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Papua New Guinea

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00:02 Eleanor. Eleanor.
00:05 There you are. Come, girl.
00:08 The Tiny Tots are here and you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 It's going to be an exciting day, on the Tiny Tot farm.
00:22 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:24 We're God's girls and boys
00:27 We live for Him around the world
00:30 We spread love and joy
00:32 Like colors of the rainbow
00:35 We're shining bright where we go
00:38 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:40 We're God's girls and boys
00:46 Is it Mr. Wiggles special?
00:50 I love all the creatures that God made for us.
00:56 Mr. Wiggles, I am glad you came to worship.
00:59 I'm too. Oh.
01:02 Let's sing our worship song now.
01:04 And we'll ask Billy Boy ring the bell.
01:06 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:12 And may be he will sing with us.
01:14 Oh, Mr. Wiggles likes the song. So he's out like this song.
01:18 Worship bell so sweet Calling us to meet
01:22 With our best friend Jesus
01:26 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
01:30 Smiling when He sees us
01:36 Jesus, does smile when He sees us.
01:38 He loves all His children. Yes, he does.
01:42 He gave us a special book for us.
01:46 It's the Holy Bible.
01:47 The Holy Bible and I have-- Matthew is our chapter
01:52 and I think there's someone here named Matthew.
01:55 Yeah, it's you. Matthew 5:16.
02:00 Matthew 5:16.
02:04 "Let your light so shine."
02:07 "Let your light so shine."
02:12 I'm thinking of a country that starts with Papua--
02:19 Papua-- Papua Louie.
02:23 I know, Louie. No.
02:27 Who? Papua New Guinea.
02:29 Papua New Guinea. That's right.
02:33 And Jesus has lots of children that live in that country
02:38 and it's a beautiful place.
02:40 And I'm gonna tell you a story of a little girl name Dorcas.
02:44 She lived within the jungles and in her village,
02:48 some people knew about Jesus
02:50 but a lot of them didn't know about Jesus.
02:54 And she was a little girl that loved to help her mommy
02:57 and do all of kinds of things.
02:58 Can you help your mommy's cook?
03:00 Do you help her cook?
03:02 Do you help her cook? Cook food?
03:03 I love because of that. Do you? I did too.
03:05 And then she would dust. Can you dust the furniture?
03:08 And then she sweep. Can you sweep?
03:11 And she'd help her mommy and one day while she was sweeping,
03:14 she said, oh, mommy,
03:17 I just want to tell other people about Jesus,
03:21 just like we were talking about, in our Sabbath school.
03:25 And mommy said, oh, yes, that's a wonderful thing.
03:28 What can I do?
03:29 And she said, let's ask Jesus,
03:30 and what are we doing we talk to Jesus.
03:32 We pray and she said, Dear Jesus,
03:36 please help me to let my light shine.
03:38 So she walked out of her house
03:40 and she saw a little girl over playing by the edge of--
03:43 in the jungle and she went over and said,
03:45 would you like come to my house,
03:47 I'm going to have a special Sabbath school.
03:49 And she said, what?
03:51 And she said, come I'll show you,
03:53 it's really, really, really fun.
03:55 And so then she went over and she invited
03:57 another little boy and she invited a girl.
04:00 Pretty soon, there was 20 little children.
04:05 Do you how much 20 is?
04:06 It's 10 plus 10 and 5 times 4.
04:10 Oh, that's right. It is.
04:12 And so they sat there and they're saying a song.
04:14 Do you know what song they're saying?
04:16 Jesus talks to me. That's right, Leslie
04:18 Oh, I love that song.
04:20 And they all love that song
04:21 and then she taught them a memory verse.
04:23 And pretty soon there was more children coming
04:26 and more children coming
04:27 until there was like 40 children coming.
04:30 And then the mommies and daddies said,
04:32 "What do all those children doing over there
04:35 by underneath that tree?"
04:37 So they started coming and they said,
04:40 I like the songs they're singing.
04:43 And then Dorcas invited them to the Sabbath school
04:47 and church and they said, oh, yes, we want to come.
04:50 Do you think that she let her light shine for Jesus?
04:53 Yes. She did. That's a glimpse.
04:55 Yes, she let her light shine bright for Jesus.
04:59 And you know, boys and girls,
05:00 we can tell other people about Jesus too.
05:03 We can tell our neighbors.
05:05 Yes, who can else can we tell about Jesus?
05:08 Okay, Faith, can you tell someone about Jesus?
05:11 Yes, we're not too little, are we?
05:14 No. No.
05:15 And we can sing songs and when people hear us
05:17 when we're walking along and they'll say,
05:19 I want to know who Jesus is.
05:22 David, would you have a special prayer for us,
05:26 asking Jesus to help us how we set our light shine.
05:30 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes
05:33 and we're gonna talk to Jesus.
05:36 Jesus, I love You a lot.
05:40 Please help my light shine, thank You.
05:43 Amen. Amen.
05:55 Okay Holland, your hats on.
05:57 And let me see Jenniah, are you all tied here, yes.
06:01 Leslie's ready and so is Elizabeth.
06:04 Oh, I'm so excited you guys came to the kitchen today.
06:08 Me too. We like you into the kitchen.
06:10 You like me into the kitchen. Me.
06:13 I have something very special for you
06:15 but first I want to ask you a question.
06:18 Who likes to--let their light shine through Jesus?
06:20 Me. Oh.
06:23 I thought you would say that.
06:25 So to help you remember to let your light shine for Jesus,
06:28 guess what? You get to make this.
06:32 There's so pretty. Is it beautiful?
06:34 It's a refrigerator magnet and you gonna get--
06:38 Is that mean, it will stick to the refrigerator?
06:41 Yes. That's right Aunty Linda.
06:44 And you know what it says?
06:45 "Let your light so shine." Matthew 5:16.
06:50 Very good, Holland.
06:52 Really it looks pretty. Thank you, Leslie.
06:54 Well, you get to make one to look pretty too. Yes.
07:01 What do you-- we have to put them--
07:08 You know what?
07:10 You don't have to decorate it just like I did.
07:11 You can decorate it anyway you want.
07:14 And then after--will-- how, Aunty Linda,
07:17 I put you in charge of the plastic
07:19 and will cover with plastic to protect it
07:24 and then you can have it
07:25 and take it home put on your refrigerator.
07:27 I stick through his face.
07:29 Oh, I like that, Leslie. Okay.
07:32 Let me ask you kids, how can--
07:34 do you know how you can let your light shine for Jesus?
07:37 What can you do to let your light shine for Jesus?
07:44 Being nice to other people.
07:47 Very good, Elizabeth. That's right.
07:48 You can be nice to other people.
07:50 And be kind to and share our beds.
07:56 Yes. And share our toys.
07:59 See, Holland, how can you shall let your light shine for Jesus?
08:06 Be happy and share. Yeah, that's a good way.
08:09 Jenniah, how can you let your life shine for Jesus?
08:13 In trying to figure out--
08:18 You're trying to figure that out...
08:19 Please help her.
08:21 What? Please help her.
08:22 Oh, let's help her think of ways that's a good, Lesley.
08:24 Help her think of ways she can let her light shine for Jesus.
08:28 She could... Sharing your toys.
08:31 The entire people.
08:33 How about obey your mommy and daddy?
08:35 Okay. That let your light shine.
08:40 Yes.
08:41 But how about that if somebody needs some help,
08:44 like, what if your grandma needs help, caring in something.
08:49 Yeah, that's means... Yeah, that means help.
08:52 Then we're caring. And I take care of my sister.
08:56 Oh, that makes Jesus happy, doesn't it? Yes.
09:01 Oh, oh, can I get paper towel?
09:03 Oh, Ms. Cinda will get you a paper towel. Here we go.
09:06 And my hand is... There we go.
09:08 Because you gonna glitter just like your sunshine, ah?
09:14 We're gonna mix them or what?
09:16 Oh. And then you know what, after you're all done?
09:19 I have a magnet that you can stick on the back, okay.
09:23 And that way it will stay. I knew that.
09:25 You knew that, Holland? Me too.
09:29 You know, Jesus is very happy when we tell--
09:33 He knows our names. Listen.
09:35 Yes, Jesus does know your name.
09:38 You know, some other ways you can let your light shine?
09:41 As you can tell other people about Jesus, can't you?
09:44 Yeah and you think how people...
09:50 Jesus loves them.
09:51 Very good, Elizabeth that Jesus...
09:54 And you can tell people about Jesus that known,
09:57 that don't know Jesus. That's right.
10:00 And we can tell people, and we can give people food,
10:04 that they have food. Yeah, that's right.
10:07 What if you were on the play ground and someone's crying?
10:12 We will get there. Very good, Holland.
10:15 And tell some story about Jesus. That's right.
10:18 You can, you can say, why are you crying, can I help you?
10:22 And when we're kind to have other people,
10:24 that's being kind to Jesus. Yes, it is.
10:27 And other people might be kind to you.
10:30 Yes. You're doing so pretty, Elizabeth.
10:34 Let me see, oh, Leslie, that's so pretty.
10:36 How are you kids doing? Holland, that's pretty.
10:40 Is that doing very well?
10:42 Oh, I think you're doing very well, Jenniah.
10:44 I don't think because I'm mixing it not really good--
10:48 It's very pretty. Oh, I like that.
10:54 You know, who likes to come to the kitchen?
10:56 Me. I do.
10:58 It's always fun when you come to the kitchen, isn't it?
11:01 Yeah, it is fun to be in the kitchen.
11:11 Hey Tiny Tots, I'm glad you came today,
11:13 because we're gonna be feeding some very special birds.
11:18 You know what those are?
11:19 Roosters. Chicken.
11:21 Chicken. Yes.
11:22 Cock-a-doodle-doo. That's right, chickens.
11:24 And they make the farm looks so beautiful.
11:27 If you notice that big guy over there, he's the rooster.
11:31 He is the rooster. Yeah, you see the rooster.
11:34 And you see the hens.
11:35 Do you know how you can tell that the rooster
11:37 is the rooster and the hens are hens?
11:39 The rooster is usually bigger.
11:41 He has a beautiful large tail
11:43 and he has that cone that red thing on top as the cone there.
11:46 Oh, that's beautiful.
11:48 Do you guys want to feed them?
11:49 Yes. All right.
11:51 You know what, I'm gonna give you these buckets.
11:53 There you go, Leslie, there you go, Bryan,
11:56 there you go, Caitlin, there you go, Faith.
11:58 All right, and what I need to do is
12:01 we're gonna going to put some feed in here.
12:04 And you know, what kind of feed we use?
12:07 What? We use crack corn.
12:11 Oh, is the whole corn, hard for them to eat?
12:13 The whole corn is, Aunty Linda, too hard for them to eat.
12:17 Okay, let's throw some. There you go.
12:23 Oh, chicken's they love crack corn.
12:27 They're good for the farm
12:29 because they help us to get worms
12:32 and to clean up the farm too.
12:34 You know, come over here. Let's bring them over here.
12:37 Yeah. Come here, Bryan.
12:40 Let's bring--if you just throw it out, they'll come to you.
12:45 They love it when you have food.
12:47 See. Oh, awesome.
12:49 You like how they come to the food.
12:53 Yeah. Oh, it's raining feed the chickens love that.
13:02 This is fun. Oh, it is.
13:07 Come here Bryan, let's see if they come to you.
13:09 Come over here, come here and throw some feed.
13:12 Hey Caitlin, come over here let's see they've come to you.
13:15 All right, come over Bryan. Yeah, come over here.
13:19 Watch them come to you. Watch this.
13:21 You know, what this means,
13:23 when they've come to you, you have food?
13:24 It reminds me of ask for Jesus.
13:28 Can you give one more? Jesus is our spiritual food.
13:30 You want more. Here, take mine. It is.
13:32 Let me give you some more, okay.
13:33 What does the rooster say?
13:35 Cock-a-doodle-doo.
13:38 The rooster says, Cock a doodle doo.
13:43 That's how he says. Hey, wait a minute.
13:45 We haven't said much, I'm glad you mentioned that Aunty Linda,
13:48 I want you guys to call the chicken.
13:56 Keep feeding them.
14:02 Yeah. Keep feeding them.
14:05 Come here, Bryan. They'll come to you.
14:08 Yeah.
14:11 See. Oh, yeah.
14:13 Let me give me some more feed, Caitlin. Oh, right here.
14:16 Let straight and got keep calling them
14:18 let them know that we're feeding them.
14:22 Cock-a-doodle-doo.
14:24 See, you got doing a good job.
14:31 All right, you guys are so good at this.
14:33 It is, this looks so happy, I just want to sing.
14:35 Yeah, let's sing, kids. Come, come, come, let's sing.
14:41 I like to go to the farm Where the cows mow, mow
14:45 I like to go to the farm Where the ducks quack, quack
14:49 I like to go to the farm I like to go to the farm
14:52 I like to go to the farm And learn of Jesus
14:57 Oh, this was fun.
15:00 Oh, come on kids let's give Farmer Manny back our buckets.
15:04 We have to go now. Thank you, guys.
15:05 Thank you for helping me. Come here. Okay.
15:09 Here we go. Come on.
15:19 Hey Honey, it's fixed.
15:20 Oh, thank you Honey, I've been wanted it for a long time.
15:23 It makes the room so bright.
15:25 You're welcome, honey.
15:27 Oh, fit up that, that's the Tiny Tots.
15:29 All right. Let's see.
15:32 It is. Hey, Tiny Tots.
15:34 The Tiny Tots. Yes, and Auntie Linda.
15:39 Yes, and Noah is giving you a hug too.
15:41 I know. How are you doing, Noah?
15:44 Oh, we have just had so much fun over here.
15:48 We were watching the squirrels run up the trees and...
15:51 Oh, that's fun. Oh, yes.
15:52 We discovered that squirrels were good climbers.
15:55 That's right. They are, aren't they?
15:57 There's always some-- And the monkey.
15:58 And the monkeys. You like monkeys too.
16:01 And they're good nut collectors.
16:03 Oh, yes there are. That's right.
16:05 So it's fun for us to learn a lot about nature but--
16:08 Oh yes, a lot about nature.
16:10 But they kept saying we want to see Ms. Stella, Mr. Vince.
16:13 God made everything.
16:16 Out there he made the sun, He made the stars,
16:20 He made the grass hoppers, He made even squirrels.
16:24 Sure did. He did. He did.
16:26 Well, we wound like to share our memory verse
16:28 that we're going over today. Would you like to here it?
16:31 Yes, I will. All right.
16:33 Can't read it. What's our memory verse?
16:36 Matthew... Matthew...
16:38 5... 5...
16:39 16... 16...
16:42 Let your light... Let your light...
16:46 So shine. So shine.
16:49 Yes, we want to let our light shine.
16:51 And speaking of shiny, I got a song about that.
16:54 You do? Yes.
16:56 All right. Would you sing it? Oh, terrific.
16:58 It's "I will sing of the mercies of the Lord."
17:00 Oh, that is right.
17:02 We can shine, when we think about that, can't we?
17:05 I will sing of the mercies of the Lord
17:08 forever I will sing, I will sing
17:14 I will sing of the mercies for the Lord forever
17:18 I will sing of the mercies for the Lord
17:21 Come on, let's sing it all together.
17:23 Oh, okay.
17:25 I will sing of the mercies for the Lord
17:28 forever I will sing, I will sing
17:34 I will sing of the mercies for the Lord forever
17:38 I will sing of the mercies for the Lord
17:44 Amen. Yeah.
17:47 That was so good.
17:50 Well, before we run as we have other things
17:52 that we have to do real quickly.
17:54 Sammy, would have the special prayer for them? Yes.
17:58 All right, let's hold our hands and close our eyes.
18:01 Jesus, bless this people
18:06 as You in Your kingdom.
18:09 Let the boys and girls come in all Your kingdom.
18:13 And also let these people come into Your kingdom.
18:17 In Jesus name we pray, amen.
18:19 Amen. Thank you.
18:21 We're looking forward to heaven. Oh, yes.
18:24 And we're looking forward to be your neighbors in heaven too.
18:26 Oh yes, we are. Thank you, Tiny Tots.
18:28 Can you tell them goodbye?
18:29 Goodbye. Bye-bye.
18:31 Bye, God bless you. Bye bye.
18:33 You definitely come to the Tiny Tots farm,
18:35 it's a wonderful day. Sure, we will come.
18:37 That's great. Bye bye. Bye bye.
18:50 Shall we go for a walk today
18:54 To see what God has given
19:00 Oh. Look at on your pant, Sofia
19:03 It's okay, it's okay, Sofia.
19:06 Oh, this is so much fun.
19:08 You guys have your bug catchers
19:10 and that will help you find some more bugs.
19:13 Oh, this has been fun.
19:15 I even have one Miss Jeannie. All right.
19:18 Anybody see some bugs? Look there.
19:20 Do you see any bugs? Yeah.
19:22 See any bugs?
19:23 Eleanor, do you see any bugs?
19:25 Where are there gone?
19:26 Oh, there is one, there is one.
19:28 There is one? Oh, yes.
19:29 I really can't see.
19:31 Oh, come over here and you can see them.
19:32 Oh, that sun can shine on them better.
19:35 Can you give one? Get one, get one on here.
19:38 Let's search over there, it's just one.
19:40 Yes, so do-- Don't you put it in your bug catcher?
19:41 It will be more sunshine here.
19:43 Oh, Auntie Linda will help you.
19:45 Don't put it in like that, you have turn it side ways.
19:49 Can you see one? Sure.
19:51 Oh okay, you found one, Sofia
19:53 Yeah.
19:54 Come on, Eleanor, we'll see we can help too.
19:56 Can you find some more? I found one.
19:57 You found one? All right good job, Joanna.
20:02 Aren't they funny looking? Hey, look at mine.
20:04 Can you say, who can say, cricket?
20:06 Cricket. It is a--
20:08 And crickets can sing, Miss Jeannie
20:10 Yes, cricket-- do you know how cricket sing?
20:13 I found one.
20:14 Does anybody know how they sing?
20:15 Oh, yeah.
20:17 They rub their legs together.
20:18 They rub their back legs together.
20:20 That's how they make that noise.
20:21 You did? Good job.
20:23 Here's one over here, Leslie.
20:26 Come and look over here.
20:27 See, I found right here.
20:29 Look there he is.
20:30 There is one.
20:31 Can you get one for me?
20:33 Auntie Linda is really good at finding them.
20:35 Here, hold your thing open
20:36 and Auntie Linda will pick them up.
20:38 That's great. Oh, are they?
20:41 There's-- put them in there.
20:42 They're quite scared.
20:43 They're quite scared at lot of us.
20:46 Did you see any more? No, you're squashing him.
20:49 I was kind of scared. See anymore?
20:51 God made so many wonderful bugs for us to enjoy.
20:55 Yeah, I know there's so many of them.
20:58 What? I got one.
21:01 You got one?
21:02 Look how many. Wow.
21:05 I got one. I got one.
21:06 You got one? Thank you.
21:09 You don't want to this hold it now?
21:11 Oh, wow.
21:13 You're like-- you got to hold them.
21:14 Oh, here's one.
21:16 Can I have it? Can I have it?
21:17 Can I have it? Yes, you can have it.
21:19 Here's one, oh, oh, he's in my hand.
21:23 Let's get them. Okay.
21:25 Oh, here is one, Leslie. Here's one.
21:27 We got to be careful with this.
21:29 Oh, there is. Oh, they tickle.
21:31 Yeah. I make this--
21:34 I'm so glad God made
21:35 all these stuff for us to enjoy outside.
21:38 Oh, me too. There is another one.
21:39 Oh, there is another one. You got--
21:41 Look. I see, you got another one.
21:42 Oh, there is one, right there.
21:44 Get them. I'll get them.
21:46 Oh, there is one. Oh, there is one.
21:52 Oh, she's got one.
21:54 Did you find one, Maya?
21:55 Did you find one, Maya?
21:56 Where did it go? I find one.
21:59 Maya, you can--
22:07 Who remembers our memory verse today.
22:10 I do. Well, where is it found?
22:13 Matthew 5:16, "Let your light so shine."
22:19 That's right. Oh, very good.
22:22 Let's all say together
22:24 Matthew 5:16, "Let your light so shine."
22:32 And how can we let our light shine for Jesus?
22:34 Over this A light
22:36 Yes, we can be a light by being kind to others
22:39 that's letting our life shine.
22:41 When we share, and we're gonna sing a song
22:45 about a sunbeam that is weak and shine for Jesus.
22:50 Let's put your's on. All right.
22:52 How is this? Good.
22:54 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
22:58 To shine for him each day
23:04 In every way try to please him
23:08 At home, at school, at play
23:14 A sunbeam, a sunbeam
23:19 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
23:24 A sunbeam, a sunbeam
23:30 I'll be a sunbeam for Him
23:35 We looks like flowers.
23:38 The flowers. That's fun.
23:42 Yeah, that was fun.
23:44 Well, you know, we do want our let our light shine
23:47 by being kind and good and telling others about Jesus.
23:50 So let's let our light shine this little light of mine.
23:54 And let's really sing out, okay.
23:58 This will light of mine I'm gonna let it shine
24:04 This will light of mine I'm gonna let it shine
24:10 Let it shine Let it shine, let it shine
24:15 Hide it under a bush Oh, no
24:17 Hide it under a bush Oh no
24:20 I'm gonna let it shine
24:24 Hide it under a bush Oh no
24:27 I'm gonna let it shine
24:30 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
24:34 Let it shine until the Jesus comes.
24:37 Let it shine until Jesus comes I'm gonna let it shine
24:44 Let it shine until Jesus comes I'm gonna let it shine
24:50 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
24:56 Eleanor likes that song. Eleanor likes.
24:59 Yeah, I believe.
25:01 It's kind of lullaby to him.
25:04 It sounds like lullaby to him.
25:07 A lullaby to him. Yeah.
25:10 Well you know, Jesus wants us to make us like fishers of men.
25:15 Do you know what that means? Yeah.
25:16 It means to let our shine, doesn't it?
25:19 We're gonna tell others about Jesus.
25:23 All right.
25:24 We'll give Farmer Manny one.
25:26 And okay, did you get one Miss. Cinda?
25:29 All right.
25:31 I will make you fishers of men
25:35 Fishers of men, fishers of men
25:40 I will make you fishers of men If you follow Me
25:48 If you follow Me If you follow Me
25:56 I will make you fishers of men If you follow Me
26:07 Oh, that was fun.
26:09 You know, its fun to be fishers of men.
26:11 Yes, It is fun to share Jesus with our family
26:16 and our friends and very one that we see to share Jesus.
26:22 And you know, what else we can do
26:23 is we can pray to Jesus.
26:25 That's right.
26:27 And pray for others. And we can pray for others.
26:29 That's one way that we can let our light shine
26:32 is by praying for others too, isn't it?
26:34 Well, let's do that right now. Let's sing our song.
26:37 I will bend my knees I will fold my hands
26:45 I will bow my head I will close my eyes
26:53 And very, very quiet be while the prayer is said
27:01 Natalie would you pray for us? Okay.
27:07 Dear God in heaven,
27:09 thank You for letting us have a good day
27:11 in the Tiny Tots Farm help us to be sunbeams for you
27:16 in Jesus name we pray.
27:17 Amen. Amen.
27:21 Oh, Mr. Rooster said that's all the time we have.
27:25 Oh, have a good day. Goodbye, you have a good day.
27:35 Our time together is over So we will have to go
27:41 Good bye, good bye
27:44 Remember God loves you
27:47 Good bye, good bye
27:50 Remember God loves you
27:54 Goodbye.


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