song.
21:36 What song?
21:37 "Jesus sends His angels."
21:39 Oh, I love that song.
21:41 Let's sing it.
21:42 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
21:47 Jesus sends the angels
21:49 To watch me while I'm playing
21:54 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
21:59 Jesus sends the angels
22:01 To watch me while I'm sleeping
22:06 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
22:11 Jesus sends the angels
22:13 Because He really loves you
22:19 Let's sing that last verse again.
22:21 Oh, I love that one.
22:23 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels
22:28 Jesus sends the angels
22:30 Because He really loves you
22:37 And Noah was singing.
22:39 Yeah, Noah likes this song.
22:41 Boys and girls,
22:43 do you know that each one of you has your own angel?
22:48 Miss. Cinda, do I have a angel?
22:50 Yes, you do Noah.
22:53 Do I have an angel?
22:54 Yes, you do, Julia.
22:56 And do you know what?
22:57 Your angel watches you all day long.
23:02 Do you think your angel sleeps?
23:04 No.
23:05 Do you think your angel sleeps?
23:07 No. No.
23:08 Your angel watches you all night.
23:09 Can we sing that song?
23:12 We can.
23:13 All night, all day,
23:17 Angels watching over me, my Lord
23:23 All night, all day,
23:28 Angels watching over me
23:34 When I was, when we had the book,
23:36 I saw a picture of an angel.
23:38 There are lots of stories of the angels in the Bible.
23:41 You know one of my stories
23:43 is when Daniel's in the lion's den
23:45 and then God sent His angels. Oh, yes.
23:47 Oh, I love that story too.
23:49 And that reminds me of a special song,
23:51 "Oh, what a mighty God we serve."
23:53 Oh. We do.
23:56 What a mighty God we serve
24:01 What a mighty God we serve
24:06 Angels bow before him
24:08 Heaven and Earth adore him
24:11 What a mighty God we serve
24:15 Let's sing it again.
24:16 What a mighty God we serve
24:21 What a mighty God we serve
24:26 Angels bow before him
24:29 Heaven and Earth adore him
24:31 What a mighty God we serve
24:36 Oh, I love that one. I do too.
24:39 And you know we do serve a mighty God.
24:42 And He loves us. Yes, He does.
24:45 And the Lord is mine and I am His.
24:48 His banner over us is love.
24:50 Let sing that one. Oh, okay.
24:52 The Lord is mine and I am His
24:57 His banner over us is love
25:02 The Lord is mine and I am His
25:07 His banner over me is love
25:11 The Lord is mine and I am His
25:16 His banner over me is love
25:21 His banner over me is love
25:28 "I love you and you love me."
25:31 I love you and you love me
25:36 His banner over me is love
25:41 I love you and you love me
25:45 His banner over me is love
25:51 I love you and you love me
25:56 His banner over me is love
26:00 His banner
26:03 Over me is love
26:09 These are short rhymes.
26:12 Jesus does make us so happy.
26:15 And you know, we're gonna to talk to Him
26:17 because when we kneel down and pray to Jesus
26:19 that makes Him happy.
26:21 Oh, it does. Yes, it does.
26:22 And I love to make Jesus happy.
26:25 And let sing our prayer song together.
26:28 I will bend my knees
26:32 I will fold my hands
26:37 I will bow my head
26:42 I will close my eyes
26:46 And very, very quiet be
26:52 While the prayer is said
26:57 Julia, will you pray? Yes.
26:59 Dear Jesus, please be with us.
27:03 Thank you, from me in Jesus name, amen.
27:06 Amen.
27:09 All right.
27:11 And I am so thankful Jesus gave us angels.
27:15 Aren't you?
27:17 That's Mr. Rooster.
27:19 He says our time together is over.
27:21 Good bye. Good bye.
27:31 Our time together is over
27:34 so we will have to go
27:37 Goodbye, goodbye
27:40 Remember God loves you
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye
27:46 Remember God loves you
27:51 Goodbye.


Revised 2014-12-17