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00:02 Eleanor, Eleanor, there you are, come, girl.
00:08 The Tiny Tots are here.
00:10 And you don't want to miss worship.
00:12 It's gonna be an exciting day on the Tiny Tot farm.
00:22 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:24 We're God's girls and boys
00:27 We live for him around the world
00:29 We spread love and joy Like colors of the rainbow
00:35 We're shining like the rainbow
00:37 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:40 We're God's girls and boys
00:46 Oh, Eleanor, you're getting sleepy again.
00:49 And it's time to sing our worship song.
00:53 Maybe she'll wake up. She might.
00:55 Well, let's ask Billy boy if he'll ring the worship bell.
00:58 Okay.
01:00 Billy boy, you can ring the worship bell.
01:05 I love this song. I do, too.
01:10 Worship bells so sweet
01:12 Calling us to meet
01:14 With our best friend Jesus
01:18 Come and worship here
01:20 Jesus will be near
01:22 Smiling when He sees us
01:29 Well, I have a special memory verse
01:31 from a very special book.
01:34 What book is that? The Holy Bible.
01:36 That's right. That's right.
01:37 And it's found in Acts 20. Can we all say that, Acts 20...
01:41 Acts 20:35 "It is more blessed to give..."
01:48 "It is more blessed to give..."
01:52 "Than to receive." "Than to receive."
01:57 We are gonna talk about another wonderful country.
02:01 And it starts with T.
02:04 Can you all think of a country that starts with T?
02:08 And it is goes thai-- Thailand.
02:13 That's right.
02:15 And Auntie Linda asked Miss Cinda
02:17 to tell us a story from there.
02:19 I'm so excited. We get to hear a story.
02:23 Do you know how they say, "hi" in Thailand?
02:26 They go "Sawadee Ka."
02:29 Can you all do that?
02:31 Let's see. Go like this.
02:32 "Sawadee Ka." "Sawadee ka."
02:37 Well, over in Thailand, deep in the jungles of Thailand,
02:43 there lives a tribe called the Karen tribe.
02:48 And missionary went over to the mission school.
02:55 There is a mission school over in BongTi,
02:58 Thailand called the bamboo school.
03:02 The bamboo school. About eating bamboo?
03:05 Well, there's a lot of bamboo that grows around there. Wow.
03:09 And the bamboo school in BongTi,
03:13 there's no running water and no electricity.
03:18 You mean, I can't go to the faucet
03:19 and turn it in on and water won't come out?
03:21 No. And the people are very, very poor.
03:26 They have gardens and they raise their own food.
03:32 And there is a little girl that came
03:36 to the bamboo school to learn English.
03:39 And she was only 6 years old. Oh, wow.
03:44 And it was gonna be her birthday.
03:47 Oh, I love birthdays. Who likes birthdays?
03:49 Me. My birthday already passed.
03:53 It did?
03:54 Well, it was gonna be her birthday.
03:56 So she wanted all the mission kids
04:00 and the five missionary teachers to come to her birthday party.
04:06 Oh, I'd like to the birthday parties.
04:08 Me too. And so she said,
04:10 "Will you all please come to my birthday party."
04:13 And so they all came over to her bamboo hut.
04:19 And she lived in a hut. It's a house made out of bamboo
04:23 and it's on big tall stilts.
04:27 And so you have to get a ladder and you've to climb,
04:31 climb, climb up to get into their house.
04:34 Do snakes come in the house? Yes, they can.
04:37 Oh, wow. And they crawl up.
04:42 And the students crawled up the ladder
04:47 and the five missionaries crawled up the ladder
04:51 and they sat in the house 'cause the house was very small.
04:56 And she'd invited all of them to come
04:59 and they sat there and the little girl had been--
05:03 had gotten some little cookies,
05:05 so everyone could have a cookie each.
05:09 And they were very poor,
05:10 so they didn't have a lot of money
05:12 but they wanted to give every mission student a cookie.
05:17 And then for the five teachers, the little girl said,
05:21 "I want to do something special for my five teachers."
05:26 And her mommy and daddy had used most of their money
05:31 to give the little girl a little tiny cake.
05:35 And the little girl had never had cake.
05:39 And so it was a real treat
05:42 and she looked at that beautiful little cake
05:46 and you know what she did? What?
05:47 She ate it.
05:50 No, she took her cake and she came over
05:56 and she held it out to the five missionary teachers.
05:59 How small was the cake?
06:01 It was only about this big.
06:04 And she said, "I want you teachers
06:08 to have a piece of my cake."
06:11 And do you know what the teachers did?
06:13 They didn't want to hurt her feelings.
06:16 They didn't really want to take the cake
06:18 because they knew that she'd not had any cake
06:22 but they knew that she wanted to share.
06:26 So do you know, they went
06:28 and they each took a piece of that cake.
06:31 They just took the fingers
06:32 and took a little bite of the cake.
06:34 And by that time all five teachers
06:36 had taken just a little bite,
06:38 there was only one little bite left
06:41 with that little Thai Karen girl.
06:44 And so she ate her little piece of cake
06:48 but she was very happy
06:50 because she was able to share with her teachers.
06:54 Oh. Isn't that special?
06:57 How many of you would have shared
06:59 your little kind tiny cake with everybody?
07:02 I had a birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.
07:04 And did you share your cake?
07:08 I saw somebody else serving my cake.
07:11 Yes, do you know what this is?
07:16 The Karen people make this. This is one of their purses.
07:22 And they use it to carry the groceries in
07:27 or anything they have to carry.
07:28 And they make these.
07:30 This was made by one of the Karen people.
07:33 Isn't it pretty?
07:35 So when the mommy went to the store
07:36 to get the cookies and she went to get the little cake,
07:39 she just puts it in her little bag.
07:41 This is what she used.
07:42 She puts it over her head like this
07:45 and she puts like this.
07:46 And then she puts anything she buys in here.
07:50 Let's just have a prayer right now
07:53 and ask Jesus to help us share like that little girl did.
07:57 That would be nice.
07:58 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
08:01 Okay, can you fold your hands?
08:04 Dear Jesus, we want to learn to share
08:08 just like that little girl did.
08:12 Thank you, Jesus.
08:13 We know you will help us. We love you, amen.
08:26 Miss Cinda, this food looks different.
08:29 I never had it before. What is it?
08:32 Oh, I'm glad you asked.
08:35 You're all in for a real treat today.
08:40 Yeah.
08:43 This food is from Thailand.
08:47 I thought you might want to try something
08:49 that they eat in Thailand.
08:51 This is a noodle dish called "Pad Thai".
08:55 And they make it lots of different ways.
08:57 But I made it very simple for you today
08:59 so you can try it, okay?
09:01 Auntie Linda, if you could put a little--
09:03 Here, Leslie, we'll put your plate down
09:04 and Auntie Linda will pass the bowl over, okay?
09:08 And we'll give you a little bit of noodles.
09:13 Do we put anything on our noodles?
09:15 Here, you can go ahead
09:16 and might as well serve us all up.
09:18 All right.
09:19 And little bit of noodles, oops.
09:22 Now let me ask you guys a question.
09:26 What do you think this is?
09:28 Rice? No, look at it.
09:31 Onions. No, not onions.
09:34 This is called bean sprouts. Oh...
09:39 And you take a little bit of beans.
09:40 My mommy makes that. Does your mommy?
09:43 You don't want to just taste it?
09:44 Do you want to taste it?
09:46 How about if I just put one on and you can taste it.
09:47 Okay.
09:49 Because do you know, it's good. I want three.
09:51 You want just three of them?
09:53 Do you know, it's good to try
09:55 lots of different things, isn't it?
09:56 Who likes peanuts? Oh, wow.
09:58 Me. Do you know, over in Thailand,
10:00 they put peanuts on their noodles.
10:03 Oh, I want to try that. Would you want to put some on?
10:05 You want to get some.
10:08 You know, do you know, what Miss Cinda's
10:10 is favorite kind of nut is? Just a minute, Jenniah.
10:14 My favorite kind of nut is peanuts.
10:18 I love peanuts. Me too.
10:21 Okay. It's so good.
10:23 Oh, you like beans sprouts don't you?
10:26 Wow, Elizabeth. I got a lot on my plate.
10:29 You want to try your beans sprout
10:31 and see if you like it?
10:32 Faith, try your bean sprout and see if you like it.
10:33 Oh, you like peanuts. No?
10:37 Leslie, you like your bean sprout?
10:39 All right. Yes.
10:41 It's good, isn't it?
10:42 Okay, I have another question for you guys.
10:45 Who can tell me what this is? Pineapple.
10:48 No. Who knows what this is?
10:51 Peach. No, it's not peach.
10:53 But that's a good guess, Faith.
10:55 It kind of looks like peach, doesn't it?
10:58 I'll give you a hint, look at this.
11:02 Who knows what this is?
11:04 That looks like a seed.
11:05 This is a giant seed
11:08 and this is the seed from this fruit.
11:12 I want one of them.
11:14 Oh, you got to wait and see what it is.
11:16 It's mango. I had mango before.
11:20 All right. You have?
11:22 You know, over in Thailand, do you know,
11:23 what their treat is for dessert?
11:26 They have mango and sticky rice.
11:31 Oh. Uh-huh.
11:33 Who knows what sticky rice is? You want to try sticky rice?
11:38 I'm so thankful Jesus made
11:40 so many wonderful foods for us to eat.
11:42 I am, too. I want to do it by myself.
11:45 Well, you may do it by yourself, Jenniah.
11:48 Auntie Linda can hold the bowl for you.
11:49 You can try yours, Leslie.
11:51 You want to take a little taste first.
11:53 Oh, you just put it separately. This is the dessert.
11:55 And do you want to try a mango, Faith?
11:58 No. Oh, do you want to just try it?
11:59 It tastes kind of like a-- it's just--
12:02 You tell me what it tastes like.
12:03 I won't give you a hint. I'm going to take a lot.
12:06 The boys and girls over in Thailand,
12:09 they love mango and sticky rice.
12:12 What do you think? Okay. Can I --
12:15 Did you try the sticky rice or the noodles?
12:19 Do you like them?
12:22 Yep, it's sticky rice.
12:24 Put it on the side because it's--
12:25 And do you know how they make this sticky rice?
12:27 They soak it.
12:29 You gonna taste some first and see if you like it?
12:30 In water all night. You want to try some?
12:34 And then they add coconut milk to it.
12:36 Oh, you know, you like it. I drink rice milk.
12:40 You drink rice milk?
12:42 Well, coconut milk is really good.
12:43 Try your sticky rice and see if you like it.
12:45 I drink chocolate milk. Oh, I bet that's yummy.
12:51 Do you like your sticky rice, Elizabeth?
12:53 It's good.
12:55 And some kids drink carob milk too.
12:57 I eat carob milk, but it doesn't taste like--
13:00 You need a knife, Faith?
13:02 Try your sticky rice and tell me if you like it.
13:05 Oh. I really like it.
13:08 Can you get it? I don't like pears
13:10 Would you like some mango? Okay, pop that's good.
13:12 Now take your fork and pop it in your mouth.
13:14 You want to try some? With your sticky rice?
13:16 You eat it with your sticky rice.
13:18 I didn't get my spoon. You can use that.
13:21 What do you think, Jenniah? It's good.
13:24 You like it? Let me see.
13:26 Let me see you eat sticky rice.
13:27 So eat that first and then we can get some more, okay?
13:29 Oh, Jenniah you like sticky rice.
13:32 Don't you? Mmm.
13:33 Mmm.
13:34 Do you all kids, do you kids like your sticky rice?
13:37 It's yummy isn't it? It is.
13:39 Mm-hmm.
13:41 You know, I am so glad you came to the kitchen today.
13:44 Who likes coming to the kitchen? Me.
13:46 Oh, it's fun to be in the kitchen.
13:58 Farmer Manny. Hey, tiny tots.
14:01 Oh, I'm glad you're here. Well, I need your help today.
14:06 You need our help? Well, I'm glad we're here.
14:08 Oh, and so am I.
14:10 You know, in Farmer Manny's farm,
14:12 we have so many animals like you remember those.
14:15 Yeah. What are those?
14:17 Chickens. Chicken.
14:19 And a rooster.
14:20 And a rooster, that big one is well.
14:23 And we have goats and cows
14:26 and do you see what I have here?
14:27 I brought all flour so you can help me to feed my animals.
14:31 Ooh, there is a lot of food in there.
14:34 There is a lot of food. Here we have rabbit food.
14:38 Isn't that neat, because we have bunny rabbits
14:40 in Farmer Manny's farm.
14:41 Look at that. It doesn't look like anything I'd want to eat.
14:45 Oh, no, no. Isn't that neat?
14:48 Here, why don't you guys take some in your hands?
14:51 Yeah, here take some.
14:53 No, don't eat it though, 'cause that's for bunny rabbits.
14:56 You're not bunny rabbits.
14:58 Hey, how do bunny rabbits look?
15:01 Like this? And they go hop hop hop.
15:05 Everybody hop, everybody hop. Yeah--that's a bunny rabbit.
15:08 And we also have horses and cows in Farmer Manny's Farm.
15:12 Look what we feed them.
15:14 See, that's what we call sweet feed and you know,
15:18 they love this feed because--
15:19 So why is it sweet? It has molasses.
15:23 Oh.
15:24 Molasses is the best stuff and they love to eat it.
15:27 You want to hold it in your hand?
15:30 See, isn't that great? Like it.
15:34 Yeah, uh-huh. I love horses and cows.
15:39 They're wonderful, Auntie Linda.
15:41 But as you know, we also have chicken
15:44 and chickens love the cracked corn.
15:48 You guys want to hold the corn?
15:51 And you can even feed the chickens this corn,
15:53 they like that but I'm gonna need your help
15:56 to feed them though.
15:57 So I have some buckets here that you guys
16:00 are going to have to help me to load up, okay?
16:04 So who can take this bucket? Me.
16:06 All right, okay. We have one for everybody.
16:09 Oh, I'm so glad you guys are here to help me.
16:12 Here you go, Bella, and what I need you guys
16:14 to do is to take one of the buckets.
16:17 Here you go, Auntie Linda. Oh, thank you.
16:19 I get to help too. Put it in there.
16:20 Yeah. And you know, that's right.
16:22 You can take this bucket and put it in here
16:25 and I want you to fill the black buckets like this.
16:28 Okay? Did you get some?
16:30 I can't. Okay, just go all the way in there.
16:33 Can you get your bucket in here?
16:34 Here you go, sweetheart. Go right ahead.
16:39 Ask Auntie Linda to help you. Yup.
16:41 Just like this. Here you go.
16:44 Good girl.
16:45 Oh, no, let's not put it in that one.
16:47 Let's put it in this one. How about that?
16:49 There you go, that will be for the chickens,
16:51 this will be for the bunny rabbits.
16:54 Yeah. And where does this one go?
16:56 So let's put that one in this bucket here.
16:59 In that bucket, okay. There you go, sweetheart.
17:02 You just pour it in there.
17:03 Oh, you guys are doing a good job.
17:07 Okay, Beth you can put it-- there you go, sweetheart,
17:10 thank you Can you reach it?
17:11 All right, good. Oh, this is fun.
17:14 Isn't this fun?
17:15 So what are the seeds for? The sunflower seeds?
17:18 Oh, I'm glad you mentioned that, Auntie Linda.
17:20 Come over here, tiny tots,
17:22 let me show you another kind of feed that we have.
17:25 That is sunflower seeds. Oh.
17:28 Yeah, would you guys like to put your hands in there?
17:30 It feels really neat. Doesn't that feel cool?
17:36 You know, working just makes me want to sing.
17:39 Oh, me too. Let's sing our song.
17:41 Let's sing it.
17:44 I like to go to the farm
17:46 Where the cows moo-moo
17:48 I like to go to the farm
17:50 Where the ducks quack, quack
17:52 I like to go to the farm
17:55 I like to go to the farm
17:56 I like to go to the farm
17:58 And learn of Jesus
18:03 Oh, that is so fun.
18:05 Well, thank you for letting us help you today.
18:08 Thanks for coming to help in.
18:10 And maybe we can do it again sometime.
18:12 Oh, please come back. All right.
18:13 Come on, kids, can you tell Farmer Manny
18:15 thank you for letting us help?
18:17 Good bye, Farmer Manny.
18:18 Good bye, thank you for helping.
18:20 Thank you, thank you. God bless you, you're welcome.
18:23 We'll see you. Bye-bye.
18:33 Vince, Vince, honey, honey, wake up.
18:35 The tiny tots will be here soon.
18:37 All right, all right. Wake up.
18:38 I'm up, I'm up. Oh, that's them now.
18:42 That's the tiny tots. All right.
18:46 Yeah, tiny tots. That's the tiny tots.
18:48 Come on in, come on in.
18:51 How are you doing, buddy? We're so glad see you.
18:52 How are you doing? We're so glad to see you.
19:00 In my street? A raccoon?
19:02 Really? And he looks like a bandit.
19:04 Huh? He does?
19:05 He looked like he had mask on his face.
19:08 He does? Wow, exciting.
19:10 And he looks like a robber. Like a robber?
19:14 Okay. Okay.
19:15 A bandit and a robber is the same thing.
19:17 All right. He was a big raccoon and they were quite amazed.
19:21 He was like this tall and this long.
19:24 Really? Does he get in your garden sometimes?
19:26 Sometimes. Sometimes.
19:28 Oh, so you're used to him. Yes.
19:30 He loves our carrots. Yes, he does.
19:32 They were pretty excited to see it.
19:34 Oh, all the vegetables and the stuff
19:36 that's out in the garden he has--
19:38 Does he like worms?
19:40 Oh, everything he can get hold of
19:42 and that grows out there.
19:45 Well, we have another Bible verse
19:47 we'd like to share with you.
19:49 Really? Okay, you want to open it?
19:51 Okay. It's found in Psalms. Psalms...
19:56 Four... Four...
19:58 Eight... Eight...
20:00 "You alone oh, Lord." "You alone oh, Lord."
20:04 "Make me dwell in safety." "Make me dwell in safety."
20:09 And we are always safe with Jesus.
20:11 Yes, we are. Well, I--
20:13 Speaking about that, I have a song
20:16 that speaks about that too.
20:18 That's right. Would you sing it?
20:19 Yes. Father.
20:22 Father, lead me day by day
20:27 Ever in my own sweet way
20:31 Teach me to be pure and true
20:36 Show me what I ought to do
20:42 When in danger make me brave
20:47 Make me know that You can save
20:52 And when all alone I stand
20:56 Shield me with your mighty hand
21:01 Amen. Amen.
21:04 Lily-Beth, would you have a prayer for us right now?
21:08 Yes. Let's fold our hands and let's close our eyes.
21:13 Dear Jesus, thank you that we are all safe with you, amen.
21:19 Amen. Amen, thank you.
21:21 That's all time we have but we love you.
21:23 We love you, too. Yes, we do have to go now.
21:26 That's right, Sammy.
21:27 We have to lot of work to do at the tiny tots farm.
21:31 Yes, we do. Yes, we do.
21:32 Bye-bye, we love you. We love you, too.
21:34 Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
21:46 Shall we go for a walk today
21:50 To see what God has given
21:55 I think Eleanor might have hid one of her bones out here.
21:59 Looks like she's hunting for something.
22:01 She is. But she's had a cold.
22:03 So I don't know how well she will be able to sniff one out.
22:07 Eleanor. Did you guys ever have a cold?
22:09 Yeah.
22:11 Then that's nice that you'll help.
22:12 Dogs get cold just like we do.
22:14 Oh, I don't think they do stuff like we do.
22:16 Oh, Eleanor.
22:17 And God wants us to take care of them if they're sick.
22:20 And try to help them get better.
22:22 'Cause God is one that gave us all the wonderful animals.
22:25 So this is. I don't know.
22:27 Oh, she found it. Eleanor found the bone.
22:32 You did find it. Oh, real good.
22:34 Did you guys ever have a cold?
22:36 I have. Did you?
22:39 God loves you, Eleanor. Yes.
22:42 And God wants us to take good care of her, doesn't He?
22:45 Oh, Eleanor loves the bone. I am so glad she found it.
22:50 Well, if she found it, her cold must be getting better,
22:52 because her nose is better so she sniffed it out.
22:55 That's right.
22:57 I'm still glad that you're feeling better Eleanor.
23:00 And I'm so glad you find your bone.
23:03 I think it's the fresh air.
23:05 It makes us all feel so healthy doesn't it?
23:08 Yep, I think it does. She's sitting down.
23:11 I'm so glad God made
23:13 all the wonderful things for us to enjoy outside.
23:24 I love singing. I do, too.
23:28 I like the memory verses. Oh, yes.
23:32 I love learning verses from God's word.
23:35 Let's say our verse again. Okay.
23:37 Psalms 4:8, "You alone, oh, Lord,
23:43 make me dwell in safety."
23:48 And you know, whenever you're afraid,
23:51 you can just kneel down or if you're driving
23:54 with your mom and dad or if you're playing outside,
23:57 you can whisper a prayer to Jesus.
23:59 And you don't have to kneel. No.
24:00 You don't even have to close your eyes.
24:02 You can just tell Jesus. So we'll talk to Jesus.
24:05 So we're gonna sing "Whisper a prayer."
24:08 Whisper a prayer in the morning
24:14 Whisper a prayer at noon
24:21 Whisper a prayer in the evening
24:27 To keep your heart in tune
24:33 And Jesus is able to take care of us. Let's sing that song.
24:37 And we're gonna clap our hands, okay.
24:40 He is able, He is able I know He is able
24:47 I know my Lord is able to carry me through
24:54 He is able, He is able I know he is able
25:01 I know my Lord is able to carry me through
25:09 He heals the broken hearted
25:12 And he sets the captives free
25:16 He made the lame to walk again
25:19 And he caused the blind to see Because He is
25:23 He is able, He is able I know He is able
25:30 I know my Lord is able to carry me through
25:37 And some day we're gonna be able to wear a crown.
25:40 And let's sing "I will wear a crown."
25:44 I will wear a crown In my father's house
25:52 In my father's house In my father's house
26:00 I will wear a crown In my father's house
26:06 There will be joy, joy, joy
26:13 Let's sing our prayer song.
26:16 Ashlyn, will you have prayer for us?
26:18 Yes. All right.
26:20 I will bend my knees
26:24 I will fold my hands
26:29 I will bow my head
26:33 I will close my eyes
26:37 And very, very quiet be
26:42 While the prayer is said
26:48 Dear Jesus, thank you for this day
26:51 and thank you that you died on the cross for us.
26:55 And thank you that you keep us safe.
26:59 And thank you for my family
27:01 and I know we're going up to heaven someday.
27:06 Amen. Amen.
27:10 Oh, Mr. Rooster said that's all the time we have.
27:13 Good bye.
27:21 Our time together is over So we will have to go
27:27 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you
27:33 Good bye good bye Remember God loves you
27:40 Good bye.
27:47 We're Tiny Tots around the world
27:50 We're God's girls and boys
27:53 We live for Him around the world
27:55 We spread love and joy Like colors of the rainbow
28:00 We're shining bright where we go
28:03 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:06 We're God's girls and boys


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